Anda di halaman 1dari 25


Advertisement adalah text yang berisi iklan, baik itu iklan product maupun
iklan lowongan kerja. Dengan kata lain, advertisement menurut jenisnya
dapat dibedakan menjadi 2:


Advertisement of product (Iklan suatu produk) seperti:

a. Hotel, Apartment, Villa, inn, residence
b. Restaurant, caf, shop, supermarket, distro
Food/drink, medicine, cosmetics
d. Electronic, house equipments, furniture
e. School, University, course
Advertisement of job vacancy / Job opportunity. (Iklan lowongan kerja)
Kosa kata yang sering muncul:
: Sangat diinginkan/dicari

: Dibutuhkan segera
: Dibutuhkan


: Kesempatan berkarir.


: Membuka kesempatan


: Kesempatan terbaik

untukmu (bekerja)

: Mencari lulusan baru

: Mencari seorang

2. Functions/purposes:
- To advertise
: Untuk mengiklankan
- To promote
: Untuk mempromosikan
- To attract people to
: Untuk menarik orang supaya.
- To persuade people to
: Untuk merayu orang supaya
- To make people interested in : Untuk membuat orang tertarik
3. Soal yang biasanya muncul dalam UN:
Functions/Purposes : Fungsi/Tujuan
What is the function of the text?
The purpose of the text is.
The writer wrote the text to..
Topic of the advertisement: Topic iklan
What is being advertised?
What is the advertisement about?

The advertisement is about..

Pertanyaan tersirat/tersurat sesuai isi/content of the advertisement: Isi Iklan
( What, where, when, who, Why, How)
How can the applicants apply the job vacancy?
When must the candidates apply the applications?
Who are able to apply the opportunity?
4. Kosa Kata yang sering muncul dalam iklan:
- Looking for/seeking for/opening for
= Mencari/membuka
- Required/needed/requested/asked
= Lowongan/ Dicari/dibutuhkan
- Applicants
= Pelamar
- Candidate
= Calon
- Requirements/Qualification
= Syarat-syarat
- Fresh graduate/new graduate
= lulusan baru
- Experienced
= Berpengalaman
- Excellent English X Poor English
= Menguasai bahasa inggris X kurang
- High motivated X low motivated
= Punya motivasi tinggi X motivasi
- Energetic
X in-energetic
- Fem(Female)Xmale
= Energik X kurang energik
= Wanita X laki-laki
- PT (Part time) X Full time
= Kerja paruh waktu X kerja Kerja
- Apply (by mail, on line, by
phone/come in person)
= Melamar ( dengan surat, on line,
- Application letter
telpon, datang
- CV (Curriculum
= langsung)
= Surat lamaran
- Recent photo
= Daftar riwayat hidup
- Request
= Foto terbaru
= Gaji yang diinginkan
= Batas akhir tanggal penyerahan
- Due submission
= Tidak lebih dari..
- Not more/not over/not later than
= Sebelum../setelah..
- Before../After
= Paling lambat 2 minggu dari
- At least a fortnightly from this
tanggal ini.
= Kantor pusat X kantor cabang
- Head office X branch office
= Untuk disewakan
- For rent
= Harga sewa kamar
- Room rate / Room charge
= keramahan/disambut dengan baik
- Hospitality/nice welcome
= Harga terjangkau/murah X harga
- Reasonable/cheap X expensive
5. Contoh Advertisement/Iklan Teks Bahasa Inggris
A. Advertisement of Job Vacancy (Lowongan Pekerjaan)
We are INTERNAL FREIGHT forwarding looking for:

