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January 25, 2010 • Issue 10 • Volume 15 | WWW.VANCOUGAR.NING.

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How do WSUV
students feel about
SWAT training on
Washington State University Vancouver

Local tuition control page 2 • ASWSUV sponsored walk-out page 8 • Dunk Contest page 10
from one
Ph.D. candidate
dismayed by SWAT
Taj Mahon-Haft

n Friday, January
15th, 2010, I was
informed via email
that I was not to enter the Multi
Media Classroom building
on the Vancouver campus of
Washington State University
on Monday, January 18th, the
holiday commemorating non-
violent civil rights leader, Martin
Luther King, Jr. This building
houses my office space, as well
as that of dozens of my graduate
student, faculty, and university
staff colleagues. According
to the email, the building was
going to be used for SWAT team
training, an exercise being held
the same day and in plain sight
Cara Cottingham/KOUG Radio of the university’s planned day
Six members of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team trained members of the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Department, the of service to commemorate the
Vancouver Police Department, and the WSUV Police Officers in the annual ‘Active Shooter/Rapid Response’ Training on campus. service of Reverend King. I am

Tactical training protests

writing this letter to express my
strong dismay over the decision
to hold such a police training
session on MLK day, especially
in this context.
flyers to raise awareness as well to Hellegers said. “We are here to prevent such events. He applauded More than anything, I find it
Many oppose date gather support for the protests. provide a visible and public dialogue the Student Affairs decision to in grand distaste to hold a day
of SWAT Training on “I am a Canadian, and I about the significance of MLK day.” hire William Meek, the school of service in honor of Reverend
understand the symbolism behind The training was originally psychologist. Programs like the King’s civil rights struggles
campus; MLK, Jr. Day MLK day,” said Dr. Clay Mosier, scheduled to be held in the AWARE network, a non-profit on campus, inviting students
and the public to campus
WSUV’s sociology professor and Multimedia Classroom Building. corporation that provides mental
Rup Brar/Staff Writer on the holiday, and to then
one of the protestors. “Historically Faculty in the building were advised health counseling to members in the
simultaneously hold a training

thousands of minorities, particularly on the previous Friday to stay out community, is definitely a step in event for the SWAT team. Not
s volunteers were African Americans, have been of their offices on Monday. Due to the right direction said Mosier. only is this an uncomfortable
gathering for the annual killed by such law enforcement the protestors’ presence, training “On MLK day, the University environment to create for
Martin Luther King, activities. From my perspective, to was moved to the Administration should provide actual teach-ins students and visitors alike,
Jr. service day, members of the stage this at all on a college campus Building. that promote Dr. King’s teaching of but it is a rather back-handed
SWAT Team, the Vancouver Police is problematic, but to have it on “I am not anti-law enforcement nonviolence and peace,” said Adam commemoration of a civil rights
Department, the Clark County MLK day is a double whammy. It at all,” stated Dr. Mosier, “but the Carpinelli, a doctoral student. On leader when so many African
Americans (among others)
Sheriff’s Office, and the WSUV is beyond absurd.” Dr. Mosier then question is whether this type of a societal level, Mosier mentioned
have been killed by similar
Police Officers, were assembling for added, “It may not be deliberate.” activity is preventive. What we that the problem is really the easy
police brigades using excessive
training just a few feet away. Dr. Mosier’s concerns were know about recent school shootings access to guns. force. It reminds me a lot of the
The scheduling of the two events shared by Dr. Desiree Hellegers, is that these were mentally unstable The group agreed that a campus- close-mindedness I consciously
raised concerns among the MLK, head of the English Department and people, and there were lot of signs wide dialogue is needed to address left behind when moving here
Jr. Day of Service audience as the director of Center of Social and that these were mentally unstable this issue. The fact that neither from Virginia, where MLK day
well as the keynote speaker at the Environmental Justice. “I think the people; and there was no reaction the student body nor faculty were was not officially recognized
event. Members of the Social and scheduling of a paramilitary SWAT to that. SWAT Team training is consulted or made aware of the as a state holiday until it was
Environmental Justice Club, along training on campus concurrent not going to prevent Columbine or plans was definitely a problem simultaneously made Robert
E. Lee day. For a state-funded
with faculty members, staged a with MLK day event was a deeply Virginia Tech.” according to them.
school in the nation’s most
protest to show their dismay at the problematic decision on part of Mosier said that it is the
progressive state, it is flat out
day’s events. Protestors passed out University’s administration,” Dr. University’s responsibility to See SWAT on page 14 hypocritical...

MLK Day of Service

Read the rest of the letter
faculty, student Black National Anthem was sung by online at
government Diane Jackson.
as well as “By honoring King’s memory,

Volunteers perform hile many were sleeping community we honor all the unknown heroes For more letters, photos, and
interviews visit us online at
different types of in or enjoying a day off m e m b e r s who pushed Dr. King,” said Dr.
on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, came together Thabiti Lewis, the keynote speaker
service on the holiday 150 volunteers gathered together in at WSUV. for the day. “We are all agents of
the Firstenburg Student Commons Organizers sporting blue t-shirts, change and every act counts.”
Rup Brar/Staff Writer to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy. bearing one of Dr. King’s messages,
People, old and young, students, led the event. To start things off, the See MLK on page 5

Board of Regents has partial control of tuition

President Floyd
legislature to give complete
advocates local control tuition setting control to university
over tuition setting governing boards. This type of tuition
policy, allowing university governing
boards to set all aspects of tuition, has
Sally Thrall/Campus News Editor
been termed local control of tuition.

In response to WSU and other
resident Elson S. Floyd of university’s request for local control
WSU recently wrote a letter and in response to the growing
to the legislature urging budget problems, several bills are
representatives to give control of being drafted that would allow for
tuition caps to local governing boards more local control, or even complete
of Universities. local control over tuition.
Currently, the rate at which tuition One of these bills is being
can increase is set by the Washington drafted by the Higher Education
State Legislature every two years. and Workforce Development Chair,
Because the legislature partly funds Senator Derek Kilmer, a Democrat
state schools, they set tuition caps from Gig Harbor. SB 6562 and HB
as part of the state budget. Current 2946, as they are currently drafted,
caps on tuition rates were set at a would allow college boards to raise
14% increase per year in response tuition 14% a year, without exceeding
to 2008’s economic crisis. The a 10% average yearly tuition rate
legislature could lower or raise this over the decade. Essentially, the
cap in the next biennium based on restriction of a 10% average yearly logic holds that letting student Washington State Students to get citizens of our state; and accountable
pressures from constituents, the increase means that local boards demand dictate the price of education funding from the Washington State to our democratic process by keeping
economy, or lobbyists. would have to balance any year would provide the University Legislature to make state tuition tuition setting authority in the State
However, the legislature is not the where the tuition rate increased above with the resources that it needs to affordable. WSA believes that the Legislature, where our lawmakers
only body that gets a say over how 10% would have to be matched with fund increasing enrollments. The best form of financial aid is low can make informed and democratic
much tuition rises. The legislature a year below 10%. In some sense, president also contends that bringing tuition, opposed to the high tuition, decisions regarding our future.”
sets a cap for how much tuition can legislature is still providing a cap, but local control to Universities would high aid model that some legislators WSA feels that allowing university
be raised in a single year, but they that cap would not be revisited by the provide increased involvement from promote. Additionally, WSA lobbies boards to increase tuition at any rate
do not set the rates for individual legislature, and they would have no community because “[decisions] for financial aid, student control would make tuition inaccessible to
universities. Tuition rate setting further control over tuition caps. on tuition…would occur as part of of fees, affordable childcare for many of the students that are of lower
power is given to local governing Other tuition bills that may be the integrated budget development students, and campus safety among socioeconomic status. They also feel
boards of the university. In the case submitted this legislative session process at each individual institution. other areas. that students would have a better
of WSU, the Board of Regents have proposed giving complete These are processes that will fully WSA has many problems with chance of influencing legislators than
establishes how much tuition will rise control of setting tuition rates to local involve students, faculty, staff and President Floyd’s suggestion and its Boards of Regents.
in the upcoming year. Hypothetically, boards. communities.” support from other universities. WSA The bills promoting local control
the Board of Regents currently has President Floyd has explained President Floyd’s suggestions believes that giving local control to have yet to go through the legislature
the capability to raise tuition under in a letter to the legislature why he have been met with resistance from universities would contradict many and the battle over tuition control is
the amounts set by the legislature, wants local control over tuition. He some other groups. The Washington of the things they are fighting for. In a just beginning.
and to even decrease tuition if they suggests, “each institution of higher Student Association (WSA) has letter to supporters, the WSA explains If you would like to get involved
so desired. education would be given authority— urged its members to oppose the [emphasis unaltered], “Tuition with the WSA, visit www.wastudents.
President Floyd, joined by the through its Board of Regents—to set current legislation that would give should be predictable to allow org. If you would like to contact your
administration from University of its own tuition and, if feasible, the local control to the college boards. students and their families to plan for legislator for or against the local
Washington and Western Washington flexibility to increase enrollments WSA is a student lobbying their futures; affordable to ensure our control bills, visit http://apps.leg.
University, has been urging the by raising tuition.” President Floyd’s association that works on behalf of institutions remain accessible to the

Concerned students speak with Sen. Kilmer, one of the submitters of a local tuition bill. Sally Thrall/The VanCougar

1/26 Blood Drive on campus from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. near the Café in The Southwest Washington Blood Program donation bus

Free campus resources for students at WSUV

Center offers tools from specific courses. For each of issues including relationship,
course that SI covers they will academic problems, and mental Headed to the Student Resource
for student success provide a student leader who issues. If you wish to make an
has already taken the course appointment, call 360-546-9238 Center?
Joey Hollibaugh/Staff Writer to implement weekly review and leave a message with your
lessons. These review sessions name, phone number, and dates/
Let these photos be your guide...

I t is the beginning of a new are free of cost to any student times that you would like to Step 1: Head toward the Bookie.
semester at WSUV and you enrolled in the SI-supported meet.
have a nice, clean slate on your courses. The Supplemental Tutoring
class grades. Wouldn’t it be nice Instruction Program is Tutoring is another resource
if you could keep your grades supporting the following classes offered to you as a student.
up as the quarter goes on? Well, this semester: CHEM 106, Unlike the resources previously
the Student Resource Center MATH 103, and MATH 107. mentioned, WSUV’s tutoring
at WSUV wishes to help you Disability Services is not a free service. For $10
succeed in your studies. They If you have some type of per hour you can receive one-
offer a set of resources to help disability that makes it difficult on-one support covering your
give you the tools necessary to to participate in one or more course work. While most of the
increase the efficiency of your of your courses, then you can courses that are dealt with by
study skills and improve your contact the Student Services tutors are lower division classes,
grades. Here is a list of services Center. The accommodations there are a few limited upper-
that they offer. require documentation of the division courses available.
The Academic Success disability from a professional Some students may be able to
Program health care, rehabilitation, receive scholarships for tutoring.
This program offers both or counseling professional The Student Resources
one-on-one sessions and as well as documentation Center works hard all year long
workshops designed to improve defining the type of necessary to help students like you gain the
your study habits. Bill Stahley, accommodation. It can take necessary skills and knowledge
one of WSUV’s Academic some time for the school to take to receive academic success in
Counselors, offers his time to the appropriate measures to help your courses at WSUV. If you Step 2: Facing the Bookie, walk down the left side of the building.
sit down with students and assist you, so you should request any wish to learn more about these
them on many topics, including help you may need as early as resources contact the student
note taking and test anxiety. possible. Resource Center at (360) 546-
There are also 12 workshops Counseling Services 9155 or e-mail them at SRC@
scheduled to occur throughout WSUV offers free short-
this semester. Some of the topics term counseling for students.
to be covered include choosing a Dr. Will Meek has a license in NEED HELP WITH:
major, strategies for test taking, psychology and a doctorate in •Academic Success
and time management. counseling. He is currently
Supplemental Instruction working with Jamie Young, who •Supplemental
(SI) Program is a doctoral counseling intern Instruction
The Supplemental Instruction and has a Masters degree in •Disability Services
Program is designed to Clinical Psychology. Both have
experience working with a wide
help students gain a better
understanding of the information variety of people on a wide range •Tutoring

Candid Cougs Jake Kleinschmidt/Managing Editor

Step 3: Stopping before you get to the stairs, turn right. Go in the door.

“How do you feel about SWAT training on campus during MLK day?”

Nicholas Burke - Management & Operations

“It’s good. It’s important to train for stuff that
could happen.”

History - Casey Fergeson

“I feel that this is a necessary requirement
that we have these days with national security
and that it’s best for everyone.”

Yanira Gordillo - International studies

“If people at school were trying to do some-
thing for MLK day that would be different, but
otherwise I’m okay with it.”
Step 4: Go through the inner door, and say hello to the helpful front desk.
Biology - Mari Jo
“It was kinda cool to see all the police cars
parked down there, and to see a bunch of
people in uniform.”

