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Thursday, March 26, 2015 Vol. 133, No. 35 Stoughton, WI $1




2nd Aldermanic District

Stoughton City Council



Authorized and Paid for by Friends of Mike Gilbert, Paul Lawrence Treasurer

Stoughton Area School District

City of Stoughton

Preparing for careers RDA makes

offer on

Study details show soil

remediation likely needed
Patrick Osterbrink
Hub correspondent

Photos submitted

Stoughton High School students Ben Erickson and Jared Braaten are learning all about engines as part of the schools Youth Apprenticeship program.
They are two of 13 SHS students enrolled in the growing program this year, which provides students with on-the-job training with local businesses, as
well as high school credits. Shown at right, from top, are Jacob Bausch, Mikayla Brager and Mikayla Donlon working at their apprenticeships.

Youth apprenticeship program catching on at SHS

On the web

Scott De Laruelle
Unified Newspaper Group

Its not easy for high school students

to figure out what they want to do for a
career while theyre still teenagers.
In the Stoughton Area School District,
they can turn to school-to-career coordinator Cindy Vaughn, who oversees
a youth apprenticeship program that is
growing steadily.
This year it has 14 Stoughton High
School students working as youth apprentices, by far the most the school has
ever had, said Vaughn, who has overseen
the program for all of its four years. She
said the number of participating students
will likely increase next school year, as
Its a lot of kids, (but) we have the
potential for more, Vaughn said. Our
numbers have steadily increased over
time; this year weve just seen really nice

For information on the Department of Workforce

Development youth apprenticeship programs, visit:

Area employers have included Cummins Filtration, Isthmus Engineering,

Mandt Equestrian, Chalet Veterinary,
Associated Bank, Eugster's Farm Market
and Screamin Acres.
The apprenticeships are paid work
experiences through the program, developed in 1991 and administered through
the Department of Workforce Development.
In the one-year program, high school
juniors or seniors must have at least
450 hours of work-based learning and
two semesters of related classroom

Courier Hub

instruction. The two-year program

requires up to 900 hours of work-based
learning and four semesters of classroomrelated instruction.
The employer helps mentor that student and serve not as just a supervisor, but somebody who talks to them,
Vaughn said. Its very multifaceted in
terms of benefits to kids; not just going to
work and getting credit.

Learning on the job

The types of jobs students do in their
various programs vary widely: manufacturing and engineering, veterinary technician, pharmacy technician, farm hand,
equine handler and welding, among others.
For Megan Kreuger and Mitch Bartolerio, their apprenticeships are helping them focus on career interests she
wants to work with large animals, and he

The City of Stoughton is looking to take

over the former MillFab site to use it for
future development.
In a closed session March 11, the citys
Redevelopment Authority voted to make
an offer to purchase the property for an
undisclosed amount. The Common Council
met after the Hubs deadline in closed session Tuesday to discuss the offer. The offer
would be contingent on the results of additional testing of the property.
This 6-acre property, which was the site
of the MillFab/Holley Mouldings Corp., has
been vacant since September. The company
ceased operating then and is in receivership.
The property has been a focal point for
several years in the citys efforts at downtown redevelopment along the Yahara riverfront. The RDA has been discussing the
MillFab site at regular meetings since the
plant closed, and board members received
more details about the site through a study
conducted by Vierbicher Associates earlier
this month before making the offer to purchase.
The study showed a mixture of soil conditions on the site, as well as some levels of contamination that would have to
be removed prior to redevelopment. More
study would have to be done to determine
the extent of the contamination.
Also included in the study were potential
avenues of financial assistance in regard to
development and riverfront improvements.
If the offer is approved and the city proceeds with buying the site, the purchase
could open a large area along the riverfront
for redevelopment.
In addition to the MillFab site, the city
had also purchased other property in the
same area 2.25 acres at 501 E. South
St., the site of a former Stoughton Trailers building. The hopes for the project are
to enhance the citys historic downtown,
strengthen existing businesses and draw
more people to the city.

Site assessment
The site assessment was an important part
of the decision to make an offer on the property.
Vierbicher representative Gary Becker
said the site is developable, but there are

Turn to Apprenticeship/Page 14

Turn to MillFab/Page 13

Kids special section
A Madison-area
parents guide to
everything kids

March 26, 2015

Courier Hub

A life in agriculture

Blue Moon Community Farm wins organic food award

chef/restaurant, nonprofit
organization and organic
farms, each have an opportunity to donate their $500
prize to a nonprofit organization of their choice. Kordet says she hasnt decided
yet where her prize money
will go.
The award is an indication of the level of respect
and admiration that Blue
Moon has earned since
Kordet established the farm
from scratch 10 years ago.
Choosing a career in
agriculture and running a
CSA (community supported agriculture) farm that
serves as many as 160 families per week was not an
obvious choice for Kordet.
She grew up outside
Cleveland, Ohio, and knew
almost nothing about growing vegetables. She studied
dance and environmental
planning in college, and
after graduating landed a
job in an environmental
planning office, where she
spent lots of time around

Bill Livick
Unified Newspaper Group

Kristen Kordets Blue

Moon Community Farm
looks a little colorless in
March but by June will be
transformed into six acres
of bright organic vegetables, with some pastureraised pigs and poultry
doing their thing around the
farm as well.
Kordet learned a couple
of weeks ago that the readers of Edible Madison magazine had chosen her farm
for a Local Hero Award.
Sponsored by Organic
Valley Cooperative, the
awards are nominated and
voted on by thousands of
Edible Madison readers.
Kordet was real surprised to discover that
her small farm, about halfway between Oregon and
Stoughton on Schneider
Drive, had been selected
as a winner. The five Local
Hero Award winners, chosen from such categories as

Blue Moon Community Farm

Kristen Kordet, Owner
3856 Schneider Drive
Stoughton, WI 53589
She developed an interest
in organic and natural foods
and thought shed like to
learn how to grow vegetables herself.
In 2000, Kordet applied
for and got a job on a CSA
vegetable farm in the Hudson River Valley of New
I thought Id go to work
on a farm for the summer
and just think about my
next move, she explained.
I didnt really think of it as
a career choice. I was just
looking for something that
would be fun to do, and I
was interested in food.

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She spent a couple of

years on the farm and loved
the work. But, Kordet said,
she didnt want to stay in
New York and began thinking about what to do next.
Again it was sort of a
search for an area where
there are interesting farms,
and Madison was definitely
kind of a hot area on the
map, with the CSA Coalition and a lot of farms in
the area, she recalled.
Even when I was in New
York, people carried around
the cookbook that was produced here for CSA farms.
No one else was really
doing stuff like that, and so
Madison was on my radar.
Although she didnt
know anyone in the Madison area, Kordet found a
job and moved here.
She fell in love with
the community the community of farmers and
southern Wisconsin in general and appreciated that
theres strong support for
agriculture here.
It is kind of a fun scene
for people who want to get
started, she said.
In 2004, she began farming an acre of rented land in
the Town of Dunn. Gradually the operation grew to
include six acres, and in
2008 she bought the farm
that she operates today. She
lives there with her husband, an ecological consultant who works from
a home office, and their
22-month-old son, Cyrus.
After Cyrus was born in
May 2013, Kordet decided
she could use more hands
on the farm and hired a
couple of assistant managers, who work for her 10
months of the year. She
also employs a field crew
of three to four people who
work seasonal schedules.
We work pretty closely
together, Kordet said. Its
(a) small and very diverse
farm, so theres lots to keep
tabs on at all times.
The farm is USDA-certified organic, and at six
acres, Kordet has found
that on this scale we can
mechanize some aspects
of the farm, and also do
enough by hand that were
keeping careful tabs on our

Photos submitted

Kristen Kordet, founder of Blue Moon Community Farm, happily

displays a head of broccoli freshly picked on her Town of Dunn
organic vegetable farm. Below, Kordet with her son in tow near the
CSA pick up site on her Town of Dunn organic vegetable farm.

I think weve hit kind of
a sweet spot with production where were using the
tools that we use very well,
but we havent gotten to
the size yet where we need
a lot more equipment, she
observed. Theres something to be said for achieving enough of a scale that
you can mechanize a little
bit and you can still eat
healthy food.
As a CSA, the farm
does direct marketing to
families. Kordet has also


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City Council Dist 3

Authorized and paid for by: Friends of Regina Hirsch Janet Aaberg,
Treasurer: 209 North Harrison St. Stoughton, WI 53589




maintained a couple of
accounts beyond the CSA,
regularly providing food
to Promega Corporation in
Fitchburg and to LEtoile
restaurant in Madison.
Along with its CSA
shareholders, Blue Moon
has a stand at the Westside
Community Market near
Hilldale Mall in Madison,
which runs 7 a.m. 1 p.m.
Saturdays from April to
She said working and living in Dunn seems like an
ideal place for her farm and
Theres a lot of support in Dunn for maintaining working farms in
particular, Kordet said.
Our local communities of
Stoughton and Oregon are
really super enthusiastic
about local food. Im not
sure Id find that if I were
farming in Grant County,
and certainly not in Ohio.
So its really exciting to be
able to live in the country
and farm and grow food for
people who are interested
in being connected to their

March 26, 2015

Courier Hub

Stoughton Area School District

Spring election

Board OKs 10-year capital plan

Early voting ends April 3

School spending

Annual amounts

Even in a financially hard-pressed

school district like Stoughtons, its
important to maintain and upgrade
buildings and facilities, and district
officials have a plan in place they
feel comfortable with.
Last Monday, the school board
approved around $5.3 million in capital improvements to all schools and
district facilities, after district buildings and grounds supervisor Calvin
Merath briefly outlined some of the
planned work, none of which are
major projects.
A lot of our buildings are relatively newer, and thats definitely a
good place to be sitting, he said.
Some of the larger upcoming
changes include installing air conditioning at River Bluff Middle School
and Sandhill Elementary School,
at the cost of around $450,000 per
building. The projects each tentatively would be phased in over a threeyear period beginning in 2018-19
for River Bluff and then starting in
2020-21 for Sandhill.
A significant amount of carpeting
will be replaced at Fox Prairie Elementary School as well.
Merath said roof maintenance is
an important item for the district,
but that the buildings are sitting

The per-school spending of SASD

10-year capital improvement plan
Building Amount
High School
River Bluff
Sandhill Elementary
Fox Prairie Elementary $179,500
Kegonsa Elementary $279,500

SASD 10-year capital improvement

School year Amount
2015-16 $493,000
2016-17 $510,000
2017-18 $519,700
2018-19 $450,000
2019-20 $491,500
2020-21 $673,000
2021-22 $457,500
2022-23 $608,500
2023-24 $674,000
2024-25 $437,500

relatively well, and that the plan is

to try to resurface sections showing
some age instead of replacing, with
a goal to extend the life of the roofs
25 to 30 years.
Maintenance staff will be keeping up on asphalt repair and resealing and resurfacing based on need
and weather factors, and will also
be repairing exterior walls of district
buildings as necessary.
As you get around the district you
see some (issues) exposed joints
and cracks and bricks or mortars,
Merath said. You get water inside
and when it freezes and thaws during
the winter, it will exasperate some
problems. We want to take a proactive (approach) and mitigate problems going forward.
Merath said some minor upcoming

items include facade replacement around the high school, fence

replacement at facilities and installing more energy-efficient LED lighting, particularly around the high
The payback on those is getting
to be a lot better as the technology is
getting better, he said. A lot more
manufacturers are making those

Police report
Reports provided by the ject who scammed a victim of
Stoughton Police Department. money after identifying himself
as a police officer.
Feb. 4
Officers arrested a 19-year- Feb. 14
old man for battery and crimiOfficers cited and released
nal damage to property follow- four subjects, men ages 21,
ing a domestic disturbance.
22, 23, and 34 years old for
battery and disorderly conduct
following a large disturbance
Feb. 8
Officers arrested a 29-year- at a downtown tavern.
old man for disorderly conduct and criminal damage to Feb. 14
property following a domestic
An officer arrested a
53-year-old man on a probation warrant after the probation
officer called and requested
Feb. 9
Officers arrested a 23-year- that the subject be arrested for
old man for intimidation of a a violation.
witness and disorderly conduct following a domestic dis- Feb. 15
Officers arrested a 22-yearold man for possession of drug
paraphernalia, possession of
Feb. 12
Officers referred charges to THC, operating while under the
the DAs Officer on a 31-year- influence, and a probation hold
old man for impersonating a following a traffic stop.
police officer, threats to injure
or accuse, and fraud after an Feb. 20
Officers arrested a 22-yearinvestigation into a the sub-

old man for possession of

heroin and possession of drug
paraphernalia following an
investigation into an overdose
Feb. 20
Officers arrested a 53-yearold man for disorderly conduct, possession of drug
paraphernalia, and possession
of THC following a domestic disturbance. A 50-year-old
woman was also cited and
released for disorderly conduct
and possession of drug paraphernalia in the incident.
Feb. 21
Officers arrested a 17-yearold boy for disorderly conduct and criminal damage to
property following a domestic
Feb. 22
Officers arrested a 22-yearold man for resisting arrest and
cited him for operating while
under the influence following

Chamber still looking for new director

The Stoughton Chamber
of Commerce looks to hire
a new director soon, despite
an announcement last week
that the position had been
Chamber visitor services director Laura Trotter
told the Hub the board will
make an announcement in
the coming weeks about the
new director.

The board of directors

had announced Nancy
Hoffman as Erica Dials
replacement, but Hoffman
had to decline the offer for
unspecified reasons. Hoffman, a Stoughton resident
since 1978, served on the
Stoughton Chamber Board
in the early 2000s.
Trotter said the board
will go back to the pool

of applicants and look for

another candidate.
The new director will
take over for Dial, who had
served as the director since
March 2013. Dial and her
family are moving to Washington, where her husband
started a new job in February.
Mark Ignatowski

a traffic stop. A passenger in

the vehicle, a 23-year-old man,
was also arrested for resisting/obstructing an officer after
he began interfering with the
arrest of the driver.
Feb. 22
Officers arrested a 35-yearold woman for a probation
hold and operating while under
the influence (2nd offense) following a traffic stop.
Feb. 22
An officer arrested a 22-yearold woman for disorderly conduct following a domestic disturbance.


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spring election.
For more information
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visit or

Mike Gilbert

Stoughton Council - Vote April 7

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Middle School
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Serving South Central Wisconsin

Thursday, April 2: Last

day to request a mailed
absentee ballot
Friday, April 3: Last
day to vote absentee inperson
Tuesday, April 7:
Spring election


3D Home Inspections, LLC

Dates to


Unified Newspaper Group


Scott De Laruelle

Stoughton-area registered voters have until

5 p.m. April 3 to cast a
ballot during in-person
absentee voting at their
local municipal clerks
The so-called early
voting started March 23.
Regular voting will take
place April 7 at normal
polling locations throughout the city and townships.
In-person absentee voting works similar to the
mailed absentee ballots,
according to the states
Government Accountability Board. Voters who
cannot attend the scheduled election can go to
the clerks office during
the two weeks prior to the
election, fill out a ballot
and seal it in an envelope
for counting on election
day. Voters need to register prior to filling out an
absentee ballot.
Residents can also
request a ballot be mailed
to them. The deadline to
request a ballot is Thursday, April 2. Ballots must
be postmarked by Tuesday, April 7.
Residents will have until
Friday, April 3 to register to vote at their clerks
office. Election-day registration is available at the
polling locations. Photo

829 Edgewood College Dr. Madison, WI 53711

Admissions Office: 663-4126

March 26, 2015


Courier Hub

Letters to the editor

Hirsch is a fair-minded leader

Regina Hirsch is an excellent
choice for Stoughton City Council
Dist. 3.
We have worked together on
the Division Street Park volunteer project last spring and other
sustainability projects. Ive found
her to be reasonable, knowledgeable, and fair-minded with a high
degree of integrity in everything
she does.
She has a real talent for working
collaboratively with people of different points of view in a respectful and productive way. She will
add a considered and thoughtful voice to city council and her
qualities will be instrumental in
bridging the divide we have seen
in recent years. She has a strong
desire to see our city prosper in an
economically and environmentally

sustainable way into the future.

In addition, she has great ideas
and she has the skills and background in business, strategic planning, accounting, and environmental consulting to help bring
about positive, forward momentum for the city. Shell work hard
to represent the residents of her
district by being available and
responsive to them, and shell
work to engage our citizens in
government so that Stoughton
remains a vibrant and dynamic
She is undeniably a qualified
and committed leader, and the
best choice for city council.
Sara Downie

Hirsch is committed to collaboration

Regina Hirsch will be a great
city council member. We have
gotten to know her well as our
neighbor for the past five years.
She is committed to collaborative problem-solving and sustainable growth. Her work as a Yahara River Grocery Coop Board
Member and with Sustainable
Stoughton shows her dedication to
our community.
As a council member, we know
she will work to support Stoughton for the same reasons we have
chosen to raise our family here
great schools, vibrant downtown

and the safe, livable community.

