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This year, InshAllah, we will start to rebuild our beloved Pakistan. Death of our
angels will not go waste. This is a debt which we owe to our children. Never again,
inshAllah, Never again will we expose our children to such ruthless animals. Time
to do the surgery to rid us of this cancer.
These are the wounded children of APS and now hear their future plans
MashAllah ! No enemy can defeat the nation who have sons like these MashAllah
! proud of you sons.. May you rise, shine and glorify the Ummah !

Where are the defenders of the defenders of Khawarij ?

Since -16th December, 2014- We have been trying to find videos "Ulema" of
Deoband (Fazal ur rehman, Samee ul haq, Tariq Jameel, Siraj ul haq, Mufti naeem,

etc) disowning the murderers of more than 160 children and even calling them as
Khawarij. No video found yet. Is it not strange?
We also asked friends to share any video where the murders of approx 100,000
Pakistanis are called Khawarij by these "Maulanas". Only Rafi Usmani Sb's video
came to light, rest of deoband, it seems, has a policy of 'no comments' regarding
the khawarij of TTP. When we asked this question we were told that we are
spreading sectarianism.
It has been more than two weeks. We are still waiting for any video to be shared
by the maulanas/ulemas of deoband or followers of deoband.
Where are the defenders of "Maulana" Tariq Jameel?
Where are the defenders of "Maulana" Fazal ur rehman
Where are the defenders of "Maulana" Samee ul haq
Where are the defenders of "Maulana" Siraj ul haq
Where are the defenders of "Maulana" Mufti naeem
Instead of blaming the patriots of spreading 'Sectarianism', ask your "Ulema" why
they are hands in glove with TTP Khawarij.

Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) had warned us that a time would come when fitnahs
would emerge from the Ulama and they would return back into them....
This Hadees shareef clearly defines the filthy role of Ulama e soo we have in the
society today. The entire fitnah of deen is NOT because of ordinary Muslims but
because of Ulama e soo. This is what Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA) says about
Ulama e soo !
When we ask Ulama to speak the truth about Khawarij against all fears, they call
us Kafirs.... their followers call us Kafirs... What Islam do they follow ?? Innalillahe
inna Ilehe rajeeon..
All those Ulama who are afraid or refusing to call TTP as Khawarij are going to rise
with Khawarij on the day of Judgement, InshAllah !!!

Here we give you a surprise. Last chapter of Halqa e Yaraan read out in my own
voice. Understand the secret of Pakistan, it is the furqaan of the time. Your Ibadaat,
prayers, Hajj and zakaat will not be accepted if you do khayanat with this gift of
Syyedi Rasool Allah (sm).
Team, you got to see this. Shamelessness & Beyghairty at its peak!!
We always knew that Mufti Naeem and his gangs are part of the Khawarij. When
we asked them to explain their position, they did this press conference. Listen to
this and all you can say in disgust is Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!
What they are saying is that Peshawar incident is bad and it is done by "Namaloom
afraad" and they are NOT going to take the name of TTP nor they are call them
Khawarij !! Astaghfurullah !!!
They accept that they are Ulama. They accept that they have higher duty in society
to speak the truth. They accept that Peshawar is a crime against humanity BUT
they are NOT willing to name TTP as the animals nor calling them as Khawarij !!
What else is munafiqat and Islam dushmani if this is not ?? they think the nation is
made up of total fools that we fall for their lies, deceptions and fabrications ???
Shame a million on Mufti Naeem and his gang...
Now you say that we speak against them... we should actually hang them through

military courts... these are the snakes in our ranks..

They MUST call TTP as the criminals and Khawarij and out of Islam. Why on
earth they cannot say this ??? Namaloom afraad, my foot !!

The whole nation is united on one point -- The TTP are Khawarij, dogs of hell !!
Pak army has demanded that Ulama must give fatwas to declare them as Khawarij
and out of Islam. We are doing the same.
Every Alim in the country MUST declare them as Khawarij. Every Ahl- Hadees,
every Ahl Sunnah, every Shia, every deobandi.. MUST do it.
Those who refuse to call TTP as Khawarij will be attacked by the patriots. It does
NOT matter to us if those Ulama are Shias, Ahl Hadees, Ahl Sunnah or deobandis.
Any one who refuse, will be attacked by us. Now is it clear to you all who are
crying that we are attacking all Deoband sect ??
Mufti Rafi Usmani has called TTP as Zaliman, rebels and demanded that army
must crush them. We respect and appreciate this.
We want Tariq Jameel, Mufti Naeem, Fazal, Samee to repeat these words of their
deobandi brother Mufti Rafi Usmani. Does this mean, we are against all deoband
?? only an insane, deaf, dumb, blind will draw this stupid conclusion.
We are in war. Every day, army is killing the Khawarij. while army kills them, we
will find the supporters of Khawarij and attack them. It does NOT matter to us
which sect or group they belong to. Death be to dogs of hell and their supporters.

Pl note: anyone supporting Khawarij, promoting their videos, abusing Pak army,
attacking Quaid, Baba Iqbal or using abusive language will be immediately
blocked without further warning. This page is NOT for Khawarij or their point of
view. We know what we stand for. If you have a different point of view, make
your own page and write there. You are NOT welcome here.
We do not collect fans on this page. We do a difficult duty to defend Pakistan and
support Pak army in this dirty war against Khawarij and Mushriks. If you do not
trust us, please unlike this page or stay silent. All negative posts will be blocked.
Jazak Allah.


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Who is this snake ?

What is his sect ?

What is the definition of a Kharji in Hadees shareef ?

Why he is openly waging a war against Medina e Sani of SayyadiRasul Allah (sm),
with hands already dripping in blood of Pak army officers and men.
Why Ulama e deoband do not declare him a Kharji ??
We ask these simple question to Mufti Naeem, Fazal, Samee, TJ & Wafaq ul
Their followers, pl stay silent. I have asked your elders. Let them reply.
InshAllah, soon, urban terrorists from MQM will also start to hang to their filthy
ends.. The cleanup process which has begun will not spare any enemy of Pakistan Khawarij, BLA, MQM... all others will bite the dust now... The revenge of the
Patriots have begun.. alhamdolillah !
MashAllah, Milad un Nabi (sm) is the greatest moment of history, celebrated on
heavens and earth, forever and always..
It really hurts when we hear extreme views on the subject. This is NOT an issue of
Fatwas or argument or debate. When Imam Malik walked barefoot in Medina, he
did it in love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). There is NO fatwa that Muslims should

walk barefoot in Medina. But Imam Malik, the greatest Imam of Hadees in
Medina, never wore shoes nor rode a horse in love and adab of Sayyadi (sm). No
body said to him that you are doing bidat or shirk.
Pl do not apply fatwas on the matters of love and adab of Sayaydi Rasul Allah
Listen to this lecture. It will clarify your confusions on the subject. In matters
displaying your love for Sayyadi, if the act itself it not haram, there is NO
restriction to it.
Milad un Nabi Mubarak to the Ummah !

This is our sect -- adab e Rasul (sm) and Ishq e Rasul(sm) ! InshAllah, this will be
the official mazhab of Pakistan in days to come.. . This is the only point, where this
Ummah can be united, rising above sectarian and religious divides.


What the hard line myopic Mullah mentality does not understand that love and
adab of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is NOT a question of Law, Fiqh or Fatwa ! This
is a sublime, mystical, spiritual dimension of adab and love understood only by
those who are blessed with Sharah e Sadr and Baseerat to know the delicate

concept of Deen.
It is easy to put Fatwa of Shirk, Bidat and innovation on every act of love and adab
for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) but we invite them to see what Sayyadna AbuBakr
and Sayyadna Umer did when it comes to adab e Rasul (sm). This is NOT based on
Fatwa but on Taqwa and adab ! Why did Shaikhain Khulfa e Rashedeen did this ??
Think about it... ask Allah for hidaya and firasat and sharah sadr...

It is strange fitnah & waswasa of shaitan that he creates when someone tries to
remember Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).
Those raising objections are themselves are drowned in Haram, filth and scum
from head to toe in Riba, banking, paper currency, fractional reserve, bonds, share
gambling and all sorts of financial haram filth through this riba based economic

system which is WAR against Allah and His Rasul (sm). Saudi Muftis do not see
that their govt is the biggest broker of Riba based banking system. Same is for Iran
also. Turkey and Pakistan govt are no different.
We have muftis in Haram who give fatwas that Banking is Halal but Naat Shareef
is Haram !! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !
Tabarni narrates on the authority of Ali, May Allah be pleased with him, that the
Prophet said:

Teach your children three qualities: Love of your Prophet; Love of his family and
the recitation of the Quran. Verily the learned of the Quran will be with the
Prophets and the pious in the shade of Allahs mercy on The Day when there will
be no shade but His.
This is up to us to find ways to teach our children love and adab. If Milad is done
with this niyat, then it is Hukm of Syyadi to do it.
Have any Sahaba ever done annual Tableeghi Ijtima ? Or Chilla of 40 days or for 3
days ?? Have any Sahaba ever given azaan for Tahahhud ?? Have ever Sahabas
involved themselves in such Dunya and wealth as we see the rulers and Ulama of
modern times ?? Is that not haram, not bidaa ??
Stay silent please. DO NOT object on expressions of love for Sayyadi Rasul Allah.
We live in times when Muslims DO NOT know their Rasul Allah (sm). We need
to teach our children his love and adab. This should be done every day of the
year... Every day should be a celebration that Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) came to
us.. Sayyadi Rasul Allah used to fast every Monday because it was his birthday !
This is mentioned in clear ahadees.
Developing the Love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is the purpose. You can have
many methods to develop it. The process is not important. The end result is. Do not
create fasad within Ummah because someone wants to feel happy on the arrival of
Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).
You got to listen to this spiritual intel given two years ago about Pak army,
Afghanistan, India and Ghazwa e Hind.
The real test of Ishq and adab e Rasul is that who stands in the battle when the time
comes. Who has the courage to declare terrorists as Khawarij ! who has the
courage to stand for Ghazwa e Hind! Who has the courage to protect and defend
Pak Sarzameen in times of crisis.
Labbaik Ya Rasul Allah ! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind !

MashAllah, today, Pak army gave 21 artillery guns salute to Sayyadi Rasul Allah,
all over the country! This gesture of adab and love for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is
the khair that Allah has chosen this army for Ghazwa e Hind and Jihad against
For centuries, in Khilafat e Usmania, there were great celebrations officially from
the Caliph on Milad un Nabi. The entire Ummah participated. This was NEVER an
issue of debate or argument. It was settled beyond argument within all the Ulama,
aulia and Fuqara from all maslaks of Ummah. Only when Khilafah was destroyed,
that this fitnah of challenging this ceremony of love and adab has become a norm.
Assalato Wassalam o Alaika Ya Sayyadi Murshidi Jaddi Ya Rasul Allah !

The Jews brought a woman to Prophet Isa (as) and wanted to stone her to death
because she had done adultery. Sayyadna Isa asked the crowed that they should
stone the woman if they have not committed the adultery themselves ! Upon
hearing this, the raging mad crowd just went silent and started to disperse...
It is total and shameless munafiqat to call others as doing shirk and Bida when you
yourself are soaking in Kufr, shirk and haram..
Today, we hear fatwas of Bidat & shirk from some people to those Muslims who
feel happy over milad celebrations. The shameful part is that those putting these
allegations of Bidat are themselves drenched in Kufr, shirk and Bidat but they have
the audacity to create fitnah.
Following are total haram, forbidden, Kufr which is being done by all those who
are champions of bida theory today..
Did sahabas used paper currency ? Banks ?
Did Sahabas formed political parties ? followed parliamentary democracy ?
Did Sahabas formed Kings and dynasties ?
Did Sahabas dealt in bonds, shares, interest based fractional reserve economic
models ?
Did sahabas divided the Ummah in nation states with visas, passports and travel
restrictions based on ethnicity and language ?
Didnt Rasul Allah (sm) categorically said to eject all Jews and Christians from
Arabia while the biggest Zionist bases are in Hejaz, Najd and Gulf ?? is that Halal
We have to be very frank here. This concept of Bida has originated from Saudi
arabia after the Wahabi movement got hold there which supported the British
through Lawrence of Arabia to destroy the Usmani Khilafat. Is it Halal and Farz to
join hands with Zionists to kill your own Muslim Turkish brothers to destroy the
Khilafat to form your own Kingship ?? Im sure its not bida ! right ??
The entire Ummah can NEVER be united on Kufr, Bidat and Shirk. Under
Ottomon Khilafat, Muslims from 3 Continents lived under the Khalifa and were
united -- from Armenia to Yugoslavia to Medina to Tunisia -- in celebrating the

Milad, with all the Aulia, Ulama of all Tareeq, Fiqh and Mazahib, joining in with
love and adab.
Those who are actually at war with Rasul Allah (sm) talk about Bida when
someone recites a Naaat shareef on Milad.. Inna lillahe..

Remember this law of Deen: NOT every new thing added become a Bida !! Let us
Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) NEVER compiled Quran in a book form. It was
memorized or was written by various Sahabas on their own. In the times of
Khilafat e Rashida, when so many Huffaz were martyred in a battle, it was
suggested to compile and collect the Quran in a book. Sayyadna Abu Bakr was
reluctant as Rasul Allah (sm) had not done it. some Sahabas were extremely
careful not to start a Bida but then it was agreed that this new innovation is NOT
the bida Allah has forbidden. So Quran was collected, compiled, written and
spread as a book.
Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) discouraged writing of Ahadees. Sahabas never did it.
Sayyadna Umer even prevented Hazrat Abu Huraira from narrating Ahadees. First
proper book of Ahadees Muta Imam Malik came 150 years after Sayaydi Rasul
Allah !! NO ONE Called it a bida for it was needed at that time as people had
begun to forget ahadees and their compilation has become a necessity.
Sahabas Never had documented codified law or Fiqh. It was NOT done during
times of Rasul Allah (sm) and Khulfa e Rashideen. But when the Islamic lands
expanded, there was a need for a codified law. For the first time, Imam Malik, then
Imam Shfii, then other Imams created Fiqh, 2 to 3 hundred years after Khilafat e
Rashida. NO sahabi, Tabii or Taba tabii was called Hanfi, Maliki, shafii or Hanbli
or Ahl Hadees, Salfi or Shia ! Are these terms Bida too ??
NO Sahaba ever trasnlated Quran. It was not done for the next 1000 years !! in

India, first persian translation was done by Shah Wali Ullah. People called it a bida
but Shah WaliUllah explained the wisdom that people have forgotton arabic and its
translaiton is needed as the objective is to teach the wisdom of Quran to the people.
NO ONE then objected and translations started all over the Ummah. That was
NOT a bad bida but a needed Ijtihad to spread the message.
There is direct Hukm of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) to teach your children love of
Rasul Allah and Ahl Beyt and teach them to read Quran. The Hukm has been given
directly and the methods have been left to the Ummah to decide.
In the beginning, Sahabas had seen Rasul Allah (sm), lived with him and knew him
closely. But after decades and centuries, when Islam spread to farthest corners of
the world, people did not know Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). There was NO media,
no TV, no books, no way to travel great distances for all the people to go to
Medina to visit Masjid e Nabwi, so some people drew from the original hukm &
organized proper Milad celebrations where love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah was
This is NOT a bida but the need of the time to make sure that Ummah know the
beautiful attributes of Sayyadi Rasul Allah. For centuries, this has been accepted as
the normal good practice to fulfil the hukm of Sayyadi Rasul Allah to teach your
children and people love and adab of Sayyadi and ahl beyt. This is NOT a bad
bida. This is NOT an innovation. Sahabas did not need this. We need this. Sahabas
did NOT need fiqh, books of Hadees & written translated Quran. we need these.
These do NOT become bida. These are the permissions within the boundaries of
Ijtihad and Ijmah of the Ummah.
There is NO deen without the love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Any means
adopted to develop love of Sayyadi is NOT bida but Fard in these times of fitnah !
May Allah bless us with the love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and protect is from
shirk, kufr and bida.
Love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is a sublime strange mystical spiritual
dimension which can never be understood through fiqh or fatwa.
Is it possible that nearly 10 years after the wisal of Rasul Allah, in the time of
Khilafat e Rashida, Sayyadi himself visit someone in Syria and invite him to
medina ?? Yes, this is true story..
Sayyadi Rasul Allah visit Sayyadna Bilal Habshi in Syria and invite him to visit
him in Medina... Listen to this most emotional story of history... This is the love
we are talking about. Those who have never experienced it, can never understand

[ : ( )
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Read this Hadees Shareef from Bokhari about Sayyadna Umer. When he saw
something new in deen added by a person, he liked it and used the word "Naimal
Bida", meaning a good Bida !!
NOT every thing added in deen is Bad bidat, which is Haram and we have

mentioned it in details two posts down.

There is a very brutal use of Bida Hadees by the extremists who ignore this Hadees
of Hazrat Umer which clearly differentiates between a good innovation and a bad
innovation. NOT all innovations are haram, as we have explained through this
Hadees of Bokhari.

It is only the bad bidat, which is always against Quran and Sunnah, which is
Haram. You cannot abuse this Hadees about bad bida.
The good Bida is NEVER against Quran and Sunnah and sometimes Quran is
silent about it and the Momin can use his good sence of Ijtihad to decide the
matter. This is strongly encouraged by Sayyadi Rasul Allah. Not everything may

be found in Quran and Sunnah by a people and then they have the permission to
decide the matter through Ijtihad. This is good bida !
RasoolAllah [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] stated: "The person who
introduced a good thing in Islam, shall obtain the reward for it and also the reward
for those who adopt it. As for the one who introduces a bad thing (Bid'ah Sayyi ah)
he will obtain the punishment for introducing it and also for those who adopt it,
will also be punished."
(Sahih Muslim in Kitaab-uz-Zakaat Tirmidhee chapter Eleleven).
This Hadith gives proof of the fact that it is permissible to introduce a good act in
Islam, also it gives permission to follow that deed with the intention of reward.

Now coming to those Muslims who celebrate Milad un Nabi, some extremely
important points must be raised.

This occasion was always associated with serious adab, love and veneration of
Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) through ways and means which are allowed in deen.
It was NEVER meant to be a carnival, Mela, fun fair or a meena bazaar.
Unfortunately, we see lots of exaggeration and makroohat here also. If the adab,
love, seriousness and the dignity of the events is not maintained, then it actually
enters into the domain of beyadabi and gustakhi. This is also a fact that many do it
just to humiliate the opposing sect which is opposed to these celebrations. The
intention is not to generate love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) but to score points.
Remember, the amaal depends upon Niyat alone ! Even a good amal done with bad
niyat becomes riyakari and munafiqat.
During Ottomon Khilafat, the event was marked by Gun salutes, dignified march
led by the Khalifa or Ulama or Governors. There were competitions and events of
Quran reading, Naat Shareef, feeding the hungry, taking care of the poor, needy
and the infirm, lighting on the streets and healthy military competitions. Life of
Sayyadi Rasul Allah was recited and shared with people for all to know and love
Sayyadi more and more. Halqas of Zikr were held and durud shareef was recited in
abundance at all levels. This is the spirit of the event which sometimes gets lost in
lack of knowledge or over reaction to the opposite sect.
Cutting the cake or dancing in mindless frolic and fun is actually beyadabi and
creates more divisions within the society.
To those Muslims, who wish to express their love for Sayyadi, we would urge to
do so with the dignity of a Momin, worthy of being in this Ummah. Those who
dont want to do it, we would ask them to be tolerant pl.
Jazak Allah to all of you.


Security and Threat analysis for Pak Sarzameen:

Difficult wars, collective failures, great future inshAllah !
For the first time in the last 10 years, we are seeing this determination,courage and
the clear thinking within the military leadership to finally do which should have
been done years ago. The new leadership has indeed risen to the challenge - both in
the GHQ and in the ISI - now pushing the weak, corrupt and afraid political
leadership to justify their paychecks.
We see a bright 2015 for Pakistan IA. The cancer that has spread in the very fiber
of the society and state is being surgically removed now. It is going to be bloody,
messy and even brutal but it has to be done. Then the long therapy and
rehabilitation process would begin. Pak army is leading the fight no doubt but it
has to see if the present political baggage can be dragged or will have to be
dumped as the going gets tough in the coming days. With the Indian threat looming
on the East, this present political lot is a huge risk factor army should do without.
For now army is pushing the political gamblers but will have to be careful to avoid
a backstab by these very treacherous and venomous gang of the corrupt who are
now in panic and seeing the rising power of the army as a direct threat to their
political and economic interests.
The threat levels would remain high in the country for the next few weeks. The
war has entered its decisive phase and the backlash from the desperate cut throats
is a real possibility. Many attacks have been prevented but some might get through
as well. Caution is always required. It is a cost that the nation has to pay for their
collective failure to rise and meet the threat earlier. Now it is too late and the cost
would be staggering as well. December 16th last year was a deeply painful
reminder of this collective failure of the society and its leadership.

This snake is the present Indian National Security Adviser, responsible for waging
the 5th Gen War against Pakistan. Here he is spilling the secrets of the Indian war
strategy against Pakistan.
He is proudly and happily explaining how Hindu Mushriks are using Deoband to
create Khawarij to destroy Pakistan !
Yes, this is the Mushrik-Deoband-Khawarij axis he is talking about confirming our
analysis that all Khawarij are deobandi !!
Now we want the leaders of Deoband in Pakistan to clear their position on this
statement of Ajit Doval ! JUI, Fazal, Samee, TJ & Mufti Naeem MUST clearly
explain the position of all factions of deoband.
Pak army is fighting Zarb e Azb against these Khawarij from deoband who are
funded and backed by Mushriks ! Any one who supports Khawarij or do not speak
against them will be treated as Kharji !! We will not show any mercy here.
Deoband Ulama MUST clear their position after this Doval speach..

All parties and politicians are having sessions in Parliament to approve Military
Courts. Only two kind of snakes are oposing and resisting the courts which are a
national demand, need of the time and a serious step towards winning this war.
Who are these two groups ??
1. Liberal Beyghirats -- the Asma Jahangir types..
2. The Deobandi leadership - Fazal, Siraj, Samee...
This is a clear and most visible proof that both these groups belong to a same class
of RAW stooges, working against Pakistan, supportive of Khawarij, refusing to
call them Khawarij and both groups are resisting the death penalty to the Khawarij
Do I need to say more on the filthy, dirty, sinister role of Deoband Mullahs and

their Liberal beygairat friends, both feed from the hands of Ajit Kumar Doval !!
More than the terrorists, it is the political parties,MNAs who are terrified at the
prospects of Military courts
National unity on forming military courts is under direct threat from Mr. Diesel.
That snake is spokesman of Khawarij desperate to help TTP. Nation is watching
both the liberal beyghairat bridage & the Khawarij supporting pro-Mushrik
Mullahs who are trying to block Military Courts! The scumbags in the parliament
have been forced by the army to form Military Courts BUT they are fuming in
humiliation, fear & desire for revenge.
After the Military Courts, there will be an undeclared mini-Martial Law in the
country where army will ruthlessly eliminate Khawarij gangs! Entire nation wants
Military courts, faster executions, fearless trials & ruthless war to destroy this
cancer. Resistance will be crushed!
In total panic that Pak Army is now eliminating their prized assets of TTP, Indians
have launched fierce border attacks on East to distract. It seems clear that now Pak
army will have to fight a two front war - in West against RAW backed TTP
Khawarij & in East against Indian Army.
Asma Jahangir & Mullah Fazal Diesel have same demands - abolish death penalty,
block Military Courts & hand over Pakistan to India! Rascals both! As the threat
rises from East also, Pak Army will have to decide seriously if the present lot of
scumbags in govt are worth dragging along! Army is moving fast & decisively. By
dragging their feet, this democracy has proven that it is the excess baggage nation
can do without!


