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1. Introduction: Objective of the assignment

During our class for Human Resource Management, we recognize the importance of
recruiting, training and retaining good employees. As instructed by our lecturer, Dr. Tee,
we will pick 1 local and 2 international company to analyze their employee best
practices. Then we will recommend or propose employee best practices with regards to
recruiting, training, and retaining good employees to your future organization. Currently
we are working in a team of 4, Pusphanathan, Izzati, Osuji and Viveksarati. This report
will focus on the best practices of two International company and one local company, for
this purpose, we chose Schlumberger. Volkswagen and Agilent Technologies. We will
analyze the best practices by Schlumberger, Volkswagen and Agilent Technologies and
come up with several recommendations to future company. Schlumberger is currently the
29th worlds most attractive employer, awarded by Universum. Hence, this report will
cover the best practices of all three organizations in terms of Human Resource
Management and its best recommendations.

2. Companies background
Schlumberger is the world's leading oilfield services company, providing the
most complete range of oilfield services from surface seismic to drilling, formation
evaluation, well completion and stimulation services, production optimization, reservoir
studies, well construction and integrated project management . Schlumberger assists their
customers to find and produce oil and gas. Via their research and engineering facilities,
they develop products, services and solutions that optimize customer performance in a
safe and environmentally sound manner. They currently employed 126,000 employees
representing over 140 nationalities and working in more than 85 countries worldwide.
Revenue as at Dec 2013 was USD 45.27 Billion.

3. Schlumberger best practices

To attract global talent, Schlumberger introduces Internship as part of their value
proposition. Internship offers fresh graduate an opportunity to work on-field and off-field
depending on qualification and requirement. They are exposed to diverse work place,
with flexibility, mobility and agility which enable the team members to deliver the best of
work. The internship program runs to a minimum of three months to six months, and is
available year-round. Upon completion of program, they will be awarded an opportunity
to work for Schlumberger on a permanent basis. By having fresh graduate training
developments, fresh graduate will have the flexibility to choose a particular job scope
they would like to have hands-on and they will be mentored by a senior colleague.
Having a mentor would ensure healthy relationship and ensures that they are able to learn
the particular task given. Schlumberger initiated the idea of Internship because it is an
industry trend nowadays, to attract best fresh talents. As for experienced workforce,
Schlumberger uses head hunters to target highly experienced and qualified staffs for the
organization. For an existing and new hired staffs, they are given an opportunity to grow
and improve their personal skills by having several In-house trainings such as Global
Network of Learning Centre, Fixed-Step Training, Tech and field program, annual
training and development and also by creating a partnership with the management.
Global Network of Learning Centre is one of the Schlumbergers key commitments to
develop their staff in their global network centers. Courses are usually held ranges from
few days to 12 weeks depending on the training conducted. Besides of acquiring specific
technical competencies, attended is able to obtain social and networking benefits by
meeting other participants. Fixed Step Training, an oilfield trainee initially requires
enduring this training as the course of their employment which lasts for 3 years. The
program blends with technical, safety, personal development, business and managerial
courses and on the job validated training. Tech and Field Program is a special program
for newly hired Schlumberger engineers. The purpose is to provide candidates with
Masters/Phd degree pursuing career in research, engineering, manufacturing or sustaining

centers. It is a unique opportunity to gain field operation experience worldwide. Annual

Training and Development. Throughout ones career with Schlumberger, they are
expected to prepare an expected annual training & development plan with managers and
agree on specific training actions for the next 12 months period. Trainings include class
room training, self training (Usage of on-line technology), on the job training, coaching
and mentoring. Creating partnership. The goal of the training is to create partnership
(understanding) between staff and the management. The staff is able to create value of his
own, develop his personal skills up to date and develop talent to actual potential expected
by the organization. Schlumberger gains by enhancing its competitive advantage by
spending more on their trainings and development. In order to retain their best
employees, their employees are given a competitive market-driven compensation
(attractive salary package), fridge and mobility benefits such as schooling and housing
allowance for those who are working away from their home country, performance
incentive plan is an incentive to reward their staff for exceptional performances
throughout the 12 month by exceeding individual expectation set by the management,
health care and life insurance are provided to all kinds of workforce, retirement plan such
as pension, savings plan, profit sharing for those who work till the age of 60 and
discounted stock purchase plan, a stock purchase plan optioned only for their staff to
build organizational loyalty within them.

4. Recommendation to future company