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Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

Last Thursday, His Excellency the President addressed Parliament. In that address he spoke strongly
against corruption, which he acknowledged as one of the biggest obstacles to our shared vision of
security, growth and prosperity.

His Excellency the President recalled that every constitutional office holder, state officer and public
servant is bound by the values enshrined in our constitution. These officers are required to uphold
the highest standards of personal integrity in the discharge of their official functions. The President
asked officers named in the Confidential Report prepared by the Ethics and Anti - Corruption
Commission to step aside to allow the Commission to carry out and complete its investigations.

You will also recall that the President said that no one would stand between Kenyans and what is
right in the fight against corruption.

Further to that statement, the following Cabinet Secretaries have now informed the President that
they have complied with his directive. The President has consequently appointed acting Cabinet
Secretaries in their place as follows:

Charity Ngilu, Cabinet Secretary for Lands, Housing and Urban Development. The President has
instructed Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi to act in her place.

Mr. Felix Koskei, Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Development. The
President has instructed Mr. Adan Mohamed to act in his place.

Eng. Michael Kamau, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport. The President has
instructed Mr. James Macharia to act in his place.

Mr. Davis Chirchir, Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum. The President has instructed Mr.
Henry Rotich to act in his place.

Mr. Samuel Kazungu Kambi, Cabinet Secretary for Labour. The President has instructed

Ambassador Rachel Omamo to act in his place.

The following Senior Officers and Principal Secretaries have also informed the President that they
have complied with his directive:

Mr. Francis Kimemia, Secretary to the Cabinet.

Mr. Mutea Iringo, Principal Secretary for Defence.

Mr. Nduva Muli, Principal Secretary State Department of Transport.

Mr. Patrick Omutia, Principal Secretary for Mining.

Mr. James Teko, Principal Secretary State Department of Water.

Ms. Marianne Kittany, Chief of Staff in the Office of the Deputy President.

Ms. Esther Koimet, the Investment Secretary, National Treasury.

Ambassador Jane Waikenda, Deputy Head of Mission, Kenya Embassy South Africa.

In regard to State Corporations, the respective State Corporation Boards have been instructed to
urgently convene Special Board Meetings, to appoint acting Officers for all named Chief
Executives and other officers.
The following Officers of State corporations are affected:

Mr. Patrick Osero, Chairman Agricultural Finance Corporation

Dr. Silas Simiyu, Managing Director, Geothermal Development Company

Mr. Richard Langat, Managing Trustee NSSF

Mr. Evans Ngibuini, Acting Chief Executive, National Water Conservation and Pipeline

Mr. Alex Kabuga, Chief Executive, Kentrade

Ms. Lucy Mbugua, Managing Director, Kenya Airports Authority

Mr. Charles Tonui, Managing Director, Kenya Pipeline Corporation

Mr. Allan Chenane, Chief Executive, Tourism Fund/Catering Levy Trustee

As the President told Parliament, it is not his place to determine the guilt or otherwise of the State or
Public Officers named in the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Report but that the time has come to send
a strong signal to the country.

Clearly the President has drawn the line on corruption and expects all State and Public Officers to
abide by Executive Order No.6 in which he gives express directives in regard to the intolerance for
this vice in government.
The President reminds Kenyans, that this is a moral fight for the very soul of our nation and that
nobody should use it as an opportunity to either engage in negative politics or act in manner likely
to detract us from this noble cause.

The President reaffirms that there are no sacred cows and that this is just the beginning of an
unwavering war against corruption.

Manoah Esipisu,
Spokesperson for the President