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23 July, 2005. Johannesburg, SA
This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no
information is altered or deleted and the source of the information be
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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will
energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process
faciltated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the
channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern
yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the
channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your
Divine Plan,Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have
been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great
benefit to our readers.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet
each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of lightness, the
blessings of abundance, trust, and love. Greetings Beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each
of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and
securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones, as you gather in the presences of
the Christ light, we come to bring you information regarding that which you are
currently facing. We also wish to explain how the current intensive energies are
impacting upon you and your bodies.
It is a very vulnerable and volatile time for humanity at present. The shifts in
consciousness are constantly increasing at an accelerated rate and in intensity.
This is because more and more people are choosing to find the light within
themselves. The lightworkers who are currently active are contributing to the
accelerated rate at which the new energies are being integrated. Humanitys
consciousness is pulling together in a very positive way. Because of this, what
has been kept in the dark for many cycles is now coming to light, and you are
seeing what has been hidden all along. For some, it appears as if things have
gotten worse, truly they havent. As I have said in previous transmissions, all
that is happening, is now you are seeing what has been happening all along.
Humanity is now in a position to utilize the power of light and bring to justice

that which has abused the divine will and power of humanity. It is important that
I tell you at this time that a major shift of energy will take place over the next 24
months. One, that may result in people of great opulence losing a lot of what
they have because what they have is not being utilized for the greater good of
the whole. And those who have walked the path and have not had much
materially and who are spiritualy, mentally and emotionally ready and mature
will gain the power of the light, and manifest the material worth required to
serve for the greater good of the whole. You see the energy has been in such
great imbalance that many ignorantly squander great resources of energy and
wealth. This must now come into balance. 2006 is the year when the eighth
dimension impacts strongest on your planet. Balance regarding finance
specifically will come under the spotlight. Humanity must learn the power
within all forms of energy, and see how it must be utilized to serve the greater
good of the whole, as opposed to serving the indulgences of the lower ego. The
Masters of Light have heeded the call by those of light, who have witnessed the
squandering of energy for many, many cycles. These are the ones who will
receive the blessings to ensure that the master plan of light come into being for
your planet. Therefore do not be surprised or disturbed by massive shifts in the
economy over the next 24 months and the changes in peoples lives who have
chosen to indulge in the decadence of lower ego.
Johannesburg is the centre of the base chakra energy at this current time for
Southern Africa and for Africa as a whole. Your base chakra determines the state
of your health. The base chakra has been undergoing great change over the past
months as a result of new energy that has come forth to be grounded. This is one
of the areas that humanity as a whole has had to pay attention to. Now whatever
occurs in the base chakra, automatically impacts on the crown chakra and vice
versa. What is happening in the crown chakra of the planet now? Do you know
where the crown chakra is at this time? London. What has been happening in
London? Literally blasting the energy centres open. Some of you are aware of
the energy that Lord Horus brought through not too long ago, regarding the
Moon Eye. Those of you who are not familiar with this information, let me
explain. Lord Horus transmitted information upon the thirteenth of July
regarding the Moon Eye which sits within the crown chakra. The Moon Eye is
the inner eye of the Goddess. The Third eye chakra is the inner eye of the God.
All 4 eyes your two physical eyes and your two etheric eyes must be in
complete activation, in order to be able to see beyond the veils of illusion that
were set in place many cycles ago to keep you asleep. The first activation on the
physical planet was upon the seventh day of the seventh month 2005. This was
the day where Christed energy rooted itself within the crown chakra of the
planet, for the purpose of grounding the "All seeing eye" of Mother Goddess
the Moon Eye. This means the pituitary gland which influences the crown
chakra needed to integrate a very powerful and accelerated surge of light. This