Casey Karlsen - Junior

“I think it was a good idea to have the training
on MLK day because nobody else would be on

Psychology - Megan Wilder

“If it was the only time available then its
pretty practical.”

Anonymous - Technical Assistant

“I volunteer with my kids down at the MLK event,
and my husband works with public safety so we
were both here on that day and I feel that they are
both worthy causes.”

Sally Thrall/The VanCougar

1/26 Strong Interest Inventory from 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. in VFSC 104; Call the SRC to reserve a spot @ (360) 546-9155

Journalism Bootcamp at WSUV

Aspiring photographers,
the best! Once the ten minutes
reporters, and editors were up, each participant voted
get serious about on the most creative “front page
journalism collage” and prizes were later
awarded to the winning group.
Kenneth Allan/Staff Writer Throughout the seminar

each “mini-lecture” focused
n Saturday, Jan. 16 in on specific tools and skills
the Firstenberg Student that make a good reporter and,
Commons, potential more importantly, explained
journalists, writers, and students why these skills and tools are
alike gathered to explore the future of attributed to good reporting.
journalism. Listed below is a summary of
Former Columbian reporter and the skills and tools spoken of in
VanCougar Adviser Dean Baker, each lecture. If Journalism is a
along with eight other acclaimed field which you have considered
journalists, lead a seminar discussing pursuing, or are currently
their personal history, experiences, involved in but you could not
tips and suggestions on how to attend the “Journalism Boot
effectively report on the current Camp,” these tips are for you!
events and news of the communities • What interests you? Find
in which writers live. The your motivation as a writer.
foundational point that this seminar What you find interesting will
was built on was “The Future of give more energy to a written
Journalism is Changing.” Needless to piece than it would have if
say, methods for becoming journalists someone else wrote it with little
in a technological era were presented. or no interest at all. Whether
For six hours, students in it is sports, entertainment or
attendance participated in several politics something strikes your
Joe Creager/The VanCougar
skill-developing activities, and were fancy, and no one else can tell the
Matt Wastrodowski (center), former VanCougar Managing Editor, spoke about his current job at The Columbian.
presented a series of “mini-lectures” story the way you can. So, trust
Brandy Slagle (left) and Michael Andersen (right) also presented at Journalism Boot Camp.
focusing on the skills, tools and your gut! If it interests you, the
talents a “potential reporter” ought enthusiasm will show! focused and clearly readable. Once have not yet heard the story. Having And finally…
to acquire. One particular “editorial” • Seeing the story. Find a way the reader is confused or lost in a an open mind as a writer/journalist • Create your own identity. This
exercise consisted of dividing to tell the story you want to tell. jumble of words, it becomes difficult sheds light on many opportunities is where the writer can express his or
students into separate groups with Often, it’s not what it looks like to reel them back in. Also, if the that might have been passed up due herself in ways that are unique to the
the task of designing the front initially. News to report on can be reader finds themselves glancing up to a narrow focus. standard forms of communication.
cover of a newspaper using nothing found almost anywhere; it is simply at the story heading as a reminder • Create your own credibility. How you see the story is one of many
more than an older copy of the a matter of keeping your eyes open to of what they’re reading, chances are There is no real substitute for interpretations, the only difference
Vancougar, some tape and good old it. Also, try putting a little “beat” into they have mentally checked out. knowledge. Having reliable sources is is, you have chosen to report on it.
fashioned ingenuity. Once everyone your article. Talk to people! And do • Keep an open mind. Do not the key for success. No one wishes to The style of writing and the words
understood the activity, each group some investigating. Finding good go into a story thinking you have it be questioned on the integrity of their articulated onto paper become your
had only ten minutes to complete sources will enhance your article’s all figured out. Pay attention to the work. Making sure your information own. The story may be simple, short
their masterpiece. Excitement filled quality! highlights of the stories and events is clear and accurate helps to keep or dry, but how you tell it changes
the commons as students rushed to • Staying with the story. Everyone you encounter. Even if a story may your credibility in high standing everything. If it interested you, your
gather any extra materials they could knows how easy it can be to go off not seem as interesting as it once did, among your readers. Do not sacrifice audience will be captivated by the
find, attempting to create the best of on a tangent. Try to keep your story there are plenty of other people who your dignity for an “interesting read.” energy you put into it!

80s making a comeback

Student Involvement explore what the fair had on offer. to them,” said Wes Ballou, one of the
Fair; 80s theme Most of the campus Registered student ambassadors for 2009-2010.
Student Organizations, also known Although Ballou spent most of his
Chau Nguyen/Staff Writer as clubs, had tables to inform people time behind the table of OSI, he did

of the benefits and fun of becoming find time to learn more about KOUG
here is nothing students members. Each club had a sign-up radio and how to start a radio station.
love more than free food, sheet for interested students to write John Won, a senator of ASWSUV,
especially during the down their e-mail addresses, so that loved the opportunity of meeting
winter, when it provides some energy they could be contacted whenever different people and seeing new faces
for staying awake during class. there was an event. at the fair, “I also got to promote
The Involvement Fair at WSUV One new group this semester, awareness of what it is like to be a
not only provided pizza gratis it the Community Garden Club, had senator of ASWSUV.”
also introduced students to ways of surveys for the event attendees to Vitaliy Bejan, vice president of
getting involved on campus during fill out in order to spread the word International Students Association
Spring semester while providing about the club to as many people as club (ISA), shared how these kinds
some 80s themed flair. possible. “The main purpose of the of events have helped clubs recruit
The event, co-sponsored by the surveys was to gauge student interest more members, “Usually we get new
Associated Students of Washington in having a community garden on members by doing tabling,” Bejan
State University Vancouver campus,” said club president Dawn said, “and some of those new ones
(ASWSUV) and the Office of Student Freeman. “The more students that actually come to the club meetings
Involvement (OSI), lasted for two are interested, the better chance we and participate with the club events.”
days, Jan. 19 and 20. The fair, hosted have of making it actually happen. In Dr. Eric Mapes, a math professor at
in the Firstenburg Student Commons, a couple of weeks or so, I will make a WSUV, took from the fair that the
attracted more than 100 people per list of all the e-mails provided to me campus needs more diverse clubs.
day. Though the two-hour event so we can start having meetings in “The involvement fair was a great
started at 11 a.m, most people did not order to come up with a strong action activity for the students,” he said. “It
come until the last hour. Bright table plan for getting the garden going,” was nice to see them out and about
cloths filled the room and several Many people had positive promoting their clubs, although
people were wearing side pony-tails reactions to the Involvement Fair. “I it is too bad that not all clubs were
to support the 80s theme. A long line liked the pizza, and also appreciated present, like the chess club. I also
formed near the pizza table, where the chance to inform everyone on learned that the students were happy
each person got two slices of pizza campus about what is going on and about the free food.”
and a soda before walking around to the different opportunities available 

Have you submitted your artwork to the Salmon Creek Journal yet? No? Well visit their site, complete the forms, and be published!

Predicting the future of Washington’s economy

Rogers Weed speaks at people in the same field as their ma-
the Chancellor’s Seminar jor. Student interests varied from
Series business to engineering to public af-
fairs, and all interests were sorted by
Sally Thrall/Campus News Editor tables. Before the luncheon began,

students had a half hour to talk to
he Chancellor’s Seminar the community members that shared
Series on Friday, Jan. 15 their interests.
provided students with After the chatter from the lunch
the opportunity to hear about the fu- began to die down, Chancellor Hal
ture of Washington State’s economy. Dengerick introduced Weed to the
Rogers Weed spoke to a full house audience.
of community, politicians, business Weed discussed the current cli-
leaders and students about sugges- mate of Washington’s economy and
tions that the Department of Com- where he saw room for improvement.
merce has made to the Governor and He started with a brief overview of
Legislator for the future of Washing- the current budget difficulties that the
ton’s economy. Washington State Legislature faces,
Weed was appointed as Director hinting that he did not envy the po-
of the Washington State Department sition to make hard decisions and
of Commerce in March of 2009 by buckle down, which legislators are
Governor Christine Gregoire. Rogers currently facing. Weed outlined the
He has a diverse educational back- Governor’s proposed budget, outlin- Mark Balyshev/The VanCougar
ground, first graduating with a Bache- ing a few of the values that the Gov- Rogers Weed presented the ‘Future of Washington’s Economy’ to attendees of the Chancellor’s Seminar Series.
lor’s in Computer Science from Duke ernor is trying to protect, including
University, and then moving on to the higher education. He wanted agencies to be a help in- audience that he was hoping that his ture of Washington’s economy and an
University of Pennsylvania where he Next, Weed outlined the priori- stead of a hindrance. Overall, the goal plan would bring more business to opportunity to meet people in local
obtained a Master’s degree in market- ties for growth that the Department of the priorities is to bring more jobs the area and more jobs. Additionally, businesses where they may be work-
ing. Weed went on to become a vice of Commerce suggested to the Gov- to Washington State and improve the he mentioned working with Portland ing one day.
president in Microsoft before becom- ernor and legislature. The priorities quality of jobs available to workers in officials because he realized that The Chancellor’s Seminar Series
ing the Director of the Department of included competitiveness, education the state. many Clark County residents cross occurs twice every semester. There
Commerce for Washington State. and workforce training, infrastruc- Finally, Weed allowed members of the border to get to work. will be one more opportunity to at-
Students, and the other members ture investment and more efficient the audience to ask questions about After Weed was finished with tend the Seminar for free this se-
of the community that came to listen regulation. Weed emphasized the last the information that he had just pre- questions, many people mingled a mester through the Office of Student
to Weed, were treated to a luncheon point especially. He felt that more ef- sented. Community members were little longer in the crowd, or went Involvement. The next Chancellor’s
buffet featuring lasagna, salad, bread ficient regulation could smooth out interested in asking about how this over to speak to the guest speaker Seminar Series will be held Mar. 5.
and brownie bites as dessert. Students bumps between regulating agencies plan would work for the Southwest in person. For students, the lunch More information can be found at
also had the opportunity to meet other and businesses hoping to get started. Washington area. Weed informed the served as an education about the fu-

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

WSUV celebrates the memory of Dr. King with service and a moment of silence for Haiti

Continued from page 1 volunteers were led to different Doernbecher has been focused on

projects around the city. The providing family centered care to
long with discussing projects included: card making for children, through treatment as well
struggles of civil rights Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, as research.
movement, Lewis tree planting with stream team and Around the nation, people from all
highlighted the sufferings of Haitian more tree planting with the Water walks of life, from diverse ethnicities
people, both before and after the Resource Center team. Volunteers and ages, came together to learn,
massive Earthquake the shook the also assisted the meal service and celebrate and to act on Dr. King’s
core of the country. Dr Lewis drew a children’s activities at the Share words. These service projects not
direct connection between the present house. only work to improve our society,
day struggles faced by Haitians with Volunteers at the Water Resource but also helps to break social barriers
the Country’s unique and difficult Center site helped prune and plant that often constrict communication
past. According to Dr. Lewis, Haiti’s River Willow trees along the and promote division.
struggle for freedom from slavery, Columbia River. As the Columbia President Obama and First Lady
colonialism, and imperialism, as River was shimmering with sunlight, Michelle Obama honored Dr. King,
well as corrupt dictators, all played volunteers worked to plant about by serving meals to folks in a food
a key role in the conditions faced by 1000 trees along the beach. The kitchen. President Obama was
Haitians today. Water Resource Team mentioned found supporting a green apron,
Bola Mojekobaje, the assistant that 1/10 of these trees will make it baize hat and a wide smile while
director of student diversity and the through the high waters and survive posing for pictures with the other
organizer of the event, also called for “I want to come back and see volunteers.
a moment of silence to remember the these trees next year” mentioned “We have a responsibility to reach
victims of earthquake. Mason O’Lennick, WSUV student beyond King’s dream by thinking,
“If we all develop a passion for ambassador. planning and building our own
justice, a constant call for justice and The Water Resource Center, dreams” stated Dr. Lewis during
educate ourselves about injustices located on the Columbia River, is an his address to the crowd. While
of the world, and go about changing organization that takes a leadership each approach to reach the dream is
it, millions of lives could be saved,” role in educating the community about different, “we are all like drops of
stated Dr. Lewis. “…and perhaps water resource management. The rain,” slowly and collectively filling
then we would not have issues like organization also works hand in hand the bowl. Every drop counts.
today, that defame the legacy of with local schools, organizations and
this holiday where we have police businesses to improve the health of
training on campus…It is very local watersheds. Group volunteers
disturbing,” added Lewis. are always welcomed.
The members of Social and The card making activity also
Environmental Justice Club passed proved to be a success. The group
flyers to raise awareness of SWAT made about 250 cards in only two
team training held on campus the hours. These cards will be sent to
same day. Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.
Following the keynote address, From its beginning in 1926, Mark Balyshev/The VanCougar

1/30 Submissions due for the Salmon Creek Journal. Have your artwork published in a college periodical. More info online!

