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Grand Canyon E-Book 2008

Table of Contents
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Thank you for choosing to purchase my e-book. You have made a choice that will make positive
and long lasting changes in your life. The fact that you have downloaded this ebook means you are
ready to experience what will soon unfold as a result of the words on the pages to follow.
This series of Grand Canyon Activations are part of a much greater body of work inspired on many
levels by the profound love of Spirit. Everything that I do under the auspices of the Divine has the
most extraordinary affect not only on my own life, but on the lives of everyone who experiences the
words and energies of the information channelled through me. I take no ownership of the words, I
am simply the vehicle. However I am responsible for how the information is shared, as well as
ensuring that the information gets out to as many people as possible, and I take great pride in the
quality of the empowering information presented through my ability to serve Spirit and humanity in
this manner.
My closest girlfriend on the planet Salome Manolis-Poroulis, creator of the Sacred Body, Sacred
Earth teachings, plays a huge role in the earth work we are
conducting at the moment. Her and I often find ourselves heading off in opposite directions of the
globe to ground the energies and serve as physical anchors at the sites. Sometimes we do this
alone and at other times we are accompanied by groups of like minded souls. This time Salome
will be the one travelling to the Grand Canyon to serve as the physical anchor for this body of work
while I stay put in Johannesburg, South Africa. The day after she arrives back I leave for Dubai to
serve as the anchor for the "bridge" energy between this Grand Canyon Series and the Vietnam
Series coming up. I get back to SA on the 27th of July and then she heads off to Vietnam on the
2nd of August, while I make my way to the Drakensburg, in Kwa-Zulu Natal to draw the energies
through a 6th dimensional Fluid Love portal there and anchor the 8:8:8 energies. You see what I
mean! While all of this is going on another very dear friend of mine Patrick Symington, will be
making his way to Namibia to serve as the male anchor for the "Wild/Authentic" energies that will
be activated during the upcoming series of activations, beginning with this series in particular.
Patrick has played an important role in helping anchor most of the energies in Namibia, and while I
was in Egypt in April 2008, he was in Vietnam and Cambodia and contributed to preparing the
energies for what will be activated there during August 2008. He will be in Scotland in a few days
time and will contribute to linking the energies to what I will be doing in Dubai from the 21st - 27th
of July 2008. I am always fascinated to see how all of this fits together, sometimes in the most
unbelievable ways, nonetheless, it always fits!
For those of you new to these teachings, welcome! You will find that your body will respond in a
variety of ways to the activations and the energy of the information in general because they
automatically bring about change, and your body will begin to let go naturally. For some you might
feel emotional and start crying in the middle of a channelling or generally feel tearful and sensitive.
This is your bodys way of releasing pent up emotions that have been unlocked by the process.
Other emotional reactions are feelings of anger, even rage, irritation and perhaps grief, sadness or
Some people have physical reactions like headaches, yawning excessively, upset tummy, nausea,
joint pain, sore throat, coughing, hay fever, stiff muscles and sometimes shivering with cold or
breaking out in a sweat. All of these reactions are your bodys way of letting go. DO NOT try and
stop the process, because then you are repressing again and going back to square one. Surrender
to it and let your body do what it needs to in order to attain the healing required. The lower ego will
resist and try its best to put you off and distract you. If this happens its a good sign indicating your
ego is being challenged to let go, so persevere and take the upper hand.
Some people have no physical or emotional reactions worth paying any attention to. Please note
this does not mean you are not benefiting from the energy. Its just your bodys way of dealing with
it. You may find that you become mentally fuzzy, tired, or your mind might become very busy, filled
with random thoughts and memories that distract you.
Michelle Eloff

The effects of the energy activated by the visualisations can sometimes take between 7 21 days
before you feel or notice any change/shift as a result, and can continue for up 90 days after you
began working with the energies. During this time you will undergo a number of transformations
either physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. It is important to bear in mind that we are
all different therefore we react differently to energy. I urge you though to be aware that the
changes can often be very subtle, so pay attention. I suggest you keep a journal of your
experiences for the duration of working through this series. You will be amazed at what comes up
in your journaling and how many insights lurk within your words. Dont discount how important
journal writing is!
Take note that the 7-21 day period applies to each visualisation individually, not the process as a
whole. I trust that your journey into reconnecting with your inner fire will entice the Light within you
to shine even brighter and stretch further a field, shedding light on the extended aspects of your
life. May your adventure be filled with exciting discoveries of the treasures and wisdom that ARE
inside of you just waiting to be found!
My deepest gratitude goes to Master Kuthumi, and all the Divine Lords of the Light who trust me to
be a channel for this extraordinary information. Thank you Mother/Father God for the gifts You
have bestowed upon me and for placing me in the position to share your Divine Wisdom with the
rest of humanity! May Your abundant blessings reach every soul ready to embrace themselves and
see You looking back at them through their own eyes. And thank you to YOU reading this for
having the courage to honour your voice of truth and embarking upon this epic journey of
reclaiming your self and your truth. My wish for all of you reading this is that your life will never be
the same again, and that all that you experience as a result enriches your life beyond your wildest
I also want to add a very special thank you to Salome and Patrick for their assistance and service
as anchors and activators during their globe trotting adventures. A big thank you to my personal
assistant Samantha Gilbert for transcribing the channellings making it possible for you to be
reading this, and a HUUUGE thank you to our totally wacky and "dunno what we would do without
you" Webmaster, Doug Hoseck, for making all of this available on the net and making sure your
downloading experience is as glitch free as possible.
Much love to all of you,
Michelle Eloff
President/Founder The Lightweaver Worldwide

