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Now can you believe that Moringa is a

Miracle Tree?
(Moringa Stenopetala grows in Ethiopia. It has similar properties to
Moringa Oleifera. The tree is bigger than Moringa Oleifera leaves,
pods, seeds, everything.)

Banana Peels: Dont Throw It into Bin

Ways to Use a Banana Peel:

The banana peels are not only good to make people fall, but they are
also very useful for the following:


Relieves Mosquito Bites and Poison Ivy Itching: The

banana peel has the ability to drastically reduce skin irritation,
swelling and redness. Just rub your inside of a banana peel on your
bug or mosquito bites and rashes to stop the itching.


Burns and Scrapes Pain Reliever: The oil in a banana peel will help
relieve the pain from burns and scrapes as well. Just rub the inside of
a banana peel over the area of your skin which is burned or scraped.


Makes Wrinkles and Headaches Disappear: Rubbing a banana

peel on your forehead over and over will do three things Make your
wrinkles go away, make your headache go away and make you look
like you are completely insane.


Wart Removal: Rub the inside of a little piece of a

banana peel on a wart every night. You should see results within one
to two weeks.


Against Acne: The potassium and the antioxidants housed within

their peel makes the banana priceless in the fight against acne. Use
just a small part of the peel to heal acne. Rub the inside of the peel

gently over the irritated area for about 5 minutes or until

the inside of the peel gets brown. Replace and throw away the
banana peel once it is entirely brown. Clean the skin around with
lukewarm water but let the banana dry out on the affected area to do

its magic. Repeat at least 3 times a day. You will be surprised by the
fast and glorious results and the clear skin you will be awarded with
just a few days later. In fact, you will see the first results just

Removing Splinters: Similar to wart removal, tape a piece of the

peel over the splinter. The enzymes will help dislodge the splinter and
heal the wound.


Make Houseplants Sparkle: Peels can be used to make the leaves

of plants shine. Bananas are naturally high in potassium and
encourages plant growth. Take banana peel or entire banana and
bury with soil.


Teeth Brightener: Gently rub the pieces of inside of a banana peel

on your teeth with your fingers for at least two minutes daily. Your
yellowish teeth will start shining in a few days. The banana peels do
not have the abrasiveness that other natural whiteners have and best
of all they are inexpensive. Brush your teeth as usual with natural
toothpaste or you can use the banana peel first and then brush. The
amazing minerals in the peel like potassium, magnesium and
manganese absorb into your teeth and whiten them.


Shoe Polish: Use the peel to make your kicks nice and shiny.


Savior For Polluted Water: The banana peel can take water dirtied

by heavy metals from mining operations or other activities and turn it

to clean drinking water. The banana peels contain nitrogen, sulfur and
organic compounds such as carboxylic acids. These acids can bind
with positively charged metals that leach into rivers from industrial
operations. Just chop up and dry a bunch of banana peels and mix
them with water, which is polluted with copper and lead, etc. The
peels will perform better than many typical filtering materials, like

silica or carbon. Whats more, the peels are a cheap waste material.
They could be used up to 11 times before they stopped working as
Note: The banana peels cant get rid of bacteria residing in water.

Eat Banana but dont throw Banana Peels into Dust Bin.

Spinal Safety:

Your spine is at work 24 hours a day.

It takes part in almost every move you make.

Because of its workload, your spine is prone to injury.

Spine Injuries:

Are extremely painful.

Are difficult to heal.

Are frequently recurring.

Affect everything you do.

Preventing spine injuries is a major safety challenge.

For those who suffer from spine injury:

Only 3% receive training in preventing spine injuries.

97% receive medical treatment.

Learn the Right Moves:

The best way to prevent back injuries is to learn the right moves:

Practice good posturemaintain your backs natural curves.

Practice good body mechanics and work techniques good habits

reduce the strain placed on the back.

Maintain physical fitness.

Have a Good Posture

Stand or sit up straight.

Keep knees slightly bent while standing.