Free Coug: living on a budget MLIA College Comfort

Life is pretty normal today.
Submit your own at or via the newspaper!
Cheap activities for the
What: Vietnamese New Year Festival, or Tet from pajama pants to pillow
average, poor college When: Saturday, Jan. 30 covers. The instructors encourage
Yesterday after taking a really tough math exam, I couldn’t quite put my frustration into
student to enjoy without Where: Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary you to bring your own fabric, thread, words. My friend then runs up to me and exclaims, “OH MY GOSH I”VE JUST BEEN GANG
going broke Time: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and a sewing machine if you have RAPED BY CALCULUS!!!” I couldn’t have said it better myself. MLIA
Cost: FREE one.
Triana Collins\ACE Editor This New Year’s celebration (the

holiday is “Tet” in Vietnamese), is What: Horse Talk
Today, my history class held a mock trial set in the 1970’s and we all had to dress up.
hh, January in a bit of a mystery, as details on the When: Thursday, Feb. 4
Everyone was telling me how worried they all were, and I told them, “We’re all alright!”,
Washington. Rain, event are rather scarce. But I bet Where: Three Creeks Community Library quoting “That 70’s Show”. From out in the hall, someone yelled “HELLO WISCONSIN!” I love
drizzle, clouds, it’s all you a dollar there will be food and Time: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. college. MLIA
so…moody. But dreamy, too. I costumes, and maybe music too. Cost: FREE
must say that being a non-native of Come hear Dr. Steven Fountain
the Northwest I have gone through a What: Clark College Jazz Festival talk about horses. He recently wrote Today in my communication class, we were assigned random topics and given 5 minutes
metamorphosis of feelings towards When: Thursday, Jan. 28 through a book titled, From Sky Dogs to Wild to prepare a two minute speech. All the topics where two things and you had to decide
this moist land. My first year, I felt Saturday, Jan. 30 Ones: Nativing the Horse in North which one was better. A guy in my class got mountains and valleys, and then gave a
like a little kid again, when a rainy Where: Gaiser Hall, Clark College America. The book describes the speech about how valleys were better because if you lived in the mountains you would be
day meant nonstop fun and games Time: Various cultural and environmental impact attacked by a yetti. Best speech ever. MLIA
indoors. My second year, I tried to tell Cost: $5 per day caused by horses in Native American
my friends that it wasn’t that rainy, it This is the 48th year of this and European societies.
really wasn’t that cloudy. My third music fest and for three straight Today, I wondered in British people walked on the opposite side of the hallway in school.
year, I was undeniably depressed. I days you can hear nothing but What: First Friday Dance Friday MLIA
yearned for an East Coast winter: jazz. It’s really a competition with When: Friday, Feb. 5
Blinding sun married to biting cold. sixty vocal and instrumental jazz Where: The Brickhouse, 109 W. 15th St.
But I stuck it out because, really, I ensembles participating from all Time: 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. Today, I was studying for a cultural anthropology exam. I came across the term “Dhobi”,
a person in India very low in status who specializes in washing clothes. Thank you, Harry
had nowhere else to go. over Washington and Oregon. So Cost: FREE with 2 cans of food
Potter, memorizing that one will be easy. MLIA
Then my friends who had moved basically, if you like jazz, it’s your First Friday in downtown
to the Northwest around the same lucky weekend, and if not, stay far, Vancouver will be filled with the
time as me started falling like big fat far, away from Clark College. usual art, wine, more art, and more Best of the Month:
raindrops from our cloudy sky. I had wine. But if you head over to The Today, in my large lecture class, a guy dressed as a tree ran through screaming. Right
a realization: there is a threshold for What: Sewing Class Brickhouse you’ll find a local artist behind him was a lumberjack. Even the professor was amused. MLIA
being a new resident in the Northwest, When: Saturday, Jan. 30 showcase and the unveiling of the
and it is three years. If you can make Where: Three Creeks Community Library “Circle” community art installation.
it past the 3-year mark, you’re in the Time: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The installation will represent 24
clear. Sure, there will be a gloomy
day every now and then, but then I’ll
see the stark beauty in the dark colors
Cost: FREE
I am including this class simply
because of its title, “Sewing is Sew
artists in Clark County and be
displayed throughout February at The
Brickhouse. On this special night,
DJ Profile: Yahm (TFLN):
KOUG Radio DJ Brenda
and feel a warmth even in the cool Cool,” because really, that title is Ladytown will start the music at 7
air. So anyway, enjoy some mostly so cool. There will be nothing but p.m. followed by Tony Smiley & The Yahm talks about Club B HOME I BESTNIGHTS I WORSTNIGHTS I SUBMIT

free stuff. sewing going on here, everything Bird from 9 p.m. to midnight. (904): i just went through and
Triana Collins\ACE Editor
liked all 1,239 of her pictures
instead of writing my english

B renda Yahm is the super paper. don’t tell her, i want her
to be surprised
bubbly host of Club B, a hip
hop and R&B radio show on our
very own Koug Radio on Sundays. (937): I did something last night
This native Vancouverite, DJ, theatre that I shouldn’t have, but I don’t
lover, and the fashionista voice for want to tell you because you’ll
The VanCougar, is also an audio probably just make it your fb
journalist with Koug Radio, as well. status...
(1-937): I see you’ve learned
Before WSUV, Brenda attended
your lesson.
the Vancouver School of Arts and
Academics where she says she,
“did a little bit of everything”. The (636): ra ra ra ah ah
day was split between academics (573): wtf?
in the morning and arts in the (636): sexting lady gaga style
afternoon, which included classes in
theatre, literature, visual arts, dance, (913): Hold on im havin a
photography and music. She fell staring contest with my cat
in love with theatre and performed
in Fiddler on the Roof and The
(804): Hey guys, just to let you
Marvelous Playbill, but enjoys acting know, I have a
nowadays simply as a hobby. that hookup was kind of a one
time thing.
Check out Yahm’s (571): was that a mass text??
fashion advice on
page 13!
(925):So in our children’s lit
class, some jackass little boy
had gone thru the where’s waldo
A dance fanatic, Brenda currently book and circled waldo. I realize
practices Latin ballroom, hip hop, you would have been that kid.
and samba dance. She thinks some
dance classes at WSUV are needed, (440): sarcasm needs its own
and she says, “If there was a dance font
class here I would definitely take it”.
In addition to dance and acting, this
(778): we were going to warn
talented lady plays “a little guitar and you, but we veto-ed that idea
piano”. somewhere between “this is
Brenda has always wanted to the stupidest thing we’ve ever
attend WSUV but applied to Portland done” and “let’s order a pizza”
State University just as a backup.
Although she hasn’t formerly chosen (571): i don’t know what the
a major, she thinks she’ll do DTC guinness world record is for
(Digital Technology and Culture) longest time eating nothing but
with either a double major or minor skittles but i’m going on six
in English. days
See DJ Yahm on page 14

1/27 Travel Café Photo Contest from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in VFSC to see photos from around the world, eat snacks, and hang out

Cougars bleed crimson to avoid turning pink

Free Swine Flu than the gastro-intestinal tract. The immune systems compromised from displaying symptoms, particularly adolescent recipients. Additionally,
vaccinations on campus symptoms include fatigue, fever, burning the midnight oil. Rasmor coughing. Rasmor also indicated some recipients may experience
Joe Creager/Photographer sore throat, muscle aches, chills, emphasized that it was important that it is important to remember headache, muscle aches, fever, and
coughing, sneezing, and sometimes to receive inoculation, not simply that not everyone takes appropriate nausea.

diarrhea and vomiting. The main to prevent personal illness, but also precautions. Additionally, she also Severe problems are typically
n Jan. 13, a handful of risk of H1N1 appears to be the risk to prevent the spread of H1N1 to mentioned that smokers should quit allergic reactions to the vaccine,
WSUV students and smoking if possible. Of course that which are considered to be rare, and
faculty trickled into room may seem like a tall order for most tend to occur minutes or hours after
14 in the basement of the Classroom smokers, however there has never receiving the vaccine. In addition,
Building to receive a free “swine been a better time to quit, as with an earlier version of the “swine
flu” vaccine. They came to receive respiratory illness, the detrimental flu” vaccine, which was developed
a vaccine that they hope will prevent effects of prolonged tobacco use on in 1976 in response to a possible
an illness that was at the center of the pulmonary system may manifest epidemic, was associated with cases
the largest media frenzy of last year, much more quickly than anticipated of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS),
until the philandering Tiger Woods by the average smoker. a serious paralytic illness. However,
came along and stole away all of the Faculty member Paul Goldman the Centers for Disease Control
attention. The number of recipients stressed that receiving the vaccine indicated that flu vaccines have
was remarkably small, and hardly is a public health duty, and indicated not been “clearly linked” to GBS
reminiscent of the media images of that he felt everyone should be since that time. Finally, should an
extraordinary lines and wait times vaccinated. Those who fear the pain individual or their child be injured
from September and October of inflicted by the hypodermic needle by the vaccine, their ability to sue
2009, and this worried Assistant Joe Creager/The VanCougar by which the vaccine is administered for compensation is limited by law,
Clinical Professor in Nursing Melody of contracting a secondary infection, others, particularly those who cannot should take comfort in the words of although one should take comfort in
Rasmor, who said that young college- such as pneumonia or other serious be vaccinated due to pre-existing Cahonda Piccola, a student, who said knowing that a federal program has
age students are at high risk of illnesses, which could result in death. medical complications. “I’ve had plenty of flu shots in my been created which is intended to
contracting the infection. Rasmor stressed that university In addition to getting vaccinated, day, it didn’t hurt.” help pay for medical care and “other
According to the Center for students were at a particularly Rasmor also mentioned that There may be some risks associated specific expenses” for those who
Disease Control, “swine flu,” or high risk for infection due to a further preventative action could with receiving the H1N1 vaccine. have a serious reaction to the vaccine.
more appropriately H1N1, differs multitude of reasons. To begin be taken by exercising, washing Mild problems include soreness, To date, however, no major problems
from the seasonal flu, and Rasmor with, students attending university hands after touching objects that redness, tenderness, or swelling at have been observed from the millions
confirmed that the illness primarily classes are often in close quarters are often touched by others, and the site of injection. Fainting has that have already taken the shot.
targets the respiratory system, rather with one another, and often have avoiding individuals who are been observed, particularly amongst What are you waiting for?

administration and harassment? they did not even discuss with him citizen is obligated to intervene if he/ protect and serve but nitpick and see

The Rant Simple. Bonds was filling peoples

parking meters for them. Yes you
heard me right. Bonds decided that
he was going to give kindness to
the issue but simply took him into
custody, charged and fined. Bonds
never become confrontational with
the police and did what the police said
she witnesses a crime occurring. So
if it is against the law for people to
engage in certain acts of kindness,
then under the Good Samaritan law,
that people get fined by the city.
Her actions on this issue could
make one come to the conclusion that
she is more interested in ticketing
Jake Kleinschmidt\Managing Editor people to make herself look good,
complete strangers by putting his for him to do. In a video interview someone should have stopped him.

spare change into peoples expired it can even be seen that there was This means, Good Samaritans would and/or bring more revenue to the
or once I can not specify parking meters. So what happened? handcuff marks left on his wrists. be stopping Good Samaritans? This city. This frustrates me to an extreme
what I Hate here, I am just The parking meter attendant noticed What kind of a world are we doesn’t even make sense. degree because I love police and law
extremely frustrated. that he was placing money into the starting to live in when even the It’s my personal opinion, that it’s enforcement. I respect them for the
A 30 year old Good Samaritan meters. She approached him and smallest and simplest acts are looked completely absurd that something as hard work they do and putting their
from Eugene Oregon named Ben told him that he should stop what he down upon because apparently simple as someone emptying their lives on the line for our safety on a
Bonds was charged with harassment was doing. Bonds decided that he helping out strangers is a bad thing? spare change for the sake of others. regular basis. But its people like this
and obstruction of governmental was not going to obey her request Aren’t laws and statutes supposed The police who were called into meter maid who ends up giving law
administration. Did he block the and continued to fill expired meters. to be based off of what the people arrest Bonds could have been doing enforcement a bad reputation.
entrance to a courthouse? No. Did When she saw him again she got find to be morally and socially far more productive things with their There are far worse crimes we
he yell at a police officer? No. on her phone and called the police. unacceptable? time. I thought the responsibility of need to deter people from doing than
Did he vandalize a police car? No. Bonds waited for the police to arrive This could have some interesting a police officer was to protect and helping our brothers and sisters of
How can someone then be charged and was arrested within minutes. He paradoxes. For instance, some states serve, but it seems the parking meter America.
with obstruction of governmental claims that when the police arrived have Good Samaritan laws where a officer would disagree. It isn’t simply

partner is usually the best way to if one of you is always giving may be the case for some people that
resolve any issues that you might into the other’s requests, then you sex is not an important part of their
have. However, it can also be hard if might find that this type of sexual relationship, but that is something

