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Hello, Im

and this is
my resum.

+91 9552 097383


1. Student for life


Im currently pursuing second year of bachelors degree in

Mass Communication & Journalism

with B grade in the last year @ Indira School of Communication.


I dropped out of second year of bachelors degree in

Computer Engineering

@ KJ College of Engineering because I wasnt doing well there.


I completed my Maharashtra State Board

High School Certificate

with 65.17% aggregate & 72% in English @ SV Union Junior College


I completed my Maharashtra State Board

Secondary School Certificate

with 86.15% aggregate & 81% in English @ Vidya Niketan School


I was born on a fine Saturday night of

14th of March, 1992.

Yes, I was born on Pi Day (3.14).

It was Albert Einsteins 113th birth anniversary &
Aamir Khans 27th birthday!

2. I love...
- I am learning User Interface (UI) design and Ive designed

an android app, Madhyam along with two other designers.

- I have also designed a series of posters for an NGO,

Approach - Helping Hands [ ].


- I interned at Mooshak Technologies from May-July 2013

as a content creater and manager.

- I express my thoughts and ideas on everything from politics


to music on my personal blog:

I have written dialogues for two short films that we college friends
made, Personae and Karuna.


- I have read 80 books till date. My bookshelf contains 53 books.

Im reading On Looking by Alexandra Horowitz and India After

Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha right now.

- I also read a lot of articles onlines and share the interesting ones
on social media. The articles that I like are saved here:

social media.

- I am on every social media website you know (and some you

probably dont) from the late orkut to the latest ello.

- I have been active on twitter for more than 4 years and facebook
for more than 5 years.


- I have watched 112 of the IMDB 250 movies. I love watching


and learning more about unconventional films.

I love Christopher Nolan, Richard Linklater and David Fincher films.
I love Indian film directors like Rajkumar Hirani and Imtiaz Ali.

staying updated.

- I watch Arnab Goswami while others in my family watch

saas-bahu sitcoms. Need I say more?

- On a serious note, I like keeping up with the news. Reading


the newspaper used to be a ritual and now checking the

news apps is.
I follow technology and design updates with avid interest.


- I am a huge fan of Friends, Sherlock, Breaking Bad and

True Detective. Im currently watching The Big Bang Theory

and Modern Family.


- Well who doesnt?

3. Im here

- Snail-mail:

- E-mail:

- Facebook:

- Twitter & Instagram:

- LinkedIn:

- Phone:

S,no. 637/2B, Plot no. 22,

Pokale Vasti, Bibvewadi,
Pune - 411037


+91 95520 97383