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one giant leap for our

film reviews and

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Brad Pitt Interesting
Diary new stories &
a Belgium

4th year ESO First Edition 2010
It is not his first
This year in Saint Patrick’s Juan Elvira has time he has held the
started giving classes again to the 4th year stu- post of head of ad-
dents. ministration. Seven
years ago, before
Juan is giving classes of chemistry and biology Juan Elvira, he held
because now the headmaster is John Phillips, and the post of head of
because without that job Juan has a lot of free administration. He
time. is also teaching
Ethics for the first
time. A student
from the 4º year of
ESO has commented “I think he is going to be as

strict as Juan Elvira”.

By Carla Aldabaldetrecu


As we all know our history

teacher Mikel Otxoa is retir-
ing this year because of a new
contract the school have of-
fered him.

A lot of pupils agree that

“He is very nice and he teaches chemistry very Mikel is a marvelous teacher,
well” said Gabriela López “Mikel teaches history as it is
a very exciting story easy to understand” Paula
Loinaz said.
By Patricia Porta
While Mikel spendis spending his final days in
JOHN PHILLIPS THE NEW HEADMASTER school pupils are thinking “will his sustitute be as
good as hum?” However Mikel is calm because
This year John Phillips has become the school’s his knows his subject will continue in good
new head of administration due to the fact that hands.
each seven years they have to change the person
who holds the job. By Adrian Agüeros
NEW TEACHERS ing personal classes. Last year, Begoña Elordui
was ill and Ibon substituted her in normal school
Due to Miguel Angel’s Irale Liberation, there classes. It seems he was happy teaching because
have been a few changes, signings, to the teach- this year he is teaching to the 3rd and 4th years. As
ing staff, especially in Mac´s corresponding sub- Mikel Ochoa is going to retire, a History teacher
jects, Philosophy and Information Technology. was needed, so Begoña is now teaching History
These subjects will be taught by, Jesús and Igor and Ibon, Basque.
respectively. “I am really happy to be working in a more stable
position” he says smiling.

By Susana Santaolalla

Subjects and Teachers

Last years philosophy teacher has left for a cou-

ple of years to learn basque.
As he has left,
now john phillips
is the teaching
ethics in 4 of
According to 4th of Secondary Timetable, Ethics, E.S.O. I asked
which in previous years has been taught by Mac, Asier Amenabar
John Phillips, now headmaster, will impart this what he thought
lesson, but “I’ll follow the plan given before by about this change
Mac.” John clarified in his first class of the term. and he answered
the following, “i
By Manuel Santos think it’s a very
good idea that
IBON CHANGES FROM EXTRAESCOLAR john teaches us because he is a very good

The last 10 years, Ibon has been teaching Basque By Kaiana Aizpurua
as an extra activity in the school apart from giv-

This year Begoña

Elordui is teach-
ing History in-
stead of teaching
Basque. This is
because Mikel
Ochoa is going to
retire and a His-
tory teacher was
needed and as Be-
goña has been teaching Classic Culture, she was due to the fact that she’s Irish, but quite surpris-
the obvious person to teach that subject. Now, i n g l y, s h e a l s o s p e a k s b a s q u e .
Ibon is substituting her in Basque. Ibon is really I asked her what she thinks about this school and
happy about that and it seems that Begoña is as she answered the following, ”i really think this is
well. a great school with awesome peolple”.

By Marta Arriaga By Kaiana Aizpurua

EUSKERA GROUPS MIXED UP Daniel Botello, from bottom to top

This year the euskera groups of the 4th year have In less than a year, the 4 of ESO student Daniel

been mixed up, because in the 3rd year the low Botello, has managed to go from the low English
track learned a lot, and although they don’t have
the same level of Basque they can be in the same

Last year there were 3

different levels; fast-
track, medium track,
and low track. This
year they have mixed
groups and two differ-

ent levels. Two classes
of medium track and
one of fast track. ‘’I
preferred last years
groups because, there
are some people with low level’’ said Marina a
4th year student

By Adrian Tejeda class to the fast track.

T H E N E W At the beginning of last year, he was with Tim in

G I R L class, bit in the second term his marks were
really good so he moved up to Igone’s class. As
Cliona is the he tried really hard, his mark in FCE was really
new girl of 4 high, a 72. So now he’s preparing the CAE in the
B a n d s h e ’s fast track with Susie and he’s doing it in June.
come from ma-
drid to join us
“I feel delighted for him” said Tim, his teacher
because her
from last year “I’m really proud of him because
mother thought
he has worked very hard and he fells happy and
this is a great
that’s the most important thing”.
school, so they they
came here.
By Guinea Fernández-Dans
She’s got an advantage
zation reduces your bill so you have to pay a less
JUAN DOMINGUEZ amount of money.
“It is an interesting job and a very good way of
Juan Domínguez,ex student,in the second divi- earning some money!” said Iñigo Fernández, a
school student.
Juan Dominguez, the striker of Real Union was
at St-patricks few years ago. Last year he went By Pablo Carbonero.
up from the sec-
to second divi-
sion. Real socie- Last Wednesday Alejandro Hernández, a
dad is interesting fourth year E.S.O student, fell asleep in
in buying him Mathematics class.
but Real U nion W h e n h e w a s
don’t want to asked the reason
sell.Last year he why he had fallen ZZZZZZ

scored goals asleep in class he

and is becoming answered that he
a v e r y g o o d hadn’t slept well
striker. We asked so he was really
Students and Others

Rafa about him: tired. Guinea, a

Rafa said: Was a student who sits
excellent player,i next to him, says
think is going to become better in few years “I was doing an
exercise when I
By Iñigo Fernández started hearing very loud breathing next
to me. I turned around and saw how Ale-
jandro was having forty winks”
By Pablo Gabilondo

Last year,in the ST Pat-
rick´s English school
of San Sebastian ,four
students repeated the
fourth year of ESO.
This is a consequense
of not studying.The
maximun number of
subjects that are possi-
ble to fail without re-
As has been the case for the last two years, there
peating are 2,so these
is a job available for students, which consists of
students had between
taking care of the little children that are eating in
three and five subjects
the school’s dinning room. The school’s organi-
which they have failed.
"Last year I didn´t open a book,and when I computers. The pupils in the 4th year of Eso will
opened it,I used to fall asleep" said Alejandro a work on it, during the course, in the IT room and
student who is repeating. it will be displayed at the end of the year.

