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Cleft Palate

i= 0 U N D A T ION

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Chapel ~ill, NC 27514


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November 25,2008
Neil Gillespie

8092 SW 115th Loop

Ocala, FL 34481-3567

Dear Neil:
Your support of the Cleft Palate Foundation (CPF) benefits the individuals, families and healthcare
professionals who contact CPF every day. As you are well aware, CPF's counseling services, referrals to
cleft/craniofacial teams and ex tensive publication collection provide comfort and answers throughout the
cleft care experience.
Generous support of the Cleft Palate Foundation has funded many exciting resource developments over the
past year. I hope you have seen one of CPF's newest resources, Feeding Your Baby, a landmark
instructional CD-ROM that features caregivers along with families and their babies demonstrating the use of
the three major cleft palate nursers. The video is now available on the CPF website, allowing greater access
for families and health care providers around the world. In addition to developing the Feeding Your Baby
video, CPF has updated the look and organization of the existing publication collection. With these
updates, two new Spanish language publications on speech and hearing have been introduced to meet the
needs of our Spanish speaking constituency. With your added support, CPF can continue developing
resources to meet a variety of cleft-related needs.
Again this year, the Cleft Palate Foundation awarded college scholarships for students with craniofacial

anomalies, research grants and scholarships for healthcare professionals practicing in cleft related fields.

Each year, competition increases significantly for the available scholarship and grant monies. Your

support of CPF helps increase the amount available for these important funding opportunities.

As this year's holiday season begins, please consider a gift to the Cleft Palate Foundation; a gift which

helps CPF make a greater impact and widen its reach. You can make your donation online via the CPF

website -, or please use the enclosed donor card and envelope to contribute today.

Thank you for making CPF one of your charity choices.


"'aroC' ~crNancy C. Smythe

Executive Director


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Neil Gillespie
8092 SW 115th Loop
Ocala FL 34481-3567

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