Keep your ears, shoulders, hips, and ankles in a straight line while

These curves counterbalance and allow the spine to remain

balanced over the center of gravity.

Have a Good Posture:

When posture is good, all the organs can function properly without


Also, your nervous system ability to monitor and control the whole
bodys function is enhanced.

Conversely, improper posture leads to gradual degeneration of the


It will result in misaligned vertebrae which can irritate nerves and

ligaments and muscles stretch unevenly.

Always practice good posture when sitting, standing, sleeping and

lifting heavy.

Body Mechanics & Work Techniques:


Keep your weight equal on both feet.

Change positions often.

Keep head high, chin tucked in, toes ahead.

Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes with good support.

Body Mechanics & Work Techniques


Sleep on a firm mattress.

Sleep on your side with a pillow between your bent knees or on

your back with a pillow under knees.

Never sleep on your stomach, which can twist your neck and strain
your back.


Sit up straight, firmly against back of the chair.

Keep both feet flat on the floor.

Keep knees at or slightly lower than the level of your hips.

Protect your lower back with a lumbar support (or rolled-up towel).


Adjust car seat so your knees are just below hip level.

Sit up straight.

Keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Use a lumbar support (or rolled-up towel) to support your lower


Computer workstations:

Keep the keyboard directly in front of you.

Place the screen at a comfortable distance.

Adjust the top of the screen to be at eye level.

Maintain your back in neutral posture.

Avoid extended reaches.

Keep forearms and hands horizontal, with your elbows vertically

under your shoulders (no angle at the wrist).

Adjust the chairs height so that your knees are level or slightly
below your hips and both feet are flat on the floor.


Remember your BACK when lifting:

BBack Straight

AAvoid Twisting

CClose to the body

KKeep the lift smooth (dont jerk)

Always lift with your legs!

Decrease the weight lifted by:

Holding objects close to your body.

Distributing the weight of the load evenly.

Using lifting teams (ask for help).

Using lift assist devices (e.g., carts, dollies, forklifts, cranes).

Body Mechanics & Work Techniques

Improve effectiveness of your work space by:

Ensuring clear and easy access to load.

Turning by moving your feet and your whole body.

Minimizing bending, twisting, and reaching below mid-thigh, above

shoulder height, and beyond

50 cm.

Minimize frequently repeated and lengthy tasks that are the most
tiring by:

Alternating heavy tasks with lighter ones.

Using larger muscle groups (e.g., thighs).

Reducing the number of times a load is lifted.

Reducing the pace of the task.

Maintain Physical Fitness

Poor physical fitness can increase the likelihood of a back injury.

Regular exercise:

Strengthens back and abdominal muscles.

Promotes weight control.

Keeps bones healthy and strong.


There are a few exercises that can be done at your desk that will

help emphasize proper posture.

Pinch your shoulder blades together as hard as you can for 15

seconds. This should be repeated 3 to 4 times.

Tuck your chin in like you are making a double chin. Hold this for
15 seconds as hard as you can and repeat 3 to 4 times also.

Both of these strengthen the postural muscles and make it easier

to keep in the proper position.

When working long hours at the computer it is important to take

mini-breaks. Lean back in the chair and extend your arms out and

away from your body.

These breaks should be done every 30 minutes and you should

get up from your chair and move around for at least 5 minutes every

Lemons for Curing Cancers

Nutrition Data reports that each quarter cup of lemon juice provides 61
calories, with no fat. It contains 21g of carbohydrates and 1g of protein.
Lemon juice is an excellent source of vitamin C as each 1/4 cup of the
juice provides over 28mg of the vitamin, which is about 47 percent of the
daily recommended value for a healthy diet every day. It is also a good
source of potassium, providing 75mg.

This is the latest in medicine, effective for cancer! Lemon (Citrus) is a

miraculous product to kill cancer cells. It is 10,000 times stronger than
chemotherapy. We not know about that because there are laboratories
interested in making a synthetic version that will bring them huge profits.