1. Operating Staff.
Male, max.27 years old.1 year, experience, honest, able to work
under pressure, have motorcycle and driving license (A & C ).
2. Marketing Executive.
Male/female, max 25 ,exp.min 1 year in marketing, fluent in English oral &
written, good looking, team worker, honest & hardworker.
Please send CV with recent 3 x 4 photograph latest by Feb.21 , 2013 to:
HRD Manager, Ruko Tanjung Priok Permai
Jl. Laksda M. Nasir 29 Blok E-17. Surabaya.
Exclusive facial Cotton
100% pure cotton without bleaching
Ensures better absorbency and comfort for
cosmetic application
Hygienic way to remove make up and cleanser
Its softness is suitable for babys skin
Read the text to answer questions 1 and 2.
1. What is the main function of the Exclusive facial cotton?
a. To soften babys skin
c. To comfort the
b. To absorb cosmetic
d. To clean make up
2. From the text above we know that Exclusive facial Cotton is
a. Hygienic in certain items.
c. white with
certain addition substances.
b. pure white without chemical process.
d. natural because of
no chemical process.
Read the advertisement below and answer questions 3 to 4.
Find the correct spelling and
more than 80.000 words
with this electronic dictionary
Made of strong plastic
Comes in two colors
Dark grey and light blue
$ 104.50
What is being advertised in the text above?
a. an electronic dictionary
c. a correct spelling
b. a complete dictionary
d. a strong plastic



the advertisement above, we know that

the price of the item is Rp104.500,
one of the item's colours is dark blue
there are more than 80,000 words in the item
the item comes in many colours


From the

text we know that the writer wants to ....

give information about anew complete dictionary
inform the cheap price of a strong plastic dictionary
persuade the readers to buy an electronic dictionary
explain how to use a complete electronic dictionary


Which one is NOT TRUE according to the text?

The price of the item is $ 104.50.
is made of plastic.
It has more than 80,000 words.
item's colors is dark blue.

c. The dictionary
d. One of the

7. How many colors are the dictionaries available?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
Native speaker Eng Teachers
Required Exp/C TEFL preffered
Ph. Louis 8564791-92,
8 a.m-8 p.m
Monday to Saturday
Text for questions 8 and 9
Which qualification must the teacher candidate have ?
c. Expressive
d. Experienced

The word Required is similar meaning to

c. trained
d. Needed
Happy Mart
Our Customers in Jakarta are welcome to enjoy
Our closing down sale on June 29,2013

50% off for all


Please be noted that Happy Mart at Senayan Plaza Mall


Will cease its operation on June 30,2013 and

At Shangri-La Mall on August 31, 2013.
If you have any inquiries, please contact us at +622188888667677
Toll-free + 6221767679769 in West Jakarta only
Or send email to Happy

1. If customers in West Jakarta have a question, they should contact a toll-free at . . . .

A. Shangri-La Mall
B. Senayan Plaza Mall
C. + 62(21)7676979769
D. +62(21)88888667677
E. Happy
2. From the text we know that . . . .
A. Happy Mart will be sold 50 % of the normal price
B. Happy Mart are selling all its items on June 28, 2013
C. Happy Mart at Senayan Plaza will close down on June 29, 2013
D. Happy Mart at Shangri-La Mall will close down before the one in Senayan Plaza
E. Happy Mart will have a big sale one day before the closing date at Senayan Plaza Mall

Jawaban: C E
The following text is for question number 1 to 2
Hotel Work :
One Month Training Course
Suitable young men and women are invited to apply for places on the one month training course on hotel
work organized by Hong Kong Institute of Hotel Management. Tuition is free of charge and students who
successfully complete the course will be offered employment in the Colonys leading hotels.
The Training Course will take place from Monday 21st July to Friday 22nd August, from 9 a.m to 4.30 p.m.
daily , except Saturdays and Sundays.
Applications for places on the course are welcome for students now in their third year at secondary
school, who have good knowledge of English, and have interest in hotel work.
Application forms may be obtained from :
The Hong Kong Institute of Management,
Box 948,
The South China Times.
The closing date for applications is April 29th

Those who successfully complete the course will be given . . . .

Free tuition
A further training course
Jobs in big hotels in the colony


A chance to stay in the colonys leading hotels for one month

Membership of the Hong Kong Institute of Hotel management


What requirement is needed by an applicant to apply for the hotel work training ?
Able to speak Mandarin.
Secondary school graduate.
Good knowledge of English.
Reputable university graduate.
2-year experience in hotel work.