Michelle Eloff

Lord Kuthumi
Grand Canyon Activation Channelling 1
Channelled through Michelle Eloff
Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 22 May 2008
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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this
time and to bring unto you the blessings of innocence, independence, trust and beauty. Greetings
beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this
day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Beloved ones we are embracing a powerful wave of fluid love, one that comes to embrace
humanity from the very core of source. This is a time of integrating the power of source, the source
of all life, all truth, light, love and creation.
Mother Earths process of remembering is one that has triggered the journey of remembrance for
everyone. Remembering your personal journey is a unique experience unto you however the
journey in itself contributes to the collective healing of Mother Earth and all who share her energy.
The Grand Canyon is a place on her body that holds many of the etheric bubbles of potential
related to the new paradigm. These energies have been placed in pockets so to speak all along
the Grand Canyon in preparation for the time where they will be released for humanity to begin
Some of you may remember a time where Merlin spoke of the time of great abundance, where life
presents you with many wonderful opportunities. He asked like Goddess Jezebel did if you are
ready for this, he asked what would you do with that which comes your way.
The Grand Canyon journey is made up of three specific activations, and each activation penetrates
a level of the four lower bodies. The pockets of quantum energy are already held within the
spiritual body so to speak, this is reflective of all your dreams, your hopes, your wishes, your
desires, all the intentions you have set for yourself to bring about a new way of living, a more
peaceful and harmonious existence. These pockets of energy exist within your own field reflecting
your brain, your imagination and every other creative part of your brain. There is a quantum field in
which this is held. The quantum field in the Grand Canyon has been emanating pulsations of
energy for the past six months. These pulsations have been retrieved by certain peoples energy
fields and those of you who are listening to these words and participating in this activation, you are
the ones who have retrieved this information, the transmission has been sent and you received.
The very first journey is about drawing that potential into the emotional body, not the mental body.
The Grand Canyon holds that flow of water. All of that which you will experience as a result of this
first activation is linked to the information and codes that were fed into you in utero through the
umbilical cord. Within the umbilical cord there are segments of information, you could imagine it
again like pockets of information. As each month in gestation is completed more information is
released into the amniotic fluid. This then becomes the blueprint, which you absorb into the
cerebral spinal fluid and beloved ones it is through the umbilical cord that you take on your
mothers deepest subconscious and unconscious fears. You take on the unconscious fears of your
grandmother, your great-grandmother and so on and so forth, a minimum of five generations. As
each of these levels of information are imprinted into the amniotic fluid you begin sorting through
this assortment of information and you decide what information is best for you in terms of
mastering that which you have chosen to in the chosen incarnation.
Michelle Eloff

The Grand Canyon is now representing a whole new flood, a whole new flow of such information
coming to you. The big difference is that this does not contain within it the generations of trauma.
No beloved ones, it contains within its field the imprint of the divine source of fluid love that comes
from the Cosmic Mother. There is an umbilical cord that has been already connected to your
energetic field feeding in through your navel chakra. This is what has resulted in many of you
feeling emotional turmoil as if your solar plexus and your sacral chakra are on some kind of
washing machine cycle. This feeling of disruption is not negative, in fact the energy coming from
the Cosmic Mother is beginning to churn up all of those dormant unresolved subconscious and
unconscious fears that you took on from your mother - everything that she was afraid of doing to
you, of giving to you, of being for you and all the mothers before that was dumped upon you so to
speak, with your permission though. Now you are experiencing an opportunity to clear the
emotional body of that pain, the trauma, and the memories on an unconscious and subconscious
level so that these pockets of opportunity can settle into the solar plexus and sacral chakras of
your body.
Why those two chakras in particular? Well, your sacral chakra is a feminine chakra. It is receptive,
creative, fluid, trusting and intuitive. Your solar plexus is a masculine chakra. It is your fire, your
will, and your drive to act. It is the part of you that moves forward in your life to make things
happen. So we are taking the sacred receptacle of your sacral chakra and the bright light of the fire
element in your solar plexus and these two are united. As these two elements meet, water and fire,
so you create a different experience for yourself. This particular experience reveals to you what
we call the hidden template. The hidden template is a blueprint of sorts that has always lain just
beneath the blueprint you were born with. The hidden template can only be accessed when the
soul reaches a certain point of emotional maturity and spiritual growth. You have reached that
point. You have been granted permission from your highest self to take a glimpse at the hidden
template. Your hidden template shows you treasures that challenge your belief systems, your
attitude and expectations of the life you have led up until this point. As you extract this hidden
template from beneath, in other words from the unconscious, you will see an unravelling of the old
paradigm happening emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. At times these will happen
simultaneously at other times we will focus on one body so to speak at a time. This activation is
specifically for the emotional body.
There are currents of light penetrating the etheric web of humanitys consciousness. This web is
like a veil blurring the vision. As your vision adjusts to that which you are seeing and you recognise
that what you are seeing is formed in the image of what you believe, you begin altering the image
you are seeing because what you believe is changing. Transformation is inevitable when one
begins entertaining ideas of a different kind. The minute you experience yourself in a different
realm of expression, in a different realm of participating within and experiencing life, doors that
were once hidden to the vision are suddenly not only in the periphery but directly in front of you.
They are not shut tight they are in fact ajar and now is the time for you to walk into it.
For this particular activation you will be required to focus on releasing those unconscious and
subconscious fears you took on in utero. This means each morning upon waking the first thing you
do is tune into the umbilical cord extending from the Cosmic Mothers womb to your navel chakra
and for a few minutes, not more than two minutes. If necessary breathe in and out imagining that
Sacred Source of divine love filling your sacral and solar plexus chakras with a balanced flow of
balanced light, balanced love and super consciousness. The super consciousness automatically
initiates super self-awareness. You will notice during those three days how super aware you are of
the fears that you have until this point believed were yours as well as the fears you believed you
did not deserve to be rid of for whatever reason. You will be shown that the sins of the forefathers
and the foremothers are not yours to carry, and in this instance when we speak of the forefathers
and the foremothers we speak of the four lower bodies of the ancestors on a female and male
sides, therefore paternally and maternally. You will be astounded by the realisations you have. You
will be moved to tears at times when you see how long and how far you have carried that which
your mother choose to carry from her mother and so and so forth.

