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A Complaint of Tyranny and Impiety

O Lord God, to whom vengeance belongeth; O god, to whom vengeance shew

Lift up thyself, thou judge of the earth; render a reward to the proud.
Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?
How long shall they utter and speak hard things? and all the workers of
iniquity boast themselves?
They break in pieces thy people, O Lord, and afflict thine heritage.

- Psalm 94: 1-5

January 20, 2010 marks the one-year anniversary of the criminal Obama's
Presidency. January 19 marked further repudiation of all he stands for. It started
at the All-Star Game in St. Louis, when half the fans booed the Acorn Man. It
continued in November when Republican Chris Christie roundly won the Governorship
of New Jersey and Republican Bob McDonnell wiped the floor with the Democrats in
Virginia; both after Dumbo made personal appearances on behalf of his chosen
On Tuesday Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley for “Ted
Kennedy's Senate seat” in the “Boston Massacre,” winning by six points. What we
are seeing is a conservative revolution. It is an astounding event. In 1994 the
Republicans pulled off a similar political tsunami. This will make 1994 look like
a mere blip on the radar screen. The Democrat Party may not survive what is about
to occur.
First and foremost we are seeing what will be, by the end of 2010, the
complete and total American:
o Repudiation of the incompetent “Ears” Obama.
o Repudiation of the immoral Kennedys.
o Repudiation of the impeached Clintons.
o Repudiation of the hooligans Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid.
o Repudiation of the illegal ACORN, the “black hand” of the Nazi-collaborating
George Soros, the absurdity of, the lies of Michael Moore, and the
stupidity of Code Pink.
o Repudiation of the militant politics of Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers,
“black liberation theology,” and the legacy of the 1960s counter-culture.
o Repudiation of the unpatriotic works of Hollywood, the “lame stream” media,
the “blame America first” crowd now indoctrinating our young from grade school to
graduate school, and the unimpressives who make up the Left.
o Repudiation of the “global warming” mythologists and the socialized health
care ram rodders.
o Repudiation of the displaced Communists who, since the fall of the Berlin
Wall, have found a home in the international Left and made Acorn Man their poster
o Repudiation of Socialism in America!