Jawaban: C C

Soal UN SMA/MA 2007

Expanding wholesaler of stationary and office equipment
requires a responsible accountant for director to run smoothly
the company finance with good salary and good working
condition for good applicant.
Apply with curriculum vitae to
Mrs. Barton
Office Equipment World and Efficiency Works
PO Box 36 Whistle Woods UK


1. In which section would you likely read the ad?

Company for sale
Office equipment
Job vacancy
Entertainment Guide
Stationary and office


2. What position is offered in the ads?

Office staff
Director assistant
3. Apply with curriculum vitae to Mrs. Barton


What information should the applicant include in it?

Experience in managing a accompany
A statement of salary wanted
A prove of knowing about stationary
A statement of responsibility
A statement of education and work experience
Jawaban: C C E

Soal UN SMA/MA 2010

The text is for questions 1 and 2.
Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel Bali
Prime Property Prime Location Prime Investment
Only 5 minutes away from Sanur, directly at the Beach
All apartments with view to the sea, full hotel amenities
Large pools, spa, fitness, sauna and steam, parking, restaurant
For complete information please visit our website
Invitation stimulation temptation
Where: Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta (Leatris Room)
When: 15th and 16th of January 2011 (15.00-21.00WIB)
For reservation: PT Umadamai Phone +62 21 8747976 or
For every purchase prior to 31 January 2011 we will invite the buyer for the Ground-Breaking ceremony
Flight from Jakarta to Bali and a night in a luxury villa FREE
1. The text talks about
a. Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel
b. Balis apartment development
c. A dream becomes reality
d. Hotel Mulia Senayan
e. Prime property

2. Which of the following is not found in the advertisement?

a. Large pools
b. Restaurant
c. Website
d. Fitness
e. Spa

Jawaban: A C

Descriptive text is a text which says what a person or a thing is like. Its
purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place or thing.
Teks Deskriptif yaitu teks yang menjelaskan gambaran seseorang atau
benda. Tujuannya adalah untuk menggambarkan atau mengungkapkan
orang, tempat atau benda tertentu.
Bisa dikatakan juga bahwa Descriptive text adalah teks yang menjelaskan
tentang seperti apakah orang atau benda yang dideskripsikan, baik
bentuknya, sifat-sifatnya, jumlahnya dan lain-lain.
Struktur Descriptive Text (generic structure) adalah :
1. Identification (identifikasi) adalah pendahuluan , berupa gambaran umum
tentang suatu topik.
2.Description (deskripsi) adalah berisi ciri-ciri khusus yang dimiliki benda,
tempat, atau orang yang dideskripsikan.
Ciri-ciri Descriptive Text :
- Menggunakan simple present tense
- Menggunakan attribute verb, seperti be (am, is, are)
- Hanya fokus pada satu objek tersebut.
Berikut adalah Contoh Descriptive Text :
National Monument
The National Monument (or Monument Nasional) is a 132 meters tower in the
center of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta. It symbolizes the fight for
Indonesias independence. The monument consist of a 117,7 m obelisk on a
45 m square platform at a height of 17 m.
The towering monument symbolizes the philosophy of Lingga and Yoni.
Lingga resembles, rice pestle (alu) and Yoni resembles a mortar rice (lesung),
two important items in Indonesian agricultural tradition.
The construction began in 1961 under the direction of President Soekarno
and the monument was opened to the public in 1975. It is topped by a flame
covered with gold foil. The monument and museum is opened daily from
08.00 15.00 every day throughout the week, except for the last Monday of
the month the monument is closed.
Prambanan Temple
Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple compound in Central Java in
Indonesia, located approximately 18 km east of Yogyakarta. It is
characterised by its tall and pointed architecture, typical of Hindu temple

architecture, and by the 47 m high central building inside a large complex of

individual temples. It was built around 850 CE by either Rakai Pikatan, king of
the second Mataram Dynasty, or Balitung Maha Sambu, during the Sanjaya
Dynasty. Not long after its construction, the temple was abandoned and
began to deteriorate. Reconstruction of the compound began in 1918. The
main building was completed in around 1953

Report vs Descriptive text

Report Text

Generic Structure

: 1. General classification 2. Description part per part

Language Features : 1. Introducing group or general aspect 2. Using

conditional logical connection 3. Using Simple Present Tense

Descriptive Text

Generic Structure

: 1. Identification 2. Description in parts or each


Language Features : 1. Using Simple Present Tense 2. Using action verb 3.