light needed to be forced through all the systems of energy that blocked the flow
of light from the Crown to the Base. This needed to move through the cerebral
spinal fluid, which is represented by the Nile River. Now there was a link to
Egypt regarding the attack on London Are you aware of this? It was made
known that one of the attackers was arrested in Cairo, Egypt. There is a lot of
energy changing within that area too so as to facilitate the free flow of the blue
print of Mother Earth. For it is evolving into the Golden print of the Universe,
and you are included in the plan. This is another reason why so many people are
being affected by the intensities of the change, because no longer can one sit on
the fence and watch the game being played around them. Everyone is now being
influenced by this.
There are 4 major areas in peoples lives through which these intense energies
are grounding themselves. They are: your health, your relationships, finances
and career. I am sure you will be able to pinpoint which of those 4 areas you are
grounding the intensities of the current energies through. You will have chosen
on a soul level where to draw this energy through. For it is through that
particular area that you can draw it through strongest and ground it best. Your
physical body holds toxins, as does your emotional, and your mental bodies. All
of these toxins result in energy blockages through your Chakric system, as well
as energy systems of the major organs of your body, resulting in a clogging up of
the meridians, the lymphatic systems and the minor chakric systems of your
body. When this is blocked, it is very difficult to integrate the new energy. If
energy is blocked in your body, you will find that synchronicity cannot manifest
in your life, because what you have integrated perhaps on a spiritual level, is
unable to ground itself on a physical level. Perhaps you integrate something
physically, but the emotional body cannot hold it so you find your life divided. It
may feel as if you are disorientated or disconnected in areas of your life.
Therefore it has been necessary to clean out all the pipes so to speak and
ensure that all systems are clear so that the energy can take root within the
fundamental system of your life. The physical body must release its physical
toxins, so all the other bodies are currently detoxifying as well. A number of
people are experiencing it on a physical level. This is one of the reasons why
many medical practitioners are having great difficulty diagnosing the imbalance
of energy. They are having to search all areas of the body to try and pinpoint
what the illness is. Do not disturb yourself, a solid diagnosis cannot be made,
and now you know why.
On an emotional level, people are finding an energy pushing them forward to
make peace, to forgive, and to disconnect themselves from situations, people,
places and belief systems that no longer serve the new plan, therfore breaking
the patterns of victim consciousness. This means people having to set
boundaries and in so doing reclaiming lost power. This is causing clashes in

relationships. Those who have been used to controlling the dynamic within
relationships are finding it extremely difficult to hold onto their control,
especially if it is denied any member of the family their ability to utilize their
divine will and empower their lives. All the controlling systems of your planet
are undergoing tremendous shift. It has already been said by one of the Grand
Masters, that all systems of control upon your planet will begin to fall. Instead
you will manifest a of system of management where, workers of the light path
work along side one another, in collaboration with one another, co-operating
upon all levels required to ensure that the divine plan of Mother Earth and the
Universe in which your solar system and galaxies are housed, come into divine
alignment. Control does not allow for the divine flow to come into being.
Control deprives all systems of light the opportunity to act freely and in
accordance with each individual divine will. Acting in accordance with your
individual divine will does not separate you from the will of all else, because the
divine will of Mother-Father God is in perfect alignment and working in divine
collaboration with the divine will of every other human being on the planet.
Archangel Michael delivered a message not too long ago where he shared
information regarding the original plan before humans chose to experience will
other than the divine will. There was a time when all the soul concerned itself
with was manifesting the divine will of Mother-Father God and little else.
Synchronistic manifestations were the order of the day, not chaotic disorder.
However, the cycle has come about now, where the original order of
synchronicity is re-manifesting its roots in the foundation of humanity's
consciousness and you are part of this plan, of bringing into order that which has
been in disorder, and it is through chaos that harmony manifests. And this is the
role of the Great Masters of the Light. Master Serapis Bey, Lord Hilarion,
Sanant Kumara, I, Lord Kuthumi, Master El Morya, St. Germain, Master
Djwhal Khul, Mary Magdalene, Lord Jesus, Master Racogski, Lady Nada, and
many of the Gods and Goddesses of Atlantis, Egypt and Greece have gathered
around your planet to focus on this life that you have called for. They are giving
you what you have asked for. The Sirian Council of Light, The Galactic
Federation of Light, the Archangelic Leagues of Light from Arcturus, Sirius,
Pleiades, Venus and Andromeda are focusing on your planet, and projecting the
light you deserve. All eyes are on you now. Every structure that holds onto the
atoms of disorder and fear will dissolve, it is a natural cycle which is why there
is no stopping it. It is inevitable. Therefore no one can truly blame any system or
order in life for destructive or constructive happenings. It is the natural flow. It is
the signature of your universe. The galaxy you are in is a spiral galaxy, therefore
everything that occurs, occurs upon a spiral energy. What goes around, will
come around, the difference now is that you have moved into a higher level of
consciousness, therefore no longer is ignorance an excuse to perpetuate severe
ignorant, destructive and dysfunctional behaviour.