Michelle Eloff

Some of you might say: but Kuthumi I thought we cleared all our ancestral patterning from the
past, yes you have however this particular level of clearing is linked directly to the hidden template
you would not have been able to access those levels of unconsciousness until you were ready to
embrace the levels of super consciousness that come from your hidden template. Within this
template you are shown some of the ancient and very powerful techniques used by master
alchemists, this you will discover firsthand, you will learn about your own strengths, your own
wisdom and your ability to manoeuvre, to strategise and to think on your feet. This part of you is
necessary for this is where you step in as the super sacred warrior.
During the three days of this activation (7-9 July,) it is important that you remain sensitive to your
emotions yet not taking them on personally, not getting hooked in or tied up in the heat of the
moment so to speak. Beloved ones this is pushing humanity into a new level of action. You see
one of the reasons why the New Age is considered airy-fairy or light in the pants is because people
have literally gone from one extreme to the other, from being an extremist in religion to being an
extremist as a New Ageist. Let me tell you something now and this might shock some of you, you
do not need your crystals, you do not need all your magic lotions and potions, your affirmations or
your mantras, none of that is necessary any more. Perhaps now you can see that as things moved
from one extreme to the next the middle point was completely omitted, and instead of the New
Agers who are supposed to be the so called Lightworkers, free thinkers, spiritual teachers etc, etc
being the ones to make the change, no, all they did was become sorry victims indulging in self-pity
parties, hooking onto every excuse as to why there cannot be enough money, love, health and
everything else that is needed in order to make their lives work. So what I am saying is the Grand
Canyon activations shatter the world of the New Age extremist, all the fanatics who are living within
that world of the mind, the head, the crown, the third eye, those who are not in their body will be
brought back down to earth, because you cannot be a Master Alchemist on earth if you are not
grounded in your body, and there is no shortcut around that. Either you get into your body or you
get the hell out of it and stay out!
Beloved ones it is vital that you understand this because no longer can those who are serious
about making a difference be rejecters as they have been. The extreme New Ageists are
negatively impacting upon those who are the serious warriors of the New Age - those Lightworkers
who have chosen to step into their body and to make the walk to freedom, to really pick up their
sword, slice through the crap and make a difference. Sitting on your backside waiting for the
universe to deliver you your golden treasure is never going to happen, and those of you sitting in
mountains chanting to your crystals, let me tell you something, I love you dearly but for goodness
sake wake up! Reality is pulling you into check because the only way that you will fully embrace
your White Fire Element and be able to work with the Golden Temple Teachings is if you pull
yourself together and you look at the reality of your life, and you own the fact that you have a life
and it is a life that wants to be lived, that needs to be lived and if you dont want to live it then what
are you doing there? So now you can see how important balance is, an extremist in any direction
does not work.
Why is it that the New Age communities have not been able to fully anchor themselves? Why are
there not more cities of light? Why are there not more organisations run by the Lightworkers? The
reason is because there is not enough grounded in their body. The concept of (relying on) the
Universe, Spirit, Angels, God, the Masters, the Elohim, whoever it is making your life better for you
is not going to happen, and that is the illusion you need to wake up to now. The Universe always
has and always will support action. You are the one who actions change in your life. Sitting in
meditation for four or six hours a day will not save your world, it will not change the atrocities that
are actively physically happening in your world every millisecond of the day and of the night. Why
do you think the so-called Dark Forces wield the power they do? Why is the dark so strong, and
many of you have asked me this before. Why is the light not gaining ground in the physical material
world? The Dark know what they want and they go all out to get it. Nothing stops them from
achieving their goals. Now if Lightworkers could invest the same energy as the Dark Forces do can
you imagine what would happen? So stop living in the world of illusion of pink fluffy clouds, of
unicorns and fairies (no offence unicorns and fairies) and get into the world. If you want to make a
change get up and get with the programs, get your hands dirty, get your feet dirty and if you have
to play them at their own game you do it but your intention, your motives are coming with a higher
Michelle Eloff

