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At roughly 7:50 P.M.

on 9/1/14, Jacob Caldwell was sitting in the 302

Roosevelt lounge with some of his residents when two residents, Alyson and Nicole
Jarvi (twin sisters living together at the university) came around the corner and
approached him. Alyson and Nicole had been looking for Jacob because they had a
concern revolving around Nicole Jarvis UBIT printing account. Alyson and Nicole
told Jacob that they had been trying to print some documents earlier (time not
specified) in the Clinton Printing Center when Nicole noticed that Alysons printing
queue had numerous print jobs lined up that did not belong to either of the sisters.
Concerned that someone else was using their account, Alyson and Nicole
approached Jacob to ask what they should do.
Jacob was concerned that access to Alysons printing could also mean access
to more sensitive information (due to the necessity of a UBIT name and password
for printing) and asked the two sisters to take him down to the Clinton Printing
Center to look at the issue firsthand. At the Printing Center, Alyson logged on to her
account, created a blank Word document, and tried to print it in order to bring up
her printing queue. Upon accessing the queue, Jacob was able to see that roughly
10-15 print jobs were lined up in Alysons queue. Some print jobs had a Restricted
status tagged on them in red, and printing locations varied from Greiner to Fillmore
to Bell, while print times were in the range of 5-7 P.M. Print lengths varied from a
few pages to 100+ page documents. The fact that the jobs were still located in the
queue indicated that the print jobs had not been executed, which was corroborated
by the fact that Alysons printing funds had not been severely depleted.
Jacobs fears being further increased, Jacob asked Nicole to stay with the
logged in computer while Alyson and Jacob left the printing center in order to call
the AHD on duty, Ryan Spearer, in the lounge across from the Jones Study Center in
Clinton. Jacob called Ryan via the Pro Staff on Duty phone at 8:01 P.M. and relayed
the above information to Ryan. Ryan promptly came to the lounge himself in order
to talk with Alyson and Jacob. Ryan asked Alyson what was going on, at which point
she repeated to Ryan the information she had provided to Jacob. Ryan asked if
either Alyson or Nicole had left their accounts logged in anywhere on campus or if
they had printed documents anywhere on campus. Alyson replied that the only
campus computers she had ever accessed or used for printing were those in the
Clinton Printing Center. Ryan told Alyson that her account may have been hacked
and that their best course of action was to print out a printscreen of the print
queue and for Alyson to take it to the IT Helpdesk in order to address the issue.
Ryan also advised Alyson to change her password immediately.
Ryan, Alyson, and Jacob returned to Nicole in the printing center, where Jacob
pointed out the major points of concern in the printing queue to Ryan. Ryan
proceeded to take the original Word document, paste and arrange a printscreen of
the printing queue as largely as possible with the document in a landscape
orientation, and asked Alyson to print out the document. Alyson printed out the
document, at which point Ryan repeated his instructions to her concerning her visit

to the IT desk. After confirming that Alyson knew the location of the IT desk, Ryan
guided Alyson through the process of changing her UBIT password. After
successfully changed her password, Ryan asked Jacob to create a small Incident
Report and left. Jacob remained with Alyson and Nicole as Alyson logged out,
logged in, and logged out again in order to confirm that her new password was
functional. Jacob accompanied Alyson and Nicole back to Roosevelt.
Jacob tried to create an incident report on his personal laptop and could not.
Thinking the system was acting up, he waited until later (roughly 11 P.M.) to
repeat the process. Realizing that his laptop was not compatible with remotely
reporting the incident, Jacob went to the hall office in order to create the incident
report on the office computer. Jacob was able to log in, but repeated attempts to
create a new incident report was met with a Permission is denied response. Jacob
texted Ryan to let him know that his account was malfunctioning at 11:53 and
began to draft a report of the incident in a Word document. At 11:55, Ryan
responded to Jacobs text to let him know that he should draft the report in a Word
document and send it to Ryan via email and that Ryan would submit the report and
look in to the malfunction tomorrow (9/2). Jacob finished the summary of events at
12:22 A.M. and proceeded to send the report to Ryan via email.
Drafted by Jacob Caldwell, Roosevelt 304 Resident Advisor