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It is the aim of the Students Union to support the learning, development and study of the
students of the University of Leicester. As part of the aim, the Students Union offers all
University of Leicester students the opportunity to apply for employment within the Students
Union operations. The Students Union feels that offering this opportunity to University of
Leicester students offers them the opportunity to develop skills associated with the
workplace, for example timekeeping, teamwork, reliability, cash handling, customer service
and so on. It also offers the opportunity to build a CV for future employment opportunities
either during or after a course of study, making students more attractive to prospective
employers. Naturally, the opportunity to earn an income is also an important part of that
support and the University of Leicester Students Union will ensure that it always pays
competitive, market rates for job roles.
The University of Leicester Students Union is an equal opportunities employer and
welcomes application of all members of the student body.
Applications are invited from any student studying in any capacity at The University of
Leicester (day release; part-time; full-time; undergraduate; postgraduate and so on).

All applications will be screened and selection events held to select the most suitable
applicant for each particular role.
Applicants may be invited to participate in an interview, an assessment centre, group
exercises and so on, as appropriate to the role applied for.
Selection decisions will be based solely on the candidates skills, knowledge and abilities.
During Employment
Student workers are employees of the University of Leicester Students Union and as such
are required to uphold the policies, procedures and ethos of the Union during their
Duration of Employment and Further Employment
Employment will last for the duration of the particular contract under which a student is
engaged and employment will in any case terminate when the employee ceases to be a
registered student of The University of Leicester.
Employment will be terminated when a student employee is unable to work, or there is no
work available, during the summer vacation. The student may choose to apply again on
return to University and their application will be considered equally with all other
applications. They will be required to undergo the same selection events as other applicants
and their selection for a role will be based solely on their performance at that event. There is
no guarantee of re-engagement.

Student employees of the University of Leicester Students Union will be able to cite their
employment on their CVs and future job applications. The Students Union will provide
confirmation of such employment to prospective employers on request.
Where there are opportunities for permanent, non-student, roles within the Students Union,
students and ex-students are encouraged to apply to continue their career with the
University of Leicester Students Union if they are the most suitable candidate for an
advertised role.