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Credit given to The Dark Reverser for the original standalone script. Credit als
o to the many people who have updated and expanded that script since then.
Plugin for K4PC, K4Mac, eInk Kindles and Mobipocket.
This plugin supersedes MobiDeDRM, K4DeDRM, and K4PCDeDRM and K4X plugins. If yo
u install this plugin, those plugins can be safely removed.
This plugin is meant to remove the DRM from .prc, .mobi, .azw, .azw1, .azw3, .az
w4 and .tpz ebooks. Calibre can then convert them to whatever format you desir
e. It is meant to function without having to install any dependencies except fo
r Calibre being on your same machine and in the same account as your "Kindle for
PC" or "Kindle for Mac" application if you are going to remove the DRM from tho
se types of books.
Go to Calibre's Preferences page. Do **NOT** select "Get Plugins to enhance cal
ibre" as this is reserved for official calibre plugins", instead select "Change
calibre behavior". Under "Advanced" click on the on the Plugins button. Click on
the "Load plugin from file" button at the bottom of the screen. Use the file d
ialog button to select the plugin's zip file ( and c
lick the "Add" (or it may say "Open" button. Then click on the "Yes" button in
the warning dialog that appears. A Confirmation dialog appears that says the pl
ugin has been installed.
Highlight the plugin (K4MobiDeDRM under the "File type plugins" category) and cl
ick the "Customize Plugin" button on Calibre's Preferences->Plugins page. If you
have an eInk Kindle enter the 16 digit serial number (these typically begin "B0
..."). If you have more than one eInk Kindle, you can enter multiple serial numb
ers separated by commas (no spaces). If you have Mobipocket books, enter your 10
digit PID. If you have more than one PID, separate them with commax (no spaces
This configuration step is not needed if you only want to decode "Kindle for PC"
or "Kindle for Mac" books.
Linux Systems Only:
If you install Kindle for PC in Wine, the plugin should be able to decode files
from that Kindle for PC installation under Wine. You might need to enter a Wine
Prefix if it's not already set in your Environment variables.
If you find that it's not working for you, you can save a lot of time and troubl
e by trying to add the DRMed ebook to Calibre with the command line tools. This
will print out a lot of helpful debugging info that can be copied into any onlin
e help requests. I'm going to ask you to do it first, anyway, so you might as we
ll get used to it. ;)
Open a command prompt (terminal) and change to the directory where the ebook you

're trying to import resides. Then type the command "calibredb add your_ebook_fi
le". Don't type the quotes and obviously change the 'your_ebook_file' to whateve
r the filename of your book is (including any file name extension like .azw). Co
py the resulting output and paste it into any online help request you make.
** Note: the Mac version of Calibre doesn't install the command line tools by de
fault. If you go to the 'Preferences' page and click on the miscellaneous button
, you'll see the option to install the command line tools.