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About us
Sealand Marine Services primarily focuses on providing cutting edge solutions across Qatars
selected business areas in addition to the GCC markets and having its corporate office in Saudi
Arabia. We are fully committed for high-quality services with unique customer care and follow-up
based on our corporate experience in supply of Energy and Petrochemical industry requirements,
materials and services for EPC contracts, Marine engineering services and ship supplies.

Marine Engineering & Technical Services

We have a large team of qualified engineers, technicians with extensive experience in undertaking
onshore and offshore work, providing quality services to our clients.

Installation, Commissioning and repairing of Navigation and

Communication Equipment
Annual Service, Maintenance and Repacking of Life Rafts
Inspection, Service and Repairs of Life Boats, Rescue Boats and all
Safety Equipment
On-site or in-house inspection of fire fighting equipment
Hydrostatic Pressure testing and recharging of fire extinguishes,
breathing apparatus cylinders, fire hoses etc.
Calibration and certification of breathing apparatus
Installation, Commissioning and maintenance of fire detection

Installation, repair, calibration, and service of gas detection system

Air Conditioning/Ventilation Surveys and Repair
Custom Fabrication
Structural / Meat Working
Machine Shop
HFC Conversions
Machinery Maintenance Planning
Technical Representative Services
On-site Machinery Inspection and Repair
Maintenance History / Trend Analysis
Modernization Planning Process
Technical Documentation

Ship Chandelling
Our aim as a company is to provide vessels with a one stop option for all their marine and shipping
Sealand Marine serve our clients worldwide with ship-supplies through our office in GCC Countries
and associates and delivers according to their specific needs with high quality and special
attention given to hygiene, cleanliness efficiency.
With equally dynamic management team, Proactive staff, Solid infrastructures as well as
extensive support service network Sealand Marine has accumulated enough resources to deliver
safe, reliable and satisfying services in order to meet the convenience, interest, priorities and
specifications of our clients.
We supply as inexhaustible array of items that a ship requires. The things we supply to a ship
includes deck, engine store, provision stores, laundry services, gas cylinders and fire fighting
equipment also. In all these items, we have already established a high standard of quality that
has earned us the trust of many shipping liners.

Deck and Engine

Marine Ropes, Mooring Ropes, Steel Wire Ropes

Anchor Chains, Wharf Ladders and Valves

Cabin Stores

Compactor Bags-Brush Ware

Gallery Supplies

Flame Arrestor Materials

Cleaning Products and Consumables

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Electrical Stores

Lamp & Lighting

Plugs & Receptacles

Navigation Lights

Engine Stores

Ball Bearings

Oil Seals

Marine Safety Materials

Floatation Jackets

Water Activated Lights

ACR Hemi Water Activated Light

Thermometers &
Pressure Gauges


Floatation Suits / Work Suits

Thermal Protective Aid

Marker Buoys

Rain Suits



Lifebuoy Lights


Flashers &
Strobe Lights

Life Buoys

GMDSS Products &

Radios (VHF-UHF)

The shipping business is a dynamical and international world. Therefore we supply fresh and
frozen food for all nationality needs and delicacies, tailored to the wishes of their international
customers. Provisions Suitable for Ships crew and passengers from all over the world, with
all kinds of religions and specific needs are served.


Cutting wheels
Flap Wheels
Grinding Wheels
Non Woven abrasives
Sanding Discs
Wire Brushes & Wheels

Electric Welding
& Cutting Machines

Engine Driven Welding Machines

MIG/Flux Cored Welders
Plasma Cutters
Plasma Welders
TIG Welders

Safety Equipment

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Welding Mask
Safety Glass
Safety Goggles
Safety Helmets
Safety Mask
Eye Shower
Ear Protection

Hand Gloves
Reflective Vest
Safety Belts
Guard Hats
Gearing Protection
Welding Blankets

Filler Metals
Electrodes: Stainless Steel, Hard facing, cast iron, Nickel, Specialty alloy etc.
MIG Wire : Steel Stinless, Aluminium, Hard Facing Specialty Alloys, Solid Flux Cored
TIG & Brazing: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Bronze

Gas Welding Rod

Stick Electrode

MIG Wire



B-210, Al Jazeera Commercial Complex
Salwa Road, Doha - Qatar.
P.O. Box: 45009
Tel/Fax. : +974 44 65 74 93
E-mail :


404 Galleria, 1st Cross
King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz Street
P.O. Box: 79703, Al Khobar
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel. : +966 13 898 2787