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The one thing that usually creates hesitation in the idea of studying abroad or pursuing higher
studies, is the cost it takes. However, today you can find a number and types of scholarships
available for students, which provide them opportunity to pursue a career in their desired
field and university.
Scholarships may, generally, be offered by
1. The government
2. The University: In the academic year 2012-13, the top ten universities to offer
scholarships in the USA were Wesleyan University, Amherst College, Yale
University, Stanford University, Trinity College, Skidmore College, University of
Chicago, Dartmouth College, Williams College, and Harvard University.
3. Private Organisations: Leading organisations like Aditya Birla Group, The Reliance
Foundation, Sun Foundation, and Tata Group are few of the many, who offer these
4. Scholarships are offered for doctoral study as well in the form of research grants.

Scholarship Categories
These scholarships can be categorized into specific types as well. Some types of scholarships
offered to study abroad are

Student specific scholarships

This type of scholarship tests its eligibility based on gender, family, religion, race,
medical history and various other person specific factors. Minority scholarships are
one of the most common examples for this category.

Merit based scholarships

This type of scholarship is based on the academics, athletic, artistic and such other
skills or abilities of the candidate. The candidates extracurricular activities may play
a vital role when assessing the eligibility of this type of scholarship.

Subject specific scholarships

This type of scholarship is offered to students based on their particular field of study
or their major. Such scholarships may require the student to enrol for such specific
subject or course, or conduct a subject specific research, during the time they are
studying abroad with this scholarship. However, this requirement is not mandatory to
this type of scholarships, and the qualifications and requirements shall vary with
different scholarships.

Program specific scholarships

This type of scholarship is based on the students achievements on an academic and
personal level. The requirements and qualifications would vary with different
scholarships. Availability and eligibility of scholarships should be checked with the
study abroad program or the universities.

Destination specific scholarships

This type of scholarship is awarded by a specific country to candidates who wish to
study via a study abroad program in that particular country. Such type of scholarships
serve as in incentive to pursue a course in that particular country, above any other
country. Details and availability of such scholarships may be checked on the travel
websites of that particular country.

What you need to do


The level of scholarship awarded may vary with each scholarship. The key to
finding the one that suits you best to your requirements, need and qualifications, is
thorough and detailed research of the numerous options available.
Early start

One must start early when looking and working out on all the details and
requirements of specific scholarships. Once you have shortlisted on your program,
country or the university, you must enquire about all the requirements of the
scholarship as a whole and also the application procedure of the specific
scholarships. Get all the documentation required in order, as required for the
various applications.
Need Blind Universities

There are certain universities that offer admissions to candidates irrespective of

the availability of financial resources with them. These admissions are offered to
students who do not have any grants, scholarships, or the financial ability to pay.

MIT, Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale University, Dartmouth

College and Amherst College are few of such universities. These type of
admissions have specific requirements and eligibility criteria that are specific to
the university.

A well written essay sent to the scholarship committee can serve as a big
advantage when qualifying yourself for the scholarship. The essay must be
straight forward and to the point, structured, and should cover the essay topic well
with relevant points. Make sure to proof read the essay and spell checked.
However mundane, time consuming and petty these activates may seem, they are
sure to take you a long way as far as your essay is concerned.
Art/ Music/ Dance/ Acting Skills

If you are looking for a scholarship in an art, music, dance or acting program, you
may need to submit some work samples or may be a portfolio, as applicable, and
as required by the university.
Leadership skills

There are universities and scholarship programs who take a little more interest in
their candidates leadership skills. Make sure to include whatever leadership
experience you have had to portray a good example of your leadership skills.
American universities especially give good credit to leadership qualities.
When applying for scholarship programs, ensure to run by your eligibility, the
required documentation, the given deadline against specific scholarships and
programs, and selecting your referees and keeping them updated.

Some Study Abroad Scholarships

1. National Debt Relief Scholarship This scheme awards US$1,000 worth of
five scholarships to candidates pursuing studies in fields of Science,
Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)
2. Study Portals Study Abroad Scholarship Applications are assessed every
three months, and one candidate is chosen. This scholarship program has a
total cover of 1,000 Euros, which seeks out to offer financial aid to excellent
students who wish to study abroad.

