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EU Legislation for SES

Basic Regulation No. 216/2008

+ 1108/2009 + 690/2009 + 6/2013

Regulation No. 628/2013

Standardisation Inspections
Regulation No. 646/2012
Fines & Periodic Penalty Payments

Framework Regulation
No. 549/2004 + 1070/2009

No. 390/2013
Performance Scheme

Regulation No. 593/2007

+ 1356/2008 + 494/2012
Fees & Charges Levied by EASA

ED Decision 2011/017/R
+ ED Decision 2013/032/R
AMC/GM for the Implementation
& Measurement of Safety KPIs

Regulation No. 104/2004

Organisation & composition of EASA
Board of Appeal

Decision C(2010)5134 final

Designation of the PRB

Regulation No. 1178/2011 + 290/2012 +

Civil Aviation Aircrew
Regulation No. 965/2012 + 800/2013 +
71/2014 + 379/2014 + 2015/140
Air Operations

Regulation No. 452/2014

Third Country Operators
Regulation No. 748/2012
Initial Airworthiness
Regulation No. 1321/2014
Continuing Airworthiness
Regulation No. 1035/2011 + 448/2014
Common Requirements for ANS
Regulation No. 1034/2011
Safety Oversight
Regulation No. 805/2011
ATCO Licences & Training Organisations

Decision 2014/672/EU
Extension of designation of
the PRB
ED Decisions in relation to
not listed here

Decision C (2011/121/EU)
EU-wide Performance
Targets for RP1
Decision C (2014/132/EU)
EU-wide Performance
Targets for RP2
Decision C/2010/9016
Establishment of a
consultative expert group on
the social dimension of SES
Eurocontrol Specification for
ATCO Common Core Content
Edition 1.0, dated 21/10/2008

ED Decision 2013/013/R
AMC/GM to the rules of the air
Regulation No. 923/2012
Common Rules of the Air

ED Decision 2012/002/R

Regulation No. 1332/2011

Airspace Usage Reqts Part-ACAS

ED Decision 2014/012/R
AMC/GM for Aerodromes

Regulation No. 139/2014


ED Decision 2014/013/R
Certification Specifications & GM
for Aerodromes (CS-ADR-DSN)

Treaty on the European Union

Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

Service Provision Regulation

No. 550/2004 + 1070/2009

Airspace Regulation
No. 551/2004 + 1070/2009

Regulation No. 482/2008

Software Safety Assurance

Regulation No. 677/2011

+ 970/2014
ATM Network Functions

Regulation No. 176/2011

Functional Airspace Blocks

C (2011) 4130 final
Nomination of the Network

No. 391/2013
Common Charging Scheme
Decision 2015/290
Compliance of 2014 unit
rates for charging zones

Regulation No. 409/2013

Common Projects &

EC Guidance Material for the

Establishment & Modification
of FAB
Edition 2.0, dated 08/12/2011

Regulation No. 1079/2012 + 657/2013

Air Ground Voice Channel Spacing
Regulation No. 1032/2006 + 30/2009
Coordination & Transfer
Regulation No. 633/2007 + 283/2011
Flight Message Transfer Protocol
Regulation No. 1207/2011+1028/2014
Surveillance Performance &

Regulation No. 2150/2005

Flexible Use of Airspace

Regulation No. 1033/2006 + 428/2013

Initial Flight Plans

Regulation No. 730/2006

Airspace Classification

Treaties (TEU, TFEU)

Legislative Acts (Regulations, Directives &
Decisions) adopted by EP and/or Council
Implementing & Delegates Rules (Regulations,
Directives & Decisions) adopted by the EC
AMC/GM Published by EASA
Community Specification referenced in OJEU
Guidance Material Published by EC
Non Binding / Strongly Advised

Latest Update:

Interoperability Regulation
No. 552/2004 + 1070/2009

Regulation No. 255/2010


2009/C 196/05
FUA Community

Regulation No. 716/2014

Pilot Common Project

Decision 2009/320/EC
Endorsing the European
ATM Master Plan

Regulation No. 219/2007+1361/2008 + 721/2014

Establishment of SESAR Joint Undertaking

Communication 2008/C 68/03

ADEXP Community Specification
Eurocontrol Spec-0107 Ed. 3.1
Communication 2011/C 146/05
OLDI Community Specification
Eurocontrol Spec-0106 Ed. 4.2
Communication 2007/C 188/03
FMTP Community Specification
Eurocontrol Spec-0100 Ed. 2.0

Communication 2014/C 14/08

IFPL Community Specification
Eurocontrol Spec-0101 Ed. 1.1

Regulation No. 262/2009

Mode S
Regulation No. 73/2010 + 1029/2014
Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ)