This is a wonderful city with
great values and sense of community.It may not have everything
a city like Madison has and nor
should it.What it should have is
a government that respects its citizens and listens to their views and
Regina Hirsch will be an indeAs the mayor of
pendent vote for transparent govStoughton from 1982
ernment and responsible growth.
to 1990, I am pleased
Ann and Kurt Byfield to join former fellow
Stoughton mayors, Helen Johnson
and Bob Barnett in supporting Mike Gilbert for
Dist. 2 alderman.
The April 7 election
marks a crucial time in
Stoughtons history,
setting into motion the
See something wrong?
The Courier Hub does not sweep errors under the rug. If you see future direction of our
something you know or even think is in error, please contact editor city and our School DisJim Ferolie at 845-9559 or at so we can get trict. I believe Mike Gilbert is the best choice
it right.
for alderman to take us
into the future.
What sets Mike apart,
as a City Council Candidate, is that he has grown
up and lived in StoughThursday, March 26, 2015 Vol. 133, No. 35
ton almost his entire life.
USPS No. 1049-0655
Mike has witnessed the
Periodical Postage Paid, Stoughton, WI and additional offices.
changes and growth that
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group,
have already taken place
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
in our community and
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to
he not only knows and
The Stoughton Courier Hub, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593.
appreciates Stoughtons
Office Location: 135 W. Main Street, Stoughton, WI 53589
past, he understands
Phone: 608-873-6671 FAX: 608-873-3473
what is essential to move
Stoughton forward.

Letters to the editor

Engelberger: Common
Gilbert brings energy,
for Common Council
leadership to council race sense
The City of Stough- vision to redevelopment


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Mike Gilbert has the

energy and leadership
to be a responsible and
fair new voice for the
constituents of Dist. 2.
As Alderman, he will
respect the feelings and
opinions of all citizens
and objectively listen
to their viewpoints. He
will seek community
input and will make
responsible and sound
decisions that are in
the best interest of the
community. Mike will
bring a well-balanced,
independent and ethical
perspective to the City
Council both personally
and professionally.
As neighbors and
friends, I urge you to
vote for Mike Gilbert,
a Stoughton native and
someone who genuinely
cares about you and our
Doug Pfundheller
Former Stoughton

Gilbert understands citys

needs, challenges
Im supporting Mike
Gilbert for city Council
on April 7.
Mike is a lifetime
resident of Stoughton,
so he understands the
school system, business
aspects and the need for
Mike will make a
good alderman as he has
great leadership. With
his common sense, he
will make his decisions

based on facts and listening to all sides, not

personal agendas or ideologies.
Stoughton will be facing many challenges
in the coming years.
I believe Mike Gilbert will help steer our
city on a responsible,
thoughtful course.
Sonny Swangstu
Dist. 1 alder

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in discussion through letters to the editor. We take
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Special rules apply during election season or
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including those with libelous or obscene content.
Please keep submissions under 400 words.

ton is fortunate to have

Mike Engelberger running again in Dist. 2 for
the City Council.
He has shown the
ability to use common
sense, hard work, and
strong leadership skills
to improve our community.
As president of the
Stoughton City Council,
he has followed adopted policies and procedures to make city business more transparent
and open to the public.
These actions encourage
trust between the elected governmental body
and the public, something which needs to be
Mike has a vision that
growth needs to bring
high tech, high wage
jobs to Stoughton. A

near our downtown and

provide affordable housing. He has a vision that
all citizens should have
the opportunity to lead a
full life.
Mike uses common
sense, facts, and input
from citizens to make
decisions. He has reasonable positions that
take into account the
short and long term ramifications of an action.
This helps to build trust.
Mike has the depth
of leadership, a vision
for Stoughton, and the
commitment to transparent government that will
build community. On
April 7 please vote for
Mike Engelberger for
City Council in Dist. 2.
Denise Duranczyk

Engelberger is a levelheaded leader for Dist. 2

Please join me in voting
for Mike Engelberger for
City Council.
As council president,
Mike has consistently
shown level-headedleadership and diplomacy
while serving our city.
Mike has supported a
development plan that
will not only serve the
needs of the current business and residents of
Stoughton, but will attract
new business and families
to our school district. His
ideas are well thought out,
progressiveand based on

growth strategies that have

worked in other communities much like Stoughton.
When I have contacted
Mike, he has responded
promptly to my concerns
and followed up until the
issues were resolved. Mike
looks out for the individual
resident as well as the city
of Stoughton as a whole.
Mike has earned his
seat on the council and
deserves to be re-elected.
Lisa Reeves

Vote Engelberger April 7

On Tuesday April 7,
I would like to ask community members in Dist.
2 to join me in supporting
incumbent Michael Engelberger.
In the past 3 years I have
had the pleasure of getting
to know Mike, and the
honor to serve with him.
Mike will continue to represent Dist. 2 and our community by encouraging

open and transparent government, supporting our

business owners, and preserving our local values,
while creating long-term
strategies to boost economic development.
Please vote April 7 for
Michael Engelberger in
Dist. 2.
Tim Swadley
Dist. 1 alder


March 26, 2015

Courier Hub

Letters to the editor

Engelberger is a demonstrated council leader

will bring
leadership to
city council

Tim Rusch


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Julie Petersen

Engelberger brings sound leadership

Please vote for Mike

Engelberger in Dist. 2 on
April 7.
He is the best choice not
only from proven leadership in his tenure these
past three years on the
council, but in many other
walks of life as well.
Currently Mike is the
council president. He
has a progressive vision
for Stoughton that cares
for the people over special interests. This vision
includes working to help
make the City Council a
unit that works collaboratively and to take steps in
moving positive and balanced population and economic growth for our city.
This includes wanting to
bring the City Council and
school board together on
the same page for growth
and area planning.

Mike has always been

a people person. From his
work as an elected union
leader to representing
the individual needs of
Stoughton residents, Mike
has proven his ability to
actively listen and work
to meet the needs he sees
in those individuals. His
judgment and compassion
are evident in the way he
approaches and works to
solve issues.
I have been personally
impressed with Mikes
ability to get to the facts,
weigh them up and make
sound fact-based decisions. Folks who have
been at council meetings
or viewed council meetings on WSTO, they have
been impressed with the
clarity and directness of
Mikes leadership. He
is committed to keeping

Stoughtons downtown
viable for business as well
as multi-use buildings
that include business and
All these reasons make
Mile Engelberger my
choice for alder in Dist. 2
on April 7. Join me and
other community leaders
in electing Mike for sound
David Sharpe
Past alder and council








Price includes tax & admission only. No monetary value. 1 coupon per customer.

Apr 10-11-12, 2015

Alliant Energy Center

1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison, WI 53716

Friday, Apr 10 ~ 2pm-9pm

Saturday, Apr 11 ~ 9am-7pm
Sunday, Apr 12 ~ 9am-4pm

All Details & Advance Tickets AT



businesses in our community.

Michael Engelberger has
the vision and intuition to
make a long lasting positive impression on the City
of Stoughton for years to
come. As a dedicated leader
for so many years of labor
and management issues,
as an advocate for people
with disabilities, as a skillful consensus builder and
as one who has tirelessly
served the people of our
community I ask you to join
me in voting for Michael
Engelberger for re-election
to the Stoughton Common
Council Dist. 2 on April 7.

VFW Badger Post 328 Inc.

200 Veterans Rd., Stoughton

Friday Night
All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry
Dine-in only.
Regular menu also available.

Juke Box Night

Every Friday Night Meat Raffle starts at 5-ish

Every Thursday night Bingo starting at 7:00 p.m.
Serving Lunch Tuesday-Friday 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Open to the Public

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governmental process. He
gives well thought out reasons when speaking and
voting on issues that matter
to residents of Stoughton.
Michael takes into consideration views of other
council members and constituents when considering issues. He will stand
up to powerful interests
who attempt to take power
away from the people.He
brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to
draw on from his 35 years
of career experiences as
a representative of workers, as a mentor, construction project manager and
business owner to make
good and rational decisions
for the people and small

V.F.W. 41st Annual

Smelt Feed
Deep Fried Smelt or Swedish Meatballs $ 50
Plus mashed potatoes or french fries and cole slaw

Per person

Including Milk or

Sunday, March 29, 2014

11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

V.F.W. Badger Post 328 200 Veterans Road, Stoughton,WI

Fundraiser for V.F.W. Programs


Carrying on the tradition of Our Departed

Comrade, Russ Osterber

The STouGhTon
LionS CLuB
Thanks The Following Supporters
For Their Generous Donations

Banushis Bar & Grill

*Ale Asylum
Aslesons True Value
Big Sky Caf
Blackhawk Credit Union
Cinema Caf
Deaks Pub & Grill
Diamonds Direct
El Rio Grande
Fosdal Bakery
*Frank Beer Distributors
*General Beverage
Hair On The Side
Halversons Restaurant
Jimmy Johns
JL Richards Meat & Deli
Lotus Hair Salon
Main Street Kitchen

Madison Mallards
Pecs Personal Fitness
HJ Pertzborn Plumbing
Point Java Coffee
Paas National, Inc.
Radio Shack
Sonnys Bar&Grill
Stoughton Chamber
Stoughton Country Club
Stoughton Garden Center
Stoughton Pizza Pit
Sugar & Spice Eatery
The Lilystone
The Opera House
The Shoe Box
Tricor Insurance
Viking Brew Pub
Wendigo Tavern
*Wisconsin Distributors


I have had the honor of

knowing Mike Gilbert for
over 30 years.
During that time Ive had
the opportunity to work
with him on a regular basis
as a colleague in the several management roles hes
held at Nelson Industries,
Cummins, Inc., and Nelson
Global Products.
The reasons for Mikes
success in those roles are
the same reasons he would
make an outstanding member of the Stoughton City
Throughout his career,
Mike was a committed
hands-on manager, who
always had a solid grasp
of the details of any project he was engaged in. In
leading these projects, he
demonstrated an excellent
understanding of the perspectives and capabilities of
the members of the teams
he was managing. Mike
was able to build consensus within these teams, and
contribute to the success
of the entire organization.
This long-time track record
of successfully navigating in the business world is
exactly the type of experience we need now in the
City Council.
Im also proud to say
that over the years, Mike
has become a good friend
of mine. I know how very
deeply Mike and his family are committed to this
community. Mike is a man
of his word, with a calm,
common sense approach to
issues, no matter how complex those concerns seem to
be initially. Over the years,
Mike has demonstrated a
consistent service to others, as shown by his volunteer work with Junior Student Achievement, the Boy
Scouts, and the Stoughton
Rotary Club. He has the
thoughtful personality and
demeanor that will be a
significant asset to the City
I strongly encourage the
residents of Dist. 2 to support Mike in his bid to
become their aldermanic
representative in this years
He will effectively represent the views of those
who live in the district and
help to move the City of
Stoughton forward in a
positive way. This will be
a benefit to all of those who
are proud to call Stoughton

I am voting to re-elect
Michael Engelberger
on April 7 for Stoughton
Common Council Dist.
2 because he truly cares
about the people in our
Michael has demonstrated time after time as an
incumbent council member
and current council president that he has the experience and integrity necessary to represent the best
interests of the people of
Stoughton. He is responsive to citizen needs,
makes prudent financial
and policy decisions and
has the drive and ability to
move our city forward.
Michael advocates
for an open and honest


March 26, 2015

Courier Hub

Coming up

Community calendar

your matter.
Baby story time
To make an appointThe City of Stoughton ment, call 662-0440 or
Bring your baby (ages
will be offering tax prepa- email
0-18 months) to the library
and enjoy board books,
ration every Thursday from
rhymes, fingerplays and
12-5 p.m. until April 2.
Faith stories
Appointments can be
Our Faith Stories will music activities during the
made by walk-in only at be held at 6:30 p.m. Thurs- Book Babies Lapsit Story
724 E. Main St. in the back day, March 26, at St. Ann Time. Older siblings are
part of the building.
Parish, 323 N. Van Buren welcome.
The story time will be
Local attorney hours St., in Healy Hall.
at 9:30 a.m. Saturday,
Father Randy Budnar
Local estate planning will share his experiences March 28.
Due to the renovation,
and elder law attorney from a retreat/pilgrimage
Eric Christoffersen will be he recently took to El Sal- story time may take place
in the childrens departholding office hours at the vador and Guatemala.
senior center on the third
These talks are held ment instead of the CarnMonday of each month.
monthly. Optional refresh- egie Meeting Room in the
Christoffersen assists ments and fellowship fol- basement.
clients with issues ranging low.
Easter egg hunt
from basic wills to complex trusts, and from pro- Green movie
The Stoughton Kiwanbate administration to medis
Club invites families
Sustainable Stoughton
ical assistance planning.
will be hosting a screening with children ages 8 and
He will not charge for of A Fierce Green Fire younger to participate in its
the meetings at the senior for its Green Thursday pro- seventh annual Easter egg
center. You may be offered gram from 6:30-8:30 p.m. hunt at 11 a.m. Saturday,
the option of retaining his Thursday, March 26, at the March 28, at Mandt Park
law firm for a fee if addi- Stoughton EMS building.
Ball Diamond.
tional work is required on
Children should bring a
The Sundance Film Festival award-winning movie basket or bag to put their
reviews 50 years of the eggs in.
The free event will also
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH events and personalities of
photo opportunithe environmental movePastor Bob Vetter
the Easter Bunny.
ment, narrated by Robert
Redford and Meryl Streep. Parents are encouraged to
10:00 am: Blended Worship
Enjoy the movie and bring a camera.
A voluntary financial
then engage in a discus11:00 am: Coffee Bar/Fellowship
will be acceptsion on the environmental
11:15 am: All-Ages Activity
ed, and all donations will
impor408 N. Bergamont Blvd., North of CC
tant to you and the commu- be matched by Kiwanis
and given to the PersonOregon, WI
Light refreshments will al Essentials Pantry in
For more information,

Tax preparation

Bahai Faith

For information: Alfred Skerpan, 877-0911

or Gail and Greg Gagnon, 873-9225 Stoughton study classes.

Bible Baptist Church

2095 Hwy. W, Utica

873-7077 423-3033
Sunday: 10 a.m. - Worship; 6 p.m. - Worship

Christ Lutheran Church

Covenant Lutheran Church

1525 N. Van Buren St., Stoughton 873-7494
Saturday: 5:30 p.m. Worship
Sunday: 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Worship
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.

Ezra Church

129 E Main St, Stoughton 834-9050

Sunday: 9 and 10:30 a.m.

700 Hwy. B, Stoughton

873-9353 e-mail:
Sunday: 8 a.m. Traditional Worship
9:10 a.m. Family Express followed by Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Traditional Worship

First Lutheran Church

Christ the King Community Church

9209 Fulton St., Edgerton

Worship services 8, 10:30 a.m., Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Varsity (for teams) 12:07 p.m. - AWANA 3-5 p.m.

401 W. Main St., Stoughton 877-0303 Sunday: 10 a.m. - Worship

Christian Assembly Church

1844 Williams Drive, Stoughton 873-9106

Saturday: 6 p.m. worship; Sunday: 10 a.m. worship

The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-Day Saints

825 S. Van Buren, Stoughton

877-0439 Missionaries 877-0696
Sunday: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sunday school and Primary

Cooksville Lutheran Church

11927 W. Church St., Evansville
Interim Pastor Karla Brekke
Sunday: 10 a.m. Worship and Sunday School
March 29: 10 a.m. Palm Sunday
April 2: 7 p.m. Maundy Thursday
April 3: 7 p.m. Good Friday

A Life
Celebration Center


1358 Hwy 51, Stoughton

Mike Smits Dale Holzhuter
Martha Paton, Administrative Manager
Sara Paton, Administrative Assistant
Paul Selbo, Funeral Assistant

Place your ad
here weekly!
Call 873-6671
to advertise on the
Courier Hub
Church Page.

310 E. Washington, Stoughton

Sunday: 8:30 & 10 a.m. worship

Fulton Church

Good Shepherd By The Lake

Lutheran Church

1860 Hwy. 51 at Lake Kegonsa, Stoughton 873-5924

Sunday Worship: 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
Education Hour for all ages: 9:15 a.m.

LakeView Church

2200 Lincoln Ave., Stoughton

Sunday: 9 and 11 a.m. worship

Dont Worry About

Your Own Happiness
One of the supreme ironies of human
nature is the fact that being overly concerned about our own happiness usually diminishes it, while working diligently
to improve the welfare of others usually
adds to our own happiness. And, while
it is true that we should be the primary
caretakers of our own welfare, and
should tend to our own health, education and well-being with care, it is still
the case that being overly concerned
with our own happiness almost always
interferes with it. Happiness is usually
a byproduct of other activities. Perform
your work well and youll probably feel
good about it. Cultivating your relationships with family and friends pays big
dividends in terms of our happiness.
Limit your desires for material things.
Greed and envy are preventable obstacles to happiness; money and material
things are a very fleeting source of
satisfaction. So, do what you can to
help others, and do it with a pure heart,
seeking only the good of the other and
not your own.
Christopher Simon
You have not lived today until you
have done something for someone who
can never repay you.
John Bunyan

or call 576-2762.

Smelt Feed
The VFW Annual Smelt
Feed will be held from
11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday,
March 29, at the VFW Post
328, 200 Veterans Road.
For more information,
call 873-9042.

Music series
The senior center will
hold the second installment
of its music appreciation
series at 3 p.m. Monday,
March 30.
UW speaker Henry
Supoznik will illustrate his
talk about the Birth of the
Recording Industry: 18931910 with vintage recordings from that era.
The music appreciation
series with John Beutel is
organized for anyone who
loves music and would
like to learn more about
it. Classes are free, with
donations appreciated.

Adult craft club

The adult craft club will
make marbled paper to
create stationery and cards
from 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, April 2, at the library.
No experience is necessary, and teens are welcome with an adult.
To register, call 8736281.