You have moved into the realms of higher consciousness, which Atlantis was
privvy to and lost their grip on. You are changing the imprint that Atlantis left
behind. You are raising the vibration of your galaxy to a higher level, and not
just within this solar system. As all these energies observe the action of what you
have aligned yourself with, you will receive constant confirmation of your
activity in alignment with that Mother-Father God. You have the light of the all
divine within you, for you were created from the spark of Mother-Father Gods
being. Therefore not ever can you entirely be disconnected from them. Even the
darkest manifestation of evil, has within it the tiniest speck of light, which shall
come into being when sufficient light embraces them. You are the torches of
light. You are the bringers of the new dawn of the Golden age to your planet.
Therefore fear not your role of service in this new cycle, do not hide behind
doors or lock yourself in the closet, it is safe and in fact essential that you stand
in the truth of your inner core true self belief systems. The emotional body of
Mother Earth has undergone many layers of change. Those who are finding it
difficult to integrate the emotional changes can manifest structures of support
simply by turning their vision to the light. The challenge for humanity is to step
out of isolation and separation and look to the communities of light for
assistance. These communities are manifest and full of discarnate and incarnate
beings. The discarnate beings we refer to are each persons personal guides,
healing angels and other beings of light who assist them, support and protect
them. The incarnate beings are friends, family members, even strangers who
come forward to offer support. Individuals do not have to suffer in isolation any
longer. The manifestation of the order of the new world requires group activity,
which is why group initiation is conducted. Separation is of the old world,
collaboration, integration, and community is the order of the new cycle. Many
levels of consciousness are merging. Groups are forming all over because you
are responding to the new energy.
Upon a mental level, people are finding that the choice to remain purely within
the analytical mind is causing great stress. For now, one is being motivated to
fuse Spirit, and science. Spirit does not mean that one needs to become deeply
religious, that is far from it. Merging with Spirit and science means that one
must connect with the inner self, one needs to define the inner being, reconnect
with ones true identity and allow the head and the heart to merge. This is what
we call fusion psychology. The separation of heart and mind have caused the
separation between men and women. Between those who are more analytical
and those who are more feeling in their sense. And the separation between men
and women is not limited to the genders, it is also the separation of the
masculine and the feminine forces. The analytical mind represents linear time,
the linear world. Whereas the heart represents the creative mind, the
inspirational forces that motivate one to be creative. Both energies are needed to

manifest a complete sense of self and well being and a solid energy when one is
coming only from an emotional perspective or only from an analytical
perspective. A whole internal content is missing. All you have is a shell. The
merging of the head and the heart will manifest right across your world. You are
already witnessing how the original separations between men and women in the
forms of genders, between the consciousness of masculine and feminine are
being eliminated. You will see more and more in the world of business, how the
creative force of the feminine principle and the active force of the masculine
principle will come together and it will not be limited to a hierarchy of only men
or only women for that is imbalanced. The spirit of energy, the spirit which is
the energy that animates everything has to be acknowledged in everything in
order for full essence of whatever it is one is working with, to come into being.
People who are more in their mental body will find the challenges manifesting
more so in their career. This reflects to the greater symbolic presence of the
masculine or analytical self, in your physical world regarding the changes taking
place within business and economy. And this where the combination of victim
consciousness and poverty consciousness come under scrutiny, for if one is
locked in any form of poverty consciousness, they are automatically locked in
victim consciousness, and vice versa. This new wave of energy coming forth
upon the 8th August is bringing a very powerful new energy for humanity to
embrace and unite with. You will witness many changes leading up to 2010
regarding the alleviation of poverty on your planet, not just in Africa, in other
places around the world as well. The African continent is the heart of change.
This will filter into all other areas of the world where slave trade is made use of.
Each of you will also be required to reflect upon the reflection within yourself.
As each new wave of energy comes, you will be taken deeper and deeper within
your psyche. The state of your physiology is determined to a great extent by the
quality of your psychology. The quality of your psychology is either supportive
and constructive or destructive based on what you choose to believe. The current
energy intensities are forcing humanity to truly look at all their belief systems.
This has been very difficult for many people and those who have become very
comfortable living in a state of denial are feeling these changes very intensely.
Because now, as I have said before, there is no more excuse, there is no
justification for being in a state of denial and misery.
Now beloved ones are there any questions that we can answer for you at this
Question inaudible, (something about eyes)
Answer: The face and skull as a whole are changing. Not too long ago,
information was given about the changes of mother earth impacting more