A year ago, many worried that the criminal Obama was the anti-Christ. Biblical
scholars generally conclude that such a creature is merely a malevolent spirit,
and that the concept of Satan coming to fruition as a political or military leader
is more a Hollywood construct. Brother Harold Camping is a Biblical scholar
operating on a worldwide network called Family Radio. He says Christ will return
on May 21, 2011, but offers no worry that our President is the Dark Prince.
For one thing, one might surmise that Satan would be a helluva lot smarter
than the bumbling, stumbling Dumbo man with his stilted phrases, his incoherent
speech in a lame attempt to “help” Coakley, and his unimpressive arguments on
behalf of most everything he advocates.
In Massachussetts, Coakley trailed Brown by four points. Obama showed up and
made a speech for her. Immediately afterward she trailed by seven en route to
desultoriness. The “Obama effect” was the same in New Jersey and Virginia. It was
not unlike previous efforts by Bill Clinton to “help” candidates who lost four or
five points courtesy of his appearances on their “behalf,” or the infamous John
Kerry. He trailed by a couple points before the 2004 Democrat National Convention.
After America got a closer look at what the creatures of the Left were, they
decided they should trail by five.
For Obama, as with other Democrat “heroes,” it has come down to an almost
mathematical formula, and it works like this.
One observes Obama.
One sees what he does.
One thinks about it.
One uses his God-given common sense in analyzing what he sees.
Therefore, consequently, and as a result thereof, the fact that Obama and the
Democrats are loathsome and atrocious simply emanates itself as manifest truth,
knowledge of which is possessed by millions and millions of patriotic American
citizens. Nobody needs to argue it, spin it or try to make anybody understand it.
It simply exists as self-evident fact, which of course is always the best kind.
(To put it more succinctly, to know Obama is to despise him.)
Bill Ayers is the unrepentant terrorist who tried to bomb the Pentagon, kill
police officers, and was rewarded by the Left with university tenure. He is
Dumbo's close friend. He hosted his political debut, served on boards with him,
and is rumored to have ghostwritten his autobiography. He served the Dumbellionite
Obama in his ascendancy as closely as Karl Rove was the architect of George W.
Bush's early career in Texas, but Obama somehow thinks he can persuade us that,
like Christ's apostles on the day of the crucifixion, “I do not know that man.”
Except the Acorn man does it in that dumb sing-song voice of his: “He's a
guuuuuyyy who lives in my neighborhood,” which is like the Kennedys saying their
bootlegging, Nazi-sympathizing father, “Old Man Joe” was “Just, uh, a guy who, uh,
lives, uh, in the neighborhood.”
Of course Obama “heard no evil” for 20 years while his pastor was telling a
raucous, approving black crowd consisting of his and Ayers' Chicago neighbors that
America is not blessed, but rather damned by Almighty God. One supposes Obama's
most convincing argument that he disagreed with Reverend Wright might be that he
does not believe an actual God exists to damn America, and attended the church as
an act of political survival. It's the “Chicago Way.” As for his wife, America
ending slavery on Earth or defeating the greatest armies ever assembled in two
world wars are not to be admired. Only her husband's anointing is.
Dumbo still has a dwindling group of supporters in the media. They call him
articulate. Who are they fooling? Hearing the ignoramuses call Obama “articulate”
is a joke. He is neither articulate nor particularly smart. Bill Clinton was both.
He rescued his Presidency by working with Republicans after the 1994 GOP sweeps.
He adopted Republican economic policies and, as if by statistical formula, the
economy revived. The guess hear is that Obama and his hard Left fellow travelers
are too stubborn, proud and yes, too stupid to learn this lesson. They will go
down with their ship, and the Democrat Party may well sink into oblivion forever.
This seems incredible to imagine, but movements do happen that fast. The 1960s are
over, baby!
Meanwhile, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is called “dumb.” One listens
to her speak of a “fallen world,” of man's true relationship with God, and why the
Founding Fathers favored limited government because they recognized the inherent
corruption of men's souls, and one hears articulation so far and above the yap-
yap-yap of the “man” who never stops talking, or getting face time on TV, or
showing up at every soiree in which he can honor himself; well, Palin runs circles
around Acorn Man six days of the week and twice on Sunday. We are led to believe
that the Ivy League elites are so much better educated, yet has anyone noticed
that one can attend Harvard and graduate hardly without attending class these
days? Everything is on-line there and most everyplace else.
So the angry conservative Right is making a lot of noise, on Fox News, on
talk radio, and at the “Tea Parties.” After what the Democrats did to President
Bush for eight years, they should simply lack eligibility to complain about
ANYTHING! The only thing they should have a right to do after their years of foul
lies and perfidy is to SIT THERE AND TAKE IT. To say nothing! It is only the
common decency that marks conservative people that prevents them from repeating
the foul epithets that the Left vomited upon the public square for years.
Of course this does not stop them from besmirching the “tea baggers” with
disgusting comments that more resemble their own “tea bagging,” which in Leftist
circles is not a love of the Constitution, but love for a homosexual act too
abominable to describe, that they apparently are far too intimately knowledgeable
The hooligan Pelosi says the “tea baggers” are not a “grass roots” movement,
but rather “Astro turf.” Yeah, sure it is. Just like Hillary Clinton's “vast
Right-wing conspiracy” consisted of millions of patriotic American citizens who
had the temerity to register and vote Republican! Call it what you will - “tea
baggers” or “vast Right-wing conspiracy” - but this enormous “silent majority” of
the American citizenry is about to shock the world.
On the heels of the New Jersey and Virginia Governor's elections, and the
Massachusetts Senate victory, these people are at the very beginning of a campaign
season that will see the following:

o Harry “the war is lost” Reid's swift deportation to a southern Nevada strip
mine town.
o The hooligan Boxer's swift deportation to a Sausalito hippy commune.
o The Republican's taking control of the House and Senate, and
o The criminal Obama's swift 2012 deportation to the neighborhood he shares
with Bill Ayers, perhaps a job as “community organizer” of a Chicago thug group,
or maybe a vacation to Mecca.