The blood of our innocent children has saved this nation !

But now you can also see the faces of the most filthy animals we have in
parliament, politics, Mullahs and the liberal beyghairats who are actually crying
over Military courts and executions of the Khawarij.
Our simple message to the Khawarij and their protectors -- we will bury you all
inshAllah and will take a most ruthless revenge for our chidlren and other 100,000
Shuhada ! Promise. Pak army is the Sword of Rasul Allah (sm), which will NOW
cut your necks inshAllah !


More dogs hanged and sent to hell !

Now we see massive noise and resistance from Deobandi Mullahs who are fiercely
resisting the Military courts and these executions. Is there any doubt left on whose
sides these deobandi pro-Mushriks, Khawarij are ?? This was the moment when
they should have stood with the nation but shame a million upon them... Fazal says
he is not part of the "Sin" to make military courts ! His father had said that they are
not part of the "sin" of creating Pakistan ! Astaghfurullah !
InshAllah, Fazal, Samee, Mufti Naeem will rise with the Khawarij, Nehru, Gandhi
and Mushriks on the day of judgement for they are with them in dunya, so will be
with them in Akhira also !

Firm warning to all those who come here to defend Khawarij or make fun of the
mission we do here. We will block you instantly and all pro-Khawarij post makers
will be noted and their profiles handed over to cyber crime units of law
enforcement agencies. We will NOT show any mercy. Dont come to us later
apologizing that you have made a mistake.

Then they say why we take the name of Deobandis ! All Mullahs from deoband
have taken out their daggers against Military courts to protect their Khawarij dogs
of hell. CII is led by a JUI leader who is now going to give a fatwa that Mil Courts
aganst Khawarij are Haram. He remains silent when his Kharji brother Fazlullah
owns the killing of our children and promise to do more attacks !! Astaghfurullah !

Mufti Naeem, Fazal, Samee, Shirani, Tahor ashrafi and Tariq Jameel are all openly
supporting the Khawarij either by silence and NOT calling them Khawarij or by
attacking the Mil courts. This is the entire leadership of Deoband in Pakistan !!
Now you understand what that Mushrik Aji Kumar Doval said about Deoband !
We will be very harsh on them now for this treason with ummat e Rasul (sm) !

His father Mufti Mehmood had said about themselves that that Deobandis were not
part the "Sin" of creating Pakistan ! Now his rascal son says they are not part of the
"sin"of defending Pakistan !! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!
Why I should not wage a war against these Khawarij and Mushrik supporters ??


Let me make one point clear.

Deoband is NOT a sect within Muslims. It is only a school.
All those who call themselves as Deobandis are Muslims, Sunnis and Hanafis.
All those who call themselves as Barelvis are also Muslims, Sunnis and Hanafis.
So, if someone stop calling themselves as Deobanids, he will remain a Muslim, a
Sunni and a hanafi. Calling yourself Deobandis is NOT part of Islam, Imaan, Fiqh
or sect.
We dont care about the aqeeda of Deobandis or any other sect. Allah will deal with
them there. Our disagreement is on the Political and Military Policies of that
school which is Deoband.
Politically and Militarily, Deoband are defenders of Mushriks and Khawarij.They
opposed Pakistan, they still support Mushriks and they support Khawarij. Mushriks
use Deoband to attack Pakistan and kill our children.
So, what should all good "deobandis" do ?? They should do what Ashraf Ali
Thanvi did and Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani did. Once both these top Deobandi
scholars knew that their Darul Uloom is now fully supporting the Mushriks against
Muslims, both of them resigned from deoband and supported Pakistan movement.
Today, I ask all pro-Pakistan "deobandis" to resign from Deoband, stop calling
yourself as deobandi and come on the side of Pakistan openly.
By resigning from deoband, you will remain a Muslim, Sunni and Hanafi. nothing
will change except that on the day of judgement, you will not stand in the company

of Fazal, samee, Naeem, Fazlullah, Hakeem ullah and Mangal Bagh and also
Gandhi, Nehru and other Mushriks -- because that's where all Deoband will stand
as they were with them in dunya, so they will be with them in akhira !
Chose your sides.. We are with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), Khulfa e Rashideen and
Pakistan in dunya and inshAllah in akhira also.

This is a decisive war to defend Ummat e Rasul (sm) from the fitnah of Khawarij and Mushriks !
We will NOT allow any Kharji supporter to attack us from the back and betray the millat !
Ulama e Deoban will either have to declare TTP as Khawarij or be ready to face the swords of

the soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm).
#CharlieHebdo is surely home grown French terror, a product of their ME policies OR a false
flag Mossad Op like ISIS, to nail Muslims in EU. Charlie Hebdo's attackers spoke
french (locals), escaped (did not came for martyrdom), had assault guns (military
grade) - my bet is Mossad/ISIS!
Israel has a history of attacking even allies when they begin to get difficult
.remember USS liberty?
Israel wants EU nations to get more involved in Syria. Bashar is still resisting. A
false flag on french soil can do the trick. Who is the beneficiary of this attack?
Surely NOT Muslims. Only Israel & "Israeli Secret Intel Service" (ISIS) benefits.
Even if the perpetrators turn out to be fanatics from ISIS, that is still a Mossad op.
All tracks covered.. typical Zionists.
So you think ISIS in Syria & Iraq is not backed by a proper foreign secret service
for their weapons, banks, internet & passage? Just two days ago, there was also a
suicide attack in Istanbul also. Now in Paris. Someone is really pushing for Syrian
For the last 7 years, NOT a single analysis of mine has been proven wrong. Those
who mocked, just disappear later shamelessly Now also mid/posts/763087533746060


Those who defend the Khawarij say that the slaughter of the Children in Peshawar
is done by blackwaters and CIA and not by TTP. What can we say to this insanity
?? The entire leadership of Deoband in Pakistan is involved either in defending the
Khawarij or staying silent.... execpt Mufti Usmani, who has shown real courage
Rest of them, inshAllah, will rise with the Khawarij on the day of judgment.
Alhamdolillah, we present our new book series "Yeh Ghazi" !!! The most
fascinating series on Muslim Mujahideen in 1400 years of Islamic history- those
who created history, created new civilizations, set highest levels of moral, ethical
and spiritual standards even in warfare, changed the destinies, led the world, fought
the mightiest armies and still remain unmatched in human history.
First booklet on Sayyadna Khalid Ibn Waleed (RA) ! These are the heroes you
should read your children about. Download it, print it and spread it... In this sacred
month, this is another humble gift to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) from our team..
Shukar Alhamdolillah !
I am extremely hurt that some Shia Muslims are sending me hateful messages
against Sayyadna Khalid ibn Waleed. I will ask them firmly to stop this non-sence.
You can keep your hatred for "Saifullah" in your hearts but don't spread fitnah on
this page or twitter. Have some shame, for God sake! Astaghfurullah ! There is a
limit to being Gustakh and some of the Shias are really shameless in this..
General Ikramullah Khan, was a Shia General of Pak army and he has written the
most respectful and beautiful book on Sayyadna Khalid "The sword of Allah " !
Those Shias who hate Sayyadna Khalid should learn some adab from General

Sayyadna Khalid is the greatest sword of Islam blessed by Sayyadi Rasul Allah
(sm) himself and performed the greatest feats of military victories. This is another
downloadable link.
Jazak Allah

MashAllah, one beti sent me this comment after reading this book on Sayyadna
"It is inspiring to the core! It makes me proud of belonging to a nation whose

heroes have such contrasting qualities; proud yet humble, rich but ready to give all
assets on a single call, on high positions but feel no loss at getting fired. Something
else drives them baba! something exceptional, the same thing that drives you .. n I
know it I see every reflection of the book in you and that helps me in believing
its accomplishable. The book also makes one thing most certain.. one cannot bring
any real change without having a deep connection with Allah and Syedi
RasoolAllah (sm), without this, all efforts go in vain..."
This book is primarily directed towards towards our children and younger
generation. This will not only teach them the heroes but also the real force behind
them -- love and adab of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).
Take printouts, spread it, post its links.. we have no copy right on this one. Our
other books, Khilafat e Rashida, Iqbal e Pur Israr and Halq a e Yaran and Urdu
From Indus to Oxus are also treasures. try to have them all. InshAllah, you will
find great khair in them.

General Raheel and General Hidayat reciting Quran e Pak for our fallen children in
Peshawar. InshAllah, this blood will not go waste and will become the nightmare
of the Mushriks and the Khawarij !
May Allah give infinite barakah to the Sipah Salaar and Pak army, Ameen.


This is the love and respect which our Sipah Salaar has in the eyes of Shuhada of
Peshawar. An Old Baba, and elder of a shaheed child, kissing the forehead of Gen
Raheel. He is the only one this nation trusts now -- so visible from the love shown
by the families of shaheeds !
Always do dua for Pak army. They are the guardian angels Allah has sent for us...

These Mullahs are not insane. They are not ignorant either. They are extremely
shrewd, cunning and evil to the core. The whole world is putting pressure on
Pakistan to stop the death sentence and look what Siraj says ... ufff.
History has noted their names and faces. Now they will be remembered as those
who betrayed the Ummah, millat and the country in this war. Shame upon them in
dunya, shame upon them in akhira !

Another dog sent to hell, alhamdolillah ! Now real terror is sinking the hearts of
these animals. Their supporters in UN, EU, Khawarij, Liberals are trying to save
them but Pak army will nail every snake now and their supporters. DO NOT start
to ask questions or object on things not done yet. The process has begun. All
terrorists will hang now -- From BLA, MQM, LeJ & TTP !! InshAllah


Some threat analysis from the region to make you understand why fuel is getting
cheaper! These are complex power games these Zionists play. Muslims just dont
understand them...

This is pure economic terrorism against Russia. US slashing oil prices to $64 from
$113 in 3 months is directed to crash Russian economy. Western banks are not
lending to Russia. Foreign investors are withdrawing their dollars. Oil revenues
have crashed to half. This is huge!! There is a slow revolt being built against Putin,
through economic crunch, crashing rubles, civil unrest & triggering depression in
Russia. US plans to cut the oil prices even more, increasing catastrophic pressure
on Putin. OPEC is taking losses too but they have enough money.
After failing to defeat Russian will on Syria, the US & Saudis play their ultimate
Oil card against Putin. A revolt is being orchestrated. In the short term, world is
enjoying the lower oil prices but in the long term, defeat of Russia would be
catastrophic for global power balance. Putin will have to move fast. Ruble has
crashed 30% already within weeks. A trump card needed from Putin to checkmate
US, else its over.
Putin is a proud nationalist. He will not surrender. He can hit back hard to EU by
choking European gas supplies in winters, unnerving Europe. It is a gamble for
Putin now. He knows oil prices will go down further to almost $30. He will have to
attack through gas & use his reserves. The Syrian & Ukrainian crisis have now
spiraled into a full 4th Gen War war between Russia & US, where US is using soft
power to break Putin.

Now a little analysis on French murders. They are blaming "Muslims" ! Imagine
their munafiqat..
#CharlieHebdo Now when the suspects have been killed, how do we know they
were angry at the cartoons or Europes decimation of Iraq & Syria?
NEVER ever forget that Western nations have slaughtered a million Muslims in

ME in last 10 years alone on false premise. Whenever any country votes against
Israel, it starts to face catastrophic terrorism. Malaysia lost planes, Norway & now
There are genuine war crimes & genocide being done by western nations within
Muslim lands & then they say Muslims hate them!
US & EU are pouring in $ billions in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan & Libya to CREATE
cannibalistic gangs of ISIS, FSA, TTP & then blame us????

The war Pakistan is fighting today is radically different from the wars we fought in
the past. Not just militarily, but also ideologically. In the previous wars, we fought
against Hindus, Communists & even Jews in the Middle East. The religious high
ground was always with the army.
This is the first war where the enemy is also apparantly Muslim, using the same
Islamic narrative, using the same language & religious terms. Secondly, this war is
being fought within the cities, masjids, schools, bazaars & in every segment of the
society & the state, not on borders.
To fight this war, Pak Army needs not just total support from the entire society but
also a strong religious narrative to counter the enemy. In fighting the Kuffar
enemies, Pak Army never had the need to build a special religious narrative. It
came naturally as enemies were Kafirs.
Militarily, Pak Army as a professional Muslim fighting force had never faced the
serious crisis of facing an internal enemy using religion.
I had understood this crisis of the Pak Army way back in 2007 & went public on
media to counter & destroy the religious narrative of TTP.
The fact is that Pak Army took a long time under Musharraf & Kayani to
understand the religious axis of this 4th Gen War. We suffered a lot. Musharaf
tried to counter this religious narrative of the Khawarij through a secular
"enlightened moderation" ideology. He failed miserably.

Gen Kayani, never built a narrative and just tried to fight a reactive war through
military means only. We took even more casualties..
During Kayani & Mush era, I did face extreme frustration as I built & deployed a
strong religious narrative but army did not deploy it.
It is only under Raheel & Rizwan that we are seeing a strong & mature attempt at
countering the enemies on both religious & military axis. Khawarij propaganda is
reaching out to every segment of the society - students, armed forces, clergy. The
counter attack must also be fierce.
This is where every Pak Muslim can join this war & fight back ruthlessly. Destroy
the religious narrative of Khawarij & reclaim our faith!! Every Pakistani Muslim
should take part in this Jihad against Khawarij.
Dont expect ISPR to do it. We need to defend our army here. Last 7 years of our
efforts have comprehensively defeated the Khawarij narrative. Nations & army
knows their reality now. Time to Finish them.
This is real footage of French shooting. Decide if this event actually took place or
is just an Israeli drama ?? watch yourself and then know that everything you have
been told about it nothing but a cock and bull story. It was a false flag..

We had a sitting with a group of students on why we wrote our book Iqbal e Pur
Israr. It was a solid question answer session and we thought of sharing it with you.
Spread it and share the rizq that Allah give you.
Ufff, this is too much !! French reporter confirms that blood was put on the floor
later !! we say that there was NO blood during the shooting as it was a drama but
now... this next drama of putting blood on the scene to fool the people...

The innocent little boys and girls of the Lal masjid Madrassa !
This whole war of Khawarij has been fought under the fatwas of Mullahs who
have given the justification to these animals to kill, loot, rape and murder Muslims
at large in Pakistan. The ideological leaders of this fitnah are more lethal than the
suicide bombers as these fatwas constantly breed more dogs.. Mullah Aziz is one
such rabid dog of hell ! Fazal, samee, Shah Abdul Aziz, Mufti Naeem are others..
Munawwar Hasan is also not far behind and now Siraj also.


Military Courts cover all terrorist gangs -- religious and secular both, including
military wings of all political parties. That is why you see total panic in MQM and
needless noise by the Mullahs.
The following are the words, whereby a description of crimes rather than a
definition of terrorism alone has been provided, have to be tried in military courts
exclusively, being established by virtue of 21st amendment in the constitution,
which was passed recently by the parliament. A sunset clause has also been
provided therein, which causes the amendments to expire on January 7, 2017.
WHEREAS extraordinary situation and circumstances exist which demand
special measures for speedy trial of certain offences relative to terrorism, waging
of war or insurrection against Pakistan and prevention of acts threatening the
security of Pakistan by the terrorist groups using the name of religion or a sect and
also by the members of armed groups, wings and militias;
AND WHEREAS there exists grave and unprecedented threat to the integrity of
Pakistan and objectives set out in the Preamble to the Constitution by the framers
of the Constitution, from the terrorist groups by raising of arms and insurgency
using the name of religion or a sect, or from the foreign and locally funded antistate elements;
AND WHEREAS it is expedient that the said terrorists groups including any such
terrorists fighting while using the name of religion or a sect, captured or to be
captured in combat with the Armed Forces or otherwise are tried by the courts
established under the Acts mentioned hereinafter in section 2;
Journalists, so called "Danishwer", writers, Human rights activists -- are the most
targeted by the foreign secret services as these people are the opinion makers in the
society and lies and propaganda is done through them. Using Wine, women and
money, these are useful idiots for the enemies. KGB did it, CIA does it, RAW is
doing it.... That is why ISI has to keep a strong eye on Media houses as well. That
is why these Presstitutes make so much noice whenever Pak army is doing
something good for the country. Hear this...
There are many so called journalists and "Danishwer" around us these days who
fall in this category.... Geo, Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Imtiaz Alam, Asma Jahangir,
SAFMA..... lits is huge..

Now the war will be fought on the entire spectrum against the Khawarij and their
allies as well as all enemies of Pakistan. Allah has blessed us with Raheel and
Rizwan -- the two nightmares of the enemies and now we will spill the dirty blood
of the enemies.
From Social Media to the mountains of Afghanistan to the streets of Pakistan -Khawarij and the terrorist gangs of the political parties will be hunted and nailed. It
is going to be a bloody fight so be ready to take the losses as well. The govt,
judiciary and the political parties are still not cooperating and are trying to create
problems for the army.
In this war, anyone speaking against Pak army and defending the Khawarij at this
time will be taken as an enemy. We are reporting all such posts to the cyber crime
units of the law enforcement agencies.

If the military courts hang these Khawarij and their supporters, major violence in
Pakistan would stop. InshAllah soon. The process has begun. We support Mufti

Rafi Usmani for his brave stand. But these deobandis are Khawarij and their
supporters. No mercy for them.


There are still total idiots whose hearts & minds are sealed by Allah (swt). They
still Cannot understand that we clearly and sharply differentiate between Good
Deobandis and Bad deobandis, just as we do between Good Taliban and Bad
Taliban. By speaking against TTP does NOT mean that we are against Mullah
Omer ! We have explained this a million times still idiots do not understand. They
can unlike this page and never come back or we will block them.
When I see the pictures of our children killed in Peshawar, I am filled with rage
and fury against the Khawarij. Then those Mullahs who refuse to condemn the
TTP Khawarij are equally criminals and snakes like Mullah Lanat ullah in Kunar.
Who so ever refuse to call them Khawarij will be attacked by us. Every Muslim
has already called them Khawarij BUT these few Bad deobandis are still refusing
to say it. These are the top leaders of deoband. what should I call them if not call
them deobandis??? you tell ??

History is noting the names of those who betrayed Pakistan & Ummat e Rasul in
these very dangerous times. Our Security analysis of the week for you to know
why we are so harsh on those who support the Khawarij. Some of you from
Deoband are angry with me today but tomorrow you will weep when these
Khawarij will enter your homes too. You have been betrayed by your elders but
you do not know. Your jahalat will destroy you in dunya and akhira but then it
would be too late for you too. Your abuses dont bother me. But I will NOT let your
elders from deoband destroy Pakistan.
The most decisive, bloodiest and the widespread phase of the deployed 5th
Generation War against Pakistan has now begun. It is going to be messy and lots of
blood is going to be spilled from all sides involved in this 21st century conflict
which has already decimated large Muslim countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya,
Somalia, Mali, Yemen & Afghanistan. Pakistan is the only country where this war
is being won by the national army. All other countries just folded under this new
war doctrine deployed by the US and NATO. This is what makes this war so
dangerous, deadly and a high stake game.
US came to Afghanistan and entered into Iraq to dismember large Muslim
countries into smaller territories under an initial doctrine of 4th GenWar, which
had Balkanized Yugoslavia earlier in the 90's. If the US was not able to cleanly
break the countries on ethnic and linguistic lines, then the plan B, 5th GenWar, was
to burn them into a total chaos and anarchy, which we see today in Iraq, Yemen,
Syria and Libya primarily.
Till 2007, the game plan against Pakistan was also the 4th Gen War but the
resistance by the Pak army made the dismemberment impossible. Then Obama
introduced the Af-Pak which was to go in tandem with the 4thGenWar to raise it to
the next level - 5thGenWar - total demolition of the State of Pakistan and to burn it
into total anarchy and chaos as we have in Iraq especially. Iraq, does not have a
govt today. It only has an administration with NO armed forces worth their name.
Fruits of the "democracy" US brought there.
Same attempt was made for Pakistan also. Democracy led by Zardari, Iftikhar
Chaudrey, Kayani and Nawaz Shareef was meant to demolish the very state of

Indians saw this US plan as the greatest opportunity of the 21st century to achieve
their own grand strategic objectives of annihilation of the very state of Pakistan.
Both US and Indian interests converged and this began the most deadliest, brutal
and anarchic phase of war which have so far taken over 100,000 lives and
Since 2004 till date, Pakistan army was only fighting a reactive war, trying to
defend it, defend the country without any political, judicial or
Constitutional support. The initiative was with the enemy and their
tentacles had penetrated deep into the organs of the state, judiciary,
politics and media. Defeat was staring the Pakistani state into the eyes.
The appointment of General Raheel few months back and then the appointment of
General Rizwan in November proved to be the game changing events which have
begun to turn the tide finally in favor of Pakistan. December 16th massacre proved
to be the event which finally broke the proverbial camel's back and the COAS
leaped into action, backed by his trusted DG ISI, into an action plan which should
have been done by Musharraf and Kayani years ago.
Now we see a most determined counter attack by the army, already achieving the
results within days which most considered impossible to achieve just weeks ago.
The entire constitution has been changed to adjust the military's demand of military
courts, military courts have already been formed, executions have already begun
and terrorists are being hit deep inside Afghanistan. The enemies are in panic and
would try to expand the war to diffuse the momentum of Pak army. Politicians and
the judiciary as well as the media are equally venomous, humiliated and dangerous
as the terrorists themselves. They would stab the army at the first opportunity. We
are sure
of that. Already MQM is opening up the Karachi front and the Indians are building
up pressure on the East.
For the Pakistan army and the State itself, defeat is not an option. No
matter what the cost, this war must be won in shortest possible time. It will be
brutal and bloody fight, but so be it. Pak army will have to guard its back and
flanks from treacherous govt and politicians as well as hostile media and a cunning
enemy on the East. For how long army would tolerate this present unreliable
corrupt regime in this deadly and final phase of this war, needs to be seen but there
is NO doubt that Pak army is led by most competent proud and brave leaders at the

time when Pakistan needed it most. This is the only consolation in these very dark
Mufti Rafi Usmani is a brave Deobandi scholar. He is serving Deen as well. He has
thousand of followers and he did what any good alim will do in these times of
fitnah. He cleared the confusion on Khawarij, called them Zalimaan and asked
army to crush them. We respect him for this.
Now why cant other deobandis whose names and pics we have given in the
previous posts say the same words which Mufti Rafi has said ?? If they stay silent ,
then they are munafiqeen, liars and Ulama e Soo, NOT Ulama e Haqq !!! We will
attack them fiercely...
Tariq Jameel is part of Tableeghi Jamaat from where many TTP fighter goes to
join Khawarij. That is why it is critical for TJ to clearly say that TTP are Khawarij
as his words are listened to by the Tableeghi Jamaat. All members of Lej, SSP,
TTP and Ahrar find their recruits from Tableeghi Jamaat. Only a fool will deny
this fact. Now you know why we want TJ to say what Mufti Rafi has said ?? Ask
him to answer. You stay silent.

