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All over the world, as you can see, hear sounds higher clock sound: you hit

(clap) and the sound is born, say - the sound is born, blink of an eye - and
also the sound is born. Thus, there are billions in the world sounds. This
sound is able to create jealousy, love, hate. Still, scientists seeking nature
of the sound, but can not be found until now. There are five levels of
sound. In the Tantric system and Ayurveda suggests the existence of 49
species of air (or wind) and 14 of the types of fire. So, having 14 levels and
49 levels of fire air, we come to the sky, and then come to understand
As you say, Sanskrit terms are sometimes several secret meanings, and
every letter and every word has a surface value and spiritual
meaning. This sacred meaning its roots in tantra, or to other philosophical
?schools of Hinduism
These books on tantra, as I have already explained - is Siva Agamas, there
are many other books that have not yet been published and in the Indian
office in the London Library. Many tantric manuscript has not yet been
published and "settled" there. But there are also a significant number of
books on tantra in English, which have already been published, and many
departments at universities, study tantra, teach and publish books on
A letter has Tantric nature and they represent deities. And Abhinavagupta
.in Tantraloka also gives an explanation to the letters
Tantra means sound, and letters mean sound. Once the first man had an
idea, and then appeared and language. Therefore tantra gives an
explanation of thoughts.There is no form of thought and in Sanskrit we call
".it "Sphota
There are many branches in the Saiva Agamas and they explain tantra in
.many ways
Sphota (Skt. Sphoa- flash, from the root sphu- flash, outrage, explode,
open) - in the Indian philosophy of language, eternal and indivisible
archetype of sound and meaning. Originating as a psychological concept
to explain the phenomenon of understanding the meaning of words,
.Sphota gradually acquires the features of a metaphysical concept
.According to Patanjali, Sphota is a description of the invariance of speech
According to the concept of followers Bhartrihari, Sphota acts folded
eternal essence of the word, which is manifested phonemes at the time of
utterance. It is thanks to Sphota in pronouncing certain sounds in the mind
.of the listener, like the "flash", highlighted the meaning of what was said
?Who you can mark as a teacher or guru

I was initiated in 1956. And it is a special experience. Tantric path comes

into this universe through Shakti. They (Shakti) involve us and we run to
them. They are waiting for the students! So, in 1956, parents have
appointed my wedding day. But something has climbed up my mind, and I
ran to his Guru. I did not know him before, but he stayed and lived in a
cave. And one day early in the morning he came to me to say something
in his ear - and at this point - ppppfffshshsh - Awakening! This happened in
.less than one minute
After I discovered lots of interesting things. And invented a new system for
the study of Sanskrit and created his own system Vah yoga. And I learned
.all the Vedas and various books in Sanskrit
Before that I was just a boy. I was only 22 years old when I was
initiated. Then I became a professor and director of the Sanskrit
University. I started to write down their thoughts and wrote 50 of his
books, translated 300 manuscripts . Now, many people who are doing
research - find answers to their questions in my work, and they are writing
.a doctoral thesis on the basis of my books
We know that many have studied Sanskrit in your method, and now most
of them - the well-known scientists in the field of Indian philosophy,
literature and others. Is there someone from your students, who may also
?have successfully teach Sanskrit to your method
Yes, there is a young man from Germany - he was about 30 years old, and
he teaches Sanskrit on my system. In Italy there is a professor of Sanskrit Cinzia Perachchini. She studied me with Mark Dichkovskim. And it also
.sends his disciples to me, so that they better understand my system
At the same time, I believe, to teach Sanskrit quickly - in my system, there should be only one chair teacher
If a person has a desire to teach Sanskrit on your system where he can
learn about the early course of Sanskrit, or who can learn from you in
If a person wants to learn Sanskrit - I teach, and the students followed. But
.to teach Sanskrit - is sadhana, it's not like other languages
The study of Sanskrit - is also tantra. And I invented a system of learning
through tantra. All letters appear Sanskrit chakra. Previously, such a
.definition was not, I searched and studied this issue very carefully
In your method Vah Yoga whether students do any sadhana, and if so,
?what is it
In summary, the theoretical knowledge we get from books. The practical
.side - it shaktipat, and it's called practice

