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Personal Leadership Plan

Final Week
Week 4: Pulling it All Together
See it. Own it. Solve it. Do it.
Table 6: Week 1Leadership Vision
a.) Considering all that you have
learned since Week 1, what additional
admirable leadership attributes have
you identified?

b.) Knowing what you know now, what

refinements do you want to make to
your long-term leadership vision? Go
back to Week 1 and look at what you
wrote. Write an updated version below.

(Admirable leadership attributes):

(Long-term leadership vision):

Below I believe these admired

Attributes to be the best for me
also continue at the bottom of
this table witness more complete
useable and pliable most
Admirable attributes!
1. Look to role models.
2. Find, or be, a mentor.
3. Develop your soft skills.
4. Continue learning.
5. Ask for feedback.
6. Expand your outlook.
7. Stay in the know.
8. Cultivate your network.

The vast creativity of innovation of

business in its state of intense
importance to the ever changing
technically advance and
information world has to offer in
edition to unlimited resources as it

To be an intense leader to impact

all who will be in contact with me!
To be the most empathetic, honest,
intellectual, and emotionally
intelligent supporter in every
moment present among members
of a team or parliament.
To always be in touch with my
unconscious bias and stereotyping
thoughts and actions. And to never
use this on anybody/team in
contact with in my ambitious future
I envision open wiliness that poles
me into a direction of humility and
to recognize my potentially honest,
empathetic, and impactful project
leader status. And to hold all
responsible for their project actions
to endure complete and satisfying
perspectives to be valued at the
highest level of support.
My support will be enduring but
worth every bit of it, unconditionally
available to my team and any

seems to be that never stop
growing in our time of the evolution
era, and the profound life of ever
growing existence to advancing
space for unlimited knowledge.
This yielding force continues to
grow depending on our own path
we have picked for the everlasting
success we all desire for our
passion in this thing called life.
Note> what we learn in this journey
of life and success, we must pass it
on to the ones that want it, that
need it and ask for it, so they can
also feel the substance of the
leadership and success of the way
it should be for all that desire it the
These special attributes below are my
very best picked to be considered and

Authentic, Credible, and Trustworthy

Ethical and Equitable
Empathic and Compassionate
Collaborative and Resourceful
Accountable, Available, and Reliable
Respectful and Humble
Committed and Passionate
Persistent and Resilient
Enthusiastic and Optimistic
Visionary, Inspirational, and
Motivational Knowledgeable about
self, others, and context

Smart working-
Intellectual thinking-
Virtually Stable-

members from the domestic and

international sectors. Again my
openness and willingness is
unlimited and it will take me to
heights that meet no end, to
continually seek for excellence and
perfection of a follower and a leader
as well. This requires all the
heartfelt stimulating ideas and
professional respect at all times for
the whole group involved in the big
picture. Most important aspect of
being an Inclusive Leader is always
be humble and put the other person
first before your unselfish thinking
takes over especially in a members
group project. There is a kind of
innate process not just
subconscious happening within
ourselves, or if you would a spirit
guiding us to excellence, and to be
the most helpful leader humanly
possible. I also believe we can
move mountains if we just open the
power with in us that reaches
heights far beyond our capability as
one person but with an inspiring
superior members of any group
success will be ours! So, to tap into
this kind of innate feeling we must
follow our hearts not just our minds
to be the Ultimate Unconditional
Inclusive Leader that can be won
over and over again!

Trustworthy Ethical-
Empathic -
Compassionate Collaborative-
Resourceful Accountable-

Table 7: Week 2Blindspots and Challenges

c.) Identify an additional time you
experienced or witnessed someone
experiencing bias, stereotyping, or
otherness since the work you did in
Week 2. (Its an ongoing discovery!)
There always seems to be places that we
are exposed to not feeling welcome or a
sense of being watched! I feel a sense of
otherness in so many places like this,
when Im around a group of people that
are observing me when Im having a
conversation with someone. So, my
conclusion on this is, does this mean Im
paranoid or just sensitive / aware of my
surroundings more then most. Well, here
we go! It starts like thisI seem to get
attention fairly easy for some unknown
reason or maybe I stand out in a small
crowd so, I try to not pay to much attention
to this but every once and a while it
happens that a strong feeling like the song
from Michael Jackson quotes I always
feel like somebodys watching me! With
this said! So, what to do one day I
decided to walk right up to a person and
ask them why are you staring at me?
Could I help you with something, this
usually posses an unusual response like
what is your problem which of course is
the normal defense that most people take
on. I simply reply that Im sorry if I troubled
you, and sometimes this has a great
response for some kind of conversation as
this maybe surprising too most. But it turns
out a cool thing talking about cool stuff or
better networking due to compatible with
course studies or similar jobs etc. and
other times it just comes out bad, so, tell
the person to have a good day! Most
people dont even spend the time for
something like this but the only thing to do
in a respectful and civil way is to just say
have a nice day!

d.) How could an inclusive leader have

positively affected that situation? (Think
about EACHEmpowerment,
Accountability, Courage, and Humility.)