Tableeghi Jamaat has the shameless audacity to condemn the killings of those
french cartoonists who insulted SayyadiRasul Allah (sm) but they will NEVER
condemn the Peshawar killers or call them as Khawarij !! Some idiots here have
been barking that Tableeghi Jamaat does not speak on political matters but then
why are they defending the Gustakh e Rasul (sm) ???? Astaghfurullah !!!!
This is the real mentality of this MTJ and his Jamaat. Speak where Kuffar want
them to speak. Stay silent where Muslims are hurt !! Innalillahe...

I am recieving many such posts from deobandis every day. Most ofthem are only
abuses, fatwas of Kufr, allegaitons of being a Kafir, Qadiani or an Iranian agent or
a Mushrik etc etc. I have chosen one decent one to share with you and my reply, as
these are the general questions which every Deobandi follower is asking. Pl read

this post 3 times, slowly because I have these issues a million times still people
dont seem to get them. This is really strange and shows how people can get blind
in love for their madrassa, even if it means supporting the Kufr.
Read his mail first please. I have hidden his ID for his security.
Dear Zaid Sb,
I used to be a big fan of yours considering you are a true patriot but your recent
posts and analysis since last few days is very disturbing.
I belong to Deoband sect and I am ready to give my life away for my country.
Recently your posts have been clearly naming Deobandis as terrorists. I do accept
that a number of scumbags from our sect are bringing discredit to the sect but that
is clearly wrong to blame the whole sect. Not a single person in this world is
perfect everyone got flaws but you should identify the flaws. Naming all the
deobandis as terrorist will get you a lot of fans from others sects but you are also
hurting sentiments of millions of deobandis who want to live peacefully, their
children go to school, who just pray five times a day, who wants to live happily
with their children and who love Pakistan more than you.
We deobandis are against scumbags and terrorists like Abdul Aziz Ghazi, Fazl
Ullah etc and we can contribute whatever is needed against them. Your propaganda
is resulting in rise of hatred against deobandis. This hatred may result in worst case
scenario and massacre of the innocent deobandis all over Pakistan.
Consider it my request and don't relate people like Abdul Aziz to Deoband sect. . .
Name them Khawarjis and that is acceptable for us as we also them.
This is not the time to spread hatred as we need harmony.
I hope you understand and act according.
If any of my words offended you I apologize.

Majid Khan
My reply:
Majid Habibi,
Assalam alikum. Thank you for writing.
First let me clarify that I have made it clear a million times that I differentiate
between Good and Bad deobandis, just as we do between good and bad Taliban. I
have quoted Mufti Rafi Usmani and praised him, then how on earth anyone with
sane mind can accuse me of talking against all deobandis ? I am baffled
Second, Deoband is NOT a sect. It is just a madrassa. Every Deobandi is Sunni,
which is a sect. Every deobandi is also Hanafi, which is the Fiqh. Every Barelvis is
also Sunni and Hanafi. So, where is the sect?? your sect is the same as that of
Barelvis. Deoband is just the name of a school and is NOT a sect nor a Faiqh in
Islamic law. Why do you call Deoband as a sect ???
I have put up a simple demand to the leaders of JUI and top deobandi scholars.
Repeat what their fellow Deobandi Mufti Rafi has said. If they dont repeat those
words, then I will attack them as I attack Fazlullah, Mullah aziz and other
Khawarj what is so complicated in this ?? why are these top deobandi scholars
defending, protecting and helping the Khawarij ??
The same Deobandi Mullahs are calling me a Kafir for the last 7 years. They have
attacked my Imaan, faith, Izzat, rizq and life but you remained silent ?? Did anyone
from Deoband stood up and said that our scholars are doing Zulm and putting
bohtan on Zaid Hamid, who is only defending Pakistan and Islam?? Why were you
silent then?? Why were all deobandi silent then ??why is that NO Barelvis, Ahl
Hadees or even Shia called me a Kafir but only deobandis attack my faith ?? is it
because I attack Hindus, Khawarij and TTP ??
Is it a sin to differ with the political and military policies of deoband ?? since 1920,
Deoband is attacking Muslims and supporting Mushriks. Can anyone deny that ??
Now they are attacking Pakistan and their top leaders refuse to call TTP as
Khawarij ?? I will attack BAD deobandis and protect GOOD deobandis always.

Just calm down and think what will be your answer to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) on
the day of judgement when you will be raised with all deobandis from Hussain
ahmed madni to Fazlur Rehman to Fazlullah to Mullah Aziz. If they were shias, I
would call them Shias but what should I call them if not deobandis ??
Jazak Allah
By Allah, we will ruthlessly kill these bloody Khawarij and all their allies and
protectors. The cowards fight our children and now we will fight them.... Listen to
this from the children who died fighting these Khawarij..
Like the Mimbai Drama, this Paris shooting is also fake ) After we busted it on
social media, now even the BBC is forced to accept it as fake ) OMG ))) This
was an Israeli false flag.. we told you on day one.. alhamdolillah, right again..

And when the whole drama was exposed, they had to kill the Police officer
investigating it or who orchestrated it as he knew too much !! Remember Police
officer Kurkure in Mumbai who was also killed by RAW during the drama of
Mumbai ?? same happened here as well. Fake videos, killed investigating officer....
the plot was thick but got busted )

Each one of us has to participate in this war but we are blessed to have a Sipah
Salaar who is leading this fight..
Build social media pressure, use your own contacts with the govt to get the policy
changed over arms licenses. Every teacher in every school must be well trained in
weapons and should carry his own personal gun. There should be gun clubs where
civil society members can go and train. Licence should be open to law abiding
citizens. NCC should be restarted. Compulsory military training for all university
graduates. We as a nation are in this war and cannot expect army to do everything
for us. Use your social media power and your links in the govt to get these
demands done. Go... this your duty. Train, arm and fight back...

#CharlieHebdoFalseFlag if the magazine is again insulting the Holy Prophet, then I

also have the freedom to say they deserved their fate!!
#CharlieHebdo Remember this -- Honor & respect of the Prophet is sacred to us &
we will NEVER forgive any provocation! NEVER! Dont mess here. When you do
blasphemy, you sign your own death warrants! If Muslims wont kill you, then
Jewish Mossad will to blame Muslims!
Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes: 'freedom of speech is not absolute. It does
not permit a person to yell fire in a crowded movie theater'!
Dieudonn MBala a French comedian was convicted and fined in France for
describing Holocaust remembrance as memorial pornography!
French court banned a Jesus based clothing advert as a gratuitous and aggressive
act of intrusion on peoples innermost beliefs
Charlie Hebdo itself censored, apologised & fired longtime cartoonist Sin for a
caricature insulting the son Nicholas Sarkozy and his wife.
French Internal security enactments passed in 2003, it is an offense to insult the
national flag or anthem, with a penalty of 9,000 euro or Jail.
French Rap Star Facing Prison for Insulting the French State, insulting Napoleon
and Charles de Gaulle!
Muslim women are barred from education (No, not just by the Taliban) in France,
if they practice their religion by wearing a headscarf.
It is illegal in France to take the opinion of the Turkish side on the then civil war
involving Armenians. So before the West or France lecture us on their perverted
"freedom of expression", our advice is - Shut your Damn mouth!

Excellent move by Frontier govt. All teachers/staff to carry their licensed weapons!
Fed govt must open arms licenses.
We need proper Gun clubs in cities. I urge all rich Pakistanis or influential citizens
to come forward & open such facilities for citizens. Our women, especially lady
teachers must be fully trained to use their handguns as the first line of defense to
protect our children now. Compulsory Military training to all youth in their teens
and arms licences to all tax paying citizens and their immediate families. For the
last 7 years, I was demanding these moves but we were led by traitors. Now army
can push these initiatives as nation wakes up to war. A nation well armed, well
trained & led by Pak army is the strongest defense against any aggression,
especially this type of urban war. For the first time in history, the nation is afraid to
send their children to schools. We delayed the cure & now the cancer is haunting
4 men must hang for their catastrophic betrayal of the nation in the last 6 years of
democracy - Zardari, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Kayani & Nawaz.
Every organization, Housing scheme should also make local gun clubs & train
their residents/staff properly & then give licensed arms. Time has come that
instead of investing billions in luxury Malls, housing estates & Golf clubs, this
nation gets serious in survival skills.
Remember this - carrying a gun, even with a licence, becomes dangerous if you are
not properly trained in handling it in pressure situation. In Switzerland, Israel - it is
compulsory military service & all citizens carry their own weapons for personal
security. We need it urgent.

Nation MUST ask this question now: How did we get to this stage that now our
children are being butchered in schools? Someone is responsible.
Instead of emotional point scoring against political opponents, all aspects of this
deployed 5thGenWar must be dissected to know failures.
The fate of Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan also did not wake us up. We
considered them as distant wars while the enemy was attacking us.
The fact is that the Nation is in panic today fearing another "Peshawar". It is a
catastrophic failure of govts - past/present in last 10yrs.
In the last 10 years, Pakistan presented itself as a soft state, allowing too much
space to the external hostile agencies & internal enemies. There is absolutely NO
doubt that from Mush to NS, all leaders, CJs, political parties & army chiefs failed
this nation. Only Raheel/Rizwan stand out.

The collective failures, betrayals & insanity of the last 10 years now come to haunt
us as a nation. We will recover but cost would be heavy.
Even today, we see this staggering failure of political leadership & judiciary. It is
only the army & ISI leadership which is leading now.
If the army had not kicked the political leadership, NO military courts would be
there, No executions would have taken place! We see it all.
Every Pakistani must realize now -- it does not matter which political or ethnic or
religious camp you belong to. YOUR children are at stake. The nation must
understand this - this is a dirty war within our own streets & schools. Enemy is
ruthless animal. We may take serious losses. This is one of the most difficult phase
of this war as the desperate enemy is becoming more ruthless. Stay strong & fight
back with courage.
We will block many enemy plans & thwart their attacks BUT few may go through
& cause us damage. This is war & both sides take casualties. Enemy is taking
heavy casualties. IA, It will suffer even more when executions begin even faster
after Military Courts & we hit them in Afgh.
Only yesterday, we hanged 7 terrorists in a day! The process will begin faster now.
2000 on the line, another 2000 waiting army courts.

Build your pressure on the govt and the policy makers. if your family members are
in govt or army or position of influence, force them to get the following policies
deployed. Play your role. Your voice, along with the voice of million others, can
shake the world.
Pakistan's national security adviser Sartaj Aziz confidently tell John Kerry that we
have destroyed the Haqqani network! yeah yeah ROFL

In the 80s, Reagan would tell Congress that Pakistan is not making a nuclear bomb
but saw helplessly as we kept building the weapon
I don't represent Pak govt or the army but I know, no matter what US demands or
govt promises, Pak will NEVER damage Afghan Pashtun resistance.
If Kerry thinks Pakistan is going to allow Indians to take over Afghanistan, then he
would be the biggest idiot
Kerry is insane. He also thinks Pakistan will allow Modi to get strength in Kashmir
& we will weaken the Kashmiri resistance on his orders
Pak may seem very close with US but the undercurrents have always been
extremely hostile. We have always kept our Nukes & China closer
Americans have always accused Pakistan of betraying them but their hands also
drip with our blood. US should know, NO mercy to India from us. In the present
security environment, we will hit India in all possible ways - in India, in Kashmir,
in Afghanistan & Kerry can climb a pole.
US should know that India wants to fight Pakistan to the last American. If US
wants to pimp for India, then we beat you both. Yes, we can!
Pakistan does not have to attack US We just have to pull out Haqqani from the
hat & let them loose on remains of US & Indian forces in Afgh.:-)
Mullah Fazlullah Kharji is in Afghanistan, right under the protection of Afghan
NDS & CIA/RAW combine. Then rascals expect mercy from us!
This is what Raheel ordered Kerry today to do. Now we will force the Americans
to dismantle this RAW/CIA monster!!
Now this also - If the US do not listen to Pakistan now, they are dead ducks in Afghanistan. We

will get what we want

Afghanistan is a Muslim land, our brothers and our families live there. We will
NEVER allow Monkey worshipers there.


We are giving last warning to all Mullahs of Pakistan who have not yet declared
TTP as Khawarij. Those who refuse to call them Khawarij will be fiercely attacked
and humiliated by us without mercy. We don't care about their sect or party. They
MUST declare TTP as enemies and Khawarij or we will treat these Mullahs worse
than Khawarij.
Tell the world the difference between these two types of dogs !

Dear Children, for God sake, improve your language skills. Hundreds of children
here, write in Roman Urdu or poor English, clearly showing the dangerous state of
language skills of our children. People who cannot write, read and speak good
language are actually considered Jahils and illiterate in the eyes of scholars. Even
if you are a doctor or an engineer, if you cannot speak, write and read serious Urdu
and English language, then I am afraid you are not educated. Most of our children
are like this... MA pass cannot write a decent letter or an application or a resume...
You must Learn Arabic, Turkish and Farsi also in addition to Urdu and one
western language, English in our case.
We strongly discourage Roman Urdu on this page. But in general also, do some

serious effort to improve your languages. Your Urdu and English at least must be
most profoundly mature and in depth. If you language skills are good, then your
learning process continues for the rest of your lives. Our children don't read today
and watch more TV because they feel uncomfortable in languages.
Do some effort please NOW. Declare a language emergency and seriously work on
it. We should not be a nation of "educated" Jahils....

Remember this -- we will NEVER forgive the animals who did this to our children
& we will NEVER allow any Mullah to defend these Khawarij ! Those Mullahs
who are still refusing to call these animals as Khawarij will be most humiliated by
us. we will take their names and show their faces and curse on them. They better
wake up and declare TTP as Khawarij. We will be extremely harsh on Khawarij
and their puppy dogs.
Now General Raheel is also managing the global diplomacy to protect Pakistan
against Indian and Khawarij threat. Our General presented hard evidence to US
and UK and forced them to come down hard on India and their vulture Ajit Kumar
doval for using Deoband to control TTP. These issues have now come under
discussion as Pakistan comes down hard on TTP and their backers. This is the real
strategy to fight this war. The govt remains shameless while the brave Sipah Salaar
also becomes the Defense Minister, Foreign Minister and the Sipah Salaar at the
same time...


Baba Bulley Shah doctrine now applied everywhere

The government is crushed, judiciary is bypassed, Americans have been told to

behave, Indians are being given shutup calls and Khawarij are being hanged..
welcome to the journey towards Dandey Wali Sarkaar...

We have mentioned this before as well that Deoband is NOT a sect but a school in
India, whose political and military policies have always been against Muslims and
pro-Mushrikeen. Every good Muslim should resign from using the name Deoband
now. It is enough that you are a Muslim, following Ahl Sunnah and Hanafi Fiqh.
Calling yourself Deobandi or even Barelvi is not required especially when
Deoband school in India and its students have openly become anti-Islam and proMushriks. Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani and Ashraf Ali Thankvi sb resigned
from Deoband because of Pro-Mushrik policies of Deoband. You must also do
We are giving last few warnings to those Deobandi Mullahs who are refusing to
call TTP as Khawarij. Dont blame us later when we humiliate them to extreme
extent. No mercy for those who defend Khawarij.

InshAllah, one by one, all these dogs will hang !

Pak army Chief is in UK, demanding that Britain should stop the activities of BLA,
HuT and other terrorist gangs operating from UK soil. The fat toad would also be
discussed I am sure. Pak army is furious now. InshAllah, the judgement day of
these Khawarij and other enemies is close now... We waited for this time for years
and now it begins, alhamdolillah..

We would also warn the idiots who do not understand the seriousness of the war
which is being fought now. Every post made against Pakistan, armed forces or
which supports the Khawarij propaganda is being noted. We are doing that to and
would be reporting to the cyber crime units of law enforcement agencies. Khawarij
will do their propaganda anyway, so this warning is for those idiots who just want
to argue for the sake or argument or are too stupid to understand the crisis. Be
careful. DO NOT support the enemy or create doubts against Pak army. We will
not forgive. don't cry later...
One of the founding members of #CharlieHebdo has accused its slain editor, of
dragging the team to their deaths! Now the editors have again done the same
blunder - dragging their team to death. Just a matter of time now. Bloody idiots.
#CharlieHebdo must realize that 1.5 billion Muslims take the honor of their
Prophet as a matter of life & death. They will pay for this..
If Muslims wont execute the blasphemers, any enemy of Muslims surely would to
blame the Muslims. Net result would be same...
#CharlieHebdo Dont give us the bull crap about freedom of expression. This is
grave provocation only & we are provoked enough to retaliate. You have put the
lives of French citizens in danger globally by your extreme act of provocation. You
are truly mad people! Even the Pope is disgusted but now it is a point of no return.
I will advice the French to sue #CharlieHebdo for endangering their lives.
My paper on how good Christians always respected Muslims in history.


The worst creatures under the sky, dogs of the people of hell, these Khawarij are
the friends of Mushriks and Dajjal, we must kill them on sight -- this is the
message and Hukm Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) has given us. All those who are
defending Khawarij with their sinister logic should know that InshAllah, they will
rise with these Khawarij on the day of judgement.

This is how they create Khawarij.... Understand their plots, their language, its
hidden meanings.... curse of Allah be upon them for their war against Ummat e
Rasul (sm) and Pak Sarzameen.


Dear Children, please don't waste your time. There is a tough duty coming and
none of you are prepared for it. Each one of you MUST have these two books and
read them over and over again. These are game changing gifts for the Ummah,
written for the generation of the 21st century who has to lead the Ummah now.
This is your textbook, your manual, your guide...
Call our office to get these books at 051 - 5598046,7
OR Call Shami at : 0332 361 4342
OR Email me directly at
we have done our duty. Now it is your naseeb.

Pl read this post slowly, 2 times at least. Pl dont ask questions which have been
answered a thousand times. read the posts and comments properly. your questions
have been answered already.
Those who are outside the country have 2 options to get these books.
1. Download from the links. We have given free links on this page as well. The
knowledge is free for you all. Download and take a print if you wish.
2. They can ask their family or friends in Pakistan to buy these books from us and
then make their own arrangement to send these books abroad. It will be too
expensive for us to use DHL courier etc and we have not tested the postal service.
These books are available from our office in Pindi. We can send all over Pakistan.
you have to read the post below for the procedures and details. call office or email
Jazak Allah.
This will give you goosebumps !! The stunning destiny of Pak Sarzmaeen. That is
why we say anyone harming Pakistan, attacking Pak army and fighting against Pak
army is the real true enemy of Rasul Allah (sm) --He will be a Mushrik, Kharji or a
Zionist BUT cannot be a Muslim....
May Allah's curse be upon Mushrikeen and Khawarij. May Allah''s rehmah be on
Pak Sarzameen and Pak army.


After 5 months, we decide to come on media today.

InshAllah, Sunday night, at 8 PM, watch me on SACH TV kicking the teeth of
Khawarij, democracy and Mushriks.. An extremely hard hitting attack on all
enemies and candid analysis of the present security and economic chaos. Host is
arsalan Khalid, program is "Goya" Allahu Akbar !!
program will be uploaded here later inshAllah for those who cannot see it on cable.

thousands of stars have to die for a new dawn to begin !!

Never thought this would be the interpretation of Baba Iqbal's couplet. Now a new
Dawn has begun. Our stars making it bright with the innocent blood, for the nation
to rise once again...

We will crush all snakes, munafiqeen, Khawarij and Mushriks who try to betray
the blood of our angels.. NEVER again inshAllah !
This one is a bombshell !! They could not air it all but we are trying to get the parts
that got censored. anyways, still, this is the harsh brutal attack on the enemies and
the way forwards for the patriots.
Spread it far and wide and be a soldier of Pak Sarzameen in this war.
Go to Zem site also and give shut up calls to filthy Khawarij and Mushriks who
come to bark there. This counter attack is also part of war. Just dont listen to the
program and sit back later. rise and fight back also and share.

This is the part SACH Tv could NOT air. They censored it. Here we present it to


There is khair in listening to this faqeer. For the last 7 years, we were giving azaan
and trying to wake up this nation that a 4th and 5th Generation war has been
imposed which will try to break this country through democracy, economic
terrorism, media anarchy and urban violent insurgency. Now Pak army has finally
started to respond properly through military courts, executions and going into
Afghanistan but this democracy would implode the state from within through
economic terrorism which you see very clearly now standing in long line for fuel,
without power and gas...
This democracy must be buried for all times to come ! Or be ready for Indian tanks
to roll into Pakistan soon. You take your choice -- you want this filthy democracy
when you go to war OR you want patriotic govt when Hindu Mushriks attack ??
Mushriks are ready now...We are not...

Meanwhile, the army crushes the Khawarij and the democracy crushes itself, we
will prepare for the Ghazwa e Hind which is upon us now... clashes have begun
and the Mushriks are waiting for the right time to attack.. we are ready and this
time, we will not take prisoners... just as we are not taking Khawarij prisoners

While we give our azaan and prepare for Ghazwa e Hind, we are calm and waiting
for the Dandey Wali Sarkaar to come... which is close now alhamdolillah ! Then

the Mushriks, Khawarij and their allies will curse the day they were born.. Wait,
we are also waiting with you. Soon, Allah will decide your fate at our hands..
InshAllah !
We Pakistanis need to learn adab e Rasul (sm) from these Chechen Muslims...
Their entire government is present there with people -- protesting the French
blasphemy with love and adab, without burning, destroying the property of the
state or Muslims...
In Pakistan, When Gustakh people try to pretend that they are "ashiq e Rasool, they
actually do more gustakhi by burning properties of Muslims, killing and wounding
Life, property, honor and faith of a Muslim is more scared than Kaaba. How can
any political party claim to love Rasul Allah (sm) and burn and kill innocent
people in the name of Rasul Allah (sm). Only Khawarij and Gustakh do this..
Our Salam to brave Chechens and Turks..
So, Mr. Tariq Jameel, you can do Gustakhi e Rasul (sm) and insult the faith of

billion Muslims and want to destroy the Gumbad e Khizra & Rauza Paak like
Khawarij do in Pakistan, Syria and Iraq but you cannot call TTP as Khawarij ??
What "Islam" do you preach ?? We had warned you that we will attack all those
Mullahs who will remain silent on Khawarij. You remain silent on TTP but are
dare to say that Rauza Pak of Sayyadi Rasul Allah should be destroyed ???
Astaghfurullah !