By Ignacio Mayoz Probably, like last year, the ones who make the
program will have to help the little ones. The
END OF COURSE TRIP FOR EVERYONE new IT teacher isn’t sure that the program will
be exactly the same as last year one.
Last 17 June the 2 year old children also went By Sergio Tomé
on an end of course trip for the first time! They
spent all the morning in the Txiki Park playing, THE SCHOOL GIVES MONEY TO A SCHOOL IN
which was a very exciting activity for them. THE SAHARA

The idea was that every course could have an end On the 18th of June of 2009, the school gave
of course trip, and, as everything went o.k. 5604 € to a school in the Sahara. This money
they’ll probably repeat next year. will be used to buy material for maintenance and
By Asier Amenabar



This New Year the Directors
office has said that all the
people in charge of the play-
time must wear one. This new
rule has come to school this
year and they have introduced
it in a emergency case, you
can see the teacher better. We for building work.
asked Josean and Tim and
they said: “It is a new method, This arrangement will be overseen by an asso-
in my opinion it is a good one, and the students ciation which helps Sahara. The school is situ-
will be able to see us very quickly” and Tim says: ated in Tindouf ( Argelia ), and people with spe-
“I feel a little bit stupid but we have to wear it”. cial problems go there. The money was collected
And we also ask a student, Pablo Carbonero, and in previous “sponsored walks” and it was all the
he said: “It is an interesting and funny way to idea of Blas.
attrack attention.
By Iñigo Fernandez
“I thought giving money to a special school
would be the best idea, children with special
4 th Eso make a IT pro-
problems are not involved in politics or relig-
ject for 2 nd infantile
ion, so there would not be any problem. I
thought about Sahara because it is a city which
4th of Eso pupils will make is twinned with San Sebastian” said Blas
a program for 2nd year in-
fant students; this program
written by Ainhoa Uribarren
will be an introduction to
but this forth year is going
BRAD PITT COMES TO SAN SEBASTIAN to produced one. The maga-
zine has to be produced be-
On Friday 18th of September Brad Pitt came fore Christmas. After
Christmas the student
should do hopefully video
and radio. Tim said:Ì think
we have to use less paper it
will be good for the

By Cliona Morrisey


In August of this summer a

tragedy happened. A very
to San Sebastian to take part in the film festival. special and well-known
teacher has left us because
At 22:00 Brad was in the Victoria Eugenia thea- of an illness.
tre presenting his new film Inglorious Basterds She had been teaching for
directed by Quentine Tarantino, who also was in

many years. All the teach-

the film festival. ers she had worked with,
the students she taught and
“All my friends and I were really excited”. “It the parents of those stu-
was amazing” said Guinea dents miss her a lot. A stu-
dent she taught a couple of
By Patricia Porta years ago said the follow-
BLACK FIELD ing “ I miss her a lot, she
was a really good person and
This year, there is a new piece of building work also a good teacher”.
at the far end of the school’s Black Field. It is a
wall that separates our school from the school By Carla Aldabaldetrecu
that is next to us. It was done
to protect our school from the PROYECTO HOMBRE
big rocks that could fall
down. It was done this sum- In October Marta and Susana went to visit
mer, by the San Sebastián city “Proyecto Hombre” to interview a man for the
Council. Xanpa Times.

By Pablo Carbonero “Proyecto Hombre” is in Gros next to Jesuitas

School. They spent 2 hours there, to find out how
they rehabilitate people.

MAGAZINE “We talked to drug-users because the things they

Last year the school produced two magazines, told us were very interesting “said Susana.
The diary about his visit and all the details .
The international film star, Brad Pitt,
came to San Sebastian to present his new
film “Inglorious Bastards”. Some Sanpa
Times journalist followed him closely all
over the city throughout the day.

He was expected to arrive at 14.15 and

was very punctual. When he arrived at
the Maria Cristina Hotel everyone
started freaking out. The bodyguards
didn’t let him came near the fans, but he
didn’t take any notice of them, and he

“I’m going to the

other side to sign
some autographs for
my fans”
decided to come and told the bodyguards
“I’m going to the other side of the road to
sign some autographs.” That was a
really kind gesture. The next stop was
“San Sebastián a
beautiful city and I
hope to come back with
Angelina and my

the Kursaal press room so we got there as

the first ones to see everything. During the
press conference, he said “This is my first
time at the festival, and it is a beautiful city
and I hope to come back with Angelina”. He
also joked about his Tennessee accent and
how funny it is how his kids try to do it and
that’s weird to hear and Asian doing it.
When he left, even though it was raining
he signed autographs for 10 minutes, he
signed on the MR & Mrs Smith film, he
told one of us “thank you for buying my

His next and last stop was the Victoria

Eugenia Theatre, so we went there and
waited for 4 hours! The film premiere was
at 22.00 but he left the hotel at 21.35 and
he spent 25 minutes signing from one side
of the road to another, not only on the red
carpet side of the road. As we were right in
front the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, he
came and signed an autograph to the Sanpa Times journalist. So we
managed to do our objective.
By Patricia Porta & Guinea Fernández-Dans (The Journalists)
He’s just not that
into you

With a P.G. rating and

both comedy and drama it
is the perfect film for
people who like being in-
volved in the story.

Directed by: ken kwapis

Starring: Ben Affleck,
Jennifer Aniston, Drew
Barrymore, Jennifer Con-
nelly, Kevin Connolly,
Bradley Cooper, Jennifer
Goodwin, Scarlett Johans-
son, Justin Long
Length: 129 min.
Rating: +13
Its available on DVD and
Blue Ray.

He’s just not that into you is a great film which has provoked
interest as much because of its light-hearted plot (without
using one-liners or visual gags) as much as for the great act-
ing. In this film 3 stories about love and human behaviour in
each of them are related. In each story there is a couple but
in the whole story all the couples know each other.

He’s just not that into you is a romantic-comedy-drama which

portrays realistic characters and situations deliberately de-
signed to provoke laughter or sadness depending on the situa-
tion, all designed to involve the audience.

Written by Ainhoa Uribarren

Inter view with
Lauren Sokolow
You will not know her by her name, but Lauren Sokolow is a normal teenager like
you, the only thing is that she lives in America. She spoke to Sanpa’s Guinea
Fernández-Dans and they discussed about her life in America, her academic life and
the plans she has for the future.

L: Through my
friends and camp

G: What’s your
favorite hobby?
L: Playing tennis,
it’s really fun
and good

G: Are you
L: Not really, but
I’m Jewish.