Using adverb 4. Using special technical terms

The more detail explanation is in the following:

Then, lets see the examples of those texts.

Contoh soal descriptive

Soal UN SMA/MA 2013
Victoria Caroline Beckham is an English singer-songwriter, dancer, model, actress, fashion designer and
business woman. She was born on April 17, 1974, in Essex, England. She became famous in the 1990's
with the pop group "The Spice Girl"and was known as Posh Spice. In 1999, she married the Manchester
United and England footballer, David Beckham. They have four children, three sons and a daughter.
After The Spice Girl split up, she pursued a solo singer career, but also started her own fashion range
called dVb Style. Since this initial foray into fashion Victoria Beckham has brought out her own range of
sunglasses and fragrance, entitled "Intimately Beckham"and a range of handbags and jewelry.
In addition she had written two best-selling books: one her autobiography and the other, a fashion guide.

What did Victoria do before being a solo singer?

Married to David Beckham
Worked as fashion designer
Joined The Spice Girl
Created fashion style
Wrote many books


We found in the text that ....

Victoria named her fragrance by dVb style
Beckham is Victoria's autobiography
Beckham is Victoria's brand for her fragrance
Posh Spice is the title of her new album
Spice Girls is Victoria's label for her wardrobe


Based on the text, what do we know about Victoria?

She is an ordinary woman
She is a multi-talented woman
She designed The Spice Girls
She married to an ordinary person
She arranged many songs for The Spice Girls

Jawaban: C C B

Raja Ampat or 'Four Kings', is the name given to some islands in West Papua and comes
from a local myth. The four major islands are Waigeo, Misool (which is home to ancient rock
painting), Salawati, and Batanta. Raja Ampat is located in the bird head of the island of Papua.
Underwater enthusiasts flock to this region because it offers the world's best marine sight. In the
Raja Ampat islands, divers can explore vertical underwater walls. The thrill of drift diving is
another great challenge.
The territory within the islands of the Four Kings is enormous, covering 9.8 million acres
of land and sea, home to 540 types of corals, more than 1,000 types of coral fish and 700 types
of mollusks. This makes it the most diverse living library for world's coral reef and underwater
biota. According to a report developed by The Nature Conservancy and Conservation
International, around 75% of the world's species live here.
When divers first arrive here their excitement is palpable. It's common to hear people
praise God as they take in the remarkable scenery. Others prefer to remain in silence taking in
the overwhelming sight of so many islands with crystal clear water that softly brushes over the
white sandy beaches
1. The text is about the ... of Raja Ampat.
A. size of the islands
B. scenery on the islands
C. natural habitat
D. flora and fauna
E. underwater beauty
2. Where is Raja Ampat located?
A. The Misool island.
B. The Waigeo island.
C. The Batanta island.
D. The Salawati archipelago.
E. The Papua archipelago.
3. Why so many divers come to Raja Ampat?
A. It is home to ancient rock paintings.
B. It offers the world's best marine sights.
C. Divers can explore horizontal underwater walls.
D. It has the most diverse museum for world's coral reef and underwater biota.
E. There is few island with crystal clear water softly brushes over the white sandy beaches.
Jawaban: B E B

I have a super mother. My mother is now in her late fifties. She comes from a family of traditional
Cantonese middle class people. She has some knowledge of traditional .... (1) for fever, loss of appetite
and minor cough. She is quite tall and medium built. She looks much younger than her age. She .... (2)
Mandarin fluently and English quite well. She is an excellent cook, and her grandson once said that her
cooking skills could match those of a chef in a restaurant. She is very friendly and .... (3). She never fails
to help anyone to who needs her help. She likes to travel and, like any other woman, she likes to shop.

