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Identify organizational structure: (Require information or document from

your Organization)
1. Who is the decision maker for Active Directory and Messaging projects?
Single point of contact for the whole project.
2. Who is the primary contact for directory service, messaging and NOS infrastructure

Identify geographical layout of organization

1. What there the Locations and size of all facilities available?
(Corporate facility maps)

Identify directory services and network operating system (NOS)

1. Document all existing directory services in use (Like LDAP any other directory service in
2. What is the logical structure of directories services if available?

What type of infrastructure (servers) for directories (Site Design)?


Is there any non MS (Novell or UNIX etc) DS architecture available?.


Is there any Legacy OS available in current infrastructure?


(Windows NT domain architecture)

Identify Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure

1. What is the DNS name space?
2. What type of DNS server software used (type, version) (Windows, Linux etc)
3. Are there any DNS zones available?
4. How Zone information is transferred?
5. What is the placement of DNS servers?
6. What type of redundancy available for DNS?
Identify Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) infrastructure
1.What are the policies/standards/guidelines regarding DHCP server deployment and scope

2. What is the current DHCP server topology?
3. What are the DHCP scope configuration parameters (global options, etc.)?
4. IS there any integration or replication happening between DHCP and DNS?
If so then what is the configuration?

Identify WINS infrastructure

1. What is the location for WINS server (Server placement)?
2. What is the WINS server replication model and interval?
3. What is the dependency for WINS services in Environment?

Identify other related infrastructures

1.What type of server management infrastructure available?
Microoft standard tools, no 3rd party management apps.
2.What Type of workstation management infrastructure available? ( Ex SMS
3.What type of software distribution infrastructure available?
4. What type of corporate virus protection infrastructure available?
5. What type of enterprise backup/restore architecture available?
6. What Type of Patch management system available for Server and client?
7. Other Tools and Third Part softwares used in environment?
8. What type of monitoring and alerting systems available?

Identify integration/coexistence requirements with Legacy OS

1. Are there any coexistence requirements for Active Directory?
2. Is there any integration requirement for Active Directory with some other DS?
3. Is there any coexistence requirement for Windows 2000 & Win NT 4 server?

Is there any integration requirement for Windows 2000 & Win NT 4 server?

5. Is there any coexistence requirement for Windows 9.X & 2000 workstation?
6. Is there any integration requirement for Windows 2000 workstation?
Active Directory

1. What is the Current AD design?

2. How many Forests, Trees are available in current Environment?
3. How many parent and Child Domains are available?
4. How many Sites are Available currently?
5. How many Domain controllers available?
6. How roles are placed currently?
7. What is the current OU Structure?
8. What is the current Replication topology?
9. What is Approximate Objects availability in current infrastructure?
10. What are the Domain and forest functional levels? (Mode of operation)
11. How many Editions or extensions happened to Schema? (Like Exchange, SMS etc)
12. What are the configuration details of the servers (including patch and service pack details)
13. What are the other advertized services in AD (Like DFS etc)?
14. What is the Current Site and services topology?
15. How sites are linked?
16. What is Current GC placement?
17. What is the current approximate logon speed for users?
18. Is there any Global catalog caching configured?
19. What is the Full name of the AD domain name space?
20. Which Domain is the Root Domain of the each Tree? (If Child Domains available)
21. Is there any Forest Trust that Links to other Forests?
22. Are there any other Trust relation ships available?
23. What are the OU Structure and OU Models?
24. What is the Current Site Topology and site replication topology?
25. Is there any Authentication methods followed for Remote Access?
26. Major Problems or Breakdowns happened in AD environment?
27. Is there any Site Links or site Link Bridges available?
28. How replication is scheduled between them?
29. What is the replication interval for inter-site and intra-site?
30. What is the Active Directory backup & Restore strategy?

31. How many users are there in the Active Directory?