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During my high school annual mega-sales that was held a few years ago, my

team and I were surprised at despite gaining the most sales for our business
venture, we came up with the least profit. As I was tasked for buying all the raw
materials in the Young Entrepreneur Programme, I was left disappointed and
confused. Due to my inquisitive nature, I started investigating the real reason for
the situation. It was then that I noticed the evident principles of accounting which
are, book keeping and cost management, were the main reason for our business
team downfall. Since then, I was amazed on how accounting and finance is not just
a static subject but it applies to our everyday life and that it ensures the success of
any organisation. I have read further about the financial crises through books and
articles. This inspired me to choose this field as I have always empathises towards
people and businesses who struggled in managing their money. My everlasting
fascination about numbers and its logic coupled with enormous interests in Business
and Economics has made me confident that pursuing Accounting and Finance is the
right choice for me.
Insisting on doing Mathematics HL has given me the chance to critically
analyse various ways in tackling a problem. Statistics cultivated in me an
appreciation for data and its key role in producing and substantiating cogent
analysis. It was exciting to see the practical application of the cost optimization in a
business context in my coursework. This was evident in my Business Project when I
applied it to my financial analysis in a recommendation regarding the feasibility of
an investment I submitted to a government-linked company for its new business
plan. Apart from that, I researched Malaysian tuition service industry for my EE in
Economics, where it enhanced my analytical skills and made me more organized in
recording data systematically. It has led me to conclude that the market was highly
unregulated which had caused problems in them strategizing due to lack of
systematic record keeping. It also showed to me the dynamics of the business world
and strategy from the interviews I conducted with the tuition centres owners.
Chosen as a mentor in all subjects during my high school has made me
realize that I hold a huge responsibility. This continues when I managed to get a
sponsorship by the government out of thousands who have applied. Representing in
competitions such as Young Scientists Competition has improved my presentation
skills. Scoring the highest mark in Accounting in school, getting a distinction in
National Chemistry Quiz and participating in Olympiad Mathematics Workshop with
an alumni from MIT has proven that I have the capability in working with
quantitative things. Joining young entrepreneur programmes has encouraged me to
think creatively, improved my business acumen and instilled teamwork value.
In college, I was the co-secretary and treasurer for the Association of Caring
Entrepreneurs which deals with entrepreneurial activities for humanitarian
purposes. The position gave me a chance to apply my knowledge in accounting and
strengthened my writing skills. Profit gained through entrepreneurship activities was
used to finance our trip to help the less fortunate people in Indonesia. The trip had

shifted my perspective on a lot of things and made me strive harder to contribute to

my country. I have also been involved in various charity concerts as a violinist in the
college orchestra. Being an orchestra member taught me the value of time and to
be disciplined by meeting goals before deadlines. I have re-learned by myself on
how to play the violin, a skill that has been lost a long time ago during my time in
I am certain that with this valuable opportunity, it would develop my
potential in becoming a future leader and I would be able to later contribute
towards the economic growth of my beloved country with the skills gained from the