No Bad Side Effects

You can now help a friend in need by letting him/her know that lemon
juice is beneficial in preventing the disease. Its taste is pleasant and it
does not produce the horrific effects of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Chemicals and their

Side Effects
Chemotherapy chemicals are derived from the deadly Mustard Gas that
was first used against soldiers in World War-I. Chemotherapy,
unfortunately, cannot differentiate between cancerous cells and normal
healthy cells so it targets and destroy all the body cells. Another side
effect of the chemotherapy is another cancer. Yes, the cancer, but the
doctors dont say much about it. It is printed right on the chemo drug
warning labels (in small print, of course). If you go into a cancer
treatment clinic with one type of cancer, and you allow yourself to be
injected with chemotherapy chemicals, you will often develop a second
type of cancer as a result. Your oncologist will often claim to have

successfully treated your first cancer even while you develop a second
or third cancer directly caused by the chemo used to treat the original

While preparing these toxic chemical prescriptions, it

turns out that pharmacists are exposing themselves to cancer-causing
chemotherapy agents in the process. And because of that, pharmacists
are giving themselves cancer and theyre dying from it.
The risks of handling chemotherapy drugs include skin rashes, infertility,
miscarriage, birth defects, and possibly leukemia or other cancers.
Bladder cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia are the three most common
secondary malignancies related to chemotherapy exposure.
The journal Oncology Nursing Society reported in a survey carried out
in 2005 on 7,500 nurses a significant association with infertility and
miscarriage in nurses who handled chemotherapy before the age of 25.

Cure Cancers Save Human Lives

How many people will die while this closely guarded secret is kept, so as
not to endanger the beneficial multimillionaires large corporations? You
can eat the fruit in different ways: you can eat the pulp, juice press,
prepare drinks, sorbets, pastries, etc. It is credited with many virtues, but
the most interesting is the effect it produces on cysts and tumors. This
plant is a proven remedy against cancers of all types. Some say it is very
useful in all variants of cancer. It is considered also as an anti microbial

spectrum against bacterial infections and fungi, effective against internal

parasites and worms, it regulates blood pressure which is too high and
an antidepressant, combats stress and nervous disorders.
The source of this information is fascinating: it comes from one of the
largest drug manufacturers in the world, says that after more than 20
laboratory tests since 1970, the extracts revealed that: It destroys the
malignant cells in 12 cancers, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and
The compounds of this tree showed 10,000 times better than the product
Adriamycin, a drug normally used chemotherapeutic in the world,
slowing the growth of cancer cells. And what is even more astonishing:
this type of therapy with lemon extract only destroys malignant cancer
cells and it does not affect healthy cells.

Cure for Deficiency of Vitamin C

Lemon juice can also be used to prevent and treat scurvy, a serious
health condition that results from a severe deficiency of vitamin C. The
symptoms of scurvy include soft, bleeding gums, anemia and bumps that
form under the skin near the muscles. Since the 17th century, physicians
have known that daily intake of lemon juice can help prevent scurvy.

How to Use?


Lemon juice can be used by adding water and Honey in Summer



In Winter mix Lemon juice (One Cup), Honey (One Cup) and
Turmeric (One Teaspoon). Keep it in a glass jar and take one
teaspoon thrice a day.

While lemon juice is generally recognized as safe if used as food, it is
cautioned that ingesting lemon juice can have erosive effects on the
tooth enamel. In severe cases, it can erode the teeth down to the level of
the gums. Like other citrus fruit, it may also worsen the symptoms of
gastro-esophageal reflux disease.


Cancer: Alternative Treatment Recipes

Recipe 1:

Fagonia ( )is cure for Cancers & Tumors together

without side effects of Chemotherapy. It also cures Thalassemia and
chronic Hepatitis.
Please click here for for detailed information about Fagonia and How to
Use It?

Recipe 2:

Olive Oil () ,


Kalonji Oil (& )


Honey ()

Take all in equal quantity and mix them in a glass-jar. Just take one
teaspoon, twice a day, for 15 days, and then with 2 days gap for 2
months. and No Cancer at all.

