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1. What is independent disk in VMware?

2. What are all the files will be created when you enable snapshot?
3. How will you change the thick provisioned disk to thin ?
4. How will you troubleshoot the performance issue of a VM ?
5. Major incident which you handled in your environment?
6. What is your day to day activities in VMware ?
7. What is a Slot in VMware ? How it works?
8. Types of port groups ?
9. vMotion is not happening. How will you troubleshoot ?
10.What are the port numbers used for HA, Vmotion, FT, Vcenter
11.Pre-requisites for HA, Vmotion, DRS and FT
12.What is Promiscuos mode, MAC address changes and Forged transmits
13.What is vSwitch and vNic
14.What is the difference between vSphere 4 and vSphere 5
15.What are the memory management techniques in VMware?
16.What is resource pool? what is Share, Reservation and limit?
17.How will you enable memory balooning?
18.What is EVC?
19.What is admission control and what are all the options available if you enabl
e ? Explain all three in detail.
20.VM is not powering on? What could be the cause? How will you fix the issue?
21)How we can check whether the VLAN is accessible in the NW from ESX side?
22)How to check the latency of Storage,Network from ESX ?
23)Does FT work if we enable EVC enabled cluster?
24)Where to place sysprep file in order to customize the VM which has Windows se
rver 2003? And windows server 2008
25)What is Anti-affinity rule and in which scenario's it will be used ?
26)Can we promote the slave node to secondary master in ESXi 5.1?
27)What are the 3 policies of VLAN?
28)What is CBT in Vmware?
29)I need to change the multipathing policy to Roundrobin. How will you change i
t from ESX end?(Bulk Change)
30)What are the difference between Ready time and wait time and the default ther
shold value?
31)How will you disable vmkdump utility?
32)Is vMotion is a pre-requisite for DRS ?
33)What will happen if we accendently delete the cluster from vCenter?
34)Can we perform vMotion if vmkernel port is down?
35)What is the vMotion port?
36)How will you create a standard vSwitch using cmd?
37)What is the difference between Template and Clone?
38)Can you enable EVC between AMD and Intel hosts?
39)What is Eager Zero/Lazy Zero thick disk in ESXi5.1?
40)How will you troubleshoot PSOD issues?
41)Difference between ESXi5.0 and ESXi5.1? Also they may ask the Diff between 4.
0 & 4.1, And 4.1 to 5.x
42)vMotion is not working eventhough the infrastucture has all the pre-requisite
s with license. What could be the issue?
43)How will you troubleshoot un-responsive Vmguest?
44)What is isolation address?
45)What is a slot? Sometimes they may ask slotting calculation in HA
46)What is Admission Control policy and Explain the three types in details?
47)How the election process will happen if one of the Primary node is failed in
vSphere 4.x?
48)How the election process will happen if one of the Primary node is failed in
vSphere 5.x?
49)vCenter is down, HA will work or not? If yes, then how?
50)vCenter is down, DRS will work or not?