G: You live close

to NYC, what are
the advantages
disadvantages of
living close to it?
Would you like to
Her life in L: A car G: Do you
belong to any
live somewhere
L: Advantages
America G: How far away
do you live from
would be the
the centre of your L: Yes, AIDS ability to go and
city? awareness hang out in the
Guinea: What city, there are no
do you do at the L: One hour committee and
field hockey disadvantages! I
weekends? would like to live
G: Do you feel team.
Lauren:Hang out in the center of
with my friends safe riding a
bike or walking? G: Apart from NYC
L: No school, how do
G: What means you meet
of transport do people?
you use?
Her life important thing in
my life and so do
G: How do you
see yourself
personally in the
my friends. professionally in L: I see myself
as a Without studying
we wouldn’t
about 10 years?
L: I see myself
being a
successful person
student learn and be
able to memorize
working as a
who strives to be
the best.
G: Which year information. G: The best G: In the USA,
are you in at universities are in only half of the
school? the USA, the Ivy population vote.
L: Sophomore G: How much of League Do you think you
year, 10th grade your free time do Universities, would vote?
you spend would you like to Why? Are you
G:Do you attend studying? go to one of interested in
a private or L: I spend most of those? Why? Do Politics? only 30%
public school? my free time you know of the population
L: Public school studying on the anyone who has have a passport.
school week, Do you travel a
not lot? Would you
so much on like to study or
G: What’s your the live abroad?
favorite subject? weekends. L: I would vote.
And the subject
you dislike most? This is because its
Why? G: What’s something I can
the role of voice my opinion
L: My favorite sport in an about and have
subject is American a say over, I am
science. The High School? interested in
subject I dislike And in your politics. I do
the most is social life? travel but mostly
studies because
L: Sports in by car to
you have to been to one?
American high different states. I
memorize L: Yes I would like
school are really would like to
important dates. to go to an ivy
important, in my study abroad
life they are league because preferably in
G: Around you, important but not there really good England.
are there a lot of and challenging
something I have
people who colleges. Yes,
to do.
speak a foreign my dad went to
language an Ivy League
L: Not really
Her university, to

G: Are there any future G: Would you

racial problems like to have a
at your school? G: Are you going similar job to
L: No to go to your parents?
university? Why? Why/ Why not?
G: Do you L: Yes, so I can L: No,
consider studying further my because I
an important learning and want to do
thing in your life? prepare me for something I
What do your life and all its like and have
friends think? challenges an interest in.
L: I consider G: How do
studying an you see yourself
The ugly
This is a predictable movie about a tv producer called Abey Ritcher (Katherine
Heigl), who is addicted to work and dreams with the perfect man, when her boss
forces her to work with Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), the oposite of that care-
ful and caring man that girls dream of, and he presents this show called the ugly
truth where he talks about men and women relationshis in a sinical way. at first
they hate each other but as time goes by they star to be friends to the point of
love, but as always happens in this sort of music, they have a huge fight and they
stop talking, and the end, well, you can imagine that.

It is the typical romantic comedy where you know every single moment what is
about to happen, and although it has a couple of pretty funny moments it doesn't
make up for the many corny moments that take place during the entire movie.
on the good side, it is the perfect movie to watch on saturday night while it's
raining outside and you got nothing to do, but i wouldn't recomend you to go and
pay for it at the cinema.

This is a movie which can be seen by

people older than 13.

director: Robert Luketic

cast: Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler,
Bree Turner
Runtime: 96 min.
Gehitu 7-When does a person normally realise that
he or she is gay?
Normally a person notices that he is gay
when he is a teenager,with his sexual devel-
Introduction: 8-Does the opinion of other people influence
Everyone knows that gay people are part you?
of the every days live reality,but not a lot Of course the opinion of other influence
of people know how they fill.The sampa you,but the one that really cares you is the
Times has had the opportunity to meet a people who are near you.
gay person that helps in the Gehitu asso- 9-Do you think that we live in a homophobic
ciation. society?
Yes,in general we live in a homophobic socie-
1-How was “gehitu”created, and what was ty,but little by little people are accepting gay
the objective? people easily.
In the beginning it was a local that are group 10-What do you think about the people that
of friends did for celebrating partys.Little by think that being gay is an illness?
little it started to be more serious. I think that the ones that have the illness are
2-Have you received any hate mail or offen- they,I also think that they are stupid be-
sive phone calls? cause if they think that a person that is ex-
Yes,a lot of time people call and even come actly the same as them has an illness they
here to laugh of us. have a serious problem.
3-How many members are there in the asso- 11-Is a person born gay or he decide to be it?
ciation? Are person is born gay.Because nobody
There are over three hundred members that would choose to have bad times in the school
pay every month a bit,but there are also oth- and in the society in general.
ers that come sometimes but with out pay- Conclusion:
ing,less serious. When we first went to Gehitu we did not
4-Do your parents know that you are gay? have a really positive attitude,but after
What was it like? talking to them and putting ourselves in
Yes,everybody that surrounds me knows their place our opinion about gay people
it.In the beginning my parents did not know
what it was because they used to lived in a
It was a really interesting interview that
village where the only possible thing was to
be heterosexual. we are proud of.
5-Have you ever felt any attraction for girls?
No,I have try it more than once but is impos-
6-Are you more accepted by the girls than
the boys?
Yes,the girls normally understand us better
than the boys because they try to be manly.
This is a film in where there are
lots of funny scenes which
show the chemistry between
the actors of the film. The
story is about how Margaret
Tate (Sandra Bullock) and her
assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan
Reynolds), who hates her, end
up married.

The Proposal is the typical

romantic-comedy in which eve-
rything changes, from hate to
love. A good feature of this
film is the quality of the actors
performance and the views the
show of Alaska. One of the possible drawbacks
is that the end of the film is really predictable
in the way the actions happen.

This is the perfect film for people who like

comedy with a bit of love.

Starring: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

Directed by:Anne Fletcher
108 minutes
Script: Pete Chiarelli
Rating PG-13

By: Carla Aldabaldetrecu

This film has created a lot of expectation as much
because of its fabulous music as for the chance of
watching Michael Jackson again. The film
recompiles the rehearsals for the Michael
Jackson’s tour “This Is It”, that was going to be
performed in London in over 50 concerts.

“This Is It” is a musical documentary that has

touched the soul of every Michael Jackson fan all
over the world. Although you can see the results of
the plastic surgery on his face, his talent for
singing and dancing is still intact. He was a genius
and he directed everything on the tour and got
involved in everything that happened. After
reading that he couldn’t move and was all the
time drugged, it’s really impressive to see that he

This film is marvelous,

but I wouldn’t
recommend it to those
who aren’t MJ fans.

Starring: Michael Jack-

Directed by: Kenny Or-
Soon released on DVD.

By Guinea Fernandez-
Interview with
Julie Windey
You probably don’t know her yet, but Julie Windey is a 16 year old belgae who is
taking part in the belgium exchange and she has met with a Sanpa’s reporter in
order to answer some questions about what is life in belgium, like what the school is
like in there and parties and all that sort of things.

