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Alchemaya, Kuthumi and Mary Magdalene

13:3 Central Ray of Light Channelling

Channelled through Michelle Eloff
Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 10 March 2009 for 13 March 2009
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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with
the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in
the presence of the channelling Master; however the effects are just as powerful.
Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You
will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing and Purpose.

I am Alchemaya, High Priestess of Sirius, Daughter of Light and I come to welcome

each of you into the presence of the Central Ray of Light that comes forth from my
home, Sirius.
The current Earthly plan is one that challenges many human beings for it is asking you
to surrender the old paradigm in its full capacity so that you may be open to receive
the new rays of this new paradigm that each of you have stepped into.
I have been asked by my father, the Lord of Sirius, to come forth and present my
energy to each of you so that you too may understand the Central Ray of Light
embodied inside each of you.
I have a human form on Earth currently working amongst you, when the time is right
we will have permission for you to know who this one is but first there are lessons that
many of you need to learn and new ways of looking at life that are very important in
relation to recognising that amongst you are ones who are of the Central Light Ray
who are living very much in a human form; a human life with human ways.
This is the challenge for humans, the challenge to accept every aspect of their
authenticity, every aspect of their divinity, their light, their truth and their human
personality and embrace it, expressing it, living it. Your driving force is Spirit, the
essence of your soul that inspires you to express the Central Ray of Light that must
now come forth. Your world has been in the grips of illusion for long enough, those
who experience the disillusionment of life is simply because the authentic self has
been stifled to such a degree that it no longer can contain itself, and the more the
illusion of self is expressed the more restless the authentic self becomes and must
find a way to release itself.
Upon the 3rd of March Lord Metatron, Lord Hilarion, Lady Nada, Mary Magdalene,
Lord Akhenaton and a number of the other Egyptian Gods and Goddesses stood
together as new energies were brought to Earth. These new energies are known as
the Pyramid of Prosperity and Abundance. This energy field has been woven into your
Michelle Eloff
13:3 Key Date Activation 2009


energy field and now the Central Ray of Light that is contained within that Pyramid is
penetrating your third eye and sacral chakras, which will continue to move into your
solar plexus and throat chakras so that this Central Ray of Light may find a creative
It is a time of enormous change, the changes are taking you deeper and deeper within
yourself and so it is that the collective community of light must acknowledge that light
exists within the self. This may challenge some of you in relation to your relationships
with people who are close to you, you may find that you are challenging their inhibited
way of life, therefore do not dilute those aspects of yourself, embrace this journey and
trust that the light coming forth from Sirius at this time is coming with a very specific
The Pathway of the Authentic Ones is becoming more and more persistent, the
authentic self will continue to rap loudly upon the door that contains it and will insist
that its voice be heard.
When you doubt your truth you doubt life and the energies that are penetrating the
etheric field of Mother Earth at this time are intensifying, the vibration is increasing and
the cells of your body have no choice but to respond to that which is speaking to it.
This communication reminds the cells of your body of a story, a story you were told
prior to this incarnation which has been encoded into your DNA. The story was of a
journey to a place that you know as Earth, a place where you would be integrated into
the rest of its community; the inhabitants of that world. This meant that you would be
like them, live with them, live like them, face their challenges and have to experience
life as a human being.
You have been challenged from a number of different angles regarding your
understanding of humanness and some of you became entrapped in many of the
limiting beliefs and attitudes of the human template. It is simply a matrix containing
systems of information that have been programmed into that matrix to ensure that
certain lessons are learnt, but what many have forgotten is that this programme only
runs for a certain period of time and then you have an opportunity to move into a
different system, the programme is only applicable to those living within a certain level
of consciousness however, when one moves beyond that level of consciousness there
are still aspects of that self that is familiar with the old paradigm, or the old matrix, and
will often fall back into that way of experiencing life only because it is familiar.
Now the time has come and has been upon you for some while now to upgrade every
aspect of yourself so that you can continue to receive the transmissions from the
higher levels where the matrix as such is not an inhibiting one such as you have
become accustomed to within the human paradigm. You are still very much a human
being having to live within that structure however, that which you are accessing and
that which has been transmitted to the DNA of your body is a completely different
story as such. This is the time of remembering that the story was there in the
beginning to help you to fit in even though you never would fit in as such; now
those of you who have always been different your light is shining brighter and brighter,
more people are noticing how different you are which is and probably always has led
to some form of criticism or judgement falling upon you, either imposed on you by
others as well as yourself.
Michelle Eloff
13:3 Key Date Activation 2009