Remember New York Congressional District 23? Somehow, after losing enormous
statewide elections in two pivotal races, the Democrats wanted you to believe the
fiction that “winning” a tiny district bordering Canada was the news of the
November elections. Here is the real news. That district will hold another
election in November, and the conservative Dan Huffman will win the Republican
primary and then beat Bill Owens.
Boxer's old Congressional seat is in liberal Marin County. It is as safe a
Democrat seat as there is, but guess what? The Republicans are about to unveil an
actual great candidate, and in this climate, he may win. The anti-American Lynn
Woolsey will at least have to defend her territory, and this will be part of the
nationwide story come November. It will be one of the most enjoyable, energizing
political years in Republican history, and it will presage an even better one in
And another thing . . . Obama's old Illinois Senate seat, sold by Democrat
Governor Rod Blagojevich, and never actually “won” by Obama (he used an illegal
court ruling to steal it from Jack Ryan in 2004), will be in Republican hands come
November. In other words, the quintessential repudiation of a man and his thug
politics, known as the “Chicago way” in his so-called “home” state.
Who could possibly have predicted one year ago that the criminal Obama would
be the greatest gift the Republican Party has had bestowed upon it in many a year?
Who could have foreseen that the death of the immoral swimming champion Kennedy
would be the death knell of his most cherished policy, health care? All of this is
happening without any true Republican or even conservative leaders yet emerging.
The Left will place forth the lie that this means the Right is rudderless. In
truth it is the Left's worst nightmare, since the conservative ascendancy depends
not on a single man, not on any “cult of personality,” but on the rising tide of
an electrified populace. As anybody who knows anything about history understands,
nothing on the face of this Earth is more unstoppable.
Oh, the delicious irony of it all. To watch former Vice-President Richard
Cheney disseminating the truth about Obama's dithering, his failures and
incompetency, each barb smacking the Democrats who blasted him for so long like,
like . . . like “tea bags” across their wimpy faces.
Or to see Karl Rove exact revenge on his detractors every day with words of
truth and wisdom in the Wall Street Journal and on Fox News. Or to see Governor
Palin elevated to “rock star” status, her book selling in such extraordinary
numbers as to be beyond mere phenomenon.
The daily exposition of criminality on the part of the ACLU, ACORN and the
corrupt Democrat machines, the history of which goes back to the Confederacy,
Tammany Hall, Kansas City's Pendergast machine, Clinton's Arkansas “mafia,” Jim
Crow, and the total destruction of virtually every urban center in America, brings
the widest possible smiles to the faces of honest Republicans from coast-to-coast.
At the heart of this ascendancy has been a conservative media that simply
wins in the great marketplace of ideas. Fox News ate up the ratings like a hungry
lion. They featured conservatives like Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck,
day-by-day dismantling the Obama myth. The “lame stream” media that makes up the
New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, the now-defunct Newsweek, and news
programs on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC, all watched and read by nobody, not to
mention the zero-ratings Air America; all these outlets of venom and incompetence
are failing in one way or another. They want you to believe it is because of the
Obama economy, or the Internet, but these business factors do not have an effect
on successful operations like the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, Human
Events, the Weekly Standard and Newsmax. Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and a host
of lesser lights simply wallow in their own rhetorical feces.
Michael Moore makes two hours of celluloid garbage and the Left wants to
trumpet it as a widespread and “compelling.” It finished behind Lara Croft: Tomb
Raider. The first moment many Republicans knew George W. Bush would win in 2004
was when they saw Fahrenheit 9/11. The day after that victory was attained in
record numbers a billboard went up on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, depicting
Moore and the other Hollywood unimpressives. It thanked them for their “help” in
delivering victory to Bush and his party.
None of this stopped Hollywood from making lying movies like In the Valley of
Elah, Rendition and Lions For Lambs. None did business, but movies with a
Christian, conservative message, like The Blind Side and Gran Torino, did. So did
the patriotic Charlie Wilson's War. Finally they made an Iraq War movie that,
while not pro-Bush, was at least fair and realistic. The Hurt Locker, unlike the
liberal trash, did well.
The conservatives behind radio microphones are simply having a field day
destroying Obama. Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and
a host of others are at the apex of their power and influence. Amazingly, the only
time listeners actually hear the things said by the Dumbellionites of MSNBC, CNN
and the like are when Limbaugh or Hannity replay their stupidities on their shows.
It is almost a kind of free advertising.
Again, a year ago it all looked so hopeless, but like Winston Churchill in
the darkest days of the Battle of Britain, a book emerged to begin shedding light
on the Obama White House. Michelle Malkin's Culture of Corruption was an enormous
best seller. Ayn Rand's 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged hit the bestseller lists, too.
It described a bleak economic landscape that readers immediately identified as
Obamaland. Deep, deep down the corrupters of the White House saw this and began to
squirm just a little bit.
A time-line of Acorn Man's first year shows a drip-drip of downward spiraling
movement, inexorably leading to a tipping point that, incredibly and to their
shock and dismay, most likely will not be reversed.

