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I pushed my foot down on the accelerator and felt the car move beneath me; I had

escaped, but it didnt feel like it. I glanced in the rear vision mirror and saw the group of
men in black sprinting after me. They were fast. Faster than I had thought, and theyve
probably called more people in, and are probably tracking the car right now I shook my
head, got to keep my mind on losing these guys first. I slammed my foot down harder on
the accelerator, really feeling the car come alive. I could feel the adrenaline pumping
through me, buildings flashed past me as I weaved through the traffic and hustle bustle of
the city. I peered in the rear vision mirror once more, no one was following me. Id lost
them for now, but theyd find me, they always have. Always looking for me, until I gave
in, but that wasnt going to happen; nor was I planning on letting them catch me,
although I had come close then.
I steered the car down an empty street and parked it on the side of the road. I got out
and put the keys on top of the car and walked back up the street. It was dangerous to use
the car now. I pushed my hood over my head and walked towards the stretch of markets
nearby. Theyll know what Im wearing now, I need a disguise. I thought for a moment
Ill have to steal some clothing. I hated stealing, but this was urgent. I walked into the
mad rush of the markets and emerged ten minutes later with my pockets bulging. I
headed towards the nearest block of toilets where I changed into the clothes Id stolen. I
shoved my old clothing into the nearest bin on my way out. I glanced at my battered
watch, it was seven oclock in the evening, I needed to get out of here as quick as
possible, these streets are dangerous at night, the perfect time for dark deeds.
I looked around frantically, I couldnt see any of them, was I being watched? Spied on?
A shiver went up my spine, I ran back into the toilet block and locked myself in a cubicle.
I needed to think, I needed a plan, a way out. I thought for a moment; there was one
person who could help me, it would be hard to go back and see him after all this time
but he was my only chance.
I walked back onto the street. He lived in the dodgy side of the city, the slums. I doubt
they would know about him, I never told anyone. I would be hidden there but it hurt too
much just thinking about seeing him again though Time was running out I had to get
there fast. I took the shortcuts I used to take everyday, not much had changed. I ran
through the park, over the train bridge and through many side streets before finally
coming to a halt in a dingy alleyway. This was it, I was sure of it, heavy music was
coming from nearby. I walked down a set of small red stairs heading underneath a run
down warehouse. As I slowly walked down them, the music grew louder, my body felt
the waves of bass flood through it. The tempo was fast, making me nervous. I banged on
the heavily vandalized door and waited. Moments later the door opened and I started. It
wasnt him. What? the man grunted; it was hard to hear him over the music. Is Toby
there? I need to see him, its urgent I demanded. The man grunted and gestured me to
follow him. I walked behind him through the house, the music blared and the walls
vibrated, people were swaying to the music, smoking and vanishing into dark corners.
We moved down some more stairs into a dimly lit room full of a group men sitting
around a table playing cards. Toby, this chicks after you. The man said.
I took a deep breath, the man sitting down with his back to me stood up and turned
around, his eyes widened at the sight of me. He looked exactly the same since I had last
seen him. His face broke into a grin, Hey you, long time! What are you doing here? he

asked. Toby I need your help. I said, my voice shaking. Ahh a bit of trouble with
the law? Toby said, winking at me. No, its not like that I replied; Toby looked into
my eyes for a moment before sensing the seriousness in my voice. Okay, Ill see what I
can do. He said. I followed him back up the stairs, through the small kitchen and
through to another room, much smaller and darker. Toby pulled a cord above his head and
light filled the room, I could see it much more clearly now, it looked like a cramped
studio. There was a laptop on a messy desk, newspaper cutouts collaged onto the walls,
and bits of paper and documents floating around. So what do you need? Toby asked.
This is what I liked about him, no matter how much trouble you were in he never asked
about it or judged you by it. I just need a passport and a fake ID. I said, still feeling
nervous. Hmm I can do that, but itll take a few hours, you look exhausted. Why dont
you have a nap in my room upstairs and Ill wake you when Im done? He asked.
Yeah I said half convincingly; but my face told a different story. Wow you really are
in trouble arent you? Toby exclaimed. Yeah huge, I dont want to talk about it
please. I said quietly. Well alright, grab anything from the kitchen if you like, and my
rooms upstairs, you remember? He asked. Yeah I know. Thanks, I really appreciate
this I said. Toby smiled at me. I smiled back, but it was forced.
I walked into the small kitchen and helped myself to some leftover Chinese before
heading upstairs. I lay on Tobys bed and felt the wave of tiredness come over me, I fell
asleep almost immediately. Moments later it seemed, I was being shaken, Wake up,
quick hurry! a voice said above me. I opened my eyes groggily and saw Toby standing
over me. Whats happening? I asked, I could feel my heart thumping, had they found
me? Do they know Im here? I thought. Toby answered for me, Cops busted our
gathering, are they after you? He asked. I relaxed. False alarm! Oh no, theyre not after
me, its something else my voice faltered. I looked away. I could feel Toby s eyes
piercing into mine. Can I help you at all? He asked. What? You already have! I said.
Theres got to be something else, can I take you anywhere? He replied. I thought about
it for a moment, Oh, the airport? I asked. He nodded. I can take you now if you like.
Toby held out his hand for me, I longed to grab it but I held myself back; it was all too
much. I got up by myself and followed him outside to his car.

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