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Three Phase Transformer


Three Phase Transformer Manufacturer Padmavahini


Padmavahini Transformers is the manufacturers, exporters and service

providers of comprehensive range of industrial transformers. Our organization was
established in the year 1996 in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

Our Products like Power Transformer, Double Radio type Power

Transformer, Low loss Power Transformer, Power Distribution Transformer, Dry
type distribution Transformers, Dry type power Transformers, Square D Dry type
Transformers, Heat Treatment Transformer, Electrical Power Transformer etc.

Three Phase Transformer

Three Phase Transformers for utilization in three phase power dispersion
frameworks to facilitate a step up or a step down of voltages.

Three Phase Transformer

Three Phase Transformer to allow three circuit conductors to carry three
alternating currents with the one conductor as the reference and the other two
circuits that are delayed in time by one and two thirds of the electric current.
Three Phase Transformer that varies for each industry all through to change
the values of the three phases current and the voltage. These transformers are
encased together with the filled dielectric oil.

Since it is dielectric oil, it offers electrical insulation between the windings

and it also performs several other capacities. This also avoids development of
moisture. It gives cooling.

Three Phase Transformer

Can be single-phase or three-phase
Single-phase transformers are used for residential applications
Offer network services
Minimize the voltage supply of primary circuit to the voltage desired
by the consumer
Excellent capacity to withstand overloads
Mounted in an underground vault and power is supplied through
underground cables.

Radar systems
Data processing equipment
Transmission lines
Photocopying machines
Sensitive electrical or electronic equipment

Three Phase Transformer

Test control and measuring systems
Safety alarm and lighting plants

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Contact Person:
S.F. No. 353/1, Door No. 7/140,
Ruby Matriculation School Road,
Keeranatham, Saravanampatti,
Coimbatore - 641035

Three Phase Transformer

Tamil Nadu, India