Recipe 3:
Grind 5-10 leaves/flowers or whole branch of Marjoram (Origanum
Majorana, ) in water and take after each
meal. It is cure for all Cancers (16 types of Cancer and 9 types of

Recipe 4:

Lemon Juice ( ) is 10,000 times powerful

than Chemo Therapy.
Lemon juice can be used by adding water and Honey in Summer
season. Drink this mixture three to four times a day. Stop using soft
drinks which are cause of cancer.
In Winter mix One Cup of Lemon juice, One Cup of Honey ( )and One
Teaspoon of Turmeric (). Mix them in a glass-jar and take one
teaspoon thrice a day.

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Cell Phone Safety Tips

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Cell Phones are

Yet we dont believebut they are dangerous.

The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from cell
phones. is the largest human biological experiment ever

Cell Phones Dangerous
Than Cigarettes

Brain experts warn of huge rise in tumors and calls on industry to

take immediate steps to reduce radiation.

Mobile phones could kill far more people than smoking or

asbestos, a study by an award-winning cancer expert has concluded.

People should avoid using them and that governments and the
mobile phone industry must take immediate steps to reduce
exposure to their radiation

Potential Side Effects of
Exposure to EMR

Cell phones emit EMR even in stand-by mode, expose other

areas of the body to harmful ELF radiation, as well. Some potential
side effects of exposure to EMR:
Blurry vision, Headaches, Nausea
Fatigue, Neck pain, Memory loss
Leukemia, Brain cancers, Birth defects
Changes in metabolism
Enzyme changes that affect DNA

Increased risk for alzheimers disease

Increased risk for heart conditions

Better to Through the
Cell Phone Away?

Observing the simple precautions and recommendations can

reduce your exposure to the dangerous Electromagnetic Radiation.

Dont Allow Children to
Use a Cell Phone

Childrens skulls are thinner and their brains contain more fluid
than adults. Radio frequencies travel through childrens brains much

more easily and increase the risk of cancer.

Cell Phone May Cause
Brain Tumors!

Brain Tumors are now cause more deaths among children then
any other form of cancer.

Malignant Brain Tumors are the second leading cause of death in

children (under age 15) and in young adults (under age 34).

Cell Phone are More
Dangerous for Pregnant


The pregnant women or those suspected for pregnancy might

avoid using the cell phones.

Dont use a cell phone with babies or young children on the lap or
in the arms.

Ultrasounds and electronic fetal monitoring also expose the unborn

infants to EMR. So avoid these procedures unless absolutely

The developing organs of the fetus or child are the most sensitive
to any possible effects of EMR exposure.


Limit the Talk Time!

Just a two-minute call on a cell phone can alter the natural

electrical activity of the brain for up to an hour.

The more time you spend talking on cell phones, the greater your
risk of developing brain or eye cancer.

Be polite, but keep it brief You may be saving not only money, but
a life quite possibly your own.

Use a Regular Land-line
Phone as Much as Possible.

Regular phones are the safest way for conversations and work.
The base of a cordless phone emits high levels of EMR, even
when the phone is not being used.

10. Keep the Cell Phones

Away from Body!

By moving the cell phone just 2 inches away from the head while
talking, the effect of EMR on your head is reduced by 75%.

Cut the EMR exposure to less than 1% by keeping the cell phone
over 7 inches away from any part of your body.


Use Text Messaging

Instead of talking!

It is better to communicate via text messaging rather than making a


It will be limiting the duration of exposure and the proximity of EMR

directly to the brain.

12. Switch Ears Regularly

While Talking!

Switch ears regularly while communicating on your cell phone to

spread out your exposure.

Before putting your cell phone to the ear, wait until your
correspondent has picked up.

This limits the power of the electromagnetic field emitted near your
ear and the duration of your exposure.