Social life it’s like a castle, and at first it might be cool

How do you spend weekends in there? but then you get bored of it, it’s just
well, what we usually do is to just hang out like another school
friends and go maybe to a pub or to What kind of subjects do you have there?
the disco and have party i think we have the same as you, just that we
Do you know many people outside school? have chosen the direction of that we
no, all of my friends are in the exchange, but wnt to take in life
we don’t usually know many people Do you have teachers with both sexes?
outside school yes, of course, we have Wilbert
Do people drink a lot of alcohol there? Are teacher too extrict or are they more
well, almost at every party we have, you liberal?
know, as long as we can buy by law we I’d say they’re quite extrict, but i should first
take all the advantage we can compare with yours to be sure
Do people smoke a lot?
i’ve tried a couple of times, but i’m not really Likes
that into it, i don’t like the taste it What sort of music you listen to in bel-
leaves gium?
What do your parents think about you well, I love akon, rihana amd all that kind of
drinking? stuff, my favourite songs are sexy
as long as we’re alowed to drink i don’t think bitch and live your life
they bother about it, at least while What kind of movies do you like?
they know i’m with friends and in a the normal, I mean comedy and action and
safe place. that sort of movies
How does it feel to be over age? Why do you like riding a bike so much?
it is the greatest thing in the world, you are because we like doing sports and it’s good for
free but as i’m not old enough to leave our health, and it is also pretty
alone and worry about money i can ecologic
enjoy the advantages of being older What kind of religion do you have in there?
and still enjoy being a kid usually christians, but I’m not religious.

School life
What is it like to only have 10 guys in class
of 50?
it is a crap, i’d love to have more boys there’s
no balance
What is school like in there?
New Moon

This film has provoked a much interest as the first film Twilight.
The film is based on Stephanie Meyer´s second best-seller " New

The film continues the story of Twilight by celebrating Bella´s

birthday ( Kristen Steward). Eventually something happens and
the Cullens decide to go to another place to protect Bella. When
Edward leaves her, she becomes depress her best friend Jacob (
Taylor Lautner) helps her.

This romantic horror film which was as successful as Twilight. The

only bad thing was that it doesn´t follow the book closely and the
special effects were highly recognizable.

Technical Information:

Starring: Kristen Steward, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

Directed by: Chris Weitz
PS: I love you
This is a film which has provoked a very
good impression to people of all ages. The
story is based on a boy that falls in love
with a girl, but something unexpected
happens, the doctor diagnoses cancer to
the boy, and dies. Before the boy dies, he
leaves some presents and letters for his
girlfriend, so in that way she continues
remembering him.

This film, “PS: I love you” is a romantic

drama film. Your feelings change depend-
ing on the scene. It is a very nice film, but
makes you be very sad. It shows us in this
film, that when something awful happens
to you in life, you don’t have to be upset,
and you have to continue with your nor-
mal life.

With a P.G. rating and both romantic and

drama it is the perfect film for people who
like to see how people go through difficult

Directed by: Richard LaGravenese

Starring: Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler
Length: 126 minutes
Rating: + 13
Its available on DVD

Written by: Marta Arriaga

Tuenti or Facebook

is a copy of facebook but in a

Spanish version, with fewer
applications and with the
negative feature that if you
want to invite someone you
have to write something for

Facebook is the second social

networking in Spain but it is
the biggest social networking
in the world. The advantages
of facebook are: more applications,
such as test, groups of people,
Most teenagers have a tuenti or chat . It also has more errors and
facebook account. However, which you spend more time when you are
of these two social networking sites uploading photos.
is better?
Despite the drawbacks tuenti is
We all like to spend some time on more user-friendly and attractive
our tuenti account. Tuenti is safer, than facebook, that’s why people
more private, without errors and it use tuenti more than facebook.
is better when you are talking with
the Spanish people. However tuenti
My Sister’s
This film has created a lot of expectation as much
because of its relevant topic as its being based
on Jodi Picoult’s best-seller “My Sister’s

The story concerns a tragic family situation. The

oldest sister, Kate, is with Leukemia so her parents
chose a baby to save her life. But now that
Kate’s older and she hasn’t recovered from
the illness her sister Anna is fed up of giving her
everything and refuses to give her a kidney so she
decides to get emancipation form her parents.

“My Sister’s Keeper” is a dramatic film that has

touched a really delicate subject and has made
every single person who has watched the film
cry. It has also created a big debate because
this issue is an actual problem in our society. The
only weaker feature to the film is
that it hasn’t really followed the
book and it has completely
changed the ending. The ending
was the best part of the book be-
cause it’s really surprising and in
the film it is more predictable.

But generally the film is brilliant, and

it is perfect for all the audience es-
pecially for sensitive girls.

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Abigail

Breslin, Sofia Vassilieva, Alec Bald-
Directed by: Nick Cassavetes
Coming now to a cinema near you!
general interest
The hangover
The hangover is a film that has caused a
great interest both because of its marketing
and because of the film itself. The film narrates
the story of 4 friends that go to “Las Vegas” to
celebrate a stag do. But things get out of control.
As they get drunk and into big trouble, when
they wake up they have to solve all the problems
they caused the night before, such as recuperat}
ing their lost friend, before they return him back
to get married.

The hangover is a typical American comedy
which has very funny gags and it’s very well
structured, with a very tight plot that does not
leave any other alternative to think about but
the one shown in the film. The performances are
good although most of the actors are not very

With a PG rating and both a good soundtrack and a wide variety of funny moments
it’s a perfect film to be watched by groups of young people, but also more adult
people can watch it too.

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and Heather Graham.
Directed by Todd Phillips
108 minutes
Rating PG 18
Soon available on DVD

Written by Asier Amenabar

Interview With
You probably know him because he has been teaching
extracurricular classes for 15 years. He has been
talking to Carla, one of our reporters, he told her about
his new job and the way he sees his future.
C:How many years have you been at 2/3 years until I was 18, I repeated
school? first of primary because I was sick, I
I:I’ve been teaching had hepatitis b.
extracurricular classes C:What would you like to do in the
in school since 1999 future?
until June of this year I: In the future I would like to learn
that the school told me English and travel all around the
that I was going to teach world.
Basque as a regular C:Would you like to teach something
subject. else?
C:Where did I:No, I’m happy teaching
you studied? Basque, it is what I think I do
I:I studied in
the Lizeo
C:How much would you like to
Santo Tomas,
since stay here?
I:I would like to stay here until
I can retire.

Likes of the change C:What is the thing you pupils ask you for
C:Which is your favourite like most about this some advice.
class to teach? work? C:How many classes do
I:I like to teach to the I:The contact with you teach to?
2º of Baccalaureate the pupils and that I:I teach to 6 different
and 3º and 4º of ESO. sometimes you can classes, all of them
do the work of are the middle level.
Psychologist because C:What do you think of
your new pupils?
I:Most of them are walking because I leave I:Very excited, the
really serious and near the school. conditions and the
hard-working. C:How did you feel when salary are better. The
C:How are you getting on they communicate you drawback is that Mikel
with the new timetable? were going to teach Otxoa is not going to be
I:Really well, it is very Basque? at school because he
suitable. I come at 8:30 has retired.

