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This chapter presented the review of related literature and studies underlying the
framework of the study which may serve as basis for the researcher on interpreting the
result of the study.

Quick AimFire Guns & Ammo

Quick Aimfire Guns and Ammo is a store owned by Mr. Allan Ascao Pedraza
and is located at Centennial Road, BatongDalig, Kawit, Cavite. The gun store business
started on September 2011.Quick Aimfire Guns & Ammo sells ammunitions like hallow
point, full metal jacket and reload. Guns like revolver, pistol, rifle and shotgun. And gun
parts and accessories. And also offers several guns and survival gear on sale.

According to (2011), inventory is an itemized list of sold
and unsold products. It represents one of the most important assets that most businesses
possess, because the turnover of the inventory represents one of the primary sources of
the revenue generation and subsequent earnings for the companys shareholders or

Inventory system.

It is a process where business keeps track of product that is

According to Vitez (2007), inventory is usually the second largest expense for
more businesses. Small businesses usually develop a special accounting system for
managing inventory. Failing accurately track and manage inventory can create difficult
cash flow situations for small businesses. Business owners also must keep accurate
inventory records for business tax purposes.

History for inventory system.

Mueller (2012) stated that inventory before

is using only ledger books. The items are written on the ledger books manually and one
by one. According to Lockard (2012), in 1889 a man named Herman Hollerith invented
the first punch card that could be read by machines. By feeding leaves of paper that have
little holes in specific places; people could gather complex data for a variety purposes
from census taking to clocking in in and out of work. This was basically the precursor to
computers that can read data in tiny microchips.
In the 1960s, a group of seller s got together and came up with a new method for
tracking inventory; the modern barcode. There were several competing types of barcodes
before these were standardized with the Universal Product Code (UPC) in 1974. It is still
the most-used barcode in the United States today.
As computers become more efficient and cheaper, UPCs grew in popularity. In the
mid-1990s, companies started testing with inventory management software that would
record data as products were scanned in and out of warehouses. The technology evolved
into a comprehensive inventory management solution by the early 2000s. Now, even
small and midsize businesses can find affordable inventory management software to meet
the companys need.

Manual inventory system (MIS).

Joseph (n.d)





businesses need to implement some form of inventory system to keep an accurate

merchandise count, as well as for accounting purposes. Business owners usually have a
choice between using a computerized and a manual inventory system. A manual system
offers a number of potential advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of MIS. The manual inventory system has advantages, the

simplicity; sense of control; and does not require electricity.
Disadvantages of MIS.

The manual inventory system also has the

disadvantages, the labor-intensive; vulnerability; and time consuming.

Computerized inventory system (CIS).

Conrad (n.d) stated that, keeping an

accurate inventory is critical to lower costs and provide a more streamlined operation. A
business owner can rely on traditional hand counting methods or institute some form of
computerized inventory control.
Advantages of CIS. The computerized inventory system has advantages, the
speed and efficiency; document generation; and timely data.
Disadvantages of CIS.






disadvantages, the reliance of technology; accuracy issues; and risk of fraud.

According to Ghosh (2005), a sale is an act of exchanging goods and services
through money or other type of compensation. A contract by which the seller transfers or

agrees to transfers the property of goods to the buyer for the money consideration called
Sales management
Gohsh (2005) states that, sales management involves an understanding of the
effort that goes into the management of the sales force and the various processes of sales.
Additionally, Ghosh(2005) also states that,

sales management primarily was

intended to be the direction of sales force employee. Later, the term took on a wider
importance apart from personal selling . the term sales management

consist of

managing of all the sales related actions containing below the line advertising, sales
promotion, physical distribution, pricing and product merchandising.

Sales system. A computer system that records the sales and transactions made in
the business. It also generates status reports of income in daily, weekly, monthly,
quarterly, semiannual, and annual format.
Sales system relates to the inventory system as well, the product in the inventory
will decrease when sales have made.
History of sales system.

According to Mueller (2012), in the generation

before the computers were invented, sales were recorded with counter ledges. Later on,
receipts were issued using mechanical cash registers.