Communication 2012/C 168/03

Datalink Community Specification
ETSI EN 303 214 V1.2.1

Regulation No. 29/2009+441/2014+2015/310

Datalink Services
Regulation No. 1206/2011
Aircraft Identification

Decision C(2011) 9074 final &

C(2011) 2611 final

Eurocontrol Guidelines on Conformity Assessment for the

Interoperability Regulation
Edition 3.0, dated 20/02/2012
Communication 2013/C 140/03 & 2010/C 330/02
A-SMGCS Community Specification
ETSI EN 303 213-1 V1.3.1
ETSI EN 303 213-2 V1.3.1
ETSI EN 303 213-3 V1.1.1
ETSI EN 303 213-4.1 V1.1.1
ETSI EN 303 213-4.2 V1.1.1
Communication 2010/C 168/04
A-CDM Community Specification
ETSI EN 303 212 V1.1.1
Communication 2009/C 323/06 + 2010/C 18/16
Specification on the ATS Message Handling System (AMHS)
Eurocontrol Spec-0136 Ed. 2.0

Instructions on how to register to the Single European Sky (SES) Community are available at
To receive by mail updates of EU regulatory developments affecting ATM/ANS, contact

Latest Update:
Regulation No. 1315/2013
Union guidelines for the development of
the Trans-European network

Regulation No. 1316/2013

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)

Trans-European Transport Network

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)
Regulation No. 966/2012
EU Framework Financial Regulation
Regulation No. 1268/2012
Rules of Application of EU Framework
Financial Regulation

Financial Rules Applicable to EU

General Budget
Regulation No. 182/2011
Implementing Acts
(Rules and general principles concerning mechanisms
for control by Member States of the Commissions
exercise of implementing powers)
EC Communication COM(2009) 673 final
Delegated Acts
Implementation of article 290 of the Treaty on the
Functioning of the EU

Delegation of Powers to the EC

Directive 2009/12/EC
Airport Charges

Regulation No. 95/93

Allocation of Slots at EU

Airport Slots & Charges

Treaty on the European Union

Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

Regulation No. 996/2010

Investigation & Prevention of
Accidents & Incidents in Civil Aviation

Other Relevant Legislation

Regulation No. 376/2014

Reporting, Analysis and Follow-Up
of Occurrences in Civil Aviation

Directive 2003/42/EC
Occurrence Reporting in Civil Aviation

Regulation No. 1321/2007

Integration into a Central
Repository of Information on Civil
Aviation Occurrences

Regulation No. 1330/2007

Dissemination to Interested
Parties of Information on Civil
Aviation Occurrences

Civil Aviation Occurrences

Directive 95/46/EC
Protection of individuals wrt the
processing of personal data & on
the free movement of such data

Regulation No. 45/2001

Protection of individuals wrt the
processing of personal data by EU
institutions & bodies & on the free
movement of such data

Protection of Individuals wrt Processing of Personal Data

Regulation No. 1049/2001
Public access to EP, Council &
EC documents

Regulation No. 912/2010 + 512/2014

European GNSS Agency

Public Access to

Regulation No. 1285/2013

Implementation & Exploitation of
European Satellite Navigation Systems

Directive 2011/92/EU
Assessment of the Effects of
Certain Public & Private Projects on
the Environment
Directive 2001/42/EC
Assessment of the Effects of
Certain Plans & Programmes on
the Environment

Aviation Sustainability

Regulation No. 765/2008

Accreditation & Market Surveillance
Relating to the Marketing of Products

Decision 768/2008/EC
Common Framework for the
Marketing of Products

Marketing of Products (Single Market)

Directive 2014/53/EU
Harmonisation of the laws
relating to the making available
on the market of radio equipment

Directive 2014/30/EU
Harmonisation of the laws
relating to electromagnetic

Directive 2014/24/EC
Public Procurement

Directive 2014/35/EU
Harmonisation of the laws relating to
the making available on the market of
electrical equipment

Electrical Equipment
Radio Equipment

Directive 2004/18/EC
Coordinating the procurement procedures of
entities operating in the water, energy,
transport and postal services sectors

EC Interpretative Communication 2006/C179/02

Community law applicable to contract awards not or not fully
subject to the provisions of the Public Procurement

Public Procurement

Regulation No. 598/2014
Introduction of noise-related operating
restrictions at EU airports

Regulation No. 300/2008

Common Rules in the Field of
Civil Aviation Security

Regulation No. 185/2010

Common Basic Standards on
Aviation Security

Civil Aviation Security

Noise Around EU Airports

Instructions on how to register to the Single European Sky (SES) Community
are available at