Thursday, March 26

Noon, Lunch and Learn: Art from Impressionists to

Vincent Van Gogh, senior center, 873-8585
6 p.m., Daddy Brain Workshop ($15), Stoughton
Hospital, 873-2356
6:30 p.m., Our Faith Stories, St. Ann Parish
6:30-8 p.m., Yard Club (children and teens with
adult), library
6:30-8:30 p.m., Sustainable Stoughton screening of
A Fierce Green Fire, Stoughton EMS building

Friday, March 27

Destination Stoughton weekend

1 p.m., Classic Movie Friday: Breakfast at Tiffanys,
senior center
2-4 p.m., Family Movie Afternoon, library

Saturday, March 28

Destination Stoughton weekend

9:30 a.m., Book Babies Lapsit Storytime (0-18
months), library
11 a.m., Kiwanis Easter egg hunt, Mandt Park Ball
Diamond, 576-2762,
1 p.m., Making Norwegian woven heart baskets,
Nordic Nook, 176 W. Main St.
5:30-6:30 p.m., An evening with the Ibsen The
Master Builder Commonweal Theatre Cast, Sons of
Norway - Mandt Lodge, 317 S. Page St., 873-7209
7:30 p.m., The Master Builder, Stoughton Opera

Sunday, March 29

Destination Stoughton weekend

11 a.m. to 2 p.m., VFW Annual Smelt Feed, 200
Veterans Road, 873-9042
Monday, March 30
3 p.m., Music Appreciation: Birth of the Recording
Industry 1893-1910, senior center

Thursday, April 2

6:30-8 p.m., Adult Craft Club: Marbled Paper (register, teens welcome with adult), 873-6281

Friday, April 3

1 p.m., First Friday Movie: The Good Lie, senior

Seventh Day Baptist
Church of Albion

616 Albion Rd., Edgerton

Worship Saturday 11- Sabbath School 10
Fellowship Meal follows service on first Sabbath

Stoughton Baptist Church

Corner of Williams Dr. & Cty. B, Stoughton

Sunday: 10:30 a.m. - Worship;
6 p.m. - Evening Service

St. Ann Catholic Church

323 N. Van Buren St., Stoughton

873-6448 873-7633
Weekday Mass: Nazareth House and St. Anns Church
Weekend Mass: Saturday - 5:15 p.m.;
Sunday - 8 and 10:30 a.m.
April 2: 7 p.m. Holy Thursday Mass of the Lords Supper
(Vigil until 10:30 p.m.)
April 3: 1 p.m. Lords Passion; 6:30 p.m. Foot of the Cross

United Methodist of Stoughton

525 Lincoln Avenue, Stoughton
Sunday: 8 a.m. - Short Service; 10 a.m. - Full Worship

West Koshkonong Lutheran Church

1911 Koshkonong, Stoughton
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. - Worship

Western Koshkonong
Lutheran Church
2633 Church St., Cottage Grove
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. worship
11 a.m. Bible study

Doctors Park
Dental Office
Dr. Richard Albright
Dr. Phillip Oinonen
Dr. Thor Anderson
Dr. Thane Anderson

1520 Vernon St.

Stoughton, WI

221 Kings Lynn Rd.

Stoughton, WI 53589
(608) 873-8888

Saturday, April 4

10-11 a.m., Writing Series: Writing for different age

levels (adults and teens grades 6 and up), library

Sunday, April 5

10 a.m., Frazor Evangelistic team meetings begin,

Bible Baptist Church, 2095 Hwy. W, Utica, 423-4610

Monday, April 6

3 p.m., Music Appreciation series, senior center

5-6:30 p.m., Free community meal, senior center,
7 p.m., Stoughton School Board meeting, administration building, 877-5000

Tuesday, April 7

Spring election
6 p.m. Pleasant Springs town board meeting, 2354
County N, 873-3063
7:30 p.m., Stoughton FFA Alumni meeting, SHS Ag
Room, 873-7209

Wednesday, April 8

6 p.m., Friends of the Library meeting, library

7 p.m., An Evening of Norwegian Boat Building,
Sons of Norway - Mandt Lodge, 317 S. Page St., 8737209

Thursday, April 9

3:15-4 p.m., Teen Chess Club (ages 10 and up),


Support groups
Diabetic Support Group
Parkinson Group
6 p.m., second Monday,
1:30-2:30 p.m., fourth
Stoughton Hospital, 628- Wednesday, senior center,
Grief Support Groups
Multiple Sclerosis Group
3 p.m., third Tuesday,
10-11:30 a.m., second
senior center, 873-8585
Tuesday, senior center,
Low Vision Support
Older Adult Alcoholics
1-2:30 p.m., third
Thursday, senior center,
2 p.m., Tuesdays, senior
center, 246-7606 ext. 1182

Submit your community calendar

and coming up items online:

March 26, 2015

Courier Hub

Introspective writer, singer makes Opera House debut

Bill Livick
Unified Newspaper Group

With the soulful voice of

a songbird and obvious talent as a wordsmith, Heather Maloney makes her first
appearance Friday at the
Stoughton Opera House in
a solo performance.
Maloney, 29, is touring
in support of her second
full-length album, Making
Me Break, which is being
released on Signature
Sounds next month. The
album features full-band
arrangements of Maloneys
songs, in contrast to her
self-titled debut from 2013.
Last year, she recorded
an EP with the acousticroots band Darlingside and
was so pleased with the
results that she decided to
put out an indie folk-rock
record this time around,
with the lushness, textures
and a little bit more edge
than a solo voice-and-guitar album.
Yet she wanted to keep
her vocals and lyrics as the
collections centerpiece,

If you go
Who: Heather Maloney
When: 7:30 p.m. Friday,
March 27
Where: Stoughton Opera
House, 381 E. Main St.
Tickets: $15
Info: 877-4400
Maloney said in a interview while traveling across
Before finding what she
feels is her more authentic voice, Maloney had
studied classical operatic,
improvisational jazz vocals
and music theory for several years in New Jersey, as
well as a brief stint studying classical Indian vocals.
Her early performances in
New York City were held
at jazz venues.
I love jazz, but it
didnt feel like where I
belonged, she said. I was
grasping to find what felt
like home and needed to do
something radical.
She decided to enter a
silent Buddhist meditation
retreat center in Massachusetts, where she lived

and worked for nearly

three years. Maloney said
long hours of silence and
contemplation a first
encountering of my inner
self resulted in a creative breakthrough and a
realization of her muse.
Suddenly, instead of working to find the right words,
Maloney felt she had a reason to write and a need to
express her thoughts.
If you dont pay attention to how your heart and
mind is, stuff builds up,
she said. For me, it was
like a lifetime of stuff.
I identified what my
muse was but never want
to claim to have conquered
it, she added.
Maloneys songs take
cues from such bleeding
hearts as Fiona Apple,
Tori Amos and Aimee
Mann, with clear signs of
Joni Mitchells influence
in her work as well.
Thats particularly true
of the albums title track,
Making Me Break,
which displays a phrasing
reminiscent of Mitchell in
her heyday.
Maloney said the song
is related to her Saturn
Return thing a time of
coming into alignment
with your lifes true path.

Photo submitted

Girl Scouts
think global,
act local

Evansville Troop 2299 member Abby Heibler shows off a boomerang during a presentation on Australia.

The annual Girl Scouts Word

Thinking Day was held Feb. 21,
at Covenant Lutheran Church,
Stoughton. Girls are encouraged
to design activities that increase
cultural awareness and celebrate international friendships
to think globally, act locally.
The event included 78 girls
from 14 troops in kindergarten
through 11th grade, including
Stoughton, Oregon/Brooklyn and
Evansville. This is the second
year the event has been open to
troops outside of Stoughton.
Above: Stoughton Junior Troop
3662 members Jade Garfoot,
Amelia Albers, Kristina Weber
and Ruth Foldy present their
countrys information.
Left: Stoughton Brownie Troop
2434 second-graders Samantha
Weber, Bridgett Fisher, Erin
Blankenheim, Cassidy Beirle and
Sammy Opitz served Norwegian
fruit bars and Julebrus, a raspberry soda, to share during their
presentation of Norway.

For her, that meant dealing with a lot of childhood wounds and all kinds
of darknesses, a time
when things you avoided
in your 20s kind of come to
a head.
I think the lyrics to that
song kind of came to be the
heart of the record, she
Maloneys Involuntary
was a subtle approach at
writing something political without crafting a song
with a political agenda.
I wanted to write a
song about the experience of war from a personal perspective without
any politics involved, she
explained. Its about two
human beings and what
they were like before one
of them went off to war,
and what they were like
after he returned.
The deeply emotional song, underscored by
Maloneys affecting, resonant voice, is set up as
an observation of how a
male character sang in
the mornings, and all of
his songs reached out like
a sprout from the earth.
He sang to the Heavens,
and every note was a plea,
involuntary, like a leaf to
the sun.

Photo submitted

Singer-songwriter Heather Maloney performs a solo show Friday at

the Opera House.

And she says, Theres

just no song anymore,
since you came home from
the war. Theres just no
song anymore.
Maloney said her performance here is part of her
final solo acoustic tour.
Odds are good that shell

find the Opera House

an ideal venue for that
Im gonna be on my
own and treating it more
like a living room conversational show, she said.

Photos submitted

T he Devonshire Jazz Trio provided a musical backdrop to

the event.

Spring fling
The Friends of the Stoughton
Public Library held a Spring
Fling Brunch fundraiser at
Christ Lutheran Church on
Saturday, March 14, featuring a gift basket auction, live
music and a jewelry-making

Elyssa Guzman works on a beading project at Diakonos Designs

display table. Diakonos Designs will be facilitating a jewelry workshop sponsored by the Friends on July 18.



Maloney finds a
niche in soulful indie
folk music

Baker - Kole Engagement

Gregory and Jane Baker of Verona are pleased to announce

the engagement of their son Paul to Heather Kole, daughter
of Matthew and Theresa Kole of Glendale Heights, IL.
Paul is a 2006 graduate from Verona Area High School and
studied at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville, where he
graduated in 2011 with his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical
Engineering. He is currently employed as a Product Design
Engineer for Miniature Precision Components in Walworth, WI.
Heather is a 2008 graduate from Glenbard East High School
in Lombard, IL and then went on to study at the University of
Illinois - Champaign where she graduated with her Bachelor
of Music Education in 2012. She works as a Band Director at
Willowbrook Middle School in South Beloit, IL.

Paul and Heather will be married in

Buffalo Grove, IL on October 17, 2015.

March 26, 2015

Courier Hub

The Master Builder

to highlight Destination Weekend

Photo submitted

Scott Dixon
plays the role of
Halvard Solness
(The Master
Builder) and
Ana Hagedorn
plays Hilde
Wangel during
the Commonweal
Theatres performance of The
Master Builder,
which will be
held Saturday,
March 28 at
Stoughton Opera

Meet the cast, watch

the show March 28
The next Destination
Stoughton Weekend will
be held Friday, March 27
through Sunday, March 29,
with a featured Norwegian
event Saturday, March 28.
The upcoming weekend
is organized by the Stoughton Norwegian Summit
group a collaborative
effort between community

Serving Easter Brunch

from 9:00am-3:30pm
$23.95 Adults
$15.95 Seniors (62 and older)
$8.95 Children (4-12 years)
3 years and under free

Please call for reservations.


Just off Hwy. 51 East

Gollf Course Open!!!

Western Koshkonong
Evangelical Lutheran Church


(6 miles east of Stoughton

or off I-90 exit 156)

organizations businesses stoughtonoperahouse.tickand others in the commu-

In the play, Halvard Solness, a successful but danIbsen play
gerously narcissistic archiC o m m o n w e a l T h e - tect, will stop at nothing to
atre cast will present a bolster his overblown ego.
new adaptation of Nor- Obsession with the past
wegian playwright Hen- and fear of the future colrik Ibsens The Master lide to make one of Ibsens
Builder. The show will final masterworks a mustbe held at 7:30 p.m. Sat- see.
Those who have ordered
urday, at Stoughton Opera
House, 381 E. Main St. To tickets to the play are invitorder tickets for $25, visit ed to attend a pre-show
event from 5:30-6:30 p.m.
at the Sons of NorwayMandt Lodge, 317 S. Page
St. Attendees will get to
meet the cast of the play,
learn about The Master
Builder and ask questions.
Appetizers and beverages will be provided at the
Evening with the Ibsen
The Master Builder Commonweal Theatre Cast
event. A free-will offering
will be accepted. For more
information, contact Darlene Arneson at arneson or

Weekend events

(Town of Pleasant Springs)

2633 Church Street, Cottage Grove

Various downtown stores

connected with the Stoughton Norwegian Summit
Group will be open over
the weekend featuring special deals and events.
Nordic Nook, 176 W.
Main St., will be teaching
adults and children how to
make Norwegian woven
heart baskets at 1 p.m. Saturday. Also, all Farmers
Rose dishes will be 25 percent off during the spring
Cheesers, 183 E. Main
St., will offer nearly 100
varieties of cheese for sampling. The store will be
open from 9 a.m. to 5:30
p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30
p.m. Saturday and noon to
4 p.m. Sunday.
Slindes Interiors, 200
W. Main St., will feature
a display on Hardanger
stitchery. The store has
added other Norwegian
items to its line of products
and will be open from 11
a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.
AmundArt Hus, 194 W.
Main St., will feature local
artist Bill Amundsons art.
Items include drawings,
lawn ornaments and wearable art, much of it Norwegian in nature and theme.
For details on all events
and activities, visit and
The next Stoughton Destination Weekend will be
held Oct. 30 through Nov.
1, featuring the Wisconsin
State Rosemalers Association Holiday Bazaar Rosemaling Sale.

Palm Sunday: March 29, 9:30am

Maundy Thursday: April 2, 7:00pm
Good Friday: April 3, 1:00pm
Easter Sunday: April 5, 9:30am
Please join us for the special services as we
remember our Saviors work of redemption
and his victorious resurrection.



700 County Road B.
Palm Sunday, March 29
8:00, 9:10 and 10:30 a.m.
Maundy Thursday, April 2 6:30 p.m.
Good Friday, April 3 Noon & 6:30 p.m.

April 5 8:30am-1:00pm

Easter Brunch
Please call ahead
for reservations

Easter at


Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham,

French toast, chicken, mashed potatoes,
gravy, vegetable, dinner roll and dessert


Easter Sunday, April 5

Sunrise Service 7:00 a.m.
Easter Breakfast 8:00 10:30 a.m.
Easter Egg Hunt 9:00 a.m.
Family Friendly Service 9:10 a.m.
Festival Worship 10:30 a.m.
Holy Communion will be celebrated on
Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday.

VFW Badger Post 328 Inc.

200 Veterans Rd., Stoughton

Covenant Lutheran

Sunday, April 5th

Breakfast Seating - 9:00-11:15am

Eggs, quiche, bacon, ham, sausage, pancakes,
French toast, fruit, Danish, and more.

HoLy Week WorSHIp


palm Sunday, March 29

9:00 am & 10:30 am

Lunch Seating - 12:00-2:15pm

Maundy Thursday, April 2

11:00 am & 7:00 pm



Beef, ham, chicken, fish, potatoes, pasta,

vegetables, rolls, dessert, and much more.



Reduced prices for children 8 and under

easter Vigil, Saturday, April 4

5:30 pm

3097 Sunnyside Street, Stoughton

easter Sunday, April 5

7:30 am, 9:00 am & 10:30 am



Good Friday, April 3

Joint service at the
united Methodist Church
Noon & 7:00 pm

We will be closing at 3:00pm

to celebrate the holiday with our families.

(608) 205-9300


Find updates and

links right away.


Easter Buffet

Reservations recommended, but required for groups of six or more.

1525 N. Van Buren St.

Stoughton, WI 53589

Search for us on
Facebook as
Stoughton Courier Hub
and then LIKE us.

March 26, 2015

Courier Hub

Words Hurt
SHS students share video,
stories against bullying

Last week, Stoughton High School students viewed a short antibullying video made by
2014 SHS graduate Alex
Hanneman as part of the
schools Words Hurt
week programming. The
video, which was incorporated into a lesson plan for
teachers, was created last
year by a group formed at
the school called Youth
The group was made up
of 25 teacher-recommended student leaders and targeted bullying and acceptance as issues to address.
Throughout the week,
students signed a pledge to
be conscious of language
and also to share stories of
when language has healed
or hurt them. They posted
stories along a wall, with
their pledges.

On the web
Check out 2014 Stoughton High
School graduate Alex Hannemans
anti-bullying video shown to SHS
students last week at:
On Friday, students wore
T-shirts as part of their
Spread the word to end
the word activity.

Buttons remind pledges to be

careful with what words they

Photos by Mark Ignatowski

Lydia Bjordahl and Julia Olson sign their names on an anti-bullying pledge paper.


Story Ideas?
Let us know how
were doing.
Above: An anti-slur banner reminds people to think before they
Left: Student leaders Lydia Bjordahl, Julia Olson and Josh Hole collect signatures to spread awareness related to hurtful words during
the Stoughton High School lunch hour Friday, March 20. Students
were able to sigh the posters pictured behind the student leaders.

Your opinion is something

we always want to hear.

Call 873-6671 or at

Drug-free kid book provided to parents

Order Your Jakes Own Easter Ham

Low in added salt and water, trimmed to perfection.

Spiral cut or boneless ham. Dont forget to order your spring lamb.
Cole slaw, Hawaiian fruit salad or German potato salad.

Amish Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Fresh, Never Frozen............. $4.99/lb.

Fresh Black Angus Ground Chuck ........................................ $4.49/lb.