The journey will continue to intensify; the way that you deal with this is by surrendering
to the energies that come forth. You are motivated by many aspects of the Central
Ray of Light and when you surrender to that light and you allow it to guide you as to
what to do, when to do it and how to do it you will find that your life eases up.
2009 is the Promise of New Life, my father Lord of Sirius, Lord Syra has assured me
that the blueprint of the collective human source has successfully been anchored
within the higher dimensions resulting in all who are open to mastering higher levels of
awareness and consciousness being already connected to this new template. Over
the next seventy-two hours you will undergo a recalibration and readjustment of
energies flowing through these chakras ensuring that you have a better grip on the
authentic self.
During this time it will be important for you to assess your beliefs and attitudes toward
yourself, how you perceive yourself, how you identify with yourself and the rest of the
world. This journey will take you back to your third year of life specifically and help you
to address that period of time where perhaps neighbours and siblings and even your
parents contributed to you deciding that it was better to inhibit the authentic self rather
than express it him or her to its fullest therefore, the three year-old steps into the
centre of the Pyramid embracing the Holy Trinity of the masculine and the feminine,
these are replaced within the DNA moving all the way to the atoms of your body and
once this Pyramid of Prosperity and Abundance is securely rooted within the atoms of
your body the Central Ray of Light begins emitting powerful new vibrations.
This will culminate on the 31st of March at which time the Earth will be flooded with the
universal Central Ray of Light and every human who is open to receiving this light will
have their own Central Ray of Light fully activated through all fourteen chakras that
are currently being revived for humanity. This will activate dormant chakras on Mother
Earths body; as these chakras are revived there will be places on your globe that
have not really been spoken of or paid much attention to in the past which will become
more famous shall I say (apologies I am searching for the correct word) the word that
am I actually looking for is popular.
You will be drawn to journey to these places during which time you will find those parts
of your Light Ray that must now be centralised with the collective Central Ray of Light
held within Sirius. As these codes are released more and more Fire Gates will be
activated, the first seven that were activated has released an impulse, which transmits
the Inner Earth codes to humanity and to other worlds of life. The central
communication system that has been established is ensuring that each of you are kept
in the loop of how things are unfolding and what is happening. I am sure many of you
have noticed how fast time is moving quite dramatically, quite different to your
previous year, this is because there is a wave of light that is coming the Central Ray
of Light which will activate many new pillars of conscious and will allow the higher
dimensional Fire Gates to be reunited with Mother Earth and those who are a part of
that project.
The pathway of the Authentic Ones are the ones who walk alongside the Masters who
are responsible for ensuring that all the Fire Gates are activated. This work we will
continue to do with each of you, this project has been assigned to this channel and
those of you who choose to participate in the activates related to the Fire Gates. Each
of you contain a key, these keys will be activated at precisely the right time so that you
Michelle Eloff
-313:3 Key Date Activation 2009

can understand what your role and purpose is in the collective project. The Central
Ray of Light that comes from Sirius is opening the dormant areas of consciousness
within humanities mind and brain specifically so that these transmissions can be
received. Time has sped up because everything else is speeding up.
The Goddess projects will continue to intensify and there is much more wonderful
projects coming your way, which we will tell you all about at exactly the right time.
Begin to prepare yourself for the energy of the Babes of Babylon that will come to
greet you, to embrace you and to show you that the pathway to freedom lies within the
authenticity of your true self.
The Central Ray of Light is the core essence of your authentic self, it is connected to
Sirius for a purpose for it is upon Sirius and within Sirius that sacred geometric
formations have been encoded by the Universal Mother and Father of all life. Sirius is
the star that watches over humanity and Mother Earth, we were assigned to ensure
that every new paradigm be properly grounded within the etheric energy field of
Mother Earth and that all beings who are in human form who are a part of that project
be alerted to it. I, Alchemaya, am introducing myself to you in this form for the time will
come where I will speak consciously through the human being who is me on Earth.
As you continue to master the light aspects of yourself you will continue to see that
light embodies many characters, many formations, billions of expressions. If it brings
you joy, if it brings you laughter, if you feel comfortable then you are in your truth. I
trust that this message will remind you of the importance of walking the path of your
truth, speaking your truth and living it.
It is important now more than it has ever been for the future holds many, many new
opportunities but you must be prepared, your consciousness needs to be aligned with
specific grids in order for you to recognise what is coming your way. The Promise of
New Life is upon you, embrace it with every aspect of yourself, trust yourself and revel
within the divinity of life.
I will take you on many more journeys along the Central Light Ray and into the sacred
temples of Sirius, this however is the first notification to you that the Central Light Ray
is within you and it is coming in full force. I will transmit with you again in the not too
distant future.
May your life radiate in very direction for Earth and Heaven. May the cosmic
expression of all that is light flow freely through your chakras, through your voice, your
thoughts, your actions and your intentions. May this journey be your walk to freedom.
I am Alchemaya, High Priestess of Sirius, daughter of Lord Syra. Thank you.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward at this time to greet each of you.
Beloved ones we trust that you enjoyed your introduction to the Priestess Alchemaya.
This energy has been introduced to each of you for a purpose; her light contains very
specific energies which are emitted through her voice which need to be heard at this
particular time.
Michelle Eloff
-413:3 Key Date Activation 2009

