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Eko Purnomowidi

Coffee farmer

Specialty green coffee profesional, set up new image of quality of green coffee origin. Deal with people and
build up relations.

Green coffee sourcing - Indonesia origin, coffee education, coffee grower, farmers relationship trainer and
motivator, leading tasting, graphic design, video editing

Senior Advisor at Klasik Beans Cooperative
July 2009 - Present (5 years 7 months)
Established klasik beans cooperative. A coffee coop & estate with a concept of agroforest and ecosystem
restoration and link with coffee. We start with reforestation, research and education. And implement in our
small coffee estate. In a good ecosystem, a home of coffee and human, we can produce good and healhty
Operations & Sustainability Director at volkopi
September 2009 - September 2011 (2 years 1 month)
Operations & Sustainability Director Sep 2009 Sep 2011 Discover Sunda Hejo Coffee (West Java):
o Built a beneficio in West Java Region and enabled direct farmer relationship. o Built a coffee estate
for a specialty Arabica coffee o Actively promoted the coffee region by being the first exporters of the
coffee with the regional name, thereby rewarding the farmers who participated in quality improvement o
Trained farmers the knowledge of making sustainable coffee plantation. Takengon Aceh Gayo Coffee o
Researching the possibility of developing and promoting a new option Gayo Coffee. o This will promote
high quality beans by rewarding farmers for their efforts quality efforts and improvement efforts for hygiene
processing method.
2 recommendations available upon request
Operations & Sustainability Director at Volkopi Indonesia - member of Volcafe - ED&F Man coffee
April 2008 - August 2009 (1 year 5 months)
Apr 2008 Aug 2009 (1 year 4 months) Set up and built the first Green Housing Drying Facility for drying
coffees in Lintongnihuta. Responsible for building network among all the farmers that were already trained
with the sustainability coffee agriculture practices to work together in order to maintain the quality and


productivity of their coffees and sell direct to Volkopi. Also to ensure the traceability of Blue Batak & Lake
Tawar coffee production.
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Operations Director at Volkopi Indonesia - member of Volcafe - ED&F Man coffee division
April 2006 - April 2008 (2 years 1 month)
Set up and execute new program of sustainability coffee agriculture practice in Lintongnihuta, Humbahas,
North Sumatra. Responsible for: Study the berry borer disease which impacts significantly the quality of
coffee and the quality of farmers' lives. Study the basic Lintong farmers' coffee culture. Study the varieties
which are available in Lintong and their resistance to the disease and impact on quality (cup profile.)
Study the weather and its impact on coffee harvest in Lintong. Study the soil structure & profile. Develop
relations with coffee farmers on individual basic or as a group of farmers (Kelompok Tani). Train &
Educate coffee farmers in sustainable coffee practices, such as berry borer management, compost practice,
seedling practices & pruning practices. Motivate coffee farmers by distributing good coffee seedlings.
Motivate & Teach farmers' kids, ages 8 - 12, English as a second language.
1 recommendation available upon request
Operations Director at Volkopi Indonesia - member of Volcafe - ED&F Man coffee division
January 2006 - March 2006 (3 months)
Represent General Manager. Managing production & quality control. Develop relation with government
sectors, coffee association & coffee supplier.
Branch Manager of North Sumatera at Volkopi Indonesia - member of Volcafe-ED&F Man coffee
April 2002 - December 2005 (3 years 9 months)
Responsible to set up new branch office business plan in Medan, such as developing relation with
government & coffee suppliers, managing finance, export , human resources, production & quality Control.
The North Sumatera Branch was successfully operated and in January 2006 become the Head Office, the
assessment of the company increase, and I become an operations manager after that.
Project Manager of North Sumatera at Volkopi Indonesia - member of Volcafe
September 2000 - March 2002 (1 year 7 months)
Responsible to set up program of the new image of specialty Arabica Sumatra coffee known as "BlueBatak"
& "Lake Tawar". Looked after coffee resources that let to introduction of high quality specialty Sumatra
Arabica coffee. In charge of finding and training coffee suppliers to meet expectations of PT. Volkopi
Indonesia as far as quality and building long term business relationship.
Management Trainee at Volkopi Indonesia - member of Volcafe
April 2000 - August 2000 (5 months)
Learnt all the basic about coffee business, such as green coffee beans raw material purchasing; quality
analyzing; coffee processing, packaging & export; handling document, finance & administration.


Computer trainer at Ministry of Manpower & Transmigration

January 1998 - March 2000 (2 years 3 months)
Supervisor at Rastha Karomat Jaya Ltd, a construction company
January 1990 - January 1997 (7 years 1 month)
Supervised a small group of worker in opening road construction in West Borneo

Skills & Expertise

Business Planning

Universitas Nasional
International Relation


Eko Purnomowidi
Coffee farmer

4 people have recommended Eko

"Eko has been a colleague and mostly a friend since 2001, when I met him during a sourcing trip to Sumatra.
During the last 10 years I learned him to be a highly resourceful, loyal and caring individual who helped his
company build an excellent reputation locally as well as interntionally. Eko's ability to connect on different
levels with people from all walks of life and all levels of corporate hierarchy, have helped him create a
reputation among a select group of coffee and industry experts. Having traveled with Eko on various trips
since 2001 and after hosting him in the U.S. on several visits with clients, I am confident of recommending
both his work ethic and his character and would think him a great asset to any company. Sincerely, Alan
Nietlisbach Senior Vice President Olam Americas - Specialty Coffee Division 888-652-6872 (888-OLAMUSA)"
Alan N., Managing Partner, Volcafe Specialty Coffee - An ED&F Man Company, worked directly with
Eko at Volkopi Indonesia - member of Volcafe - ED&F Man coffee division
"Eko was an outstanding host on my 2007 visit to Northern Sumatra. He completely took care of our small
group at every turn, from meals to transportation to introducing us to local coffee farmers and experts.
Through these introductions, Eko helped us understand the unique wet hulled processing and flavor of
Sumatra coffee. His genuine kind nature was evident immediately and in full force throughout. I was
especially impressed by Eko's involvement in the rural Lintong Nihuta community, where in his spare time
he taught local children English in a makeshift outdoor school. The joy on the children's faces as they showed
off their English singing, and Eko's peaceful smile will always remind me of what a positive impact Eko has."
Rich A., was Eko's client
"I have known and worked with Eko for nearly a decade. He has always worked in a very professional
manner and has provided us with the highest level of service and insight into the coffee industry in
Darrin D., Green Coffee and Tea Buyer, Allegro Coffee Company, was with another company when
working with Eko at Volkopi Indonesia - member of Volcafe - ED&F Man coffee division
"Eko is a superb operator, knowledgeable, compassionate, empathetic, filled with expertise and humility in
equal measure. Volkopi is extremely lucky to have him."


Shirin M., Director of Coffee, Peet's Coffee & Tea, was with another company when working with Eko at
Volkopi Indonesia - member of Volcafe - ED&F Man coffee division
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