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The environment is God's gift of great value to the welfare of life. Many people
depend on the natural resources on this earth. God has created the universe and to the
prosperity munusia balanced. Extensive land turned into human dwellings, mountains as
cookers earth, plants as a source of food and medicine to life, so has the variety of animal and
plant life in the oceans. Unpolluted environment provides us with a comfortable and cozy
atmosphere. In addition to providing comfort to the people, it is also to some extent be
affected by the activities of national development if the environment in the country is
A clean environment allows us to breathe fresh air. Fresh air is a very valuable favors
to people's lives. The fresh and clean usually filled with green plants. Plants release oxygen
into the air and allows the body to get enough oxygen.
The air in our environment cleaner and fresher also allows us to enjoy. We would feel
comfortable if there is no interference in our environment. Hot and dry weather caused by the
temperature rise is inevitable and allow us to live in good weather conditions. Through a
fresh and comfortable environment as well, people can do outdoor activities and play without
the distractions that can cause stuffy feeling angry and uncomfortable. The activity of leisure
conducted in a clean condition will improve our health.
In addition, planting trees should be well organized from time to time. Planting of
greenery not only provide the environment cool and comfortable, but also serves to stabilize
the temperature of the surroundings. Planting trees is also aimed at reducing the effects of
global warming through carbon dioxide absorption. Finally, global warming control and will
be able to stabilize the ecosystem environment. Environmental care resources such as trees
can contain a variety of problems, for example forest soil erosion and flood control. Forests
also become one of our country's economy.
Clean environment can also prevent the breeding of insects that can carry disease.
Clean environment to prevent animals such as flies, mosquitoes and rats from reproducing
and spreading disease to humans, such as malaria, dengue fever, cholera and plague. This
situation also protect us from contaminated food vector-vector of the disease and thus, the
problem of food poisoning can be avoided.

Disorders of the insects in the home can also be avoided if the environment clean.
Clean environment to reduce the breeding of insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and other
insects that are in the house. Without insects, we can rest comfortably at home at any time. In
addition, a clean environment also prevent odour contamination that may interfere with the
comfort of our lives.
In addition, water is a natural resource that is very important in human life. Water is
needed by the human body so people can live in water to survive several days without food.
Our bodies contain about 70% water. If the loss of water, this will cause us to lose energy.
Water is not only important to humans but also to other living things such as animals and
plants also need water. Pure, clean water is a generator of life on earth. Because water is an
important element in human life, society should join hands in safeguarding and maintaining
the cleanliness of the water, especially the safety of the environment from contamination.
Furthermore, the environment is guarded by all levels of society to prevent the
extinction of animals and plants. Animals and plants are one source of food for the people.
Environmental pollution is done will cause habitat destruction would cause human
consumption will be reduced, for example marine life such as shrimp, fish and the like are a
source of food containing protein that can stabilize human health. If we do any marine
pollution such as dumping toxic waste into the sea, extinction will occur. However, plants are
a source of medicine such as herbal remedies for patients. Unpolluted environment enables
both land and water habitat reserved.
In addition, clean environment will improve the economy. A society that is clean and
contains the peace will be able to attract the attention of foreign tourists. Foreign tourist
arrivals in the country will increase the value of foreign exchange, and this will help advance
the development of our national economy. In addition, tourists can also develop the Services
and the business sector and offer employment opportunities to the community. With this, the
image of our country will be improved.
In conclusion, the preservation of the land should be carried out to ensure the supply
of food, health resources to produce the drugs, he also served as a source of beauty, charm
and tranquility as well as clean air. Thus, all segments of society should cooperate and assist
each other in preserving the environment so that a clean environment can be improved in our


Nature around is something that is important in human life, do not think of the nation,
religion and the state. These have included the surrounding natural areas, green plants, air and
water such as rivers and the sea. Nature around you indulge today are increasingly polluted
parties have been irresponsible as landfills polluting rivers, the use of steels of various
chemical and again. Nature around you indulge nature should be kept around not only used at
the present time but will be used so that a hundred years from now. Thus, to restore the
natural freshness around some nearby nature preserve necessary steps are taken. The steps
that should be taken is through:

exposure to mass media

The mass media includes television, radio, mobile phones, computers and
newspapers. On this day, the media plays an important role in shaping the
thinking of all users. The mass media should present more information about
the issues of environmental pollution, especially in a post-broadcast on
television. This is because television is an electronic media virtually owned by
each family or individual in every corner of the world. This is so because each
person or individual needs to know about the state of the environment is
getting polluted and things would have been done by them to protect the
environment. Newspapers and magazines are also a lot of media that exposes
the issue of environmental pollution. The authorities should be required to
disclose environmental issues with a wider network, internet network as more
and more people are now using the media than other media.


environmental campaigns
Among the campaigns that can be done is campaign please love our rivers,
recycling campaigns, friends, nature and other else.In these campaigns will
be exposed to the community about the importance of protecting the
environment and ways to protect the environment, management of wastes so
much less pollution to the environment. Recycling campaign was to encourage
consumers to recycle materials that can be recycled. Thus, the community will
be able to thrift and reduces environmental pollution. In this environmental
campaigns, activities such as planting trees and flowers clean soiled areas can
be carried out. Planting flowers not only beautify the environment but can

restore the greenery of a place and be able to prove the importance of the
green creatures on this earth.

education about nature

Environmental education was formally introduced at the primary level in the
education of Nature and Man. At the secondary level, especially in subjects
such as biology and science in higher education through courses of
Environmental Science and Environmental Biology. School teachers should be
concerned about the environment and nature-loving environment. This is
important so that each teacher can instill love the environment to the students
through moral education in schools. Competition among the cleanest grade
class will be established so that the feeling of environmental responsibility to
instill in students. At a high level, students are exposed to the environmental
cycle and how to interact with the environment and its relationship with other
living beings on this earth. Thus, the attitude of love for the environment will
be fostered in students lifestyle.


The uses of modern technology

The use of modern technology to reduce environmental pollution is very
important. The use of modern technology to control and reduce emissions
more quickly and effectively. With modern technology, oil spills in the ocean
is easier to clean without leaving residue oil spill. Moreover, by using modern
technology we are able to carry out recycling of waste materials and solid
waste such as newspapers, old magazines, fabric and plastic materials. This
course will be able to reduce the pollution caused by solid waste management
is not perfect. The use of modern technology such as air filters installed in
vehicle exhausts and chimneys industrial factories have been able to reduce
the rate of carbon monoxide discharged. This will reduce air pollution around.