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93 No. 12 Anything Goes (Reno & Chorus) Cue: PASSENGERS: (Three times) Hip, hip, hooray! (Passengers freeze and a spotlight picks up RENO on the upper deck) we —~<— Times have changed———— And we've of- ten re - Sis, Sompre Staccato A Fy: arco 8s, Pro, Gut, Or. z Since the Pur - i-tans got a shock ! 4d (Min, cota voce tru bar 17) t When they land-ed on Ply-mouth Rock;— 94 sie An-y shock they should wy to stem,— "Stead of land- ing on an = | —j— 2 es =F as ent A rT eat F Freely Slowly (in four) T a Ply-mouth Rock, Ply- mouth Rock would land on them. In Dictated “ope Tn Pe. Gi (Pras ‘Bari. Ton I, Pro, In Tempo (Relaxed two 4.108) in 1» old-en days a glimpse of stock - ing Was looked on as-_ some - thing shock - Fy: iz. Bs, Pro, Gut, Dr's. (te tne} oe? iy. (in cota voce try bar 32, sempre sta. swing eights) 7 28 once knew bet - ter words Nowon - ly use four-let - ter words, writ - ing —P Pre. a Fly: Ba, Pro, Gu. Or mad to-day, And good’s bad _to- day,. Toe. And black’s white to-day, And day's \2 { z es. Ay. a Vin