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Hello po. Heres a guide po for booking for HAAD Exam upon Approval to take the Exam in Elicensing. (This is not the official guide, based lang po ito sa mga experiences and screenshots
ng mga Exam takers na nakapagpabook na.) Goodluck!
***Use Internet Explorer 8. (yung ibang browser kasi, hindi compatible, its best pa din with IE)
***Prepare Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) 50AED will be charged.

First, you must be Approved to take the Exam by SLO1 in the E-licensing part.

Then, proceed to Exam Scheduling under e-Licensing tab.

Tapos may lalabas po dun na Exam Instructions. Just check the I have read and agree
with the above rules. and then click the Next button.

(Dont mind the red words sa bandang itaas. Nagloloko lang HAAD that time :p)
Next, type your AGN no. sa may Application No., then click Search and you will access
the Available Exam Schedules.

Look for Exam Date na gusto ninyo.

Basically, nag-oopen for booking yung mga Exam depends on Payment Starts date. So
sa date na yun dapat mag-abangers mode.
And sometimes, kahit tapos na yung Payment Ends date, may possibility na magoopen pa din that specific sched. Anytime of anyday yan after nung payment end date,
pwede mag-appear yung green button.

It will appear on the lower part of your screen yung available Exam Schedule na pwede
ipabook (GREEN button) for that time na naka log-in ka. Pag wala kayo makita na
schedule that means wala pang open at that point of time.
Regarding the Location:
Choose the exam schedule with location na Manila, Philippines Testing Center if
you want to take in Manila
Choose the exam schedule with location na Health Authority-ABU DHABI ONLY if
you want to take in Abu Dhabi
Or you can choose Health Authority-Abu Dhabi for Manila, Saudi or Abu Dhabi
venue. (after all, sa Pearson Vue naman kayo mamimili ng Exam location or Test
Center nyo po after the booking process.)

***At this point po, kelangan ng matinding PATIENCE with bold and capital letters in red ink.
***You may click Search or the Refresh button every 1-2minutes, or depende sa powers ng
laptop or desktop nyo.
***Pag lumitaw na yung mahiwagang GREEN button, click agad! (There are times na kahit
maclick mo, e magttime out error pa din, its normal, just try again til makapasok. :p)

***If nakapasok po kayo successfully, heto po lalabas.

Click Credit Card

Take note of the time limit (encircled), you only have 3 minutes to finish the whole
booking process upon reaching this stage.
After clicking credit card, Click Payment Process

Next, edit your Email Address

Edit your Mobile no.
Check the box (the one encircled)
Then click Pay

Next, you will be required to enter Credit Card Details.

Next, enter the OTP (One Time Password)

***OTP will be sent to the cellphone no. of the Credit Card owner.
Upon receiving the text, immediately enter the OTP in the box provided then click

And the last part, you will receive a confirmation that payment has been accepted.
Click Finished

After successful booking, you will find BOOKED status and your Exam ticket on your
Exam Schedule.
Click Open to check for your Exam Ticket
You can save your Exam Ticket and print if you want.

You will receive an E-mail 24-48 hours from Pearson Vue after booking. It contains the
Username and Password that you will use to access your Pearson Vue account. A link will be
available in the email to redirect you to Pearson Vue.
***Masakit sa ulo ang booking process dahil sa dami ng gusting magpabook.
***Best time to book is around 11:30AM 12NN Philippine time. (dapat nakalog-in kna para
***Expect na maghahang and magloloko minsan ang site ng HAAD or kahit nasa kalagitnaan
kna ng booking process because of overcrowding ng applicants na gusto magpabook.
***PATIENCE talaga ang kelangan, kung wala ka nun, iinit lang ulo mo at masisira araw. Just
think that God will give you the right schedule for you when He knows that you are ready.
Huwag magmadali. Makakapagpabook ka din in Gods perfect timing!

Credits and big thanks to the expertise of boss RAMON FRANCISCO SONICO and maam MARY
Prepared by: A.ANDRADA