C:Is there any difference between giving correcting the exams on time for the
extracurricular classes and regular marks.
o n e s ? I : T h e d i f fe r e n c e i s t h e C:What has the change been like?
timetable and the pressure of I:I think it has been a good change
and that I will show what I can do.
C:Does it take you more time than you
I:At home I have to do lots of work
because I usually revise my work.
C:Is it more difficult to prepare these
I:I have to think more of the way I
have to teach and prepare the

C:Is it harder to do this work?

I:I have to prepare it more and I
have to be accurate when I’m
C:Do you enjoy this job more?
I:I think is a really good
opportunity and that I have more
contact with the pupils.
C:Do you miss giving extracurricular
I:I miss talking with the pupils
and playing games.

By Carla Aldabaldetrecu
JOHN PHILLIPS (J) I organised the exchanges,
the Cambridge exams and I
bought books for the school, now
because I am the headmaster,
Igone is organising the Cambridge
exams, Susie is organising the
Southampton exchange and
Christine has organised the
exchange of Belgium.

3. ( P ) D i d y o u e v e r h a v e a
discussion with someone? With

(J) I tend not to argue.

4. (P) How many times have you

been the headmaster of the

(J) This is the second time

5. (P) What is the best thing

about being the Headmaster?

(J) The best thing is that you

John the new headmaster of the school have a big vision of the school.
talked to The Sampa Times about his
private life, his experience as a teacher 6. (P) What do you think about
and his experience as a headmaster. the last Headmaster?

Responsibilities (Coordinator (J) Juan did an excellent job; he

had been the headmaster of the
and Headmaster) school for 7 years.

(P) How many years have been 7. (P) How many meetings do you
working as the coordinator of have in one day?
the English department?
(J) Officially I have 3 meetings.
(J) I started at 2001, so I have
been working 9 years. Teacher
1. (P) What is the worst part of
being a coordinator? 1. (P) Why did you decide to
be a teacher?
(J) There isn’t a worst part.
(J) It was an accident, I
studied English at university
2. (P) What was the main thing
and after that I was travelling
you did?
through Spain when I met 2 8. (P) What do you think about
people, they were very nice teenagers?
and after the talk they invited
me to sleep in San Sebastian (J) Teenagers are teenagers
then they told to teach English
and they are very interesting.
in San Sebastian so I stayed.

2. (P) Apart from St Patricks Personal life

where have you taught?
1. ( P ) W h a t d o y o u d o a t
(J) I taught in Saint George, weekends?
in two academies and I taught
in England. (J) I work, I go for a walk and if
I have time I read.
3. (P) What is the difference
between a teacher and a 2. ( P ) W h e r e d o y o u g o a t
headmaster? weekends?

(J) The perspective of the (J) I go around San Sebastian.

3. (P) Where have you been this
4. (P) What is the difference summer?
between a teacher of
teenagers and a teacher of
little children?
(J) I have been in Lanzarote
and in a village in Castilla.
(J) The stage of development
of the children
4. (P) Do you go out at night?
5. (P) What is the worst thing
about being a teacher?
(J) No, I go very early to bed.
(J) In general when a teacher 5. (P) Do you have any pets?
feels that his/her job is
(J) yes, I have a dog.
6. (P) What do you think about
the students on the 4 th 6. (P) What type of music do you
year? like? And films?

(J) They are wonderful. (J) I like all kinds of music and
7. (P) Have you ever thought
that teaching teenagers is 7. (P) Do you do any sport? What
stressful? Why? sport?

(J) I can be, its emotionally (J) Yes I go cycling in summer.

challenging and sometimes
there is tension in the 8. (P) Do you like dancing?
(J) No, actually I hate it
BELGIUM guided visit done by the Belgium
students. When we finished

DIARY 2009
Our adventure started at 7 p.m. when we
left school for Belgium. We had 15 hours
ahead of us, but anyway, we were excited.
stopped at
to change everyone went with their
the driver partners, except for Urko
and Juan Mendieta who got lost and had to
Car came go to the police to find the way
in, who was
going to be
our driver Monday was one of the best days
for the ‘because we visited one of the most
beautiful cities, Brugges. There we were
whole trip. separated in some groups to visit the
We watched “The boy on the stripped centre of the city. We also had some
free time. We saw the biggest
pajamas” and after watching the film half of concentration of chocolateries in the
the bus started sleeping when suddenly at world! It was impossible to resist! After
Brugges, we went to the Belgian Coast
3 am, house music started blaring from a and spent some time on the beach.
student’s speakers. So we got punished Everyone got back with their
and the bus stopped in the middle of
France with nothing but a toilet.

We arrived at the school at
10.30 am, and we had breakfast
with our partners. Then we went
home and we had a rest because
at 2.00 p.m. we had to meet in
the center of Antwerp. We had a
partners impaction on us. We saw the barracks where
and the people slept, the toilets, the kitchen ant
stayed the torture room. We also saw the
with them
the rest of surrounding of
the day. the camp. After
we got back to
DAY 4 the school and
then went
We went to
visit home.
Brussels. We DAY 7
saw the This was our
last day in
Antwerp, and
sadly it
rained. We
separated in
two groups,
one to see
and the other
to investigate
we had some
free time,
before going to visit a Chapel. At the
end of the day we went to the most fun
Atomium, Magritte’s museum and we went to thing, Aqua Park. At night we had a
the European area. We also had some free time small goodbye party.
to buy whatever we wanted. At 5 pm we went DAY 8
to the coach and we spent 30 minutes in the
We got onto the bus at 8.15 am and we
outskirts of Brussels because there was a traffic started the journey back to Spain at
jam. At 9 pm the party started and we had a 8.30 am. We slept for the first 3 hours,
very good time, it finished at 12.30 am and and then we ate at a petrol station.
after the party we went home. Afterwards we watched 3 films (Titans,
You’ve got an e-mail and Sleepy
DAY 5 Hollow), which were very interesting. At
Bordeaux, we changed driver again
On Wednesday, as it was the Remembrance and we arrived at school at 10 pm.
Day and a holiday in Belgium, we had free
day. Most of the people went bowling, but
some of us also went to Holland or ice-
First we visited the factory where beer is
made, and we had the opportunity of
tasting two types of beer. Then we went to
Mechelen to eat something and have some
free time. In the afternoon, we went to
Breendonk, the concentration camp. It was a
very scary place and it had a great
An Interview with Tim
His favorite part of the job is that he
likes working with people and helping
people and seeing people improve in
English or that situation.
8. What is the hardest part of your
The hardest part of the
job administration also dealing with
the bullying,dealing act directly it is
the hardest thing that you are doing
9. Which subject you like teaching the
Last month I talked to Tim to find out some most?
interesting points about him that very few He likes teaching English for the ex-
people knew.I think teachersʼ personal lives ams and the workshop on the com-
and their likes are very interesting for stu-
dents and attract them a lot. That´s why I puter.
have done this project.
10. Where would you like to travel in
1. What type of music do you like? the future?
He likes English music,Dance music I like traveling,I would love to travel
and Hip Hop music. around Asia,Japan. I love to go to
2. Who´s your favorite musicians?. Vietnam and New York City.
Many musicians.
3. What´s your favorite sport? 11.Do you want to continue your
Football, watching Football and play- studies again in the future?.
ing it. Rugby and snow boarding . It´s quite possible to study some
4. Who´s your favorite sport star? more. I like improving in my work
Peter Bearsdly That stars have many 12. Would you like to live somewhere
things like cars,lot´s of money else in the future?
5. How many years have you been I like living in San Sebastian a lot I´ll
teaching? would love to go to a another country
He has been working since he left 13.Is there any ambition you want to
University. achieve in your life?
6.Do you get on with the teachers I would love to have family and chil-
from school? dren.
He has good relationship.
7. What is your favorite part of the By: Cliona Morrissey
Rec 2
The second part of a frightening
story caused by a toxic virus, has
caused a great deal interest as much
because of the special effects as for
the scary story itself. Three
policemen and a priest get into a
contaminated house. They get
surprised when some zombies turn
up suddenly as the think the house is