85-90% Lean, Fresh Never Frozen, 5lb. Bulk Only

Take Home Dinner for 4 ........................................................ $19.99

112# BBQ pork, or shredded beef aju (heat and serve), 112# potato salad and 4 Kaiser buns

STOUGHTON 873-3334 2125 McCOMB RD



parents and to build a parent

We aim to give our
youth of the community
the knowledge and skills
to make healthy, informed
decisions concerning alcohol
and/or illegal drug choices;
who better to give them this
information than their parents, the press release read.
Extra copies of the book
are available at the Stoughton Public Library. For
information, email or visit the
groups Facebook page.


2nd Aldermanic District
Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Responsible, Sustainable Growth

Low Property Taxes
Efficient City Services
Fiscal Responsibility
Public Safety

New Business and Residential Development

Support City Redevelopment Initiatives
Promote the Arts and Norwegian Heritage
Maintain Strong Schools
Advocate for Seniors and Youth

Working Together to Build a Better Stoughton

Stoughton City Council

Authorized and Paid for by Friends of Mike Gilbert, Paul Lawrence Treasurer


Califano Jr., is the founder

of the National Center on
Addiction and Substance
Abuse at Columbia University.
According to the press
release, StoughtonCARES
is excited about the opportunity to purchase the books
as well as scheduling times
to hold gatherings later this
spring to discuss topics
covered in the book. During these gatherings there
will also be time for parents
to share their experiences,
gather insight from other


Thanks to a grant from

the Stoughton Area Community Foundation, StoughtonCARES has purchased
copies of the cook, How to
Raise a Drug-Free Kid: The
Straight Dope for Parents
for all fifth-graders in the
The book will be provided
to parents to further education in the prevention of
alcohol and drug abuse a
goal of StoughtonCARES,
according to a press release
this week from the group.
The books author, Joseph


March 26, 2015

Courier Hub

Around 80 kids and their parents
and grandparents put hammer to
nail to construct a simple birdhouse at the Stoughton Senior
Center Saturday morning. After
building the structures, kids and
adults enjoyed the beautiful weather next to the water to put the finishing touches on their birdhouses
with paint.
Left: Leo Girgen, 3, of Stoughton,
was safe and sound with a construction helmet while he pounded
a nail into the birdhouse with the
help of his dad, Brian.
Right: Erin Blankenheim-Villeral, 8,
of Stoughton, and her grandmother Deb Blankenheim of Madison
paint Erins birdhouse.
Photos by Scott Girard





Summer Kapanke, 3, of Stoughton, smiles at her finished birdhouse.


AP R I L 10, 2014
5-7:30 PM


Showcase Your Business!
100s of Attendees Expected
Join Your Fellow Local Businesses

A showcase of the best local businesses

and what they offer to help you live the good life.

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So why wait another minute? Come on in or open your
Rate Riser Certificate at
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Thursday, April 9th

5:00-7:30 PM

Sports Enhancement Academy Inside SWAC

2300 HWY 51 & 138 STOUGHTON, WI 53589

5 7:30 PM


I T.

Showcase Your Business!

100s of Attendees Expected
Join Your Fellow Local Businesses

This Community Expo is presented by

This Community Expo is sponsored by


Federally insured by NCUA

Fees may reduce earnings on the account.

Stoughton Chamber of Commerce 532 E Main St Stoughton, WI 53589
Ph: (608) 873-7912 Fx: (608) 873-7743 Email:


Jeremy Jones, sports editor

845-9559 x226

Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor

845-9559 x237
Fax: 845-9550


Thursday, March 26, 2015


Courier Hub
For more sports coverage, visit:

Boys track and field

Girls hockey

McCune takes 800 title at Platteville

Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

Junior Alex Morris leapt to a

team-best third-place finish for
the Stoughton boys track and
field team in the triple jump Friday at the Nelson-Daniel Classic.
Morris stretched the tape
inside the UW-Whitewater
Kachel Fieldhouse to 40-1
good enough for third place,
while fellow junior Jakob Benson added a seventh-place finish for a total of eight points.
Watching his jumpers get off
to a solid start to the season,
Vikings head coach Craig Martens knows Stoughton will only
get better.
Morris and Benson scored
eight of the teams 36 points
in the triple jump as Stoughton
finished seventh overall (out of
23 teams) with 36 points.
Pewaukee (80) dominated the
field, while East Troy (47.5)
and Badger South rival Monona
Grove (47) took third.
Senior Giles France posted
a 2:10.11 to take fourth in the
800 run and sophomore Darvell
Peeples matched the finish
in the long jump (19-3 1/2).
Stoughtons best event of the
day, freshman Sam McHone
and Benson added a sixth- and
seventh-place finish in the long
Senior thrower Ben Brandt
led all Viking throwers with
a heave of 47-3 1/2 for fifth
The Vikings 4x800 relay
Submitted photo

Headed back to Nationals

The Madison Capitols U16 girls, led by Stoughtons Madeline Posick (right) and Oregons
Brittyn Fleming, have qualified for the USA Hockey Tier 1 National tournament for the second
straight season.
Fleming leads the team in goals, while Posick leads the team in assists. The three-time state
champions travel to Green Bay for the National tournament March 26-30.

of Tristan Jenny, Ryan Sperle,

Giles France and John McCune
turned in a third-place finish
with a time of 8:48.99.
Stoughtons 4x200 relay
quartet of Josh Hitchcock,
Darvelle Peeples, Morris and
McHone finished eighth in
Hitchcock earned the final
point in the 55-meter dash
with a time of 7 seconds, while
senior Brad Griffin matched the
finish in the high jump (5-8).
Sophomore Nathan Moll just
missed the cut in the 400, taking ninth in 57.17.

Tri-State Invite
McCune returned to action
Saturday with a purpose in the
large school division of the TriState Invitational at UW-Platteville, earning the 800 run title in
Fellow senior Sperle supplied
four points to go along with
McCunes 10 by finishing fifth.
Sophomore Garrett Model
supplied the Vikings only other individual title on the day,
clocking a 11:15.79 to win the
France added a third-place
finish in the 1,600 (4:56.85),
while Jenny took eighth.
I am very excited to see
what our middle and distance
program can do to help our
team. They are a great group
of guys that work hard in practice, Martens said. They all
know that it will be very competitive for the varsity spots on
the lineup and the great part is

they are willing to work to earn

McCune and Jenny were
joined by junior Collin Kraus
and Peeples to win the 4x400 in
Sophomore Owen Roe
teamed up with freshman Sean
McLaury, Kraus and Model to
finish runner-up in 9:18.98.
Stoughtons Tommy McLain,
Jordan DiBenedetto, Peeples
and Hitchcock finished fifth
in the 4x200 with a time of
Sophomore Jacob Tobie
raced to a seventh-place finish
in the 400 meter dash with a
time of 59 seconds.
Fellow sophomore Cade
Pasold, DiBenedetto and
McLaury were the only Vikings
to score in the field events.
Pasold finished fifth in the pole
vault with a clearance of nine
feet, DiBenedetto took seventh
in the long jump (17-9) and
McLaury earned an eighthplace finish in the triple jump
(35 feet).
Stoughton finished fifth out
of the nine teams competing
behind conference rivals Oregon, which won the meet with
113 points, and Milton, which
took fourth place with 71. The
Vikings scored 65.5 points.
Freeport (97) and Sun Prairie
(95.5) rounded out the top three
The boys JV team will be
competing in Platteville on
Thursday, while the varsity
team heads to Racine on Saturday.

Youth wrestling
Youth wrestlers heading to
state tournament
Stoughton Youth Wrestling
had 14 wrestlers compete at Friday and Saturdays WWF Kids
Folkstyle State championship
tournament at the Alliant Energy

Cole Sarbacker (60 pounds),
Reese Koepke (65), Chance Suddeth (66), Claire Spilde (70),
Nicolar Rivera (73), Nathan Rein
(76), Trenton Dow (88), Beckett
Spilde (95), RoseAnn Marshall
(105), Rudy Detweiler (110),

Brooks Empey (130), Luke

Geister-Jones (135), Cade Spilde
(140) and Drew Pasold (175)
qualified for state by finishing
in the top two spots at one of the
eight qualifier tournaments last

Girls track and field

Weums record-breaking performance sets tone at Nelson-Daniel Classic

Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

Stoughton girls track and field

scored points in 11 of 14 events and
secured two individual titles Friday
to claim the small school division of
the Nelson-Daniel Classic at UWWhitewater.
Sophomore Aly Weum won the
400-meter dash by a second, turning
in a Nelson-Daniel record time of
59.27 seconds in the first meet of the
season. Catholic Memorial sophomore Maddy Rondeau finished a distant second in 1:00.16.
Im very excited for Aly. She is
running stronger than she did last
year at this time and I am so pleased
for her. She is such a great competitor and teammate, said Vikings
head coach Eric Benedict, whose
team held East Troy at bay 71.5-70.
Stoughton didnt enter the 4x400,
4x800 or 3,200 because the team
was competing the next day in Platteville
We wanted the athletes to get
home at a reasonable hour, Benedict said.The meet didnt get done
till past 11 p.m.
Not to be outdone, senior Hannah
Posick added the pole vault crown

by over a foot. Posick, a returning

state qualifier in the event, was the
only girl to go over 8-9, claiming the
crown at 10 feet.
Hannah has worked really hard
during the off-season on the pole
vault, Benedict said. She has some
work, yet I am very pleased to see
her have great success this early in
the season.
Fellow distance standout and
Winona State recruit, senior Nikki
Staffen, posted a second-place finish in the mile. Clinton senior Julia
Kaster earned the top spot in 5:23.50,
Staffen crossed the line runner-up in
an indoor best 5:25.41.
Nikki worked extremely hard in
the offseason and is in great shape,
Benedict said.We are looking forward to great things for her as well
(she has been a three-time individual
state qualifier).
Maren Gryttenholm, Megan
Reese, Kassidy McMillan and Kendra Halverson added a runner-up on
the 4x200 relay in 1:54.06.
A little more than a foot and a half
separated first place and sophomore
Mya Lonnebotn, who finished third
in the triple jump. East Troy junior
Katrina Santos secured the title with
a distance of 33-11, while Big Foot

sophomore Brooke Wellhausen (332 ) and Lonnebotn (32-11 1/2)

rounded out a very competitive top
three. Continuing to show the teams
depth, sophomore Kassidy McMillan tied for sixth place with a distance 31-5.
Senior Alexa Deutsch dropped
eight hundreds of a second between
prelims and finals, but dropped from
third to fourth in the standings with
a 9.49.
Fellow senior Megan Reese added
a fourth-place finish in the long jump
(16 feet), while sophomore Kylie
Lynch added a seventh-place finish
at 14-11.
Megan started off the season
with a great performance in the long
jump, Benedict said. She, like
the others, worked very hard on her
training all winter and is in great
shape for the season.
Sophomore Payton Kahl added
a fourth place in the high jump on
attempts, clearing 4-10.
Sophomore Clea Roe turned in a
fifth-place performance in the 800
with her time of 2:38.75.
Pacing the Viking throwers was
senior Savanna Smith, who finished
sixth with a heave of 33 feet.
Sophomore Kendra Halverson

(8.01) and Posick (8.02) earned the

final three points for the Vikings in
the 55-meter dash, taking seventh
and eight place respectively. They
were sixth and eighth after the prelims.

Tri State invite

Though the Vikings were unable
to take a second straight indoor title
Saturday, Stoughton faired well
against stiffer competition in the
large division of the Tri-State Invitational.
Though Badger South rival Oregon had the Vikings number headto-head in three different events
Saturday at the Tri-State Invitational, Staffen, Weum, Reese and
Roe helped Stoughton dominate the
4x800 in 10:11.75.
Sun Prairie (121.5) distanced itself
from Freeport (113.5) just enough
for top team honors, while Platteville (91) and Oregon (78.5) slipped
ahead of the Vikings (50.5).
Stoughton junior Maren Gryttenholm finished runner-up to Badger South rival Maddie LeBrun
(1:01.62) in the 400 meter dash with
her time of 1:04.36.
Roe added a fourth-place finish
in the mile, stopping the watch in

Deutsch, who PRed both times she
ran the 55 hurdles, finished second
to Oregon freshman Alexis Jackson (9.25) in 9.45. Stoughton junior
Shelby Orcutt added a fifth-place
finish in 10:17.
The Vikings saw their 4x400 relay
finish off the pace of Oregon in the
4x400 relay as well, as Staffen,
Weum, Reese and Posick posted a
second-place time of 4:17.95. Oregon won the race in 4:14.8.
Halverson took sixth in the
55-meter dash (8.00).
Sophomore Marissa Robson added a seventh-place finish in the triple
jump (30 feet).
Freshman Emily Reese and Kahl
earned the final point in the 800
(2:45.44) and long jump (13-7 3/4),
respectively. Deutsch matched the
finish, but had to split the point, tying
Freeport senior Emily Colberg at 6
feet in the pole vault.
Stoughton missed out on more
points when the 4x100 relay was
DQed on an exchange out of the
The Vikings varsity travels to
UW-Parkside on Saturday, while the
JV squad heads back to UW-Platteville on Thursday.


March 26, 2015

Courier Hub

Its your paper, too

We gather the news. We
go to the events. We edit the
words. But we cant be everywhere or know everything.
The Courier Hub depends
on submissions from readers
to keep a balanced community perspective. This includes
photos, letters, story ideas,
tips, guest columns, events
and announcements.
If you know of something
other readers might be interested in, let us know. E-mail
or call 845-9559 and ask for
editor Jim Ferolie. For sports,
e-mail sportseditor@wcinet.
com or ask for sports editor Mandt Lodge member Steve Culberston, above, dons his own
Norwegian-style sweater as he watches a presentation on the clothJeremy Jones.
ings history.

Get Connected

Find updates and links right away.

Photos by Jacob Bielanski

Sweater weather

Search for us on Facebook as

Stoughton Courier Hub and then LIKE us.

The Mandt Lodge hosted An Evening of Norwegian Sweaters with Lauren Gilbertson Thursday, March
12. Gilbertson, above, has served as textile curator at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in
Decorah, Iowa for 19 years.

Ask The Stoughton



Q. Why should I visit the dentist regularly?

A. PREVENTION! Regular dental visits can help spot oral health problems early, when treatment is likely to be

Q. What new trends are in homes, these days?

1520 Vernon Street, Stoughton, WI 53589

Phone: 608-873-7277



Q. How do I get started on a running program?

A. Spring is just around the corner and with the nicer weather approaching, it becomes

Q. What is respite care?

A. Respite care is temporary, intermittent care provided to an elder or those

with disabilities so the regular caregivers may have an opportunity to have

some time for themselves.
Respite care not only benefits the senior caregiver. Seniors appreciate respite
care as it provides them an opportunity to socialize and converse with someone
other than their primary caregiver. The variety of having someone else come
into the home adds to their enjoyment of life.
Stephen Rudolph
And when you schedule respite care to give yourself valuable downtime, youll
likely be more enjoyable company for your loved one, as you will be more rested and relaxed.
Without respite care, youre more likely to become resentful, depressed and more susceptible to
infection and illness--all of which you can pass on to the loved one you are caring for.
Do yourself and your loved one a favor by making good use of respite care.


more common for people to get outside and start moving again. Walk/Run events are also
popular this time of year. If the winter months kept you inside, here are a few guidelines/
tips for getting back into an active routine. 1. Start slow. Its always easier to add than it
is to take away. If you try to do too much before your body is ready to handle it, the risk
is greater for injury and setbacks. It is also a good idea to check with your doctor first to
Elizabeth Carter, PT make sure you are healthy enough to engage in a new exercise program. 2. Recruit a friend
or family member to join you. This can increase motivation and accountability making you
more likely to succeed in achieving your fitness goals. 3. Set realistic goals, write them
down, keep track, and reward yourself as you accomplish your goals. 4. Come join us at Stoughton Hospital on
April 9th at 6pm for a presentation on how to start training for a 5K Walk/Run. Information provided will include
step by step training programs, general strengthening and stretching exercises, and injury prevention tips.

900 Ridge Street, Stoughton, WI 53589


5396 King James Way, Suite 210, Madison, WI 53719

(608) 442-1898




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SlindeS interiorS, inc.

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Stoughton, WI
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simpler and more affordable. They also help prevent many tooth or gum problems from developing in the first place.
Additionally, some diseases or medical conditions have symptoms that appear in the mouth and can be detected by
your dentist.
During your regular visit, your dentist or hygienist will likely evaluate the health of your gums, check for tooth
decay, perform a head/neck examination and examine your mouth for indications of oral cancer, diabetes or vitamin
deficiencies. Your hygienist will clean your teeth, paying special attention to plaque and tartar, which can build up in
Thor J. Anderson, DDS very short time if good oral hygiene is not practiced between visits. Food, beverages and tobacco can stain teeth. If not
removed, soft plaque can harden on the teeth and irritate the gum tissue. If not treated, plaque can lead to gum disease.
Going to the dentist is an important element in staying physically healthy. Schedule your regular dental visit to:
Check for oral cancer.
Maintain good oral health.
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A. There are a few different trends that we are seeing now. Electronics seem to be the most
popular new trend. We have clients asking for the latest sound systems, security systems,
monitoring cameras, and lights that you can turn on from any location that has Wi-Fi. Many
of these electronics can be controlled by a smart phone for people on the go.
We are also seeing new exterior designs that are similar to the Frank Lloyd Wright
designs with lower pitch roofs and a lot of large windows to bring in natural light, and
larger kitchen islands as a focal point of the home. In addition, clients are asking for their
homes to be designed and furnished so as they age they can stay in their home longer.