severely on the physiology of humanity. Now as her tectonic plates are shifting,
so the cranial plates of the human skull is shifting to facilitate the integration of
greater quotients of light. People are physically feeling gaps between their
cranial plates. So if you have holes in your heads dont be surprised. (Laughter)
This automatically affects the structure of the face. This has resulted in people
who have never had sinus problems before, all of a sudden experiencing sinus
congestion. People are experiencing pain within the jaw and teeth such as you
are, because the jaw symbolizes the will. Very often this has been commented on
many times how if a person has a strong jaw, they are seen as someone who has
a strong will. If a persons will has been severely abused, the jaw energetically is
pulled inward and downward. This keeps the vision down as opposed to up.
Therefore with the shift taking place resulting in many people reclaiming their
lost will, the energy changes are causing physiological changes. Teeth are falling
out, or new ones are growing. People are finding they have more teeth in their
jaw than they realised. This is because teeth as a physical structure hold imprints
of energy old and new. A number of people have commented that suddenly their
teeth are manifesting cavities at a very short space of time. This is because
energy is being released. What one ingests physically is symbolic of what one
ingests energetically. If energetically or emotionally or mentally individuals
have been forced to swallow emotions or have been spoon fed throughout their
lives, they find great changes taking place in their mouth and digestive system.
An example of this would be perhaps, in a relationship with a parent or sibling
or any other member of the family or any other member of society where there
has been a long term relationship and the person has been forced to behave
against their true nature. This means they have been fed energy of a toxic nature.
It is the same as ingesting toxic food. It causes a breakdown of energy. Therefore
the physical body will release it. And if you have had to chew the cud of
negative energy the teeth will be affected by it.
The physical eyes represent ones ability to see and either one is not comfortable
with what one is seeing and does not want to see, or one is in a state of denial
and does not want to see all together. Therefore, with the veils of illusion
currently being dismantled, human beings are being lead to see more. This is
causing change in the physical eye and because there is more light coming in
through the pituitary and pineal glands, there will be great change within the
structure of the skull and the brain itself. The cerebral cortex has also integrated
a lot more light and this will have a direct impact on the physical eyes and
vision. People have complained about their vision becoming blurry, this is
because many are now beginning to see the other dimensions and this manifests
as a kind of misty vision. Does that answer your question?
Question in audible:

Answer: Sister try to place two pieces of amethyst, one on each eye and
visualise the amethyst drawing the discomfort from your eyes. Then place upon
them two pieces of blue chalcedony and visualise the energy soothing the
physical eyes and assisting with clear vision. You must cleanse all 4 crystals
immediately afterwards. Is this clear?
Thank you, Youre welcome
Question: Lord Kuthumi, .. energy sort of balancing between male and female
and then. . . being gay or has this got to do with homosexuality or something? .. .
It would be in all areas of life, Sister and there are souls who have chosen a
whole lot of sexual experience for their personal growth and to force humanity
out of their comfort zone of criticism and judgment. Do you understand?
What exactly would you like to understand more about . . .
. . . . . . inaudible . . .. . . . . .
No sister, what it means is that you are fully in touch wit the power of your
masculine self and fully in touch with the power of your feminine self.
Therefore you can be creative and take action in a balanced way. It does not
mean that you are no longer participating in either feminine or masculine
activities, it means that you are a complete and balanced individual and do not
have to look outside of yourself to balance your masculine energy, or to balance
your female energy. Some people live purely from their masculine side or the
feminine side. So a person who has been more in touch with their masculine side
because of the need to survive may find that their life changes and becomes
more at peace when they integrate the feminine creative aspect of themselves.
Because no longer are they just doing, doing, doing, doing, but they manifest
their ability to be and do at the same time and their balance manifests. A person
who has been purely or more so in their feminine self and always relied on
external forces to be active will find a new sense of self confidence and become
more active, more creative, and be able to manifest in a more physical manner in
order to sustain their physical lives and their disconnected-ness of the masculine
energy will cease to exist. Do you understand? Youre welcome.
Question: . . . . inaudible . . .
Sister this is because of the separation that humanity has experienced for so
long. Beginning to live multidimensionally brings that dilemma into a state of
solution. For many, many years, humanity has lived in a state of survival, mainly

