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Village Board

Antwerp, NY

Town Board Moments

1. Citizen Concerns a.
Village Mayor Reggie
Golden addressed the
board members with
ideas for the Town and
Village to look into doing a
feasibility study for
obtaining possible grants
and funds to build a
municipal building for the
Town and Village to share
services. Town will be
discussing this further at
future meetings. B. Mike
Stoffel reported that Kim
Dimon was appointed to
fill the vacant position on
the Indian River
Ambulance board of
2. Communications: a.
Public Service
Commission, a letter of
information on
proceedings to evaluate
the need for additional
area codes within the 315
code region. B. Summer
youth program, a letter of
information for hiring
youth for summer work
within the local
communities. A brief
discussion followed.

Next Town Board

meeting will be on, April
13th, 2015 @ Town Hall

1.Citizen Concerns- a.
Resident wondered
when the drop inlet in
front of her home would
be replaced. Mayor
Golden stated sometime
this spring or summer
as it is dependent on
the Countys schedule.
B. Resident wondered if
the Village had any sort
of ordinance regarding
dog poop. Mayor
Golden replied no.
Resident feels we
should look into passing
a law to address this
2. DPW Report - No one
present. It was stated
that the new well is
collapsing. It was stated
that we have a well
driller coming out this
week to look into drilling
a new well in a different
area near the water
plant. He added that
the Department of
Health is dictating what
we can and cant do. 3.
Sewer Project Update Rural Development is
allowing use of their
$750,000 grant on the
pumping station

4. Motion was made

and carried to accept
the mayoral
appointment of Darren
Paquette to the
temporary laborer
position at a rate of
$13 per hour and to
increase MEO David
Deans rate of pay by
2.5% effective

A public hearing will

be held on April 8 at
6:45 pm regarding
the budget for the
fiscal year ending
May 2016. The
regular meeting will
immediately follow.
Next Village Board
meeting is on April
8th, 2015 @ Village /
Fire Hall @ 7PM
Mark your Calendar
March 27th Antwerp
Firemen Fish Fry 5PM
@ Fire Hall
March 27th Karaoke
Night with Clyde from
8PM -12midnight. ( 21
years and over)
April 1st -6th
April 3rd Good

Mark Your Calendar
April 4th First Day of
5 Easter Sunday.
April 8th Village
Board meeting @
7PM (Public Hearing
April 10th MS End
of 30 weeks. Fire
Dept. Fish Fry 5PM-?
(Last one)
April 13th- Town Board
Meeting @ 7PM
April 13th IRIS PTO
meeting @4:30
April 14th 16th ELA
Test Grades 3-8th
April 17th Third
Quarter Ends
18 -Traditional Game
Day@ Crosby Public
Library. (Info on back)
April 21st HS Band
Concert @ 7PM,
Student Art Display
April 22nd -24th Math
Test Grades 3rd-8th
April 24th Arbor Day
April 25th Crosby
Library Annual Spring
Fling. (Info on Back)
April 30th- HS
Orchestra Concert @
7PM, Student Art

A Big Thank You to

the Antwerp Youth
volunteers for the
Youth Egg Hunt and
Robert Hancock
would like to thank
those that bought
some Krispy Kreme
donuts to raise
money for his Boy
Scout Troop 26. It is
helping to get some
new camping gear.
appy Birthday Dirk
Doxtator 4/03 Leona
Shaw 4/07 Ariana
Hughes 4/09 Heather
Sands4/10 Jared
Cook 4/13 Jeff
Dusharm 4/17 Milton
Marsh 4/20 Macy
Everett 4/21 Nicholas
Dean 4/24 Tealia
Mosher 4/26 Britany
Hill 4/26 Sandy
Getman 4/28 Sharon
Hughes 4/29
Brandon Hughes4/30
Happy 21st
Anniversary to Bob &
Laura Hancock on
April 23rd. ++++++++
++++++++Happy 51st
Wedding Anniversary
to Charles & Annie
Miller on May 2nd. ++
+Antwerp Food Pantry is
now open on all Mondays
from 5-7PM. +++++++++


Church News Antwerp United

Methodist Church
News: (next to primary
school) - Weekly
Sunday services at
10:00 am. For more
info call Lecelle
Providence @ (917)
399-1921 +++++++++

First Congregational
Church UCC thanks
you all for your
orders for Pizza. To
be made and
delivered on

Crosby Public
Library is planning
to have a Traditional
Game Day on
Saturday, April 18
from noon until
2:00PM for children
age 7 and older. We
will have games set
up such as checkers,
board games, card
games, and so on.
Refreshments will be
provided. This
program will be done
in conjunction with
Indian River
School's "One
District, One Book"

Church News -

Whats up in
Antwerp Fire Dept.
Fish Fries - March 27th,
April 10th. Price: $8 for
seniors, $9 for eat in
and $10 for takeout.
Time 5-? ++++++++++
+++++++Crosby Public
Library -They plan to
have a computer class
during the month of April.
This time, the topics will
be how to use Pinterest
and how to sell things
online. Please keep
watch for the date and
time. Saturday, April 25,
they plan to have their
annual "Spring Fling"
from noon until 2:00pm.
There will be seedplanting, environmental
crafts/activities and
refreshments for
preschool and schoolaged children. ++++++++
Mark Your Future Dates
May 2nd SAT @WHS, HS
May 4th HS Academic
Awards Ceremony, IRIS
PTO Meeting 4:30
May 5th IRIS Concert
7:00PM, Student Art
May 6th HS Chorus
Concert 7:00PM, Student
Art Display
May 8th-10th HS Fine
Arts Trip to NYC
May 9th 20th Tri County
Art Educator Show @
Dulles State Office Building
in Watertown
May 11th- Town Board
Meeting @ 7PM

Look out for Future

May 12th Budget Hearing
Vote HS LGI Room @ 7 PM
May 13th Village Board
Meeting @ 7 PM
May 14th 6th Grade Inhouse Solo Festival @ MS
May 15th & 16th MS 8th

Grade Trip Quebec City

May 16th Armed Forces
May 19th 7th& 8th Grade
Concert, Student Art
Display, Budget Vote
Board Room, District
Office 11AM -9PM
May 20th IRIS NYS
Grade 4 and Grade 8
Science Performance
testing begins.
May 20th 6th Grade Concert
@ 7 PM
May 22nd IRIS 35 Weeks
May 25th_ Memorial Day
Holiday (NO SCHOOL)
May 26th 28th 8th Grade
Science Performance Test
May 29th IRIS NYS Grade
4 and 8th Science
Performance Testing Ends.

Hello Antwerp, spring is

trying to break through
the cold. Be careful of the
hidden ice and falling
branches that may still be
As always, I am here for
your news. Call me @
659-8213 or email me @
et Take care and God
Bless you all.