Advantages and disadvantages of sales system.





business to have faster transaction and larger storage for the reports and records. You can
generate reports for reviewing your income capabilities of the business.

The disadvantage of the system is that it will become useless if there is no electricity.

Microsoft Visual Basic 2010

Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express is a free development tool, able to aid you in
designing and programming simple or complex applications. Although its a stripped
down version of the full program, you will still find most of the tools you need. It has a
nice look, the interface is well organized, optimized for fast functionality and the
simplicity is an advantage for amateur programmers. Experts are not left out and they can
find a useful option on the Tools menu at Settings->Expert Settings. Selecting that
extends some parts of the menu, adding a few extra features, which cannot be found
when the program is used in Basic Settings mode. The Solution Explorer panel on the
right side organizes your projects nicely by classes, forms, user controls, etc.
Below, you will find the properties for each selected object, so you can easily
modify them. The code editor automatically adjusts and draws graphical aids to help
make the text easier to analyze. Colors are also used to point out different types of code
(variable, comment, class, etc). The program interface can be customized in almost any
way you are comfortable with. In the View menu you can open additional panels that
show errors, objects, databases and other types of information. Code can be easily added
either by directly writing it or by using the GUI.
The auto-complete feature, called IntelliSense, is very accurate, and it greatly
helps improve the speed of writing and reduces the possibility of errors because of
incorrectly referenced objects (a typical example is when you dont remember if that
variable was called SomeVariable or Somevariable, an often made mistake in case

sensitive programming languages). Furthermore, you will find basic debugging tools,
such as Step Into, Step Over or breakpoints. The Extension Manager is rich with content,
offering you handy additional tools that are directly downloadable from an online
database. Given the fact that its free, this version of Visual Basic is excellent for
educational purposes or even projects of medium complexity. If you want the full version
though, you will have to buy the whole Visual Studio suite.

According to Schwartz, Zaitsev&Tkachenko, (2012), MySQL is very different
from other database servers, and its architectural characteristics make it useful for a wide
range of purposes as well as making it a poor choice for others. MySQL is not perfect,
but it is flexible enough to work well in very demanding environments, such as web
applications. At the same time, MySQL can power embed-ded applications, data
warehouses, content indexing and delivery software, highly available redundant systems,
online transaction processing (OLTP), and much more. To get the most from MySQL,
one needs to understand its design so that it can work with it, not against it. MySQL is
flexible in many ways.
However, MySQLs most unusual and important feature is its storage-engine
architecture, whose design separates query processing and other server tasks from data
storage and retrieval. This separation of concerns lets you choose how your data is stored
and what performance, features, and other characteristics you want.

MySQL is advisable when it comes in creating a website. This database holds all
the information of the system. It can also show the information of the registered users but
this software can only handle by the administrator of the whole system.

Evaluation System
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9126.


software engineering-product quality is global standard for the analysis of software

quality. The important objective if this standard is to report some of the familiar human
preferences that can badly affect the delivery and view of a software development
project. These preferences are changing the priorities or not having good definition of
success by expounding, then agreeing on the project priorities; and subsequently,
changing abstract priorities to measurable values. ISO/IEC 9126 tries to develop a
common understanding of the projects objectives and goals.

According to Torres (2012), there are four parts of this standard; quality model,
external metrics, internal metrics, and quality in use metrics. Under the quality model,
there are six sub-attributes for analyzing the software; the functionality, reliability,
usability, efficiency, maintainability, and portability.


It is a set of attributes that bear on the presence of a set of

functions and their specified properties. The functions are those that satisfy stated or
implied needs.


It is a set of attributes that bear on the ability of software to

maintain its level of performance under stated conditions for a stated period of time.

It is a set of attributes that bear on the work and needed for use,

and on the individual assessment of such use by a stated or implied set of users.

It is a set of attributes that bear on the connection between the

level of performance of the software and the amount of resources used, under stated

It is a set of attributes that bear on the effort needed to

make specified modifications.


It is a set of attributes that bear on the ability of software to be

transferred from one environment to another.