purpose. Remember, sometimes if you cant beat them you join them, play them at their own game
but your game plan is different to theirs, then we will begin to see serious change in your world. I
mean business and I sincerely hope the rest of you do to.
There has been enough time wasted praying to crystals, praying to flowers, to trees, to birds and to
bees, take your power back and do it yourself. You are the leader of your army and the Legion of
Light that is behind you is oh so powerful. Have you ever seen a warrior being forced into battle by
his troops? Could you imagine King Arthur being dragged along kicking and screaming by his
knights to fight a battle, can you? Do you think he would have been who he was? No, he looked
fear in the face and did it anyway.
One of the things that have resulted in Lightworkers faltering, and let me at this point say when I
am referring to Lightworkers I am speaking of all of those of you who are in the so-called New Age
movement, whether you pray to crystals or not doesnt really matter, I am really just using that to
demonstrate my point. Crystals are exquisite as are trees and plants and fairies and every thing
else, but the danger has already happened, people have lost themselves there, they have become
trapped all up in the air. You need to get into that which needs to be changed that is why many of
you incarnated, you came back into the earth plane, you came to get your hands and your feet
dirty. Dont waste anymore time, take action.
The Grand Canyon activations will be supported by the sacred vibration of love and wisdom. You
will see the importance of utilising wisdom and you will also see that there are many times that
wisdom requires that you practice tough love. Being an alchemist requires that you master the fire
element. Fire is rage out of control as much as it is the heat and passion of the most sacred and
divine love. Are you going to let the blazing heat of rage and anger completely consume the fire of
passion, the passionate fire of divine and sacred love, because that is what is happening. The
extreme, the negative extreme of fire is gaining ground rapidly. So we bring the water element, the
emotion, the fluid love to help to quell those raging flames of anger, torment and the desire to
torture, to cause pain. Allow the passionate flame of sacred and divine love to melt the icy hearts
of those enraged, infuriated and so deeply wounded that they have not within them the capability
to see what love offers.
As each of you contemplate what has been said to you today you automatically allow the
frequencies held within the pockets of energy to flow through your body. The magnetic field around
you begins to communicate with all the other fields around you and the ripple effect takes place as
it penetrates the collective consciousness so the shifts happen, things are aligned, realigned,
recalibrated and transformation occurs. Beloved ones there is more earth change coming very
soon, it is important that you are working, working towards ensuring that your focus is in the
direction of right action and that you are balanced in your view, your action, your passivity and your
intention. That is when you are living as a sacred warrior and warrioress within the realm of Holy
Light. Ensure that you take in vast amounts of liquid during these three days supporting your body
in releasing through the water systems. The fluid also acts as a shock absorber so instead of
experiencing intensive moments of shock in your body it will simply be absorbed into the water and
you will release it from your body. Our suggestion is that you also ingest tissue salts no 6 (Kali
Sulph) as well as tissue salt no 9 (Nat Mur), Star of Bethlehem or Rescue Remedy.
Beloved ones I thank all of you who have chosen to work with us with the Golden Temple
Teachings. We thank you sister Salome who is physically travelling to the Grand Canyon to serve
as the physical anchor for these activations. Each of you tuning in energetically we thank you for
your desire to serve, to heal and be healed.
My words have been firm today and direct but those of you who know me well know I only speak
like this for a very specific purpose. I will never direct my speech in this manner if it werent for a
very specific purpose. I trust that you hear me in your heart, in your spirit, your soul, your mind and
your body and that you take action accordingly. Let us join wills, let us join love and join forces
bringing the force of light into the picture. Remember what I said about why the Dark Forces are so
successful and apply the same technique.
Michelle Eloff

And so it is divine ones that I hold you within the fluid love of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom.
I, Kuthumi, embrace each of you individually and collectively reassuring you of the pathway you
have chosen, reassuring you that every step you take is secure and in the right direction. Look to
the self, draw on the energy of the elements, the energy of Mother Nature but do not make her, her
elements, her minerals and everything else that is a part of her body the means in which to grow,
only you can do that for yourself. May the love that exists within the Source of Everything be one
with you and may the Source of all love nurture you infinitely.
I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love.

Michelle Eloff

Lord Kuthumi
Grand Canyon Activation Channelling 2
Channelled through Michelle Eloff
Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 26 May 2008
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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this
time and to bring unto you the blessings of transparency, transcendence, greater soul immunity
and inner discernment. Greetings beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this
day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
As the journey continues to unfold you are presented with more opportunities to understand the
mechanisms that express the divinity inside of you reflected in the world around you. The light is
pushing itself through all the cracks of density and darkness. As the light grows in strength the
cracks become great chasms, canyons in fact, this is why the journey along the Grand Canyon and
all the other canyons that connect to it and that are close to it show humanity that sometimes it is
vital that things crack open so that the truth can be seen. As everything is broken open, the seals
to the new world are in fact what are being broken open. These breakages of the seals are linked
to some work that we presented to humanity a few years ago linked to the Sacred Seven Seals.
The seals within the seven major chakras of your body are also cracking open. There are
seventeen levels in total. The Golden Gate to Oneness was responsible for cracking through the
first ten. It was a very intense, explosive shifting. The final seven are linked to very specific
journeys of self-empowerment and self-discovery.
A canyon is a portal into the inner self. It takes you into the realms of the emotional body to worlds
within it that eluded you until this point. This is a time of penetrating the depths of those emotions
that you have not understood, which has led to behaviour, attitudes, fears and belief systems that
you do not quite understand. Now one of the great changes that are being initiated as a result of
this particular activation related to the Grand Canyon, the second one, will be anchored on Planet
Earth between the 9th and the 12th of July, the 11th is a very important date. Now from the 9th to
the12th of June an etheric activation will take place. The 9th to 12th of July the physical activation
takes place, the 11th being the key integration for the physical so to speak. On the 7th of July Lord
Merlin and the hosts of Archangels working through all abundance and alchemical energies will
gather around your planet. They will prepare the energies that will begin the shattering of yet
another illusion on Planet Earth and this will also send after shocks through humanities
consciousness, especially those who are on the so-called pathway of the New Age movement.
The reason why we have waited this long to speak about what we are about to speak of is
because it was vital that each of you had attained a certain level of self-empowerment in order to
understand what I am about to tell you. For many years the New Age movement has been growing
in strength. Let me make it clear right now that when I speak of New Age I speak of the shift from
Piscean Consciousness to Aquarian Consciousness, which is meant to be the breaking away from
control and manipulation into freedom and self- empowerment. However the New Age movement
as I describe it has been manipulated and abused and what has resulted is many of the people on
the path are still locked in victim consciousness. The energies that are facing all of you at this time,
all of the light, the information and the opportunities have always been presented for the purpose
of freeing your mind, your heart, your body and your spirit. Victim consciousness however has had
such a stranglehold on humanity as a whole that what was meant to be the key to the door of
freedom simply took what was in the Piscean Age, skilfully manipulated that picture and presented
it as if it is in the Aquarian Age, but nothing has changed. Now I will tell you why I am saying this. I
Michelle Eloff


