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Ive seen thousands of movies and shows but have never seen heartbreak like
Ask-i-Memnu. In recent times I have not seen a love story like Aski- Memnu,
which have left me dazed and devastated for months. Im writing the whole
story and my point of view on Aski- Memnu, which I have not stopped watching
since I became aware of it. And YES Ive watched every Behll & Bihters
scenes more than anyone can imagine.

The story of Aski-Memnu revolves around Ziyagil and Yreolu families. Adnan
Ziyagil is one of the richest businessmen in Turkey, who lives with his teenage
daughter (Nihal) and son (Bulent) and has not married from past 12 years
since his wife passed away. Behlul (Kvan Tatltu) lives with his uncle
(Adnan) since his parents died in a car accident. Firdevs Yreolu is a society
lady who is famous for erratic behaviors. She has two daughters Peyker and
Bihter (Bren Saat), Peyker use to date Behll but Behll cheats on her and now
she is getting married to Nihat nal. Behlul is a Casanova who plays with girls
and breaks their hearts. Because of his reputation, Bihter dislikes Behll and
never speaks to him while he was dating his elder sister Peyker. Bihter
Yreolu hates her mother as she was responsible for her fathers untimely
death as she and her father caught her with another man in their farm house.
When she realizes that her mother is eyes rich man Adnan, Bihter who have
met Adnan at her fathers grave time to time agrees to marry Adnan which
makes her mother extremely furious but she cannot do anything to stop it.
Behll sees Bihter after her fathers funeral at her sisters wedding and feel
inclined to sad Bihter who is trying to recover from her fathers death.

Upon hearing that Adnan is getting married to Bihter, he seems surprised and
disappointed. As we can see him seeing her pictures at Peykers wedding and
thinking about her but as Behll is he never tries to accept that he is feeling
inclined towards Bihter. Behll and Bihter dislike each other after the wedding,
as certain set of events makes Behll believe that Bihter married his uncle for
money and Bihter thinks Behll is self centered. Once when Behll is
extremely sick and Bihter is alone at house she takes really good care of him
and Behll Again start feeling inclined towards her but now he knows that she
is his aunt and its unthinkable. So at times he tries to be bit harsh to her to
suppress those feelings. When Bihter becomes pregnant she decides to abort
the child as she thinks its a good time which makes Adnan extremely upset.

Behll who isnt much happy about the baby news becomes relieved upon
hearing that she has aborted the child. Behll who is now becomes friends
with Bihter even in excitement tells Bihter that he is happy that she is not
pregnant anymore. This makes Bihter little off but she doesnt say anything.
Upon hearing about the abortion, Adnan tries to take some time off from Bihter
and plans a business trip which makes Bihter really upset as she thinks she
will lose Adnan forever. Behll consoles her and finally accepts that she really
loves him and didnt marry Adnan for money.
After this realization, Behll who already is in love with Bihter is extremely
confuse and doesnt know how to control his feelings for her knowing that what
he is thinking is extremely wrong. One day he sneaks into Bihters room to
smells her scent and on realizing that what he is thinking is wrong, next day he
proposes to his then girlfriend Elif, this announcement makes Bihter sad and
one evening when everyone is out she sneaks into Behluls room to smell his
scent. At time suddenly when she hears someone coming and runs off through
lift, Behll sees the drops of his perfume on floor and realize that it was Bihter
in his room. I have to admit that its one of the sweetest moments in the series,
falling in love with each other scents is the purest form of love. After that there
is sexual tension between Bihter and Behll who unwontedly falling for each
One day Behll finds Bihter alone in the back of the house selecting painting
and kisses her, Bihter slaps him and runs off to home. She realizes that she
cannot tell about this to Adnan as part of her is also responsible for that. She
forces Adnan that Behll and Elif should get proper engaged and married.
Behll unwontedly gets engaged to Elif, but confesses his love to Bihter. Bihter
initially refuses Behll completely but eventually realizes that even she cannot
live a day without seeing him around. This lead to a Forbidden Love between
Bihter and Behll, Bihter know that she is wrong and tells Behll to run away
with him to USA. At the airport Behll backs off leaving Bihter heartbroken she
returns home to Adnan and breaks off with Behll. She tells him that he is
Coward and self centered man who only think about himself. Behll still tries
to peruse Bihter but she doesnt want give him a chance.

