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Vanishree Sunkara
Phone: 248-797-2170


7+ years of IT experience in analysis, design, development, testing and Implementation Informatica

Workflows using Data Warehousing/Data mart design, ETL, OLAP client /server applications
Experience in using Informatica Client tools: Power Center Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow
Monitor, Repository Manager
Experienced with all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as developing, testing,
migrating, administrating, and production supporting on various platforms like UNIX, Window XP/7.
Experience in gathering, analyzing and documenting business requirements, functional requirements,
designing and developing the mapping based on the requirements.
Experienced in implementing the business rules by creating transformations (Expression, Aggregate,
Unconnected and Connected Lookup, Router, Update Strategy, Filter, Joiner, Union), and
developing Mappings.
Strong knowledge on Data warehousing concept, Data mart, Star Schema and Snow Flake Schema
modelling, Fact tables and Dimensional tables.
Implemented Slowly Changing Dimension methodology for accessing the full history of accounts and
transaction information.
Experience in the concepts of building Fact Tables, Dimensional Tables, handling Slowly Changing
Dimensions and Surrogate Keys.
Experience in Migration of objects between environments, from Local (DEV) to Test (QA)
Experience in writing complex SQL queries, simple stored procedures and Unix Shell Scripting.
Excellent experience in Performance tuning in Informatica Power Center and query optimization.
Strong knowledge on Relation databases like Oracle 9i/10g/11g, SQL SERVER, TERADATA on different
platforms like Windows/Unix Linux using GUI tools like TOAD, SQL DEVELOPER, SQL PLUS,
Analytical and Technical aptitude with the ability to solve complex problems.
Strong interpersonal skills with ability to interact with end-users, managers and technical personnel.
Involved in Unit Testing, Integration testing and QA Validation

ETL Tools
: Informatica power Centre 9.x/8.x,Informatica Power Exchange9.1
Programming Languages : C,C++,SQL,PL/SQL,UNIX Shell Scripting
Operating Systems
: Sun Solaris 2.X/78, WINDOWS 7/Vista, XP/2003/2009/NT/98/95,MSDOS,Unix/Linux
Office Applications
: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Visio, Project, Power
: SQL Server 2008/2005,Oracle 11i/10g/9i,MS-Access 2003/2007/2010 and
Teradata, ,SQL Server,DB2.
VMWARE Inc, Palo Alto, CA
Dec 2011 Present
Sr. Informatica Developer

Addon Technologies
The objective of the project was to design and develop sales Datamart to provide data analysis for sales, Claims
Adjudication and Product information. The ETL Process involved extraction and migration of the data from SQL
server and Flat files, implementing the business logic and populating the data into the target datamart (Oracle).
Extensively used Informatica Client tools - PowerCenter Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor
and Repository Manager
Extracted data from various heterogeneous sources like Oracle, SQL Server, Flat Files, Teradata
Developed complex mapping using Informatica PowerCenter tool.
Extracting data from Oracle and Flat file, Excel files and performed complex joiner, Expression, Aggregate,
Lookup, Stored procedure, Filter, Router transformations and Update strategy transformations to load data
into the target systems.
Created Sessions, Tasks, Workflows and worklets using Workflow manager.
Worked with Data modeler in developing STAR Schemas
Involved in performance tuning and query optimization.
Used TOAD, SQL Developer to develop and debug procedures and packages.
Involved in developing the Deployment groups for deploying the code between various environment (Dev,
Created pre sql and post sql scripts which need to be run at Informatica level.
Worked extensively with session parameters, Mapping Parameters, Mapping Variables and Parameter
files for Incremental Loading
Used Debugger to fix the defects/ errors and data issues.
Expertise in using both connected and unconnected Lookup Transformations.
Extensively worked with various Lookup caches like Static cache, Dynamic cache and Persistent cache.
Developed Slowly Changing Dimension Mappings for Type 1 SCD and Type 2 SCD
Monitored and improved query performance by creating views, indexes, hints and sub queries
Extensively involved in enhancing and managing Unix Shell Scripts.
Developed workflow dependency in Informatica using Event Wait Task, Command Wait.
Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 9.1, Oracle 11i, SQL Server 2008, MS Access 2010, SQL*Loader, Unix,
Winscp, Putty, Erwin 7.2, SQL, PL/SQL