Q. How do I get on this page?

A. Its simple, just call Catherine Stang at (608) 873-6671.

We can fill you in on all the details. Dont miss out on this
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March 26, 2015

Courier Hub


MillFab: Possible purchase by the city could be early step in downtown redevelopment
Continued from page 1

Photo by Mark Ignatowski

The MillFab plant closed last fall. An auction was held last month by
the receiver to clear out equipment and supplies.

Though the RDA has

an overall riverfront redevelopment plan, it has not
made specific plans for
this property. The focus
would more than likely lean
toward some sort of mixed
use property, RDA vice
chairman Scott Truehl said.
Toward this end, the
RDA has attempted to
encourage potential entrepreneurs, including a January presentation to the
Stoughton Area Chamber
of Commerce to educate
those in attendance about

the citys revolving loan

RDA member Ald. Ron
Christianson (D-2) told the
Hub earlier this month that
the area certainly needs
attention, and Ive been
working on it for 15 years.
The big caveat on it is we
need some major-league
investors to push this
The Vierbicher presentation brought up several
financing options, including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Wisconsin Assessment Monies, in which a
DNR consultant performs

Rendering courtesy Vierbicher Associates

The MillFab property could be part of a larger redevelopment project. Pictured above is part of the
citys rail corridor neighborhood plan from 2009.

environmental assessment
for closed industrial properties. Becker told the RDA
that Vierbicher had applied
for this assistance on the
citys behalf.
Another possibility was
the Wisconsin Economic
Development Corporations
Community Development
Investment Grant, which
awards up to $500,000 for

Stoughton native is RMC Student Employee of the Year

Hosts sought for exchange students

Families in the Stoughton
area can become involved in
a global cultural exchange
through the Aspect Foundation by volunteering to host
an Aspect Foundation international high school student
for a semester or academic
Aspect Foundation students hail from nearly 30 different countries but all share
the same dream to experience the American way of
life. These students, who
arrive in August, are aged 15
to 18 and have a wide variety of interests and abilities.

They are chosen on the basis

of maturity, academic excellence, and English proficiency.
In return, host families and
exchange students learn about
another culture firsthand,
and gain a second family for
life. Potential host families
can view student profiles on
Aspect Foundations website
For more information,
contact Cathy Ryba at 888288-3480 or the Aspect
Foundation national office at
1-800-US-YOUTH, or visit

Tinas Home
Cleaning, LLC

Specializing in Residential Cleaning

Insured 12 Years Experience
Reliable Free Estimates

835-0339 513-3638

and beyond with all of her

supplied projects, taking
initiative, in my absence,
to complete tasks that
she felt were appropriate
and helpful. We are all so
proud of her and excited to
see what she does with the
next chapter in her life.
Robinson graduates in
the spring and hopes to
give back through mission
work after college.
I have been blessed
with great opportunities,
particularly during my

time here at RMC, she

said. The faculty and
staff have challenged me
and called me higher.
Robinsons nomination will be entered to
compete in the state-level
SEOTY program, which
will include nominations
from other schools in the
state that are members of
the Western Association
of Student Employment


and suffered internal bleeding, hemorrhaging,
required hospitalization or a loved one died while
taking Xarelto between 2011 and the present
time, you may be entitled to compensation.

Call Attorney Charles H. Johnson 1-800-535-5727

Storage Available
Low Rates

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Let Us Help You With
All Your Landscaping
& Maintenance Needs

Call 873-8486

CALL NOW 1-800-838-6315


w.g (6
608) 835-1


Robinson for the award

for her work as the office
assistant for the Leadership, Engagement, and
Achievement Program
(LEAP) and assessment
Because of Nancys
work ethic, reliability,
and professional way that
she conducts herself, my
office was able to be maintained during an extended
absence, said Carpenter,
who was away on maternity leave. She went above

consider the amount recommended by the RDA.

If the council approves
the offer, it will be written and presented to Water
Tower Capital Group of
Chicago, the receiver of the
property. Once an offer has
been made, it is not known
how quickly they would

Tim Andrews Horticulturist - LLC

best done
the dormant season. Schedule a
free evaluation Now!

Caring for our Green World since 1978

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Rocky Mountain College senior Nancy Robinson has been named

the 2015 RMC Student
Employee of the Year,
according to a recent press
release from the Billings,
Mont. university.
Robinson will be graduating from RMC with
degrees in Art, Business
Management, and Managerial Accounting.
RMCs associate dean
of student life, Katherine Carpenter, nominated

shovel-ready projects.
The next deadline for this
grant would be on April
17. A late summer/early
fall deadline would be
expected if the state budget
request for this funding is
The matter was on the
Common Councils March
24 agenda, with an option
to go into closed session to




issues with four recognized environmental conditions related to the propertys industrial past and its
location next to Stoughton
Light and Fuel Company.
He said contamination from
these sources is likely present and recommended proceeding with Phase 2 of the
study to determine its level.
The offer to purchase
which hinges on the second phase of study will
require all hazardous materials to be moved from the
site before the transaction is
Environmental testing showed high levels of
arsenic and lead in certain
places, as well as high
levels of arsenic, barium,
cadmium, mercury and silver in the groundwater and
organic pollutants called
Soil borings taken to a
depth of 20 feet showed
that buildings taller than
two stories would be possible, though some special construction methods
would likely be required in
most locations because of
the presence of the unsuitable materials in locations
where foundations would
be built.
The study noted that
most utility easements have
either expired or are no longer in active use, making
it easy for the city to have
them released.

Our Metal
Roof Lasts




March 26, 2015

Courier Hub

Apprenticeship: Local businesses give SHS students real-world job experience

is great mechanically,
Vaughn said.
The team he works
with at Cummins is a great
group of guys, she said.
They truly serve as mentors.
Bartolerio said he likes
working with his hands and
welding, but had no idea
what he wanted to do for
a career before talking to
Vaughn about the program.
This was the perfect
spot for me, he said.
So far it has been going
great, my bosses have been
extremely helpful. Also
the other guys in the shop
are amazing teachers; they
have showed me how to
use most of the machines
and help me any time I
have a question.
Bartolerio works in the
prototype department at
Cummins Filtration, working on blueprints.
What we make can be
anything from brackets and
frames, to filters and mufflers, he said.
After graduating from
high school, Bartolerio
plans on attending Madison College for a year, and
then UW-Milwaukee for
manufacturing and fabrication. He said if not for the
youth apprenticeship program, he wouldnt be nearly as far along in figuring
out a career path
This apprenticeship has
really helped me decide
what I want to do after high
school, he said. Its is an
amazing opportunity.

How to join

Business participants

Businesses interested
in employing a student
in an apprenticeship
program can call
Vaughn at 877-5677.

Gary Willes Auto, Oregon (2011-12)

RockMed Long Term Pharmacy (2012-13)
Culver's of Stoughton (2011-12, current)
Skaalen (2012-13)
Cummins Filtration (2013-14 - current)
Paul Davis Restoration (2013-14)
Walgreen's (2013-14 - current)
Oregon Manor (2013-14)
Nazareth (2013-14 & likely this year)
Associated Bank (2014-15)
Springer's on the Lake (2014-15)
Koffee Kup (2014-15)
Isthmus Engineering (2014-15)
Chalet Vet Clinic (2014-15)
Eugster's Farm Market & Screamin' Acres
Mandt Equestrian (2014-15)
Furseth Farms (1203-14 & 14-15)
R&M Nelson Farms (2014-15)
Golz Farms (2014-15)

Year Participants
2010-11 0
* 1 finished
Mikayla Donlon, who is
involved in the pharmacy
technician program, said
she first got interested
in the program when she
found out she could earn
school credits by doing a
job outside of school that I
She was already working in a pharmacy, and was
captivated to know my
effort in both school and
work could be correlated
and recognized.
I especially love the
fact that I was set up to
take a class to further my
knowledge about my job,
as well as ways I can offer
to help the patients, Donlon said.
During a typical day, she
fills prescriptions and sells
them to patients, processes

insurance claims and organizes the pharmacy, giving optimal care to each
and every patient, she
said. After graduating from
SHS, she plans on attending college to eventually
become a pharmacist, and
is grateful for the head start
shes received with the
apprenticeship program.
Although it may be
hard to balance school and
work, if you love what
you do and exert your best
efforts, everything will fall

into place and you'll be

rewarded tremendously,
she said.

Testing the waters

An apprenticeship
doesnt ensure a student
will immediately get a job
in the workforce, Vaughn
acknowledged. But she
said its a good mechanism to get more information about a possible career
Apprenticeships are
really a precursor to going

Photo submitted

Stoughton High School student Travis Delehanty is receiving

engineering training as part of the schools Youth Apprenticeship

on to postsecondary or additional training, she

said. It provides a kid
exposure to a career field
or industry, and sometimes
they like it, sometimes they
dont. It provides some
opportunity for thought
and reflection, (and ) in
many aspects, it reinforces
a career interest.
To be eligible, the job
must relate to the student's
career interest and goals
and the student must have
taken two semesters of
related coursework prior
to their apprenticeship.
Of course, it helps to have
local businesses that want
to help out, and Vaughn
said the school district is
fortunate to have businesses willing to sponsor
apprenticeships and mentor
Vaughn also credited the
school board, district officials, businesses, parents
and community members
as being very supportive
of this program.
This is a school district
that is very supportive of
work-based learning programs, she said.
District superintendent
Tim Onsager said hes
pleased how the youth
apprenticeship program
has grown.
(It) gives students firsthand workplace experience
and allows them to explore
whether a personal interest
could be a career, he said.
Any time you can provide
students an opportunity to
learn about a profession
early on, that kind of experience can be invaluable
for charting a career path.

Continued from page 1

Cornelius Drogsvold Norgaren

Cornelius Clink
Drogsvold Norgaren,
age 98, passed away on
Wednesday, March 18,
2015, at Azura Memory
C l i n k
was born
March 6,
1917, in
Stoughton to Theodore
and Annie Norgaren.
He graduated from
Stoughton High School in
After graduation he
drove a milk truck until
enlisting in the Army in
1941. He received an Honorable Discharge in 1945.
Clink was then employed
by Rein, Schultz & Dahl
for 41 years as a heavy
machine operator. He
retired in 1982.
Clink is preceded in
death by his parents;
brother, Peter St. Claire

Norgaren; sisters, DeLores

Norgaren and Elizabeth
Arneson; nephew, Peter
A. Norgaren; niece, Susan
D. Christenson; and great
nephew, Peter J. Norgaren.
Clink is survived by
nieces, Elizabeth Bortz,
Madison, Sandra Arneson,
Odessa, Texas, and Mary Jo
Norgaren, Waunakee; nephew, Charles Arneson, Elizabethtown, Ky.; great nieces,
Marti Berg, Joni (Craig)
Wood and Mari Steele of
Stoughton; and other great
nieces and nephews.
Clink enjoyed fishing, golfing, talking with
friends over coffee and
taking car rides overlooking the countryside. He
was a special person and
uncle to all of us and will
be dearly missed.
We would like to
acknowledge and thank
the staff at Azura Memory
Care and Agrace Hospice
for their care and compassion shown to Clink.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to
Christ Lutheran Church or
Agrace HospiceCare.
Funeral services were
held Monday, March 23, at
Cress Funeral Home, 206
W. Prospect St.
Burial followed at East
Side Lutheran Cemetery.
Please share your
memories at cressfuneral
Cress Funeral Home
206 W. Prospect St.

at the Stoughton Hospital.

She was born on April 8,
1929, in Madison, the daughter of Roy and Elizabeth
(Browne) McCredie.
Lois married T. Wesley
Skaar on March 22, 1947, in
She was a member of Bryn
Mawr Presbyterian Church
and the churchs Ladies
Union and Ruth Circle. Lois
was also a member of the
Buckeye Schools Mothers
Club. She formerly worked
at Red Dot.
Lois M. Skaar
She loved traveling the
world but also appreciated
coming home. Lois especialLois M. Skaar, age 85, of ly enjoyed her Sunday breakCottage Grove, passed away fasts at the Maple Tree.
on Tuesday, March 17, 2015,

Lois M. Skaar

William H. Karolus

William H. Karolus

William H. Karolus, age

77, died on Monday, March
23, 2015, at St. Marys
Hospital. He was born in
Freeport, Ill., on July 26,
1937, the son of Dr. Herbert
and Marcella (Kobs) Karolus.
Bill graduated from
in 1959
degree. He was drafted to
the U.S. Army and was stationed in Germany. On June
26, 1965 Bill married Lorraine Beckman.
He spent a long career in
the Insurance business and
retired in 2004 as the Marketing Director for Rural
Insurance of Madison.Bill
was a very committed husband for 49 years and a
wonderful father and grandfather. He was a man of

She is survived by her

husband, Wes; children,
Harvey (Cynthia) Skaar and
Linda (Mark) Everson; six
grandchildren, Eric Skaar,
Brett Skaar, Brenda (Chris)
Tomlinson, Tiffany Everson, Benjamin (Jamie) Everson and John (fiance Tanya)
Everson; and great-grandchildren, Codi, Lucas, Blake,
Brady and Alex Skaar, Connor Tomlinson, Ace, Kane
and Jovie Everson.
She was preceded in death
by her parents; sister, Helen
Schumann; and grandsons,
Joel and Curtis Everson.
Funeral services were held
at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian
Church, 229 N. Main St.,

true integrity and faith.

Bill will be greatly
missed by his wife, Lorraine; two children, Anita
(Brian) Ashland and Stephen (Cathy); six grandchildren, Victoria (fianc,
Kevin Jones), Alexa, Sarah
and Hannah Ashland, Jacob
and Aaron Karolus; sister,
Marcy Plant; and brother,
John (Wanda) Karolus.
He was preceded in death
by his parents; brother-inlaw, Dr. John Plant; and sister-in-law, Lois Hoglund.
Funeral services will be
held at11 a.m. onSaturday,
March 28, at First Lutheran
Church, 310 E. Washington
Street, Stoughton, with the
Rev. Richard Halom officiating.Friends and relatives
are invited to a luncheon,
immediately following the
services, in the church fellowship hall.
Burial will take place
in Town of Dunn Burying
Grounds.Visitation will be
held from 9:30 a.m. until
the time of servicesSaturdayat church.
Memorials may be made
to First Lutheran Church.
A special thank you to
the Stoughton EMS, St.
Marys Hospital staff, and
to the maintenance staff of
Vennevoll. Please share
your memories at CressFu
Cress Funeral Service
206 W. Prospect Street
Stoughton, WI 53589

Cottage Grove, on Saturday,

March 21, with the Rev.
Matthew Ploeger presiding.
Burial was held in the Cottage Grove Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the
church. The family would
like to extend their thanks
to the angels who took care
of ma. Online condolences
may be made at
Gunderson Stoughton
Funeral & Cremation
1358 Highway 51 N.

The City of Stoughton, Wisconsin

will receive sealed Bids for the Washington Street and Fifth Street Reconstruction and South Alley Reconstruction
projects until 11 A.M., local time, April
9, 2015, at the Stoughton City Hall, 381
East Main Street, Stoughton, WI 53589,
at which time the Bids will be publicly
opened and read aloud.
The Work under Contract 2 2015 includes construction of the following approximate quantities: 1,100 linear feet of
sanitary sewer; 1,600 linear feet of water
main; 1,500 linear feet of storm sewer;
6,000 tons of base course; 2,000 tons
of asphaltic concrete pavement; 3,800
linear feet of curb and gutter; 13,000
square feet of concrete sidewalk and
driveway apron; and related miscellaneous work.
The Work under Contract 3 2015 includes construction of the following approximate quantities: 260 linear feet of
sanitary sewer; 350 linear feet of storm
sewer; asphalt pavement restoration;
and related miscellaneous work.
Bids are to be addressed to the
City of Stoughton, 381 East Main Street,
Stoughton, WI 53589 and shall be
marked Sealed Bid-Washington Street
and Fifth Street Reconstruction-Contract 2 2015 and/or South Alley Reconstruction-Contract 3 2015.
Complete digital Project Bidding
Documents are available at www.strand.
com or at Download the digital Bidding Documents for
$30 by inputting Quest project number
3776567 on the websites Project Search
page. Please contact at
(952) 233 1632 or
for assistance with free membership
registration, downloading, and working

Elizabeth Z. Schumacher

Elizabeth (Betty) Z.
Schumacher passed away
on March 22, 2015.
Elizabeth was born Oct.
31, 1931, the daughter of
Matt and Ethel Brion.
She was schooled in
Kenosha, graduating from
Kenosha High School in
June 1950, where she met
her true and only love, Jack
She lived in Kenosha
until illness brought her to
Stoughton in 2013, to be
closer to her daughter Lynn
and family.
On June 9, 1951, she
married John (Jack)
Schumacher who preceded
her in death on July 13,
2011. They had one daughter, Lynn (Tim) Miller.
Elizabeth was a homemaker except for small
part-time jobs. She enjoyed
traveling with Jack,
wintering in Sarasota,
Fla.,cooking and keeping
house. She was an ardent
Green Bay Packer fan.
She was involved with
Jobs Daughters, Bethel 77


and McKinley PTA. She

was also involved in church
office work at Grace
Lutheran Church, including Alter Guild, before
joining St. Marys Lutheran
Survivors include her
daughter, Lynn (Tim) Miller, and three grandchildren,
Ryan, Adam and Abbey,
who were all so wonderful
to her and made life worth
living again after Jack.
In preparing final
arrangements she asked
we extend a big thank you
to the entire Miller Family,
whose prayers and thoughtfulness kept her going in
rough times. A special
thank you to her caring and
loving friends, John and
Nancy Gardynecki. Thanks
go to Dr. Mulkerin at UW
Madison Hospital, who was
not only her doctor but a
very caring friend. Also,
thanks to Dr. Kresge in
Stoughton for taking such
good care of her.
The Miller family would
also like to extend a special
thank you to Agrace HospiceCare for all their kind
and compassionate support.
Funeral services will be
held at 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 26, at St.
Marys Lutheran Church.
Interment will follow at
Green Ridge Cemetery.
Visitation was held on
Wednesday, March 25, at
Proko Funeral Home in
Kenosha. Visitation will
also be held on Thursday
at the church from 10 a.m.
until the time of the service.
Proko Funeral Home
5111 60th St.
Kenosha, Wis. 53144

Celebrating 25 Years in Business!

