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School for Girls

2013-2014 Annual Report

A Message
from the Director
In 2013-2014, Huakailani School for Girls reached
a six year milestone with 28 students and 7 staff
We graduated two, sixth graders from the school
in 2014. We are extremely proud of the two 2014
graduates who attended Huakailani for three
and ve years. Just as the graduating sixth graders before them, our 2014 graduates are attending their rst choice of middle schools.
As Director and Core Teacher, I am fortunate to
be able to work with such bright and creative girls
and dedicated and talented teachers. They never cease to amaze me with their enthusiasm, intelligence and passion for learning and playing.
A highlight of the school year was the establishment of the schools award winning robotics
team. Butterybotics, is composed of our fourth, fth and sixth grade students who began a
new journey for themselves and the school. Exhibiting perseverance, spirit, energy, creativity,
and new found science, technology, engineering, and math skills, Team Butterybotics earned
two local Design Awards and an international Design Award. The team was also selected as
one of 65 VEX IQ Robotics teams invited to the 2014 VEX Robotics World Championship in Anaheim, California.
The school is beginning to establish deeper roots in the community with continuing service learning programs such as the City and Countys AdoptA Block Clean Ups and Plant Your Butts Here.
The school launched its rst Annual Fund Drive that
raised $10,500 from community partners, alumnae,
parents, students and Board Members.
Moving forward, the noble journey continues on as Huakailani
School for Girls, along with students, families, staff and supporters begins to spread its wings
and soar into the 7th year for the
-Kaori Brown


Pamela Pam Harms
Ms. Harms is an attorney with over 25 years of experience in both federal government and private practice, practicing in the areas of employment and labor law and public procurement and contracting As
the mother of two daughters, she has a keen interest in the growth and education of our girls.
Genevieve Freeman
A successful business owner since 1990, Ms. Freeman is the President of MEDCAH, Inc. She lives in Kailua,
where she is an active community volunteer. A mother of two young women, she also gave Huakailani
School for Girls its rst home on Ulunui Street where the school leased classroom space during the 20082009 school year.
Hillary A. Darby
As the Ofcer in Charge, Fleet Area Control Surveillance Facility San Diego, Detachment Pearl Harbor,
Hawaii, Commander Darby lives in Kailua with her husband JD Darby and their daughter Bella (Grade 3)
who has attended Huakailani since Kindergarten.
Douglas Brown
One of the original co-founders of Huakailani School for Girls, Mr. Brown also works with the U.S. Defense
Intelligence Agency. He is married to Kaori Brown and lives in Kailua. They have one son, Jae-Sun (16 years
Kaori Brown
Along with her husband, Mrs. Brown co-founded Huakailani School in 2008. With an impressive background in writing curriculum and designing school programs, Huakailani is the culmination of her more
than 25 years of experience in education.

2013-2014 STAFF
Kaori Brown
Director & Core Teacher
Keiko Akamine
K-6 Japanese Language Teacher
& Math Specialist
Catherine Eng
Core Teacher
Mei Ling Domingues
Ofce Manager
Diana Caldwell
Teaching Assistant
Emily Camacho
Teaching Assistant
Caitlin Stivers
Teaching Assistant

Huakailani Teachers
Treat students with respect and a
caring attitude.
Present themselves in class as
positive role models.
Spend more time working with small
groups throughout the day.
Provide a variety of opportunities
for students to apply and use knowledge
and skills in different learning situations.
Use active, hands-on student learning to
make learning exciting and meaningful.
Vary instructional practices and modes
of teaching,
Offer real-world, practical examples.

All-Girl Power!
Research supports that girls at single-gender schools are more likely to instill the condence to take non-traditional courses in subjects that run against gender stereotypes, such as advanced math and physics.
All students take center stage at Huakailani in a safe, nurturing and engaging environment. The mission of the
school is to ignite a love of learning within each student and to lay a solid academic and social foundation. The
school supports students to become open-minded, knowledgeable, productive, principled and responsible students who are educationally and socially prepared for the middle school years ahead.
The combination of classroom, community, and culture makes an all-girl education a powerful and transformative experience.

2013-2014 School Data

School Tuition: $9,950
School Annually gives $4,000 in nancial aid
and military/sibling discounts
School is a non- prot 501(c)3 Organization
with a Board of Directors
Located in Kailua Town
146 Hekili Street, Suite 104
Leasing 1,800 Space (lease ends June 2015)
28 Students enrolled in Grades K-6
7 Educational Staff
Students use the nearby Kailua District Park
Field and Playground for Physical Education
and Recess
Looking ahead at long-term sustainability,
the school is addressing growth in the student
body and facilities.