The SEXpert
you are unsure about what you like relationship is unsustainable. It may that must be worked out between
or what you want. be hard for you to assert yourself if the partners. It is not impossible to
Do you feel like you have begun you do not feel all that confident, find a romantic relationship where
to discover what you like? If so, but you have to, and your boyfriend sex is not important, but for a large
you might want to try telling your should be receptive to that. If you majority of people this is not the
Sally Thrall/Campus News Editor boyfriend about how much you cannot find a balance between the case. It also sounds like for you this
enjoy certain things, and what affect give and take, then you may have is not the case either. If sex was not
these things have on you. Knowing more problems than necessary later an important part of the relationship
This week, Sexpert will explore the I’ll glance at him and he seems that you really enjoy a certain on down the road. Also, the sooner for you or your boyfriend, then you
role of sex in relationships and look at the bored. What do I do? I love him and position or technique may make you assert yourself, the better, probably would not have written in
question of sexual compatibility. the rest of our relationship is great. your boyfriend view that thing in a because roles in relationships can be to Sexpert. You may find out later in
Can our relationship work out if the whole new light. While it may have hard to change after they have been life that sex is not important to you,
Q: Dear Sexpert, sex isn’t so great? been initially so-so for him, now around for awhile. but for now it sounds like you would
-Sexually Amiss that he knows it blows your mind, Likewise, you should be receptive like to find a measure of sexual
I have been dating my boyfriend he may want to start doing it more. to him wanting to do more of the compatibility and experience your
for several months now. We started A: Dear Amiss, Likewise, hearing your boyfriend things he enjoys more, if the case sexuality.
having sex about half way into our talk about how much he likes certain is that you two mainly do the things You can work things out with
relationship. I was still a virgin It can be hard to know what you things may make those things more you enjoy more. You have to pick up your boyfriend and probably find a
when we first had sex, so I’m not like when you are not very sexually pleasurable for you. on cues from him, and also talk to sexual relationship that will satisfy
very experienced. I’ve enjoyed sex experienced. If your boyfriend was Relationships are, to a certain him about your sexual relationship you both. However, if you are not
that we have had so far. However, not very sexually experienced when extent, about give and take. Sex as to make sure that is satisfying to able to do so, then you are really
I’m beginning to doubt if we are you two began having sex, then a part of relationships is the same. both partners. going to have to evaluate with
actually sexually compatible. When he might not know what he likes As long as you do not find yourself It is important to find this balance your boyfriend how much sexual
he seems really into something either. Have you had conversations always or mostly doing things he because for most people a sexual compatibility means to both of you.
we’re doing, I’m not quite in the with your boyfriend about what he likes more, then you should be able relationship is an important part of an - The SEXpert
moment. When I’m enjoying myself, enjoys in bed? Talking with your to find sexual satisfaction. However, intimate and romantic relationship. It

1/28 Cougs and Coffee @ 7:30 a.m. at Burgerville; free and open to all Alumni • 1/31 College Goal Sunday 2 p.m. at Clark

From the ASWSUV President bits of advice and best practices.

That first SGC was a shocker for me
as the outgoing Presidents and Vice
by each President and Vice President
in attendance.
Do you see why legislative matters
Elections, tuition, and In three weeks, it will have been about all the behind-the-scenes Presidents gave the newly elected are all I can think about lately? It’s
one year since Nicole and I began things we do; it’ll blow your mind members more nuggets of wisdom because everything is tied to what
Student Government campaigning for office. We stood in and we love to talk about our than my noggin could comprehend at happens over these next few months
Council the wind, rain, and snow for three activities, events, and opportunities. one time. How things have changed. while the legislature is in session.
weeks to table and explain our Eleven Senators, a President, and Last week was the third SGC Either higher education is funded
Nick Ferderer\ASWSUV President vision for increased communication, Vice President will be elected in meeting of the year and the discussion and we grow or it is cut and we trim

leadership opportunities, and the coming months. Leadership got to the heavy subjects quickly— what little there is left to trim. Please
ince its primetime in sustainable practices on campus in development, resume material, and legislative plans and successes. Of get involved and help save higher
Olympia right now, all I can the coming year. Since May 16th, friendship included. course, I shared Vancouver’s letter- education. Sign up for our mailing list
think about is legislative 2009 we have been working towards Elections remind me about Student writing campaign as a success; over to receive online petitions at www.
things—walkouts, rallies, trips to these goals and will continue to work Government Council (SGC) because 550 letters is impressive at any Attend one of our
testify in front of legislators, and bill towards them until May 15th, 2010— a few weeks after being elected, campus, let alone one of our size. trips to Olympia to testify in front of
numbers that swirl in my mind like commencement to commencement. Nicole and went to one of these But we focused on the work ahead, Congress. Make a 5-minute call your
alphabet soup. Looking far into the If you are even slightly interested in meetings. SGC is made up of the specifically Coug Day at the Capitol legislator. ASWSUV can provide the
future though (about three weeks), making your mark on this campus, I Presidents and Vice Presidents from and other student advocacy efforts phone numbers. There is so much that
I see on the calendar that ASWSUV encourage you to stop by the offices each of the ASWSUs and we meet (see “Participate. Be Heard. Make a we can do.
elections are coming up so it’s time in the Firstenburg during these next four times a year to discuss issues Difference” article). The importance Contact me:
for a little reminiscing before a new few weeks to ask what it is like to be that affect all WSU students—like of having as many of our student 360.608.4470
financial aid reduction proposal gets in ASWSUV. I know a smile is the tuition, technology, and of course, voices heard by legislators as possible
laid on the table. universal sign of happiness, but ask legislative matters. But we also share was a primary focus and was stressed

ASWSUV sponsored walk-out and rally

Students encouraged When this budgetary pie shrinks, the same thing. If this financial aid be cut. Statewide this would affect efforts this year. The demonstration
to walk out of classes to all the groups competing for that option is cut as proposed, these 5,000 over 72,000 students. picks up where the letter-writing
leftover 40% begin to organize and students may be missing more than But not all of us receive financial campaign left off and shows the
protest tuition hikes voice their needs. And we as students one class next year; they may not aid. We do all pay tuition, however. continued commitment students
are no different. Other articles in this issue give more have in the pursuit of our education.
Nick Ferderer\ASWSUV President
On Feb. 4, from 12 p.m. to 2 details about proposals now being Looking further into the future,

p.m. students all across the state of discussed in Olympia. In summary ASWSUV will be sponsoring and
he state budget is bad. You Washington plan to walk out of their though, some of these proposals training 20 students to participate
hear about it everywhere. classes to rally in support of higher •What: Statewide Walk indefinitely remove the current in “Coug Day at the Capital.” On
It gets brought up in our education. Here at WSU Vancouver, out and Rally at WSUV; 14% cap on tuition and this is not February 14th, 15th, and 16th
classes. Then we go home and news our peaceful demonstration will be acceptable. In other words, tuition students from all of the WSU
anchors show different graphs to held in the free speech area between
guest speakers, phone could rise at rates that would price campuses will be joining together
describe it night after night. Some ADM and CLS and will include free banking, and awareness out the most promising students or in Olympia to personally meet with
of these graphs have lines with t-shirts for participants that share •When: Feb. 4 from cause them to increase their debt legislators, attend hearings, and take
downward arrows; other graphs have their story. Guest speakers have load. The statewide walkout and rally part in a rally on the steps of the
bars filled in with bright red colors; been invited to educate everyone
noon to 2 p.m. on February 4th is your chance to be Capitol Building. On February 15th,
and my favorite ones are the pie charts involved about the current situation. •Where: Free speech heard and say this is not acceptable. we will be bussing 40 more students
that look like they’ve been baked Local media has also been invited During the rally, ADM 129 and to show that power is in numbers.
area between VADM and
without the filling. The message is to make sure the larger community 130 will be reserved for making Sign-ups for the all-expenses paid,
the same: the state budget is bad. is informed. You are invited. Your
VCLS phone calls to your legislators. These three-day opportunity and the one-
But that is an understatement. To friends are invited. Your family •Why: To show the phone calls are such an important tool day trip will be available at the rally
be more precise, Washington’s $2.6 is invited. Everyone is invited to for letting legislators knows what is and on
importance of higher
billion budget deficit is the worst participate and show impact of higher on your mind that ASWSUV will As students, we are preparing
in recorded state history. This is education.
education be hosting “phone banking parties” ourselves to create a better
especially bad for higher education To some, walking out of class •Who: You! every Thursday of the legislative community and world. We know the
which is not constitutionally protected and rallying seems contrary to the session from 12:00 to 2:p.m.. Some future is in our hands. Please attend
like K-12 funding and social services promise of higher education. “How experts say that to a legislator, a the walkout and let this be known
that take up take up about 60% of the can you support higher education if phone call is worth five personalized to the legislature. This is a call to
total available pie. In other words, you don’t even go to class?” This is finish their education. Another 700 letters. So it only takes five minutes action: Participate. Be heard. Make a
before the state legislature can pay a relevant question and over 5,000 WSU students are in danger of losing to make a difference. difference.
for higher education and their other current WSU students receiving the work study. And the list goes on. In This walkout and rally are the next
projects, 60% of the funds are gone. State Need Grant are wondering all, seven aid programs are posed to big steps in ASWSUV’s legislative

Director of Legislative Affairs address

the Capitol, I have been able to work rates). To reduce tuition increases the House and Senate Ways and League of Education Voters. These
ASWSUV’s DLA explains closely with a handful of DLA’s from as much as possible, maintaining the Means committee meetings. The relationships have helped to create
his goals and objectives the other colleges and universities predictability and affordability of WSA team and I have frequently a unified front for higher education,
while in Olympia in the state. As a WSA team and tuition, and the accessibility of our testified in support or opposition and while we do not see eye-to-eye
as individual representatives of our institutions. to legislation in front of these with each of these other interests on
campus student associations, we • To support student representation committees, publicly sharing with every issue, the benefits gained from
Peter Sterr/ASWSUV DLA
have worked diligently to create at all levels of higher education, legislators the importance of our coming together are invaluable.

opportunities in which we can particularly through the institution objectives. Not only have we testified, I would like you to know that I
’m Peter Sterr, and I currently continually present and reinforce the of a student trustee position on the but we have brought students from am working my hardest to make a
serve you as the Director of WSA Legislative Agenda. The three boards of trustees for the state’s each of our campuses—including difference for students in Olympia
Legislative Affairs (DLA) primary objectives from the agenda community and technical colleges. WSU Vancouver—to share their this spring. Since the legislative
for the Associated Students of that we have worked to accomplish These objectives were formed in student stories as well. session this year is only 60 days long,
Washington State University are: the midst of the most serious budget We have also had meetings with and the budget situation is so severe,
Vancouver. I also serve as the Vice • To protect full funding for crisis our state has ever seen. As the legislators every day of the week business here is running at a feverish
President of the Washington Student state financial aid programs, legislature scrambles to fill a $2.6 since session began. We generally pace. At this point, the outlook for
Association (WSA)—a statewide including the State Need Grant, State billion deficit, proposals to cut the have 5-10 meetings a day with students remains rather bleak—many
student advocacy organization—and Work Study, Washington Scholars State Need Grant by 60%, to eliminate legislators, introducing them to our legislators are seriously considering
President of the Washington Student Program, WAVE Program, Future State Work Study and other financial agenda and gauging their interest in cutting millions of dollars from
Foundation (WSF). While each Teachers Program, and others—most aid programs, to allow institutions and support of student issues. financial aid, and there is support
of these roles requires something of which the Governor proposed to raise tuition by ever-increasing Finally, we have worked for local tuition-setting authority and
different of me, my primary cutting entirely. rates, and to cut nearly $90 million strategically to build relationships increasing tuition. Please be aware
responsibility in each is to represent • To maintain tuition-setting from the budgets of our colleges and with representatives from a that all of ASWSUV is committed
student interests to the Washington authority in the Washington State universities have emerged. variety of other higher education to combating these proposals and
State Legislature. Legislature, opposing any further To accomplish these objectives, interests, including the Council furthering student interests, but
To more effectively represent these movement toward local tuition- we have had a continual presence at of Presidents, faculty associations we need your help in order to be
interests, I moved to Olympia at the setting authority (allowing each both the House and Senate Higher from our institutions, the American successful. Please talk to ASWSUV
beginning of this semester. Living at institution to set it’s own tuition Education committee meetings, and Federation of Teachers, and the to find out how you can help.

