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A Project on Freedom Fishing House

Freedom Fishing House

Prepared for:
Md. Lutfar Rahman
Faculty of CBA, IUBAT

Prepared by:
Name: A S M Shihab
ID: 12202120
Program: BBA
Sec: C

Submission Date: 9th March 2015

IUBAT International University of Business Agriculture and Technology


Executive Summary

I have prepared report is based on Freedom Fishing House. The information, on which the
total business plan stands, was the collection of data from the questionnaire made by Freedom
Fishing House. To see the market need and wants. Analyzing a fishing firms general information,
their performances, their products and services will increase our knowledge and it will be helpful in our
future life. Fishing firms are operating their jobs for the welfare of mankind. In this report, we will focus
on the cost and time schedule for the production of the fish. All the data have been given with the
assumption of future budget.

Fish is the cheapest and most easily digestible food and is obtained from natural sources for
consumption by human beings. However, due to over exploitation and pollution, the availability
of fish in natural water has largely decreased in Bangladesh. To protect this resource, maintain
ecosystem and fulfill the demand, fish farming has become the easier way of increasing the fish
production and its availability for consumption. Farmers can easily take up fish culture in village
ponds, tanks or any new water body and can improve their earnings and living standard.
It also creates gainful employment for skilled and unskilled youths. The technology developed
for fish culture in which more than one type of compatible fishes is cultured simultaneous is the
most advanced and popular in the country. This technology is known as Composite Fish Culture.
This technology enables to get maximum fish production from a pond or a tank through
utilization of available fish food organisms in all the natural niches, supplemented by artificial
However, the minimum level should not fall below one meter. Even seasonal ponds can also be
utilized for short duration fish culture
The Business Idea

Freedom Fishing House project

Business Naming
Freedom Fishing House is my fishing project.
Business Type
My business types is cultivating fishes in the pond and creating work place for the
unemployment people. It is sole proprietor ship business.
Project location
My project location is in Haluaghat, on Five acre of land. The raw material will collect from the
nearest fishing raw materials shop, Young fish from nearest Hatchery.
The mission of Freedom Fishing House Project is to do environment friendly business and to
fulfill economic interest through social accomplishment.
The vision of Freedom Fishing House Project is for every family to have adequate means of
livelihood and every individual to experience joy with a productive life.

Benefits of Fish Farming:

There are many advantages of starting commercial fish farming business. Here we are describing
the main advantages of fish farming business.

According to the demand, commercial fish farming business allows for large supplies of
fish. Catching fish from the wild cant always fulfill the consumers demand. In such
cases commercial fish farming can meet up this demand.

Fish can be raised in tanks until they are ready for marketing, and they dont require the
extensive capture of wild fish. Thus commercial fish farming helps to preserve natural

Fish are very popular as food around the world. So there is an established fish market,
and you dont have to worry about marketing your products.

You can start fish farming business in both large and small scale production purpose.

If you dont have enough capital for starting this business, then you can apply for bank
loans. Many banks will allow loans for starting this business commercially.

Fish farming business is a great source of employment. More than 1 billion people
around the world depend on fish as their primary protein source. And most of this people
are directly or indirectly involved with fish products or fish farming business. As a result,
fish farming creates a great income and employment source for the people. Global fish
exportation business is now earning more money every year, than any other food

Even you can meet up your daily family nutritional demands through small scale fish
farming in tanks or ponds.

Problems of Pond Fish Culture

1. Multiple use of pond water: Almost all the ponds in Bangladesh are
household ponds with a wide variety of combinations of uses.
2. Lack of technical knowledge: Extension of technical knowledge among fish
farmers and attempts to disseminate information on fish culture was very weak in the past all
over Bangladesh.

Problems Overcome way

The Agricultural bank agrees to provide the Financial support
We need to protect this pond from multiple uses by making awareness of the local people
Establish such an environment where this gender people will be able to get the chance to
earn, get education and accommodation
Government contribution is needed.

Business Consideration

Example of similar business

The similar business which are existing right now is shamim Hechary , Alam Fishing House
.I got the business idea and informations from that business.
Entrepreneurial background is only the idea of those some similar project or business.

To Start Fish Farming Business:

For maintaining a profitable fish farming business,I have to go through some step by step
process. The steps for starting a fish farming business includes a suitable lease pond , fish farm
type (only pond), selecting fish species, feeding, care & management, harvesting and marketing.
For running a successful fish farming businesses follow every step very carefully.
Points for consideration:
(a) Location of pond: Soil should be water retentive, availability of assured water supply
and the area, which is not prone to flood, may be identified.
(b)Pond management: Before stocking, clear the pond of unwanted weeds and fish either by
manual using fishnets or by using Mahua oil cake. Alkaline nature to be maintained by
adequately adding lime in the ponds. Fertilize the ponds properly to improve the natural
availability of phytoplantation.
(c)Stocking: Ponds will be ready for stocking after 15 days of application of fertilizers.
Fingerlings of 10 cm size should be used for stocking @ 5000 numbers per hectare.
(d)Post stocking: Apart from natural food, fish may be fed by rice bran (or) oil cake. The feed
may be placed on bamboo tray or it may be sprayed at corner of the ponds. Organicmaturing may
be done at monthly intervals @ 1000 kg/ha.
(e)Harvesting: Generally done at the end of one year, when fish attain a weight of 750 gm to
1.25 kg.A production of 4-5 tons is possible in one-hectare pond

Project Investment Cost

This project will require 14, 00,000 Lac as start up. All the Investments are used for lease the
pond, collecting materials, Young fishes and so on.