from the 3 lower chakras. Your world has been through many wars, many
troubled times, which has kept individuals in that state of survival. When one is
in survival consciousness, one is unable to trust. Trust is a base chakra
challenge. Therefore, to transcend that fear, one needs to first understand that
Spirit, The Universe, God, whomever it is, influences your lives. Like it or not,
aware of it or not, you understand? When individuals grasp that, then they are
able to move onto the next level of understanding, which is beginning the
process of co-creating with Spirit, rather than living in a state of survival. This
means while you can begin to set goals, in collaboration with Spirit. Therefore
intension setting becomes very important. Whatever one is choosing to manifest
in their life they do so with the support and the assistance of the Universe. Many
people still in separation consciousness have the misguided conception that to
hand over to the Universe means that you must then do nothing. Universe
supports action, which means handing over any part of anything in your life
means trusting that what you manifest will be supported, will be guided and
enhanced by higher Spirit and when one is when one works with the conscious
focus that the Divine is ever present, one creates a new avenue of manifestation.
One begins to link with the higher chakras, namely the crown and third eye, the
throat and in a more focused manner with the heart chakra. So that level of
understanding needs to come into being. This is when people begin to get in
touch with multitasking which is a multi dimensional activity You understand?
Not just a woman thing! :o)
Once that is understood then one moves onto the next phase and sees that all
ones goals, visions, hopes, and dreams are always being influenced by a higher
influence. This is namely, ones higher self, ones soul and all the other divine
aspects of self that oversee the human process. Then one can recognise ones
higher aspect influence on life. One may have a goal, perhaps manifesting a
means to live in another country, or live in another region of the country they
currently occupy. But want to manifest it in say, 6 months. But consciously have
not connected with the fact that the move will only be in perfect and divine
alignment with their divine plan in perhaps 18 months time. So instead of
wasting energy fighting the process, one will see that one is working towards the
manifestation, but because delays are manifesting, one honours and recognises
the fact that the timing is not divine. Being still within the self and receiving the
guidance shows the individual where their focus is required, which will
automatically lead them to their final goal. So just like any system of education,
there are levels or as you have in your human terms, grades. Is this clear?
Question: . . . . inaudible . . .
Sister it is as a result of a throat chakra disorder. We suggest that your sister tries
singing. It may not be in front of an audience, it can be on her own. Even if it is

humming or toning. Do you understand? The inner ear is linked to what one has
heard in the past, that one no longer wants to hear. It is also at times where the
inner child or the inner consciousness is trying to bring forth information that
one does not want to hear. Because of the more intense light your current planet
is experiencing, it is manifesting tremendous shifts within the upper chakras.
Your base chakra influences your crown chakra, your sacral chakra impacts on
your third eye chakra, and your solar plexus impacts on your throat chakra. Vice
versa and the Heart chakra influences the upper and lower chakras. Therefore
her process in her throat chakra is also linked to her solar plexus, where her will
was abused and stifled. It appears to be around the ages of 5 7. There also
appears to be something else between the ages of 7 & 9, where she shut herself
up and shut down. It is all to do with power. Her ability to take action and to
trust her own decisions is quite vulnerable as well. Are you aware of this?
Yes . . . inaudible.
Did you and your sister spend much time together when you were younger?
Inaudible . . .
Perhaps that you can just speak to her and explain to her that everything one
experiences in life, continues to influence one. This is why one often repeats
history in life. Now the body is a magnificent mechanism and is so intelligent
that it has the capacity to store absolutely everything you have ever experienced.
When one has an experience, and it has any level of shock or trauma inflicted
upon it, no matter how small or large, the body remembers it. And for the rest of
your days on earth, the body will react according to the very first imprint it
experienced. So every time one experiences anything similar, to the very first
time one experienced a shock or trauma, you will always react according to that
first reaction. Now as one grows up one forgets consciously, but the
subconscious never forgets. She needs to go back inside to reclaim her voice.
She needs to allow herself to hear again, and to accept the fact that she has the
divine right to speak and to be heard. Do you understand? We trust this will
cause a great shift for her sufficient enough to initiate the energetic healing
required to bring her physical body back to balance. When she has her dizzy
spells she can try visualizing blue light or the colour blue in her ears. And
everything becoming steady. Our suggestion for now is that she use a lot of blue
and yellow to support her energy and physical healing. She can wear it in the
form of jewellery or clothing, she can bring it into her environment, candles,
flowers, material decoration etc. Does that answer your question?
Yes Lord Kuthumi, thank you.
Youre welcome.
Any other questions beloved ones?
Yes, Lord Kuthumi, what I am experiencing intestinal *** and Id just like to
know from you whats the .. of that and how can I treat it?
Greetings brother. Your inner child is showing us a vision of you at the age of 3

