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Pros and cons of build:

a) You're the best tank in the game. Walk up to anything and let it
b1tc4 slap you as it likes. Kill it when you're tired.
b) Many pets, which is good for animal lovers. No, JK, they're really
good and powerful later on.
c) Decent against bosses who are susceptible to health reduction.
a) Not very good damage output.
b) More of a hybrid, which requires all-around stats, making you
significantly weaker than pure str/dex/intel.
This is really questionable, as you will have well distributed stats
with your two masteries maxed. It's okay to have some dex with str,
or some dex with int, but you'll need all three if you're gonna wear
a guardian's set. I'd put less points into int, you only need it to
wear better items. It doesn't contribute to your damage unless you're
using a staff, which you really shouldn't be using ;)
So I'd say around 3 str for 1 dex AND 1 int. Not really sure, I'm not
good at hybrid classes >.<
Mobs: Shouldn't give you any problems. As a supertank, you should be
able to rush mobs even until epic. Double heal when you're in
a tight fit, and you'll be okay.
Bosses: I'm not sure if the supertank guardian would be able to
survive some of the 1 hit killing spells... Erm, my advice is
not to try! Your pets are your best bet here in dealing
massive damage by health reduction. Finish him off then.
1. Multiplayer runs? Your best friend.
To max your character as soon as possible, it is recommended to
have a friend to use a higher level character to run you through the
game. However, this may not be possible for all of us, so there is an
alternative in doing so, although less efficient.
2. Play linearly
The general rule to complete a difficulty as soon as possible is to
simply run from area to area, completing the main quest. Only
necessary side quests should be done, such as those that give
unusually high xp or stat/skill points. All you have to do is run
from fountain to fountain and stay on the main path. Avoid being
mobbed by monsters, especially trappers. Get a pair of boots that
increase movement speed asap, this will really help.
3. Backtrack
Once you reach the end of the difficulty, you will be slightly
underleveled. This is the time to backtrack and complete those
sidequests you've missed. They gain you a lot of xp, and are your
main xp source once you hit the harder difficulties. This should be
easy as you outlevel the monsters in previous areas. Your level
should be at least 26 for normal typhon, 40 for epic and 50 for
legendary. Of course, these levels also require you to have

appropriate equipment and skills!

4. You must survive!
Always, always avoid dying. If you're running through the game,
make sure you have your fingers ready to press the pause button. Why?
So that you can exit the game without dying, and reload at the
nearest fountain. Running again is better than losing a bar of xp.
5. Play dirty and stay healthy
Hit and run is a must. If you notice, monsters always stop chasing
you after you've run a certain distance. Then, they will give up and
return to their spawn point. This is called the 'invisible wall'- an
area that bounds the particular monster. This area is within a radius
from that creature's spawn point, and different creatures have
different radii. Lure them to the end of the wall, hit them once or
twice and let them run back. Rinse and repeat as necessary. This is
the general rule that applies to ALL CLASSES, including melee
tankers. Once you hit the late difficulties, getting mobbed = instant
death. Yes, even with uber equipment.
6. Manual dodge whenever possible
As mentioned, left click all over the map so that you don't stay
stationary. This applies especially in epic/legendary, where those
archers start to dish out the pain. You may be tempted to take one or
to hits, like "bah, one tiny scratch from talos won't kill me...".
Wrong. Monsters in epic/legendary tends to 1 hit kill you, because of
resistances and such. Even if they DON'T kill you, there are all
kinds of nasty status effects they can inflict on you, like stun,
freeze and skill distruption all of which can be dangerous.