Rec 2 is a horror film in which the

main objective is to have the
audience terrofied by the scary
scenes that are in it. Although the
plot is not very complex the story i
very enjoyable because the film
makes you feel that you are in it.

It is a perfect film to be watched by

teenagers but also to be seen by
adults too.

Starring- Jonathan Mellor, Oscar

Sanchez, Ariel Casas, Alejandro
Casasecas, Pablo Rosas, Rafa
Parra, Pepe Molina.
Directed by- Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza
85 minutes
Rating PG18
wrtten by Adrian Tejeda
Juan Domínguez
Juan Domínguez, the Real Union’s football player is somebody we
all have heard about. He came to St Patrick’s English School where
he stood out as a great football player. The Sanpa Times has inter-
viewed him to find out what was the time he passed like in our
school, his own experience as a football player and his future plans.
ways helped me although I wasn’t keen on
ST: What was your experience of St the subjects she taught.
Patrick´s football team?
JD: It was a great experience because as ST: During school students often
you can imagine playing with your school think that studying is the worst pos-
friends you always have a good time. I also sible thing. Do you share this opin-
have a good memory of Jesus who was my ion now that you have finished?
coach in those years and made each train- JD: Well this is a type of thinking that I re-
ing interesting. member having so I
don’t want to sound
ST: Did you get boring saying how
good results good is studying.
when you were However in my opin-
at school? In ion the most impor-
which sub- tant thing is to organ-
jects? ize, doing this you get
JD: Until I arrived good results but hav-
to “Bachiller” I ing enough time to
had no problems hang out with your
in nearly any sub- friends and do the
ject. I didn’t stand things you like.
out as a good or
bad student al- ST: How old where
though I had you when you
some problems started playing for
with Maths, Biol- Real Union? Did
ogy and Physics- they call you to
Chemistry. join their team or
was it your own decision to start
ST: Who was your favorite teacher? playing for them?
Why? JD: I was 22 years old when I started play-
JD: In St Patrick’s there are great teachers ing in the Real Union. I was in the Real So-
so is quite difficult to say who my favorite ciedad when they call them showing inter-
one was. I have a good memory of John est in me so there was a free transfer be-
Philips, Susie and specially Reyes who al- tween the two clubs. The Real Union plays
near my house so I agreed to play with Irun. We have two hours of training and
them. then I come back to my house in order to
have lunch. Sometimes we train again at
ST: Have you played for any football the afternoons but we usually have free
team apart from St Patrick’s and Real time so I used them to study because I´m
Union? What was your experience trying to get my qualification in INEF.
like there? (Physical education’s studies)
JD: Well I played for the Real Sociedad ten
years and I have very good memories be- ST: People usually tend to think that
cause I made many friends there. I also a football player´s life is easy. Do you
agree with this type of thinking?
JD: Well is true that we have more free
“I´m happy playing in the Real time but there is a fact that people don’t
Union, but in football things think about, the football player´s career
change in very little time, so I lasts about ten years so if we don’t use this
don’t know in which team I would free time to study and get a certificate we
be playing by the end of this would have no job in a future.

played for the Eibar’s team but just six ST: During summer we have heard
months because we lost nearly all the some rumors about Real Sociedad
matches and I didn’t enjoy my time there. signing you. Do you see yourself
Finally I played for the Real Union one year wearing the Txuri Urdin´s T-shirt?
before going to the Lleida’s team for an JD: Is true that they were interested at the
other year and now I’m here again. beginning of summer. However both clubs
didn´t agree in some parts of the deal so it
ST: What has been your best experi- couldn´t be. I´m happy playing in the Real
ence as a football player? Why? Union, but in football things change in very
JD: There have been very good experi- little time, so I don’t know in which team I
ences in my career as a football player but would be by the end of this year.
there are three matches which in my opin-
ion have been the best moments. The first ST: What would you like to do once
one is the match in which I debut with the you finish with your football career?
Real Sociedad against the Zaragoza in first JD: Well as I said before I’m studying INEF
division, and as you can imagine that was so I would like to become a football trainer
a dream for me. The second one was last or a physical education’s teacher. I don´t
year when we played against the Real Ma- know what I would become but I’m sure it
drid because winning a match against would be something related with sport.
some of the world’s greatest players is an
experience which just some lucky football ST: What advice would you give to
players have. Finally the last match is that someone studying at St Patrick’s
one in which we got promotion with the now?
Real Union because if we are know playing JD: Well first of all I would tell them to learn
in second division is thanks to a year of a lot of English because this is something
huge work. that would differentiate them from the rest
ST: Could you describe what a nor- of people in a job. Even for me that my job
mal day is like for you? is related with sport it has been very useful
JD: Well I usually wake up at eight thirty so imagine for those of you who would go
because by ten o’clock I must be training in to university.
This is a film which has obviosly provocked a great deal of
interest as much because of
the actors as for the film. Set
in 2034, the chilling, sci-fi
scenario established at the
outset is dominated by Ken
Castle (Michael C. Hall), a
diabolical billionaire with
mind-control technology at
his disposal.
The world has been divided
into the "haves" and the
"have-nots," ," with the
members of the former
group paying a large amount
of money to Castle for the
privilege of controlling the
behavior of the latter group
in one of two high-tech,
virtual reality video games.
The film is very good and I
didn’t find any drawbacks, although, the newspaper said it was
repetitive. It´s a very catching fil because there is non.stop action.
Produced by: Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Richard
Wright, Skip Willianson
Running time: 95 minutes
Rating: +18 By Sergio Tomé
The arguments about
having a motorbike