Many of you have been working intensely with your personal processes and all of the
Fire Gate energies that have come forth have been a part of this process. Continue,
beloved ones, for you are gaining ground and you are completing many subtle levels
of your lessons that you are not even aware of. As each challenge comes to meet you
meet it with an open heart, with a brave heart and know all of this is the journey that is
taking you closer to home.
I, Kuthumi, stand before you presenting you with the key to your Central Light Ray,
this is held within your sacral chakra therefore, be aware of what comes to you in your
sleep state, your meditations and in your still time, even when you are sitting
daydreaming be aware of how life is communicating with you.
As we reawaken the Starseeds as such, those of you who hold the Central Light Ray
within your body you will find that everything in your life speeds up yet another pace,
but this is important because the more you embrace this light the faster your life will
move because you are the trailblazers, you are the ones making the way for others to
come, those who still sleep, those who still grapple with their fear of what is light, what
is dark, what is truth, what is illusion, you are the ones who are showing the others
how to do it.
Those of you who carry this Light Ray and who will work with it consciously it is very,
very important that you stand together as a community network of light. This is one of
the reasons why we inspired the person whom you know as Brother Doug to create
this new website that has been created, this is because it will be a portal for the
Central Light Ray for all of you to connect as a community of light and to receive the
energies from one another, to connect harmoniously, to share and to become a family.
This is the first time that Brother Doug and this channel are hearing of me speak
physically of the purpose behind this new creative endeavour, it is all for a purpose, it
is a portal into another dimension of building a community and there will come a time
where many of you will physically reunite and it will be the biggest gathering of a
family of Lightworkers ever to have happened. I, Kuthumi, will call for this at the right
time, now is the beginning of drawing the Central Light Ray through the Pyramid of
Prosperity and Abundance held within Sirius that had its roots anchored in Egypt at a
specific site which we will not speak of now, in the future we will, for the energies must
still settle. You will be amazed to see how these Fire Gate energies continue to
transmute areas of your life beyond your imagination.
Beloved ones hold your head up high and let this light shine through you and embrace
2000 and shine like never before. We are very proud of your efforts, the things that
you have mastered and achieved and we have faith that you will continue to do this.
Our energies are creating new geometric liquid forms around you; liquid forms may
not make any sense but unfortunately that is the only way I can use to describe it right
now. These fluid geometric energies are linking you to all the future activation dates
linked to this Central Ray of Light, they are like feelers moving out into the ethers
connecting with the rest of your family of light.
We are very excited about this Central Ray of Light now coming to Earth through
Sirius and there will be many occasions to celebrate the power and strength of this
Michelle Eloff
-513:3 Key Date Activation 2009

light increasing within each of you, through each of you and sweeping through
humanity therefore, beloved ones, continue to trust in the many invisible arms that
hold you knowing that there is never a moment that you walk alone for we are all one
and with you always in all ways. We trust each of you to do what you need to do to
ensure that you live your best life yet because you have embraced The Promise of
New Life and we celebrate that with you.
I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless
you in love. Adonai.
I am Mary Magdalene and I greet and welcome each of you at this wonderful time of
life changing events.
Beloved ones this particular day of the 13th of March 2009 is an important one
because we the Goddesses of Light, those who hold the Alchemy of Quantum Tantra
within our energy field, are also bringing forth many of the new Magdalene Templates
so that this energy can be received by the Goddesses who are preparing for many of
the new projects to come into physical manifestation.
You will notice how many women come into their power in a new and powerful way.
To those of you who are in a female body it is important that you continue to explore
your femininity, your strength as a woman, your power as a woman and to remain
balanced within your masculine and your feminine. To be a powerful woman does not
require of you to be like a man, men are men, women are women and the Goddess is
very powerful.
The Goddess has the God walking alongside her because he represents different
aspects and was created for a slightly different purpose. By you embracing the power
of your femininity, your sensuality, your goddess status you show the world that the
strength and power of a woman is truly beautiful, very, very capable and divine in its
many expressions be it the maiden, mother or crone.
I, Mary Magdalene, ask all of humanity to open and to receive the Goddess in her true
light as powerful, capable, intelligent and absolutely exquisite in every way. To the
females of your world who feel you need to fully embody your masculine side in order
to survive in your world, stop for a moment please and look to your feminine self to the
powers that exist within that part of you and see that they are quite, quite capable of
helping you to survive and to move beyond survival and to thrive in life.
Give yourself that gift on this auspicious day and celebrate the joy of being a goddess,
- a beautiful exquisite creative expression of sensuality, femininity, beauty, love and
May your hearts be filled with peace, with joy and with trust.
I am Mary Magdalene, au revoir.

Michelle Eloff
13:3 Key Date Activation 2009