Wisconsin HealthCare Systems, Madison WA

Sep 2009-Oct 2011
Informatica Developer
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The goal of the project was to develop an enterprise data warehouse to implement a centralized database that
collects, organizes and stores data from different operational data sources to provide a single source of integrated
and historical data for the purpose of reporting, analysis and decision support and also to improve the client
services. Business users can see five years of historical monthly snapshot data on every account. The data is
integrated from sources like flat files and loaded into a central data warehouse using transformations
Worked closely with the business analyst and Data warehouse architect to understand the source data
and need of the Warehouse.
Involved in designing of star schema based data model with dimensions and facts.
Created mappings with heterogeneous sources like flat files, MS Access, Oracle databases and created
targets in Oracle data warehouse using Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.2.
Created Source to Target mapping from design and requirement documents.
Built reusable transformations for recurring business logics using mapplets and used them in multiple
Designed and developed mappings using Source qualifier, Aggregator, Joiner, Lookup, Router, Sequence
generator, Expression, Filter and Rank transformations.

Addon Technologies

Designed and developed test cases for unit and system testing.
Modified Unix Shell Scripts for executing the Informatica workflows.
Created a global schema with common source and target table to be used across different data marts and
implemented shortcuts to the objects within each mart folder so that it is easy to maintain and control the
changes to the source and targets.
Created parameters and variables for incremental data loading effectively using Informatica workflow
Created event raise, event-wait tasks for maintaining dependencies between workflows.
Efficiently interacted with UAT team and supported system testing and fixed bugs in mappings during QA
Optimized or tuned mapping/ sessions during load testing in QA environment.
Designed, developed, and tested various enhancements.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6.2, Oracle 10g, Autosys 4.5, XML, SQL Plus, PL/SQL, SQL, UNIX,
Toad ,Erwin 7.2, Powermart
Bank Of America Charlotte, NC
July 2008-Aug 2009
Informatica ETL Developer
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Developed and maintained ETL maps to Extract, Transform and Load data from various data sources to the
Enterprise Data warehouse. The project aims to make decisions for the business users.
Involved in Dimensional modeling of the Data warehouse and used Erwin to design the business process,
grain, dimensions and measured facts.
Extracted the data from the flat files and other RDBMS databases into staging area and populated onto
Data warehouse.
Developed number of complex Informatica mappings, mapplets, and reusable transformations to
implement the business logic and to load the data incrementally.
Worked on performance tuning of SQL and mappings by usage of SQL Overrides in Lookups, Source filter
in Source Qualifier and data flow management into multiple targets using Router transformations.
As per the requirement of the business users to manage change data capture, implemented slowly
Changing Dimensions type I and type II.
Worked with Persistent Caches for Conformed Dimensions for the better performance and faster data load
to the data warehouse.
Used Debugger by making use of Breakpoints to monitor data movement, identified and fixed the bugs.
Used PowerCenter Workflow manager for session management, database connection management and
scheduling of jobs to be run.
Developed Static and Dynamic Parameter Files for reusability and database connection management
among Development/Testing/Production environments.
Created List, Crosstab, Chart type reports for the sales data using Crystal Reports.
Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6, Erwin 7.2, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, SQL*Loader,
TOAD, UNIX, Autosys, Test Director 7.2, MS Office
Mercer HR, Norwood, MA
Apr 2007-May 2008
Informatica Developer
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mercer is a human resource and related financial services consulting firm. Mercer is the world's largest
human resource consulting firm I was involved in Enhancement of existing HR data mart upon client request and
also involved in Designed Distributed Architecture for new data mart for New Client.
Extracted data from various heterogeneous sources like Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access and Flat files.
Experience on working with complete Software Development Life Cycle of the application..