2/4 Valentine Cookie and Card Decorating in VFSC from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. • 2/11 Speed Dating in VFSC from 4:15 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Bring issues forward

v e l C a f e
Tr a
Chancellor’s Student
Advisory Board wants to
hear your concerns •Mason O’Lennick: OSI
Lead Ambassador
January 27th
Nick Ferderer\ASWSUV President •Cara Cottingham:

Station Manager of KOUG
ave you ever thought
to yourself, “If I was in
charge around here, I •Katie Wells: Editor-in- 11:30-1:00
would (insert creative idea to make Chief of The VanCougar
WSUV better)”? Well have I got
Firstenburg Student Commons
•Will Lippl: Chair of the
.Food/beverages .Vote in photo contest .Learn about study abroad
news for you! There is a group of
student leaders on campus who Student Media Board
meet with Chancellor Dengerink to •Ramandeep Brar: OSI
discuss issues that affect students on
Diversity Intern
this campus. Collectively, the group
is called the Chancellor’s Student •Rob Hildebrandt: Explore the world through WSU Vancouver
Advisory Board (CSAB). Members Student-at-Large
are appointed by the ASWSUV •Nick Ferderer: ASWSUV
President by virtue of their leadership
position and include Mason President
O’Lennick, Cara Cottingham, Katie •Nicole Mousleh: ASWSUV
Wells, Will Lippl, Ramandeep Brar, Vice President
Rob Hildebrandt, Nick Ferderer,
Nicole Mousleh, and the Chair Pro
•Vacant: Chair Pro
Tempore of the ASWSUV Senate Tempore of ASWSUV
which is currently vacant. Senate
These leaders look to their fellow
students to help them bring issues
forward for discussion, so connect Contact these people to
with them and tell them what is on present issues to the Board
your mind. Some of the topics this
year have included wireless Internet
access, space issues, course offerings,
Next CSAB Meeting:
and more. You could even be invited
to present the issue! Name an issue Feb. 3 from noon
and make a case for it, and it can be
discussed with Dr. Dengerink. He is
to 1:30 p.m.
a very receptive Chancellor and is
mindful of student concerns. Sponsor: Campus Reading Project & Office of Student Involvement

We challenge you to challenge Step up.

Be an Ambassador for 10/11.
Think not what your
school can do for you,
start thinking what
you can do for YOUR

Positions open for:

1 1 11

Vice President
Senators As an Ambassador you can:
yy Develop valuable leadership and
ASWSUV ELECTIONS communication skills
yy Make meaningful connections with prospective
COMING SOON!! and new students by sharing your experience
and knowledge of WSU Vancouver
Do you have what it takes to represent the student body and get involved with ASWSUV?
yy Earn a $2,290 tuition waiver ($1,145 per semester)
GET INVOLVED! yy Enhance your personal resume
Application Packets
Available February 1st in the office of student involvement.
Completed application due February 12th in OSI. Applications are due Friday, February 26 at noon

Think about it! Apply online at

To learn more about ASWSUV and the elected positions please visit

2/12 Senate Meeting in VFSC 104 at 8 a.m.; Show up to voice your concerns or observe what the ASWSUV Senators are doing

Irritated Sportsfan: LeBron James Blazers conjure up a victory

Slam dunking stars with his cousin and then-teammate left me irritated at LeBron. Irritated Good defense by Blazers Vince Carter. Though Webster
Tracy McGrady, and the Houston because you have given us glimpses missed the shot, he made all three
a few deserving absent Rockets’ Steve Francis. Carter won with your amazing pre-game dunks, helps them prevail over free-throws as a result of the foul. As
after performing a number of very your gravity defying in-game dunks, the Magic 102-78 the first half came to a close, Blake
Daniel Barrette/Sports Writer impressive dunks, including a reverse and now you withdraw from the sank a three-pointer with only eight
360 windmill, a honey dip(hang competition. You got our hopes up seconds remaining on the game clock.
from the rim but your elbow), and and know you crush our dreams of Amy Thielen/Staff Writer The first half ended with a minor

a between-the-legs dunk off of a watching you dunk in a contest that “scuffle” involving Blake and
he National Basketball

bounced alley-oop from McGrady. is losing its meaning. Nothing against Howard. Blake held Howard and
Association is a fantastic he Blazers were without
The next four contests did not feature the athletes competing this year but in turn, Howard shoved Blake and
league that has such stars leading scorer Brandon
superstars like Carter and Bryant, and you are definitely no LeBron James. pulled on Blake’s jersey. Both players
as Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Roy, but it did not matter
despite innovative attempts Desmond This year will feature some notable were charged with offsetting technical
Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron as the team was able to beat the
Mason and Jason Richardson, the dunkers that this year have proven fouls. The Blazers lead at the half
James. Since 1996 and 2003, these Orlando Magic 102-87 at the Rose
lack of A-list superstars willing to to be outstanding. The defending increased to twenty points; 52-32.
superstars of the league have dazzled Garden Friday, Jan. 15th. Though
participate has hurt the appeal of champion Nate Robinson of the New The beginning of the third quarter
the NBA and left us with a new Roy practiced earlier in the day,
the contest. The last two seasons York Knicks is coming back to the was marked by a 10-2 run by the
impression of what basketball is he did not play as he was still
has been birth the theatrical side of spot light to defend his title. Gerald Magic, cutting the Blazers’ lead to 12
today. The NBA’s All-Star break is recovering from a sore hamstring.
Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats points. Howard made a slam dunk
rapidly approaching along with the A combination of standout
will be competing this year and has on the Magic’s first possession of the
Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. This dunk performances by Blazers forwards
always shown the ability to dunk quarter and teammate Carter followed
contest has allowed basketball fans Martell Webster and LaMarcus
with tremendous talent. However this with a three-pointer. In response, the
to view the best dunkers of the year Aldridge, and guard Steve Blake
year he has been posterizing people Blazers went on their own score drive,
and showcases their dunking ability. (in addition to a poor shooting
all over the league. Posterizing is scoring seven unanswered points.
The 1980s is when the rebirth of performance by Orlando), helped
the act of dunking over someone in Near the end of the quarter, the
the contest allowed us to witness Portland to seal the victory. In this
a manner that leaves the one getting Blazers scored three-pointers on three
Julius Erving leap from the free final matchup of the season for these
dunked on embarrassed and the dunk consecutive possessions, helping
throw line and gracefully throw it two teams, the Magic arrived with a
could be made into a poster for you to increase their lead to 22 points. After
down. Spud Webb was another 80s three game winning streak against
hang on your wall. Shannon Brown three quarters, the Blazers maintained
competitor dunking in the contest. To the Blazers at the Rose Garden.
of the Los Angeles Lakers will also their lead over the Magic; 77-59.
many that seems irrelevant, but Mr. The first quarter was a poor
be competing in this year’s dunk At the start of the fourth quarter,
Webb stood only five foot six and had shooting outing for both as the
contest. Shannon has been amazing Magic guard Jason Williams
an astounding 42-inch vertical. The Blazers and Magic shot just 43
this year making many look silly sank a three-pointer. Webster
greatest basketball player of all-time percent and 39 percent from the field
has he flies past them to deliver and Blake responded though
showcased his talents in the contest respectively. Blazers point guard
jaw dropping dunks. A website also with back-to-back three-pointers,
allowing fans to get what they wanted. Jerryd Bayless committed two fouls
dunking. Dwight Howard during surfaced, as they did in the third quarter.
I am talking about the greatness just four minutes into the game and
the 08’ slam dunk contest came out showcasing his ability to dunk. This The Magic made an 11-2 run
Michael Jordan he even managed to was replaced by Blake off the bench.
as Superman in cape and all. People year will feature the first Slam-off late in the fourth quarter, but it
please the fans twice winning back- Similarly, Dwight Howard committed
many times refer to his as Superman between two young guards for the was not enough. The Blazers
to-back titles in 1987-88. The battle two fouls and was replaced by Marcin
and he took to the skies and won fourth and final spot in this year’s managed to hold off the Magic and
between Jordan and Dominique Gortat near the end of the first quarter.
the contest that year. In 09’ Nate dunk contest. During half time of the 102-87 win was capped by a
Wilkins in 1988 was in many people’s Despite the poor shooting, the
Robinson came out in an all green Rookie – Sophomore challenge the Blake three-pointer with only one
eyes one of the best battles ever at the Blazers went on a 12-3 scoring run
New York Knicks uniform and acted two will compete for the spot and second remaining on the shot clock.
slam dunk contest and I am finding near the end of the quarter, which
like Superman’s kryptonite taking the fans will text in the winner. Eric The Blazers (25-16) celebrated
it hard to discredit them. In the 90’s included a pair of three-pointers
down Howard to win the title. Now Gordon of the Los Angeles Clippers their win in front of the 94th
Kobe Bryant competed just once as by Webster. At the closing of the
here comes where I am irritated. Last and DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto consecutive sell-out game at the
a rookie in the 97’ season but look at quarter, Blake stole the ball and
year during the Slam Dunk festivities Raptors. DeMar DeRozan has taken Rose Garden. Martell Webster was
him today he is arguably the league’s passed to Webster who made a slam
LeBron James threw in his name to the first steps to winning by following the Blazers’ leading scorer with
best player today. The contest took a dunk with just six seconds remaining
compete in 2010 Slam Dunk Contest. Shannon Brown’s footsteps and made 24 points and LaMarcus Aldridge
brief absence from the all-star break in the quarter. After the first quarter,
As a huge basketball fan my jaw his own website LetDeMarDunk. had a double-double with 14
because fans were tired of seeing the the Blazers lead the Magic 24-14.
dropped when I began imagining the com. I am still irritated by LeBron points and 14 rebounds. Webster
same old thing. After a two-season Neither team came out shooting
dunks LeBron James could bring us. backing out but I applaud our and Steve Blake went a combined
layoff, the NBA decided to bring well at the beginning of the second
His in game dunks are so powerful contestants who have chosen to 9 for 15 from three-point range.
the Slam Dunk Contest back for the quarter either. Throughout the span
that it simply amazing that someone give the fans something they want. The Magic (26-14) shot only 50
2000 All-Star Weekend in Oakland, of the quarter, the Magic managed
his size (6 FT 8IN, 270+ pounds) and I am open for debate on any of the percent from the free-throw line as a
California. It turn out to be one of to get within five points of the
leap like he can. It seems that almost topics I write and would love to talk team and usual high scorers Dwight
the most electrifying dunk contests in Blazers, but late in the quarter
every night his dunks are featured sports with anyone. I can be reached Howard and Vince Carter were held
the league’s history, featuring a great the Blazers went on an 11-2 run.
on Sportscenters Top Ten plays of by my e-mail daniel.barrette@ to 11 and five points, respectively,
showdown between eventual winner Howard finally returned to the
the night. Finding out that he was and look forward Before the game, the Blazers
Vince Carter of the Toronto Raptors, floor for the Magic with only about
dropping out for the contest this year to any feedback you can give me. encouraged fans to donate to Mercy
four minutes remaining in the half. Corps’ fund for the Haitian earthquake
At the end of the half, Howard was victims. Blazers fans showed their
a mere one for four from the field. support by donating $49,000 to the
With about one minute remaining relief efforts and the Blazers matched
in the half, Webster attempted a the first $16,000 donated by fans,
three-pointer, but was fouled by bringing the total donation to $65,000.