How to Carry the Cell


Avoid carrying the cell phone in the pocket, on the belt , or in the
The hip bone produces 80% of the blood cells and is especially
vulnerable to EMR damage.
It also affect the fertility.
Body tissues in the abdomen absorb radiation more quickly than
the head.
Position the cell phone with the keypad facing towards the body if
put it in a pouch or hand bag. This way the antenna is facing away
from you.


Hold It at the bottom.

By covering large areas of the phone with your hand, you reduce
its ability to send and receive signals.

The phone then increases its power and transmits stronger

radiation to compensate this.

So hold the phone as far down as possible, so it can operate at low


15. Avoid Using Wired


Headsets, including the ear buds that come with most cell phones
have been shown to act as antenna, channeling the EMR directly into
the ear canal.

Using regular ear buds or ear pieces, transferring 3 times more

EMR and it is directly being emitted in the ear canal, which is closer to

Thats good reason to avoid listening to music on your cell phone.

16. Use Air-Tube with Ferrite

Beads or Diode.

This headset is believed to be safer, because EMR cant travel up

in the air tube, and also, it does not act as antenna.

Ferrite beads suppress the EMR and dissipate it. They absorb the
EMR and convert it into heat.

The Cell Phone Diodes can also be used to reduce EMR.


Use Speaker Phone!

Never hold the phone directly against the head.

EMR decreases in direct proportion to the distance the source is
from body.

18. Bluetooth Head Piece

May be Suggested.

The Bluetooth headsets emit 1/100th the EMR of a normal cell


But whatever EMR a Bluetooth headset does emit, it does so

directly into the ear. Caution is warranted.

19. Turn Off Cell Phones in

Metal Enclosures.

This includes: Vehicles, Elevators, Airplanes, Trains, Subways, Any

other metal enclosure.

The metal enclosures are trapping the radiation and reflecting it

back upon you and others.

20. Make Calls When Signals

are Strong.

Cell phones automatically increase power output when the signals

are weak, exposing you to greater EMR.

21. Avoid Making Calls When

Moving Fast.

A cell phone automatically increases power when it is moving at

high speeds, such as, in a car, train, subway, or plane, as it attempts
to connect to the next cell phone base station.

22. Turn Cell Phone Off at


EMR emitted from cell phones and even electric clocks can lower
the quality of sleep.

The Safe Wireless Initiative also suggests moving your electric

alarm clock or clock radio at least 6 feet away from your head.


Get Low SAR Cell Phone.

When purchasing a cell phone, be sure to get one with low SAR
(Specific Absorption Rate).

Many cell phone manuals indicate the SAR rate of that particular

Cell phone SAR rates can be found at:

24. Avoid Using Cell Phone

While Driving!

Talking on the cell phones while driving is now a big reason of fatal

Your mental concentration may divide while using cell phones

which may reduce road sense.

25. Avoid Using While


Dont talk on the cell phones while they are put on charging.
Dont use incompatible/unauthorized cell phone batteries and

Avoid damaging the phone by dropping it, keeping it where it can

become overheated, or allowing it to get wet.

26. Three Things Your Mobile

Phone Can Do!

One: Emergency

If signals of your mobile network are not available and there is

emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to
establish the emergency number for you. It can be done even if the
keypad is locked.

Two: Have you locked your keys in the


If you lock your keys and remote in the car and the spare keys are at
home, call someone at home on their mobile phone from your cell
phone. Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have
the person at your home press the unlock button, holding it near the
mobile phone on their end. The car will unlock.

Three: How to disable a STOLEN

mobile phone?

Dial the code *06# on your mobile to get a 15 digit serial number. Write it
down and keep it safe. In case of mobile theft, you can give this number
to the service provider to block the handset.

27. Do your Best, Allah

(SWT) Will Do the Rest.

We cant protect ourselves from all dangers.

We dont want to be fearful, as thats one more stress that is also
damaging our emotional and physical health.

But we can work at becoming truly informed and then act on that
information to the best of our ability.

When we have done what we can, then we pray and trust in Allah
(SWT) to do what we cant.

