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27 MAY 2013
We departed from USM after breakfast at eight(8) am.The trip to YAYASAN ORANG
KURANG UPAYA KELANTAN(YOKUK) took about fifteen (15) minutes.YOKUK is
situated at Padang Tembak,Pengkalan Chepa.Upon arriving we were welcomed by the staffs
working there.We then met Nurse in charge who is Nurul Adilla Muhammad.We had meeting
with nurse Adilla about YOKUK organisation and their activities.The meeting took about
two( 2) hour.Nurse Adilla then brief us what to do during house visits.We also helped to carry
boxes of donated rice to the car.At twlve (12) pm ,we went back to USM and discuss among
ourselves.We divide among ourselves into 2 team.This is to facilitate who is going to the
house visit because there was limitation on the number of visitor during the house visits.

28 MAY 2013
We departed from USM at nine(9) am after breakfast.Today activities was home visit.We
arrived at YOKUK fifteen minutes (15) later.Nurse Adilla met us and we had some briefing
about the houses we are going to visit.At ten (10) am,we went to the first house.The first
house located at Kota Bharu.We outside the house for a few minutes,their neighbour came
and told that the patients was not at home today.We then continue our house visit, the second
house located at Kota Bharu.The house was occupied by a stroke patient.We started by taking
blood pressure and examining the patient condition.We also talked to his caregiver about his
condition and problems they having.Rice donation were given to his family in hope that can
reduce the burden they having in term of foods.We continue to the third house which was
located near sungai Kelantan.This house was occupied by acute disseminated

encephalomyelitis patient.He was with his brother at that time while their mother went to
work.Nurse Adilla checked his urine bag and we talked to him about his life.He was unable to
walk due to autoimmune condition.Donations of rice were given to him and instruction on
how to cook the rice was given.The time was twelve(12) in the afternoon.We headed to Kok
Lanas to visit another palliative care patient.The house in Kok Lanas was occupied by an
infant suffering from testicular cancer.We played a while with the kid and chat with his
mother about his son condition.The mother told that despite his children condition,he is very
active and played like normal child.Donation of rice was given to his mother and instruction
to cook it was given.After the fourth(4) house ,we decided to have lunch and solat.From Kok
Lanas we drove to Bachok because the last house was located at Bachok.We stop near Pantai
Irama and have lunch then solat at the nearby mosque.Around two(2) pm we continue to the
last house.The house is occupied by a family of 7 siblings.The patient which was 5 years old
suffered from neuroblastoma.We played with him and talked with his mother.His mother
complained about his son condition and financial problems.2 boxes of rice was given to his
family and instruction on how to cook was given.
After the last house around four(4) pm we headed back to YOKUK.We thanked nurse Adilla
for teaching and showing us how the house visit was done.