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Indian Culture, and the Global Economy”

Future conversations will be with:

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Dr. Dan Jaffee, Mar. 30 at 1 p.m.
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MMA dreams in the kitchen: Corey Kuhlman

Erik Cummings\Sports Editor
so I was like “Well, you know, let’s
try it out.” So I did “roll,” a process
Acting upon a tip from a fellow where we roll for a dominant position
editor, I interviewed a worker in the and use jujutsu. I liked it, thought it
WSU-V cafeteria. My friend said was a lot of fun. You learn a lot of
he was a cage fighter. To my mind body mechanics, how things work,
came visions of Wolverine in X-Men and it’s almost mind expanding.
fighting in a claustrophobic ring Just like watching how people can
with iron bars. When I met Corey maneuver their bodies and see how
Kuhlman to talk about the sport, he their body reacts to certain things and
came off friendlier and more open certain positions. It’s just fascinating
than a certain comic book superhero. to watch. If you’re watching on TV,
He was eager at the start to show and you don’t know what’s going on,
me the new equipment he got from you know it’s not that big of a deal. If
the Brave Legion gym. According you actually do MMA yourself, you
to him, the gym used to be named understand what the difficulty was
“Brave Heart” but had to change the to do certain things and how those
name due to copyright issues with the things work.
film of the same name. What do you enjoy most?
Corey: I enjoy the fact that it gives
you a sense of self-confidence, that
you’re the only one that decides your
fate and so, you can’t go in there being
down or anything like that. You’ve
got to go in there being confident
Kuhlman (left) in a sparring session with Mike Pierce, one of his coaches who also fights in the UFC Joe Creager/The VanCougar
that “I can do this, I can go in there
and do that.” There’s a great sense of There’s nothing. But I’ve noticed But I love working out with people. since I work a lot and I do MMA. I
pride in that. Now there’s definitely a lot of wrestlers are starting to do What I eventually want to do is take hope to pick it up and start jamming
a line between pride and cockiness this now, so this for them is kind of it to another level where I’m working with some of my friends again.
and you’ve got to know that line. It’s going pro. It’s the hottest sport in with people who have goals in mind, Do you have any favorite bands?
[also] great workout. Over the past the world right now and it’s going to people who are overweight, or who Corey: Pretty much anything that
year, I’ve lost 20 pounds doing it keep going - it didn’t suffer…through want to get into a certain shape. I’m rocks. I’m pretty open for anything.
and I’ve thrown another 15 back on this whole recession. It didn’t suffer going to work out with them and I like Hip-Hop and R&B a little bit
in muscle. I don’t think it ever hurts one bit. It still went strong. It’s a big I’m also going to cook them healthy too. I don’t like gangster stuff. I like
Joe Creager/The VanCougar
to know’s definitely thing, people pay to see this. It beats meals. I feel I can help people reach artists who come up with good lyrics.
So what is cage fighting? I read opened my mind. I’ll be here at work out boxing because there’s so much their goals. I really think it’s kind I like anything that rocks because I
the Wikipedia article on it and and I’ll think about jujutsu moves more depth to it. of disgusting how Americans eat can relate to it. I play bass so I can
it said they use a lot of “mixed doing all this other stuff at work. What about other types of fighting themselves to death. We hunt on full understand it. Pretty much anything
martial arts.” I’ll be like “Okay, if I was in this or sports? Do any of them? stomachs and that’s utterly ridiculous. besides country.
Corey: Right. That’s what “MMA” position, I would do this, this, and Corey: After I graduated high I don’t agree with that. I’m trying to Yeah, I like a few but not all. Do
stands for…from wrestling to karate this.” It’s stuff you can think about you have any favorite dishes you
to jujitsu to Muay Thai to kickboxing in your mind and go to practice and like to make here?
– all those things are allowed. practice it. That’s the science. This Corey: I’m really good at making
There are different leagues. UFC’s will be a little over a year now that Italian pasta. My grandfather taught
(Ultimate Fighting Championship) I’ve done it. me a lot of the German recipes, so
obviously the biggest one. Pride It helps your critical thinking? I’m good at making schnitzels, red
used to be another big one. There’s Corey: Exactly. And the best way cabbage, spaetzle...strudel, though,
also Strikeforce. Pride’s not around I would [describe] MMA is [it’s] I’m not too good at baked goods,
anymore, but the two biggest ones physical game of chess because you but I’m pretty good at grilling and
are UFC and Strikeforce. UFC’s give and take a lot. Sometimes a making pasta.
definitely the biggest...two of my guy will take a certain position and Are you going to take this [MMA]
coaches do. My coaches fight in UFC it leaves something else open. If you to the top?
Do you have your minor leagues? move pawns, bishops, and rooks in Corey: You know, I’ve been doing
Corey: Yeah, there’s pro-amateur certain positions, you can be strong this for a bit. My coaches – I can
groups around Vancouver and in one area but weak behind yourself. see their success. My last coach –
Portland. There’s FCFF – Full That’s the give and take of the sport he fought last Tuesday the 12th on
Contact Fighting Federation, which and you have to know all those Spike TV and won his fight. The fight
is probably the biggest in Portland things. That’s the difficulty. before it, he got 125 grand in seven
Joe Creager/The VanCougar
and they fight out of the Roseland Have you ever been injured? minutes…put that into efficiency
Theater…they have great, great Corey: Well, I’ve gotten cauliflower rate and that’s pretty good. He [won]
fights there. They have a big ring and ear, but just a little bit. What that is school in ’04 in Ridgefield, I played help America get past that. Instead “Fight of the Night” at the pay-per-
they sell out. They have about fifteen you get a rush of blood to your ears two years of basketball for Clark of reaching for a greasy hamburger view, and he got “Tap Out of the
fights a night there. and it’s your brain telling your ears College…then, a lot of my friends when we get depressed, let’s take Night” which was 60 grand on top
I’ve been there. That’s a good to put out more cartilage to pad the were doing semi-pro football so I out that frustration, that anger, and of his winnings. You can’t complain
theater. Do you have a particular impact of hits. It feels like a really big started doing that. I was really good turn around those problems. When I about that.
style you like to use? burning sensation. You can just ice at football in high school, too. Then would get frustrated, I’d go work out So you think you’ll go for some of
Corey: I like to do a mix of boxing, your ears and it goes away. It sticks I got injured. I hurt my knee. Tore instead of taking negative and turning those prizes yourself?
“ground pound,” and jujutsu. around a little bit. You get constant my meniscus and that really set me it into another negative. I took a Corey: I would definitely have to
Ground-and-pound is where I would trauma to the ears…I’ve dislocated back. Couldn’t do football anymore negative and turned it into a positive. win a lot of fights. You have to get
take a guy from standing, try to get my left middle finger and both my and hopefully I’ll get my surgery I turned that frown upside down. noticed. Thankfully, our manager
him on the ground and then I’d try to pinkies. I’ve dislocated four of my here coming up in August because Well that’s good. That’s the has hookups in UFC. My coaches
get positions where I’m in a dominant toes. My sinus is still cracked. I’ve I got my insurance set up through right attitude to have. What’s get a fair look...the competition’s a
position and I’m striking or I’m had black eyes, split lips, all this kind WSU-V. I was like, “MMA doesn’t your family like? Do you have any lot more fierce once you get into the
getting in positions where I can get of stuff. No concussions thankfully. involve guys throwing their full body siblings? UFC because that’s where the best
submissions or do some jujutsu. It’s That’s good. That’s the big thing. weight into my knees, so why not?” Corey: Yeah, I have a younger sister of the best fight. Now, heavyweight
just getting him in positions where I Does anyone inspire you? It’s helped me out a lot, still being graduating this year from Ridgefield. is what I fight ‘cause I’m 6 foot
can do strikes, elbows, knees to the Corey: My coaches inspire me. active, keeping me in great shape, She lives out in Ridgefield with 5, 240. Heavyweights are far and
body…all these kinds of things. Both my coaches have worked very and it’s just fun. my mom and dad. I live in west few between...they actually make
What got you started? hard…the main people I’ve noticed So, you still in school? Minniehaha and I’m moving in with the most money out of any weight
Corey: The gym opened up not too that go into MMA are wrestlers. If Corey: No, I’m the assistant my girlfriend next month, so that’s class. My coach told me I’ve a lot
long ago and they actually added me you were a basketball player in high manager here at the kitchen and I’m another milestone in our relationship. of potential, but I’m just having fun
on MySpace just out of randomness. school, you had potential to go to not a student. I wish I was because I Have any hobbies? with it right now...some days I get
They said “We have free open gyms college. From college, you could go want be a Certified Personal Trainer. Corey: Pretty much just playing a little stressed out, but bottom line
on Saturdays” so it was like, “Well, into the NBA. You can go to college Unfortunately, we don’t have classes my Playstation 3. I play a lot of call is that’s the point of doing sports is
why not?” just to check it out. I’ve for wrestling, but what about after? here for that. But if there were, I of duty. I play bass guitar too, so having fun.
always enjoyed watching UFC, pay- There’s no pro-Wrestling, per se. Not would be. I got my Associates in hopefully I’m gonna start playing that
per-views, and all that kind of stuff, traditional wrestling. Not like WWF. Science in Culinary Arts at Clark. a bit more. I’ve been taking a break

2/2 Ski & Snowboard Wax Clinc in Rec Center 2/6 Portland Rock Gym Indoor Climbing. $20 for students. Sign up by 2/3

Movie Guide 2010

Sherlock Holmes know intimately.
Sherlock Holmes feeling throughout with short notes some similarities with some of

constantly jumping back and forth. Zimmer’s past compositions from
Even if you are unfamiliar with
t was time for a new Sherlock The song is a little reminiscent of Gladiator and Angels and Demons.
Holmes, and here he is in a Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels or the the theme for Jack Sparrow in the This will probably be the track that

break-neck action adventure. long history of screen Holmeses, this Pirates of the Caribbean films, but Zimmer’s loyal fans will appreciate
In Guy Ritchie’s film, which is a film that will not only entertain ne of the biggest films is far from being a variation on a the most.
recently hit cinema screens, the you, but may very well send you into to hit theaters in 2009 theme. Pieces of “Discombobulate” The most difficult track on the
witty investigator and his wingman, the library or DVD shop looking was Sherlock Holmes, are employed throughout the rest of album is the song “I Never Woke up
Watson, find themselves in a variety and one of the greatest contributors the album, even in the midst of other in Handcuffs Before.” The beginning
for more on the brilliant detective.
of scrapes and dangers to crack a to its success was its score by Hans tracks, in order to create cohesion. sounds like something you would
Holmes is as addictive as the cocaine
case. But when one of Holmes’ old Zimmer. Zimmer has The rest of the hear at a polka concert, but the tempo
he occasionally takes (though this become very popular
infatuations enters the scene, things tracks go back seems to continually build with
start to get very difficult for the great aspect of the detective’s life is very in the film world with and forth between more and more instruments joining
deductive genius of Baker Street, much missing from Ritchie’s film to his compositions for softer and more in. By the end it sounds more like
especially when the supernatural make it a bit more family-friendly). Gladiator, the Pirates intense pieces. a random accident in an orchestra
comes into play. Thinking about Sherlock Holmes of the Caribbean Some of the pit than something composed. It
Sherlock Holmes, with its afterward, I noticed that I wasn’t series, and Angels former include works brilliantly when paired with
redefining portraits of Holmes, by quite able to find one scene that and Demons. But “Is It Poison the appropriate scene in the film,
his Sherlock Holmes Nanny?”, “Data but sounds incredibly awkward and
Robert Downey, Jr., and Watson, completely stood out from the rest of
soundtrack is a unique Data Data,” and annoying standing on its own. This is
an excellent Jude Law, is set in a the film: it all seemed that complete,
departure from his “Not In Blood but the one bad egg in what is otherwise
monochrome, Victorian London, with one scene seamlessly flowing earlier work, which In Bond.” The a great collection.
the colorlessness of which saturates into the next. It’s also a film that might very well last one is the The Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack
this city of bleak houses with evil. works on multiple levels, with full- divide fans. most emotional accomplishes what great soundtracks
The cinematography of Philippe on action, high drama, humor, and The album and traditional of should: it captures the feel of the film
Rousselot (who shot Tim Burton’s far from elementary investigating. begins with one of the songs for the superbly with its unique choices in
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) In fact, it’s a pleasure to find such my favorite tracks, film score, and instruments. But more importantly,
and the literate script are matched by an intellectual action man as Holmes “Discombobulate,” it begins with an with the mentioned exception of
which acts as the out of tune violin “I Never Woke up in Handcuffs
Hans Zimmer’s eccentric score (see piecing together a puzzling case.
film’s theme and as solo, creating an ominously sad Before,” each track has artistic
review in this issue). This is an event that definitely needs
the signature motif for the character feeling. worth in and of itself outside of the
For all the atmospherics, though, to be seen on the big screen, and, of Holmes. Zimmer captures the There are a few tracks that provide film’s context. That’s rare. This is a
Richie keeps his film focused on again, you may just find yourself eccentric personality of the famed some tension in the album. The most soundtrack that will most certainly
his characters, to the point where craving more. sleuth by using an odd combination notable of these being the 18 minute add Hans Zimmer’s name to the list
most of the film seems to be a series of instruments, including an out song “Psychological Recovery… of great film composers.
of close-ups. This is a Holmes and Reviewed by Anaya Martella of tune piano and a harmonica. 6 Months.” This is quite easily the
Watson that we begin to feel we and Steffen Silvis It’s a piece that has a very abrupt best song on the soundtrack, sharing Reviewed by Joey Hollibaugh

bright beauty that went flash! Flash! is especially so in 3D. So they’re like, hey we want this “plot” of Avatar. It goes like this:
Like little fireflies in the night. And I would describe the film as Fern special black shiny rock and you The government is like, well this
there were neon flowers, and little Gully meets Jurassic Park meets special blue leopard people just so movie is gonna make hella money

white floaty things that stuck to an ayahuasca trip in the jungles of happen to live right on top of it, but because of all the trippy 3D effects
ave you seen Avatar you and made you feel special, and Belize. Then imagine blue leopard whatev!!! We’ll just kill you. So so we better push it hard. But then
yet? It’s really quite floating mountains with waterfalls people with tails and stripes, and the end of the film was rather sad we gotta tell everyone through our
spectacular, you know, that vanished in mist. Yeah, kind of they’re all hella tall and much larger because it was really just a fairy tale. tight control on the media outlets that
with all the spectacles and stuff. In hard to imagine, but it’s true. I saw it all around than humans. Then there’s All the leopard people lived happily the “plot” is childish because really,
fact, I wish I had remembered to with my own 3D encased eyes. And a sex scene between a blue leopard ever after, when what would have it’s straight up truth and we sure as
bring my spectacles. Next time I will then it was like WHOAAAA! Damn, lady and the blue leopard fake robot really happened was the military hell wouldn’t want anyone to believe
for sure. I think I’ve been here before, but I’m human. During that scene, my woulda just straight wiped ‘em out that (Just do some research on all our
Okay, so where to begin? Well, not sure... boyfriend leaned over and informed with no problems and no regrets. past and current wars, and I think you
first there was a lot of fighting and, And really it was too cool. So me that there were actually more Yeah, so anyways maybe you’re may agree with me).
I confess, I fell asleep through that cool that it was a bit embarrassing for 3D sex scenes, but they had been thinking, well wait a minute, I read So, yes, please go see Avatar. It’s
part, because it’s like whatev.. fight some of the audience, who couldn’t removed to make it a bit more family these other reviews of Avatar and super awesome and it will make you
fight fight...battles. But then, in help bursting into joyful noise at the friendly. I guess we’ll just have to they all said the effects were cool think.
between all the fighting and battles colors and depth and all that trippy wait for the unedited version. but the plot was cheesy and blah,
and blood and fire and destruction, nature. Yeah, well, nature is trippy Okay, so then you got the military blah, blah. Well, I’ve got this theory Reviewed by Triana Collins
there were these moments of bright, (ever been to the Olympics?). But it doin’ what they do best: takin’ stuff. here about all the bad reviews of the