There are followers of Tariq Jameel who are completely missing the point of my
post. Typical of idiots we come across everyday.
My Point is simple -- why is TJ silent over Khawarij when he can make grave
provocative statements about Gumbad e Khizra ??? When he has the courage to
hurt the feelings of a billion Muslims then why is he afraid to hurt the feelings of
Khawarij ????
Understand the reason of the post. We want him to speak against Khawarij. He can
defend JJ against blasphemy, talk about destroying Gumbad e Khizra BUT is deaf,
dumb and blind agaist Kharji TTP. why ?? ask him and then let him reply. his
followers should stay silent. we will block all such idiots who defend him and he
stays silent.

We had warned you before as well. Anyone who claims to be a scholar, alim,
opinion maker -- if he supports Khawarij and Mushriks OR stay silent, then we
will humiliate him.... Tariq Jameel is a strong opinion maker. All Khawarij respect
him. He MUST speak or he is an enemy of Rasul Allah (sm) !! We dont give a
damn what you think of him. you can unlike this page a million times but anyone
who stays silent when Mushrikeen are killing Ummat e Rasul (sm) is an enemy of
the Ummah NOT a Alim e Haq. we will attack him and Allah will humiliate him..
By Allah, this will happen like this..

Tomorrow, when the silence of Tariq Jameel and Mullahs like him get your family
killed at the hands of Khawarij, then dont come to me crying that you were right,
he should have called TTP as Khawarij. All Khawarij listen to him and that is why
it is absolutely necessary to have his clear opinion on this matter. His silence is
criminal and will get your families and our children killed. NO Muslim scholar can
stay silent else he is a Zalim.
All my analysis have always been proven right alhamdolillah. I am telling you
now. Khawarij are alive because they get support from Mullahs like Tariq Jameel,
Mufti Naeem, Fazlu, Samee and Munawwar Hasan. They are the criminals and
have blood on their hands. you will suffer more if you don't believe me.
Unlike my page if you don't like my views. We started this Jihad alone and will
fight even if we are left alone. for the last 7 years, only a handful die hard patriots
have stood with us. We DO NOT collect fans. We dont want your vote. We dont
want your money. We live and die for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and to defend Pak
I will attack all those who support Khawarij or stay silent. This is a promise.

Now you will know the reason why Khawarij, Mushrikeen and Ulama e soo are
sent upon us as azaab and punishment. The followers of TJ are angry that I posted
a provocative video but they are happy that he is silent on the greatest fitnah of end
times -- the Khawarij, the army of Dajjal and Mushrikeen !! Innalillahe inna ilehe
rajeoon. Quran speaks of such people who have made their Alims as their gods and
follow them blindly, even if they drag them to hell...
These blind followers will NEVER question TJ that why is he silent or the greatest
enemies of Ummah and Pakistan. But they are angry that I have made a demand
from him...
you deserve Khawarij.. you deserve fear that you cannot send your children to
schools, you deserve Mushrikeen punihsing you for worshipping your petty gods..
What khidmat TJ or his jamaat has done to defend Pakistan against Khawarij,
Mushrikeen, BLA, MQM, jamhooriat.... CIA, Zionists, Riba banks.. ???? has he
damaged the enemies? has he defended Pakistan ? He has surely defended the
Khawarij alright... by his silence.. When has he prepared you for Ghazwa e Hind
?? When has he talked about fitnah e Khawarij ?? what Islam he teaches ?????
This is the time for Salahuddin and Jihad, NOT tableegh when Ummah is being
decimated by invading Crusaders, Mushrikeen, Khawarij and Zionists.... Imagine,

if army of Salahuddin had gone to Tableegh when Crusaders were attacking

Jerusalem ???
As Iqbal said "these idiots fell into Sajda, when time for Qiyam came" !!!
Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!
I tried to avoid destroying TJ totally but his stupid followers are forcing me now to
expose his video properly. This is the full video from which the clip was taken.
Watch it with open heart and eyes and ears.
What TJ is saying is:
1. Gumbad e Khizrah is Haraam and should not be there.
2. King Abdul Aziz was a great King.
3. He captured Makka and Medina.
4. They destroyed all Muqamat in Jannat ul Baqee.
5. They wanted to destroy Gumbad e Khizra but Muslims all over the world got
very angry and worried and decided to talk to Saudis.
6. Allama Shabbir gave the argument that "this is not the time to destroy the
Gumbad e Khizra" based on a Hadees that people have newly become Muslims
and they may not understand and this might create problems, so after some time,
this job of destroying Gumbad e Khizra can be done, but should not be done
7. So, the King agreed and delayed the destruction of Gumbad e Khizra.... till the
time they become strong enough to do that..
Now, it is clear from the video that TJ is fully supportive of destroying the green

It is clear that he fully support King Aziz and calls him a pious king, despite the
fact that he destroyed Ottomon empire with the help of Lawrence of Arabia and
slaughtered thousands of Turks in Makka and Medina. TJ uses the word "Fatah
Kia" !! means won it through war.. war against whom ??? Muslims ??
This is an extremely provocative and dangerous speech of TJ. He can make such
speeches which can hurt the feelings of a billion Muslims but he cannot hurt the
feelings of Khawarij ?? Now you tell, did I quote him out of context or those who
are defending him are total idiots ??


We will discuss about destroying the Green donme and Rauza Pak later. Billion
Muslims and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) himself wants it as it is today and has been
for 1400 years but, as I said, shall give you evidence later.
Lets first talk about issues which are undisputed within the Ummah in the present
times and even with little knowledge can understand them. lets see what TJ and
Tableeghi jamaat has to say about the following:
1. Khawarij and their war against Pakistan.
2. Ghazwa e Hind.
3. Destruction of Muslim lands at the hands of Mushrikeen, Zionists, Afghanistan,
Syria and Iraq and need for Jihad.
4. Charlie Hebdo attacks.
5. Riba and Banking systems.. which is a war with Rasul Allah.
In these times of war, JIhad and fitnah, if any Muslim scholar does not have firm
and solid opinion on these 5 issues, then remember, he is a shaitan in the dress of a
Pl show me statements of Tableeghi Jamaat and TJ on these 5 issues.

All followers of pro-Khawarj Mullahs -- those who support them or those who stay
silent -- should unlike this page immediately. Else, we will block them.. You can
either be their fans or be on this page. NOT both..
The language, abuses, filth which the followers of TJ use, truly reflect the tarbiat of
TJ which he is doing to his followers, MashAllah !
In the times, the only Ibadat Allah will accept is defense of Pak Sarzameen in Jihad
against Khawarij and Ghazwa against Mushriks ! This is the Furqan... the ultimate
test, otherwise Khawarij have longer beards, their quran is better and their namza is
longer.. but they are dogs of hell...
If anyone is not part of this Jihad in these dangerous times, then he can do tableegh
for the rest of his life, they will have NO role in defending the honor of this
Ummah and Millat.
Those who disagree with this faqeer, just leave...

Societies are destroyed when Ulama become corrupt, not because when ordinary
people are Jahil. Khawarij have risen today because Ulama are too afraid or
partners in their crime. There is absolutely NO excuse for any alim to stay silent in
these times. This is the azaab on this Ummah -- the Ulama who remained silent in
times of Kufr, zulm and shirk..

For the last 29 years, I am associated with various militant groups in the region -due to my role in Jihad in Afghanistan & then professionally due to my role as a
Defense analyst. I know this for sure that all militant organizaitons send their
recruits for training in Tableeghi Jamaat and also find recruits from here. Militants
of all sectarian and TTP gangs spend at least 40 days in Chilla and then go to the
military camp for training. This is a massive underworld crime network run by the
Khawarj and sectarian gangs. That is why it is absolutely MUST that Tableeghi
Jamaat explain their position towards Khawarij. Their silence is delebrate. It is not
just about TJ. Entire Tableeghi Jamaat is involved in this business.
Their Islam is NO threat to Kufr, no threat to Khawarij, no threat to Mushriks, no
threat to Riba based banks, no threat to CIA/RAW or Mossad. The Mazhab of
Mullah, Jamadat, Nabatat suits Kufr very well... No Jihad, no Qital, no battles
against Khawarij... brilliant..

For an alim, it is haram to stay silent in times of great confusions and fitnahs when
Deen of Rasul Allah (sm) is threatened and exploited by the Khawarij. Imam
Malik had his arms taken out, Imam Hanbal was beaten till death... but these great
scholars NEVER stopped telling the truth in times of fitnah to save the Ummah
from confusion. Khawarij are using Quran and sunnah's false interpretation to
attack Ummat e Rasul (sm). They belong to the party of Tableeghi Jamaat, Fazal,
Samee and Mufti Naeem and what does these Mullahs do ?? They decide to stay

silent.... Deen can go to hell... !! Innalillahe Inna ilehe rajeoon.... Blood of Muslims
is on their hands.. History and the angels are noting this down carefully..
You can abuse me as much as you want but that will NOT change the fact that
these scholars betrayed the Ummah in these times..

There can only be two reasons why these scholars are silent over the war crimes of
Khawarij, despite the fact that Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) has graded Khawarij as
worse than Mushriks, Kuffar and Munafiqeen, calling them dogs of hell !! Such
harsh words are not used for any other Kafirs... The reasons can be
1. Either these scholars are part of Khawarij.
2. Or they are afraid because many scholars have been killed once good Ulama
gave fatwas against them.
In either case, an alim who is part of Khawarij or who is afraid is not worth his
existence. Ulama e Haq are NEVER afraid, never compromise, never surrender..
When I ask them to call TTP as Khawarij, they call me a Kafir, Qadiani, Shia,
Barelvi, agent... using most filthy language which their teachers have taught them
. I am NOT bothered :-) . Either they will declare TTP as Khawarij or I will
wage a war against them.. No Mercy now...

That is why Allah takes his duty from Mujahideen of Pak army and not from proKharji Mullahs ! Pakistan was made by young students of Ali Garh, by Quaid, by
Baba Iqbal... All were chosen soldiers of Rasul Allah(sm) !
The Mullahs of Deoband remaind Badnaseeb, supporting the Mushriks, Kuffar and
Munafiqeen !! Astaghfurulah !
InshAllah, the real khidmat of deen is done by Pak army in defending this millat
against Khawarij and Mushriks ! The bisharat of over 100 ahadees is for Pak army
and NOT for these mullahs !
When we will be defeating the Khawarij & entering Delhi, these pro-Mushrik

Deobandi Mullahs would still be shouting -- Kafir Kafir

)) Idiots


To all followers of Deoband who call me a Kafir, Qadiani, mushrik ..

I am sure
you know the punishment for calling a Muslim a Kafir. I may be anyone, but the
fact is that I have not killed 100,000 Muslims. Pak army is NOT fighting against
my faith... The enemy is from your school.
I am in the media for the last 7 years. Have done 1500 programs, written many
books, have given hundreds of lectures... Read my books on Iqbal, Halqa e Yaran,
Khilafat e Rashida..
Have spent my life in Jihad against Soviets in Afghanistan when most of you were
in your pampers... The real Jihad with real Afghan Mujahideen..
Show me one line, one word which I have said.. which is against Quran and
Sunnah !
Show me one act which has harmed Pakistan?
Show me one financial or moral scandal ?
Now see my enemies : Mushriks, Khawarij, CIA, RAW, Mossad, BLA, MQM,
Geo, SAFMA, Politicians, corrupt judiciary... all enemies of Islam, Rasul Allah
(sm) and Pakistan are my enemies. what does that tell you ??
I fight for Khilafat e Rashida, Ghazwa e Hind, Jihad against Khawarij, United
states of Islam, against Riba and Banks for a gold based economic system..
Then you come and call me a Kafir. Fight to destroy the mission. Do what
Mushriks, Yahood o Hanood want to do and support the Khawarij and your Ulama
who are afraid to call them as Khawarij.

It does NOT matter to me what you think of me. But it will surely matter to you if
you try to destroy this mission which is defending the Ummah and Millat against
all enemies in war.
I will fight for the mission we have. We will defend Pakistan against Mushriks and
Khawarij. You take your sides. If you stand on the side of Mushriks or Khawarij, I
will fight you too. No mercy..
You can stay silent or join us. If I find you against us, we will crush you. Your
brothers have butchered this millat. We will now fight to the finish... By Allah, we
will fight the Khawarij. Call me whatever you want..
Allah, Rasul Allah (sm), Malaika, Aulia, Momineen are enough for us,
alhamdolillah !! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind ! Labbaik Ya Rasul Allah !!


Many followers of deoband are now claiming that I am attacking Deoband because
for the last 7 years, Deoband Mullahs were trying to destroy me by calling me a
Kafir, Murtid, Qadiani & follower of some fake prophet... etc etc.. . They claim
that my war is totally personal and I am only taking revenge ! Uff, how insane they
can be )
This is true that according to Islamic sharia and Ahadees of Sayyadi Rasul Allah
(sm), the Mufti Naeem, Tahir Asharafi and entire Muftis of Jamia Binnoria have
become Kafir themselves for calling a Muslim a Kafir. Takfeer of a Muslim comes

back on you and you become Kafir yourself.... In an Islamic court, they would be
lashed for Bohtan and attacking the Imaan, honor, rizq and life of a Momin. They
are doing this Kufr for the last 7 years and entire Deoband stayed silent, enjoying
the game while their brothers did everything in their power to get me killed... Tahir
Ashraf even did a program on Geo with Hamid Mir, calling me a fake Nabi and
incited people to kill me.. Muftis of Binnori town wrote books, issued fatwas,
khutbas were given in masjids and cases were registered against me..
Why was Deoband doing this ?? Did I attack them ?? Did I calleed them Kafirs, ??
NO... It was because I had talked about Ghazwa e Hind, had declared TTP as
Khawarij, had declared war against Geo and also against Riba and Banks and had
revived Iqbal Baba and love for Pakistan... This was my sin... Deoband had been
given the duty by Mushriks to destroy me and stop this mission...
How did I respond to this grave Zulm by deoband ?? I stayed silent, carried on
with the mission, clarifiedmy own faith through many TV programs, press
releases, interviews, talks and social media so that people are not confused BUT
NEVER called them Kafirs, NEVER attacked them, NEVER registered any cases
against them... Just stayed silent and did my duty, expecting to be killed any day by
their ghundas.... we suffered extremely due to their most severe lies and
propaganda. My home broken down, my family sufefred, we lost projects and no
TV would give me air time, I could not do any program anywhere as their Ghundas
would come to disrupt the program.... !! It was like Mushrikeen of Makka
attacking the simple Muslims who had accepted Islam... NO body came to our
help. All deoband just watched and enjoyed...
It is only after December 16th massacre in Peshawar that I have demanded
deoband to speak against Khawarij or we will attack them. Now you tell, is this my
personal revenge or a demand for the sake of Pakistan and Ummah ???? Now Pak
army has drawn the sword and we are killing the Khawarij and their supporters.
Mufti Naeem, Tahir Asharafi, Fazlu, Samee, TJ are all part of this crime
syndicate... they either support Khawarij or stay silent... That is why I attack them,
NOT because they called me a Kafir... Know this well... dont be confused.
In a sharia court, Mufti Naeem and Tahir Ashrafi will be lashed for this bohtan and
their evidence will NEVER be accepted again in an Islamic state. That is why these
Mullahs are so afraid of Sharia and Islamic state and want to stop our mission at all
costs. By Allah, they will pay for their crimes...
That is why they have to kill me at all cost...

Alhamdolillah, we don't take personal revenge. But for Pakistan, we will NOT
forgive any Kharji...
Labbaik Ya Rasul Allah !! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind !!

In the heat of this sacred war, we don't have time for non-sense. Our warning to all
our enemies -- they will NOT find us merciful. We fight on the social media and
also on the battlefield and now we are not taking any prisoners. We are soldiers of
Rasul Allah (sm), standing sideby side with Pak army in defending this millat and
Ummah from the fitnah of Khawarij and their allies.
You MUST declare TTP as Khawarij OR we will come for you. For the last 90
years, Darul Uloom deoband is attacking Ummat e Rasul, supporting Mushriks,
attacking Quaid and Baba Iqbal and blocking Tehreek e Pakistan. Now they are
supporting Mushriks again by supporting Khawarij and Mushriks ! Anyone not
attacking Khawarij will be our enemy... Dont cry later..
MashAllah, thousands of new members have joined this page who are not aware of
our mission. Alhamdolillah, Mission Takmeel e Pakistan is the most romantic,
most emotional, most passionate duty launched in the 21st century to revive the
Ummah and the Millat. Only the most blessed with be part of it. Understand this
duty and join the mission. This is the most romantic way to live a life.. MashAllah
This mission is the furqan of the time -- you go against it, you are an enemy of the
Ummah. You support it, you will be on the right side of history. This mission
started 1400 years ago -- from khilafat e Rashida and will carry on till the next
Khilafat e Rahida, Ghazwa e Hind, Jihad against Khawarij, United states of
Islam... Khilafat ala minhaj un nubuwwat....
Members, read this post slowly, 3 times at least, ponder deep and DO NOT
comment foolishly. This is an extremely sensitive issue and hardly anyone from
the younger lot is qualified to speak here. Maintian adab and avoid Gustakhi.
This is the original speech Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani did in front of Saudi
King abdul Aziz when they destroyed all the muqamaat of Sahabas and tried to
destroy the green dome of Rauza Pak. Allama Usmani makes it clear that Saudis
are making a mistake here due to their harshness and lack of wisdom in matters of

The argument of Wahabis was that:
1. No grave should be within a structure.
2. No grave should be within a Masjid.
But they faced a serious dilemna. Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), Sayyadi AbuBakr and
Sayyadi Umer are all burried in a room, within the Masjid Shareef under direct
orders from Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and Shaikhain and Sahabas. For 1300 years,
no Muslims had any problems with that. So, when Saudis tried to destroy this,
naturally, there was anger in the Muslim world. Reply of Allama Usmani clarifies
many wrong and harsh interpretations of Wahabi Ulama here.
A Muslim can NEVER be a Mushrik. NEVER. Now read..


One more point. Allama Usmani WAS NOT a Deobandi.

Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani had LEFT deoband & joined Quaid e Azam and he
was NOT a deobandi after that.
Quaid e Azam was in Congress for 16 years but when he left Congress and joined
Muslim league, no one called him a Congressi. Same for Allama Shabbir ahmed
Usmani. Deoband waged a war against him for supporting Quaid e Azam but today
they claim that he was one of them ) total lies...

Allama Shabbir was a pious man and he saw a dream of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm)
with Quaid e Azam and Rasul Allah (sm) ordered Allama Shabbir to support
Quaid. At this he immediately resigned from deoband. Pl know the history and
dont fall for the lies..

Now another important point that you must understand to destroy the Khawarij
narrative to justify their war against Pakistan.

Khawarij also say that they are waging a war against Pakistan because Pakistan is
an ally with US !! This is pack of horse crap.
Interestingly, if this was the real reason, then Afghan Taliban should be waging a
war against Pakistan but they are all still friendly with Pakistan ! Understand this
fact that Muslim states can make defense and political alliance with any country -Muslim or non Muslim. There is nothing wrong in this... even if the terms seem
insulting or humiliating.. Let us explain.
Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) signed an agreement with Mushrikeen of Makka, treaty
of Hudaibia. Even handed over Muslim prisoners back to Mushrikeen after the
agreement. Rasul Allah(sm) signed the treaty of Medina with Jews..
Pakistan has defense pacts, cooperation, alliances with US, Russia, China, Turkey,
Saudi Arabia, Iran and almost all Muslim and many non-Muslim countries. Every
country protects its own interests in these treaties. Entering into these alliances do
not make Pakistan a Kafir state nor justify murder of its citizens by the Khawarij
nor is a reason for Jihad against Pakistan.
Last week, General Raheel was in US, then in UK and now going to China. Before
that he was in Saudi arabia too and in Kabul and in many other countries. Does that
make Pakistan a Kafir state ?? Rubbish to say the least...
Now read .... and destroy the Khawarij propaganda on social media.
Do you want to get the greatest secret of understanding the finest wisdom of Quran
?? What is your personal relationship with Sayyadi Rasul Allah ? Have you seen
Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) in your dream or in awakening and given the guidance to
do the duty ??

Members, children, I would strongly urge you to read these few pages extracted
from various chapters of Halqa e Yaran ! Adab e Rasul (sm) and Ishq e Rasul (sm)
is a most delicate, sensitive, mystical concept and Quran says that if you make a
mistake here, all your amaal, good deeds will be lost !!! Most severe punishment
for Gustakh, astaghfurullah !
Please read them slowly and ponder deep. These secrets are NOT written nor
taught generally in lectures and Dars of Quran. Only when you are blessed with
Adab e Rasul (sm), that the finer secrets of Quran and Sunah starts to open up for
Only after this you will know why even some so called scholars become Gustakh
even when they try to show their love for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).
May Allah protect us from being beyadab !


Alhamdolillah, For the last 7 years, we are doing this sacred duty which has
changed the entire game in the region! By the fazal of Allah alone, the results have
been most astounding and stunning in the shortest possible time.... Literally tables
have been turned against the enemies of Pak Sarzameen and Ummah... Shukar !
From a total expected defeat in 2007, we are now marching towards victory...
crushing the Khawarij and preparing for Ghazwa e Hind and heading towards
Dandey Wali sarkaar...
But the question is "What is your contribution in this furqan of the time ?? Anyone
against this mission is a born loser !! Anyone who is neutral is at a loss...
You judge your contribution from two points:
1. How much time & effort you have given to it.
2. How much resources, wealth and assets you have put to it.
If you have not done either, then you are NOT part of this mission, even if you are
on this page.
This is most unfortunate that most of the Ulama of Deoband remained the most
fierce & staunch enemies of this duty as well. Almost all Ulama of Ahl Sunnah,
Ahl Hadees, Ahl Tashee -- stayed neutral and DID NOT support it either. Yes, this
mission did NOT receive any moral, financial or material support from any

religious or political party, alhamdolillah !! Allah is enough for us and we stood

This mission faced the most brutal resistance from the munafiqeen within us.
CIA/RAW/Mossad could not damage us BUT Deoband, Geo and powerful lobbies
within the country did their best to destroy us. Media has put a ban on us and
government tries to silence us.
Still, we are fighting.. alhamdolilah, and now we are turning the tables against the
enemies.... Allahu Akbar !!
On the day of judgement, Allah will ask you about this duty to defend Pak
Sarzameen and Ummat e Rasul (sm) for Ghazwa e Hind and Jihad against
Khawarij. Prepare your answers well for you will be asked why you resisted this
mission or stayed neutral at this time....
InshAllah, for us, Allah, Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), Malaika and Momineen are
enough... Alhamdolillah, Allah is giving Barakah to this mission and He is Razi
from us and we are razi from Him...
Allah will ask you on the day of judgement BUT We will question you in dunya -why were you silent when Khawarij are butchering Ummat e Rasul (sm) ????
To all Ulama of Deoband -- you are either with Mushriks or with Rasul Allah (sm).
you cannot be with both....

