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Mythology is the study of myths. Myth is defined as stories that has significance to a culture. It
serves to explain the world view of people about their or to other peoples culture. Myths were
before anything started art, language, literature, philosophy, and science. Myths are diverse,
like culture and humans. It gives explanation to every single thing that happens around us.
Joseph Campbell, a mythologist, mentioned about the four functions of myth. He said that
mythology evokes the individual sense of gratefulness, affirmativeness, and awe before the
existence of mystery. Mythology is presentation of images of the cosmos, an image of the
universe roundabout; a presentation of an image that will maintain your sense of admiration and
explains everything that you come into contact with universe. It comes to validate and maintain
views in sociology. Myth carries an individuals personality and culture and would stay until
everyone died.
Myth influenced humans. Stories in mythology shapes humans views and culture. It reflects
what we are and what we have. Myth serves as identifications. It would certainly identify a man
not by his group, but how he become part of it.
So what does mythology trying to imply?
Mythology is a work of figurative language. Stories serve to denote something. Meanings do
not come to surface. Myths are full of allegories and metaphors. It only means that mythology
itself serves as holistic story and guide of man. It makes man believe and do what he think is
right and right to believe to. It is inevitable and impossible to go through without running into
The continuous revival of mythical stories is an evidence. Over and over, stories of different
myth from different countries and cultures were being shown to people. Common people would
always thought it would be just another thing to see or ignore. But for people who appreciates
mythology, it means that mythology is still relevant today. It is relevant today in the sense that it

would always teach us morals, values, and understanding of what we used to have, what we
have, and what we will have in the future.
Mythology is being offered in the field of education because no matter what we are going to
say, mythology would always bring connection with man. It is the original story of man. To
study mythology is to appreciate and value what we are. Myth makes clear link between
different man and different cultures. Mythology makes us appreciative of what the world have
for us, and it makes us rational beings. It is the universality of man.

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