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By Richard E. Geis
Copyright 2007 by Richard E. Geis
For Adults Only!
Quoting in whole or in part is encouraged
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Wot a Revoltin' Development This is!
This morning I got a response from that erotic-fiction-for-women
e-publisher editor: They think I'm a good writer, and "The Blessing"
story was very good --but they can't use the story. Period.
Nor, significantly, did they invite me to try again.
So I take the hint. I suspect there is a sub rosa No Men
Allowed rule in effect, but never admitted. Okay. Im not going to butt
my head against that pussy wall.
Maybe Ill send the story out again sometime if I ever find an epublisher whom I think might be viable. But maybe Ill just hang up
the text sex fiction gloves and forget it. I could simply put it in this
Taboo site and let all you slavering sex monsters read it. Anybody
want to read "The Blessing"?
Heres another propaganda knee to the groin theyre trying
to get us to believe.
I refer to the story released to the press in Iraq by our Defense
Dept. which asserts they have proof that Irans leaders have pushed
smuggling new, highly powerful roadside bombs and other military
equipment to some of the militias in Iraq to use against American and
British forces.
BUT our Defense Dept. officials dont provide evidence to the
media to prove their assertions. And the Iraq government hasnt seen
the evidence, either!
The media are skeptical --- having been lied to so often before
by this Defense Dept. and by this president and v.p.
So dont hold your breath waiting for the proofs required. This
story will probably fade away and another IRAN IS THE REAL
ENEMY! story will appear within a week.
Methinks a Plan is afoot.
And today --- 2-14-07 --- President Bush said firmly in a news
conference that he is going to do something about these smuggled

arms coming into Iraq from Iran! But he didn't say what.
Wait and see what the next propaganda story will be. It does
seem that Bush & Co. are ramping up something with Iran. It could
be a desperate diversion of media attention away from Iraq failure, or
an actual attempt to provoke Iran into a border incident which could
be used to justify our bombing of their nuke plants and etc.
But as Bush must know, it is easy to start a war, and hell to
finish it. Iran isn't a half-dead Iraq and has thousands of missiles
ready to fire.
[After all, Iran supplied Hezbollah in Lebanon with at least five
thousand missiles and anti-tank weapons which allowed Hezbollah to
fight Israel to a standstill in that recent miniwar. Remember? That in
spite of around-the-clock bombing.]
It's a damn good bet that Iran has probably tens of thousands of
such missiles in reserve for their own defense. In a war with us, we
would use our prime weapon---bombing---and Iran would use their
missiles. They could wreck the world economy by stopping the flow
of oil. EVERYBODY would be yelling at us for causing such a
And we are extremely vulnerable to dollar punishment if the rest of
the world gets pissed at us.
Can Barack Obama win the Democratic party nomination?
No. There is residual, instinctive racism in the population which
will, in the privacy of the voting booth, subconsciously decide that the
voter cannot accept a black President named Barack Obama.
And how odd that if a "mixed race" man is three-quarters white
and one-quarter black, he is a classed as a black, but if a "mixed
race" man is three-quarters black and one-quarter white, he is still
considered a black.
Is white blood so weak that black blood overpowers it every
time? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Whose civilization is
this, anyway?
Medical Note
I went to my doctor a week ago to have him do something
about two little growths --- one in my left armpit, another on my left
buttock --- which were irritating. He 'froze' them with a super-cold jet
spray from a spray can of something (I should have asked what it
was) which stung slightly as it was applied. The little growths are

supposed to turn black and fall off.

Okay. And he said I'd probably get them again every year or
so, most likely in the armpits, because they were genetic in origin ...
they are in my inherited genes and I'll just have to deal with them as
they appear. They are not my fault.
I guess if you live long enough more and more of your
"scheduled deterioration" shows up.
I'll keep you informed.