What to see, what to skip; 2010 The Karate Kid: See Shrek (above).
Another movie to help murder
memories. Thanks,
probably won’t be rewriting Horror hero, and sets out to save a city
A quick look at the film history. from all the resident evil. This
Toy Story 3: In 3D, and by far my
upcoming Silver is rated a hard R by the MPAA,
favorite Pixar movie series. This is
Shutter Island: Directed by Martin which means it’s going to be
Screen releases Scorsese, who just won the Cecil bloody with tons of violence and winning the best animated movie of
B. DeMille Award at the Golden cussing. Stop reading this and go 2010 at next year Oscars.
Mark Balyshev/Photographer Globes, it’s a mystery thriller starting watch the trailer, as it just looks
Leonardo DiCaprio! Sign me up, as fun. Plus, Nic Cage is playing a The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: I
this promises to be one of the most real life batman, and who doesn’t already hate it.

009 was great for movies, intense movies of the year, and the want to see that?
reviews have only been positive so Inception: It’s Christopher Nolan;
and 2010 looks even more
far. Iron Man 2: The first Iron Man it’s Sci-fi; it’s Dicaprio, Ken
promising. Here are a few
was a huge success, and this Watanabe and Marion Cotillard; its
upcoming films that you might want
Alice on Wonderland: Woo, Tim sequel looks even better! Robert production has been kept pretty quiet.
to seek out or avoid.
Burton doing another movie with Downey, Jr. is simply charming It’s on my list.
I Love You Phillip Morris: Jim Johnny Depp in a CGI “wonderland”. as Tony Stark. But to top that,
Personally I think Burton gets way the film’s villain is played by The Expendables: Sylvester
Carrey and Ewan McGregor playing
too much credit for his work, and Mickey Rourke. You must see Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li,
a gay couple? I’m pretty sure it’s
makes the same movie over and this! Mickey Rourke, Randy Couture,
going to be one of the funniest movies
over, except this one is in 3D. But Dolph Lungdren. Ultimate guy
of the year.
if the teasers are any clue, it looks Shrek Forever After: Just die movie, ultimate badass cast, this will
magically boring. That alone should make you want already, thanks. be amazing (on its own level).
The Wolfman: Now it’s been pushed
to go see it. If not, go watch another
back to a Feb. 12 release, which
Clash of the Titans: This just looks meh romantic comedy with your The A-Team: I was a fan of the All the films getting released after
means it probably got low ratings at
so badass, I don’t care if it’s going to girlfriend. original series, and this looks like August still looks a bit hazy, and
test screenings. Certainly, the studio
be crap. The trailers indicate that this it’s going to be a lot of fun. The ‘80s’ there are almost no trailers for them.
has demanded some reshoots and
movie is going to be an epic journey, Kick-Ass: A random guy decides cheesiness is still there, even if Mr. T. So let’s worry about those later.
re-editing. From the trailer it looks
with Liam Neeson playing Zeus! he’s going to be a real life comic book isn’t. I pity the fool that misses this one.
just okay, nothing too exciting. It

2/18 A-Z of Financial Aid and Scholarships Workshop in VADM 110 at 7 p.m.; Free and open to the public

Portland Theatre Review

Daddy’s secret erotic bearded, and sloppy father is really novel adapted for the to testify, it seems he
a celebrated novelist, who has been stage, Snow Falling on doesn’t hold a chance
talent and WWII writing titillating bestsellers in his Cedars is Northwest at a fair trial with
Puget Sound spare time. author David Guterson’s story of all of the jealousies
Gary then presents a plan to his Japanese-Americans in Puget Sound and prejudices
children, which will make them during WWII. With a minimal, swirling about. His
Triana Collins/ACE Editor
work for his inheritance the way he yet striking, set, the cast of this wife’s former White
made it: by writing erotica. Whoever production at Portland Center Stage lover, Ishmael,

writes the best, most orgasmic story, did a phenomenal job of portraying a detective and
ext of Skin, a new work will win all. The kids scratch the life on an isolated island where quiet newspaper reporter,
by local playwright darkest recesses of their minds to fishing and farming are the main discovers the truth
Jake Gott, is the latest come up with ideas: Medieval kings sources of income. of that fateful
production from the Portland group taking princesses into dark dungeons, The White and Japanese-American night. But first he
Third Eye Theatre. The play’s busty babysitters giving daddy a residents live in relative peace before must overcome
protagonist is Gary, a retired father bath, the possibilities for stimulation the war. They’re found working hard government-
of three greedy adult children, who are endless. A hilarious trip to the side by side, growing up best friends, sanctioned hatred, as
is continually surrounded by his kids’ local library lends some ideas where and sometimes turning into lovers. well as the feeling of
false claims of love and admiration, readers are poked and prodded as When Pearl Harbor is attacked and lost love, in order to
when in reality they’re scheming on to what words and phrases excite the war breaks out, allegiances see justice prevail.
how they will spend his fortune. them most. Finally, the stories are quickly shift with most of the Whites Check out Snow
Disgusted and disturbed by done, laid out for Gary to read in the concluding that their former friends Falling on Cedars
their demands for home remodeling privacy of his bedroom, and a winner are actually enemies. now through
and full body laser hair removal, is chosen. Young Kabuo Miyamoto is February 7th. See
he decides to tell them the truth of Check out Next of Skin now charged with the murder of a former for more
how he made his money: Erotica. through February 13th. See acquaintance in the foggy waters of info.
It turns out their overweight, gray for more info. the sound. With no other witnesses

Too busy
for style? Quick and easy ways

to improve your
everyday style
Brenda Yahm/Contributing Writer

he time has come once again for
early days and late long hours
studying. For many students,
style is not an option for school. This is the
case for Jessica Yahm, a junior at WSUV,
who says, “with biochemistry at 7:45 a.m.
my fashion staple is a sweatshirt”. Who
says you have to neglect style for school?
The same effort used to put on a sweatshirt
can be used for another outfit.
It didn’t take much effort to put together
Jessica’s new look for school; anybody
can give this a try! Her beloved WSU
sweatshirt was replaced with a simple blue
knit sweater, and her heavy boots were
replaced with a simple black pair. Keeping
the solid colored tank and dark wash
denim, her look was almost complete. The
last adjustment was the studded handbag.
A large purse can also substitute for a
backpack. Jessica Yahm doesn’t like to
wear many accessories, but for those that
do you can add a gold/brown necklace with
a few bangles.
This is a simple look that makes a
difference! Believe it or not, this look can
be worn for $100 or less because many
people like Jessica already have the pieces
to many great outfits in their closets,
but don’t have the key to putting them
together. Remember: when creating an
outfit, sometimes simplicity is best.


2/18 Public Affairs Lecture Series Presents: Allan C. Carlson, Ph.D. @ Fort Vancouver High School Auditorium; $10; @ 7:30 p.m.

The VanCougar
The VanCougar is a student-run newspaper
serving the students, faculty and staff of
WSU Vancouver. Copies of The VanCougar
are available free of charge every other
Monday during the school year.
Taj Mahon-Haft: Idealistic sociologist and teacher


Katie Wells think I am going to chime Most active shooters are
in here too about SWAT classified as sociopaths. aj Mahon-Haft spent six appearance of a survey affects
Managing Editor coming on to campus Extensive research has gone years at Virginia Tech as an people’s responses. “Even the color
architecture and pre-med of the paper can make a difference big
Jake Kleinschmidt for training during MLK. The into trying to figure out
student, even scoring an architecture enough to create error in the results,”
problem is, don’t know where how to identify a sociopath,
internship and volunteering at a local he says. He’s also doing research with
Adviser to start here really. There are so especially in early development. hospital. At the last moment, though, his adviser Clay Mosher and criminal
Dean Baker many points of view I can take Unfortunately most conclusions he switched officially to sociology justice professor Laurie Drapela on
this from. But let me simply have discovered it is very and started applying to grad schools. alternative sentencing programs in
Advertising Manager first tackle the three main points difficult to classify a sociopath “I enjoyed learning about Clark County. In these programs,
Ben Ryan against the SWAT training: That due to their high level of everything I studied, but the work drug offenders are given sentences
it is on MLK day, preventing variance in characteristics from in practice wasn’t what I’d hoped it that involve less jail time and more
Campus News Editor would be,” Mahon-Haft explains. education and counseling.
active shooters through mental one to another. This means that
Sally Thrall “There wasn’t the intrinsic reward I Are these sentencing programs
healthcare, and that it should we cannot catch and treat all
was looking for, the reward of doing working? “In general, we’re seeing a
ACE Editor never have to come to SWAT potential active shooters before
something meaningful. Sociology huge cost benefit to the county, better
Triana Collins intervention. they have already committed told me about the actual world and re-integration into society, fewer
The fact that the training their crime. gave me a chance to work in the emergency room visits and fewer
Feature Editor took place on MLK day is truly This is what leads a problem classroom, sharing with people, relapses,” Mahon-Haft says. “Some
Now Hiring! unfortunate and can be seen in to the third statement, that SWAT helping people, changing the world.” of the programs are working better
bad taste. I understand how one Should never have to be used for It’s not surprising then that Mahon- than others, and some are working
Student Involvement Editor Haft was involved with the protest better for some people than for others.
could react and feel that this is situations like this. Well, here’s
Now Hiring! against the police SWAT training For instance, women are more likely
something that one would hope the thing. SWAT stands for
exercise scheduled on the WSUV to complete the program successfully
Student Government Editor could be avoided. However, Special Weapons and Tactics.
campus on Martin Luther King, Jr. than men. But this doesn’t mean the
Adam Fox the logic of the situation of This means that the 200 hours of
Day. “It’s wrong to hold this event programs are unsuccessful, only that
performing this training on training they go under per year is on the day commemorating Martin we need to learn more about what
Sports Editor a day when there would be a not just for classroom scenarios. Luther King’s birthday,” he told works for more people, so we can
Erik Cummings minimal amount of students and They train in all different types reporters covering the protest. improve the programs.”
faculty on campus is sound. I of offices, schools, public areas, Although he wasn’t involved Mahon-Haft, this idealistic
Web Editor sympathize with those who feel etc. in order to best be prepared because he wanted to be on television, sociologist, concludes, “we still need
Now Hiring! to defend and put their lives on Mahon-Haft hoped that getting the to find how to reach out to the people
offended by this action, but I am
very understanding of SWAT’s the line for you and me. As I protest in the news would help bring in the most need.”
Copy Editor issues of social justice to the attention
Steffen Silvis situation here. mentioned before, there is no
of more people. After all, idealism is
The argument that mental way we can prevent any and
what it’s all about for him: It’s the
Quick Profile
Staff Writers healthcare will prevent active all active shooters, on or off Born: Napa, California
reason for his teaching sociology.
Louise Wynn, Amy Thielen, Rup Brar, Sally shooters from doing what they campus. Grew up: Maryland
“We can enlighten people about
Thrall, Chau Nguyen, Joey Hollibaugh, do is a nice idea, but slightly My point is, that the day was Became an adult: Virginia
discrimination and social injustices.
Triana Collins, Meghan Bartosovsky, Home: Here on the West Coast
flawed. Active shooters mean not the best that could have been We can provide little insights that can
Kenneth Allan, Justin Rossetti, Daniel Education: B.S. from Virginia Tech,
Barrette, Anaya Martella, and Pin-Wei Wan that the gunman has already shot chosen, it is not something I expand outward in people’s lives and
M.S. from WSU Pullman, working on
and/or taken someone’s life. In would recommend if I had a wide help them,” Mahon-Haft says, and
PhD in sociology at WSUV
Photographers this circumstance, it is nearly range of days to pick from for he follows with a quote from writer
Favorite color: Red, the color of fire
Joe Creager, Mark Balyshev, and Joseph Henry Adams: “A teacher affects
impossible to stop a shooter at training on campus. However, and passion and such things as an
Tiegs eternity; he can never tell where his
this point. However, I believe their choices were extremely idealist would prioritize.
influence stops.”
what they meant to say was that limited. But this was a necessary Family: He’s the oldest of 10 children
Mahon-Haft takes a non-
Location: we need to identify and give training that I welcome and feel normative approach to teaching. “It’s
and the father of a four-year-old son,
mental healthcare to potential safer for it. Dmitrius.
VCLS 212 important to accommodate all the
Advice: “Graduate school is an
14024 NE Salmon Creek Ave. active shooters. students, make sure that we can get
amazing opportunity for anyone who
Vancouver, WA 98686 through to everyone on some level,”
is passionate about learning in any
Phone: (360) 546-9524

