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Brian J. King
VCT 566: Principles of Multimedia Production
Project Plan

Plan Overview
The History of Project Management/Collaboration tools to enhance workflow. My
overall target audience is focused on upper level high school students through beginning
graduate school students. The audience I selected is somewhat broad although the overall
content delivery should suffice for these target groups.

Content Research
The following resources and articles will be used to derive the content for this interactive
learning module (additional resources may be utilized throughout development and will
be included in the final documentation of the learning module):


Audience Analysis
The target audience as noted above briefly is upper level high school students
through students beginning their graduate level (masters) programs. The reason my target
audience is so large is because the information in this module can be delivered to any of
the age groups in the range. The material is also pertinent to different groups pending on
what your specific school curriculum expects at a certain time, so many students may or
may not come into contact with this module until later in their education programs.

The learning module will include a brief history of the basics of project
management (purpose, gantt charts, pert charts, etc.). Additionally it will include
resources and tools and how to implement them to enhance collaboration and group
work. The module will finish with an assessment of the learners’ knowledge (and tie into
the learning outcomes discussed below).

The content in the module will be delivered through various mechanisms.

Currently I intend on utilizing the following: Moodle, Moodle Wiki (possibly),
Podcasts/Vodcasts/Screencasts (or some implementation of all three of these together), as
well as possibly some more interactive elements such as Flash/AJAX or some
implementation to enhance the interactivity of the module with the learner.

Proposed Learning Objectives & Outcomes

King 2

Upon completion of this learning module the student will be able to do the following:
1. Understand the importance and history of project management and
2. Analyze the situation and pick a set of tools to enhance their collaboration
3. Effectively implement and manage a project with collaboration and
management tools to enhance their workflow and productivity.

Project Timeline for Development

Note: Please see attached PDF.