Those who say that Pakistan should reduce its defense budget, should read this
incredible story from Israel. They follow the sunnah of our beloved SayyadiRasul
Allah (sm) while we have forgotten it.
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) (72 ..
An extremely important video which destroys the entire political & military war of
Darul Uloom Deoband and Khawarij against Pakistan. Darul Uloom Deoband and
many of its top Ulama still calls Quaid e Azam as Kafir, had called Pakistan as
Kafiristan and had always supported the Mushriks against Pakistan. Their war
continues even today.... We have recorded interviews of TTP Khawarij in which
they are saying that in 1947 also, they were against Pakistan and Quaid e Azam
and today as well, and still consider Quaid as a Kafir. Astaghfurullah !!
Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani hed left deoband and joined Quaid e Azam. He
also recited the Namaz e Jinaza of Quaid. After the Namaz a Jinaza, he made a
speech. He mentions his dream in which he saw Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and
Quaid e Azam, and Sayyadi is saying that Quaid e Azam is his mujahid !!! Allahu
Akbar !!
This old man was present there in the Jinaza and heard this speech himself. The
only man alive today perhaps to be witness of that speech.
This video also proves that Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) can select any Ummati for
his sacred duty even today and guide and bless him with his khas karam. This also
proves that Pakistan is a sacred trust given to us by Rasul Allah (sm) and is a secret
from the secrets of Allah (swt).
This video has been recorded by BrassTacks Team & we know this Buzurg

Those who think I am targeting deoband should read this

Since thousands of
people join the page every week and most of them do not follow our mission for
the last 7 years, hence are easily confused and think that we are spreading
sectarianism. Before you comment, read the posts in the last 7 days at least to
know the topic and threads.
My duty is to defend Pakistan against all enemies. We are above sect and ethnic
divisions. Alhamdolillah, we are Muslims and Pakistanis. NO 3rd identity is
accepted. But since the entire political and religious community in this country is
divided into sects or ethnic loyalties and cannot rise above their personal
prejudices, so they think I am sectarian too )
Barelvis and followers of Dr. TUQ are very angry with me because I did NOT
support him in Dharna and strongly criticized his stance on Jihad of Kashmir. I
disagree with his policies totally.
Shias were extremely angry with me when in Moharram I posted strong posts

challenging the Shia narrative of Karbala and pointed out the betrayl of Shias of
Kufa. In Pakistani media, there is a strong Shia lobby which has been working for
many years to destroy our mission seriously -- Nusrat Javed, Naseem Zehra, Azhar
Deobandis are angry with me because I attack their anti-Pak policies and because
of their support and silence over Khawarij.
Ahl Hadees groups are extremely angry with me because they consider me a
Barelvi or a Shia... !
PTI trolls are extremely angry with me because I attack their stupidity most
MQM, PPP, PML(N), ANP, Jamaat e Islami -- all want me dead also

Now what does that make me ?? Every religious and political party in this country
has either tried to destroy us to have stayed neutral when others were trying to
destroy us. All of them have done the same, irrespective of their sect or political
Fact is that our mission is Ghazwa e Hind, Jihad against Khawarij, Khilafat e
Rashida, United States of Islam and revivial of Baba Iqbal and Quaid's Pakistan
into Takmeel e Pakistan.
NO group, sect, party in Pakistan has this mission !! They all feel threatened from
this huge mission which is now moving forwards by Karam of Allah alone...
These days, I am attacking Deobandis because of the new phase of war after
December 16th. My war is against Khawarij NOT against Deoband. I will attack
Barelvis, Shias and ahl Hadees also if they remain silent but they are not silent on
Khawarij, so there is NO need for me to put pressure on them. Deoband is silent,
hence will be beaten. Thaat does NOT make me a Kafir )
If deoband wants that I should not attack them, then they should do tauba for their
crimes and say that TTP are Khawarij !! Otherwise, I will rip them apart inshAllah
Alhamdolillah, we stand alone in this mission. None of these parties or sects are
with us. Allah (swt) is enough and indeed He is the best of the Wakeel and best of

the helpers... Shukar Alf Marra !!

Now do you understand... ??? The party of Allah is always small !!


There is a major power breakdown in the country. Save your batteries. Make
arrangements for emergency lights. This seems serious. Trying to find the exact
nature of fault but it is all over the country. Khair inshAllah !
Listen to Luqman here. Saying that Zaid Hamid told us so...
Crisis of last night has been handled somewhat but this is an ongoing war. Balaach
Marri traitor accepts the responsibility for blowing up power lines which caused
this breakdown it seems.
Understand the bigger picture. For the last 7 years -- I have been trying to shake

and wake up this nation and its leaders into understanding the 4th and 5th
Generation War, Af-Pak, Cold Start and urban wars... Leaders, Ulama, think tanks,
media and even army was NOT aware of this huge conspiracy to break down
Pakistan in this unconventional wars. Now when the war has entered its last stages,
every one can see that Zaid Hamid had warned us in time.
Allah shows this faqeer what you cannot see. By rejecting it or arguing about it,
you only increase your own agony.... For God sake, listen to what this faqeer say,
even if you cannot understand or dont like. Else, you will suffer as this nation is
suffering today...

The year is 1980. Nine years after breaking East Pakistan through Bengali Mukti
Bahini, Indira Gandhi again got back into business of destroying Pakistan. This
time, they would use Darul Uloom Deoband to do this.. Indira Gandhi was invited
as the Chief Guest at 100 years of Deoband celebrations -- a perfect partnership
between Mushriks and Khawarij !
Thousands of Deoband went from Pakistan and attended this grand gathering in
India, led by Indira Gandhi !!! The new war against Pakistan was launched....

Indira was assassinated by Sikhs in 84, putting a break to this game plan. General
Zia had counter attacked through Sikhs and Kashmirirs. The game plan was
delayed for another 15 years, till 2004, when India was finally able to get a serious
foothold in Afghanistan. Then this old partnership between RAW and deoband was
revived again... Result ? TTP Khawarij..... Ask Ajit Kumar Doval. He proudly
owns it.
This is NOT sectarianism. This is hardcore War and Geo-politics of RAW using a
religious gang as assets to destroy Pakistan.
you want to know the reason why I want Tariq Jameel to openly declare TTP as
Khawarij ??
Last year, a gang of Khawarij tried to attack and hijack PNS Zulfiqar.
The attackers came from outside but had low level members from Navy as well.
Their aim was to hijack the ship and use its weapons to attack any Indian or
Western ship to trigger a war between Pakistan and India or western countries. It
was a dangerous plan.
All the officers and men involved in this sinister filthy plan were very active
members of Tableeghi Jamaat and used the cover of Tableegh to gain access into
the base. Now Tableeghi Jamaat has been banned from entering sensitive
installations of armed forces and bases.
This is the reason why we want Tableeghi Jamaat and TJ to openly express their
stance over TTP Khawarij and their war against Pakistan. Tableeghi Jamaat has
always been given great access into Pakistan's security apparatus. Even DG ISI

was once a Tableeghi, General Javed Nasir. But now the game has changed and
Tableeghi Jamaat must openly declare their loyalties or we will treat them as

Way back in 2011, even then it was found that Khawarij are heavily using the
cover of Tableeghi Jamaat to attack Pakistan. Then the presence was banned in
many sensitive areas. After the PNS Zulfiqar attack, this restriction has become
even more serious.
All those who go out with Tableegh should be very careful in what you do. your
partner next to you might be a TTP Kharjee and if your name/number is found in
his cell, then you would be in serious trouble. Hundreds of people have been
arrested because their names were in the phone list of arrested terrorists. Be very
careful in these times. Your blunder can destroy your families.
We will post a video soon where TTP are using Deobandi masjid to recruits
militants to fight against Pakistan.
This is how the whole recruitment cartel works for the Khawarij ! Deobandi
Masjids are used for this purpose.
First they gather innocent Muslims in the name of Tableegh or Tauheen e Risalat
or Hazrat Umer day etc... Then the real game begins...
TTP Khawarij come and take over the masjid, stand guard not allowing anyone to
leave and then the brain washing begins... In the end, volunteers are taken to fight
for the Taliban cause... turning ordinary children or young men into Khawarij
suicide bombers.
They use the name of Taliban -- ordinary people dont know if they are talking
about Mullah Umer or Mullah Fazlullah ! All these recruitment is done for Mullah
Fazlullah. You can see this whole filthy drama in this dark video here.

This stunning event happened in 1932, when entire Muslim world reps gathered to
open up sacred graves of two Sahabas, under direct orders of those Sahabas
themselves !!!! yes, this is true and most unbelievable story which our younger
generations do not know.

This amazing story also tells you of a great spiritual secret which the Jahils and the
Khawarij do not know -- Sahabas, like Prophets, are not just alive but also
communicate to the present world to assign duties and pass orders !! They can
communicate to you and you can receive their orders.... There are blessed souls in
dunya today who communicate with Rasul Allah (sm) just as Sahabas did...
The King of Iraq was Faisal. He saw a dream but he ignored it... Then the Mufti e
Azam saw it and then they both saw it multiple times.... Sahabas were given them
an order... Now watch.. and recite Durud Shareef of our beloved Sayaydi Rasul
Allah (sm) !!!
There are 3 steps to becoming a Kharjee dog of hell ! Every Kharjee dog walks
these steps..
1. First you are a Gustakh of Rasul Allah (sm), disrespect Sayyadi (sm) and make
false claims about Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).
2. Then you become a Takfiri as a punishment from Allah (swt) and start to call
everyone as Kafir, under the arrogance that you are the only Muslims alive, rest are
all Kafirs.

3. Third step is that then you take up weapons and start to kill Muslims and
become a cursed dog of hell Kharji..
This is what Mullah Aziz of Masjid e Zarrar Lal masjid is.... He is such a Gustakh
that even his own kind of filthy Mullahs found it hard to digest... knowing that now
they all would be nailed for supporting this dog of hell...
Be very careful about adab of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Gustakh ultimately
becomes a Kharjee...

Children, members, these are times of fitnah, of Dajjal, of Khawarij and divisions
within the Ummah on ethnic, political and sectarian lines. All Muslim sects and
schools think that they are the only one on the right path while the others are
destined for hell.
1. Ahl Hadees/Salafis consider Ahl Sunnah, Barelvis, Shias as Mushriks and
Gumrah. They are totally against any visible display of love for Sayadi Rasul Allah
(sm), destroy all signs and muqamat which are extremely significant in Muslim
history and have an imbalanced extremist harsh view on Shirk and Biddat.

2. Shias are extremely beyadab and Gustakh of Sahabas and Sayyada Aisha. Even
though Iranian leadership has tried to bring moderation into the extremist Shias but
still a huge majority follow the Iraq Najaf scholars who remain extremely hostile
towards Khulfa e Rashideen. Also, Shias do not follow any known Mystic and Sufi
3. Barelvis in Pakistan have lost the balance between display of adab /Ishq and
biddat & even though they remain respectful towards Sayyadi Rasul Allah,
Sahabas, Aulia and Sufia, there is a strong presence of deviant practices and beliefs
within Barelvis as well. The battles for Mazaar are also raging between Barelvis
and Shias, where both groups try to take over the Mazaar. Case of Hazrat Bari
Imam Mazaar in Islamabad is just one example.
4. Deobandis are in another hopeless situation, when their scholars are silent or
supporters of Khawarij and this group is waging a most bloody war against
Pakistan and Ummat e Rasul (sm). All Khawarij in Pakistan belong to deobandi
Our mission is the unite the Ummah on the Deem of Rasul Allah (sm) and Khulfa
e Rashideen, Defend Pakistan, prepare the Ummah for Ghazwa e Hind and Jihad
against Khawarij, create an Islamic economic model based on Gold and unite the
Ummah in United States of Islam. This mission is way ABOVE any sectarian
Those who are with us are Muslims only and then Pakistanis. We DO NOT
recognize any other identity. This is the Deen of Sayyadna Abubakr, Sayyadna
Umer, Sayyadna Usman and Sayyadna Ali !!
For the past few days, we are hitting the Deobandi Khawarij for the simple reason
that today entire Pak army and Pak nation are at war against them. Deobandi
Mullahs are defending the Khawarij or staying silent. That is why we are hitting
them and will hit them more.
The supporters of Khawarij, instead of accepting their mistake, try to counter
attack by calling us Shias, Barelvis, Qadianis... Kafir.. ! This is a lame, insane,
farcical argument by these Khawarij. Just a desperate attempt to divert the subject
and change the issue.
We DO NOT collect fans here. Every day we ban 100's of Gustakh beyadab

Kharjis or their supporters. Their most filthy language, their fatwas of Kufr and
their hatred for Pakistan army and Pakistan is so obvious that it makes us even
more stronger to hit them harder.
Either they will do tauba and revert back to Deen or they will be attacked by us and
crushed. We will NOT show mercy towards any Kharji or their supporter.

Just 3 minutes -- a core advice to thousands of new members and those volunteers
who wish to be part of this mission. A reminder to all old members too. You will
be shaken up and put to test. This is NOT an easy path..
Children, members, this is the original 1.30 hrs discussion which explains the
entire mission, duty, strategy, environment, politics and wars in and around

Pakistan. This program was done almost 3 years ago to answer all questions and
objections on who we are, what we do, why we do and where do we plan to go ??
Those serious in understanding our mission must watch this...
This mission is the greatest, most profound Azaan of the 21st century
alhamdolillah! . It is a deeply spiritual and ideological vision and ordinary petty
minds would always fail to understand its depths. Here we explain it for the youth
and the patriots.


Children, members, All warnings that we have been giving for the last 7 years can

now be seen even by the blind.. This is called the 5th Gen War.. the war which is
now raging in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen.. and now in Pak Sarzameen. From
Altaf Hussian to Mufti Naeem to Mullah Aziz to Fazlullah to Fazal ur Rehman to
Tariq Jameel to Hyberyar Marri to Brahmdagh Bugti to Iftikhar Chaudrey to
Zardari to Nawaz Shareef to Geo & SAFMA -- they are all part of this war to
destroy Pak Sarzameen ! They will NEVER succeed inshAllah but now the Pak
nation will pay a heavy price to defend its freedom.
This nation did not take the advice of this faqeer. Even the army took 7 years to
understand that this war cannot be fought through this democracy as this judiciary
and democracy is part of the problem, not the solutions. Now AltafHussain is
threatening a war in Karachi and Sindh while all the pro-Khawarij Mullahs have
decided to stay silent over the war crimes of Khawarij. Now, be prepared for a
bloody end phase of this war.. We will fight back and win inshAllah but now all
those who made fun of us and insulted our analysis will see the blood of their own
spilling as well.. It is too late now for tauba. Now Kaffara will be with blood..

To all new comers, Pl DO NOT post any question on the page unless you have
gone through at least 10 days of posts on this page. Scroll down and educate
yourself first. This is a serious battle station and we are fighting a war and have
zero tolerance towards non-sense or enemies.
Follow the rules. We are very harsh on this page and do not tolerate violations of
DO NOT insult Pak army, Pak ideology or our founding fathers. DO NOT defend
Khawarij or enemies of Pakistan. DO NOT use filthy abusive language. DO NOT
write in Roman Urdu. DO NOT insult or attack Sir Zaid.
You can ask decent questions but they must NOT be based on lies and propaganda
of the enemies. All enemy propaganda against Sir has been answered a million
times. do your own homework to find the answers. If you are blocked, we rarely
unblock anyone, so be VERY CAREFUL !!
The enemies, Khawarij and the idiots blame ISI and Pak army for working as allies
of US in Afghanistan. But what is the reality ?? Has ISI helped the Americans or
helped the Taliban ? Has ISI defended the US interests or the interests of Pakistan
? Listen to this US analyst. They are so frustrated that ISI has always defended
Pakistan and NOT the US interests. Now with Gen Rizwan as the new DG ISI,
inshAllah, you will see a even more ruthless ISI against the enemies of Pak


MQM, TTP and BLA are the 3 violent axis waging a war against Pak Sarzameen.
dead bodies, Bhatta and gang wars in Karachi or today's slaughter of Shia Muslims
in Sindh -- they are all part of the same 5th Gen War organized by MQM and the
Takfiri/Kharjee gangs of TTP, supported by the Deobandi clerics Tariq Jameel,
Fazal, Samee, Mufti Naeem and Ashrafi. The blood of the Muslims drip from the
hands of these Mullahs and Altaf the fat toad in London. We had warned you
before as well. Now the Kaffara will be in blood. Time for Tauba is long gone...

These interviews are recorded by Rangers in Karachi ! This is NOT fake nor a
drama ! This is a real target killer of MQM, caught by Rangers and he is spilling
all the beans of assassinations, gang wars, election rigging and all the organized
crimes of MQM and Altaf Hussian. Dozens of such killers are now in custody and
that is why you see the panic, threats and violence from the MQM these days.
Rangers is NOT picking up innocent people. Everyone picked up is an assassin.
We will post more interviews IA.


Today, I am very sad.

I am seeing a law of nature in motion. The law which applies to every society
which starts to give respect to killers, murderers, scumbags, haramkhor traitors.
When such snakes are respected and universities are named after them, then wait
for Azaab of Allah (swt) which comes in the form of fear, hunger, humiliation and
sudden death.
How low have we sunk? How gustakh we have become? How arrogant we are as a

nation? I can see now that why people of Sindh and Karachi are being so severely
punished. They chose Zardari and Altaf as their leaders and now death, humiliation
and hunger comes to them. It is bad all over the country, but Karachi and Sindh
would see the worst of it. Had warned you before, Karachi will now face the worst
of it. We asked for it, astaghfurullah !

Altaf Hussain wants army to come into the streets of Karachi, so that urban
terrorists of MQM can draw the army into streets and turn Karachi into a urban
battlefield like Syrian and Iraqis cities have become..
This is the modern nature of war -- fight in the mega cities to decimate the city and
the people ! They use ISIS, TTP, BLA, MQM, FSA type gangs -- various names,
similar objectives !

Pak army is operating all over the country and have stabilized the country a lot but
Karachi remains a serious threat. Only a Martial Law and most ruthless hunting of
MQM, PPP and other terror gangs would clean Karachi. If these corrupt rascals
remain in power, then bringing in army would mean a disastrous civil war.... That
is why army is reluctant.. But sooner or later, this will have to be done..
The enemies know this secret ! They know this Pakistan is on the verge of an
phenomenal rise towards glory alhamdolillah ! All enemies from MQM to
Khawarij to BLA to Political parties to judges likeiftikhar chaudrey have been
given the duty to stop this destiny..
They will all fail !!! They will all be humiliated ! They will all be destroyed
inshAllah !! This is the written destiny that Pakistan will lead the world, will unite
the Ummah, will defeat the Hindu Zionists and Khawarij ! This is our Mission
Takmeel e Pakistan !
The final battle for the glory of Pakistan will be bloody.. but we will pay the price..
It is worth it..

Many times we receive taunts from the idiots that why we waste our times on
Facebook. They call us Facebook jihadis trying to insult our work.
They do not understand the nature of our work - we lead and manage a coordinated
cyber, social media attack team to build counter narrative against the enemies to
defend Pakistan.
This is a vital information warfare axis of the modern warfare. ISI did not do it.
ISPR did not do it. GHQ did not do it. So we took it upon ourselves to fight this
war, defending the army, Pakistan, our ideology and developing the counter
narrative to destroy the enemy. We destroy their propaganda, expose the enemies,
support our own armed forces and give hope to the nation.
BrassTacks is the cyber and media warfare arm of Pakistan. Being a facebook
warrior is NOT a taunt in these times. This is a new non-lethal mode of warfare in
which BrassTacks is the cutting edge of national defense, alhamdolillah !
But now, this must be done at official levels by the government and the armed
forces. Building an organized potent counter narrative and deploying it in support

of ground operations is as necessary as having ammo in the guns.. So far,

BrassTacks is firing for the army and taking heavy return fire.
Now read what the British army is planning to do !! Now you will understand the
importance of our work.
The British army is creating a special force of Facebook warriors, skilled in
psychological operations and use of social media to engage in unconventional
warfare in the information age.
The 77th Brigade, to be based in Hermitage, near Newbury, in Berkshire, will be
about 1,500-strong and formed of units drawn from across the army. It will
formally come into being in April.
The brigade will be responsible for what is described as non-lethal warfare. Both
the Israeli and US army already engage heavily in psychological operations.
Against a background of 24-hour news, smartphones and social media, such as
Facebook and Twitter, the force will attempt to control the narrative.
The 77th will include regulars and reservists and recruitment will begin in the
spring. Soldiers with journalism skills and familiarity with social media are among
those being sought.
The move is partly a result of experience in counter-insurgency operations in
Afghanistan. It can also be seen as a response to events of the last year that include
Russias actions in Ukraine, in particular Crimea, and Islamic States (Isis)
takeover of large swaths of Syria and Iraq.
The Israel Defence Forces have pioneered state military engagement with social
media, with dedicated teams operating since Operation Cast Lead, its war in Gaza
in 2008-9. The IDF is active on 30 platforms including Twitter, Facebook,
Youtube and Instagram in six languages. It enables us to engage with an
audience we otherwise wouldnt reach, said an Israeli army spokesman.


The bloodshed we have upon is today is due to the silence of those who have the
power to stop it and those who do not condemn it. Hadees of Sayyadi Rasul Allah
(sm) is the hujjat upon us all. Those who deny the Hadees e Mubaraka are Kafir o
Zindeeq !
Khawarij belong to Deobandi maslak. It is the duty of the Deobandi Ulama to
speak against them and stop them from slaughtering the Ummah. If the slaughter

continues, then these men are responsible !! Know their faces and curse them if
they still remain silent... Because Allah curse such people too...

Khawarij are brothers of Dajjal !!! Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) has clearly warned
the Ummah that last group of Khawarij will be with Dajjal !! Here we see the
ultimate proof of this Hadees Mubaraka. All Khawarij are soldiers of armies of

Dajjal -- from Pakistrtan to Iraq !! Armies of Dajjal and Khawarij are fighting
together, hand in hand, against the Ummah of Rasul Allah (sm) !!
That is why it is we demand that every Mullah MUST clearly define his camp -- Is
he with Dajjal & Khawarij or he is with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Anyone who
remains silent or supports the Dajjal will be treated as enemies of Ummah by us !!
We will crush them inshAllah !

From Peshawar to Baghdad to Damascus -- the Khawarij are the armies of Dajjal,
controlled by Dajjali forces ! you all remember the handler and instructor of
Khawarij in Peshawar killed by Pak forces after airport attack. Only a blind deaf
dumb and destined for hell person would still deny the links between Khawarij and

That is why we want all so called Ulama to openly speak up ! Are they with Dajjal
or they are with Ummat e Rasul (sm) ?? Silence is NOT accepted !! We know they
are with Dajjal and Khawarij, thats why they are silent at this dangerous times for
the Ummah. To hell with their fake namaz, their fraud beards, their qirat, their
Tableegh -- Khawarij does these things better but they are still dogs of hell !!!