One day on business trip Behll calls Bihter, and Bihter tells him to stop
calling her as she hates him. This makes Behll upset and gets into the
chopper in foggy weather for Turkey. His chopper gets missing and everyone
thinks that he is endanger that makes Bihter really upset and on receiving his

call that he is alive and well. She realizes how deeply she still loves him and
upon his arrival their secret meetings start again. Mean while, Adnans
daughter who is extremely sensitive is in love with Behll but can never
confess to anyone except her governess Ms. Deniz. And Adnans family driver
Bashir, Nihals childhood friend is in love with her but knows its impossible to
even dream about it. Ms. Deniz who loves Adnan thought one day she will
marry Adnan knows about Nihals love for Behll and Bashirs love for Nihal.
As Bihter and Behll tries to meet in secret their meetings make Ms. Deniz
suspicious of their behavior but she can never speak out loud as its
unacceptable and unimaginable that Behll will have an affair with his Father
like uncles wife.
One night Bihter and Behluls failed attempt to finally make proper love to each
other in a hotel room leaves them sad as both knows what they were doing was
terribly wrong. But that night when Behll returns, Bihter knows she cannot
wait anymore and hints Behll to come after her in the glass house at the back
garden of the house. Behll and Bihter finally sleep with each other in the
glass house but as it turns out, they werent unobserved.

Bihter and Behll runs to different directions and tries to assess who saw them
but they think it wither is a cat or Bihters mother Ms. Firdevs who now lives
with them and is always suspicious of their affection for each other. Behlul who
has broken off with Elif, one night takes Nihal to a night club which makes Elif
furious and Elif report media as they are famous, gorgeous and rich. Nihal link
with Behluls name makes Adnand furious and he sent Behll to New York.
Bihter while having an affair with Behll, distances herself from Adnan
completely which makes Adnan upset as he even doesnt know the cause for it.
One day Bihter receives Behluls call that he has found a place in Turkey in
isolation where they can meet and no one knows or can see them. He tells her
to go and visit that place and see if its perfect. When Bihter reaches to
gorgeous storehouse on the beach in isolation, to her surprise Behll is there,
he surprises her and Bihter is over joys and cannot believe how much they
have missed each other. Their chemistry in those moments, in their eyes, smile
and body is something rare on be seen onscreen or off-screen.
The day which starts so good for Bihter ends on a nightmare, when Adnan in
drunken state rape Bihter, she is sadden and locks her in the washroom.
Adnan is upset on what he did leave the room. Bihter packs her things and