spoke about this in the first transmission related to the Grand Canyon activations, specifically
where I spoke of people giving their power away to crystals, herbs, fairies etc, etc. Now you need
to realise that the journey you choose is one that you have chosen, one that you have the power to
If one is unable to manage the flow of their own life subconsciously you feel victim, all of the cells
in your body are associating your life experience to past experiences of victim consciousness. So
many people have been entrapped and are entrapped in a sham and in fact it could be acronym
sham: Self Help and Actualisation/Awareness Movement, rather clever dont you think? What
happens beloved ones and this has come about as a result of observation is that people are
throwing them self at every book, every guru, ever workshop, conference or healing modality that
is out there desperate for a quick fix, very similar to an overweight person wanting to take and pill
and twenty-four hours later have shed perhaps thirty or so kilograms, does that happen? No there
is no such thing. So throwing yourself at anything outside of the self to fix you, to save you, to tell
you what to do is all a sham just like the miracle diets that are a sham - everything that promises
you instant results with little or no effort on your part. The other thing that has resulted in an
immense amount of disempowerment and disillusionment, and I know many of those who have
followed my teachings have felt exactly the same, is that there is an expectation that what is
delivered, the information, that it will save you, change you, rescue you and free you. Everything is
up to you. It is your responsibility to take the information provided and make it work in your life, yes
there are many, many of the gurus, the teachers, the healers, the coaches out there presenting
information but not giving the tools to individuals to make the changes keeping them dependant,
and that you have to be very careful of because now you will see with these changes coming there
is going to be a sifting through of those who are keeping people disempowered in order to keep
their bank balance looking rather healthy.
Some of you may recall not too long ago at one of the equinox channellings of the 21st of March I
said that there is immense deception and deceit within the New Age movement. You are going to
witness the spring-cleaning taking place very shortly and big names will be involved. It is time for
all of you to reclaim your power, to draw your power inside of yourself and to feel, to know and to
have confidence in what it is you are happy doing in life and doing with your life. This channel has
in fact contributed to the choice of our messages because her own pain, her own trauma has
simply highlighted what appears to be a major problem amongst Lightworkers and that is the fear
of making the wrong choice. So the fear of making the wrong choice results in a subconscious
belief of punishment if the wrong choice is made. Now that is a spill over from the Piscean Age of
religious indoctrination. This activation is going to ensure that that is cleaned out of the emotional
body, flushed out of the emotional body.
There have been some vast changes and what was originally going to be anchored at the Point of
Gold (Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique) has now been shifted and it is the Grand Canyon that is being
used as the central anchoring point even though Yellowstone, Sedona and many other sacred
sites around America and Canada will absorb the energies. We decided as collective body of the
Grand Council of Illumination that this be done for a very important purpose. America is the main
ego centre of your planet. It symbolises and acts out the fear of the lower ego - the part of self that
is disconnected from the authentic fully cognisant self, and Canada represents the higher self, the
higher ego so to speak. Our collective decision was that this energy be anchored at these places
because it would be able to spread out a lot quicker than at the Point of Gold. There will be a
branch of that energy extended to that point but it is vital that this light penetrate the density of the
ego, the lower ego that mistakenly still believes that they are shackled to any kind of system that
will punish them should they not do what they are told.
This initiation beloved ones is a challenge, because now what Spirit is saying to you is forget about
you have been told, forget what has been predicted, all you have to do right now is listen to your
heart and follow it. Make your decisions based on how you feel inside not based on what God will
do or the Angels or the Masters or anyone else for that matter. Forget about us there is only you.
Make your choices for you.

Michelle Eloff


The pattern of self-sacrifice is rapidly drawing to a close and you sacrifice your victory
consciousness, your prosperity consciousness and your ability to love unconditionally every time
you judge your own choices, your motives as well. We have observed how many of you judge and
criticise yourselves to the extent that you break down what you are creating, because for some
reason you believe that the Masters will punish you, abandon you, reject you or make some
horrible act befall you. Where symbolism was meant to be a guide you have made it something
that dictates to you how you live your life, where crystals were meant to be receivers and
transmitters of energies, an intermediate aid, it has come to govern many peoples lives. People
have lost touch with the balance between Spirit and Science. We always said there is room for
allopathic medication as much as there is for homeopathic and any other kind of natural form of
medicine, it is exactly the same with everything else. There needs to be a balance in terms of living
in the third dimensional world, what many of you call the real world so to speak, and living your
spiritual life. Any extreme is unhealthy, therefore we are bringing you all back to the drawing board,
back to the beginning so that you can see that the original reason for you embarking upon this
journey was to set yourself free, to reclaim your power, to feel your heart, to know your truth. This
has been a perfect example of how patterns can emerge without one even realising that one is
living out and playing out the same game just in an arena next door to the old one.
So the New Age Movement, NAM, is going to be processed through Vietnam, Namibia, watch
those two places. These are energy spots that will absorb the authentic cognisant energy of the
(true) New Age movement not the SHAM. Be vigilant in relation to this. Look at all the books on
your shelves, all the courses you have attended, the gurus you have listened to, everything that
you have taken in and ask yourself how is it empowering you right now? Is there anything that you
have taken in or taken on that has resulted in you feeling victim, paralysed and fearful? If that is
the case then rid it from your space, rid it from within you.
It is a very deep purging that you are all experiencing emotionally and physically. Some of you may
be challenged with the pain of realising that your philosophy in life has simply changed a mask but
has still been the same, so what you have done is instead of fearing the wrath of God you have
replaced Gods name with perhaps the Universe or Spirit or the Masters or the Angels. Integrity is
the key, therefore if your choice embodies integrity why should the wrath of anything befall you? I
have taught for many, many, many months the importance of intention, what is the intention? So
by going back to the beginning you will recognise what your original goals were and you will be
able to see where you have gotten lost within this movement. You have not regressed though. It is
vital that you realise you have not regressed because what you will come to realise is that what
might be perceived as a regression has in fact been a progression because now you are wiser,
and more aware of how easy it is to fall back into an old pattern wearing a different robe. This will
make you more self-aware and more conscious of your own actions and your thoughts, your
intentions and your beliefs.
When you are faced with a choice and you catch yourself worrying about whether the decision is
wrong or right for God, the Masters, the Angels or anyone else for that matter then you know you
giving your power away. Is the choice right for you? Because if it is right for you it is right for
everything and everyone else around you, because then you are following the plan of light. By you
making a choice that feels right for you means that you are guaranteed beyond a shadow of a
doubt that it is right for everyone else.
My transmission today is to shake the foundations of your philosophy, to shake the foundations of
your belief systems and your perceptions regarding your ability and your power to make choices,
and the cracks will allow the light to shine through until you have the grand canyons within you
along which you will travel along the waters of life, the emotions that guide you, the feelings that
speak to you. Sift through that which is unnecessary until you find yourself at peace with the choice
you are about to make or the choice you have made. Forget about fate and destiny. Forget about a
pre-determined or premeditated plans, the only thing you have that is real so to speak is the
moment you are in, the moment you find yourself in and the other real part of that moment is what
you are doing in it. Are you being authentic in that moment or are you just wasting your energy
away worrying about what others will think, do or say about what you are about to do and whether
God will approve, the Angels, the Masters, whoever else it is will approve not giving yourself a
Michelle Eloff