Brief Threat Analysis for the week: our azaan to wake up a slumbering nation:

These are extremely sensitive times in the country. As the Pak army has launched
its most determined campaign to strike at every axis of violence in the country, the
enemies within the country and outside are also gearing up for final showdown.
From tribal areas to Baluchistan to Karachi the militant axis is equally wide as
the attacks on the economic, judicial, diplomatic and political fronts. MQM is
aggressively trying to draw army into the streets of Karachi for the final phase of
urban war. Syrian cities are a nightmarish reminder of the nature of modern urban
From Peshawar to Damascus to Tripoli to Sana in Yemen, the axis of violence is
widespread and devastating. Iraq has been dismembered with more than half of the
country under a brutal terrorist outfit ISIS, identical twins of TTP in Pakistan. The
Iraqi government has been reduced to an administration only sustained only by the
US presence and support. Sectarian and ethnic violence tears Iraq apart as well,
with Shia-Sunnis and Kurds fighting within each other for turf, political power and
Identical scenario is being repeated in Pakistan also. The only difference between
Pakistan and Iraq is Pakistan army, which is keeping Pakistan united, defended and
strong enough to stay as a nation state. Still, Pakistan army is forced to fight a high
intensity war within the boundaries of the country, trying to crush a foreign backed
religious insurgency in tribal areas and a secular separatist movement in
Baluchistan. Now another violent axis is being built in Karachi through MQM. The
government is not just corrupt, it is actually at war with its own army and the
Pak army will have to draw the red line themselves. For how long would they
continue to drag a treacherous political regime which is now nothing but excess
baggage dragging the state down into the abyss? The war imposed upon Pakistan is
designed to create and spread anarchy. Its tentacles are spread deep into the organs
of the state, into the political parties, into media and into the religious seminaries.
It is a total war imposed upon the country and only army cannot fight and win it
without the total support of all State organs, which remains absent at the moment.
Every week passed brings more challenges with little response from the
government. Pressure is piling up on the army as the enemies expand the theater
and increase the intensity of the deployed 5th Gen War.

There are many new members who are constantly asking us that why are we
adding the name of TJ in the list. We will ask those to scroll down 10 days of posts

and read what we have written. DO NOT post nonsense, else we will block you
We are fighting a dirty dangerous war. All Muslims MUST stand with Pakistan
clearly. Anyone who is silent, supporting the Khawarij or fighting against Pakistan
is an enemy and we will NOT show any mercy.
Worst of the Ulama are those stay silent when Khawarij are butchering the Ummat
e Rasul (sm). Our duty is NOT to make you happy. Our duty is to defend Pakistan.
This is a serious academic work from BrassTacks on the phenomenon of Khawarij
in the 1400 years of Muslim history. Khawarj have always emerged within the
Muslim societies as allies of external enemies, Crusaders and Mushriks !! Our
scholars have failed to explain this phenomenon properly in the light of modern
day geo-politics and wars in the greater Middle East.
Only serious students of modern political science, Muslim history and urban wars
should read this. Khawarij and idiots - stay away !


Isn't this funny ? Everyone in the country wants me to speak on all the issues of the
country and want my opinion. The say they want a clear and sharp point of view
from me. Whether it is drones, Imran Khan, Dr. TUQ or Taliban etc etc . If I stay
silent, they accuse me of being a cowards, taking sides, avoiding the issue etc etc
smile emoticon. Read posts here. Hundreds of posts are like "Zaid sb, what do you
think of this and that etc etc ..."
Now when I say make a demand from Mullahs of Deoband to give their views on
Khawarij, Ghazwa e Hind & TTP, the same people who bug me to speak, then tell
me to leave Tariq Jameel out of it. Force me not to ask for opinion of TJ or other

Mullahs. They tell me not to drag them in politics, into controversial matters. ).
One Tableeghi even told me that they dont want to do Ghazwa e Hind, as they
want to convert Hindus through Tableegh !! ufffff..
When I push them harder to speak up the truth, they reply with insane bohtans like
you are a Kafir, Qadiani, agent of enemies or even being an Iranian Shia smile
Pakistani millat should know now ! Iftikhar Chaudrey sold our justice. When the
whole world was praising him, I was the only one who had said that he will sell us
to the enemies. World was proven wrong, Allah proved this faqeer right !
Similarly, I am telling you now ! Mullahs of Deoband have sold us to the Mushriks
and Khawarij. Each one is involved including TJ. Some help the Khawarij openly,
some by not condemning them. You can be angry with me today but even you will
also suffer when Khawarij attack our children, when Hindu Mushriks enter
Pakistan, when chaos comes to our Pak Sarzameen ! When you insult, shoot and
reject the Moazzin, then this is your own badnaseebi, not mine.
I have attacked every enemy of Pak Sarzameen without mercy. Only an idiot
Kharji and munafiq will accuse us of targeting Deoband only. We will attack all
enemies of Pakistan -- religious or secular ! This is a promise !
Every beyghairat secular & beysharam Mullah has sold us to the Kuffar, Khawarij
and Mushriks !! Their propaganda is based on lies, jahalat, blindness and hate for
Pak Sarzameen.
Jamaat e Islami, JUI, Congressi deobandi Mufti Naeem, Tahir ashrafi, Tableeghi

Jamaat, Shah Mehmood, Iftikhar chaudrey, Asma Jahangir, Aktaf, Zardari, Nawaz,
Geo.... These are all beyghairat Ghaddars !!
Even the enemies accept that Pak army and ISI have again defeated the Americans
in Afghanistan and protected the Afghan Taliban. These beysharam Mullahs still
defend and protect the Khawarij and speak their language.
When we expose their crimes, they take out rallies over french blasphemy to give
the impression that they are ashiq e Rasul (sm) !! Paleed munafiq all of them....
they suport Khawarij and then pretend that they love Rasul Allah (sm) !!
Astaghfurulah !!


The Ummah is under attack from Mushriks, Khawarij and Zionists and major
Muslim lands have been decimated, millions killed and forced to migrate into
camps. Today Pakistan is under attack as well.
BrassTacks is the only Muslim Think Tank in the Ummah which forewarned the
Muslim leaders of this calamity. We are giving our azaan since 1999, even before
We are the only Think Tank who is fighting on the front line of defending the
country in this 5th Gen War -- protecting the armed forces, our ideology, exposing
the enemy plans, attacking the traitors and enemies alike ! We are in Media for the
last 7 years and alhamdolillah, have turned the tables against the enemies. Now our
policies are being accepted by the army and deployed against the Khawarij, while
we continue to guide the patriots and fight on the information warfare axis.
Who can be against our mission in this heat of the war ?? Know this clearly -- Only
a certified idiot or an open munafiq would be against us and our mission. It is like

attacking Pakistan army in fight between India and Pakistan. NO Muslim can do
Yet, you find many snakes attacking us, trying to block our mission, trying to
destroy us and the mission. Alhamdolillah, they have all failed so far, despite
spending billions to stop our mission, despite create most venomous propaganda,
court cases, economic blockades and physical attacks.
Almost the entire enemy team which is fighting against us is either from Deoband
or from Liberal secular Geo groups. Tahir Asharafi and Mufti Naeem are both part
of Khawarij and also Geo/SAFMA at the same time. They are all paid, funded,
supported by the RAW. Most filthy of the beyghairat Mullahs, deen farosh, Imaan
farosh, watan farosh ! Fazal, Samee are also the same. TJ stays silent while
Ummah is being decimated.. holding his tasbeeh telling people to do astaghfar
while Khawarij rape our sisters and kill our children... He is one of them too but
some of you still cant see that.
Khawarij and their suporters should see that times have changed now. The Ummah
and the Millat knows them and their crimes. Now Pak army has drawn its swords
and we are cutting the necks of the Khawarij and their supporters. Now we will
NOT allow them to serve their Mushrik and Dajjali masters to attack Ummat e
Rasul (sm). They can bark as much as they want, but they will remain the dogs of
hell and we will send them there inshAllah !!
BrassTacks is the fighting arm of Pakistan. We defend our nation, armed forces
and the ideology. We decide who is the patriot and who is an enemy, alhamdolillah
!! This is a duty given to us by Allah (swt) and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and we
will do it with full force, inshAllah ! Khawarij and Mushriks can go to hell !!

Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) has warned us of these times... These are times of fitnah,
dajjal and nifaq. Ulama would be the worst of the creatures, filth of the earth,
would start the fitnahs and destroy the ummah. Looking at Fazal, Samee, Mufti
Naeem, Mullah Aziz, Tahir Ashrafi, Tariq Jameel... you can see masjids are full of
these people but there is no hidayat... only fitnahs..
Entire fasad in the Ummah is due to these fraud, fasid mullahs... fitnahs emerge
from them and enter into them.. !! We see with our own eyes.. the truth of this
Hadees e Mubarak.
That is why Allah takes his duty from Quaid e Azam, Baba Iqbal and students of
Ali Garh university as they were NOT munafiqs, were sincere and did not create
fasad in the name of deen. A gunahgar Muslim is better than a munafiq mullah -remember this !

Now you would know why we were asking the Mullahs of Deoband to take sides
and tell us where they stand -- with Rasul Allah (sm) or with Khawarij ???
Now Khawarij are asking the same question from Pakistan and Ummat e Rasul
(sm). Today, they threw grenades at schools in Karachi and distributed this paper.
This clearly says that Khawarij would attack our children because they disagree
with the policies of the government. This clearly says that Khawarij are demanding
that we support Khawarij and fight against Pakistan, Ummat e Rasul (sm) and Pak
army !!
We had told you before as well - There is NO neutrality now. You are either with
Pakistan or with Khawarij dogs. Go and ask your Mullahs this question. If they are

with Khawarij, then report them to ISI, army and Police helpline. Every Muslim
must speak against Khawarij NOW.
We are with Pakistan, with Pak army and with Ummat e Rasul (sm). Dogs of hell
would be sent to hell inshAllah ! We are neither afraid nor going to back down
from our Jihad. Any Mullah who stay silent, will be nailed as kharji dog. This is a
promise !!
Tariq Jameel, are you listening ?? Fazal, Samee, Naeem, Tahir ashrafi -- you are
all kharji snakes if you remain silent at this threat from Khawarij dogs.
This is a real war. They plan to slaughter our children. We will NOT show them
any mercy.
We have always maintained that Congressi pro-Khawarij deobandis take funds
from Mushriks to fight against Pakistan. Here, Haroon Rasheed is exposing
another axis -- they also take funds from British Intelegence MI5 for fasad within
Pakistan !! That is why only deobandi madrassas are resisting the demands for
audit and registration. Now everyone has the courage to openly expose these
munafiqs. Listen to him. If you have a problem, go and fight with Haroon Rasheed
not me )


Today, the satanist Khawarij in Syria/Iraq burnt alive a Jordanian Muslim pilot
who was in their custody. Astaghfurullah !! The Khawarij in Pakistan slaughter the
children, play football with heads of shaheeds and their brothers in Iraq burn
Muslims alive.. !
Which Sharia allows this punishment even to a Kafir ?? Look at the Khawarij
standing behind. They are NOT volunteers but Israeli Jewish soldiars. Their levels
of training, their face masks, their weapons.. their media propaganda -- everything
is Jewish, and so are the Khawarij !

Recite Fatiha for this Shaheed Muslims killed at the hands of Khawarij. He died a
painful death. Jordan has promised to kill all Daish prisoners in retaliation. This is
what we must also do -- Kill all khawarij in jails.

While the western media is going insane trying to prove that ISIS & Khawarij are
"Muslims", this is what one of their own saw from inside. They are NOT
We have been saying all along that ISIS is "Israeli Secret Intel Service" and these
face covered gangs are Jewish mercenaries, Israeli army and black water Zionist

The same for TTP Khawarij here. The lower ranks and leaders are useful idiots
from the Deobandi maslak. Their actual handlers are Freemason Zionist Tattoo
terrorists -- the Israeli Mossad oficers. Same story everywhere. Khawarij, Mushriks
and Dajjal are true brothers.

Dear team,
Since last night, I am truly amused, observing the responses of various people,
friends and enemies alike.
Indian/Mushriks/Beyghairat are jubilant. Some friends are confused, using the
opportunity to add a few sentences of insults of their own, some are truly strong,
not moved by the news at all. Alhamdolillah, this is such a great sight to see that all
enemies of Pak Sarzameen hate us so much. they hate us but cannot ignore us and
our views
But it does tell me that our nation needs huge tarbiat. They can still be easily
fooled by the enemies in no time. This is dangerous sign. Now you know why we
put so much stress on tarbiat, not letting the waswasa and doubt come to you. Just
a news item, shook the Imaan of so many. This is how Dajjal works shakes your
faith because of lies and propaganda.
When somebody tells you the dog has ran away with your ear, then it is always
better to check if yours ears are present on your head or not, before you start
chasing the dog to get you ear back )
Every day we face millions of allegations, accusations, slander, bohtan. This is part
of this duty to face these kinds of attacks. We dont respond to each and every
redicilous allegation.
On your part also, you should not ask stupid and silly questions on every rumor

that you hear. We have a war to fight and we dont have time to respond to silly
distractions created by the enemies to prevent our attacks on them.
When you heard this story of army putting a ban on me, many of you are sending
me mails and smss asking about it. Why didnt you use common sense and plain
wisdom to find the truth ?
Capital TV is owned by Zardari and his gangs. It is ruled by Indian SAFMA
snakes. They are full of hatred, lies and venom for Pakistan, Pak army and this
faqeer. Last time also, they brought Imad Khalid on board and did a program with
Marvi sermed and as a result were blocked for 3 days by the army )
What does Quran says when a fasiq brings any news to you ?? you verify it. You
ask him for proof.
First you should ask Capital TV to show the original letter if they have it. What
they have shown is nothing, just few lines. No name of authority, no signing name,
no date, no office from where it has been issued. Why dont you ask Capital TV to
show the proof ???? If they dont show any real letter, then the case is closed right
here. They have to show the proof, NOT me
Then if they show any letter, then you should go to ISPR and let the army confirm
if they have written any letter or not. If the army says this is a fake letter, then also
Capital is nailed. If the army says the letter is true, then they have to explain why
they wrote it.
It is NOT my problem to explain a news report by a TV channel which deals with
ISPR issues. What Capital and SAFMA is doing is that they are trying to put army
in an embarrassing situation. If army says letter is fake, then SAFMA will bark that
that army has come to protect Zaid Hamid, who works for ISI bla bla bla.. same
old bull crap all over again.
If the army says letter is real, then again, SAFMA will bark that Zaid Hamid is an
enemy of the army and thus will try to create division between patriots who are
defending Pakistan.
Understand their sinister game. DO NOT be an idiot. DO NOT distract us from the
real duty of attacking Khawarij and enemies.
As far as we are concerned, we have always worked alone WITHOUT army

support. We have told this a million times, that we are an independent think tank
which has taken upon itself duties which army, ISI or GHQ was not doing because
of the new nature of warfare. We do our duty in media, social media and through
our paper and books. Our advice is listened by the patriots including the army.
Who can deny that it was our idea to form military courts, execute the TTP
terrorists and hit them in Afghanistan?? It was BrassTacks idea and now army has
adopted it. What does that say ???
Pak army is our baby. We will defend it at all cost, against all enemies as this is a
duty towards Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen. We DO NOT expect
or accept any favors from army or anyone else. Pak army officers and men are
patriots and love us equally. Enemies know that very well. All patriots and soldiers
of Pakistan love and respect each other. Even if army put a ban on our visits to
garrisons, it would NOT make any difference to our duty, mission and
effectiveness. We have always worked independently and we will always defend
them against Khawarij.
So please. Stop being stupids and get back to bashing the Khawarij, Mushriks and
Zionists. We have a war to fight and win and protect our army from hostile snakes
like Capital TV and SAFMA. Isnt this interesting that Geo is silent on this issue
?? ) Now, it seems the time for Capital has also come
they started it. Dont blame us
Love and dua

The enemies always try to mock, insult and humiliate us by saying that we are a
"self styled" defense analyst, no body listens to us, army does not take us seriously
bla bla bla...
Alhamdolillah, we are the most respected professional battlefield think tank in the

country which has turned the tables in this 4th and 5th Gen wars which were
designed to dismember Pakistan. Pak army patriots highly respect our work and on
many occasions entire war strategies have been built on the policy papers that we
have written.
National Defense university is the most respected military university in the country
where all top policy making research is done by army. Read this letter from the DG
of the NDU and what dear General says about work of BrassTacks. alhamdolillah !
We are the game changers in this war !! Today, if Pak army is fighting this 4th Gen
War, it is because WE at BrassTacks told the army about it.
We never boast or show off but this time, we want to break the jaws of all the
snakes, idiots and munafiqs to silence them forever.
Now get back to duty. We have a war to fight !

Let us properly slap and smash the face of the enemies, geo, Capital, Safma and
the Mushriks !! They can burn in hell in dunya and akhira !
Alhamdolillah, Allah has given us Izzat. Their hasad cannot take it away. We
decide the fate and destiny of this millat in this war by the grace of Alllah (sm) and

Karam of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Our duty is sacred, respected, protected.
Enemies can go to hell !!

Those idiots who say that we only sit on the FB should just shut up now!
Alhamdolillah, we are the guardian angels of our armed forces and the nation !!
This acknowledgment is from the Naval Chief !!
Read what he has to say... we do not tell you all that we do. So stop wasting time

and fight the war at hand. Every work we do, hurt the enemies, support the armed
forces and defend the millat.
Khawarij, Mushriks and Beyghairats can go to hell and burn in their rage ! We
march on...

This is the "khilafat" which the Lal masjid Khawarij want to bring in Pakistan !
The Jewish ISIS burn Muslims alive.... Look at the troops in the background...
They are fully trained Jewish army troops pretending as "Islamic Khilafah"
In Pakistan, the Deobandi Khawarij wants to bring them here. Remember this --

Afghan Taliban have declared war against Daish/ISIS. CIA and RAW tried to
create Daish in Afghanistan but Mullah Umer and his Mujahideen crushed them. In
Pakistan, we need to do the same -- crush these snakes before they get too
powerful to burn Muslims alive.
May Allah's curse be on Khawarij, their supporters and those wh stay silent against
their crimes...


Every day we receive hundreds of mails from volunteers and new fans. Very few
show the depth, vision and wisdom which this mail reflects, MashAllah. This is a
gift of Allah (swt) that you are able to see the intensity of the mission and its
importance and associate yourself with it before it is too late. We wanted to share
this advice with you from a volunteer. May Allah give barakah to those sons and
daughters of this millat who defend the deen and the millat in this war. We have
now entered the most dangeorus but also the most romantic phase of this war.
These are the times when Munafiqs are separated from the Mujahids, when friends
stand away from the enemies. Chose your sides well.

Hundreds of people ask us how they can join our mission. The answer is simple --Do what we are doing !!
Spread this azaan in any way you can -- on social media, within your friends,
family and in power corridors. Use your resources, times and money to defend
Pakistan in this war. This is OUR war, we all have to fight it together.
We DO NOT have jobs in our Think Tank. We are all volunteer team, spread
globally, except a handful permanent members who work in the office. Our finest
teams are pure volunteers who spend from their own pockets... We all do like this !
You can buy our books and distribute them to youth, libraries and opinion makers.
This is a source of Halal rizq for us also to keep the mission going.
Let us give you a warning -- It is NOT easy to stand with us to fight this war. Only
a handful can take the pressure. Try standing in our shoes for a day, fighting
against most dangerous and powerful enemies every day and you will know the
pressures. It needs nerves of steel and special Karam of Allah (swt) and Tarbiat.
You see on this page how easily people can be confused. Such people have NO

place in our ranks. We dont need fans. We need die hard fighters and patriots who
are willing to live with dignity and die with honor. It is difficult path... very

What will you say about the character, Imaan, izzat and ilm of someone who see
the Khawarij butchering the children but still decide to pretend that he is deaf,
dumb and blind and does not utter a word against this zulm ??
We call those people Tariq Jameel, Mufti Naeem, Fazal ur Rehman, Samee ul Haq,
Tahir Ashrafi...
Allah calls them supporters of Khawarij and munafiqeen !! The darkest and the
deepest corners of hell reserved for Munafiqeen, even lower than the dogs of hell !!

Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Sulaiman was a fine PAF Chief we had. He led the
campaign against the Khawarij and supported the army in JIhad against Khawarij.
A fine commander indeed, MashAllah !
He also respected the sacred mission of BrassTacks and our team in defending the
ideological and spiritual frontiers of Pakistan and supporting the armed forces in
these dangerous times. All great military Commanders of Pakistan love and respect
our work and appreciate the role by our team alhamdolillah !!

Those who are jealous of our duty and the respect we have can die in their own
rage... We dont give a Damn. This letter is just another of the dozens we have from
our very finest of the armed forces, alhamdolillah ! We are making them public for
the first time to destroy this enemy propaganda that Pak armed forces do not
respect us. Alhamdolilah, we are their guardian angels and they know it !!

When the war was raging in the Frontier province, the most die hard patriot was
the Governor in the province. Owais Ghani.
As Governor representing the Federal government, he fought back against the
Khawarij, led the entire operations in tibal areas, Rah e Rast and Rah e Nijaat in
Swat and South Waziristan and destroyed the main backbone of the enemies. This
is what Governor Owais Ghani said about BrassTacks and our mission in the heat
of the war when Pakistan needed an ideological and spiritual narrative in media
and BrassTacks was the only voice defending Pakistan !!

Admiral Asif Sandila is our previous Naval Chief, MashAllah ! He received our
Book from Indus to Oxus and this is what he had to say about the quality of the
book and our analysis in it. Alhamdolillah, every patriotic officer in the armed
forces respect our work, analysis and duty !!

And finally to give the most comprehensive shut up call to the enemies of all types,
we present the appreciation letter from our most respected and loved ISI's DG, dear
General Pasha ! He was one of the finest DG's we had. A brave patriot, who fought
back with great courage in extremely difficult times. He knew the importance of
our mission and truly respected us and the team BrassTacks for the mission we
were undertaking. We are honored to know this fine soldier of Pakistan! May
Allah bless him always.

The letters we have shown you are from the retired officers only. We cant show
you the serving officers
The purpose was to make one point very clear -- for years, BrassTacks has been
the backbone of Pakistan's defense in the information war, defending the ideology
and protecting the armed forces from hostile propaganda. All our top most policy
makers and military commanders and the ISI Chiefs, in the most difficult periods
of war love, respect and support our mission with utmost appreciation,
alhamdolillah !
Our work, mission and the duty have been the game changers and turned the tables
against the enemies. From a hopeless and disastrous crisis, we have emerged,
regrouped, counter attacked and now winning the war, alhamdolillah !
Pak armed forces are our baby. We have taken upon ourselves to defend our armed
forces, nation and the ideology in this 4th and 5th Generation war, advising,
guiding and supporting the armed forces to fight and win this war.
This is what we started to do in 2007 and still do in 2015 !! In 2015, Pak army is
implementing our policies now -- Military Courts, executions, hitting them in
Afghanistan !!