leaves the house she goes to Behll at the stone house in the middle of the
night. Saying that she has left everything behind and will never return to that.
On hearing what happened to Bihter, Behll starts to think that maybe what
they been doing went too far, though Bihter wants him to stand up for her and
just leave country with her. Behll tries to stop her and ask for some time.
One day when Nihal finds Behluls stonehouse, Behll takes her back to home
and promise Bihter that he will return tonight. Bihter sad and miserable thinks
about what his mother has done to her father and what she has done to her
husband drinks and waits for Behll but he caught up with Elifs suicide
attempt. Bihter tells Behll that even if he doesnt want to stand up for her,
she will just tell Adnan everything and leave; she cannot do this to that man
anymore. Drunken Bihter on way to Adnans sisters farm house gets into
almost fatal accident. Behll who is on phone with her gets ballistic and crazy,
he cries but when he reaches hospital he sees his uncles car there and returns
home. His cowardice again takes him over. Next day in hospital when comes
and visits with all family, he tells Bihter how much broken he was after hearing
her screams and thought she is dead.
Bihter even in hospital refuse to go back and tries to tell Adnan but Behll
stops her. This AGAIN breaks Bihters heart, sick Bihter comes to Behll room
on return from hospital telling him to make a decision and stand up with her.
She tells him that its all over now and she doesnt want to hear from him
Meanwhile Ms. Firdevs who is sure that Behll is the reason Bihter wants to
leave Adnan and all this wealth. She starts training on Nihal and tells her that
Behll also loves her and they both should get married. Behll again tries to
pursue Bihter but Bihter knows that he will always be this coward lover. Still
she tries to give him another chance and goes to stone house, where she finds
another woman in his bed. She returns in shock and tears; Behll tries to stop
her and tells her that she rejected him thats why he was angry. She comes
back home goes to Behlls room and cries over her situation who he has
broken her hearts so many times and yet she cannot break free from him.
Behll again tries to mend things with Bihter and when he goes to his room, he
smells Bihters smell on his pillow who was there crying over his betrayal. This
gives Behll a hope that Bihter is still very much in love with him and will
forgive him. He pursued Bihter over and over again and finally mends things
with her. And now they know that they have something so powerful which
cannot separate them for longer and its Ask, which controls them and put
them back into each others arms. There world comes upside down when the

stress for Behlls love for Nihal increases and when Adnan asks Behll if he
loves Nihal, he says yes. This breaks Bihters heart and once they know that
Bashir know about their secret to keep Bashir shut Behll proposes to Nihal.
This leaves Bihter off balance and now the real devastation for her starts.

First Bihter refuses to help Behll and tells him that she knew this would
happened but she realizes that she has fallen for a coward man and tries to
help him. When her attempts to stop the engagement with Adnan and Nihal
falls she comes to Behll and tells him that still there is time we can run off.
Behll at time becomes aware of Nihals love for him and says she is so
innocent and pure who has fallen for him. He cannot on any situation break
her heart, Bihter tries to adjust this but she tells him that he doesnt love Nihal
and he is just trying to pity her, he should stand up for their love even if its a
sin but it is LOVE. But Behll warns Bihter to stay away from Nihal and dont
toy with her to get to him. She tells Behll that youre actually hiding behind
Nihal because its your way out and penance for the sins you committed she
says that you love even your hairs more than Nihal. Next day during their
charity annual Ball, Behll appears with Nihal with shaved head. This leaves
Bihter devastated and she unwontedly hooks up with her husband Adnan just
to make him jealous, which makes Behll extremely furious and upset. Behll
shaves his head to prove on Bihter that he deeply care about Nihal and its not
just to hide behind her but it also sort of proves on Bihter that Behll NOT
even for ONCE Stood up or Did something for Bihter (Buying a House counts a
little but he didnt do something to Prove on Bihter that he want to Save their
relationship and will fight the world for it). Bihter tries to forget Behll but
watching her with Nihal breaks her every day from inside.

Bihter tells Behll that he cannot see anyone else touching him and she
cannot take this anymore. Even when Behll is engaged to Nihal, he secretly
makes love to Bihter and thinks that there will be a way to get out of it. The
business rival to Adnan makes accusations that Behll has an affair with
Bihter puts Adnan off balance and for a while he started to believe that.
Though the allegations turn wrong but this gives Bihter a chance to leave home
and she tells Behll to join him so both can leave the country. Behll who is
confuse over his uncles sadness as he thinks he is responsible that Bihter left
him still tries to leave but on Nihals attempt to stop him. She fall off stairs and
breaks her arm. Behll starts taking care of Nihal and ignoring Bihter, Bihter