WisConsin MonuMent & Vault Co.
159 W. Main St. 873-5513
Serving Stoughton since 1989.

2650 N. Nine Mound Road, Verona, WI 53953
(608) 845-9156
Solar Installation Residential Commercial
Industrial 24-Hour Service


Elizabeth (Betty) Z.

Courier Hub

with this digital project information.

Bidding Documents may be reviewed and paper copies may be obtained from the Issuing Office which
is Strand Associates, Inc., 910 West
Wingra Drive, Madison, WI 53715. A nonrefundable fee of $100 will be required
(shipping and handling fees included).
Overnight mailing of Bidding Documents will not be provided.
All Bidders submitting a sealed
Bid shall obtain the Bidding Documents
from or from Strand Associates, Inc.
Bidders who submit a Bid must be
a Plan Holder of record at the Issuing Office. Bids from Bidders who are not on
the Plan Holders List may be returned as
not being responsive.
Plan Holders are requested to provide an e mail address if they wish to
receive addenda and other information
electronically. Plan Holders are requested to designate whether they are a prime
contractor, subcontractor, or supplier if
they want this information posted on the
project Plan Holders List.
The Bid must be accompanied by
Bid security made payable to OWNER in
an amount of 10% of the Bidders maximum Bid price.
Bidders shall comply with all provisions of Section 66.0903 of the Wisconsin Statutes with respect to wage scales.
The City of Stoughton reserves the
right to reject any or all Bids, to waive
any technicality, and to accept any Bid
which it deems advantageous. All Bids
shall remain subject to acceptance for
85 days after the time set for receiving
Contract award shall be made
based on the lowest responsive and responsible Bidder.
Prospective Bidders are required to
complete and submit a prequalification
questionnaire with supporting documents to OWNER (see Instructions to
Bidders). Prequalification forms will be
provided with Bidding Document sets.
Completed forms are to be submitted
no later than 1 P.M., local time, on April
2, 2015.
The Strand Associates, Inc. project manager is Mark A. Fisher, P.E., and
can be contacted at Strand Associates,
Inc., 910 West Wingra Drive, Madison,
WI 53715, (608) 251 4843 regarding the

Published by the authority of City of
Karl Manthe, Street Superintendent
Dated at Stoughton, Wisconsin
Published: March 19 and 26, 2015


The City of Stoughton Planning

Commission will hold a Public Hearing
onMonday, April 13, 2015 at 6:00oclock
p.m., or as soon after as the matter may
be heard, in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Building, 321 S. Fourth Street,
Second Floor, Stoughton, Wisconsin,
53589, to consider a proposed rezoning
request of the following parcel of land at
301 W. Main Street, Stoughton, WI. The
property is proposed to be rezoned from
NB Neighborhood Business to CB
Central Business, in the City of Stoughton, Dane County, WI. The property is
described in Dane County records as
Parcel Number: 281/0511-082-05111,
BLOCK 8 N 66 FT OF LOT 1 & N 66 FT
OF LOT 2 ALSO ESMTS IN R4753/82&85
& R4832/1&6
*This property description is for tax
purposes and may be abbreviated.
For questions regarding this notice
please contact Michael Stacey, Zoning
Administrator at 608-646-0421
Michael P Stacey
Zoning Administrator
PublishedMarch 19 and 26, 2015


The City of Stoughton Landmarks

Commission will hold aPublic HearingonThursday, April 9, 2015at 7:00
p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, atCity Hall, Hall of
Fame Room, Lower Level, 381 E. Main
Street,Stoughton, Wisconsin, to consider proposed ordinance amendments
to the City of Stoughton Municipal Code
of Ordinances Chapter 38 - Historic

Preservation Multiple amendments to

various sections of the historic preservation ordinance.
A copy of the proposed amendments is available for review at City Hall,
Department of Planning & Development,
381 E. Main Street, Stoughton, Wisconsin or contact Michael Stacey at 608646-0421
Michael Stacey
Zoning Administrator
Published: March 19 and 26, 2015

Solar Panels Saving Energy Today

For a Brighter Tomorrow!



A public test of the automatic tabulating and ballot marking equipment to

be used at the Spring Election to be held
on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 will be held on
Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. at
the Town Hall, 2354 County Rd N. This
test is open to the public.
/s/ Cassandra Suettinger, Clerk/
Published: March 26, 2015

9:00 A.M.


Public Test of the automatic tabulating
equipment and electronic voting equipment to be used at the Town of Dunkirk
Spring Election to be held on April 7,
2015, will be conducted at 9:00 a.m. on
Thursday, April 2, 2015, at the Dunkirk
Town Hall, 654 County Road N in the
Town of Dunkirk. This test is open to the
Melanie Huchthausen, Clerk
Published: March 26, 2015

Morning Class
Monday through Friday
2, 3 or 5 days a week
15 Student Maximum
Afternoon Class
Monday & Wednesday
10 Student Maximum

Call or Email today!



Cornelius Clink
Drogsvold Norgaren

March 26, 2015




March 26, 2015

Common Council

Courier Hub

Sid Boersma, District 1

Eric Hohol, District 4

Age: 65
Family: Married to Sharon
Wethal, Son
from: Dodge Boersma
Co.; Born in
Lived in Stoughton since:
Education: Bachelors,
Whitewater,1976, Masters,
Occupation: Licensed Real
Estate Broker and Licensed
Clinical Social Worker
Employer: Keller Williams
Political experience:
Stoughton City Council
Other notable affiliations: Active in my church,
Hardanger fiddle Instructor
for Norwegian Dancers;
Kiwanis member; American
Legion Post 59 Member; On
Syttende Mai committee;
former Chamber ambassador; Red Cross mental
health disaster social worker;
former social worker supervisor at Dane County with
experience in outreach to
Dane County Board; Dane
Co. Home Buyer Round
Table Board; member of
Sustainable Stoughton;
Member of Dane County
Elder Abuse Task Force

Age: 44
Family: Married with 4 children ages 17,
15, 13 and 8
from: Bellevue
Lived in
since: July
Education: Hohol
BS, microbiology, UW Oshkosh, graduate
school, bacteriology, UW
Madison, business education,
MATC and UW Madison
Occupation: Industrial
Employer/job title: DuPont,
Madison site manager and
plant manager
Political experience:
Stoughton City Council
2010-present, Capital
Area Regional Planning
Commission, 2011-present, Stoughton Planning
Commission, 2005-present,
Police and Fire Commission,
2004-present, Ad hoc
Committee on Retail and
Commercial Service Buildings
(aka big box ordinance committee), 2007, Stoughton
Youth Center task force,
2006, Stoughton Area School
District Standing Facilities
Committee, 2003-08
Other notable affiliations:
Friends of the Stoughton Area
Youth Center board, 2007-14,
Mandt Community Center
board, 2010-11, Virgin Lake
Estates Architectural Review
Committee, 2003-present,
BioForward board, 2010-12,
Wisconsin BioAg Gateway
Development Advisory Board,
2009-11, DuPont Industrial
emergency response team
and certified confined space
rescue technician and certified
IDLH atmosphere rescue technician, American Red Cross
Blood Drive Coordinator,
2012-present, Stoughton
youth coaching volunteer
(multiple sports)

Essay questions
Why are you running
for alder, and why should
people vote for you?
Committed to City of
Stoughton and hard working member of City Council.
I work hard for this City
because it is a great place to
live, raise a family, educate
kids, provide for spirituality
with our devoted Church
communities and has a history that cant be beat.
Will Kettle Park West
ultimately be good for
Stoughton, and in a reasonable amount of time?
Kettle Park West could be
very positive for the City but
needs to do its fair share in
contributing to our City. I am
concerned about the citizens
funding this development
by borrowing money and
not getting taxes for many
years from the venture. I
believe that Stoughton needs
to grow and flourish with
increase in both population
and development but I am
also concerned what this
project will do to our current
Did the city handle the
process the right way? What
could it have done better?

There should have been

much more citizen input in
the whole process. I believe
that a community forum
would have provided for
more transparency and input
and discussion. I continue
to believe that we all should
have a great deal of input
through our elected officials
and in more direct ways.
What is the primary thing
Stoughton needs to do to
attract quality business
Smart growth and development, strong community
involvement, good schools,
acquisition of development
land and sites, support of
existing businesses, focus
on our precious environment.
How can the city and
school district work together to foster economic development and bring young
families to Stoughton?
Support of our schools
and teachers and staff and
especially students, athletic programs and music.
Nice homes and affordable
housing, great schools and
cultural awareness and pride
in and of all cultures, great
businesses and commerce,
good advertising by our city
and Chamber of Commerce,
How much of a priority should the city make
attracting tourism?
This should be a very large
priority. Our Opera House
is a huge draw to our community and needs to remain
well known both in the state
and nationally. I think we
need a strong, family-based
non-alcohol Syttende Mai
festival, and others, too. We
should consider a statewide
music festival and possibly a
marathon or athletic festival.
Whats the best answer
for dealing with Hwy. 51
traffic for the coming years?
Traffic control, speed control, traffic lights, roundabout
and probable reroute of some
of Hwy. 51, pedestrian management. Possible better public transportation both in the
city and getting to and from
Metro Madison. This is not a
safe highway now and needs
revision. We need to carefully
invest our resources especially
as development occurs.

Essay questions
Why are you running for
alder, and why should people vote for you?
I am running for alder
because I care about the
Stoughton community.
People should consider voting for me because I have
a proven record of listening
to all sides of issues and
always using a factual based
approach when voting on the
council floor.

To what extent should the

city focus on street maintenance?
We have a great maintenance department and crew
and it is because we have
good history and leadership
who have seen the importance of good personnel,
good equipment and innovative techniques. This needs
to continue with city support.


want you to be aware of the following public notices
published the week of MARCH 10, 2015:

PUBLIC HEARING: Plan Commission, Fitchburg, Hamm Fam, March 10; Plan
Commission, Fitchburg, Sign, March 10; Public Safety, Basketball Hoop, Fitchburg.
DNR Air Permit Application Reviews: Goldn Plump Poultry, March 10; Inland Label
and Marketing, March 10; Waupaca Foundry, March 12; Ace Ethanol, March 13; Scot
Industries, March 14; Neenah Paper, Stevens Point, March 14; Green Bay Packaging
Coated Products, March 16; Neenah Paper, Appleton, March 16.
Search public notices from all state communities online at: is a public service made possible

by the members of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.


GENERAL: CCAP, circuit court records, March 12; Department of Transportation, EIS,
I30/90/94, March 15; Department of Transportation, EIS, I90/94, March 15; Fitchburg,
voting by absentee ballot, March 10; Meeting, Wisconsin Health and Educational Facilities,
March 12; Emergency Rule, gypsy moth, March 16.

Will Kettle Park West

ultimately be good for
Stoughton, and in a reasonable amount of time?
Over the last 10 years, the
City of Stoughton has been one
of the slowest growing communities in all of Dane County.
Stoughton has struggled to
attract new employers, failed to
drive commercial development
and has not been attracting
many new families to the community. This lack of growth and
economic development has
negatively affected our schools
because of continued declining
enrollment numbers and has
negatively impacted the citys
ability to fund vital services.
I believe that the KPW
development is a solid first
step in an overall economic
development plan to reinvigorate needed growth in our
Did the city handle the
process the right way? What
could it have done better?
Yes, I believe the city handled the KPW development

process appropriately. It is
not so much the development
itself that has raised concerns
in our community, but rather
one of the companies that
plans to purchase a lot from
the developer (WalMart).
While WalMart brings out
strong feelings with some
in the community, overall
I believe the development
agreement the city has executed with the developer protects
the citys interests and that the
development will ultimately be
good for Stoughton.
What is the primary thing
Stoughton needs to do to
attract quality business
Stoughton needs to be
more open to growth in our
community and needs to
improve on its reputation as
a city friendly to business and
Take for example WalMart.
Here we have an existing business who has operated as a
good neighbor in our community for many years in a leased
building they do not own. On
multiple occasions, this company has tried to invest in our
community and each time we
have had groups fight them at
every step.
Outwardly, this gives
Stoughton a bad reputation
and does not portray us as a
welcoming city for new businesses.
How can the city and
school district work together
to foster economic development and bring young families to Stoughton?
Stoughton needs economic
development and that requires
strong schools and businessfriendly city government.
Our school district has done
its part by ensuring that it is
offering competitive opportunities for students. Our city
government must do its part
by being much more open
to various economic growth
How much of a priority
should the city make attracting tourism?
Stoughton has many attributes that make it a destination location. A part of our
economic development plan is
to draw more folks to the city
for the arts, sports tournaments, etc.
Whats the best answer for
dealing with Hwy. 51 traffic
for the coming years?
The KPW project will be
bringing public infrastructure
improvements to the U.S.
Hwy. 51 corridor, which will
improve safety and traffic
To what extent should the
city focus on street maintenance?
Street maintenance is a
basic city service that must be
properly funded. Our streets
need to be maintained and
kept safe, and we need to
fund repair work each year
so that we do not fall behind
and dig ourselves into a maintenance hole that we cannot
escape from.
What other major issues
will the city face in the next
two years?
Like other communities in
southern Wisconsin, we have
many public ash trees in our
parks and street terraces that
will be negatively impacted by
the emerald ash borer.
We will be forced to find
ways to deal with that looming problem.

For primary candidate questionnaires:

Ross Scovotti, District 3

Family: Wife, Carol; no
Bronx, N.Y.,
and lived
a majority
of my life
in the New
York metropolitan area
Lived in
since: 2004
Education: College graduate
Occupation: Digital trade
Employer: NueMedia, LLC,
Political Experience:
Alder, 3rd District, two terms
(six years)
Other notable affiliations: Stoughton Chamber
of Commerce ambassador,
Economic Development
committee; project manager,
Wisconsin Department of
Economic Development;
Business Retention Study
for Stoughton (non-retail);
project manager, Stoughton
Retail Merchant Study;
Trick or Treat Downtown
and Costume Contest event

Essay questions
Why are you running
for alder and why should
people vote for you?
Im running for alder
because I know over the
short term (three to five
years) the city can benefit
from my business, political
and voluntary experience.
District 3 residents should
vote for me because my
skills, education and background make me the best
candidate to serve in this

expertise. Neither the city

nor the school district has
anyone who qualifies. If we
are serious about economic
development, we should hire
an expert working for either
the city or the chamber and
then all should take their
cues from the expert.
How much of a priority should the city make
attracting tourism?
Our chamber should take
the lead on tourism efforts.
The city should do everything in its power to support these efforts. We have
the assets we need to be
successful; our Norwegian
heritage, the Opera House,
and our fantastic downtown.
An intelligent marketing program to the correct audience
will guarantee success.
Whats the best way for
dealing with Hwy. 51 traffic
for the coming year?
Despite the Citys best
efforts, the State DOT has
dragged its feet on the
renovation of the Highway
51 corridor. Ive attended
roundtable style meetings
on this for the past 10 years.
Fortunately, the Kettle Park
West project will have a
positive effect here. The
DOT and the developer are
working closely together to
redesign the 51/138 junction. At least this dangerous intersection will be
addressed. However, at the
end of it all, it is the state,
not the city that is the driving
force behind any substantive
changes on Highway 51.