Every child knows that these are BrassTacks policies. The wise ones can take the
clue from here . The Idiots can remain in doubt. )
We are fighting a war and inshAllah, in the coming days, we will be more and
more ruthless against the enemies. May Allah give barakah and victory to Pak
armed forces, Millat e Pakistan and humiliate the Khawarij, Munafiqs and the
Mushriks !

We have always told you ISIS is a Mossad operation -- Arabic speaking Jews and
Salafi Khawarij pretending to be Muslims ! This video is yet another damning
evidence. The white CIA/Mossad man was not supposed to be in the picture of this
"Mujahid" but accidentally, he was captued. we have enhanced his image for you
to see clearly that the camera man is NOT a Mujahid but a CIA/Mossad Jewish
operator. Same is here in Pakistan also -- the local fighters are idiots from deoband.
Their handlers are Tattoo Jewish Zionists !
That is why we say -- anyone who refuse to call them as Khawarij would be
crushed, attacked and humiliated by us without mercy ! Tariq Jameel, Jamaat e
Islami, JUI leaders should hear this loud and clear.

Dajjal will actually be from within the Khawarij !! Khawarij would be his soldiers,
guards and fighters. Today, after hundreds of years, this fitnah has emerged again
!! The signs of end times are coming to be true. In Pakistan, these Dajjali Khawarij
are TTP supported by Deoband. In Syria, these Khawarij are ISIS backed by
In history, Sultan Sallahuddin Ayubi had to face the Khawarij from Islamili Shias !
Sayyadna Ali (RA) had to face Khawarij who were first claimed to be his Shias
and then became his enemies.
The point is that Khawarij is NOT a sect -- It is a mindset, a facist ideology whose
signs have been given in over 100 ahadees Mubaraka. Anyone following those
signs is a Khawarij, irrespective of his sect, maslak, region or language.
History is noting this that in Pakistan, Ulama e Deoband failed to speak up against

Khawarij, except Mufti Rafi Usmani. All other Deobandis deserve most severe
punishment -- TJ, Fazal, Samee, Mufti Naeem, Tahir Ashrafi... beyghairat
Let us share with you some secrets of our mission in the last 15 years . Now we
can speak about them safely . These are my tweets about it, hence this format.
From 2000 to 2007, BrassTacks served as special advisers/analysts with Military
Intelligence dte fighting the post 9/11 fallouts in country.
During that time, we also advised Interior Ministry, ISI Internal Security Wing,
Research Wing & the ISPR. All volunteer free assignments.
It was in 2007, when first Lt Gen of Pak army was martyred in Pindi by a suicide
bomber & Democracy was being brought that I came on Media! From 2007 to
2014 was the period of my public exposure, where we fought the battles of the
airwaves to reclaim Pakistan in this bloody 4GW.
2015 is our year InshAllah! Allah has gifted us with the finest Army Chief & the
DG ISI & now we start the most ruthless cleanup of filth.
There is NO restriction of BrassTacks or me to defend Pakistan, advice the armed
forces or destroy the enemies. Our real war has just begun!
BrassTacks produced an exclusive cutting edge Security Review for Pak Army for
14 months in 2010-2011 to explain 4GW.
Pak army's & ISI's entire war response strategy in this 4GW is now built on our
recommendations & analysis of the war

Entire axis of 4GW was explained which resulted in launching of Azm e Nau &
Urban Warfare response training in army.
In entire Muslim world, this was the most profound academic response to the
deployed 4GenWars. Result is that Pak is fighting back today !!
The hostile Media & the religious insurgents simply failed to see the depth &
intensity of our collaboration with armed forces & blundered.
Geo was tasked by the CIA & RAW to silence us. They were burnt badly & still
simmer painfully:)). TTP tried & is being burnt. Now Capital
Since 2010 onward so far, Jordanian Strategic Institute grades us as the most
influential opinion maker in Pak Media.
Geo, SAFMA & like of Capital tried to counter us through silly mocking & abuses
without countering the solid ideological narrative we built. Even now, the hostiles
are behaving like idiots. Trying to silence us through lies & propaganda without
substance. Will be crushed inshAllah
Now the Morons at Capital would know why army gives us so much respect
should have been wiser but now you will meet the fate of Geo!



Even MQM use Deobandi terrorists to burn 300 Muslims alive !! This is the most
outrageous crime of MQM, just as violent as TTP's slaughter of our children in
Peshawar. This page is from the Joint Interrogation report presented to court. The
terrorist is from MQM and is a Deobandi !! He says that himself -- noted by the
MQM must be crushed now. Mufti Naeem is the local partner of MQM and Altaf
Hussain in this crime, running his own crime gangs, hiring them to MQM for
crime and murder.
In Panic, MQM would resort to all sorts of brutal violence to stop the court
proceedings. Only army court can get us justice.

Only Deobandi Khawarij and their idiotic morons accuse me of spreading

sectarianism and speaking against their sect and "Jihad" .
MQM blame me of targeting the Urdu speakers.
Now lets come to facts:
I am an Urdu speaker. My all 4 grand parents, my parents migrated to Pakistan by
leaving behind their entire wealth and lands of generations. I was born in Karachi.
Karachi was my hometown till 1992. I am a pure Karachiite. I say that MQM
DOES NOT represent us. Altaf is a snake, fed by RAW & MI6. He must be
hanged for killing 100,000 Pakistanis in the last 25 years. MQM CANNOT
challenge my credentials.
I am the Mujahid of Afghan Jihad. We defeated the Soviets. We fought under
Islam and Sharia. We never covered our faces. We never killed women, children.
We NEVER tortured prisoners. We NEVER attacked Pakistan. We fought against
the Soviets and Communist Afghans and Indians. Now I say that TTP are Khawarij

and NOT Mujahideen. They CANNOT challenge my credentials.

MQM has a huge presence of Shia leadership. Entire Shia community of Karachi
supported MQM. On the other hand, Mufti Naeem is a hardcore Kharji Deobandi.
He also fully supports Altaf Hussian. I know that. Karachi is MY city too. We say
that openly that MQM is a terrorist organization and all its leaders must be crushed
-- Shias or Sunnis or just secular.
Many Ulama of all religious parties from all sects attend Iftar parties and dinners
of MQM and eat the Haram Bhatta money food. By not speaking against MQM
and eating from the table of MQM, all Ulama are guilty of haram rizq, haram amal
and supporting MQM.
Karachi will be the battleground now. Decades of Zulm and silence of the Ulama
and corruption of the governments cannot be cleaned in a day without bloodshed.
As MQM's hand is exposed in burning 300 Muslims alive, this will get even more
ugly. This is a punishment on this nation for its collective crimes. Each one is
responsible -- every political party, every sect, every Mullah ! Blame yourself..
We will defend Pakistan against all enemies, irrespective of their political
affiliation, sects, ethnicity. This is a promise.

Breaking News-- The killer of 300 people, who burnt them alive is a cousin of
Altaf Hussain!! Now they are busted for good ! MQM has been burning factories
all over Karachi but this time the blood of 300 innocents has come to haunt them,
just as the blood of children of Peshawar is haunting Khawarij now.
InshAllah, it is the end of MQM now. But the price would be paid in blood.... It is
going to be messy.


No, Indian rascals, we dont need to be paid to kick your teeth and backsides. We
do for free and loving it all the way ! )
Mushriks are really afriad and hurt by the Azaan of one faqeer.
Mushriks and their Khawarij puppys are investing into Entire TV programs,

billions of rupees, thousands of manhours trying to undo the damage we inflict

upon them through our duty alhamdolillah !
Enemies know, as long as this faqeer is doing his duty, their war against Pak
Sarzameen can never succeed. That is why you will see the Khawarij -- Mufti
Naeem, Tahir Ashrafi type snakes -- specially have been trying very hard to stop
their azaan. Only to please their SAFMA, Geo and Mushriks masters.
Alhamdolillah, our entire armed forces and ISI respect our work. we have shown
you the letters and will show you more gifts we regularly recieve from them.. BUT
we do this duty for FREE! Our Ajr is with Allah alone and we dont need to be paid
to fight Ghazwa e Hind !!
Labbaik Ya Rasul Allah ! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind !!
Mushriks and Khawarij can go to hell ! We love it when they burn in their rage !

The fact that we defend our forces, ideology and the millat and that we are highly
respected by the top military leadership and young officers alike is difficult for the
enemies to digest ! They always come up with lame justifications that he is backed
by GHQ, paid by ISI, launched by ISPR etc etc.... OR that army does not like him,
keep him away .... etc etc
While it would be our honor to work with our own armed forces, but the fact is that
we do this duty out of love and as our our own duty towards Sayyadi Rasul Allah
(sm) !

But, as a mark of respect for our duty, we do receive invitations from all tiers of
armed forces to visit their bases and are given gifts by various fighting forces. We
have already shared some letters with you which have shocked the enemies even
more )
Now we share some gifts from our armed forces.
Pak army Commandos, our very finest Eagles, invited us once to Cherat, their den
in the mountains near Peshawar. We spent the day with our eagles and were shown
all the facilities, we fired all the guns and spent the day with our officers and men
who were either returning from the operations or going to them. It was one of the
most memorable day indeed. We were gifted special souvenirs also by the offers
and men of the SSG. It hangs proudly in our office wall today.
Once we were invited for lunch by the SubMarine force of Pak Navy and again, on
behalf of the entire force, we were gifted their special Shield. It sits proudly in our
office today.
Dear brother and friend, General Tariq Khan would routinely invite us to Mangla
Garrison and we would train at the firing range and discuss National Security
issues. The dagger of the our strike Corp is also a treasured gift from 1 Copr as
mark of their love for us.
Alhamdolillah, the appreciation and respect for our duty is intense within the
armed forces. We are also their guardian angels and will NEVER abandon our
brothers and sons in this difficult war. Enemies know this fact and always try to
create perceptions that army does not respect our work or keep a distance from us.
We had never told anyone about our close respectable relationship with the armed
forces but now the time has come...
Let the enemies burn in their rage.. May Allah Keep Sabz Hilali Parcham high

Nepolean had said " Never interfere when the enemy is making a mistake" !
We allowed the enemy to assume that we are alone. They got over confident in
attacking us and then every snake was exposed, every traitor contributed his share
in attacking us on behalf of the Mushriks, Khawarij and Zionists. We were noting
their names silently waiting for the right time to give them the shock )
Ask Geo, SAFMA and Khawarij, now they get the beating and the pain they suffer
tell them it is from us
Alhamdolillah, we are the guardian angels of our armed forces. Enemy never knew
it before but now when Pak army has drawn its swords for a full and final
elimination of the enemies, we have also disclosed the depth and intensity of our

Pak army love and respect our mission and duty and we protect them against all
enemies in this 5th GenWar, alhamdolillah!
This is a duty we have taken upon ourselves not given to us by the army or the
govt. We do it for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and will continue to do with dignity
till our Shahadat and victory, inshAllah !!
Labbaik Ya Sayyadi Ya Rasul Allah (sm) !!

Alhamdolillah, we are honored to present another gift of love and adab for Sayyadi
Rasul Allah (sm) ! From our epic series Yeh Ghazi, the first booklet on the greatest
warrior of all times - Sayyadna Khalid Ibn e Waleed !

InshAllah, this would be an amazing gift to revive our glory and history. teach
your children about our Heroes.
Pl contact Shami at 0332 361 4342
or 051 5598046,7
or email me at
The book is priced at Rs: 300/= from the office. Courier/Postage charges may
Love and dua
We will upload the Soft Copy link for final edition tomorrow inshAllah ! There is
an older link available if you want to read but its different in design from the final
printed copy through content is the same. We are uploading the older version
Those outside the country, can download the soft copy. Those inside, can order
from office.

Tweets on Karachi situation:

While MQM barked their heart out today in press conference & Altaf the toad

threatens the Media, ISI & Rangers arrest another killer of MQM!
MQM can threaten, murder, scream as much as they want ! Net around them is
now being closed.. Raheel & Rizwan will NOT take any more terror!
MQM idiots cannot see the response plan. There was a reason why Gen Raheel
appointed DG Rangers as the DG ISI MQM & that toad is cooked. The MQM
killer arrested today ran a gang of assassins in the city. ISI/Rangers are picking up
the gang leaders who are spilling it all
General Raheel's visit to UK also had MQM terror on the agenda. The process of
intel gathering have begun seriously. Toad will be deep fried. My hunch is that
British govt would kill him instead of handing him to ISI. Dirty role of MI6 cant be
exposed by London. Toad knows it now
Why army did not clean up MQM terror earlier ? Because we did not have R&R.
Kayani was too reluctant, too afraid to confront political chaos. Both R& R are
firm in confronting collapse of political order & ruthlessly believe that only State
can have monopoly of violence in country. Raheel was waiting for Rizwan to take
charge as DG ISI.
Rizwan had hardly settled when Peshawar happened & focus went on TTP. Now
they focus Karachi too. Pak media has shamelessly surrendered to the terror of
MQM. Channels are terror struck to name Altaf/MQM but only refer as "political
The panic in MQM is palpable. They have been shaken up by the level of outrage
over their insane butchery of 300 people. Caught red handed! ne of the reason
channels dont invite me is that they are afraid I will rip MQM and TTP apart
Channels are too cowards to confront them!
The crisis is too cancerous. The fact is that PPP & TTP also wreck terror in
Karachi in addition to MQM. Uzair Baloch to AH to PPP to TTP..

This is a bombshell about Mufti Naeem of Binnoria town. Remember I told you
that Mufti Naeem is a die hard Kharjee who works with MQM? Many people were
in disbelief. Now hear this from Afaq Ahmed. Mufti Naeem was involved in
burning people alive !!! Kharji will remain a Kharji.... This need full investigation.
Ummat is NOT a reliable paper but here they are just quoting the press conference
of Afaq Ahmed. This conference is also video recorded. I have parts of it but trying
to get full version. shall post here IA. Allah is now exposing the Khawarij and their
MQM masters. The whole game is exposed now.
Told you RAW is the master and handler of both Khawarij and MQM. Here is the

Mufti Naeem should be arrested and investigated by the JIT also. We had always
told you that he is a tout of MQM as well as TTP Khawarij. Some people doubted
us but now more and more evidence is coming forth.
My confirmed reports are that Mufti Naeem is directly connected to RAW and that
is why supports Altaf the mass murderer despite being a Deobandi. When it comes
to MQM, Mufti Naeem is best friends with Haider Abbas Rizvi. This was the
reason he was barking so much against us -- RAW, TTP and MQM had given him
the duty to stop our mission. Now they will pay for their crimes.. InshAllah !

If you want to support the mission, buy our books !

We do not take donations. Every other political and religious party does. We are

not funded by anyone. Every media house, think tank and organization is. We
accept this cost to remain Free and Independent. That is why we speak the truth
and rest are afraid !
Our books are not just a solid mean to spread our azaan and do tarbiat of our
Children, it is also a source of Halal Rizq for us. We distribute thousands of books
free as well but producing high quality books is extremely expensive. Some close
friends do sponsor the printing sometimes.
At present, we have following books with us:
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Mufti Naeem is a Kharji terror supporting anti-Pakistan snake. And he is best

friends with Altaf the snake as well ! This strange nexus is arranged by RAW -handlers of both MQM & TTP !! Mufti Naeem is involved in burning hundreds of
people alive, in crimes, murders, bhatta of MQM. This snake has been barking
against Mission Takmeel e Pakistan for the last 7 years. Now you know why.... He
is the one who gave fatwas against us, filed cases against us, tried to accuse me of
murder even... He is also the right hand man of Geo beyghairat. This is ONE huge
team of snakes -- RAW, Geo, MQM, Mufti Naeem...All filthy enemies of Rasul
Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen !

He is the greatest warrior of all times! The only General in human history to defeat
Persian & Roman Empires within a span of 6 years.. He was the Sword of Allah -Khalid Ibn e Waleed !!!
This is the latest link of the updated version of our new book. You can download
for free from here. Those who want the hard copy, pl scroll down and read the post
where we have given details.
Alhamdolillah, today, we completed the second book of the Yeh Ghazi series -Sultan Sallahuddin Ayubi !!! The text is edited and now the book has gone to the
design phase. InshAllah, within the next 7 days, we shall upload this classic and
romantic epic for the Ummah to benefit.
Read these books. You will fall in love with the real heroes of humanity ! Our
children do not know our real heroes. This is your introduction to our great legacy,
history and heritage. Join this jihad. Help us spread these books.
Google drive link is :
Barak Allah feek !

It will be a tough day for all political parties on Friday. General Raheel is calling
the APC with PM and all other parties. like the previous APC against Khawarij,
this time also, General will sit in the conference with proof of the crimes of all
parties and NO ONE will be able to lie there. The panic in all political parties is
visible. Altaf the toad has started to beg for Muaffi now )) The Danda will now
fall on Karachi terrorists. It has begun. May Allah give barakah to Raheel and
Rizwan ! Nation stand with our Commanders !!

Today I was invited to Iran embassy National day dinner in Serena Islamabad.
Hundreds of people from entire society, military, politics, media and diplomatic
community were there.
Funny part is that even hardcore Deobandi Mullah Sherani, who is the head of
council of Islamic ideology and biggest supporter of Khawarij, was also present
with a huge team of his followers. When it comes of dinner of Serena, Takfeer of
Shias can wait ) lol.

We were quire a sensation there alhamdolilllah. General Hamid Gul came to meet
us with great affection. Ijaz ul Haq met with love. Pak armed forces officers were
present and we had a great time with them. Sharing pics of foreign Military
attaches of various friendly nations. Indian was also there but we ignored him .
Our work had reached most of the people there and we received great respect, love
and affection for the duty we are doing alhamdlillah ! The pro-Khawarij Mullahs
were there too and were thunder struck to see the respect we received,
alhamdolillah )


Tweets: InshAllah, end of TTP Khawarij is close.

Yesterday, a fierce firefight broke out in Jalalabad between AfghanTaliban (TTA)
& Pakistani Taliban TTP allied themselves with Daish! AfghanTaliban TTA have
declared war on Daish. TTP did the catastrophic blunder of giving their allegiance
to Daish. This suits Pakistan!
This latest fight between TTA and TTP clearly suggests two critical points 1. TTA are NOT supporting TTP.
2. TTA are NOT Takfiri Khawarij.
CIA/RAW are now trying to expand the footprint of Daish. All previous terror
groups funded by CIA/RAW/Mossad are being asked to change names.
We had always maintained that there is NOT separate Daish in Pakistan &
Afghanistan. There are only TTP Khawarij who are changing names now. Within
Afghanistan now, Afghan Taliban are hunting all those Afghans who are now

being planted by CIA to emerge as Daish. TTA is furious

Today, DG ISPR gave a detailed briefing on Peshawar massacre of our children.

Today, DG ISPR gave a detailed briefing on Peshawar massacre of our children.

The entire gang was exposed, handlers were named and this was also disclosed that
the killers stayed in the house of an Imam of Masjid before beginning their
slaughter of our children !! It was a Deobandi masjid and an Deobandi Iman who
was a Kharji, protected the Khawarij and then supported the massacre of our
children ! We have been saying over and over again -- This is the Duty of Deoband
Ulama to condemn the killers and Khawarij within their ranks. Otherwise, we will
rip them apart, humiliate the, insult them and expose their filth which they hide in
their hearts !
But we hear nothing from Tariq Jameel, Samee, Fazal, Sheerani, Mufti naeem.
What we do hear is that Mufti naeem was also involved in burning 300 people
alive in Karachi ! Ya Allah ! What a curse this fitnah of Khawarij is.....
The other day, MQM leader Haider Abbas Rizvi proudly shouted that he is a
hardcore Shia who does matam with Zanjeers with his whole family !! It clearly
mean that he is NOT a secular man but claims to represent the "Hussainiat" and
Shias. But his hands are also dripping with blood but we hear NO Shia scholar
condemning the murders, crimes and bhatta of MQM which Haider Rizvi
represents. Here, we would demand from Shia scholars and community also to
expel and disown those Shias who are leading the mass murders of MQM.
But just as Deobandis do not condemn the Khawarij, Shia Ulama remain silent on
the crimes of their brothers in MQM !! This is the reason why Allah has inflicted
azaab upon us.
InshAllah, now with MQM, this fitnah of Khawarij would also be nailed. But the
Ulama have failed to rise and this is such a shame.... Astaghfurullah !!


Those who are stuck in their sectarian, ethnic and political loyalties, should now
understand the real threat -- Pakistan is now surrounded from all sides by enemies
of all kinds - from within and from outside. If you do not wake up NOW, you will
be decimated, humiliated, insulted and killed irrespective of your sect, ethnicity
and political affiliation.
When I speak against Khawarij, Deobandis attack me in return.
When I speak in support of Gen Zia and Mullah Umer, Shias start to attack me.
When I speak against the wrong policies of Saudi Arabia, Salafis and Deobandis
start to call me Iranian agent.
Remember this clearly -- Our sect is Ishq e Rasul (sm) and adab e Rasul (sm) and
our duty is to defend Pak Sarzameen against all Khawarij, Mushriks, Zionists,
sectarian, ethnic, regional terrorists. We will NOT show any mercy towards any
group, party or sect which divides, attacks and destroys Pak Sarezameen or attack
Pakistan army and ISI.
If you want to be part of this mission, you will have to follow OUR SECT -- Ishq e
Rasul (sm) !!! Ishq of Pakistan !! Ghazwa e Hind !! Khilafat e Rashida !!

Otherwise, you are just another loser. It does not matter which party or sect you
belong to. Just another loser....

And one more point.

Nearly 75 % members of this page, More than quarter of a million, are between 18
to 35 years of age ! Which means that they are too young to understand the full
depth of complex issues we discuss here.
For these students and young professionals, we would say trust this Faqeer, even if
you do not understand what we have written. Dont start to become Gustakh or start
contradicting or rejecting what we have said. We will NOT write to please you
NOR we can reply to each and every one.
If you do not trust us, join someone else's page BUT here, we have very strict
rules. Maintain adab even if you don't understand. In time, you will see we were
not wrong and you had limited knowledge. You should come here to learn, NOT to
give us lectures. OK ??
Dear Children,
If you have not read our 4 Books, then you do NOT know about us and our
mission. Every week, hundreds of new members join this page. They do not know
us. First educate yourself.

From Indus to Oxus -- My memoirs of Afghan War.
Halqa e Yaran -- the spiritual dimension of this Mission.
Iqbal e Pur Israr -- the Ideological vision and goal.
Khilafat e Rashida - the political model we want to bring.
These 4 Books are compulsory Text books. You can download them from net or
buy them from Office. Visit our website and spend some serious time here. Halqa,
Iqbal and Khilafat e Rashida are also available in Video series of the same name.
Watch our series The Debate with Zaid Hamid ! 113 programs covering the entire
spectrum of mission.
If you serious to be part of this mission, then educate yourself.