comes to Behll and tells him that she is pregnant and she needs him. When
Behll comes to Bihters hotel room he hears her telling Adnan that he should
not have allowed for Nihal and Behlls wedding. And she is not coming back.
When Adnan leaves, Behll comes to Bihter and where she tells him that if you
are scare because of the baby then there is no baby. Angry Behll tells Bihter
that she is just like Ms.Frives. This makes Bihter furious as she hated her
mother the most in the world. She slaps Behll and kicks him out. Behll sits
and cries in the glass house and think about the time when he told Bihter that
he will never leave her alone and love her like crazy. Bihter on the other hand,
who is pregnant tries to abort the child but couldnt do it. Decide to leave the
country but her mother interferes and tells Adnan that she is pregnant and he
should stop her. Bihter first refuse to return and apologies for her behavior to
Adnan, but upon forced by Adnan and reading Behlls email that she should
never return home decides to come back. When Behll sees Bihter back home,
he gets angry at her and takes Nihal on boat with her that night. Behll makes
love to Nihal and when she returns home next day, she tells Bihter all about it.
Bihter who sees them kisses for the first time in corridor in state of shock
listen to their love making nights story. She tries to talk to Behll but he locks
his room to her. Devastated, broken and angry Bihter tries to tell Behll that
by using innocent Nihal to revenge on her he is not doing right. Behll tells her
that his future is bright and clear now, Bihter again watches Behll kissing
Nihal this leaves her angry and she comes back to room breaks her mirror. She
cries and cannot believe that the person she loves the most and the person for
whom she ruined her marriage and everything can do that to her. When her
mother returns from Europe trip she breaks down in her arms, Adnan watches
her but cannot understand the reason. That night Bihter tries to talk to Behll
in winery room but he pushes so hard on realizing that Nihal is coming to the
room that hurt and broken hearted Bihter decide to abort their love child.

Next morning Behll asks everyone about Bihter who is nowhere to be found at
the house, this proves that Behll still very much care about Bihter but tries
to hurt her so he can make Nihal happy as penance to the stabbing in the back
of Adnan who not only gave an orphan child a home but considered him as his
son. Anyways I cannot forget the grin on his face when he receives the new
luxury boat from Adnan as wedding gifts, and world tour on luxury cruise. This
proves that whether Behll admit it or not, Bihter was right he can never leave
that much money and luxurious lifestyle. On the night of the abortion, and her
mothers engagement, Bihter finally confesses to her mother about her affair

with Behll and tells her to stop that wedding, she breaks down in tears and
begs her to stop this wedding as she is dying and cannot see him getting wed to
Nihal. Her mother promises her that she will stop the wedding but she has to
promise that she will get rid of Behll. Bihter promises at that time, after that
Bihter and her mother tries to break the wedding but failed miserably. On one
occasion when Bihter fights with Adnan upon knowing that the Adnan has
hidden guards on her, Behll calls her that night and Bihter rightfully tells her
that What he fault now that youre getting married to Nihal, and left her all
alone. For the sin, which they both should have been punished only she is
getting punished as now he is going to start his new life with Nihal.

Next day while jogging in the forest at the back of the house, when Behll and
Bihter cross paths she just asks him that doesnt he miss her at all or doesnt
he loves her at all now. Behll tries to hide his love but suddenly starts kissing
Bihter and tells her that he missed her immensely. Bihter tells Behll that we
still got time; we can have all this if you just leave Nihal. Bihter runs back to
house and her mother and Nihal suspects that something happens between
them. Nihal stupidly gets convinced by Behll but Ms. Frives tells Bihter that
she was just helping her so she can get rid of Behll as well but clearly she
isnt so she wont help her anymore. Bihter after getting kissed by Behll in
forest thinks that they are back together and now this wedding will not
happen. She dress up very happily and feels like on seventh sky but Behll
thinks that kissing Bihter in the forest was a mistake so he and Nihal propose
that when theyll go for honeymoon to USA. They will take admission in
university up there so they are not planning to come home anytime soon. At
least in five years they will visit time to time.