Cure for all Diseases with Surah Rahman and

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!Wheatgrass for Healthy Life

What is
Wheatgrass is the only plant known at this time that will uptake all of the
elements and make them bio-available to the human body. It contains
chlorophyll, 20 amino acids, several hundred different enzymes not
found in other foods, as many as 90 out of 102 possible minerals,
vitamins and other important nutrients. It is perfect for dieters, athletes,
and people on the go, who want to maintain a healthy immune system or
simply anyone who wants to feel GREAT.
Wheatgrass is the young grass stage of wheat grain plants, taken just
after sprouting.
It contains 70% chlorophyll, chlorophyll being the basis of all plant life.
Science has proven that chlorophyll arrests growth and development of
unfriendly bacteria.
In 1958 Dr. Ann Wigmore was singly most responsible for popularizing
wheatgrass for its healing properties. She tested various weeds and
grasses from all over the world at the Hippocrates Health Institute in

Boston, and wheatgrass was her favourite due to its high nutrient

Growing Tips

Fill the tray with the organic compost mixture.


Sprinkle one handful of mineral fertilizer over the soil, evenly, to

ensure the highest nutritional value of the grass you grow.


Place 150-200 grams of the wheat grain seed into a jar, fill with

water, and soak overnight.


Soak the wheat grain seeds in a dark place in the jar for 2-3 days

until the seeds are converted to tiny sprouts.


Plant the sprouted seeds by gently spreading it evenly over the top

of the soil, not buried in the soil.


Spray the water on the tray of wheatgrass seed thoroughly, making

sure not to disturb the seeds.


Take 6 to 8 pages of newspaper and completely cover the tray so

that as little light as possible reaches the seed. Soak the newspaper
completely with the watering can. This will help the seeds to sprout.


For the next 2 to 3 days, keep newspaper wet. If newspaper dries

out, the root hairs of the wheat will dry out and the grass will not come
up well. A piece of plastic can be laid over the newspaper to keep in from
drying out. On the second day take the newspaper off and water the
grass and then place the newspaper back on for one more day.

When the grass is one to two inches tall, remove the newspaper and

expose to indirect light. If it is completely hot outside, put the tray in the
shade. If you grow it inside the house, drain over your sink, and then put
grass near a window.


Once the wheatgrass are set out in the light, they need to be

watered every day.


Begin to harvest the grass when it is six to seven inches tall.


You can only harvest when you are going to juice at that time or

you can harvest the whole tray. If you harvest the whole tray put it into a
plastic bag and store in your refrigerator.


Each tray harvests approximately 14 ounces of juice.


One ounce of wheatgrass a day to begin with is ideal, working up

to 4 ounces. Wheatgrass juice can be taken on an empty stomach,

several times a day.

Amino Acids
The action of amino acids on cells in the process of self-renewal
rejuvenates and prolongs life. Wheatgrass contains the following amino


Lysine anti-ageing

Leucine energy and nerve stimulation

Tryptophane skin and hair growth


Theronine digestion and assimilation

Valine brain/muscle co-ordination


Alanine blood builder


Glumatic acid mental alertness

Aspartic acid energy

Glycine energy

Proline glumatic acid absorption

Serine brain stimulation

Isoleucine growth in infants

Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, which is the basis of all plant life.
Through photosynthesis, the proteinous compound called chlorophyll
converts the suns energy into chemical energy, used by plants and
animals. Chlorophyll Helps to destroy free radicals.
15 pounds of wheatgrass is the equivalent of 350 pounds of carrots,
lettuce, celery, and so forth. It contributes to healthy metabolism and
blood circulation which keeps the heart and blood vessels clear and

Body Cleanser
Wheatgrass juice is good for the health of the stomach and digestive

Body Builder
Chlorophyll (wheatgrass juice) has a nearly identical chemical structure
to haemoglobin (red blood cells), which is the bodys critical oxygen and
iron-carrying blood protein. Wheatgrass is high in oxygen. The brain and
all body tissues function at an optimal level in a highly oxygenated

Wheatgrass Juice helps to stimulate metabolism and contains enzyme

systems and an abundance of alkaline minerals.

