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Maria Beatriz A. Garcia

In a city with around 20,000 residents, BGC has continued to evolve into a highly
urbanized city over the years. What was once used as a military base camp with
vast fields and dirt were slowly transformed into call centers, offices, shopping
malls, condominiums, and highways due to the inevitable progress of the city. Thus,
the density of people and the traffic of vehicles congested. Along with this, the
income produced reached millions and millions; which perhaps triggered cities
around it to gain interest. Who wouldnt be, right?
Obviously the city has a thriving economy. You will not walk out the asphalt jungle
without seeing any ongoing construction, which only proves that there are still
numerous lots that are marketable and open for future developments. BPOs and
offices are seen in every block. High rise condominiums continue to increase value
as time goes by. People that work in the city, live in the metropolis, and frequent
guests who love to spend time and money for recreational purposes are beneficial
not only to the city but for Taguig as well. Its economic performance over the past
years showed how the city developed and how well-equipped it is for the upcoming
It was once said that Fort Bonifacio was just another piece of land that will be put to
waste and has nothing special to offer but now, different cities are claiming that the
city is rightfully theirs. Back then, Bonifacio Land Development Corporation started
planning a major urban development. The progress and expansion of lands during
the late 90s and early 2000s attracted many business organizations and
enterprises to set up establishments in the district. Now, look at what the city has
become, day or night, the city is filled with frequenters.
Many young families would love to invest a unit on one of its high rise
condominiums. People are enticed about the lifestyle here. Different recreational
activities are present, high-end boutiques and shopping malls are just around the
corner. Educational facilities like museums and schools also have a place in the city.
With a wide variety of commercial business, BGCs economy flourished. It became
the home of huge corporate offices, multinational companies and residential spaces
here in the country along the lines of the Megaworld Properties & Holdings, Inc.,
Deutsche Bank, Pacific Plaza Towers, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase and many more.
Foreign embassies like Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom, and Israel who
recently moved here from Makati made its base in BGC, becoming the metros new
international hub.
Bonifacio Global City will continue to become one of the leading and primary
resources to the countrys economic growth for it houses many kinds of business
and a number of job opportunities are open to people looking for income. Working
here would provide an occupation to anyone depending on their abilities and it will

also offer a better working environment. Families and individuals who live around
the city would enjoy different amenities and appreciate the greener and more
sustainable community.
Who could ask for more? BGC almost have it all. Different cities have gained interest
and put into trial where does The Global City really belong. You understand the
value of something when you realize how it grows to be prosperous. Pateros, Makati
and Taguig, 3 local cities close to proximity over the Bonifacio Global City are
determined to face the court to know who legally owns the land.
Pateros claims Fort Bonifacio
Located near Fort Bonifacio, the municipality of Pateros says that originally, their
land area should have been 10.4 km2 but due to the cadastral mapping in Metro
Manila in 1978, it was decrease to 2.10 km 2. Therefore, Pateros took action and
requested an appeal about the boundary dispute that took place. Though multiple
complaints had been filed, their petition didnt last long enough and was dismissed
by the court because of the fact that there are little supporting data and documents
about the issue. Still looking forward for final decisions, the strong willed
municipality of Pateros didnt stop to pursue their motive.
Taguig vs. Makati
Recently, news about Makati and Taguig fighting over BGC had done a great deal
not only to the residents but to other people as well. Originally, it was under Taguig.
Pasig Regional Trial Court (RTC) heard the case for almost 20 years and favoring
jurisdiction to the latter. However, after only a year and a half, Court of Appeals
decided to favor Makatis ownership dismissing BGC as part of Taguig. Banner war
became a headline too and the confusion between police authorities of Makati and
Taguig on who will command and implement rules in the city has not been helpful
either. Taguig mayor Lani Cayetano and auxiliary branch of the government didnt
stop to provide records showing that the city is really under Taguig. Provided are
maps, surveys and official documents to support and bolster their avouchment. But
it doesnt only stop on papers and written document. History and time also provides
heavy claims about the subject in the nature of statues, in proclamations, and
public documents. Their claim can be also authorized by various copies of official
documents. Whilst on the other hand, Makati can only provide and rely on private
writings and proclamations that expand the original terms of that which it sought to
amend as said by the Motion.
What will happen if BGC was entrusted to Makati? Some people might say: Great.
Another source of income for Makati It would greatly affect Taguig, its constituents,
and beneficiary of the income BGC makes. A great deal of business investors might
be affected. The decision might change the lives of scholars, senior citizens, and
many families living in the locality. I have read from an article that Taguigs annual
budget is a considerable amount of 5 billion pesos with BGC having a large share on

it. Without the Global City, 28 barangays might not get the support they are having
right now particularly on health and education sector.
Nonetheless, some might say that The Fort was legally and historically been a part
of Makati. The Court of Appeals also found some credibility about Makatis claims
and that some barangays have not been receiving the support they ought to have
so the other party wants to return back the public service they should be enjoying.
There are many controversies about this and I think thats good for another story
but right now, we should focus more about the present time and ponder on the
good side and advantages both cities are having right now.
For over 20 years, BGC has become a huge part of Taguig. It grandly serves its
purpose to provide a better life for Filipino people, not only to the city but also to
the whole country as well. The historical and legal claims each party have also
affects each one of us. So, if I were to ask you, where do you think BGC rightfully