o On January 20, 2009, “Ears” was inaugurated. It was more like an anointing,
a religious event. He was utterly popular, the Republicans completely beaten, and
conservativism declared to be dead. Stories of his “muscularity” (despite his
skinny little body) and the “work out regimen” that produced wife Michelle's
“sinewy arms” were breathlessly written. (Remember those stupid cartoons
caricaturing Bush with huge ears? That is actually what the goofy-lookin' Obama
looks like in real life.)
o Obama then ordered Gitmo to be shut down and terrorists captured on the
battlefield to be read Miranda rights. His Homeland Security chief called
terrorism a “man made disaster.”
o In February he signed a bill that socialized the economy and nationalized
some of our most precious industries. President Bush deserves plenty of blame for
starting us down this road, but where Bush went five percent along this path,
Obama went 90 percent further into the oblivion of debt and Socialism. Obama
inherited a normal cyclical recession and, by his own hand and on purpose, turned
it into the “worst economy since the Great Depression.” Why? Because it was his
ticket to the power of Washington bureaucracy.
o Obama engaged in a full throttle attack on capitalism, Wall Street, banking
and success. Why? Because in his view America is a racist, immoral nation, our
success built on the backs of the dispossessed and the poor. In his view, every
dollar earned by a capitalist is a dollar stolen from the poor. American success
and righteousness are of no good purpose to Obama's Democrats.
o Obama introduced “cap 'n' trade” and “card gate.” The first was an attempt
to impose insane volumes of taxes upon business, mostly small business. The costs
of course are passed on to the consumers. The second initiative was designed to
see to it that a majority of working people belong to unions that supported Obama
and the Democrats whether the workers liked it or not. Both were un-
o On February 27 the fakir Obama announced his “cut 'n' run' policy from Iraq.
o A troubling rumor began to gain momentum; that Obama was not eligible for
the Presidency because he had not been born in the U.S. Much so-called “evidence”
that he was born in Honolulu surfaced, including a newspaper clipping that may or
may not have been real, but none of it was compelling. Certainly no Hawaii birth
certificate emerged, even though anybody born in Kapiolani Hospital can obtain one
by requesting it in writing and receiving it a couple weeks later. Somehow Obama
could not do this act. His college records were sealed. Why? The rumor was that it
would show he attended as a foreign student, not to mention it might demonstrate
that Bush made better grades (just as he had better grades than John Kerry and Al
Gore). A birth certificate showing him to be born in Indonesia was produced. Its
authenticity could not be proven, but it could not be disproven, either. The issue
was used by his supporters as “proof” that the conservatives were nuts. In the
months since, this issue has given way to substantive complaint of his policies,
but to date no actual proof the “man” was born in Hawaii exists.
o In March Obama endorsed the use of aborted fetuses in stem cell research.
This was in line with his party's general policy, which is to make use of all
their emotional energy to make it as easy as possible for slutty women to suck
live babies out of their wombs with a vacuum, then puncture their brains to insure
o Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of torture, lying and cover-ups.
o Obama “bowed down” to his Muslim masters in the Middle East and followed
that up by bowin' to the Japanese and doing turns on a prayer rug in Turkey.
o Obama nationalized Chrysler.
o Obama nominated Sonja Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Her only qualification
appeared to be womanhood, Latino ethnicity, and liberalism.
o In May Obama, who said America is no longer a Christian nation, canceled
National Prayer Day.
o The “Tea Bag” movement began. Protestors said Obama was using propaganda
tactics similar to Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany. The meda tried to make this
out that the “tea baggers” were acting like Nazis. Millions made mental
observation of this slander.
o Obama called the Boston Police “stupid” because they arrested a black
professor breaking into his home.
o Finally, a chink in his armor appeared at baseball's All-Star Game in St.
Louis. In the first half of the year, his popularity maintained sky-high ratings,
but when he went on the field to throw out the first ball, he was booed on
national TV. It was an incongruous sight and sound after a year-plus of total
adulation, and the first small sign that he could have trouble ahead. Nobody could
have predicted the swiftness of his descendancy after that, however. It did not
help when his “pitch” delivering the first ball was as weak and feminine as any in
the history of Presidential first-ball throws.
o In August Senator Kennedy died.
o ACORN was exposed as a criminal organization. Obama, who came up with them,
and learned the Saul Alinsky tactics of “community organizing” with them, tried to
distance himself from their illegalities.
o Obama's supporters, including Jimmy Carter, began to, of their own free
will, state the lie that his detractors were racist. They knew it was not true.
They said it anyway.
o National socialized health care legislation was proposed.
o In September Obama addressed the U.N. The uncomfortable fact that he was
more popular in the world than at home began to make itself known.
o Obama claimed that his economic policies had succeeded, despite the fact
that every piece of evidence proved him wrong. Millions made mental note of this.
o In October the criminal Obama “won” the Nobel Peace Prize. His nomination
for the Nobel came within weeks of his January inauguration and he had
accomplished zero in the months since. It served to mock him further when he
traveled to Copehangen to lobby for the Olympics in Chicago and was turned down.
Millions made mental not of this.
o The Obama Administration warned that swine flue would be an epidemic. It was
a ploy to convince people that, without socialized medicine, we were doomed to a
medical disaster. Non of it ever came close to happening.
o In November a homegrown Islamic Jihadist killed 13 soldiers, but Obama
refused to call him a terrorist. It was an act of terror committed under his watch
that Bush had prevented. America noticed.
o Obama failed to follow the advice of his military advisors in Afghanistan
and ordered halfway measures putting more American boys in harm's way.
o Obama made a speech at West Point. The soldiers were falling asleep, and
liberal commentator Chris Mathews called the U.S. Military Academy “enemy
territory” for Obama. Millions of patriotic American citizens, uh . . . made note
of this.
o While Democrats consider great young people in the military to be the
“enemy,” Obama bonded with anti-American Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.
Communist genocidalist Fidel Castro expressed great admiration for Obama. These
are not people you want to have as your friends, but the Democrats have always
been the preferred party of criminals, anti-Americans, pornographers (Larry Flynt
did their PR work for free) and Communists (one American returned from living in
North Korea after 40 years in 1996 “to vote for Bill Clinton.”)
o Obama failed to attend ceremonies for D-Day, the fall of the Berlin Wall or
Pearl Harbor, preferring instead trips to places like Copenhagen to honor himself.
Instead of watching the returns when Democrats got killed in the November
elections, he was glued to a documentary about his “greatness.”
o In December a “global warming summit” failed despite Obama's plea to achieve
“something.” This on the heels of evidence the Left covered “global warming's”
apparent lack of existence, which of course comes on the top of anecdotal
knowledge by humans living on the planet that it lacks existence upon the crust of
the Earth.
o Despite reams of evidence, Obama's government failed to stop a terrorist
bomber from trying to blow up a plane. The reason? Political Correctness. Again,
it was the kind of act Bush prevented but Obama did not, but luckily the bomb did
not detonate.
o In January a huge earthquake hit Haiti. Obama's response was less impressive
than Bush's during Hurricane Katrina.
o The Democrats attempted to ramrod socialized medicine on an American public
that opposes it, 70-30. They attempted to bribe and buy votes, breaking numerous
ethical laws. They tried to sneak everything past the public in the dark of night.
Obama's campaign promise of transparency, of televizsed hearings on C-SPAN, was
revelaed instead to be a lie.
o Obama's approval ratings head towards 40 percent, the fastest drop in the
quickest amount of time in the history of polling. At this rate, he will be around
30 percent when voters go to the polls in November.
o As if by divine intervention, Kennedy's death and Brown's victory stops
socialized medicine and harbingers Democrat disaster. America made mental note of