A. food
B. menu
C. pastry
D. beverage
E. remedies

A. asks
B. learns
C. cleans
D. speaks
E. exercises

A. rude
B. smart
C. quick
D pretty
E. helpful

Jawaban: E D E

Makassar is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the largest city on Sulawesi Island.
From 1971 to 1999, the city was named Ujung Pandang, after a pre-colonial fort in the city, and the two
names are often used interchangeably. The port city is located at 58S 11925E, on the southwest coast
of the island of Sulawesi, facing the Makassar Strait. Its area is 175.77 km2 and has population of around
1.4 million.
Makassar is home to several prominent landmarks including the 16th century Dutch fort Fort Rotterdam,
Trans Studio Makassarthe third largest indoor theme park in the world and the Karebosi Linkthe first
underground shopping center in Indonesia.
Makassar has several famous traditional foods. The most famous is Coto Makassar. It is a stew made
from the mixture of nuts and spices with beef parts which include beef brain, tongue and intestine. Konro
rib dish is also popular traditional food in Makassar. Both Coto Makassar and Konro are usually eaten
with Burasa, glutinous rice with coconut milk and sauted coconut granule.
In addition, Makassar is the home of pisang epe, or pressed bananas. These are bananas which are
pressed, grilled, and covered with palm sugar sauce and sometimes eaten with Durian. Many street
vendors sell pisang epe, especially around the area of Losari beach.
(Adapted from

Interchangeably (adv)
Strait (n)
Prominent (adj)
Landmark (n)
Mixture (n)
Spice (n)
Intestine (n)
Glutinous (n)
Granule (n)
Vendor (n)

Secara tertukar
Penjual keliling

1. Where is Makassar located?

Answer key: Makassar is located on South Sulawesi.
2. Based on the text, what is the biggest city on Sulawesi Island?
Answer key: the biggest city on Sulawesi Island is Makassar.
3. What is the old name of Makassar?
Answer key: the old name Makassar is Ujung Pandang.
4. According to the text, what is the first underground shopping center in Indonesia?
Answer key: the first underground shopping center in Indonesia is Karebosi Link.
5. What is the most well-known food in Makassar?
Answer key: the most well-known food in Makassar is Coto Makassar.
6. It can be inferred from the passage that ...
Answer key: Makassar is one of the most favorite places to visit on Sulawesi Island.
7. What is the writers main point in the passage?
Answer key: Makassar is a great city to visit.
8. It is a stew made from the mixture of nuts.

Pronoun it in line 14 refers to.

Answer key: pronoun it refers to Coto Makassar.
9. Makassar is home to several prominent landmarks
Look at the word prominent in the passage. Prominent is probably .
Answer key: the word prominent is probably outstanding
10. Many street vendors sell pisang epe.
The underlined word is closest in meaning to .
Answer key: the underlined word is closest in meaning to sellers.

Pengertian Conditional Sentences adalah kalimat bersyarat. Kalimat ini

memiliki dua klausa-induk kalimat dan anak-kalimat-yang dihubungkan

menggunakan "IF".




makna "seandainya" atau "jika". Di dalam bahasa Inggris, tipe kalimat ini
dibagi menjadi 3, yaitu :
1. First Conditional
2. Second Conditional
3. Third Conditional
1. Susunan
If + S + V1, S + will + V1 + O
Contoh :
a. If I see Barlie, I will tell him.
(Jika saya bertemu Barlie, saya akan mengatakan kepadanya.)
b. If Julie is free tomorrow, he will invite her.
(Jika Julie libur besok, dia akan mengundangnya.)
c. If it rains tomorrow, will you stay at home?
(Jika besok hujan, apakah kamu akan diam di rumah?)
d. If it rains tomorrow, what will you do?
(Jika besok hujan, apa yang akan kamu lakukan?
2. Makna
Kalimat dalam konstruksi ini berarti mungkin benar-benar terjadi jika
syratnya terpenuhi. Oleh karena itu, makna kalimat ini disebut sebagai