3. IBS Starter Scholarships This scheme provides a cover of 50% of the

tuition fees in the first year. The cover shall be for any IBS Buckingham
validated English language Bachelor programme. The candidates however,
must fall within the age group of 18-25.
4. Flosum 2015 Scholarship This scheme awards $750 to candidates in
computer science, computer engineering, or other field of a technical
discipline (maths, physics, or electrical engineering, and an interest in
computer science).

5. CustomerBlooms Scholarship Contest - This is a $1,000 award to students

from undergraduate/graduate level, in any field. This contest requires the
candidates to submit a short video (2-5 minutes) of self, talking about and
explaining why future success is determined by education, how the world
around us can be shaped through ideas, and what motivates you to strive for
success and greatness.
6. 2015 Remote DBA Scholarship This is for students pursuing computer
engineering or computer science. The applicants are required to submit an
essay comparing three different databases and create a visual infographic
along with it.

7. Community Scholarship The applicant must be enrolled in a

US college. The requirement is of an essay on the topic You just won a $10
million lottery jackpot. Outline your plan to be a savvy investor.
8. S P Jain Global Business Scholarship This program offers full as well as
partial scholarships, covering tuition fees and accommodation expense, to
students from Greece, Italy, Latin America, North America, Portugal and
Spain, interested in studying and living in Dubai, Singapore or Australia.

9. Blue Bag Water Innovation Award The challenge is to think of a solution

to improve access to clean water in Jakarta. The award is of a 2 year, complete
scholarship for the masters programme in Lund University, Sweden for Water
Resources Engineering course.
10. Ali Kuscu Science and Technology Graduate Scholarship For students in
the fields of science and technology, to study for Masters/PhD. This program
is available for students from all countries, of a non-Turkish nationality.

11. Amizade Global Service-Learning Scholarship On a financial need basis,

this scheme offers short term/full semester scholarship, ranging from $100 to
12. Amsterdam Science Scholarships A 2 year period scholarship covering the
tuition fees and stipend for living expenditure, to study in the GRAPPA MSc
Program. This program is open to foreign students from all countries around
the world.

13. Bard College Institute for International Liberal Education

14. BG Scholarship This scholarship is available for high school students and
college students. A minimum GPA decides the eligibility for this program.
Also, an essay is required when making an application.

15. CAPA International Education Scholarship is awarded to students who

demonstrate academic excellence and need for financial resources.

16. CIEE Global Access Initiative (GAIN) Scholarship Study abroad

opportunity to students who come from underrepresented areas of education,
belong to diverse backgrounds and are in real financial need.

17. Dr. Castaneda Scholarship This scholarship is based on the applicants

academic achievements and his financial need.

18. Founders Scholarship This is a partial scholarship awarded to students for

a year-long program, covering the tuition fees in any country of their choice.

19. Freeman-ASIA This is for undergraduates from the US on a financial need

basis to pursue studies in Southeast or East Asia.

20. Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships For American students in

financial need to study abroad.
21. FutureUnlimited-Australia A number of scholarships for various programs
to study abroad in Australia.

22. Gilman International Scholarship Program

23. Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship Undergraduates/ Graduates/
Postgraduates who are already enrolled or will be in the immediately next
academic year, in a study abroad program are eligible for this scholarship.

24. Greenpal Business Scholarship Applicant must be enrolled in a business

college with a minimum 3.0 GPA or a high school senior.

25. Ibni Haldun Social Sciences Graduate Scholarship Applicant must be of

a non-Turkish nationality from any country.
26. Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Program- Applicant must be of a
non-Turkish nationality from any country.

27. Irwin Abrams and Paula L. Spier Study Abroad Scholarship

28. Japan-American Friendship Scholars (JAFS)

29. Japan-US Senate Youth Exchange (JUSSE)

30. John Cabot University Rome This program is available for visiting

31. Key Club/Key Leader Scholarship Partial cover of tuition fees for the
desired length of time in the desired country.

32. MSc Scholarships At Queens University Belfast, this program covers the
entire tuition fees to international students of MSc Computational Biology,
MSc Public Health, and MRes Molecular Medicine.