years old. In this particular time in your life, there were events happening in
your family that you had difficulty digesting. And you become knotted up with
anxiety. Children are highly susceptible to psychic energy. When I speak of
psychic energy, I refer to the subtle energy emitted in ones environment. This is
either a positive energy or a stressful energy and where there is conflict in an
environment, between people, or events, then the psychic energy is of a very
stressful nature. This impacts on children, like it did on you. There was also a
number of unsaid and unexpressed feelings going on within your family, which
you had difficulty in dealing with. Do you have any recollection whatsoever of
what was going on in your family, more or less at that age?
No . . . inaudibly.
Lord Kuthumi, I am his older sister. At that time when he was around 3, my
mother was pregnant with twins, there was a lot of stressful events I thought
between them as our parents, I think their relationship was not very stable at that
stage and maybe it affected my bother.
Each child within the family holds a specific energy vibration. The first born
always processes the energy within the family environment on a physical level,
which means their physical body usually processes things the most. The second
born would process more on an emotional level. The third born on a mental level
and the fourth born deals with past life family issues and all their spiritual
issues. The fifth child would process like the first child, the sixth would process
like the second, and so on and so forth.
Now perhaps this will give you greater clarity as to what your role is within the
family in the sense of developing and dealing with energy. You develop systems
or situations in your family that manifest the opportunity to balance past life
unfinished business. You also bring them the opportunity to integrate spiritual
energy. To get in touch with themselves. You are also what we refer to as an
"Empath". An empath is an individual who experiences psychic energy not only
through their emotional body, but through all 7 bodies. This means you respond
and or react through your psychic body, your emotional body, your mental body
and your physical body. And your chakras, which are the seven centers of energy
along the torso and head of your body also react to that energy. This is why you
experience the discomfort in your intestines. This is linked to your sacral chakra
and your solar plexus chakra. Therefore it would be advisable for you to become
active in some kind of creative _expression. By this we mean doing something
creatively that gives you the opportunity to express yourself emotionally,
mentally and physically. This will help you to release from your body what you
hold onto or become knotted up with energetically. Because you took on so
much of that energy during your mothers pregnancy with the twins, you must
give yourself an avenue to release it. You will probably find that at other times
in your life, similar experiences manifested. Do you remember much about your
life between the age of 10 and 13?

Yes I do.
What was occurring during that time?
I was experiencing a lot of rejection from my father at that time and my two
older bothers, because of the way I was built and . . .
Very well. That would have impacted immensely on your sacral and your solar
plexus chakra. The sacral chakra, which is the one around your belly button
area, is what determines your ability to express your creative side. It is your
receptive center in the body. It is the one that determines your ability to respond
to the changes of life. To go with the flow in other words. It is also linked to
your ability to be passionate about life and to enjoy the passions of life. When
the digestive system experiences blockages, one needs to go back to those areas
of life. Do you understand?
Yes Lord Kuthumi?
How many years of age are you now?
Almost 24.
So what have you very recently been through?? Perhaps from the ages of 21
Ive experienced, new work situations and Ive moved to Johannesburg. I broke
up with my girlfriend of a few years. Ive had a lot of emotional stress, . stress,
financial stress . . um.
Do you see how what you experienced at the age of 3 has remanifested itself
between the age 10 and 13 and 21 and 23? You have replayed that history.
Different situations, but the vibration of energy has been the same. Separation
and conflict. Do you understand??
Yes Lord Kuthumi.
By doing something creative you give your emotional body, which is linked
through the sacral chakra, that is your water element every chakra in the body
is linked to an element your base chakra = earth, sacral = water, solar plexus =
fire, heart = air those 4 chakras are the ones that you need to focus on
specifically so that you can get the flow of energy moving in balance
throughout. The solar plexus is where the fire of passion is ignited and this is
where you manifest your ability to take action, to make decisions, to believe in
your ability to take action and make decision, and your ability to indulge in the
sweetness of life.
You are to work with the colours orange and yellow. Our suggestion to you is to
also have some healing working done to your body, specifically massage worked
over those particular chakras. Your body needs some full body massage to shift
the emotional toxins stored within your lymphatic system. When the body has
experienced emotional trauma and toxicity, it needs physical touch so that the
individual can get in touch with themselves again. This not only supports the
healing process of the solar plexus and the sacral chakra, but also the base