possibility (kemungkinan). Pemaknaan kalimat pada tipe ini dapat disusun

sebagai berikut :
S + may + V1 + that + S + may +
V1 + O
Dalam pola susunan tersebut, kalimat-kalimat contoh di atas dapat diuraikan
maknanya menjadi berikut :
a. I may see Barlie that I may tell him.
b. Julie may be free tomorrow that he may invite her.
c. It may rain tomorrow, may you stay at home?
d. It may rain tomorrow, what may you do?
1. Susunan
If + S + V2, S + would + V1 +
Contoh :
a. If I married Rania, I would be happy.
(Jika saya menikah dengan Rania, Saya akan senang.)
b. If Jack became rich, he would marry her.
(Jika Jack menjadi kaya, dia akan menikahinya.)
c. If it snowed next July, what would you do?
(Jika musim salju bulan July yang akan datang, apa yang akan kamu
2. Makna
Apa yang dikatakan dalam induk kalimat tidak pernah terjadi karena syarat
yang dikatakan dalam anak kalimat tidak terpenuhi. Oleh karena itu, kalimat
ini disebut sebagai Unreal Present. Tenses untuk makna kalimatnya berubah
dan polanya disusun sebagai berikut :
S + dont/doesnt + V + that + S + will
not + V1 + O

Dalam pola susunan tersebut, kalimat-kalimat contoh di atas dapat

diuraikan maknanya menjadi berikut :
a. I don't marry Rania that I am not happy.
b. Jack doesn't become rich that he will not marry her.
c. It doesn't snow next July, what do you do?

1. Susunan
If + S + had + V3, S + would have + V3 +
Contoh :
a. If I had seen Diana, I would have told her.
(Jika saya bertemu Diana, saya akan mengatakan padanya.)
b. If it had rained yesterday, would you have stayed at home?
(Jika kemarin hujan, akankah kamu tinggal di rumah?)
c. If Shinta had been free yesterday, I would have invited her.)
(Jika Shinta libur kemarin, saya akan mengundangnya.)
2. Makna
Apa yang dikatakan dalam induk kalimat tidak pernah terjadi karena kalimat
syarat yang dikatakan dalam anak kalimat tidak pernah terpenuhi. Karena
dinyatakan dalam bentuk Past Tense, kalimat ini disebut sebagai Unreal Past.
Tenses untuk makna kalimatnya juga berubah :
S + didnt + V1 + that + S + would not +
V1 + O
Dalam pola susunan tersebut, kalimat-kalimat contoh di atas dapat diuraikan
maknanya menjadi berikut :
a. I didn't see Diana that I would not tell her.
b. It didn't rain yesterday did you stay at home?
c. Shinta wasn't free yesterday that I would not invite her.

Explanation Text: Geyser

Soal Ujian Nasional SMA/MA 2013
The following text is for questions 1 to 4
A geyser is the result of underground water under the combined conditions of high temperatures and
increased pressure beneath the surface of the earth. Since temperature rises approximately 1 F for every
sixty feet under the earth's surface, and pressure increases with depth, the water that seeps down in
crack and fissures until it reaches very hot rock in the earth interior becomes heated to temperature in
excess of 290 F. Because of the greater pressure, the water shoots out of the surface in the form of steam
and hot water. The result is a geyser. In order to function, then a geyser must have a source of heat,
reservoir where water can be stored until the temperature rises to an unstable point, an opening through
which the hot water and steam can escape, and underground channels for resupplying water after an
Favorable conditions for geyser exist in some regions of the world including New Zealand, Iceland, and
the Yellowstone National Park area of the United States. The most famous geyser in the world is Old
Faithfull in Yellow Park. Old Faithfull erupts almost every hour, rising to a height of 125 to 170 feet and
expelling more than ten thousand gallons during each eruption.
1. How geyser is produced?
A. By the rise of temperature pressure functioning hot steam.
B. From a huge tension of heated water that coming out from the earth crack.
C. From the heated temperature in earth crack that absorbing water.
D. From the temperature and absorbed water that occurs on earth surface.
E. By the hot water and temperature of hot rock that occurs on earth surface.
2. Steam and hot water shoot out of the surface because of ....
A. hot rock and water
B. temperature and pressure
C. greater pressure
D. high temperature and increased pressure
E. underground temperature and increased pressure
3. Reservoir where the water can be stored will be after eruption and resupplying again .....
A. hot
B. narrow
C. open
D. empty
E. unstable
4. "... and expelling more than ten thousand gallons during each eruption." (Paragraph 2)
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. heating
B. melting
C. wasting
D. supplying
E. discharging
Jawaban: E C C C