To what extent should the

City focus on street maintenance?
Roads are one of the most
valuable infrastructure assets
within a community. Proper
maintenance of the roadway
network can promote the
Will Kettle Park West
prosperity of a community.
ultimately be good for
In the recent past, mainStoughton, and in a reason- tenance
has become more
able amount of time?
the price
No one can predict the end of asphalt has increased
result of the Kettle Park West drastically. So today, the
development. All we have
proper budgeting for the
at our disposal is data from
maintenance our citys street
similar efforts. That said,
network is critical. Through
Stoughton needs an ecouse of pavement mannomic development program the
systems, our street
to grow, and attract more
and council
young families. Kettle Park
had a financial
West is a step in the right
the CIP that
looks five years ahead and
reviewed each year, in an
What is the primary thing is
to address street
Stoughton needs to do to
I dont see
attract quality business
this should
There is no single strategy
that will address business
What other major issues
growth because it is a com- will
the city face in the next
plex issue. Stoughton needs two years?
to take a portfolio approach
The one single issue that
to create an environment
to mind is the Dane
that satisfies the needs of
911 initiative. Having
both existing and new busiattended
nesses in the retail and non- as well asmultiple
retail sectors.
of the expertise of city staff
for public safety,
How can the city and the responsible
that this
school district work togeth- spells financial and
er to foster economic devel- hardship for us andlogistical
the suropment and bring young
families to Stoughton?
Economic development is
not a business for amateurs.
To be successful, it requires
a high level professional with
experience, education and

Common Council

Regina Hirsch, District 3

Age: 52
Family: Single; 2 four-legged furry
Originally from:
Lived in Stoughton
since: 2005
Education: Ph.D.
from UW-Madison in
wildlife ecology, minor
in Entomology; M.S.
from Yale in environmental studies; B.S. from UW-Madison
concentration in psychology
Occupation: Strategic planner and
administrator; environmental educator and consultant; grant writer; yoga
Employer/job title: Director of
strategy and planning at Advanced
Engines Development Corporation;
president of R.M. Hirsch
Environmental Consulting; instructor
at Stoughton Yoga
Political experience: none
Other notable affiliations: Founding
member of Sustainable Stoughton;
vice president and board member for Island Birding Corp.; State
Technical Committee (STC) for Natural
Resources Conservation Service
(NRCS), USDA; wildlife subcommittee for the STC, NRCS; former board
of directors for Yahara River Grocery
Coop; volunteer cook (family cooking
team) for The Gathering in Milwaukee
(soup kitchen)

Essay questions
Why are you running for alder, and
why should people vote for you?
I am running for alder to represent
the many voices of our community. I
listen to a diversity of peoples viewpoints on a subject, sort out commonalities and come up with collective
I am skilled at building multi-disciplinary teams that collaboratively work
together to create innovative solutions to solve complex problems. I
am proficient in research and critically
evaluating data to understand potential
outcomes of different decisions. I have
vast experience with budgets, accounting and financial planning for both
large and small projects.
I want to use my skills to help
Stoughton be all that it can be.

Will Kettle Park West ultimately be

good for Stoughton, and in a reasonable amount of time?
KPW will change the face of
Stoughton. KPWs Economic Impact
Statement states it will negatively
impact many local businesses (PickN-Save, McGlynn Pharmacy, YRGC,
Aslesons True Value, etc.). I will work
for creating a strong and sustainable
Stoughton, attracting new businesses
that benefit the whole community without knowingly harming existing ones.

outlets through the Youth Center and

community service opportunities that
encourage better connections between
school, community and families.

How much of a priority should the

city make attracting tourism?
Stoughton is well-positioned to be
a tourist destination with our Arts and
Entertainment District, new Norwegian
Heritage Center, historic downtown,
quality restaurants and natural areas
and parks. More tourism will help to
sustain the vitality of the downtown
Did the city handle the process the and is a smart way to attract young
right way? What could it have done families to our community.
Any major development in Stoughton
Whats the best answer for dealing
should involve our community by col- with Hwy. 51 traffic for the coming years?
lecting our ideas and visions for our
As we await the outcome of Hwy. 51
city before contracting developers. bypass, Stoughton should work with
Communities in U.S. and worldwide Madison Area Transportation Planning
have been following Smart Growth Board to identify alternative transit
and Creative Placemaking principles to options for seniors, underserved citidevelop economically sustainable and zens and for commuters. For instance,
vibrant communities.
Stoughton could create a Park-N-Ride
The key principles I will help Stoughton site for commuter van- and car-pools for
incorporate are: creating a distinctive area-wide citizens driving to Madison.
city by accentuating our assets (downtown historical buildings, infrastructure,
To what extent should the city focus
natural areas, and art and music ven- on street maintenance?
ues); involving citizens in the process;
Safe, well-maintained streets are
enhancingopportunities for people of all paramount to our citizens, businesses
income levels and backgrounds; creating and schools. We need to have confiwalkable/bikeable community; building dence our streets will not harm vehidistinctive and attractive housing; and cles; safe for bikes; and provide access
preserving natural and critical environ- for customers/clients to businesses
mental areas.
during winter months. If Stoughton is
going to attract new businesses, our
What is the primary thing Stoughton infrastructure needs to be strong.
needs to do to attract quality business growth?
What other major issues will the
Stoughton should work with the city face in the next two years?
UW-Wisconsin Alumni Research
Downtown Stoughton redevelopFoundation (WARF), which creates new ment project will be the pride and joy of
businesses from faculty research results. our community; re-vitalizing our busiCurrently, WARF is working with 60 start- nesses, meeting needs of our citizens
up businesses. I will work with the mayor and attracting new and diverse citizens
and council to develop a comprehensive and businesses. Creating a viable and
marketing plan and strategic incentives sustainable downtown requires visionto entice a few businesses to Stoughton. ing sessions with citizens from all
sectors of our community to develop
How can the city and school dis- a shared vision for this development.
trict work together to foster economic
I will advocate for developers to prodevelopment and bring young fami- pose plans incorporating our shared
lies to Stoughton?
visions and ensure that plans are ecoStoughton schools offer a quality nomically, environmentally and cultureducation and great school resources ally sustainable for now and for future
(Fab Lab, Greenhouses, and School generations. As the development progardens) that young families are seek- gresses, I will encourage the continuing. Beyond the school grounds we ation of community involvement and
need to provide youth more positive complete transparency of all processes.

163 Training Schools

402 Help Wanted, General

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Courier Hub


Pat OConnor, District 4

143 Notices

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March 26, 2015

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Age: 59
Family: Married 38 years to my
wife Cindy; two adult children.
from: Madison;
have also lived in
Dubuque, Iowa,
Sun Prairie, and
Lived in
Stoughton since: OConnor
M.A., public policy and administration, UW-Madison; B.S., criminal
justice, UW- Platteville
Occupation: Retired police chief
for Stoughton
Political experience: Current
alderman for the 4th District. I
serve on the Finance, Public Safety
and Parks and Recreation committees. I have also served on the
Police and Fire Commission.
Other notable affiliations: I
volunteer as a driver for the meals
on wheels program at the Senior
Center and at the box office of the
opera house.

Essay questions
Why are you running for alder,
and why should people vote for
I was appointed by the Council
to fill a vacated seat in District 4. I
would like to finish the remaining
two years of the term. I view being
on the City Council as an opportunity to continue my public service.
I believe my experience as Police
Chief of Stoughton has given me
good insight and understanding
as to the needs and operation of
the city.
Will Kettle Park West ultimately be good for Stoughton, and in
a reasonable amount of time?
Yes, on balance, I believe it will.
Did the city handle the process
the right way?
Yes, I believe it was handled
correctly. What could it have
done better? I think it would have
been better to have the Economic
Impact Analysis completed earlier
on in the process.

FOUR WINDS Manor is seeking 2 full

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What is the primary thing

Stoughton needs to do to attract
quality business growth?
Have a person dedicated to economic development and by having
property available for development.
How can the city and school
district work together to foster
economic development and bring
young families to Stoughton?
I think people move to
Stoughton because it is a safe
community in which to raise a
family, with a good education system and convenience to Madison
and Janesville areas. If the city
and school district continues to do
that, they will have done their part.
How much of a priority should
the city make attracting tourism?
I think tourism is very important
to make Stoughton a destination
community. For instance, we all
know the boost Stoughton gets
during the Syttende Mai celebration. We see a similar boost to the
local economy with Opera House
events, the Jr. Fair, and soon the
Norwegian Heritage Center.
Whats the best answer for
dealing with Hwy. 51 traffic for
the coming years?
I see USH 51 essentially as a
ribbon separating two sides of the
city. During the day it is difficult
and dangerous to cross, especially
as a pedestrian or bicyclist. We
need to make it safer to do so
in the short term. Long term, I
believe a bypass will be beneficial
to safety.
To what extent should the city
focus on street maintenance?
As a basic service, roads should
be kept in good condition as a
high priority.
What other major issues will
the city face in the next two
Maintaining public service levels
with budget constraints and limited growth will be a challenge


seeking an individual who has a great
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$10.00 pr/hr.
Nights/Weekends required
Apply in person.
Brooklyn Minimart
355 N Rutland Ave
Brooklyn, WI 53521
area paving company accepting applications for CDL, drivers and laborers. Full
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County is looking for experienced, confident care providers. We support a wide
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Going out of business! This is a large restaurant and the following
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custoM BuiLt outDoor griLL: 2 Charcoal Grills mounted
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Refrigerator (1yr old); Hobart 6qt. Bench Top Mixer; Hobart & Anvil
Automatic Slicers (1 less than 1yr. old); (2) Bakers Pride Ovens;
Dean Dbl Basket Deep Fryer; (2) Vulcan Dbl Basket Deep Fryers;
Vulcan 4 Burner Stove; APW Wyott Cook Series Table Top Flat
Grill; Champion 5 Table Top Flat Grill; Grill w/Work Side Table;
True SS 2 Door Refrigerator; True SS Single Door Freezer; Deluxe 8
Pan Proof Cabinet; 16 Place Sheet Pan Cart; (2) Belchamp Waffle
Irons; True Glass Door Cooler; True Circular 6 Shelf Pie Cooler;
12 Tub Ice Cream Freezer; (3) Malt Mixers; Manitowoc 250# Ice
Machine; Magic Chef 1000 Watt Microwave; Superior Table Top
Pan Steamer; Hatco Quick Conveyor & Toast Master Toasters; (4)
Commercial Dicer/Choppers; (2) Robot Coupe Food Processors
& Accessories; (21) Metro Shelves; (150) SS Pans (all sizes); SS
4, 5, 6 & 8 Tables; (100+) SS Kitchen Utensils; (7) Kettles; (30)
People Booth Seating; (30) Wood Chairs; (2) Wood Dbl Bench
Seats; (10) 2 Top, (8) 4 Top & (8) 6 Top Tables; (6) Tables & (24)
Chairs for Outdoor Seating; (6) 8 Folding Banquet Tables; (6) 4
Wheel Service Carts; High Chairs & Booster Seats; Tray Stands;
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Several Coke Items; Pictures & Signs of all kinds.
auction coMpany: Stephanie George Registered WI
Auction Company #226
11211 North Union Road, Evansville, WI 53536 (608) 882-6123
registereD Wi auctioneers: Dean George #486 & Kale
George #2811, Evansville, WI (608) 882-6123
Riley Kahl #736, Verona, WI (608) 832-4839
terMs: 5% Buyers fee. 5% Sales Tax Collected. Check or Cash.
4% courtesy charge for purchases using credit card. All sales final.
All announcements made day of sale take precedence over printed
material. Not responsible for accidents or losses.


professional since 2011. Free
estimates. 608-807-3320
Monday FOR THE Stoughton Courier Hub

Residential & Commercial.
Fully insured.
(608)-873-7038 or 669-0025

576 Special Services

and surrounding area.
Merry Law Offices 608-205-0621
No charge for initial consultation. "We
are a debt relief agency.
We help people file for bankruptcy relief
under the bankruptcy code."
CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It
pays to read the fine print.

Wanted to Rent
active, mature couple looking for a small (approx.
850-1000 sq. ft.), two bedroom, Stoughton house,
condo, or apartment to rent. Residence can be of
any age, as long as it is in well-maintained condition. Rent range: $800 to $1000 for a suitable place.
We have an almost 5-year old well-trained, well-behaved Golden Retriever.
Contact Cheryl at cherrob1@msn or (618) 364-6499.



Packages starting at $19.99/mo. Free
3-months of HBO, Starz, Showtime &
Cinemax. Free Genie HD/DVR Upgrades!
2015 NFL Sunday Ticket included with
select Packages. New Customers Only.
IV Support Holdings LLC. An authorized
DirecTV Dealer. Some exclusions apply.
Call for details 800-918-1046 (wcan)

ENJOY 100% guaranteed, delivered

to the door Omaha Steaks! SAVE 78%
PLUS 4 free burgers.
The Happy Family Value Combo.
Only $49.99. Order today.
800-307-1674 Use code 43285DVA

650 Furniture
All sizes in stock! 9 styles.
2133 Eastern Ave, Plymouth, WI Open 7
days a week. (wcan)

666 Medical & Health Supplies

Experienced w/valid DL. CDL preferred.

Competitive wage and benefits.
Year-Round Work.

The affordable solution to your
stairs. Limited time $250 off your
stairlift purchase. Buy direct and
save. Please call 800-598-6714 for
free DVD and brochure. (wcan)

J. L. Anderson Concrete

GOT KNEE Pain? Back pain? Shoulder pain? get a pain-relieving brace,
little or no cost to you. Medicare Patients
Call Health Hotline Now! 800-431-3924

Call Jeff: 608-209-2639

Resident Caregivers/CNAs
We are seeking compassionate & conscientious caregivers
to help our seniors on night shifts. We offer competitive
wages, shift & weekend differentials, as well as health,
dental & PTO to eligible staff. Paid CBRF training provided.

to download
an application:

8210 Highview Drive - Madison



medical alarm and 24/7 monitoring. For
a limited time, get free equipment, no
activation fees,
no commitment, 2nd waterproof alert
button for free and more.
Only $29.95 per month.
800-281-6138 (wcan)
tub Alert for
Seniors. Bathrooms falls can be fatal.
Approved by Arthritis Foundation.
Therapeutic Jets. Less than 4 inch stepin. Wide door. Anti-slip floors. American
made. Installation included. Call 800940-3411 for $750 off. (wcan)


Up to six quart filter. Diesels & Synthetics
excluded. Expires 4/16/15.


Regional & OTR Team Runs Available. AUTO
Mthly BONUSES & more! CDL-A, 6 mos. Exp. Reqd.
EEOE/AAP 866-322-4039


SAWMILLS from only $4,397.00- MAKE & SAVE MONEY
with your own bandmill- Cut lumber any dimension.In Stock, ATTENTION TRUCK RECRUITERS: RECRUIT an
ready to ship! FREE Info/DVD: www.NorwoodSawmills. applicant in over 179 Wisconsin newspapers! Only
$300/week. Call this paper or 800-227-7636 www.
com 1-800-578-1363 Ext.300N (CNOW) (CNOW)
RNs up to $45/hr LPNs up to $37.50/hr CNAs up to
$22.50/hr Free gas/ weekly pay $2,000 bonus AACO
Nursing Agency 800-656-4414 (CNOW)


Blue-Female, Black-Male.
Great temperament. Shots and wormed.
$650-1250. 715-253-2011 (wcan)
GOT AN older car, boat or RV?
Do the humane thing. Donate it to the
Humane Society. Call 800-990-7816

676 Plants & Flowers

3'-12' EVERGREEN & Shade Trees.
Pick Up or Delivery! Planting available!
Detlor Tree Farms
715-335-4444 (wcan)

688 Sporting Goods &

WE BUY Boats/RV/Pontoons/ATV's &
Motorcycles! "Cash Paid" now. American Marine & Motorsports Super Center,
Shawano 866-955-2628 (wcan)

692 Electronics
AT&T INTERNET packages startng at
only $14.95/month for 12 months, with
qualifying voice service. One year term
required. Learn more.
800-486-4478 (wcan)
DIRECTV'S BIG DEAL special. Only
$19.99 per month. Free premium channels HBO, Starz, Cinemax and Showtime
for 3 months & FREE receiver upgrade!
NFL 2014 Season included. Call now!
800-320-2429 (wcan)

696 Wanted To Buy

CASH FOR old gas pumps and automotive memorabilia. John (608) 698-6916
WE BUY Junk Cars and Trucks.
We sell used parts.
Monday thru Friday 8am-5:30pm.
Newville Auto Salvage, 279 Hwy 59
Edgerton, 608-884-3114

705 Rentals
BLANCHARDVILLE 1-2BR apartments.
Nice rentals in historic building. Walk
to grocery store, bank, post office
and restaurants. Pecatonica River
and Canoe Boat Launch 1 block from
property. Village Park along river 1
block. 35 minutes to Madison, 25 to
Verona, Stoughton, and Oregon. 1BR
from $390, 2BR $520. Flexible lease
on select units. BAAL Real Estate, LLC
Broker/owner. Keith Call/text
608-575-2143 or email
Apartments for Seniors 55+, currently
has 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $725 per month, includes
heat, water, and sewer.
608-835-6717 Located at:
139 Wolf St., Oregon, WI 53575
OREGON 2-Bedroom in quiet well kept
building. Convenient location. Includes
all appliances, A/C, blinds, private parking, laundry and storage. $200 Security
deposit. Cats OK. $665/month. 608-2196677
STOUGHTON 1616 Kenilworth Ct.
Large 2-BR apts available now.
Pets welcome. Many feature new wood
laminate flooring.
$775-$825/mo. 608-831-4036
$740-$780- includes heat, water/sewer.
608-222-1981 x2 or 3. No dogs, 1 cat
ok. EHO.
VERONA 1&2 Bedroom Apartment
$615-760. Available May 1 and June 1.
Small 24 unit building. Includes heat, hot
water, water & sewer, off-street parking,
fully carpeted, dishwasher and coin operated laundry and storage in basement.
Convenient to Madison's west side. Call
KC at 608-273-0228 to view your new

720 Apartments
OREGON 2BR 1BA apartments
available. On-site or in unit laundry,
patio, D/W, A/C. Off street parking,
garages available to rent.
From $740/mo. Details at
608-255-7100 or


Oil Change & 20-Point Check

AKC LAB Pups: Polar Bear Whites

Dews, 1st shots. 3rd & 4th generation.
Info: 715-582-4076

VERONA ONE Bedroom Available April

1st. Heat Included, $525 month. Dave


Increase Your sales opportunities

reach over 1.2 million households!
Advertise in our
Wisconsin Advertising Network System.
For information call 845-9559 or 873-6671.