First of all I think every teenager of ourOn the other hand, there is our opinion
age is thinking about having a motor- about motorbikes. Firstly, we think that
bike. Everyone wants to have one so we having a motorbike will make us more
all start to try to convince our parents to
independent, because we don’t have to
let us have one. get buses or make our parents take us.
Secondly, we want to have one, just be-
cause it is cool! Thirdly, it is much more
On one hand, there is our parents’ opin- comfortable for us to do the chores if
ion about motorbikes. The most common we have a motorbike.
question that parents ask us is, do you
know how dangerous motorbikes are?
Furthermore, our parents think that we To sum up, I would like to say that par-
are not responsible enough, to have a ents and teenagers have a completely
motorbike. Finally, there is the economic different point of
problem, which is sometimes difficult to
solve. view about motorbikes. However, in my
opinion motorbikes are a very good
way of transport, but you have to be

By Pablo Carbonero
Which is the web site you visit the most? Tuenti Youtube
Facebook Others
As we can see on the
graph most of the people
visit Tuenti the most.And 10%
then youtube and Facebook 10%
are relatively similar.At the
end are web pages as
Marca,porn sites and 18%
magazine sites. 63%

How often do you visit the website?

Once 1-3 More than 3

Here we can see that the people

are addicted to web pages but not as
33% 18% much as we think because the 50%
of the people go in between 1 and 3
times per day and the 33% go more
than 3 and only the 18% visit one


How many common website do you visit

per day?
1 1-3 More than 3

We can clearly see that most of the

25% 28%
people visit 1- 3 commoon websites per
day.Only a 25% of the people visit more
than 3 and a 28% visit only one
common page
What do you think about the websites
do you have to pay to enter?

Interesting web sites
This statistic clearly show that
all the students asked said that
websites do you have to pay to
enter are rubish so that means that
websites do you have to pay dont
100% interest

Have you ever paid to enter a website?

Yes No

We can
see that anyone pay to
enter to a website,they dont
pay because as we sow before to
people dont interest websites that
you have to pay so the 100% said
us that they dont pay. 100%

Have you ever gone inside an over 18 web


Yes No

This question was very

curious because the 55% of
people that gone inside an over
18 web page are boys except two
45% girls so that show us that the
boys go inside this type of sites
55% and only 2 girls had visit this
type of sites.
websites and other interesting questions and
answers that you can see in this survey

If you have gone inside an over 18 web

page site,what type of web page site were you

Porn sites news sites

This shows clearly that the half of the
class gone inside porn sites,all the boys were
asked said us that they usually go into porn
sites and only a 5% of the people asked go
into news sites



0-30 30-2 More than 2

HowWe cantime
much clearly
that most
surfing? 18%
of the students aspend surfing
between 30 minutes and 2
hours.Only a 18% spend at
computer 0 to 30 minutes and a
23, that in my opinion it is a lot of
time,spend more that 2 hours


These statistics are remarkable for many

reasons,but what stands out most is that they
serve to show that our generation spends a lot on
time in the computer and we found out what are
the sites they usually visit.The final result of the
survey show us that people spend lot of time in
web sites but the most common one is Tuenti for
boys and for girls.In this survey we have also
discovered how much people visit more than 18
The Cook,the the Thief,his
Wife and her Lover
This is a surrealist film which has pro-
voked a good impression around the
world even it is a strange film.The story is
bases on Richard,the boss of a luxurius
restaurant who has a girlfriend.His girl-
friend starts going to the toilet fre-
cuently and there she meets a man.At the
end Richard finds out about the affair
that his girlfrind had with the man.

The cook,the thief,his wife and her lover

is a romantic passionate surrealist film
with lots of sex scenes involvin the wife
and the lover.The actors of the film are
not so famous but it is a good film even it
was produced in 1989.The only possible
drawback to the film is that it is surrealist
and some parts of the film are a little bit strange however some of those parts
make the film more interesting

This film is the perfect film to watch if you like surrealist films or romantic and

Directed by Peter
123 minutes
Inglorious Basterds

This film has provoked a great deal f interest especially in San Sebastian.
Firstly because the excitement of the story, and secondly because of the visit of the stars to
our city.

The story is based on the second World War, and on a mili-

tary group called The Basterds whose objective was de-
stroyed Nazism. The lieutenant Aldo Raine is an American
soldier working for the British government, in an operation
called ``Kino´´ whose objective is to murder all the Nazis.
Aldo Raine is also called the Apache because of his killing

Inglorious Basterds is an action-drama film that will show

you the craziness of the Basterds, and how the things were
done during the Second World War. There is only one pos-
sible drawback , the beginning of the film is little bit slow in my opinion, but apart from that it
is a marvelous film.

Starring Brad Pitt, Melanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz and Eli Roth
Directed by Quentin Tarantino
153 minutes

By Adrián Agueros
Public Enemies

This thriller film brings Johnny Depp back into

starring, not as Jack Sparrow but as a Boss of a
clandestine bank-robbery band. John Dillinger,
Johnny Depp, is wanted all over the US but the
police are unable to follow clear evidences. This does not stop, Dillinger and his compan-
ions from planning new robberies. One day at a party John is taken by a woman he meets.
From now on, the police start following clear evidences, given by the woman John met, and
Dillinger starts a long persecution from which he would never scape.

“Public enemies” is an action/thriller film which takes you back to the 1930s and its bank
robberies, which were very typical in those times. This film is anon-stop film, full of excit-
ing scenes, which finally ends up in a though provoking final. This film is curiously based
on a real police case that went on in the late 30s in the United States, also related to bank
robberies and persecutions. Finally I would say this is a recommendable film, not just for its
splendid cast but for the fascinating plot it has.

Duration: 140 minutes

Starring: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale
Director: Michael Mann
Rating PG: 13
Proyecto Hombre is a private entity that works with people who have problems with alcohol
and drugs. They also work to help this people’s families to understand their problem.
Last year, Proyecto Hombre attended to 622 persons with problems with drugs and alcohol.
They have got the normal itinerary for people who have a low economical situation, which is
as it follows:

HOST PHASE: it is a building in which these persons go to talk about their problems and
some volunteers talk with them. They’ve got a psychologist, a lawyer, doctors that help as
well as some volunteers.
They cannot stay to sleep there, but they have a house, for people

THERAPEUTIC PHASE: this is a phase in which people are 24 hours per day inside the
building, and there is a more intense.

REINTEGRATION IN SOCIETY: in this phase, they start working as cleaners or helping


In Proyecto Hombre, the 85% of the people are men and only the 15% are women.
The age average is of 38 years old.