chakra - the chakra through which you earth yourself and you bring everything
into physical manifestation. All the areas of your life governed by the lower
chakras, relationships, finance, emotions, career have been effected and you can
heal these by focusing on healing the lower chakras. The healing of those lower
chakras will automatically impact on the upper chakras therefore clearing your
vision, opening the mind, balancing the intellect and giving you the space to
recognise the direction you wish to move in based on your inner identity and not
having to feel yourself being controlled or driven by any need to please others,
to be accepted by others, to receive the approval of others, which is what you
have done from the time you experienced rejection from your fathers and
brothers. So instead of selling yourself short or sacrificing your truth to manifest
that approval, you can let go emotionally and simply accept yourself. Be
yourself and live that truth. No longer will you have to hold on with all your
might, which is what your intestines represent. They are tight. They are holding
on, they are knotted up, and this causes the twisting pain you experience. Is this
clear to you? It answers your question?
Very well.
. . . . work challenge . . . jealousy and hatred she feels towards me has come into
the open and its quite blatant the amount of hatred she focuses towards me . .
Some days I can deal with it but some days it becomes too much. I am her
supervisor and she reports to me . . .
Have you communicated with her in any manner regarding this matter?
I dont know how to approach it.
We will make a few suggestions to you and you can decided what you feel most
comfortable with. To begin with before you do anything else, we suggest you
perform an energetic ceremony. Light some candles create a loving gentle and
supportive environment for yourself. Call in your higher self and her higher self.
Call upon Archangel Michael and all other divine Master Beings of the Light
whom you work with. Ask her guides and Master to join you. Then tell Spirit
what you have just told us. You will be speaking directly to her guides and your
guides. And ask that harmony, resolution and peace come to be. Set the intention
that the resolution of the conflict manifest under grace in perfect, harmonious
and miraculous ways. Then ask her guides to help you understand her physical
reaction towards you. And over a period of 3 7 days you will be given clarity
as to the past life connection between the two of you, and what she is reacting
through. Then if it is your wish and your will, call her one side and simply tell
her in a loving way, not with any aggression that you are aware of the fact that
she is not entirely comfortable with or happy with her relationship with you.
And that you truly and sincerely wish to find a resolution to the conflict she
feels. You are offering her the opportunity to be completely open and straight
forward regarding her feelings toward you. Before you do this however, call
upon the Lords of Protection and create a shield of mirrors around you, so that
what she expresses, does not penetrate your field of protection therefore

preventing you from taking anything personally. All you are needed to do, is see
the reflection. By this we mean, whatever she is unhappy with, or uncomfortable
with about you is also a reflection of issues within herself that she is having
difficulty coming to terms with. This does not mean that you must now tell her
this. You are simply going to listen and give her the opportunity to express and
leave the rest up to her guides. Is this clear?
My pain in my eyes is going.
You see!
Is there anything else we can assist anyone with before we end this
Yes, please, Lord Kuthumi, Youve explained to my bother here, the fourth child.
You said first born children manifest physical . . . .
They will process physically. In other words, you may find if there is any
conflict or disharmony in the family, or there are changes coming within the
family, the eldest child will be the one who falls or breaks bones or bruises their
body or is the one who gets physically sick the most. It is a very physical
experience. You understand. The second one would be more emotional. That is
quite self explanatory. The third one will be more of the mental body, they
would be the ones that withdraw more or are more in their mind and will absorb
what is happening from a more analytical or logical perspective and wont get
too emotionally attached or involved in what is going on. Even though they are
still emotionally effected or physically effected, their response mechanism is
more of a mental nature. You understand.
In a family, if the first born or first child is an adopted child, and then afterwards
the parents conceive their own child. Are they both first born or what?
Yes, so what would happen then is, the adopted child would be the first child
coming into your family in the sense of the role it plays. The biological child
comes into the family playing the role of first child, because it is the biological
connection, but will also act out emotionally, because its position within the
family is the second role or the emotional role. So they would play out physicalemotional.
Anything else?
Inaudible question.
Sister it is around issues of support. We suggest you begin looking at how you
feel about support. This is as a result of your separation from your biological
parents. You said you were raised by your grandmother yes? So as a child you
will have felt unsupported by your biological parents Rejected. Muscles
represent support. The lower back represents self-worth and trust. It is also in the
region of the hip area, which is to do with support. The neck is related to inner
child memory. The Shoulders are representing responsibility. You are angry
about many areas of your life that youve had to live through when you felt
unsupported. There were many things that you experienced as a young girl, and