This leave Bihter in devastation Again, next morning Nihal tells her that she is
planning a surprise Bday party for Behll in which Bihter tells her that she
will help. Adnan is going out of town, so Bihter starts texting, calling Behll
that he should meet her only Once tonight as Adnan is going abroad for one
last time. Behll refuses to meet her but eventually goes to a hotel for which
Bihter had texted that she will be waiting. When Behll comes out of the lift
thinking that he is coming to spend a night with Bihter gets shocked when
Bihter comes and screams Behll Surprise and all lights turns on and all
people including Nihal and Adnan are there for his surprise Birthday. This
defiantly shocks Behll and Bihter happy for a while as she was trying to prove

to Behll that he still mentally and physically deeply in love with Bihter
otherwise he would not have come here she tells Behll that upon finding
that it was a surprise Bday all she saw on his face that he cannot be alone
with Bihter tonight (Which is true but Behll wouldnt accept it) . Behll tells
Bihter that he came here so she should not be more humiliated but (for us
there is a moment when Behll steps out of his car and then again goes in and
put a perfume on his neck is a CLEAR indication that he came here to make
love to Bihter one last time as he cannot resist her) Bihter tries to act cool and
says she is now for sure that this wedding will not happen on which Behll
calls her SICK (it breaks my heart). Bihter on verge of tears again tries to act
cool and Behll goes to Nihal and start dancing with her but still looking at
Bihter (as he cannot take his eyes off her).

After that Bihter again alone, dying inside trying and finding a way to stop this
wedding but she doesnt have anything now as the man she could have relied
on doesnt he talks to her anymore. Till the end, Bihter plans their escape as
she knows that Behll deeply loves her and cannot live without her but is not
accepting the fact because he thinks Nihal will die if he leaves her. She tries to
stick for her selfish coward lover, trying to understand that he is coward and
needs a hand. BUT then the day comes when she also losts it, before wedding
day Behll meets her in the forest and thinking that Behll called her so they
can run off. She brings her ticketing details but as expected Behll tells her
that their Love was a mistake and we cannot hurt so many people. She should
just forget him. Behll apologies to Bihter and tells her that he knows he hurt
her a lot but he wants her to stop and dont ruin this wedding. Bihter tells
Behll that she was a fool; she always thought that in the end their love will
conquer but she forgot that youre a selfish man. She torn apart all the tickets
and leaves him devastatingly. Behll cries and then gets into his car. Mean
while Ms. Deniz watched them in the forest, she tries to convince Bashir to tell
her the truth. On Behluls Bechlors night Adnan tells Bihter that they should
get divorce after their marriage as he doesnt think we both are happy. This
gives Bihter a hope and she calls Behll and tells her that Adnan is divorcing
her and even if he hasnt decided yet she can wait for him to leave Nihal and
returned to her. Behll tells her that he will never leave Nihal but Bihter gives
him a night to think about it.

Next morning Bihter watched Nihal getting her dress to the car and getting set
for the wedding, she calls and texts Behll but he doesnt call her back.
Heartbroken Bihter tells her mother that today she will tell everything to Adnan
and then she will leave this place for ever. Ms. Frives who doesnt want Bihter
to leave Millions of money for a Casanova lover calls Behll to come and stop
her. Meanwhile, Mademoiselle tells Adnan that Behll is having an affair with
someone and he should ask Bashir about it. When Adnan is coming to Bashir
who is on death bed, Bihter happily calls Behll on seeing his 11 missed calls
thinking that he left Nihal and finally coming for her. But Behll tells her that
she should not tell uncle anything and dont ruin everything. Bihter
heartbrokenly says Alright and just know what she has to do now as the man
whom she gave millions of chances still only care about himself. On one side
we see Adnan going to Bashir, where he tells him that he saw Behll with Mrs.
Bihter in glass house. On the other side Behll enters Bihters room and she
locks the room, Bihter hold gun to her chest and tells Behll that youre
leaving me because you cannot leave Nihal, she asks him Why Me. Meanwhile
Adnan is trying to break the door, and Nihal is running to their room on the
stairs. Bihter asks Behll does he really think he can live without her, as this
door will only open once she is dead. If you say yes you can live without me, so
Let me Go, Let your Bihter Go. Behll cowardly tries to get the gun out of her
hand but suddenly Adnan breaks into the room and tells Behll that But you
were MY SON. Bihter looks at Behll who ashamedly sinks his head down
realizes that he will never stand up for her and their LOVE in life shoots
herself. Bihter dies and it finally awakens Behll that what he has lost