second thought? Self-empowerment lies upon the shoulders of only one person and that is the
person choosing to be empowered by the self, therefore acting for the self, through the self, on
behalf of self, motivated by the truth of self. So forget the gurus, forget the billions of books, the
courses, forget everything that has made you feel incapable of making a simple decision for
yourself and that my beloved ones is what the shattering of the remaining seven seals will be
When we anchor the final stage of this energy many of you will find that during this time, which at
this current timeline includes many other astrological alignments that are highly beneficial, you will
realise that what is revealed to you through your own truth becomes one of your greatest strengths
in relation to your ability to make choices for yourself, to understand that your motives are always
pure but it is your fear of failure, your fear of erring that causes your confusion. This part of the
initiation requires of you to be aware of how you are feeling making simple choices. Become
conscious of the thought process that immediately manifests the moment you have to make a
choice and work with that. If you are having difficulty processing what you are realising by all
means then work with someone whom you trust be it a therapist, a coach or a confidant that will
help you to strengthen your ability of self-empowerment, not something that pulls you deeper into
confusion, disillusionment and disempowerment.
The changes your world faces is about clearing all of the authentic from the unauthentic, removing
the illusions, deception and the chains that have falsely bound humanity to that which no longer
serves the emotional evolution of humanity. Can you imagine what a superior or a race that is
advanced to superior level technologically yet emotionally completely devoid of super intelligence
can do to your world? This then becomes almost like a zeta reticulis consciousness, the ego
moves into that superior intellect of technology but the heart is sadly forgotten. Do you see where
we are going with this message? Do you see the dangerous situation that humanity is in at this
time and why there are such drastic measures that are being taken and will continue to be taken to
ensure that humanities consciousness does not evolve to become one of Reptilian or Illuminati,
because it is on the road to becoming that very quickly. So the best thing every so-called
Lightworker on Planet Earth can do at this time is to stop and take their power and make decisions
to act for the self, to make the decisions that are right for the self and then you will notice a new
wheel begins to turn. There is no one pathway out there that will free your spirit in a heartbeat
without you having to be cognisant of self. There is no one pathway out there that is the only
pathway to freedom and I have always said that anybody claiming to have the one and only
answer is the one the you need to run the fastest away from. God as the Supreme Being is
present within everything, everyone, everywhere therefore His presence or Her presence,
whatever you wish to call it right now, will always present you with an opportunity to freedom. This
is why there are so many pathways to heaven, so many pathways to freedom. No one on your
planet has the power to claim they hold the key to the Kingdom of Heaven alone and best you all
remember that.
My final wish for all of you related to this particular transmission is that you love yourself enough to
give yourself the gift of making choices that empower you, making choices that bring a deeper
essence to your life. That essence will spill over and touch others enriching them, nourishing them
as it does for you. Never underestimate the power of your love, the power of your choice to
empower self. May these words lie lightly within your heart but may the weight of their message
impact upon you with such power that it shatters those old ways that have held you victim to your
fear, victim to past patterning that you have simply dressed in new more fashionable garb. Know
that I, Kuthumi, continue to walk with you, guiding you, protecting and serving and together we will
serve, walk and free humanity together as one. May the light of your greatest power reveal itself to
you so that you might know why you are here on earth anchoring the blueprint of heaven. Never
forget the powerful and many arms that hold you, the hearts that love you and the pathway that
you walk being one that empowers you.
I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love.

