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RAVI AGARWAL (M.Sc.) 9913650950 / 9374727052

TIME: 1Hr.30 min.
Marks: 50

CH. 9 TO 16

Q.I Very short answer question each carries 1 mark


1 What is the wavelength of radiation being absorbed by Ozone layer?

2 Define: Transverse magnification.
3 Give full form of LASER.
4 What was the contribution of Frisch?
5 For which metals the nuclear radius estimated to be 10-14m?
6 Binding energy per nucleon is a measure of the ___________ of the nucleus.
7 What is absolute refractive index?
8 State: Huygenss principle.
9 What was the name given to the two elements isolated from the uranium ore-Pitch
10 What is the width of depletion region?
11 What is interference?
12 Which electronic circuit can be used as a voltage regulator circuit?
13 What is the reason for the characteristics curve obtain in the X-ray spectrum obtained?
14 What was the contribution of Grimaldy in the field of wave optics?
15 On what factors the work function of a metal depends?
16 In Davisson-Germer experiment, the electron gun having tungsten filament is coated
with what material?

Q.III Short answer question each carries 2 marks


17 Explain the working of modem.

18 Describe: Reflection of light according to Huygenss wave theory.
19 What was the Mosleys observation for the X-ray?
20 What is artificial nuclear transmutation? What is Q-value? And what do you mean by
endorgenic and exorgenic process?
21 With the help of a schematic figure, explain the arrangement of Hertzs experiment and
show how it forms an oscillator circuit.
22 Draw the graph of photoelectric current versus the potential of the collector w.r.t. emitter
for different intensity and frequency of light and explain. Hence, write characteristics of
photoelectric effect.


Write down the formula of path difference for interference occurs by two coherent sources.

And determine the distance between two consecutive bright fringes.


Explain: Binding energy of nucleus.

RAVI AGARWAL (M.Sc.) 9913650950 / 9374727052
Q.IV Short answer question each carries 3 marks


25 Depth of a well is 5.5m and refractive index of water is 1.33. If viewed from the top by
how much height would the bottom of the well appear to be shifted up?

26 Light of wavelength 5000 A

is incident on a slit of width 2mm in Fraunhoffer

diffraction. Find the width of 2nd maximum on the screen placed at the focal plane of the
lens of focallength 100cm. The lens is placed closed to the slit.
27 Calculate the maximum wavelength of Balmer series in the hydrogen spectrum.
Calculate the corresponding wave number. (Rydberg constant = 1.097 10-7m
28 In a X-ray tube the p.d. between the anode and the cathode is 12.4kV and current
flowing is 2mA. Find,
(a) the no. of electrons striking the anode in 1 sec.
(b) the speed of electrons while striking the anode.
(c) minimum wavelength emitted.
29 A 1000 W bulb is kept at the centre of a spherical surface and is at a distance of 10m
from the surface. Calculate the force acting on the surface of the sphere by the
electromagnetic waves, alongwith Eo, Bo (the maximum electric and magnetic field
strengths) and I(the intensity of the waves). Take the working efficiency of the bulb 2.5%
and consider it as a point source. Also calculate the energy density of the surface.
30 Draw the circuit diagram for N-P-N-CE transistor as an amplifier and obtain the
expression for input, output and voltage gain.