Wheatgrass juice has more than 90 organic minerals, including calcium,
magnesium, potassium, iron and sodium, which aid in maintaining
digestion, metabolism, oxygen transport and fluid regulation throughout
the body. Organic minerals found in wheatgrass juice are more easily
absorbed and utilized by the body than synthetic pill forms.
The following vitamins are found in wheatgrass juice:

Vitamin A: essential for healthy eyes, skin and growth also an

important antioxidant and immune system component.

Vitamin B: helps the digestive system and adrenal glands;

essential for normal brain and body formation.

Vitamin C: maintains health of skin, eyes, muscles, joints, teeth

and gums.

Vitamin E: an essential antioxidant that protects tissue cells and

maintains healthy skin. Vitamin E also helps the body to use oxygen,
whilst benefiting the blood and blood vessels.

Enzymes are the catalysts that spark biological and chemical reactions
in the body. Theyre important active ingredients in wheatgrass juice, and
are vital for the bodys well-being. Here are some of the enzymes found
in wheatgrass:

Protease: aids in protein digestion.

Amylase: facilitates starch digestion.

Superoxide Dismutase: helps to maintain healthy cells.

Cytrochrome Oxidase: an anti-oxidant used for proper cell


Transhydrogenase: keeps heart muscle tissue toned.

Lipase: fat-splitting enzyme.

Wheatgrass for Curing Cancers:

How It Works?
The oxygen is a bullet to kill the cancer cells and the wheatgrass is a
shotgun to blast at treating cancer. It contains chlorophyll, which has
almost the same molecular structure as hemoglobin. Chlorophyll
increases hemoglobin production, meaning more oxygen gets to the
cancer cells. Selenium and laetrile are also in wheatgrass, both are
anticancer. Chlorophyll and selenium also help to build the immune
system. The wheatgrass is one of the most alkaline foods known to

Wheatgrass Side Effects

If you are considering taking wheatgrass, and wondering whether there
are any side effects, you need to worry about, there is good news! Most
of the wheatgrass side effects that you will experience (if you do) are
mild, and will pass within a few days of starting your supplement. The list

When you first start to take wheatgrass, one of the most common side
effects that you may experience are headaches. That is actually not a
direct effect of the wheatgrass though it is your bodys reaction to the
detoxification that is taking place in your body.
If you do get a headache when you start taking wheatgrass, do not
panic! It is actually a good thing, and it means that the wheatgrass is
doing what it is meant to do.

Another common wheatgrass side effect is nausea, and there are
actually two reasons that this could be happening.
First, as with headaches, it could be a reaction to the rapid detoxing
effect of the wheatgrass on your body. That is normal, and will pass in a
few days. Another possible cause is that you took your wheatgrass with
a meal, or directly after it. Usually, wheatgrass does not react well with
foods, and it is best to take it on an empty stomach, or about an hour
before your mealtime.

Another common side effect when you first start to take wheatgrass, or if
you have too much, is diarrhea. Remember that wheatgrass is packed
with fiber, and too much fiber can result in diarrhea, so be careful,
especially if you have just started taking wheatgrass.

Allergic Reactions
Allergic reactions are possible for people who are allergic to wheat and
they should steer clear of wheatgrass products. Allergic reactions include
skin rash, throat swelling and breathing difficulties. Some people are
allergic to molds and they should avoid wheatgrass because the
wheatgrass that has not been grown in the right conditions is quite prone
to molds.
Molds that are the most common ones to grow on wheatgrass include:

Blue fuzz- which is really not pathogenic which means it does not
penetrate the grass but just stays on the surface. It is easily removed
by rinsing in water;


Brown and white mold which are pathogenic and could cause
mild health issues, but are clearly visible and they attack and finally
kill the plant. You know your wheatgrass is contaminated with such
molds when it looks spoiled.

