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Compare and Document Advantages and Disadvantages of Current and

Proposed IT Systems

IT Systems Windows Vista and Windows Office 2007

Networked with Microsoft-Windows Workgroup
Backup System No backup Sys.
Record of Supplier Information Not recorded

Employees 6, Full-Time
Computer skills Basic
Budget - $12,000


IT Systems Windows 8.1 Pro and Microsoft Office 2010

Networked with Microsoft-Windows Workgroup (Keep as is)
Backup System System Image Back Up
Record of Supplier Information Implement MYOB for Supplier Information

Budget - $12,000
What the HP can ALSO fit in it, but doesnt come with
One PCI expansion card, two PCI-Express x1 cards and a PCI-Express x16 expansion
(PC Pro, 2008)


1 x MYOB (Small - Medium Size Business) - $779.99 + $16.00 postage = $815.99

6 x PCI Expansion Cards - $17.48 + $0.00 postage = $209.76
12 x PCI-Express x 1 Cards - $15.64 + $0.00 postage = $187.67
1 x Windows 8.1 Pro - $129.00 + $0.00 postage = $129.00
1 x Windows 8.1 Handbook and Video Tutorial - $34.41 + $0.00 postage = $34.41
1 x Microsoft Office Professional 2010 - $209.98 + $0.00 postage = $209.98
1 x Microsoft Office Training Video Tutorial 2010 - $26.24 + $9.13 postage = $35.39
2x Portable Hard Drives (4TB) - $419.00 + $0.00 postage = $838.00
Total Product Costs = $2460.20
Hourly Rate = $87.09
Total Hours Spent = 50 Hours
Total Labor Costs = $4354.50

Final Project Total = $6814.70 + GST $68.14 = $6882.84

Compare and Document Advantages and Disadvantages of Current and

Proposed IT Systems

IT Systems Windows Vista

Applications on Vista are difficult to find within the Start Menu

It is mainly tailored for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
Only some of the software is implemented properly
There are considered too many editions of Windows Vista

IT Systems Microsoft Office 2007


Cannot customize the ribbon on Word

Cannot expand and contract custom groups in Word
Cannot edit pictures
Does not offer Protected View

Backup System

There is no backup system in place

Information can be lost, destroyed or corrupted
Information can be wiped out by a hardware problem
Information cannot be stored for reference

Record of Supplier Information


No record of suppliers

IT Systems Windows 8.1 Pro

Applications on Windows 8.1 Pro are easy to find within the Start Menu
It is tailored for various Operating Systems, such as, Macintosh computers and
Microsoft Windows
The additions available are considered not Warmed-Over version of the previous
The software is implement properly, which means it runs easily on a WOS/Has less
system crashes
It is optimized for the touch devices. This uses the Metro interface, which is
improved for touch screen devices

Compare and Document Advantages and Disadvantages of Current and

Proposed IT Systems

It supports the low-power ARM architecture. It has advanced security features such
as antivirus capabilities and supports secure boot.
It has short boot time. It takes less than 8 seconds which is much shorter than its
earlier version.
There is no need for the PC upgrade. Any PC which is able to run Windows 7 on it
can run Windows 8.1 Pro.
One of the main features of Window 8.1 Pro is the app platform. Windows Store has
a number of apps that are built for Windows 8.1 Pro.
Windows 8.1 Pro also supports Near Field Communications (NFC) printing. A
technology which can aid in financial transactions digitally

IT Systems Microsoft Office 2010


MO 2010 has the option of customizing the ribbon on Word

Can expand and contract custom groups if necessary/want to
MO2010 gives users the choice if editing the picture/s is necessary
Offers the alternative of using Protected View when opening documents
You can directly upload documents to the Windows Live SkyDrive account and
access it from another computer
With Office 2010, you can easily add video clips from the Internet into your
PowerPoint presentations as Flash video in regular web pages.
All Office 2010 programs have a feature built-in PDF writer this
is to help you save a document to PDF format by simply clicking on the feature
You can give a live presentation via the web in PowerPoint Broadcast and anyone in
the world can view your presentation using a web browser
PowerPoint 2010 now offers the feature of Editing Videos
All Office 2010 programs are now available with a screen clipping utility. This new
device will automatically take screenshots of all open applications on your desktop
and you can enter it directly into your documents or presentations
Now when you open an email message in Outlook 2010, it will display relevant
information such as file attachments, pictures, meeting requests, and all previous
email messages that may have been exchanged in the past.

Backup System

Incorporated a Portable Hard Drives (4TB) for manually storing the companys data
Incorporated a Backup Program, which will do monthly scheduled backups of the
companies data (Scheduled Task Wizard)
Introduce File History this will run directly off the portable hard drives and network
Created a Windows Live SkyDrive account, which this file, is to be placed on every
desktop. This will give the users/employees the option to add to the folder and the
contents will be synced with cloud storage system
Implement a SAM system approach for Backing-up the companies important data

Compare and Document Advantages and Disadvantages of Current and

Proposed IT Systems

Networked with Microsoft-Windows Workgroup


The company will maintain its connection/setup with Microsoft Windows

Workgroup as this system meets the current needs of the company.

Record of Supplier Information Implement MYOB for Supplier Information


The company will/if approved use MYOB for recording its Supplier Information, as it
is the most suitable system for its current business size