I have also been on the course a lady from America, her name was Julie,
and I gave her the name Dzhualaa. It took me 10 lessons. And after a few
days after the course she was sitting in the temple of Kali and suddenly
she woke up energy. Her eyes were red, and people touching her feet, like
a deity. It happened! People sometimes very funny. They may adopt or
maintain power, otherwise they can only believe in the existence of
energy. Some people are afraid of this energy, and most Indians are afraid
of it - they think it can get crazy if they find and awaken this energy. I give
two types of energy, and people feel good - and that's fine. If they feel
poor, they are trying to strengthen this energy through practice and
.practice independently
In the book of John Woodroffe "Serpent Power" we find an explanation of
the chakra system. In various texts there are differences in the description
of the number of chakras - 5, 6, 7, 12 ... Why in different schools, we see a
?different description and different number of chakras
Good question! Sir John Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon) gave a description of
the chakra system in accordance with the book "Shat Chakra nirupana." It
describes the six chakras, and the seventh is beyond thought, beyond the
Because there are many tantric books, thousands of them in Sanskrit, Sat
Chakra nirupana absorbed the essence of the various tantric texts. I
myself at one time editor of one of the tantric books - "Mahanirvana
For example, some books say about surya chakra, located between the
heart and the Manipur chakra (in the navel), and their treatment has been
.around for 8 chakras
There is also the prana kundalini. Very good description of the chakras in
the text "Sundari Kalahari", composed by Shankaracharya. This book
provides a wealth of information about the chakras. And it also describes
the location of the chakras in the body, but the body is you do Sri Yantra
and worship them. Sri Yantra consists of nine angles. For example, the
Jewish star, which is located on the flag of Israel, was also taken from the
Sri Yantra. One corner is feet, another angle means Shiva, etc.Tantrikas
have their own spiritual experience and give an explanation of the
.practice, on the basis of it
System Gorakshanath mentions karna chakra. When I received this
initiation, t. E. When my guru tantra gave it to me, it opened my first
understanding of this chakra.Then I began to study, learn and I found a lot
of books on tantra, but they all information given is not systematic. Some
elements in the same text, some in another, and quite difficult to find a
complete description of all the chakras, but Shat Chakra nirupana
.absorbed the information from all the previous books on the subject

And I also found two chakras in the ears - one called virgins (and the left),
and the second is called pitah (right). You can invite deities to his left ear,
.and their ancestors to the right ear
Another is the crown chakra is called bindu - when a man finds it, he
.begins to practice, as described in the ancient tantric texts
Yes, there are many ancient tantric books, but I wrote the modern Tantric
book "Vah Sri Yoga Tantras." I went to the Himalayas and within one month
written 600 slokas in Sanskrit - this knowledge just came through me. And
one of my students, which takes me right now, recently translated the
book into English - her name is Veronica and she is from the United
States. But so far I have not found an interpreter for this book from
Sanskrit into Hindi. This book is by far the modern Tantra. But before these
books were not published. I do not think that after the X-XI century were
.drawn any new tantric books
In the VI century texts were written Kashmir Shaivism. In the X century
was written by Abhinavagupta decay, and texts in the system
Gorakshanath. I also found two volumes of manuscripts Gorakshanath
written between the X-XI centuries, and by editing this two-volume book,
add it to Goraksha Sahita. One volume of mercury, or about partnerships
and their impermanence, and the other - the relationship with the system
of yoga. "Mercury" means alchemy. Thus, Gorakshanath transforms copper
.into gold by means of mercury
And after that was not written any books on tantra. People understand the
.theory, but do not understand the essence of the practice
Do you think that will be in the future spiritual teachings? Since now we
.see that a lot of "spiritual schools" is now just business projects
The concept of the future is very deep. There are three types of the
future. Currently, the future, the past and the future is happening now
.past future
Tomorrow - the future. And now, right at this moment and the future. And
what's happening right now at the moment - also future - the future is the
.Time has no end. And the space are still timeless
People change, and at this time there is their development and
improvement. At first they fight, but comes with the development and
harmony, peace (shanti). Now as people develop and eventually they will
.come to harmony
Thus, they will understand the value of peace, but as long as they do not
.understand. Now they understand the value of money and here - fighting
?How many centuries may pass before people come to this understanding

As I said before, there are three types of time, and each comes time
.people can change. Yet it will take time
Slowly there is an improvement, improvement, improvement ... As I said Tantra has two meanings: the surface for the common people, the secret
to initiate people, and with the development of people understand and
find rest. And the whole world will be in Shanti. But while there is a
In some texts we see that describes the practice of yoga takes the whole
day, and one has to renounce social life. But now for most people a way to
practice is impossible. Do you think you must still practice as described in
ancient texts, or else practice is modified over time and change the
?rhythm of life
The practice varies according to the method of mind control. Nowadays,
people are controlled by your mind. Reason - is different Sanskar, and the
mind is rushing here and there ... In this case, there is no concentration. It
is necessary to practice the willpower, which means to accumulate tapas
mind control. When the mind is concentrated - he is very strong, but when
the mind rushes from one desire to another - then he has no power. There
are thousands of desires, and they dissipate energy. The mind is very
.powerful. Thus, in all the practices necessary to concentrate the mind
In the Yajur Veda says: "we change the energy of our mind, making the
" .mind one. And all the desires generated by the mind
.That is, the mind must be one focus
There is a lot of practice to achieve just this one purpose. People are
starving, observe a vow of silence, or are in complete silence in order to
concentrate the mind.Concentration is very important to control the
mind. In all systems, we see that people practice to control your mind. If
.your mind is concentrated - you will achieve success
According to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, people do physical practices to
.control your mind. There are different ways, but the goal is the same
In the Yoga Sutras, we see the same thing. It describes the art of mind
control. In tantra also provides methods for the control of the mind. There
are many ways, but one goal. The goal - to find unity, as it is the source of
.this world. Once you find the source of light - this is Shanti
Who I am? Who are you?- If a person finds the answer to these questions .this is Shanti. This is the goal of all of tantra and yoga, that's all