The right growing conditions should ensure that you grow the healthiest,
most nutritious wheatgrass, mold-free and safe for your consumption.
As you can see, there are not many wheatgrass side effects and many
of those are mild in nature. Nevertheless, if you stick to some basic rules
when it comes to making a habit of consuming wheatgrass, the
probability of these side effects occurring will be minimized.

Wheatgrass Recipes

Simply Green

Stalks of celery

4 large spinach leaves

Half cup parsley

2-3 inch round of wheatgrass

1/4 cup water optional

Wash greens thoroughly, cut up celery and juice

Dilute with water if desired

Carrot Grass

3 carrots

2-3 inch round of wheatgrass

1/4 cup water optional

A nutritious drink that tastes good

Hawaiian Wheatgrass

2 cups fresh pineapple

1 orange

1 papaya

2-3 inch round of wheatgrass

Combine juices to enjoy this healthy Hawaiian treat

Sip slowly and imagine sitting on a tropical beach

Wheatgrass Smoothie

2 oranges

1 banana

1 lime

2-3 inch round of wheatgrass

12 crushed ice cubes

Juice orange, lime and wheatgrass, then place all ingredients in a

blender on high speed for 30 seconds


Apple Grass

1-2 cut up apples

1/4 cup of water (optional)

2-3 inch round of wheatgrass

A very popular drink among frequent users

The apple slightly sweetens the taste of the wheatgrass

Pure Veggie Delight

2 large carrots

3 stalks celery

1/2 cup parsle

4 large spinach leaves

1/2 beet root

1/2 cup alfalfa sprout

Wash veggies thoroughly and cut to fit juicer

A veggie lovers delight

Tropical Passion Grass

2 kiwi

1 guava or papaya

1 cup pineapples

5 strawberries

1 orange

3-4 inch round of wheatgrass

Combine all juices and serve slightly chilled

Sweet Grass

2 apples

1 orange

2-3 inch round of wheatgrass

This sweet drink is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth

Wheatgrass Powder

What Is Wheatgrass
If youve heard of the health benefits of wheatgrass, but arent sure what
wheatgrass powder is, and whether you should take it, then read on,
because in this article, we tell you what it is, how to take it, and what the
benefits of taking wheatgrass powder are.

How Is It Made?
To make powdered wheatgrass, manufacturers used wheatgrass juice,
which they then dehydrate. Wheatgrass juice itself is made from highly
nutritious, healthy wheatgrass sprouts, which are liquidised when they
are about seven to ten days old.

What is So Special About It?

The reason so many people are taking wheatgrass, in whatever form, as
a supplement is that it is a nutritiously dense food, which contains high
levels of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients.
It has also said to have anti bacterial and restorative properties. Thanks
to our less than perfect modern diets, we can all do with a little extra in
the way of nutrition, and wheatgrass offers a simple and easy to use
method to do just that.

How Is It Taken?
There are several ways to take wheatgrass powder. It can be mixed with
water or juice to make a nutritional drink, or it can be sprinkled onto
various types of food. A very small amount is needed each day to get
your nutritional boost, which means that it is very easy to incorporate
wheatgrass supplements into your daily routine.
You can easily sprinkle your daily dose of wheatgrass onto just about
any meal, and increase the nutrient content immediately. You can even
add it to family dinners, to make sure that everyone in your family is
getting the nutrients they need from their diet.

What Are the Main Health Benefits?

Wheatgrass is said to promote general health and well-being, but while
there are several direct and indirect benefits of taking wheatgrass, the
most important is probably that it contains high levels of concentrated
chlorophyll the substance that gives plants their green color.
It also has high levels of vitamin B12 usually only found in animal
products, and necessary for a wide range of processes in the body. This
makes it especially valuable for people who do not eat meat, like vegans
and vegetarians.
Finally, there are the benefits, which include improved digestion, immune
support and improved energy levels. So if you are wondering whether
wheatgrass powder is something you should consider dont! It is
definitely a great supplement, and can offer you some significant health
It should be noted that all wheatgrass powders are not the same. It is
better if it has the roots and the leaves combined. When you use the
roots, you get more nutrition and a milder drink.