E-mail the Editor-in-Chief and

DJ YahmContinued from page 6
something that’s just straight and
monotone. They also collaborate
with other artists really well.
he maintains. “To do that, I not only
use my own teaching style, which is
outgoing, but also incorporate other
field. It is perfect for those who wish
to stay near the cutting edge ideas
and who never want to grow old in
teaching methods. My goal is to work
Managing Editor: their perspective. The quality of life

Ludacris is another good one.
with the students within their own s for Yahm’s radio He’s a rapper who’s been around in a higher education environment is
parameters. I don’t want to let my pet
show, “I love it,” a really long time. Every album among the best in any career. Just
E-mail the Section Editors: peeves create boundaries between me
remember, if you go that route, no
she declares. “The of his always has a good hit, and and students.” matter how much your committee tells
first time I did it I was kind of his music videos have a lot of He’s pleased that WSUV has,
you otherwise, you’re a human being
Advertising: nervous. Not about going on the humor. He sometimes makes fun starting this year, an undergraduate
and need to maintain attachment to the air but about all the electronics. of other artists, which is always degree in sociology, instead of only
world outside of academia.”
a general social sciences degree.
Now, it’s not so intimidating.” entertaining. Also, Usher has Favorite musicians: the Dave
Mahon-Haft sometimes teaches
We are hiring! In addition to playing her a lot of good R&B tracks, Matthews Band and Immortal
Sociology 101, a survey course taken
We are always hiring. No experience is necessary; favorite music, Yahm also especially from when he first Technique
by majors and non-majors. This
we will provide all the training you need in features interviews on her show. started out. “ Favorite movies: “Tommy Boy” and
semester he’s teaching Sociology 360,
journalistic style, photography, and digital print Her latest interviewee was JJ, Yahm says that the best place “Pulp Fiction”
on social deviance. “What is deviant,
making. E-mail us at vancouged@vancouver. a rapper from Vancouver, who to see hip hop is downtown
Serious reading: “The People’s
including the clothes you wear, or visit our office in VCLS 212 for more History of the United States,” by
plays primarily hip hop music, Portland, where a lot of local depends on social context,” Mahon-
information. Harold Zinn, because it gives a new
and who has performed at clubs artists get to have their shining Haft explains. He demonstrates this
throughout the area. When she moments at clubs like Barracuda. to his class by wearing five shirts
Letters to the Editor Fun reading: “The Dark Tower”
which he removes, one by one, to
We encourage letters to the editor. Please include first met him through a friend, As for R&B, “it’s a lot harder to series, by Stephen King, because of the
show students how each one fits or
your full name as part of the letter, and a phone she had no idea he made the kind see live,” Yahm explains. “Plus,
doesn’t fit in Ghana, for instance, or depth of King’s imagination.
number or e-mail address for confirmation follow- of music she loved. After talking there is a lot of commercial
India, or Vancouver. What he wishes American leaders
up. Letters must be by a student, faculty, or staff with him, she recognized his stuff that doesn’t really sound Mahon-Haft is writing his and media would do: Stop worrying
member. E-mail to vancouged@vancouver.wsu. skills and offered to help push that great. I like the older stuff. PhD dissertation now on survey so much about the importance of
edu his career in the right direction It’s more original than what is methodology, showing how the America’s place as the most privileged
by interviewing him and playing coming out today.”
nation in the world and stop worrying
Advertising queries so much about the political rhetoric
Advertising information and rates can be found some clips of his work on Club When asked if she would ever
around issues like terrorism, health
on our web site at B. want to make her own hip hop care, and gay marriage. Instead, true
vancougar. E-mail vancougad@vancouver.wsu. Most of the rappers and artists music, Yahm replies, “If I had world leaders and objective reporters
edu for quotes. you’ll hear on Club B are personal the talent I would. But my dream must focus on the bigger picture and
favorites. “Definitely, Jay Z and is to be a guest DJ at a club in examine the real issues, focusing on
Corrections policy Lil’ Wayne,” Yahm says. “Their a warm place like Miami or the well being of all human beings.
It is our policy to correct errors. Please contact style of rapping, the different Southern California.” Then, our nation’s policies will stop
the editors by e-mail at vancouged@vancouver. reflecting self-interest and greed and
phrases, and metaphors that Check out Club B on will finally be aimed at true equality.
they use are really interesting. on Sundays from
I like a lot of beat rapping, not noon -1 p.m.

2/2 A-Z of Financial Aid and Scholarships Workshop in VSSC 101 at 5:30 p.m.; Free and open to the public

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): If you haven’t been able to follow up with all your New Year’s Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): This is a gentle time of year for you, a time for fleece blankets and hot
resolutions, not to worry. You probably set your goals too high. Restart with resolutions you have cocoa by the fire. Relish those moments with family and friends, saving up memories to nourish
a smoking chance of accomplishing, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. you as the year continues.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): The long winter nights are good for a lot of things you might not Virgo (August 23-Sept. 22): You may be tempted to relax and take a few too many breaks, but
have thought of. Restless nights are an ideal time to think about your life. Put a book of scripture stay strong and tough now. When spring arrives, just around the corner from now, you’ll be glad
or poetry next to your bed, and read a few inspirational lines just before bedtime. you’re prepared for the surprises that come with it.

Aries (March 21-April 19): When you wake up and can’t get back to sleep, try thinking about Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): When you start to feel like a circus juggler who has just been thrown
all the things you should do. Then, try to talk yourself into getting up and doing them. That a bowling ball and club at the same time, remember that you’re allowed to drop an item or two
certainly puts Madame L right back to sleep! See if it works for you. whenever necessary to keep the important ones going.

Taurus (April 20-May 20): What a great time of year for you: You’re looking forward to your Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21): Proverbs and old wives’ tales have a grain of truth to them;
birthday, and you’ve had a great holiday. Now is your time to enjoy the crisp, cold weather, and otherwise we wouldn’t keep repeating them. Don’t be afraid to adopt a motto that has brought
take advantage of the long dark nights to get the rest you need. success and happiness through generations before you, and set your goals by it.

Gemini (May 21-June 21): One thing you should be thinking about is what the winter has to Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Look to nature for inspiration. Even the skeleton trees of winter
offer for a summer person like yourself. Winter’s benefits may not seem all that obvious to you, are getting ready to bud and blossom; and the ice on the pond conceals tiny miracles of life. You
but if you’ll let them about them, they’ll add more joy to your life. too are close to surprising yourself with hidden life and vigor.

Cancer (June 22-July 22): Although we don’t often see the stars at this time of year in the Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): While some may find humans lacking in reason and warmth,
Pacific Northwest, do go out and look up at the night sky for some constellations you enjoyed you see the best in those around you. Now make a point of complimenting your friends on their
seeing as a child. Find some symbolism there that will inspire you in the coming months. qualities you admire.
Madame L
Staff Astrologist

SWAT Continued from page 1

“Because of the holiday,
we do not have students on
campus,” Lt. Stephenson
said. “We were able to get
also augments our response.”
Responding to
protestors’ concerns, Lt.
Stephenson said, “ I respect

this facility so we could train their opinions, but I do not
he exercise was our school police, which share them. Dr. King is
held to train [would have] made it so a personal hero of mine.
members of the much better for us to respond I believe he would have
Sheriff’s office patrol sanctioned
deputies, as well as this training
the WSUV police, to because it
respond in the case will save
of a possible school lives.”
shooting. There were A l o n g
six members of the with protestors
SWAT Team training and the
forty five members of police, several
various police agencies. members of the
WSUV’s Lt. Dave local media,
Stephenson mentioned including
that such training is local television
provided to all Police Cara Cottingham/KOUG Radio stations and
Members of the Social and Environmental Justice
Forces in the area. It Club staged a protest. newspapers,
is called the Active were present.
Shooter Rapid Response. to such an emergency. It The training also drew side
Training is provided every makes them more familiar glances from families enjoying
year, somewhere within the with our capabilities as a an otherwise beautiful day on
county. This year, WSUV was police department, as well as campus.
chosen to house the training. our facilities on campus. It

Common Sense: a Conservative column

Congratulations the old machine politics were still But this brings up an interesting as Democrats are calling for a major Republicans, the Democrats want
in play. Yet again, the Republicans point. Most politicians take that change of rules in the Senate. They to change the status quo to fit their
Senator-elect Brown surprised the nation with another view that the seat belongs to them. want nothing less than to remove agenda.
Ben Ryan\Advertising Manager upset. Let us examine this further. It doesn’t. Scott Brown is right. The the ability to filibuster pieces of Politics as usual has become the
President Obama and his people are the ones that give a sense name of the game, and it needs to

allies in Congress are in trouble. of legitimacy to government, and to stop…now! Most people are just
irst off, I would like to Massachusetts is one of the bluest assume otherwise is ludicrous. His looking for someone who will be the
congratulate Senator- states in the nation, and one of its statement sent a reminder to all of next Thomas Jefferson, or the next
elect Scott Brown on his seats in the Senate just went to a Americans that they have the final James Madison. Unfortunately, good
victory over Martha Coakley in the Republican. Prior to this election, two say. men of that caliber are hard to come
Massachusetts Special Election, by Republicans were elected governors Moreover, Brown’s victory in by. But the Massachusetts election
a margin of 52% to 47%. He was of New Jersey and Virginia. All of Massachusetts gives the Republicans has shown us one thing: people are
the first Republican elected to the these three states, Obama campaigned 41 seats in the Senate, effectively tired of the game that the government
seat held by Senator Ted Kennedy for the Democrats, putting his eliminating the filibuster-proof is playing. Americans are tired of
for almost sixty years, as Kennedy reputation on the line for him, and majority established by the Democrats being told to sit down, shut up, and
assumed the seat of his brother, losing all three times. prior to the special election. stay out of this. They are tired of
John F. Kennedy, after he resigned I would like to mention that during This should serve as a warning to being treated like children.
from the Senate upon his election as the Massachusetts Senate Debate, the the Democrats and Mr. Obama alike. Americans will only take so
president (a Kennedy friend “held” moderator asked Brown if he was Americans are beginning to stand much. The line has been drawn and
the seat until 1962 when Ted was old going to vote against the health care up to have their voices heard. Hope the government is drawing close
enough to run). bill in Ted Kennedy’s seat. To which is still alive, my friends. Hopefully, to crossing that line. The elections
But this is what I would like to he replied, “With all due respect, it’s as a result, this should force the in New Jersey, Virginia, and
focus on this week. If this isn’t a not Ted Kennedy’s seat, it’s not the Democrats to start over from scratch, legislation. I don’t know about the Massachusetts, have fired a warning
wakeup call for the Democrats in Democrat’s seat, it’s the people’s and work with the Republicans on rest of you, but I don’t believe in shot to the government. Now it’s up
Congress, I don’t know what is. seat.” The people’s seat! Scott Brown health care reform. coincidences. It seems to me that this to government to decide how to act in
They were so sure that the seat was set the moderator straight and it won The immediate present, however, is all too perfect timing. As soon as light of recent events. And let’s hope
guaranteed for their candidate, as if him a lot of popularity. doesn’t look hopeful in that regard, the forty-first seat is gained by the that they choose right.

2/10 Selecting a Major Workshop in VFSC 104 from noon to 1 p.m.; Free and open to current students; Contact SRC for more info

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