33. ORA Summer School Scholarship

34. Oxbridge Academic Programs - This program awards scholarship in New

York, England, Spain and France, based on academic achievements and
financial need-basis. Refer

35. Oxford Summer Academy

36. Ping Foundation : Jennifer Ritzmann Schoarship for Studies in Tropical
37. Rotary Foundation Scholarships

38. Skylink Travel House This is a full cover scholarship to pursue studies in
Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela or Uruguay, either for a yearlong program or a fall semester.

39. SRAS Research Grants

40. Study Abroad Europe Scholarship

41. The Swedish-Brazilian Scholarship Competition This scheme is
applicable for Brazilian students from the engineering field, holding at least a
bachelors degree in the same.

42. USAC Scholarships This program offers a number of scholarships to

students in the USAC program, which includes, Member University, study
abroad in general, and also, site specific scholarships.
43. Youth for Understanding Scholarships This program awards over three
hundred different types of scholarships to students on a merit basis.
Here we also have the details regarding few of the good scholarships and
programs, category wise

Student specific scholarships

Scholarships for students from Developing countries


Erasmus Mundus
VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships
Eiffel Scholarships
INSEAD Business School International Scholarships
DAAD Scholarships (for masters students)

6. Quota Scholarship Scheme (Norway; for students from Central Asia, Eastern
Europe and developing countries)
7. The Swedish Scholarship Challenge (for Chinese students)
8. Commonwealth Scholarships
9. IOE-Colfuturo Scholarships (for postgraduates from Colombia)
10. Said Foundation Scholarships (for Lebanese, Iraqi, Palestinian, Jordanian, and
Syrian postgraduates)
11. University of Alberta China Centenary Scholarship
12. University of Alberta India Centenary Scholarship
13. University of Toronto (Hong Kong) Foundation
14. Dag Hammarskjold journalism fellowships (for students of Latin American,
African, Caribbean and Asian nationality)
15. East-West Center Scholarships and Fellowships (funding for students from
16. Australia Awards Scholarships (the choice of programs is unrestricted)
17. New Zealand Development Scholarships
18. University of Auckland
International scholarships for Canadian graduation students

1. Arts Graduate Scholarships

2. NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (engineering or natural science
field; Also, only those Canadian students who have previously pursued the
doctorate at a Canadian university shall be eligible to apply)
3. The Rabin Scholarship Fund for the Advancement of Peace and Tolerance (for
a year of study and research in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
4. Commonwealth Scholarship Plan India
5. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) New Zealand
6. Foreign Government Awards France (masters, doctoral and postdoctoral
7. MEXT Scholarship Programme - Japan
International scholarships for Indian undergraduate students

1. Tata scholarships at Cornell (US) Associated with the Tata Education and
Development Trust, approximately twenty scholarships are available for
Indian undergraduate students every year at Cornell University. Its eligibility
criteria requires acceptance first into an undergraduate course at Cornell
University, and then an application for a need-based financial aid with the
2. Dr. Manmohan Singh scholarships (UK) These scholarships are offered by
the Cambridge University, UK. This scholarship is available for all courses
other than veterinary science and medicine. It covers the entire undergraduate

college and tuition fees, and a grant for travelling and living expenditure. The
candidate should first receive an offer for admission at a Cambridge college,
and then the scholarship is awarded to students on a competitive basis.

3. Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (UK) A selection of scholarships,

many specifying a college in one of the universities. It is a requirement for the
candidates to have completed or pursuing a degree from an Indian University.
4. Edinburgh Napier University (UK) This university awards a fee reduction
based on merit, of around US$3,000 for Indian students at a graduate as well
as at an undergraduate level.

5. University of Sheffield (UK) This university offers subject specific

scholarships and three merit based scholarships for all subjects, of US$10,650
every year.
6. Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) This university has a scholarship program
that offers five tuition fee scholarships of around US$6,500 for science, and
four US$3,250 worth for courses in social science, business and arts. This
university also has a Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship scheme
that awards a fee deduction of 50% for all subjects other than veterinary
science, medicine and radiography.

7. University of Wollongong (Australia) This university awards a scholarship

under UOW Bradman Foundation Scholarship every year to one Indian
student, for a fee reduction of 50%.
8. Huawai Maitree Scholarships (China) Under the scholarship scheme offered
by this university, preference is given to candidates applying for a course in
social studies, science and technology, and culture and development. Every
such scholarships covers entire tuition fees and living expenditure.