Another slaughter in Peshawar today ! Another attack by Khawarij. Still deep

shameful silence by Deobandi Mullahs! These are the cursed faces of the Khawarij
gone to hell !!
Tariq Jameel, what will you say to Allah (swt) on the day of judgement ?? While
the Ummah was being butchered by Khawarij from your sect, while you had the
power to stop this massacre, you decided to remain silent !!!! Shame... Shame...
Pakistan is bleeding... Ummah is bleeding... From Peshawar to Demascus....
Khawarij wreck havoc in the Ummah!
The govt stopped the hangings! Now we must hang the government !!! Instead of
hanging the terrorists, the focus of the government is on Senate elections, banning
the loudspeakers, stopping durud shareef before azaan and banning books of
Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani... Astaghfurullah !!!

Tariq Jameel, Imam Hussian (RA) wrote this for people like you !! Read it well,
for tomorrow you will have to answer to Allah and His Prophet on your silence !!!
You have the capacity to stop this slaughter. The Khawarj listen to you. Stop being
a beyghairat.


Met General Raheel at the funeral in the Joint Staff Head Quarters ground in
Chaklala Garrison today. He gave an affectionate hug and thanked me for coming,
while I offered my condolences and told him that now there is great responsibility
on his shoulders and InshAllah, he will be the Sadaqa e Jaria for his great mother.
It was a brief but warm and emotional meeting. MashAllah, a dignified son of a
great mother.

Today, in Chaklala Garrison, we were received passionately by all officers -- from

Lieutenants to Generals! Our message has surely reached!
There was serious acknowledgement of our mission that fighting the war of the
media & narrative is equally critical to defeat TTP on ground. Almost everyone
asked that why I am not coming on the media these days? There was general
realization that Pak media has catastrophically failed.
Meeting hundreds of serving & retired officers today, gave me a very genuine
pulse on what army is thinking. Our work is highly respected! Alhamdolillah !!

Here is a tight slap on the face of Capital TV and SAFMA !

Just last week, SAFMA snakes did propaganda that army has restricted our access
into armed forces. Still, there were some idiots who believed this rubbish from
Capital TV.
Watch this pic and count the number of meters I am standing away from the army
chief ) . I am where the red dot it
This is Chaklala garrison, hundreds of serving and retired officers are present with
entire Pak army leadership standing next to us and then meeting us before and after
the jinaza. Details I have posted already in previous posts.
We are guardian angels of Pak army, alhamdolillah ! NO ONE can separate us
from our boys in uniform. We fight this war together and are always burning the
Khawarij and enemies together ! alhamdolillah !!


It is time that we roll some heads in the Pakistan cricket board, politicians,
gamblers, bookies and the match fixers ! When elections can be fixed, then surely
matches are small events. These rascals only play with the emotions of the nation
and our children. Don't feel sad at what happened today. It was fixed !!
When we have Indian snakes like Najam sethi destroying Pakistan's cricket, then
you can expect such corruption. InshAllah, we will fix these traitors and gamblers
with our fate and destiny ! Stay strong... we have a war to fight !
Children, members I had to share this video with you. This can save lives, your
families and friends. Watch it and share it. This is the most common blunder our
chidlren do these days while driving or on motorbike !
When you are on cell phone or texting, you are blind on the road !!!!! NEVER DO
THIS !! Now watch and recite astaghfar a million times... We all drive every day
and blunders happen when you are over confident !!


Nawaz Shareef is in Karachi today and so is General Raheel ! PM will meet him
on in Corp Head Quarter on MQM issue. Rangers & ISI will brief him on Baldia
factory arson which burnt 300 people alive. MQM's fate hangs now!
Despite suffering a personal loss of his mother just two days back, General Raheel
is in Karachi and would co-chair the meeting with PM! Political govt does not
exist anymore except on paper as a formality. PM has surrendered to the army.
Now ISI will brief him on MQM terror!
Army's strategy is simple - make the political govt do the dirty work & own it too.
NS has been forced at gunpoint to own all what he hate . InshAllah khair will

come from this..

In Karachi today, it was a day of mourning for MQM & PPP. Gen Raheel cut
down the authority of the Sindh govt & army took charge!
No police or government posting or promotion can be done without army's
approval! Military Operation to expand to all over Sindh. Factory fire to be reinvestigated! Now the panic in political parties is palpable. Army has promised to
hunt all terrorists from all political, religious and ethnic parties!
Nawaz was invited into Corp HQ. He was then surrounded by COAS, DG ISI,
Corp Commander, DG Rangers, DG Mil Ops! Poor NS had no chance . He just
surrendered to all demands of the army.
May Allah give barakah and Khair to Gen Raheel and Gen Rizwan and all Pak
army. InshAllah, now we will take revenge from the Khawarij, Mushriks, Altaf the
toad and all the snakes like him !

Tauba ) what chance did Nawaz Shareef had ?? Totally bulldozed !! DG ISI,
Corp Commander & General Raheel and even a pic of General on the wall on 4th
side -- poor NS could only smile in the face of total defeat Army made sure he
gets the point and he surely did ) lol.
Since morning, NOT a single word from MQM and PPP too. Their grandmother
has also expired (Nani mar gayee hai) ))

Gen Raheel & Gen Rizwan are in Kabul today - achieving an incredible feat of
military diplomacy - creating an Afghan alliance against TTP!
Just 2 months back, it would be impossible to even think that TTA, ANA & CIA
would all surrender to Pak demands & would hunt RAW's TTP! What Pakistan's
entire democracy could not achieve in the last 10 years - two Pak army Generals
achieved in just 2 months! This is stunning. TTP is now being hit inside Afgh. CIA
is forced to dismantle their own monster, despite resistance from Afghan NDS &
RAW, is being done now.
Politicians have proven beyond doubt that they are incompetent rascals deserving
the dustbins of history. 6 years of democracy is pure evil! To all Pakistanis who are
short of patience & confused in thinking, I would say - Decade of deep rooted
cancer cant be removed in 8 weeks! For the first time in a decade, GenRaheel is the
first govt officer who has taken the initiative to remove this cancer of violence!
Musharraf initiated the chaos. Zardari, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Kayani precipitated it.
Nawaz froze in fear. Gen Raheel took charge after Nov 7th.
Gen Raheel was handicapped before Nov 7th. That is when Gen Rizwan, new DG
ISI took charge. Dec 16th was the pearl harbor, just 8 weeks ago! Every political,
judicial & military leader before R&R has failed this nation. Previous response had
been reactive, slow, self destructive!
For years, I fought the info war, galvanizing the nation into a counter attack BUT
waiting for the right army chief to come. He is here now! From a pure strategic
perspective, the moves of R&R are effective, swift, lethal & hitting at the center of
gravity of the enemy! I approve!
Pak army is still seriously handicapped as they have to drag the stinking dead body
of democracy along with cults of political rascals. The attacks we see these days

from TTP are the last death pangs of a fanatical religious insurgency which is now
being cut down decisively. TTP would violently react.
MQM & BLA would also be desperate to shake off the pressure BUT army & ISI
are now relentless & ruthless!! So stop asking why army is not able to stop
terrorism. This nation will have to pay with its blood for the collective failure of a
decade!! If you have supported these political parties, have supported former CJ &
NOT stood up against TTP, then you have NO right to complain!
Behave on this page.I will NOT take nonsense & silly remarks. We are fighting a
real war, risking ourselves & don't have patience for idiots.

Dont be impatient and don't ask stupid questions. Trust General Raheel & General
Rizwan. If you don't trust them, then leave Pakistan because then there is no one
else to be trusted in politics, media or mullahs.
We will explain to you what needs to be explained. If we are not explaining, then
stay silent and watch the events unfold and do what you can to spread our message
and azaan.
This is serious and bloody phase of war. We will not take any non-sense from any
Kharji, Mushrik or an idiot.


In 2001, US army had released maps of Balkanized Iraq, Syria & ME. But decades
earlier, David Gurian gave this plan!
One has to be a moron to believe that ISIS is an Islamic entity, while violating
every norm of Islamic faith & helping create Greater Israel.
Just imagine, a "terrorist Islamic State" has been created in Iraq & Syria. It still has
electricity, cell phones, internet & servers in EU. The "Islamic" State is able to
make highly choreographed complex videos, is able to import Orange Jumpsuits of
all sizes from Iraq to Libya.
The "Islamic" state is constantly getting infinite supply of latest weapons/ammo,

while it is supposed to be at war with all its neighbors!

Entire military power of US/NATO/Israel/Jordan/Iraq/Kurdistan/Turkey is
supposed to be enemy of ISIS. Still it survives?
Dont be naive!! ISIS is Israeli army & Khawarij joining hands for greater Israel.
Khawarij and Dajjal Nexus !!
ISIS is the nature of modern 21st century warfare! Covert agencies create nonState violent actors, exploiting the religious, ethnic lines. The religious narrative
which is being peddled by the ISIS is that their "Islamic" State will also capture
Istanbul! Clear threat to Turkey.
The Greater Israel also has the entire northern Saudi Arabia, up till the boundaries
of the city of Medina! Now the Saudi dynasty in trouble. So called Islamic State
destroying only those States which are supposed to be part of Greater Israel
Understand this!
While ISIS is degrading & Balkanizing Syria & Iraq, Israel is already preparing to
absorb millions of European/US Jews into Israel!
The Christian world has been decimated by the Jews - through their total control of
US Federal Reserve, Bank of England & entire Media!! Now both US & EU are on
the verge of a financial meltdown! Fiscal cliff in US & collapse of Euro zone are
needed to push Jews into Israel! There are millions of Jews who believe that the
State of Israel is a blasphemy to Jewish faith! Such good Jews will also be killed
by Zionists.
Back in 30's, Pakistan's founding father MA Jinnah, could see the dangers posed
by the Israel plan & called it "a dagger in Muslim heart". Even before the creation
of Pakistan, M A Jinnah, fought hard & fierce against British & US leaders,
threatening them of revolt on Israel plan. History & events have proved today that
Israel is indeed a dagger in the Muslim heart! Jinnah's vision vindicated.

The blood is on Britain! Britain wrote the letter to Lord Rothschild after the
Balfour Declaration, asking him to inform the Intl Jewry that Palestine is theirs
now. It was that letter to Rothschild 90 years ago, which sowed the seeds of the
bloodshed we see in the ME today. From World wars to ISIS today! If Hitler killed
the Jews in Europe, what right did Britain had to hand over Muslim land of
Palestine to Jews as compensation? War Crime!
Britain is the most evil empire - more evil than US & Israel. The devil incarnation always sow the seeds of violence for generations. Today, Pakistan & India are on
the verge of a nuclear holocaust over Kashmir - a dispute created by Britain. ME is
burning due to Israel!!
If there was a fair & independent trial court, all rulers of Britain in the last 300
years should be dug up from their graves & hanged!! After all, digging up graves
of criminals, hanging their dead bodies & dismembering it is the English tradition!
Oliver Cromwell told me


In Hadees Shareef, there is mention of a "pious" man, who remained busy in

praying and Ibadaat of Allah (swt) BUT NEVER stopped his people from the
Zulm, despite having the power to stop the Zulm. Allah destroyed those people,
starting from the Alim who was so "pious" !!
When I read these Hadees shareef, it reminds me of Tariq Jameel ! He will bring
azaab on this nation and his people because of his criminal silence despite having
the power to stop this bloodshed by Khawarij.

Many idiots say that I have become personal with TJ. This is stupid argument. The
fact is that all other Deobandi mullahs who have influence over Khawarij are all
exposed fully in front of the nation. Fazal, Samee, Mufti Naeem, Tahir Ashrafi,
Munawwar hasan, Siraj are exposed and humiliated. But TJ is still respected by
many people and all Khawarij follow him with great respect.
If TJ declare TTP as Khawarij, it will stop huge bloodshed in the country. But he
decides to remain silent.... supporting the Khawarij in their war against Ummat e
Rasul (sm). All his ibadat can go to hell if he is afraid to speak the truth ! No
respect for someone who stays silent now despite having the power to speak up !

Innalillahe Inna Ilehe rajeoon ! Have the Muftis of Deoband totally gone insane ??
Are they even Muslims ???? Now they have started to worship Hindu gods as
Muslim prophets ??? astaghfurulah !! what is the curse on them that they always
stand with Mushriks ????

Every Muslim leader, Muslim scholar, Muslim General, Muslim thinker is calling
TTP & ISIS as Khawarij, dogs of hell !!
Only the Khawarij, Mushriks, Zionists are not calling them as Khawarij !!
This is the furqan, benchmark, reference now for Islam & Kufr in this war!
Pak army is the army of Mujahideen, army of Rasul Allah (sm) which is fighting
the Khawarij, dogs of hell and is ready for Ghazwa e Hind !!
Only the Muslims will declare TTP/Daish as Khawarij.
Enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) will call them as Mujahideen or would stay silent
over their crimes.. Now you know why, execpt Mufti Rafi Usmani, all Mullahs of
deoband are supporting the Khawarij or are silent over their war.
"They think our religion has come from Makka and Medina. NO our religion has

begun from here, in India" !!!!

This is the Kufr that his Mushrik like Mullah of Deoband is barking ! Indeed he is
telling the truth -- his religion has begun in Hindu India, while the religion of
Ummat e Rasul (sm) began in Makka and Medina !
There is a reason why Allama Iqbal had said that both Qadianis & Darul Uloom
Deobandi are equal enemies of Islam...
When we see the Khawarij today, we know how true was Baba Iqbal.

Now I want to address Shia Muslims directly. It is critical that they understand me
Enemies are trying to ignite a sectarian war in the country. Next 30 days are
extremely sensitive as enemies will try to block the March 23rd Parade and the
visit of Chinese President. In entire Muslim world, this is the strategy of the Dajjal
and Khawarij -- ignite sectarian wars.
In Pakistan, Shias are part of Muslim community. I do NOT see any Shia killings. I
only see Muslims being killed. But what I am seeing is that Shia community is
reacting very foolishly after an attack by the Khawarij and are playing right into
the trap set by the enemies.
Just to give one example :
When the attack happened in Imambargah on Islamabad express way, few Shia
youth came out on the main Islamabad-Pindi highway and blocked the entire main
artery for 8 hours, blocking hundreds of thousands of vehicles, creating serious
crisis for Millions of Muslims. The roadblock was only hurting the Pakistani
Muslims, NOT the Khawarij. This is pure insanity ! DO NOT do this stupidity.
People were cursing the Shia community for blocking the road and this sectarian
hatred was rising.

Shia Muslims must understand this -- The whole country is feeling the pain of this
war, not just Shias. Over 100,000 Muslims have died at the hands of Khawarij, 95
% are Sunni Muslims. Pak army and Sunni majority Muslims are leading the fight
against the Khawarij and are giving great sacrifices. There is NO need to create
more crisis in the country after every attack by the Khawarij.
There will be more attack. There will be casualties. Stand firm, united with
courage and discipline. DO NOT act like idiots. DO NOT burn the properties of
fellow Muslims. DO NOT block roads to cripple the entire city. This is what
enemy wants. Let the army deal with the enemies and let us strengthen the hands
of our forces.
All Shia Muslims should convey this to their elders and stop their brothers from
being anarchic. If anyone of you burns the property, cars, homes of fellow
Muslims just because some Khawarij had attacked a masjid, then you are not a
victim but zalim yourself. Then we will be harsh on you too. Show the manners
and character of a Momin, not a Kharji.
Jazak Allah
King Salman seems a humble person. He is doing Tawaf without any protocol and
security. This is encouraging to see a humble king . Last time such a King came to
power was in early 70's when King Faisal was there before he was martyred.
Within a very corrupt Saudi dynasty, we have some good men too. It is Allah's will
to decide who He chooses for His duty. If Saudis don't wake up now, this might be
their last king from Saud family. He is a powerful man. He should play his role to
stop the desth and destruction within the Middle East, much of it is created due to
hatred between Saudis and Iranians on sectarian lines.

For Muslims, Makkah and Medina are sacred, not the governments that rule in the
Muslim countries these days. If Saudis make a blunder, we will criticize them. If
they do a good gesture, that will be appreciated. Same for all other governments.

When violence began in ME, every rascal said this is a movement for democracy.
In reality, this was Jewish 5th GenWar!
Israel is the only country in the world which does not have defined borders. It
expands every year into Muslim lands!
Zionists are shameless in exposing their war plans. World is stupid not to believe!
Still, world thinks ISIS is Islam
Once Muslim lands are decimated & Israel expands into Jordan & Syria, then ISIS
would be disposed off as useful idiot
ISIS is the sinister nexus of Zionists with Khawarij ! The Neo-Con fanatics of
Judaism, Christianity finding allies within heretics of Islam. Zionist Jews are
heretics of Judaism. Evangelicals are heretics of Christianity. Khawarij are heretics
of Islam -- NONE represent humanity!

InshAllah, this week, we will present this gift of love and adab to Sayadi Rasul
Allah (sm) for Ummat e Rasul (sm) !

InshAllah, this will be an amazing journey into the untold history of our epic
heroes who rose in times of darkness and despair to defend the Honor of Millat e
Rasul (sm). The times of these great heroes are being repeated today as well -same enemies, same threats, same kharjis, same crusaders, same wars within
Muslim lands -- Now we only wait for another Salahuddin !
PDF will be uploaded this week as gift for the millat IA.
Hard copies will be printed when we find a sponsor for the project. The project is
open. If anyone wants to join in this khair, welcome.
InshAllah, this will bring great khair for our children and generations.


This nation will have to pay the price of sleeping when the enemy was gathering to
attack. The whole nation is responsible - leaders, Ulama, media, intellectuals -who did not listen to the azaan when we started to warn this nation 7 years ago.
Now there will be a price in blood... Next 30 days are going to be dangerous and

Jewish plan is sinister & satanic -- use Khawarij to destroy 1400 years history,
heritage, culture, heroes, forts, masjids and Mausoleums of Muslims in Middle
East ! Jews believe that new generation would die, new generation would not
remember, so the Muslims will be disconnected from their entire history!
Hundreds of masjids, some dating back to 1000 years, have been destroyed...
Graves of Prophets have been dug out, Sahabas have been dragged out of their
resting places, entire museums have been robbed and sold in Israel, scholars are
being killed, books are being burnt! Now they want to destroy the Muqamaat of
Hazrat Khalid, Hazrat Bilal, Salahuddin Ayubi and Sultan Nuruddin Zangi !! Ya
Allah Karam...
Still, there are many snakes and idiots here who say that ISIS & Daish are
mujahideen. By Allah, we will NOT forgive any kharji... anywhere... Our swords
will deal with these dogs of hell...

InshAllah, will be uploading this emotional and passionate gift later tonight ! A
amazing soul stirring fascinating journey into history and unique introduction of
two of the greatest warrior in human history -- noble, courageous, dignified,
merciful and awe inspiring for centuries in both East and West !
This book is available for free downloads. We have given our azaan, done our
duty. Now if anyone of you want to sponsor the printing, its your choice. For us,
this is a sacred duty of Ummat e Rasul (sm) in these very dark times. May Allah

and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) accept this gift of love and adab !
Alhamdolillah, here it is. Fasten your seat belts ) This is one high intensity, high
adrenaline, rush of blood journey into history -- you will be present in the Crusades
-- alongside the great Sultans, marching on to liberate Jerusalem from the
Crusading Knights !!!
Allahu Akbar ! Let the charge begin !!!

Google Drive Link

Tweets: ISIS Khawarij are armies of Dajjal !!

Remember, I told you ISIS is a war against Islamic heritage, history, literature &
culture. They are burning it now.
Britain & US are regularly supplying ISIS with weapons, ammo, food & Mil
logistics. It is a huge supply operation.
There is overwhelming evidence from cross section of corroborating witnesses that a massive air
bridge to ISIS exist.

Iraqi army has shot down two British planes carrying weapons to ISIS. Now
London has been asked to explain their role.

Rasul Allah (sm) had warned us that Khawarij would be armies of Dajjal ! We see
that in Pakistan and in Syria/Iraq as well. The Khawarij in Pakistan are allies of
Hindu Mushriks and originate from Darul Uloom Deoband. This is a fact NOT an
Every Muslim MUST declare TTP as Khawarij. If he does not, then may Allah rise
such a person with Khawarij and Mushriks on the day of judgement !! Ameen.
Almost a year ago, we told you that ISIS is a Mossad creation !!
Now a US General also confirms that it has been created to counter Hizbullah in

Lebanon and to decimate Muslim lands...

All those who gave bayt to that fake Baghdadi, deserve to be hanged, starting from
Mullah Aziz and his witch wife Umme Hassan who was inviting these dogs of hell,
Jewish snakes into Pakistan !

Absolutely stunning MashAllah !!
Thousands of football fans reciting durud shareef in one voice ! This is the love for
Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) which unites this Ummah ! This is the love which the
Khawarij/MUshriks/Jews are trying to hide and destroy !
Can anyone tell me which place is this and when was this event ??
Both epic books on Hazrat Khalid and on Sultan Salahudin are now here in a single

link !
Sultan Salahuddin Book has gone for printing also, alhamdolillah !
Today, have completed the text for our third book in Yeh Ghazi series - most
romantic tale of Sultan Fateh, the conqueror of Constantinople !! Alhamdolilah !!
InshAllah, within a week, this booklet will be presented for the Ummah.
May Allah accept these humble gifts from our team who is working literally 24/7
to defend the Ummah in these dangerous times.


Proposed tittle of our new book on great blessed Sultan Muhemmed Fateh, the
Conqueror of Constantinople ! MashAllah, another amazing epic taking you back
into the most romantic era of dignity and honor ! Alhamdolillah, the book is now
ready, being edited and designed at the moment and shall be uploaded for the
Ummah by next week iA.
This project is now open for sponsorship also. If anyone wants to participate, barak
Allah feek, welcome. We are doing our duty as ordained by Allah (swt).

Sultan Salahuddin and Nuruddin Zangi book has gone to print, alhamdolillah !

Do you know why Sultan Fateh converted the grand church of AyaSofia into a
Masjid ?? Nowadays a new fitnah has emerged which claims that Constantinople
has not yet been captured by Muslims and Sultan Fateh is not the blessed Sultan
according to the Hadees ! Ufffff, this is nothing but pure evil or pure insanity. For
500 years, Azaans are echoing in Constantinople and then they have the audacity
to say that Muslims have not yet captured the city ! Here, we destroy that rubbish
argument as it seems to have confused many young minds. This text is an extract
from our new book on Sultan Fateh !

Our direct warning to Khawarij and their supporters on their filthy allegations
against Pak army and its leadership ! Pak army is the sword of Rasul Allah (sm)
against this fitnah and now the necks of these Khawarij will be struck down !!