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Conditionals - 0 1 2

Exercise 1:
Match the beginnings of the sentences to the correct endings.
1. If you mix black and white,
a. it floats.
2. If you don't water flowers,
b. it turns to ice.
3. When you heat ice,
c. you get dough.
4. If you freeze water,
d. it melts.
5. When you tickle her,
e. they die.
6. If you mix flour and water,
f. she laughs.
7. When the teacher gives us homework,
h. she always does it.
8. If you pour oil on water,
g. you get grey.
Exercise 2:
Choose the best answer from the options below to complete the sentences.
Chocolate (1)__________ when you heat it.
She hardly ever drinks alcohol so (2) __________ just one glass of wine,
she gets drunk.
(3)__________ coffee, I always (4)__________ a cup.
She's a really good friend, (5)__________ a problem, I (6)__________to
her and she helps me solve it.
If (7)__________ rainy and sunny at the same time, you sometimes
(8)__________ a rainbow.
(1) melting / melts / melt
(2) if she drink / if she drank / if she drinks
(3) When I smells / When I smell / When smell
(4) wanting / want / wants
(5) if I have / if I will have / if I had
(6) talk / will talk / have talked
(7) it / is / it's
(8) see / saw / seen

Exercise 3:
Match the beginnings of the sentences to the correct endings, to make logical conditional
1. If I were taller,
a. if I thought he really loved me.
2. I'd buy a new computer
b. you lost your job?
3. How would you feel if
c. if you apologized.
4. If you could visit any country in the world
g. if I had enough money.
8. If I didn't feel so ill,
d. I'd come to the party with you.
5. He'd be really upset
e. if he knew about the theft.
6. I'd marry him tomorrow
f. I wouldn't have to wear high heeled
7. I'd forgive you.
Exercise 4: Word Order
Choose the 5 words which complete each sentence:
1. marry him, would you say yes?
he to if would asked asks you
2. How would we keep in touch ?
to didn't we have if did computers
3. if the pay was lower than it is?
leave you left job your if would
4. If she , going out with her.
he beautiful wouldn't isn't wasn't being be
5. If people , be fewer wars.
more would there tolerant wouldn't were are
6. If you , be able to communicate.
speak spoke speaking couldn't wouldn't we English

Exercise 5:
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
a. We will pass (pass) the examination if we study hard.
b. If you (go) to see this film, you will have a good time.
c. If he (play) sport, he will live longer.
d. She (not be) an architect if she doesnt go to university.
e. They (ring) us if we give them our phone number.
f. If we (not solve) the problem, we wont get the prize.
Exercise 6:
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
a. If we (not go) now, we (miss) the bus.
If we dont go now, we will miss the bus.
b. You (be) tired if you (not sleep).
c. If the Spanish team (get) to the final match, they (be) the World Champions.
d. If you (help) me, I (give) you a lot of money.
e. If we (sing) some carols, they (be) happy.
f. They (read) the whole essay if they (like) it.