History also provides a guide to what is happening. Obama is swimming upstream

anyway in that a first-year President usually loses in Congress, but the facts of
the past 50 years are more starkly against him. The last time the Democrats
sustained a series of electoral successes was the John Kennedy-Lyndon Johnson
succession of 1960-64. In 1966 the Republicans swept to victory and continued this
winning streak, culminating with Richard Nixon's 49-state sweep of 1972. Only the
blip of Watergate saved the Democrats from the oblivion they will be facing in
this decade.
In 1976 they thought they were the “winners of history” with Jimmy Carter and
the Congress winning, but in 1978 California's Proposition 13 portended a 14-year
GOP run encompassing Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush until 1992. Clinton's 1992
sweeps resembled Obama's in 2008. His 1994 repudiation resembled the current
repudiation. The GOP succeeded in Congress and eventually the White House until
2006. The Democrats have never shown any staying power when it comes to electoral
results, and there is zero evidence they are about to.
Perhaps Brother Camping is right and the Lord will indeed return on May 21,
2011. If so, none of this will much matter, and one could argue that in the larger
scheme of things, Obama's failure matters none compared with the issue of Rapture
and Salvation. However, there are many of us who think God indeed did shed His
grace on thee; that he created and blessed this beautiful nation so that freedom
and, ultimately, the chance to hear His word and be saved, could be made available
to the largest number of the planet's population. As it says in Revelations, in
the Final Days the saved shall be a figure “no man can number.” If so, then
perhaps the Good Lord does care who runs God's Country. We ask not that he be on
our side, but rather we pray that we be on His.