Addon Technologies
Involved in monitoring and maintenance of the Unix Server performance.
Involved in creating database tables, views, triggers.
Worked with PL / SQL to create new stored procedures and also modify the already existing procedures as per
the change requirements from users.
Created many PL/ SQL batches and executed them through Unix Shell scripts.
Worked on Designer tools like Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Transformation Developer, Mapplet
Designer and Mapping Designer.
Extensively worked with Joiner functions like normal join, full outer join, master outer join and detail outer join in
the Joiner transformation.
Worked with Session logs and Work flow logs for Error handling and troubleshooting in Dev environment.
Optimized SQL queries for better performance..
Created pre sql and post sql scripts which need to be run at Informatica level.
Implemented various loads like Daily Loads, Weekly Loads, and Quarterly Loads using Incremental Loading
Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6,Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, PL/SQL Developer, DataFlux, BPM (Business
Process Management), Win CVS, Window XP, DB2, UNIX
Henry Ford, Dearborn ,MI
Dec 2006 Mar 2007
Informatica ETL Developer
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The project involved in the development and implementation of data transfer from relational database and flat files
to the Oracle Database in the Business Intelligence Environment.
Designed, developed and documented multiple interfaces using the Informatica Power Center.
Developed many complex mappings and mapplets using various transformations (Source Qualifier, Joiner,
Update Strategy, Lookup, Rank, Expressions, and Aggregator) for loading the data into Data Warehouse.
Optimal utilization of object-reusability features like reusable transformations, mapplets, copying objects
from other repositories, using variable/parameters for simplifying complex mappings.
Involved in designing the procedures for getting the data from all systems to Data Warehousing system.
The data was standardized to store various Business Units information in tables.
Created various Reusable and Non-Reusable tasks like Session and other tasks like Decision and email
Performed data manipulations using various Informatica Transformations like Joiner, Expression, Lookup,
Aggregate, Filter, and Update Strategy.
Responsible for monitoring sessions that are running, scheduled, completed and failed.
Used Informatica Server Manager to create, schedule, monitor sessions and send pre and post session
emails to communicate success or failure of session execution.
Environment: Informatica 8.5,Oracle 9i, MS-Access,Window NT
ICICI Bank, India
Mar 2005 to Oct 2006
Informatica ETL Developer
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This system provides online banking to its customers like money withdrawal, fund transfers between accounts and
loans etc. The system aims at integrating data scattered in many legacy systems and presenting a centralized
data warehouse interface.
Analyzed business requirements and worked closely with the various application teams and business
teams tounderstand business requirements and the source data.
Involved in designing logical models for staging, production warehouses using ERWIN
Designed and developed several ETL scripts using Informatica, UNIX shell scripts.
Extensively used all the features of Informatica including Designer, Workflow manager and Repository
Manager, Workflow monitor.

Addon Technologies

Interpreted logical and physical data models for Business users to determine common data definitions and
establish referential integrity of the system.
Worked with mappings using expressions, aggregators, filters, lookup, update strategy and stored
procedures transformations.
Partitioned sources to improve session performance.
Created users in Informatica, assigned them various permissions.
Backup/Restoration of repositories.
Upgradation of repositories when upgrading to new versions of Informatica.
Created flexible mappings/sessions using parameters, variables and heavily using parameter files.
Improved session run times by partitioning the sessions. Was also involved heavily into database fine
tuning(creating indexes, stored procedures, etc), partitioning oracle databases.
Derived various complex calculations as per the report specification.
Writing SQL, PL/SQL, stored procedures and triggers in Oracle9i..
Implemented Filters, Calculations, Conditions, and Graphs

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.0, Oracle9i, Erwin 7.0, Shell Scripting, PL/SQL, UNIX, Windows 2000
Bachelor of Science (BS),India

PG Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA), India