Source of fund
The source of this fund has been collected from own capital and Bank Loan (Agriculture Bank)
Production budget
The total and production budget is depends upon the types of business. The project is about Fish
farming. So I need some raw materials and a land like pond. I take a pond by lease. So here is the
projection list of the raw materials and budget list.
Budget List:
Types of raw material
Items of cost Amount(TK)
Pond(10 years)
Water pump Hand toolsBoat
Feed(1 Year)Care taker salary(1 Year)
Labor cost
Selling expenses
Primary Processing cost Young fish (2 times in a year)Total



Source of raw material: All the raw materials are collected from the Haluaghat fishing raw
materials shop, Young fish from nearest Hatchery. It is easy to collect all those things because the
materials cost are cheaper than the other markets.

Product categories

Major Carp:

Zoo plankton feeder

Surface feeder



Column feeder



Bottom feeder

Exotic carps:
Silver carp

Phytoplankton feeder

Surface feeder

Grass carp


Surface, column and marginal areas

Common carp


Bottom feede

We also cultivate some other fishes such as Koi, Tilapia, Nylotica. Because they will be large
in a short time (3 months)
Marketing Sales Strategy
General Marketing strategy of Fish:
1. Fish-marketing channels
Domestic markets and distribution of fish are dominated by a large number of intermediaries. All
fish traded internally and for export pass through private channels.
2. Primary markets
Markets located in villages, district headquarters or at a crossroads are considered primary
markets they are usually near areas where fish are caught. Fishermen bring a variety of fishes
(dominated by small fish from both open-water capture and from ponds) to the primary markets.
4. Secondary markets
The Beparies take the fish bought from the Nikaries/fishermen/primary markets/landing points to
the nearest Upazila or river port markets by road, river or rail to sell to wholesalers or through
Aratdars. From these secondary markets/assembly points the distribution of fish moves through
different channels to urban markets/higher secondary markets by commissioned agents for
wholesalers/Aratdars, or by other kinds of Beparies. Bhairab Bazar, Kuliarchar, Narshindi,
Munshigonj, Deborghat (Sunamgonj), and Madaripur are landing points and secondary market
centres for freshwater fish species.
Market Competitor
Market compotator always is not effective for this business but not all time. Because collectors
always search the new source for minimizing cost. There are some Local competitors in our
business.They have 3 to 10 years experience.
Target Customer
The products are the fishes and the main target customers are the whole sellers of the rural and
town market. For capture the customer we need to provide the quality products like healthy
fishes, various types of fishes and minimum price that is suitable for us. So we always try to
bring our customer in the field to show our project in directly.


The probable Financial Statement of this project is given bellow:

Freedom Fishing Houses
Income statement
At the time of 31 December 2015
Items of expenses


Sales revenue
(-)cost of goods sold
Gross Profit
(-)operating expense


Selling expense




Care taker salary


Raw material



Total operating Expenses

Bank loan Interest and installment


Operating Profit


Pond(10 years)


Water pump






Primary processing cost




Total operating expense

Net profit




Probability of 1st Year Balance Sheet:

Freedom Fishing Houses
Balance sheet
At the time of 31 December 2014



Current Assets
Bank Account
Total Current Assets


Long-term Assets(current)
Land and Pond (lease for 10 Years)
Water pump




Ending Inventory


Total Long-term Assets

Total Assets


Liabilities and Capital

Liabilities and capital





+Net Profit


Current Capital


Bank Loan


Payable Account


Total (L & OE)


Income statement analysis

Sales revenue


Total operating expense = 549000(TK.)

Net profit


Total Assets=1771000
Total Liabilities and capital=1771000

Social impact on our business

Drug addicted people are unproductive and destructive factors of family as well society because
of their inactiveness.

Actually the project idea is about work with this community in our area and if possible from
other parts of the country. Now a day the number of them is increasing. They are thought as
burden of our society. Here I want to enter in the society as the turning point of their life. I want
to do something for them. I want to create some work place for them.
The benefit will be1. The project will contribute to the GDP
2. After getting the proper training and experience in future they will start their own
3. They will be no more burden of the society.
At least we can say that The Freedom Fishing House will provide the fishing demand of the customers
as well as the rural and town market. This project is the middle level project in Haluaght, we aspect that
our customer we need to provide the quality products like healthy fishes, various types of fishes and
minimum price that is suitable for us. This type of project produce the more fish & control the fishing
market & creating the work place for the unemployment people. The project will be complete according
the project management activities as per the schedules, resources, and others requirement process.