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CP-189 / SNT-TC-1A

Expiration: (SNT-TC-1A does not address EXPIRATION)

1. Employment terminated
2. On the last day of five years for level I & II
3. ASNT LEVEL III expires
Suspension: (SNT-TC-1A does not address SUSPENSION)

Vision exam exceed one year

Have not performed the method duties for consecutive 12 months
Deficient performance
ASNT LEVEL III cert not renewed


Has not performed in the method for 12 consecutive months

ASNT LEVEL III cert been revoked
Unethical or incompetent conduct
The employers cert shall be deemed revoked when employment is terminated

1. Suspended cert:
a. For level I & II, determined by level III
b. For level III, determined by employer, requirement for ASNT Level III cert stands
2. Expired or revoked cert:
a. Comply with sec 6, 7.4.3, or 8. I
b. Recert per 7.4.3 allowed only when expired due to termination of employment
3. Expired for termination of employment (7.4.3):
a. Can be reinstate without new exam if all the following conditions met
i. The employer maintained the personnel cert record
ii. The employee cert didnt expire during termination
iii. The employee is being reinstated within 12 months of termination
4. Any NDT level I, II or III whose cert has been terminated may be reinstate without an exam if all
the following requirements are met:
a. The employer has maintained the personnel cert records
b. The employees cert didnt expire during termination
c. The employee is being reinstated within 6 months of termination

1. Any NDT level whose cert has been terminated may be recerted to former NDT level by a new
employer based on exam in Sec 8 if ALL of the following conditions are met:
a. The employee has proof of prior cert
b. The employee was working in the capacity of which certed within six months of
c. The employee is be recerted within six months of termination
d. Prior to be examed for cert, employees not meeting the above requirements should
receive additional training as deemed appropriate by the level III.
Employer recertification
1. Level I & II
a. shall be re-certed by re-exam IAW sec 6.
b. may be re-certed if has at least two months (350 hours) of documented experience in
that method and pass a specific exam
c. Every 10 years the individual must repeat the exams in Sec 6.
2. Level III
a. Re-cert every 5 years by the employer by verifying the ASNT level III cert is current
3. ALL NDT level shall be recerted periodically IAW ONE of the following criteria:
a. Evidence of continuing satisfactory technical performance
b. Reexam of portions in Sec 8 deemed necessary by employers level III.
4. Recommended MAX. recert interval is 5 years for ALL levels. Cert expires on the last day of the
month f expiration.
Interrupted services
1. The employers written practices should include rules covering the types and duration of
interrupted service that requires reexam and recert.
2. The written practice should specify the requirements for reexam and/or recert for interrupted
Technical performance eval
1. NDT personnel may be reexamed any time at the discretion of the employer and have their cert
extended or revoked.
2. NDT level I & II should be evaled by the level III administering a practical.

1. Employers cert documentation shall contain at least
a. Training record, identifies:
i. NDT training received
ii. Organization providing the training
iii. Dates and hours of training
iv. Evident of satisfactory completion
b. Cert record, includes:
i. Level, method, technique covered
ii. Results of exam
iii. For level III, a copy of ASNT level III cert
iv. Dates of certification, expiration, suspension, revocation, reinstatement
v. Signature, printed name, title of the employers certifying authority
c. Experience record
i. Which identifies various NDT tests for the purpose of verifying initial experience
and continue experience
ii. Document of previous training and experience
d. Employees current exams
e. Vision exam record
i. Current records of vision exam shall be maintained