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1) What is Romans actually about?

Romans is actually about Christianity. The solid foundation of

Christianity, and what being a Christian is actually about. Paul
states a way of redemption, from our sins. Paul laid down the
guidelines to heaven, and what it actually means to be a Christian.
It isnt about following the law, it isnt about doing the right thing.
Paul talks about faith and believe in Jesus. And he directs the letter
not only to the Jews, but the Gentiles too. Romans also talks about
Gods personality, that God CAN be angry, but at the same time,
God loves. And nothing can separate us from Gods love
2) How does the content of the first 5 verses shape our reading of the
entire letter?
In the first verse, where Paul addresses himself as a slave of Jesus
Christ, he carried it as a title of honor to be a slave. Indeed, Paul
carried himself very humbly, and meek just as the scripture had
said God blesses the humble, for they shall inherit the whole
earth. Paul talks about the Good News, and the Good News is
about his son, Jesus. And God has promised us his son, long ago,
through his prophets in the Scriptures. Paul gave a long intro about
Jesus. This shows how proud Paul is to be a follower of Jesus. In
verse 3, Paul said Jesus was born into King Davids family line which
indicates that he is human; but abruptly in verse 4, Paul says he
was shown to be the Son of God when he was raised from the dead
by the power of the Holy Spirit. This indicates that only by the
power of the Holy Spirit, was Jesus shown to be the son of God.
Here, Paul also says He is Jesus Christ our Lord. Like, the word our Lord comes with it. A person writing would have put a comma,
for example, Joshua, my neighbour or Timothy, my son. But not

for Paul, he wrote Jesus Christ our Lord as though its already a
well-known fact, that it rolls of the tongue so effortlessly, like its
fixed. Jesus Christ our Lord. And finally at verse 5, Paul states his
privilege as a slave of Jesus, to spread the Good News, so that
EVERYONE will know about him, and glorify His name even more. It
was a brief intro. But nonetheless, a very powerful one. It gave me a
really good sight of who Jesus really was, and what sort of man Paul
really is.
I guess, to a non-believer reading the letter for the first time, Paul
must have seemed really crazy.
3) What is the occasion and purpose of the letter?
The purpose of the letter, in general, is to talk about his coming to
Rome and to spread the Good News. But upon further reading, the
letter contains Pauls love for his fellow brothers and sisters in
Christ. He prays for us, and he hopes to see us soon, God willing.
The letter also talks about Pauls longing to visit Rome, to
encourage them in their faith, to tell them Hey, do you know what I
used to do for a living? Do you know how I became an apostle? It
wasnt pretty or simple. But look at the end of it? Isnt it pretty? Its
amazing what God has in mind for me. The same can be done for
you too! Have faith dear brothers and sisters! For Jesus can do so
much more in your life as long as you Believe!. Paul also wants to
preach the about Jesus, to EVERYONE. So that people can come to
believe in Jesus. Believe in the miracles that He did. Believe that
everyone CAN get salvation, believe that they CAN enter the
kingdom of God. Believe that God loves them. Paul wants to have
his brothers and sisters saved. He wants God to be glorified even
more. He wants Jesus to be KNOWN. And lastly, Paul wants nothing

more, but prayers for him. For the scripture said If two of you agree
here on Earth concerning anything you ask, my Father will give it to

4) What does according to flesh and according to spirit of holiness

mean in verse 3 and 4?
According to flesh, means he is human. Like us. Born from human
parents. Lead a human life. Being bullied as a human. Called a fool
as he grew older. Tempted by Satan like humans are. Jesus is
human. In sinful flesh (?)
According to spirit, was he the Son of God. Only when the Holy Spirit
manifested in Him, he was known as the Son of God. To be honest
with you, I do not know the answer to this question.
5) What should we get out of Romans?
Romans is a basic solid introduction to what Christianity really is.
And the state and consequences we all are in. All of us are sinful.
NO ONE is allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven because when
Adam sinned, sin entered the world. God was mad and angry with
us. He was unhappy at what happened. Romans thought us the road
to salvation. The road back to our Father, and the price it costs.
Romans showed and guide us home, and talked about the love of
The Father. And how that while God doesnt need us but still wants
us, we desperately need God but dont really want Him most of the
time. Romans taught us to love one another, and have that childlike faith in Christ again. To believe that He is the God of the
possible, and that everything in Him is good. We should believe and
trust that He WILL bring us out of our misery and sins, because He
is all we got left.
6) What is the gospel of God?

The gospel is the Good News. It talks about the life, death, and
resurrection of Jesus.