Michelle Eloff


Lord Kuthumi
Grand Canyon Activation Channelling 3
Channelled through Michelle Eloff
Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 10 June, 2008
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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this
time and to bring unto you the blessings of peace, serenity, insight and foresight. Greetings
beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this
day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Beloved ones we embrace you at this time in the energy grid of the final activation linked to the
Grand Canyon specifically. This body of energy has presented you with an opportunity to step into
the authentic self. Embracing this part of you does offer not only the chance for you to see yourself
beyond your past and current self perceptions but also presents you with the challenges that
challenge the parts of you that have bought into belief systems about yourself that are in fact a
load of rubbish.
The pockets of energy that are held within the Grand Canyon itself emit vibrations, which
communicate to the cells within the body that resonate in perfect unison with the energy of your
authentic self. You could imagine the authentic self buried beneath layers and layers and layers of
debris. You could also imagine a time in your life where your truth completely fell apart, an
earthquake of sorts and that fallen truth has covered this important part of you. I have said before
and I will repeat it that you cannot fully embrace yourself as a master until you have fully embraced
your authenticity. Your authenticity is your truth, the real you, the you that has dusted off all the
cobwebs of the old paradigm and the projections of your external reality, therefore this particular
journey into the light of the cognisant self is turning you in the direction that will lead you into
another realm of the authentic self. You will be pushed to a degree to stand firmly in your truth and
to acknowledge who you are in truth. This means you will look at the dynamics that unfold around
you, how people treat you, how you perceive yourself as a result of this treatment and the
emotions that come about as a result. You will look at yourself and ask yourself: Is what I see
truly me?. You will find yourself addressing many areas of your life and questioning their
authenticity. There are many facets that reflect the illusion of what you have been led to believe
you are, therefore when you connect with the deeper truth of who you are those aspects will
automatically fall away, some even disintegrating in a heartbeat.
You have been working for many months now preparing yourself for this time. So, in truth it is not
something you need fear because you have gone through many of the most difficult aspects of
these processes of awakening, which are initiations into the world of authenticity, in other words
the world of your authentic self. Perhaps now you will begin to understand the deeper meaning of
the truth shall set you free. For so long many people have understood that as being something
surface in terms of people being honest with you, telling you the truth - that is only the very tip of
the iceberg. With all the energies that have been coming at you since the Leap Year you have
been forced on many levels to truly look at yourself and where you have not wanted to look at
yourself your external reality has bombarded you with the energy that would then force you on
another level to look at who you are, to look at what truly fulfils you physically, emotionally,
mentally and spiritually.
This last phase of this series of activations is being anchored in Sedona specifically but still linked
to those pockets of energy in the Grand Canyon. We will also extend arms of that energy to
Michelle Eloff


different points around the globe for the purpose of ensuring that the fluid networks of authenticity
penetrate every arena currently capable of holding and absorbing that light. Bringing the authentic
self into three-dimensional reality is one of the many and very important journeys of liberating mass
consciousness. The more people there are living authentically the greater the chance is of it having
a ripple effect. There is no need and I repeat, there is no need in truth for you to entertain the false
self any longer.
You might ask then what does your false self consist of? Your false self is made up of all the
illusionary perceptions of yourself that you have adopted as truth based on that which was
projected by those in your external reality who were not comfortable with your truth. A classic
example of this would be someone who is inherently attracted to the same gender, this person
lives a lie denying their homosexuality presenting to the world something completely different,
having to hide the authentic self for fear of many different, painful and traumatic experiences. So,
the false self is living predominately in their life and the authentic self steals little bits of time here
and there. What happens is eventually that person either manifests a disease within their body as
a result of the anger and pain related to having to hide themselves, or something happens to force
them out into the open, or they end up doing something completely out of character because the
authentic self will find an avenue to express itself regardless of what the false self tries to hold
onto. The minute that person comes out of the closet, as it is called, there is a weight lifted from
the shoulders, there is a lightness of being that is experienced and a new lease on life manifests.
That is just an example. There are many areas in your life that hold a similar frequency. Do not
deny any aspect of your truth no matter how small it is because every small aspect of self that
vibrates in unison with the collective authentic self of your truth contributes to your ability to live as
an empowered being in third dimension.
This is the time where you are being called to action. You are being called to live actively as an
authentic being, a human being authentic in their life. Beloved ones it is about time that you stood
in this light and I would like to believe that you have reached a point in your own development that
you dont give too much of a hoot of what anyone else really thinks about you or what you are
doing, you have been through enough initiations to have realised that. The authentic self is the part
of you that is going to get you to where you need to be, not those who sit in your external world
judging you, criticising or rejecting you. Turn your back on that and choose the authentic pathway.
Do not fret about what or whom you leave behind because those who do not accept your
authenticity are part of your false self, the false reality that you have lived within, and I assure you
upon this day that choosing the pathway of your authentic self will bestow upon you blessings and
gifts, fulfilment and inspiration like never before. It is and always will be worth your while to make
that choice.
So now it is that the energies of the first two activations of the Grand Canyon culminate over the
period of the 15th to the 17th of July. The culmination of this energy will be intensified and amplified
as a result of the key date activation of the 17th of July taking place as well. Lord Merlin will gather
with a hundred and twenty-two thousand (122,000) Masters of Alchemy. They will be placed or
their energy anchored at the points where this light will be extended to and that fluid blueprint of
the authentic world will be finally anchored. There have been static and fixed grids that have held
certain processes in place, but now we can bring them forth in their fluid nature. This means that
changes in the external world will also amplify, you will witness much changing, you will also
witness a new wave of awakening for people where dramatic and drastic action is taken by the
higher self to jerk the lower ego into reality so to speak, and when I speak of reality I speak of the
authentic selfs reality because there are a number of very powerful Lightworkers who do still sleep
or who are running from their own light. These ones must awaken now for they are a part of a
grander plan.
These networks of fluid energy, as you know, can penetrate the realms that fixed energy cannot
and you will witness people whom you thought would never make the grade so to speak, opening
to their light and transformations will take place on a grand scale. This is a blessing, it is a gift that
comes to Mother Earth for it also represents the deeper levels of her own cellular memory
awakening, and as these deeper levels of the authentic self shift into the light of the new day so
cellular memory in her body begins to vibrate penetrating those levels of debris that have hidden
Michelle Eloff