Their objectives are the following ones:

-improve the quality of these people’s life.

-teach them how to live without drugs and in a healthy way
-acquire appropriate health habits.
-improve their self-esteem and self knowledge.
-increase the communication and relation capacity.
- higher level of autonomy and responsibility that will help
social, employment and family inclusion.

“Proyecto Hombre” doesn’t only work with them, but with

their families as well.
Every week, a professional talks with families involved in
this project, and they talk about their problems at home, and
the professional tries to help them with their problems.
How old were you when you started
Last month we visited “Proyecto taking drugs?
Hombre” with the aim of knowing
how is their life like, and what are the I was 17 years old.
differences of a life with or
How much money do you think you
without drugs.
spent in drugs?

First I spent 60 euros on the weekend,

but I ended up spending much more

When your family found out that you

were taking drugs, how did they re-

They worried too much. I told them than

because I only take drugs at weekends,
Ihad all under control, but that was not
like that. They had help me a lot, al-
We interviewed a 41 years old though I have made them suffer a lot.
man, who is trying to give up drugs.
What would you say or recommend to
a teenager that is experimenting with
drugs (because their friends are doing
When and what made you start taking it)?
I would try to explain him what is the
I started drinking alcohol when I was 17 reality of drugs, that when you started
years old, but only at weekends, as well I taking them is very difficult to give
smocked some joints and take some them up. Although the anxiety, the
Speed. I tasted cocaine when I was 20 paranoids, etc the dependence is so
years old, and this has been the drug that I hard, that sometimes we relapse, that’s
have taken the most. why better not to try them is. I have
never met someone that has a good life
Were you influenced by your friends taking drugs. Drugs destroys all you
or was it your own initiative? have around; family, friends, girlfriend…

I don’t know exactly, I suppose because of How did you feel when you took
curiosity, influences, or the age. drugs?
At the beginning I felt good, but after-
What kind of drugs did you take? wards, bad. I had a lot of hallucinations,
attacks, paranoids, depressions… You lose
Cocaine and alcohol the most totally the dignity, you are not a person
How do you feel now, that you are re- I wake up early and I go to Proyecto Hom-
covering? bre with my mother. In the mornings,
we’ve got therapeutic groups. Afterwards,
Insecure, but excited because I want to we have lunch and in the afternoon we’ve
get out of the hole and change my life different activities (cleaning, we watch a
totally. film, yoga…) At 6:30, I go back home with
my mum. Then, I have dinner, and I watch
How long has it been since you last
took drugs? What differences are there to the
normal daily life you had?

I have been having a not real life, without

any kind of rules or self-control, spending
more money that I have.

How long have you been coming to


I have been coming here for a year, now.



Since I arrived, they have helped me a lot.

They have treated me with humanity and
they have understood my problem. But of
course, with discipline and some rules to
I had a relapse 20 days ago. follow. They have given me advice and
they have showed me things that I didn’t
want to see. I have also learned about my
Do you feel better now? mate’s experiences.

I feel motivated. I know that although I What final piece of advice would you
am going to suffer, I am going to finish give to us at our school?
this program. This is my first aim. I am
going to succeed because my mother I would remind them how easy is to start
wishes I do it. smoking joints and end up in serious prob-
lems with serious drugs. It’s much better
not to try it, because a lot of people that
Have you got support from friends or try it, end up like me. Any life is better
family? without drugs.

My family has supported me always. My

friends have also help me, but, sometimes,
you don’t let that anyone helps you.

What is your normal daily life like

A lot of parents think that they know what their children get up to out of school. Is that because
they simply do not know their children very much or it is more to do with the facts that teenagers do
not communicate very much with their parents.
In this survey we decided to try to get to the bottom of this thorny issue. We asked the whole of the
4th year (57 students in total) a series of questions related to our habits. We are sure they will interest
you, so please read on.

Do you smoke?
We can see that more than the half of
I have tried Yes the people have not even smoke once.
28% 18% this can be a surprising result,
because the idea that people have from
teenagers is that most of them smoke.
Only the 18 per cent, 10 people, out of
No 57 people
Yes smoke.
No Even
I have tried though it
I have tried
is a high result,
nowadays teenagers smoke the same
that our parents did at our time. 42%

Do you drink alcohol? No

. These statistics clearly
highlight the high percentage of Yes
alcoholic people in 4th year. No
Although the 58 per cent do not drink
I have tried
frequently the 42 per cent do,
that is a very high average for
teenagers of our age.
I have tried Do you smoke drugs?
This graph shows that very few
people smoke drugs. Probably less
than it is expected by the adults.
I have tried

Even though the 26% have tried
them, there is a majority that 3
have not tried them.

How long have you been 0
1 year ago 2 years ago3 years ago
3 As you can see in the graph most of
the people started one year ago.
How many cigarettes you
1 smoke in a day?
The statics
0 are very 4
0-3 3-6 6-9 +9 interesting,
because it
shows that 4 people smoke 0-3, so we
can see that there are not
compulsory smokers. 2

How much money do you

spend in cigarettes
monthly? 0
0-3 3-6 6-9 +9
This graph do not show that 3
of the 4 people that spend 0-3 euros,
do not spend money in cigarettes.

When do you
The 52 per cent drink
33% 52% in parties, that is
consider to be normal
nowadays. The

at parties
some weekends
with family
fascinating result is that the 14 per cent drink with family.

These statistics are remarkable for many reasons, but what
stands out more is that there are not so many smokers as
people thought. although lot of people have tried, more than
half of us have not even tried smoking. Very few people smoke
drugs, and in the 4th, 5th, 6th charts we can see that the
people who smoke, only smoke a little.
It is very interesting the fact that nearly half of us drink
alcohol (normally at parties), and that only a 28% have not tried
alcohol. To sum up there are not too many people who smoke,
however, there are a lot of people that drink alcohol

Comparative between boys and

Do you smoke?
As you can see on this graph there
is a difference between which sex
40% smokes more, the graph shows a
difference of he 20%. This means
boys something that was
unbelievable 20 years ago. 42%
Do you drink alcohol? 58%
This graph do not show a clear
evidence between which of the two
sexes drinks more alcohol because
as you can see there is a very
little difference. boys
yea h
r ES
t ed
2009 itio
See er m
you ag.

Made by:
Susana Aizpurua, Adrian Agüeros, Carla Aldabaldetrecu, Asier Amenabar, Marta
Arriaga, Pablo Carbonero, Iñigo Fernandez, Guinea Fernández-Dans, Pablo
Gabilondo, Ignacio Mayoz, Cliona Morrissey, Patricia Porta, Susana Santaolalla, Manuel
Santos, Adrian Tejeda, Sergio Tomé, Ainhoa Uribarren.
-Special thanks to:Tim Buckwell-

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