9. India 4EU II (Europe) These scholarships are available for full time
undergraduate degrees, and also for short period courses forming a part of
exchange study schemes. The scholarships cover entire tuition fees, insurance,
travelling expense, and also a monthly allowance. This scholarship program
has associations with universities in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal,
Finland and Sweden.

International Scholarships for women

1. American Association of University Women (AAUW) AAUW offers six

different grants for women. These are: American Fellowhships to women who
are permanent residents or citizens of the US, International Fellowships to
women belonging to other countries looking to pursue a course in the US, and
Selected Professions Fellowships for women in US looking to pursue a
masters in computer science, mathematics, architecture and engineering.
2. The Schlumberger Foundation This foundation awards fellowships to
women all around the world, pursuing PhD or postdoctoral in science,
technology or engineering in worldwide universities. This program selects the
students based on their scientific as well as leadership skills and potential. The
grant that is offered extends up to US$50,000 per year, depending on the
estimate of the costs involved.

3. PEO International The PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund for

women belonging to places other than the US and Canada for graduate and
similar level degree in the two countries. The PEO Program for Continuing
Education for women belonging to the US and Canada, awarding need based
grants up to US$3,000. This scheme is applicable for women whose education
has been interrupted for any reason. The PEO Scholar Awards for degree at
doctorate level and the PEO STAR Scholarship for degree at an undergraduate
level, to women.
4. Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund This scholarship is applicable to
women aged 25 years or above, who are not the citizens of the US or Canada,
and are pursuing degrees in either of the two countries. This scholarship has a
worth of around US$12,000. The scholarship committee looks for applicants
who display a commitment to bring welfare to women and children and make
their lives better as a whole. The applicants must also, belong to a country that
falls into the category of lower/middle income developing member country
(Refer This scheme
also awards scholarships to women to study in South Africa (US$4,000) and
Latin America (US$3,000).

5. Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship This scholarship is for women pursuing

undergraduate/graduate level degree in areas of computer science and
technology. This scholarship has a worth of approximately US$10,000. The
candidates are assessed for their academics as well as their leadership skills.
Along with financial aid, this scheme also awards an opportunity for a special
retreat, workshops, social activities, networking and speakers, at one of the
established regional offices of Google.

6. LOreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Program This scheme awards 15

fellowships at an international level to women in the field of life sciences for
doctoral/postdoctoral research. In the footsteps of Marie Curie is a bonus
fellowship which is awarded every year to a student who has received an
international fellowship before, and has achieved exemplary results.

Subject specific scholarships

Computer Science

1. For anywhere in the world

(a) Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
(b) Microsoft Scholarship Program
2. For The United States of America
(a) AACE International Scholarships
3. For women (a) AWC Scholarship Fund for Women in Computing
(b) Palantir Scholarships for Women in Technology
(c) The Google Anita Borg Scholarship
(d) Women at Miscrosoft (WAM) Scholarship Fund


1. Malaysia International Scholarships (MIS)

2. Imperial Sir John Casss Foundation Lord Mayors Scholarship Programme
(London residents only; having lived in London for a minimum of 1 year)
3. QMUL International Science and Engineering Excellence Awards
4. Curting Canning College Engineering International Scholarship
5. Amelia Earhart Fellowship for a doctorate or PhD in aerospace and
engineering programs
6. CFSR Grants in Science and Engineering for Developing Countries for
science and engineering students belonging to developing countries


1. Erasmus+ Joint International Doctoral Degree for PhD in law, science and
technology in Europe.
2. Law Foundation Graduate Scholarships
3. CIFR/CMCRC Honours Scholarship Program for candidates with interest in
financial regulation.
4. Equity Scholarships Scheme @ QUT - a need based financial aid for fields in
engineering, science, business, health, law or education.