Teaching Girls to Soar!

Robotics Program

This was the rst year any of the girls (and their coach) have
worked with creating and designing robots! Therefore, they
were considered underdogs from the day they started their
robotic journey in October 2013; just giving it a try for experience. Three Design Awards and an Inspire Award later from
state and international competitions, the team learned the
benets of practice, perseverance, dedication, a positive
spirit and of course Girl Power. Their Can Do spirit has
been an inspiration to their classmates, parents, teachers
and girls around the world!

Service Learning and Community Service

By participating in environmental education and service

learning projects such as Adopt-a-Block and Plant Your
Butts Here, Huakailani students, parents and teachers are
enthusiastic, innovative leaders of their community. The
school has been stewards of the community for 5 years with
the City & County of Honolulus Adopt a Block Program.
Compared to 2012-2013, they reduced the number of improperly disposed cigarette butts by 1,800 in 2013-2014.The
20 cigarette butt planters place and maintained in the area
by Huakailani is making a difference.

Annual Father-Daughter Butterfly Ball

The rst strong male bond girls have is with their fathers.
Thats why this years Wonderland themed event for girls
of all ages and the special father gures in their lives was designed to provide opportunities for strong, healthy relationships between fathers and their daughters. In addition to
raising $4,712.00 for the school robotics program, the event
also teaches young girls what it means to be treated with
love and respect. The goal is that fathers will continue to
be positive role models and that these girls will have healthy
relationships as teens and adults as a result.

Teaching Girls to Soar!

5th Annual Nutcracker Musical Performance

The annual Nutcracker Performance in December is an extravagant show! Each student takes on two roles in the musical, with
many of the roles being traditional for each grade level. This allow students to look forward to growing from being a mouse in
kindergarten to playing the lead role as Clara in fourth grade.
Performing arts education is a hallmark of the school. It aids child
development through social skills, discipline, memorization, building a strong work ethic, self-esteem, performance skills, and an
appreciation for physical tness.

2014 Student Art Exhibition

Hawaii Convention Center

Five Huakailani students were honored at a ceremony of

the 2014 Student Art Exhibition at the Hawaii Convention
Center. The art exhibit enables visitors to experience the
common interests and diversity of Hawaii through the art of
its multicultural youth. The art works will be on display for one
year for public viewing.

School Urban Garden

School gardens are a wonderful way to use the schoolyard as a classroom, reconnect students with the natural
world and the true source of their food, and teach them
valuable gardening and agriculture concepts and skills that
integrate with several subjects, such as math, science, art,
health and physical education, and social studies, as well
as several educational goals, including personal and social

Fiscal Year

June 1, 2013 - May 31, 2014

Tuition and Fees








Educational Programs


Instructional Support & Administration


Faciity & Maintenance


Loan Interest






Start of the Year


Net Income


Reduction in Restricted Funds


End of School Year









For being the wind under our wings!

Annual Fund Donors

Butterfly Ball Supporters

& Silent AuctionDonors

Richard & Michele Ainsworth

Keiko Akamine
Alexander & Baldwin
Doug & Kaori Brown
Buzz's Restaurant
Diana Caldwell
Conlon Family
J.D. & Hillary Darby
Isabella Darby
Sudeera & Anne Dissanayake
Mei Ling Domingues
Brad & Kim Ebert
Catherine Eng
Genevieve Freeman
Pamela Harms
Kelcy Hashimoto
Andy & Leslie Johnson
Morris Family
Darren & Jill Rogers
Scott & Sasha Settle
Caitlin Stivers
Hess/Teraoka Family
Chad & Doris Tom
Alex & Elizabeth Webb
Russell & Tammy Yamanoha
Tyler Yamanoha
Harold & Rhonda Zuttermeister

Bambooth Photography
Bead It
Bikram Yoga
Bishop Museum
California Pizza Kitchen
Crepes No Ka Oi
DJ Nish
Genevieve Freeman
Global Village
Haili Moe Photography
Honolulu Theatre for Youth
Island Glassowork
Island Yogurt
Jamba Juice
Joshua Chang
Les Saisons Fine Linen & Chair Covers
Leslie Johnson Design
Maui Tacos
My Girlfriends Closet
Naomi Lee
Nori Kohana Massage Therapy
Pali Lanes
Panitas Thai Massage
Pualani Hawaii
Original Art Work
Tea Collection
Thomas Dier Studios
Waikiki Aquarium
Western Union

2013-2014 Annual Fund

$10,600 Raised

100% of School Staff

100% of Board of Directors
60% Current Student Families
2 Alumnae Families
5 Students
2 Community Business Donors