young adolescent, where you did not have the emotional support you desperately
needed to see you through those times. And yes, you are very angry about that.
This has manifested in you being as an adult woman, not feeling safe enough to
allow an external structure in the form of a physical partner to support you. You
do not trust the emotional support will be there because so many times it wasnt.
It is not your responsibility to carry the weight of what your parents and
grandmother went through in their lives, which deprived you of emotional
support. Shrug your shoulders, wiggle your hips, exercise your neck, perhaps
some dancing should be the answer, and begin to integrate your divine right to
feel, to be supported, to love and be loved.
Inaudible question.
Sister it would be both, because the physical organ of the heart is affected by
what is happening within the energy center of the heart chakra. You have made
the choice to travel to Egypt have you not? Yes. Which is the heart of the heart.
Where the greatest heart changes are taking place. You are experiencing the
grounding of the current intensive energies through your relationship, which is
affecting you in the heart chakra. Use breathing exercises to bring balance to
how your heart is feeling and the palpitations and the murmur will begin to ease.
You also need to address issues regarding having room to breath, and space to
express yourself and express your views. This will ease the stress and anxiety
even more for you. Is this clear? You are welcome.
I shall take two more questions.
Lord Kuthumi, my elder sister is experiencing a tremendous amount of trauma
and financially as well as . . . and of late we have mended our relationship that
has been very rocky up to now. . . is there any way that I can be supportive of
her or any message I can give her?
She needs to address her base and sacral chakra areas. These are the two areas
currently undergoing greatest change in her personal life. I have already
explained how health issues are linked to the base chakra. Ones ability to
manifest finance or any other energy is influenced by both the base and the
sacral chakras. Earth and water, masculine and feminine. These two chakras
must be brought into balance for the purpose of being able to conceive of ideas
and give birth. She takes on a lot of other peoples energy. As we look at her
energetically, she is a dumping ground for other peoples stuff, so to speak. She
needs to learn to protect herself and set boundaries in that area of her life. It is
also very much around issues of trust regarding support and trust in her ability to
trust herself to manifest all her needs as well. The fact now that her husband is
ill is simply affirming to her, her fear and lack of trust in her ability to manifest a
safe environment in which to thrive.That answers your question? Youre
Is there anything I can do for her that I can assist her with?
Perhaps you can try to convey this to her in a language she will understand. And
offer any support that you think will support her. You can also ask her soul

permission to work with her energetically and use the modality you have studied
to assist her IF her soul gives you permission ONLY.
Can I ask her personally permission to work with her?
If she is open to it by all means do so.
On a previous occasion, Lord Kuthumi, I asked you about my daughter, about
her biting her nails and you told me that I should take her to a councilor of some
sort. I am not sure exactly who I should involve in helping her, because she has
the problem that she was rejected by one of the parents. I have spoken to her, she
has an immense understanding on a spiritual level I think. She understands me
when I speak to her on a spiritual level. Is it enough to speak to her on that level
and have try to make her feel supported and welcome or should I still get some
external advice for counseling.
Sister what you are doing for her is certainly helping her. We would however
suggest some physical support in order to draw all the facts into her physical
reality. Would you like us to suggest someone for you?
Yes Lord Kuthumi, please.
We will now search the database. Please give us your daughter's name so we
match the energies up. (pause) The therapists name is Desi. Please ask this
channel afterward to supply you with contact details.
Thank you Lord Kuthumi.
You are most welcome.
And so it then beloved ones, that we now bring this transmission to a close. We
bring forth to each of you the light, the power and all systems of energy that you
require to support you fully upon the path you have chosen to walk. Trust the
path you have chosen to walk. Trust in the many invisible arms that are ever
present, holding you, comforting you and carrying you. The invisible hearts that
reach out to you loving you naturally, dont forget we are with you always in all
ways. May the light of Mother-Father God shine brightly upon the path before
you. May every step you take be a steady one, bringing light into the world,
bringing peace, balance, resolution and harmony to all you are a part of. And
may all always be well in your world.
I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden ray of love and wisdom and I greet and
bless you goodnight. Adonai.