400+ Guns @ Auction! Sat. March 28th Prairie du Chien,
WI. NIB Hunting Rifles, Pistols, Military Arms, SAKO,
Traps & More! (608)326-8108,

STAMPIN'UP SET of 35+ with ink pads

and multi-colored powder ink.
Barely used, clean. Seasonal and
Holiday stamps. BO 608-669-2243

Concrete Finishers
and Laborers

We Are Here For All Your Vehicle Needs!

Call 888-873-7310


"Wisconsin's Largest Antique Mall"
Enter daily 8am-4pm 78,000 SF
200 Dealers in 400 Booths
Third floor furniture, locked cases
Location: 239 Whitney St
Columbus, WI 53925

BEST BEEF Jerky in the USA!

$10. off the Original Beef Jerky Sampler.
FREE shipping. Great Gift Idea! Call
Bulk Beef Jerky.
800-244-8852 (wcan)

A Better Way
of Living

to request an

1411 Hwy. 51 North,

Stoughton, WI

602 Antiques & Collectibles

648 Food & Drink

$560 all utilities included!

Eligibility includes Seniors 62 (or better) or those with
a disability. Some income restrictions apply and rent
assistance may be available!

For complete listing and photos log onto


DISH TV RETAILER. Starting at $19.99/

mo for 12 mos. Free Premium Movie
Channels. FREE equipment, installation
& activation. Call, compare local deals!
800-374-3940 (wcan)

MOVING SALE 101 E. Chicago Street,

Stoughton. April 1-2, 8am-4pm, April 3,

Park Vernon Apartments has 1 & 2 bdrms.

apartments immediately available!
Small pets welcome!

Call for a FREE application

672 Pets

606 Articles For Sale


Wisconsin Management Company is an

equal opportunity provider and employer.

586 TV, VCR &

Electronics Repair


55+. 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $695 per month. Includes
heat, water and sewer. Professionally
managed. Located at
300 Silverado Drive, Stoughton, WI
53589 608-877-9388



STOUGHTON 2 bedroom upper includes

utilities & heat. NO DOGS. $750.00/
month. 608.873.3533

Administer process for Pre-Employment

Drug and Background checks; Benefit
enrollments; Maintain Personnel
Records. Experience with Wage & Hour
Regs.; Database records; and Microsoft
Office Suite; Ability to work
independently in a fast paced
environment. Assoc. Degree Preferred.



190 Paoli St
P.O. Box 930220
Verona, WI 53593

Part-time. Excellent Wages

20+ hours/wk. CDL bonus program
Paid training/testing. Signing bonus.
5501 Femrite Dr. Madison
Call Paul at 608-310-4870 or email



Basement Systems Inc.
Call us for all your basement needs!
Waterproofing. Finishing. Structural
repairs. Humidity and mold control. Free
Estimates! Call 800-991-1602 (wcan)


Lawn Mowing & Trim, Spring Cleanup, Landscaping, Reseeding, Aeration,
Mulch, Decorative Stone, Shrub Trimming, Dethatching, Sidewalk Edging &
Gutter Cleaning. Call Matt Nardi for estimate: 608.609.3600 or snowplow@tds.
net. Dependable, Experienced and Fully


trimming, roto tilling, Garden
maintenance available.608-235-4389


Light Construction Remodeling
No job too small

35 + Years Professional
Arthur Hallinan

554 Landscaping, Lawn,

Tree & Garden Work


548 Home Improvement


"Honey Do List"
Gutter cleaning and covers
No job too small


WOODEN FENCE posts 4-1/2" x 7'

treated round wooden used fence posts
$2/each. Corner U-braces, $9/each. 98'
powder river panels (various lengths).
$1,200 for the group. Everything in very
good condition. Evansville, WI 608-8824186


March 26, 2015



750 Storage Spaces For Rent

10X10 10X15 10X20 10X30
Security Lights-24/7 access
Credit Cards Accepted
CALL (608)444-2900
Located behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Convenient Dry Secure
Lighted with access 24/7
Bank Cards Accepted
Off North Hwy 51 on
Oak Opening Dr. behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Call: 608-509-8904
Friday for the Courier Hub unless
changed because of holiday work


Convenient location behind
Stoughton Lumber.
Clean-Dry Units
5x10 thru 12x25

6x10 thru 10x25
Market Street/Burr Oak Street
in Oregon
Call 608-206-2347

Only 6 miles South of
Verona on Hwy PB.
Variety of sizes available now.
Call 608-424-6530 or


10x10 - 10x15
10x20 - 12x30
24 / 7 Access
Security Lights & Cameras
Credit Cards Accepted
1128 Union Road
Oregon, WI
Located on the corner of
Union Road & Lincoln Road


In Oregon facing 15th hole
on golfcourse
Free Wi-Fi, Parking and
Security System
Conference rooms available
Autumn Woods Prof. Centre
Marty 608-835-3628


16379 W. Milbrandt Road
Evansville, WI
The Courier Hub Classifieds. Call 8736671 or 835-6677.

980 Machinery & Tools

TO LEASE about 6 acres of Dane Co.

farmland for radio control airplane club
flying field. Needs to have at least 40
acres of adjacent land for fly-over area.
WANTED TO Rent 20'X20' piece of land
in Verona for compost pile.
THEY SAY people dont read those little
ads, but YOU read this one, didnt you?
Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 or


and these attachments. Concrete
breaker, posthole auger, landscape rake,
concrete bucket, pallet forks, trencher,
rock hound, broom, teleboom, stump
By the day, week, or month.
Carter & Gruenewald Co.
4417 Hwy 92
Brooklyn, WI, 608-455-2411



Valby 3pt PTO Chippers,
New 3pt Rototillers, Loader
Attachments, 3pt Attachments,
New Log Splitters.

Find updates and

links right away.


Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for the Courier Hub unless
changed because of holiday work
schedules. Call now to place your ad,
873-6671 or 835-6677.

Search for us on
Facebook as
Stoughton Courier Hub
and then LIKE us.

Career Fair

Metal Culverts, Inc. - Evansville Division,

a manufacturer and distributor of corrugated
metal pipe and highway products has an opening
for an hourly truck driver. Qualified applicants
should possess Class A CDL, flatbed trailer
experience and be reliable, self starters.
Excellent benefits including health, dental,
vision, life, AFLAC insurance and 401(k) plan.

Harmony Assisted Living Facility

April 1, 2015

Assembly Openings

Part-time, all shifts available

Opportunities on
2nd Shift, Monday-Thursday 2PM-12AM

Resident Assistant/C.N.A
Housekeeping/Activities Coordinator

9:00am to 2:00pm

Onsite Interviews
No Experience Necessary,
Company Paid Training

Starting Wage is $15.50/hour

90% Sponsored Health Premium by Employer

Cant attend Job Fair?

Free Dental Coverage

Stop in and complete an application today!

Apply today at

Harmony of Stoughton
2321 Jackson Street, Stoughton, WI 53589



Applications can be completed at

340 Water Street in Evansville
between 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Drug Free Workplace

990 Farm: Service

& Merchandise

CENTRAL WI Horse Sale.

Clarke County Fairgrounds.
April 15-18. Horses, Tack & Equipment.
Neillsville, WI
715-238-8088 RReineck #594 (wcan)

935 Farm: Land For Rent


Forest County. ATV trail, Lake Access,
Dock. $350/week. 715-674-7752 (wcan)



970 Horses


Suite. 765/sq.ft 185 W Netherwood
Call 608-835-3426

770 Resort Property For Rent


10x10 through 10x40, plus
14x40 with 14' door for
RV & Boats.
Come & go as you please.

801 Office Space For Rent



VERONA 2-BEDROOM, no smoking,

A/C, H/W included, small pets
negotiable, private parking, quiet
neighborhood, $835/month


Courier Hub

March 26, 2015

Maintenance Mechanic- 2nd Shift (Monday-Thursday)

Are you a maintenance professional who thrives on working in a highlyautomated manufacturing environment utilizing state of the art equipment
(lasers, robotics, AGVs, vision systems) in a modern air conditioned facility,
with company paid training to keep your skills current?
Do you value a company that makes safety a part of their culture, not just
another graph on the wall?
Do you believe in a maintenance program that values predicting and
preventing maintenance issues as much as troubleshooting and repairs?
Would you enjoy a second shift Monday through Thursday (2pm-12am)
schedule with paid breaks?
If so, Sub-Zero, Inc. may have the perfect opportunity for you. We are looking for maintenance professionals with the following experience and knowledge to work in our Fitchburg Built-In Refrigeration facility:
Associates degree in Industrial Maintenance or 3 - 5 years of
equivalent manufacturing maintenance experience.
Knowledge of and ability to interface and troubleshoot with a variety
of PLCs including Allen Bradley PLCs, 500, 5000, Flex Drives.
Experience with manufacturing enterprise systems (MES).
Strong understanding of OSHA principles.
Experience with CMMS programs (MAXIMO preferred).
Microsoft Office Suite programs (Word, Excel, Outlook).
To apply, visit the Career Page of our website at
Successful Candidates may be eligible for a sign on bonus of up to $1500!
Apply today for immediate consideration.

Fagan Automotive is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug Free Workplace

Do you have excellent communication skills?
Creative ideas? The ability
tyy to develop and maintain
client relationships? An interest in print and web
based media? We have an established account list
with growt
t potential. If you possess excellent
communication and organizational ski
kills, a pleasant
y and the ability
tyy to prospect for new
business we would like to speak to you. Previous
sales experience desired. Media experience a plus.
Competitive compensation, employee stock option
ownership, 401(k), paid vacations, holidays,
insurance and continuing education assistance.

Oregon Observ
v Stoughton Courier Hub, Verona Press,
The Great Dane Shopping News
Unified Newspaper Group is part of Woodward Community Media,
a division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
and an Equal Opportunity Employer.


For consideration, apply online at


Deck Supervisor 2nd Shift
Pourer/Shifters; Molders; Grinders - 1st & 2nd Shifts;
Starting wage $15.50/hr.; 2nd shift receives a $0.50 shift

Fagan Automotive
Attn: Human Resources
3601 E Milwaukee St.
Janesville, WI 53546


Fagan Automotive currently has openings in the following areas: Light Duty Technicians and Sales Consultants. Come work
with the best in the Industry. Candidates may view the full job
descriptions on our website All
candidates must have a valid drivers license. Fagan offers a
competitive wage with a full benefits package, paid Holiday
and Vacation. These are full-time permanent positions with
first shift hours, some require rotational Saturdays. We offer
a $500 sign on bonus at the end of 90 days. If you are a
qualified interested candidate please submit your resume to: You can mail a resume, or
stop and fill out an application at:

Baker Manufacturing Company, LLC is a premier producer

of grey and ductile iron castings for local machine shops
and internationally-known manufacturers. Baker also
produces products for the residential and industrial water markets. We have been an established business in
Evansville, Wisconsin for over 140 years!
Were searching for great people to fill these positions:
Accounting Clerk

All positions are full-time and eligible for Health, Dental,

Vision, Life, Disability, 401K/Profit Sharing, paid vacation &

View / Apply online at

Baker Manufacturing is an Equal Opportunity Employer



P.O. Box 383 Stoughton, WI


P.O. Box 383 Stoughton, WI

Serving Electric, Water & Wastewater Since 1886

Serving Electric, Water & Wastewater Since 1886


The City of Stoughton, an Equal Opportunity Employer, is seeking
a qualified candidate to serve as a Stoughton Utilities Electric
System Division Apprentice Lineman. This position will function
under the direction of the Utilities Operations Superintendent.
Candidates must possess a High school diploma or equivalent,
and preference given to a candidate who possess one or more of
the following: electrician background, enrollment in a local fouryear line technician apprenticeship, graduation from a nine-month
vocational/technical training program in electrical systems, two to
three years of electrical system maintenance experience, or any
combination of education and experience that provides equivalent
knowledge, skills and abilities leading journeyman lineman status.
This is a full-time, non-exempt position. The offered salary for this
position is $29.52-$32.58 per hour, with a competitive benefits
Employment applications and position descriptions are available
from City Hall, 381 E. Main St., Stoughton, WI 53589 or at http:// All applicants must complete
an application for employment, even if submitting a resum and
cover letter. Resums are welcome, but must be accompanied by
a completed application form. Submit resums and applications
to the Human Resources and Risk Management Department at
City Hall by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 9, 2015.



The City of Stoughton, an Equal Opportunity Employer, is seeking

a qualified candidate to serve as a Stoughton Utilities Wastewater
Operator I. This position will function under the direction of the
Utilities Wastewater System Supervisor.
Candidates must possess a High school diploma or equivalent,
and preference given to a candidate who possess one or more of
the following: plumbing background, graduation from a vocational/
technical training program in wastewater systems, two to three years
of wastewater treatment facility maintenance experience, or any
combination of education and experience that provides equivalent
knowledge, skills and abilities.
This is a full-time, non-exempt position. The offered salary for this
position is $21.55 - $23.79 per hour, with a competitive benefits
Employment applications are available from City Hall, 381 E. Main
St., Stoughton, WI 53589 or at http://employment.stoughtonutilities.
com. All applicants must complete an application for employment,
even if submitting a resume and cover letter. Resumes are welcome,
but must be accompanied by a completed application form. Submit
resumes and applications to the Human Resources and Risk
Management Department at City Hall by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday,
April 9, 2015.


20 - The Courier Hub - March 26, 2015

Support your favorite teams all season with this

guide to Stoughton High Schools spring sports



April 6
Madison Memorial
April 7
Fort Atkinson
Jones Park
April 9
Madison Edgewood
April 10-11
Menomonie tourney
April 13
Janesville Craig
April 14
April 16
April 20
April 21
Monona Grove
Cottage Grove
April 23
Schilberg Park
April 27
Beloit Memorial
Pohlman Field
April 28
April 30
Fort Atkinson
May 2
DeForest, Madison West
May 5
Madison Edgewood
Warner Park
May 8
May 12
May 19
May 21
May 22
Monona Grove
May 26

April 6
April 7
Fort Atkinson
April 9
April 10-11 Mauston tournament
April 13
April 14
April 16
April 17
April 20
April 21
Monona Grove
April 23
April 24
April 28
April 30
Fort Atkinson
Fort Atkinson
May 2
Poynette Jamboree
May 5
May 8
May 12
May 15
Monona Grove
Cottage Grove
May 19
May 21
Badger Challenge

Sponsored by:

Stoughton Pizza Pit

Radio Shack of Stoughton

Whitewater invite
Platteville invite
Platteville invite
Kenosha invite
Whitewater invite
McFarland invite
Edgewood, Oregon
Monroe relays
Milton, Monroe
Oregon relays
MG, Fort Atkinson
Stoughton invite
Tom Mueller invite
Conference meet




Monona Grove


Sponsored by:

McFarland State Bank

207 S. Forrest St., Stoughton 873-6681

3162 Cty. Rd. B, Stoughton 873-2010

April 10
April 13
April 14
April 16
April 20
April 21
April 27
April 28
May 1
May 4
May 5
May 9
May 12
May 20
May 21



Wisconsin Dells invite

Stoughton invite
Monona Grove
Monona invite
Edgewood invite
Baraboo invite
Fort Atkinson
Portage invite
Sheboygan invite
Madison Edgewood
Conference meet
Badger Cup

Trappers Turn
Stoughton CC
The Oaks GC
The Oaks GC
Maple Bluff CC
Stoughton CC
Lake Wisconsin
Stoughton CC
Portage CC
Stoughton CC
Whistling Straits
Yahara GC

206 W. Prospect Street, Stoughton



Sponsored by:

Cress Funeral Home

April 7
April 9
April 11
April 13
April 14
April 20
April 23
April 27
April 28
April 30
May 1
May 5
May 8
May 12
May 19
May 21
May 28



3097 Sunnyside Street, Stoughton








Beloit Memorial
Lake Mills
Sugar River invite
Sugar River
Fort Atkinson
Sun Prairie
Monona Grove
Madison Edgewood
Janesville Parker
Mount Horeb

Lake Mills
Fort Atkinson

April 14
April 16
April 17
April 21
April 23
April 24-25
April 30
May 1
May 2
May 5
May 8
May 9
May 12
May 16
May 21-22
June 4-6
June 12-13

Sauk Prairie
Monona Grove
Stoughton quad
Wauwatosa invite
Fort Atkinson
Stoughton Invite
Madison Edgewood
Hartford/Slinger invite
Conference meet
Verona subsectionals
Memorial sectionals
Individual state meet
Team state

Sauk Prairie
Fort Atkinson

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by:

McGlynn Pharmacy

Culvers of Stoughton

100 E. Main Street, Stoughton


916 Nygard Street, Stoughton


Get sports scores/results and photos in

your weekly hometown newspaper

Follow us on
(608) 873-6671


March 20
March 21
March 26
March 28
April 4
April 9
April 14
April 18
April 21
April 24
April 28
May 1
May 5
May 8
May 15
May 19


Monona Grove




2580 Jackson Street, Stoughton



Whitewater invite
Platteville invite
Platteville invite
Kenosha invite
Whitewater invite
McFarland invite
Edgewood, Oregon
Monroe relays
Milton, Monroe
Oregon relays
MG, Fort Atkinson
Stoughton invite
Tom Mueller invite
Conference meet

Sponsored by:


1060 W. Main Street, Stoughton



Sponsored by:

March 20
March 21
March 26
March 28
April 4
April 9
April 14
April 18
April 21
April 24
April 28
May 1
May 5
May 8
May 15
May 19