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Nama: Ju-Raizah binti Abu Bakar

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Group : J
CASE INCIDENT 1 :Is It Okay to Cry at Work
1.What factors do you think make some organizations ineffective at managing
In my opinion , here are many factors that make organizations ineffective
with managing emotions in the workplace.One of the factors that make the
organizations hard to manage the emotions is human beings complex thinking. It
is because every person is different and has their own emotions .The effect from
this factor is each person may not act in the same way in a same situation due to
cultural background . People have the capacity of emotional self-adjustment
,implicitly the ability to simulate false emotions, not authentic, disagreeing their
real experience.Therefore, organizations face difficulties when they are dealing
with their employees emotions. This is becoming a problem when the
organization is very large and contains many employees from different
background. In addition, sometimes the top managers of the organization cannot
control their own emotions as well.
The second factor is the business culture and etiquette is remain poorly in
some of the organisations.It becomes a problem for the organisations to manage
the emotions effectively. Some of the organisations have practised the
dissuitable business culture. As example,as a manager they like shout at the
employees when things go wrong .This shows that some of the organisations still
do not concern how to manage the emotions effectively.
2.Do you think the strategic use and display of emotions serve to protect
employees , or does covering your true emotions at work lead to more problems
than it solves?

Sometimes to ensure a work to be done perfectly we can covering

one's emotions. However, people are always covering their own emotions
will always find themselves in a stressful situation.So if they a in a
stressful situation , they are very hard to communicate with others.
Consequently, that kind of people can be easily frustrated and lose their
confidence in their jobs. That cam effect to unsatisfied towards the jobs,
depression, low job performance and so on will be increases in their self.At
the end, it can produce more problems than what it wants to solve
at first.Through the strategic use and display of emotions, the employees
can express their emotions in a manner way. They have to know the ways
to control their emotions eventhough.If the emotions of every worker is
good, the production will be increases.

3.Have you ever worked where emotions were used as part of a

management style?Describe the advantage and disadvantage of this
approach in your experience.
Yes,I have a experience at working in the emotions is used as part of the
management style.By the way ,from the emotions in management style
,that it have a advantage and disadvantage of its.




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4.What can Lauras company do to change its emotional climate?

To change its emotional climate, Lauras company have to make the
employees get together in one organization.The company should make a
workplace become more comfortable and more friendly.On the other
hand,the companya should arrange a part or family day to connect al their
worker to the manager.It make manager look like don have the higher
authoritarian.Beside that ,he can see his/her employees clearly.Lastly,the

employees can strike to change an emotional environment or the boss if

you can.