Functional Text: Letter

Soal UN SMA/MA 2010
Dave Smith
32 Alberta Way
Kingston, ON K7P 0L0
Dear Dave Smith,
On behalf of your brother John, and all of the people of Alberta, I would like to personally invite you to visit
Alberta in 2005 to help mark the province's Centennial year.
A number of activities have been planned in the province throughout the year, and I know John would
love to have you visit to help mark this important milestone in Alberta's history.
To help you plan your travel, details of some of the events can be found on our website at
www.albertacentennial,ca, and additional information can be found at Travel Alberta's website at
www.travelalbert,com. I am also enclosing a special gift for you, so when you do visit Alberta you can
celebrate our Centennial be learning more about our past at one of Alberta's museums, historic sites or
interpretive centres.
Please come join us as we celebrate our past and imagine our future.
Sincerely yours,
Ralph Klein

7. What is the letter mainly about?

A. Important website.
B. A travel plan to Alberta.
C. Activities during a celebration.
D. An invitation to attend a celebration.
E. A celebration of Alberto's Centennial year.
8. Why does the sender mention the websites in his letter?
A. To see important events.
B. To browse interesting events
C. To keep up with the current news
D. To help the receiver enjoy the travel
E. To facilitate the receiver to plan his trip.
9. " Please come join us as we celebrate our past and imagine our future." (Paragraph 4) The
sentence above means
A. do together and play together.
B. combine together and celebrate it
C. join together and do something right
D. merge together and hope to raise the product

E. let's commemorate the centennial year together

Jawaban: D E E

City check-in Garuda Indonesia
If you have business in town, you can pick up your boarding pass at one of our city check-in
offices in Indonesia and Singapore. All you need to do is check-in at least 4 hours before flight
departure. Then, make your way to the airport at your convenience. It means youll have more
time to for yourself , and less time waiting at the airport. City check-in can be done by other
people who are not passengers by showing the original document (e.g. ticket, Passport, Visa,
For domestic flight service, a passenger who cancelled his/her flight will be charged 25% of
normal tariff one way on his/her flight sector. At the following sales offices, Check-in can be
done from 24 hours until 4 hours before flight departure on:
Monday Friday: 07.30 a.m04.30 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday-Holiday: 09.00-01.00 p.m.
Infant under two years of age not occupying individual seat and accompanied by an adult, shall
be charged 10% of the full adult fare. If such infant occupies a seat, the charge will be 50% of
the full adult fare.
All check-in procedures remain the same as normal check-in, except:
Baggage will be reported at check-in counter at departure airport.
Thank you for flying with Garuda Indonesia
(UN 2005)
21.What does the text tell us about?
A. How to check-in at a city, check-in office
B. How to get cheaper tickets
C. How to cancel flight
D. How to pay for the ticket
22.A one year old baby shall charged.of the full adult fare if she/he occupies a seat.
A. one percent
B. one tenth
C. a quarter
D. a half
23.According to the text what does Garuda Indonesia offer?
A. A cheaper fare
B. A more comfortable flight service
C. To check-in at more comfortable places
D. City Check-in
24.All you need to do is to check-in at least 4 hours (paragraph 1)
The underlined word refers to ...



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