5. Master of Laws (LLM) Scholarship @ UoN

6. Max Planck Society Research Scholarships doctoral/postdoctoral
7. Masters Scholarships for International Students @ Laval University


University of Auckland John Hamel MacGregor Award in Medical Science

University of Wollongong Undergraduate Scholarship
American College of Surgeons International Guest Scholarships
ASCP Siemens Scholarships
ASME Grants and Fellowships
Doctor on Demand Scholarships
NAMASTE India Scholarships for study and research in Europe at specified
8. Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Scholarships and Grants
9. University of Copenhagen PhD Scholarships
10. Kings College London Social Science, Health and Medicine Brusaries
11. St Georges Medical Scholarships

Destination specific scholarships

India and abroad

1. JN Ratan Tata Endowment Fund

To cover Indian nationals with a monthly stipend of US$1,000

(maximum grants is limited to INR 3,80,000
Candidate must be a graduate from an Indian university, and should
have a consistent and good academic history
Also covers mid-career professionals and academicians (aged up to 45
years), looking to go abroad for expertise training in their field. Such
candidates must hold experience in that particular field.
Includes students studying in the final year or awaiting results of the
final year in any degree course.
Application must be submitted by March

2. Bharat Petroleum Scholarship

It covers two years of education

Candidate must be aged below 25 years as on 1st September of the

current year. He must hold a minimum of 65% in arts, 70% in
commerce, engineering or science, at graduate level.
Applicant may hold admission in any recognised institution in India or
abroad for a postgraduate course in any field (other than fine arts), for a
duration up to 2 years.

English speaking country with TOEFL scores

1. ETS TOEFL Scholarship

For Indian students who have excelled academically as well as in

extracurricular activities, including community services. The candidate
must also display good leadership potential
To pursue undergraduate/graduate course in India and abroad.
Candidate must be enrolled in an undergraduate/graduate course at an
institution listed as TOEFL Destinations and holds a TOEFL score that
is valid used for admission in the degree course
Application must be submitted by April

United Kingdom

1. Hornby Scholarships

For full-time masters in a subject related to English Language Teaching

(ELT) in UK for one year. This covers the entire tuition fees.
Requires a 6.5 IELTS score or equivalent score in other English
language certificate exam, with evidence.
Application must be submitted by January

2. Chevening Scholarships

An approximate of 700 scholarships are awarded for a full-time post

graduate degree, generally a one year masters, for any subject and at
any university in the UK.
It covers full or part of the funding
Candidates are assessed based on their personal characteristics and
Application must be submitted by March-April


3. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

For Indian citizen and resident, aged between 25-30 years.

The candidate should not have a CWIT grant, received in the previous 5
The candidate must hold a first class degree/professional
qualification/diploma in the specified field.
Candidates with work experience are given preference.
Covers courses for a duration between 2-3 months to 1 year (maximum
Provides financial aid for living expenditure and accommodation costs
in UK, the payable fees and a portion of international travel fares. The
visa cost shall be borne by the applicant.

United States of America

1. The Fulbright Nehru Masters Fellowship


For Indian students (aged between 25 to 30 years)

Candidate must hold a minimum of 55% from an Indian university.
Candidate must have a 4 years bachelors degree, or else for a
bachelors degree of less than 3 years, the applicant must have a
minimum of 3 years professional work experience in the particular
Candidate must not have a degree from any other university in the US
Application must be submitted by July

The Paul Foundation Scholarship

Preference is given to candidates from Kolkata

Indian graduates/postgraduates (aged below 30 years as on 1st November)
from top institutions in India and abroad, holding a first class degree. The
applicant must be a resident in India.
Applications must be submitted by November

Commonwealth countries

1. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

This scholarship is available for all commonwealth countries.
6 months duration for clinical training, 1 year duration for any masters,
and 3 years duration for a PhD.
Eligibility and requirements vary with different courses
Applications must be submitted by September to October

Third World or developing countries

1. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program

For candidates (preferably below 30 years of age) from developing
countries with poor financial resources, for a post graduate degree.
It covers tuition fees and living expenditure
Candidate has the freedom to choose the university. This is subject to
Application must be submitted by January

1. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme

For engineering masters/postgraduate level degree or a jointly tutored
and supervised 10 month long course, as part of a PhD (preferred during
the 2nd or 3rd year).
For the masters level, candidate must be aged below 30 years, and for
PhD, candidate must not be aged above 35 years, at the time of deadline
for the application.
Application must be submitted by January

There are a good range of options in scholarships and fellowships that you can find, with just
a little research. Identifying your needs and your strengths will make this process a whole lot