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carry off

[phrasal verb]
1 carry off (something) or carry (something) off :
to do (something difficult) successfully : to achieve or accomplish (something)

He tried to look cool but couldn't carry it off. [=pull it off]

She's the only actress I know with enough talent to carry this off.
2 : to win (something)

We carried off the prize.

carry on
[phrasal verb]
1 : to continue to do what you have been doing

I didn't mean to interrupt youplease carry on.

She carried on as if nothing had happened.

: to continue despite problems

I know it's difficult, but you need to carry on as best you can.
2 : to behave or speak in an excited or foolish way

They laughed and carried on like they were old friends.

We were embarrassed by the way he was carrying on.

She's always carrying on [=talking in an excited way] about her neighbors.

screaming, crying, and carrying on

3 carry on (something)
a : to manage or participate in (an activity)

She carried on an affair with her boss.

It's too noisy in here to carry on a conversation.

The police are carrying on [=conducting] an investigation into his murder.

carrying on a campaign against illegal drug use

b : to continue doing (something)

The money allows us to carry on our research.

Although the teacher spoke to them, they just carried on[=went on, kept on] talking.
c : to cause (something, such as a tradition) to continue

We were the only ones left to carry on the tradition.

carrying on the family name

4 carry on with (something) : to continue doing or participating in (an activity)

Please carry on with what you were doing.

They carried on with their conversation.

5 carry on with (someone) chiefly British, old-fashioned : to have an often immoral sexual
relationship with (someone)

I found out that he had been carrying on with [=(more commonly) fooling around with]
my sister.

carry out
[phrasal verb]
1 carry (something) out or carry out (something)
: to do and complete (something)

We carried out several experiments to test the theory.

An investigation carried out several years ago revealed no new information.

: to act on (a promise, plan, etc.) : to do something that you said you would do or that someone
has asked you to do

She failed to carry out [=fulfill] her promise.

The town has plans to build a new school, but it currently lacks the money
to carry them out.

You'll be paid when you've carried out [=executed] your instructions/orders/duties.

carry over
[phrasal verb]
1 : to continue to exist or be seen in another place or situation

His unhappiness at home carried over into/to his work.

Her abilities in singing didn't carry over to acting.

2 carry (something) over or carry over (something) : to cause or allow (something) to
continue in another place or situation

People can carry bad eating habits learned in childhoodover to/into adulthood.
carry through

[phrasal verb]
1 a : to continue to exist or happen usually + to

The yellow and blue theme in the kitchen carries through to the rest of the house.

Our conversation carried through to dessert.

b : to continue to do something usually + to
Though extremely tired, she managed to carry through tothe finish.

2 carry through with/on (something) US : to do (something that you said you would do)

The mayor carried through [=followed through] on her promise to clean up the city.

We're beginning to carry through with [=carry out] our plans.

3 carry (something) through : to successfully finish or complete (something that you have
begun or said you will do)
Whatever project you begin, you must carry it through to completion.

a carry (someone) through : to help or allow (someone) to survive or continue

We had enough supplies to carry us through (until spring).

His faith carried him through.

b carry (someone) through (something) : to help or allow (someone) to survive or continue
during (a period of time)

We had enough supplies to carry us through the winter.

His faith carried him through a difficult time in his life.

I borrowed a few more books to carry me through the summer.