Well, I think a leader could

empower this situation like
managing him or herself just by
giving an expression to the other
apposing party to give the idea of
whose in charge of themself or the
situation. Find a subtle way to make
the other person realize that they
must be accountable for their
actions. To face up to what ever the
situation or conflict, have the
courage to admit wrongful doings.
And have the guts to be humble
enough to step back and allow the
other person to explain and even
follow through giving a good
example of what they thought was
the problem or misunderstanding.

My Personal Leadership Plan Commitment to Action Now:

I believe that currently in my personal life it would be the most important
goal of my leadership using the ideas, techniques, and the EACH
Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humbleness Attributes as
part of my obligation to practice my loyalty of the information and
knowledge I have acquired from this course and all the research that was
performed deemed important to succeed as a follower and as an inclusive
leader. To become the best leader at what I do best in consulting,
creating, designing, building, and engineering. But mostly yearn for not
just struggling and existing but enhancing my abilities as a father and
husband in a different culture to stride in being the best supporter
advocate in the family business with workers professionals in my wifes
clinic and of course with my beloved family to keep the unconscious bias
and stereotyping to an absolute minimum or none at all! Very hard for me
to do it will be a challenge and some doing as to work on this for myself on
practicing my social skills and unconscious bias aspects and the
unconditional respect the clients/patiences need for the use of trusting,
courage, diversity, humility, and valued as included should receive from
me and to my personal family as well. Even though I have so much to
learn about this I have encountered so much knowledge from the course
and still continuing my investigating reading studies with all of the material
that was presented in this course study. I feel that its my duty to learn and
practice as much as possible to become the most fearless unconditional
inclusive leader that can possibly be won over as forth coming! This
inclusive leadership course that I have loved every minute of my studies
will last me my whole life and will never forget how much I learned from
just one course study. If you think about it, thats pretty amazing, I think!
Im very much looking forward to my next chapter in my life for enhancing
my abilities as my new business comes together; continue to my second
month action plan.

My Personal Leadership Plan Commitment to Action next

Continue to the next months action plan.
This is where I will follow up on my progress with my first commitment
action plan to see if Ive made some good changes moving forward with all
of my intentions and some or all of my expectations have been met. This
will require of myself to have an organizer planner / charted layout tables
of some sort to keep all my work in order so I can keep track of my results
as I continue to grow with this process for my inclusive leadership plan of
my successful journey. I will begin a new chapter of my journey with
starting a new business, but it will go slow due to funds are low at this
moment but thats not stopping me from working on plans for this new
industrial fabrication shop. At this time I have been working in my
fabrication shop mostly for commercial products but my background and
studies warrant me experience of 22 years of service in the industrial
fabrication manufacturing processes. So, this is my Inclusive Leadership
dream goal to have the most innovative manufacturing research and
development facility in the world. It will be called GORDONS
constructed into the side of a mountain for protection and security
purposes. But in the mean time while planning goes on the way for this
facility that will take years to complete, so, as to proceed I will be
constructing a much smaller facility to get projects started and this is
where I will facilitate my learned inclusive leadership skills. I wont forget
that I will need to be a follower as well, to help in special projects with the
team members that I will hand pick to my liking people that can handle a
little pressure and have a big heart for creative innovative ideas. Lets
continue with the next six month to one year action plan in my case due to
circumstances may take me one year to accomplish instead of the six
month time frame.

My Personal Leadership Plan Commitment to Action in six

Continue to the six-month action plan.
Well, its time that I really need to push myself for knowledge, information,
responsibility, honesty, and commitment to do the best I can, to complete
this six-month action plan to have succeeded on what I have set out to do!
But this very well might take me one year to do, because of the technical
intensive process and these things usually take much longer to complete
then for instance working in a company in charge of a group of members
in a form of projects. But no matter what the case my be its necessary to
improve on our skills as inclusive leaders need to do continually advancing
our knowledge, skills, and innovative ideas as a leader to aid and
successfully complete projects needed for our situation and then move on
to a new projects for in my case one project at a time and when all the
projects are finished they will be brought together and assembled to then
be tested in a conditioned environment where it will be checked for its
integrity, function, and reliability to see if the project system works
correctly and completely. The success will depend a pond how well the
whole team members involved did on the completed project. There are
other factors involved like making sure I always encourage my team
members to be motivated by way of including them in every possible form
of ideas that come up and always keeping busy on projects put forth to
them for accountability, also to give incentives to the most applied
achievers and to show this success with the whole team to help
encourage the others to do the same. For us to be successful we all must
be humble, Committed, Passionate, Persistent, Resilient, Enthusiastic,
Optimistic, Visionary, Inspirational, Motivational, Knowledgeable, about
self, others, and context. Its very important I think to be successful as an
inclusive leader as to get out of our self! I mean always think of the other
person over you as to open to new innovated ideas and to listen carefully
to the information in an intellectual open hearted perspective. And this
explains how I love this WORD INTEGRITY for Life, Work, and Play to
use in my daily life long process of Success and Happiness INTEGRITY
its. honesty, probity, rectitude, honor, good character, principle(s),
ethics, morals, righteousness, morality, virtue, decency, fairness,
scrupulousness, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness. And I will live up
to these expectations as best as I can to always up hold to this idea of my
life and to spread it to others with my great attitude and convictions as well
as to my family! And to also continue practicing:
See it. Own it. Solve it. Do it.