that which was the original truth, which is the original truth and will always be acknowledged as
original truth. The interpretation of those truths will be unique but the authentic thread will never be
lost therefore, for the duration of this particular time you will be given a window of opportunity to
merge with your authentic self in a wonderful new way experiencing the divinity of grace as well as
the force of grace showing you these aspects of yourself.
This will cause a shift in the tectonic plates. It will also cause a shift within the cranial plates
because the energy that will be drawn into the brain as a whole affecting each of the hemispheres
and all the levels of consciousness contained within the brains structure will undergo an expansion
of sorts. As this expansion takes place there will be a powerful release of energy almost like a
geyser exploding and there will also be a pulling in of a powerful new energy, a more streamlined
energy that holds within it a very clean clarity like crystal clear water. These let us call it,
(apologises) we are having difficulties finding the right word to describe this, in fact there is no word
to describe it I will try and give you an image. If you could imagine window panes of clear glass, not
a nick or a scratch on it but imagining that as flexible, fluid, coming into your brain one sheet at a
time but at a very fast rate, that is what the energy will look like coming as a result of that which is
no longer needed being released through the geyser description I gave you. These will slide into
place and be slotted into various areas within your consciousness, which will serve as tools for you
to understand with clarity what the next level of your purpose is, what you exactly you are required
to do to ensure that this new world that will be influenced and blessed by this next wave of
awakening can be fully anchored. You are the anchors of this, every time you take it upon yourself
to undergo such intense shifts you anchor the energy, you become that beacon containing that
Many of you have been challenged to your absolute ends, but you will see the moment you reach
that point of no return and you fall off the edge you are actually falling into a new world and where
you find yourself after that point is far more empowering, liberating and fulfilling than you could
have ever imagined when you were standing on the edge. I repeat, do not fear this process. It is
human nature to resist and to fear the unknown but I tell you now you have only two choices, to fall
or to remain within the nightmare of the false self. If you choose the latter I might as well tell you
now that your life will be miserable, your higher self will challenge you more and more and more
until you are pushed to breaking point and shoved over the edge. Which would you prefer? To
willing take the leap of faith or to be pushed over the edge by your higher self? We both know who
will win at the end of the day! I ask you however to experience this as a healing of profound levels.
That which we present to you now, the energies you are being initiated into and the energies that
are being anchored upon Mother Earths body and drawn into her body and your body and is
taking you into realms that you have not experienced in a human body ever, therefore you are
going into completely new territory. Therefore it is impossible for you to predict where you will find
yourself. I can assure you that these are not places to fear, these are places where you will be able
to expand your awareness of self, expand your expression of self and many other aspects of self
beyond the paradigms of third dimensional living, yet experience incredible fulfilment within the
third dimension.
We are opening a number of portals of opportunity to those of you who have chosen to take the
bull by the horns, to face your demons and to take your leap of faith. It is time to trust us like never
before, to trust your higher self like never before and go where Angels fear to tread. That beloved
ones is the most exhilarating part of the time that earth is currently being faced with. This is
unexplored territory for a human being so will you follow or will you lead? Will you surrender or
resist? Will you take up your power as a true spiritual warrior or will you remain in the comfort zone
of the victim?
For the next thirty-six hours the collective vibration of these three activations will pulsate through
your body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This will alter the frequencies and the
rate at which you are bringing light into your body. As these quotients of light are increased you will
be relieved by the levels of clarity and insight you gain and your ability to perceive truth. Your
intuition will become finely attuned and highly sensitive and where there is deception, illusion or
any kind of false or hidden agenda you will pick it up in a flash, what you do with it is your decision
but be aware that your intuition is highly attuned right now and will get stronger the closer you get
Michelle Eloff


to fully embodying your authentic self, because then the cognisant self, the part of you that knows
all truth beyond any shadow of a doubt merges in a more conscious fashion with you, and oh my
goodness what you will be able to see, hear and attune yourself to will blow the socks of many.
Yes, they will head for the hills because of the accuracy of what you are perceiving, but you will
also cut to the bone in terms of them having to acknowledge the level of illusion they have bought
into. Your ability to reveal the truth in such a forthright fashion will shatter the world of illusion for
many and it will be their choice as to what they do with it.
So beloved ones we thank all of you for holding this energy with us, and for being willing to embark
upon the journey of the authentic self. We thank you for opening yourself to the truth of your
divinity and for being willing to serve alongside us and to serve Mother Earth and humanity by
going before those who are still to awaken by showing those who have tasted their truth yet fear it
that the pathway may be very challenging at times, but once you have mastered the initiation the
reward is so much greater than the energy expended through the dark night of the soul, and that is
the journey of climbing the stairway to heaven so to speak, ascending through the dimensions of
self and moving from the world of the false self to the world of the authentic self. And when your
authentic self has a voice and is free to express itself there is no need for you to behave out of
character, if we can call it that, there is no need for you to attract situations that force you to look at
your authentic self because it is being heard, seen and expressed.
Continue to trust in the many invisible arms that hold you knowing that every step you are taking is
one that aligns you with the truth of that authentic self. Imagine the power of this very clear new
energy filtering into Mother Earths body at the point of Sedona between the 15th and the 17th of
July, and that it be a source held within a physical place on Mother Earths body that will penetrate
your body and extend out to the rest of the world. Be aware, be alert and be at peace for there is
still more to be revealed, more to come but you are ready.
The energy coming into the point of Sedona will connect with two very specific points that will serve
as the balancing anchors for this energy, they are: Vietnam and Namibia. Vietnam will reflect the
wounded consciousness of humanity and Namibia will reflect the wild, authentic consciousness of
humanity. Sedona being the central grid through which the fluid energy will flow will be able to hold
itself through these two points. Watch these areas, there will be immense change in these areas
over the next three years. As the energies continue to join up with different points on Mother
Earths body you will see the grander story and how everything is connected.
When we move into giving you the information regarding the activations of Vietnam and Namibia
you will undergo the same journey. You will be able to distinguish where your energy is focused;
either in the wounded self or the authentic self and this will help you to have a clearer idea of how
to process your own energy from a perspective of inner awareness rather than being told what you
need to heal or look at.
So as we leave you with this we trust that each of you have a greater understanding of what the
authentic self is, how important it is to embrace that part of you, to live as that part of you and what
the false aspects of self are in your life right now. Know that this is a journey that unfolds over time,
but each time you recognise something new you are instantly empowered to use your energy/your
power as a master alchemist and transform the base false aspects of yourself into the golden
consciousness of the authentic self. May this journey bring you the truth, the freedom and the
peace of mind, heart, body and spirit that you seek.
I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love.

Michelle Eloff


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