After her death, Behll visits her grave, asking for forgiveness over his
cowardice. Behll tells Bihter Seni Coke means I Love but couldnt complete
the sentence as he knows its too late He admits that he always loved her and
that he is her murderer and of everyone else, nothing would have ended this
way if he wasnt the coward man that he was, and that it is his punishment
that he will have to live with this guilt forever. Behll leaves Ziyagil family.
Firdevs goes into shock over her daughters death and ends up being
paralyzed. She blames herself for snatching her daughters love from her which
resulted in her death. Adnan moves into a new house with his children,
Mademoiselle and the servants (Suleyman, Shayesta, Nesrin, and Cemile) while
Nihal is on the path of recovery after Behluls betrayal.

The purpose of mentioning the whole tragic story was just to give you guys an
idea who much this woman Bihter has suffered on the name of love. I might
have seen several movies and shows but have not seen a woman so much in
pain as her. From beginning she is grieving for her fathers sudden death which
leads to her marriage to an old man and then a Forbidden Love affair with
coward man who not for once stood up with her. Every time I was the ending,
or Behuls cruel behavior towards Bihter I wish it didnt happened or there
must be a way to change it, even if its just a TV show its more real than
anything I have ever seen. I have seen Behll and Bihters scenes several times
again and again. And Im still unable to understand how could a man who
loved a man so much leaves her in so much pain and devastation.

Beren Saats performance as Bihter has outdone all performances ever

done by any actress in TV or cellulite history. As Bihter, her expressions
changes every other minutes and sometimes in seconds. She is happy on
front and in extreme pain inside which is visible in her eyes the entire
time. Even when she tries to fight her mother to marry an old man or when
unwontedly she falls for her husbands nephew. Ive never seen a woman more
in pain then her, she fall for a coward man who disappointed her on every
occasion. She tries to break free of his charisma but falls right underneath it
again and again. Just thinking about Bihters heart break brings tears in my
eyes. Conventionally we may are suppose to hate a woman who cheats on her
husband with his Son like nephew but we cant. We see her struggling on every
step and she tries to fight all odds against her. Even knowing that the man she
loves isnt going to stand behind her. There are thousand times I think that she
should not have committed suicide for this coward man but honestly there was
no other way for her. She was in pain, a pain which was eating her soul and
heart and the only way to put him through that pain was to make him finally
realize that he even cant live without her.

It wont be wrong to say that Kivanc Tatlitug is one of the world most beautiful
men alive. And his casting as Casanova lover Behll is perfect. His
performance is nothing but spectacular, first as Casanova lover, then as man
on fire falling for his young aunt, then turning into this obsessive lover to
eventually selfish lover and in the end to heartbroken for life lover is
exceptional. We cant ignore his charisma, expressions and superb

The chemistry between Beren Saat and Kivanc Tatlitug is magical, at least I
have never seen chemistry like that ever and especially in TV shows its not
possible. Every day the moment they see each other there is this fire and
unspeakable magic between them. Even when we see Bihter and Behll hating
each other in the start or when they feel attracted to each other and when they
fall in love with each other and in the end when they fight. There are a still
magical expressions, eyes and body languages which is rare and uncommon
between two people. To understand how powerful their chemistry and
performance is you have to watch their every scene multiple times. I swear
Bihter and Behlls every seconds expression is a million dollar; even they are
not in a scene together and hear each others voice on phone or someone else
even say their name. Their facial expression and eyes are not worthy. No
wonder this show looks more than real than any reality show or documentary.

Ive become obsessed with the show and its amazing cast, direction, writing,
background music and production value.
I think everyone should take time out to watch this incredible series as just like
me you would have not seen woman like Bihter whose heart have been
broken thousand times in to pieces and she still tries to fight again and again
all alone for the coward lover who never can stand up to the world. Long after
the series will be over this will haunt you as youve never seen a woman as
broken as Bihter.